Sunday, 26 June 2011

Missing In Action

by May I

In all battles, combatants go missing in action. Sometimes they have been taken prisoner or have been wounded and lost in the confusion of the war.
They may return with important stories, but sometimes they are never heard from again.

What happened to some important witnesses in the battle of which we write?

We still await some news of Father David Heal and his wife Pam.

We are also anxious for news of another couple who have not been heard of since October 2007. Susan and Paul Moyes were the occupants of apartment G5K, which was the apartment directly above Mrs Fenn's; 2 floors above.

They told the press that they arrived in Praia da Luz on the day that Madeleine disappeared. They returned from a “fabulous” night out at 9.15. and sat on their balcony, overlooking the Tapas restaurant.
They saw that the place was full of people eating and drinking. (would that be 15 people, according to Kate, minus Gerry who was carrying out his check and Jane Tanner, who was on her way to or from somewhere?)

The Moyes described the resort as safe and idyllic, a “paradise”, with no mention of recent burglaries or abductions; nor, for that matter, any commotion below that night. Their first inkling about what had happened was a knock on their door at 11.30, that evening, asking them to join in the search for a missing child.
There are no witness statements from them in the released files, despite the fact they would have been crucial witnesses to the events of that evening. Neither is there any mention of them by name in Kate's book.

She does mention an unwelcome visit that evening by a drunken woman, but it can't have been Mrs Moyes, because they say they knew nothing about what had happened until the next day and surely, Pam Heal, the vicar's wife, would not have arrived to console in such a drunken state.
Perhaps the drunken woman should also be listed as missing in action?

The occupant of G5I is listed as Irene McMillan, but according to the cleaner, who normally had this apartment on her list to clean, this was not one of the occupied apartments.

Susan Moyes was interviewed by Radio Stoke in October 2007. She described Madeleine's disappearance as “ a sad, unfortunate ACCIDENT”; a strangely muted choice of adjectives to describe a supposed abduction and an interesting word to use as an alternative to disappearance or abduction.
In the case of the missing in action, it is usual to issue a bulletin to this effect and hope that news of the missing, whatever it may be, will soon be forthcoming.


  1. People are reporting on joana morals blog , Gerry said in an interview( I think in Holland) that Madeleine and the twins were sharing the same toothbrush. That's why there was no source of Madeleine DNA.
    That pair did not stop surprising us- which parents put 3 child's sharing the same toothbrush? Are they doctors? Which university teach them that? If they apply the same negligence while they are treating their pacients, wonder how many could be contagiated with serious diseases.

  2. There is much that has been 'hushed' up, covered up and altered about the events of 3rd people that should have been interviewed were simply 'forgotten'.

    The culprits know who they are and because the Mccanns cannot keep out of the limelight eventually all those people will be reinterviewed and the case will move forward otherwise the Mccanns will make fools of Cameron and Scotland Yard just like they have every newspaper that publishes their ridiculous stories.

    Secrets cannot stay secrets forever one day the truth will out.

    Thank you Textusa.

  3. The most important information is closed on the police files, under secrecy. Due to a strong reason/evidence, PJ MADE 3 suspects at the beginning and after 4 years, this 3 suspects remain the only ones. No new people of interest was bring into the saga by the official police and McCann's lie when they said the police is not searching. As PJ said in Rui Pedro case, a investigation like that, never stops, unless become solved.

  4. Bernardo Bairrao, administrator delegado da media capital (Dona da TVI), no governo. E o novo secretario de estado da administracao interna ( que tambem gere policias, seguranca e trabalha Lado a Lado com o ministerio da justica. Nao e a TVI, o ML Goucha, o H C e P S que os McCann estao a processar agora? Veremos ate quando vai durar o ultimo acto do circo? Desta vez nao vao ter sorte. A vinganca e um Prato que se serve frio. A TVI da manuela Moura guedes ha- de ter muita informacao Quente e correcta, guardada nos seus ficheiros. Os McCann vao se tramar.

  5. The pj has much information on file that the mccanns want access to and they will do everything possible to gain access, they want to know exactly what evidence there is against them so they can build their defence.

    The three suspects Kate Gerry and Robert are linked together but all three tried to add 'clutter' and confusion by pointing the finger of suspicion at other individuals.

    There was also a couple with a baby that lived near some of the Tapas friends in UK also staying at the resort this couple are hardly ever mentioned.

    What I found odd is that so many couples were living near to each other and they all stayed at the same resort for the same week, even Murat lived in same area as Tapas in UK.

    They could have all been part of a 'swinging set' considering their close proximity to each other.

    Police should take a tougher line with all of them and get to the bottom of what really happened.

  6. this just goes to show what dirty tricks the McCanns office are playing.

    This is a comment from David Bret, on the amazon site. Very informative.

    Several of my books have been serialised in the Express, along with articles I've written for them on commisson, therefore last week I submitted a piece regarding my letter to Cameron--nothing nasty or even controversial. I just wanted to know if it was morally and legally acceptable for the McCanns to be using money from the Maddie fund to pay for libel action they are allegedly taking. Number 10 responded favourably, but the sub-editor of the Express explained over the phone yesterday that no papers will print anything regarded as unfavourable regarding the McCanns, and that the couple's "office" had complained that a picture of them laughing was unfavourable at it is a "misrepresentation" of how they feel, which was why they insisted it should be removed. As happened with Canada, the press have now been instructed NOT to publish any more pictures of them which do not portray them as looking sad, or on the verge of tears.
    All of this will of course only go towards making matters much much worse for them if this case turns out as many of us suspect it will--we will see some of the most poisonous headlines in publishing history.

  7. Anon
    Jun 27, 2011 7:30:00 AM

    IF there ever was a missing girl, if the Black hats applied half the care, of the determination, of the efficiency and of the efficacy with which the Black Hat Machine has shown to handle the McCann image and all other marketing aspects, that missing girl would have been found in less than a bat of an eye.
    Just to remember:

  8. Thanks for the links, Madeleine has become all about image, two criminals having the money to employ agencies who glory in the rewards of image and PR, nothing to do with the injustices or crimes committed, all those companies that queque to become part of team mccann and jump on the gravy train with publicity guaranteed from the 'mccann office' what a bunch of hypocrites, money and fame is more important to these people than finding out how this little child suffered and died and was even denied a burial.

    Everything in life happens for a reason when this case finally reaches court all hell will be let loose, policies will be put into place to ensure this can never happen again and firms and individuals involved will be taken to task over their bad judgement.

  9. Bom dia.

    Além da ligação indicada por Text., temos os deseperados jovens fans do casal com maus propósitos:



    Obviamente não coloco a ligação.

    Isso seria o que gostariam.


  10. Team Mccann may be able to silence the media but it will never be able to silence the powerful internet and sites like Textusa, Joana Morais and others who all fight for justice. Thank you Textusa.

  11. anon Jun 27, 2011 9:56:00 AM

    I agree. Eu concordo.

    São um bando de pardais à solta , cheios de problemas nos raciocínios e, muito provavelmente cheios de problemas com a autoridade.


  12. The Moyes had a "fabulous" night out that is finished by 9:15pm?! Maybe it's different for the brits, but for me, a portuguese, at that hour the night would just be starting...and they heard nothing? No Kate shouting, no one calling out for Madeleine around the pool and grounds? One of the workers mentioned he heard someone calling for a child as early as 9:30, didn't he?
    May I, I just don't understand this:
    "The Moyes...
    Their first inkling about what had happened was a knock on their door at 11.30, that evening, asking them to join in the search for a missing child."

    ..."She does mention an unwelcome visit that evening by a drunken woman, but it can't have been Mrs Moyes, because they say they knew nothing about what had happened until the next day"...

    Someone knocked on their door at 11:30pm to ask them to join the search for a missing child, so, they knwe what happened long before the next morning, didn't they?! Or am I missing something here?

  13. I don't know if Gerry or Kate ever really said their children were all sharing the same tootbrush, this subject first came up after the media reported there was NO source of Madeleine's DNA to be found inside 5A. The police could not find a toothbrush, a comb or hairbrush that belonged to Madeleine from where DNA samples could be taken. From this, one can only conclude that Madeleine did not have her own, so, she must have been using her siblings ones( did Sean and Amelie have one each, or there was only one toothbrush for the 3? By the way, did K. and G. also share one toothbrush? I doubt it...!).
    It is all so unbelievable that I just cannot understand how the police fell for it! NO available DNA from Madeleine, not even in her clothes, shoes, to be found in the apartment? NO hairs on the floor, in the bed, on the pillow, nothing?! Getting a pillow from her bed in Rothley for sample?! How could the PJ be sure it was Madeleine's pillow at all???
    NO DNA in apartm. 5A for the police to test, but later on, there was plenty of DNA on her clothes and sandals to be transferred into the hired car, to justify the forensic findings in it! If, according to the McCanns, Madeleine's clothes and sandals that were later transported in the car, were the possible source of the DNA (fluids, hairs, etc.) found in it, then why were those items not used as DNA sources? Why get something from home?!
    The mind boggles...

  14. The police found Madeleine DNA in the 5A, but not on the bed from where her parents claimed she slept and was abducted. If she had really sleeping there , that bed should be full of evidences, and was not.
    if no DNA was found the case had been solved immediately with McCann's failing to prove the girl have been there. Even if they Had her passport stamped at the airport. Any investigation starts with police checking first if the victim really exist and then, if the victim have been in the place where the crime was reported to happen. From the files, is clear, police knows she had been in the 5a, but not sure about the room.
    The problem with the DNA according to me starts very early when the police asked the McCann's to voluntarily hand a piece belonging only to Madeleine to be used as a reference and no contaminated source for her DNA. they failed to hand clothes, toothbrush, hairbrush or at the end, the cuddle cat. If the cuddle cat was from her and used regularly, should be a good source for her DNA. I have doubts about how/when the cuddle cat enter that story. For me was a maskotte used more by Kate then by Madeleine. That cuddle cat, yes, could got Madeleine ADN by contamination after the girl being dead, because Kate was with it all the time, she could bring it when she was dealing with body .
    From Rothley came the piece to be used as a reference to compare with samples found in PDL.
    From the report sent by the FSS lab we can see, the twins had a different DNA, then they cannot be responsible for what the McCann's claim to justify what was found in the scenic- contamination due to DNA transference. If DNA from Madeleine was found in the scenic, the only reason for that is she have been there. The source of that DNA, according to Amaral were body fluids that result from a frozen body defrosting and not from urine or other body waste, the McCann's want the public to believe with their story about a pizza or meet decomposing inbthe scenic or with more bizarre, the dirty clothes of Madeleine transported there many weeks after she disappeared.
    Is also on the files, the statement of a lady working on the laundry of the OC. Who claimed that on the morning of May 4, somebody from the resort( not the McCann's) send to the laundry some clothes belonging to the McCann's to be washed. She found it strange, because during the all week, they never send anything to be washed. On that clothes, the only one she suspected was from Madeleine, due to the size, was a skirt. Look at the pictures, the McCann's delivered to the press as pictures took in PDL, ONE is even CALLED THE LAST PICTURE, none shows madeleine wearing a skirt. On the other hand, the dogs picked a tshirt but the bottom clothes still missing. could be that skirt one of the missing clothes?

  15. this no dna thing.
    could you do a drug test through saliva on a toothpaste?

  16. Anon
    Jun 27, 2011 11:10:00 AM

    Here's the reply from May I with regard to your comment:

    "I should have said, on checking again carefully, that as the Moyes were searching from 11.30 to 4 am next day, Susan Moyes wasn't likely to have been the drunken woman who went into the apartment. Thank you for picking that up as we appreciate the opportunity to correct any errors promptly."

  17. 9:15 and the night is over? Are you sure that Praia da Luz isn't somewhere in the Twilight Zone?

    I say this because unlike what Brits are used to do in the UK, they dine there late... and call it a night much, much earlier than we see tourists do all over the Algarve.

    Really odd and mysterious place...

  18. Was Hubbard´s wife there in that night, May I ?

    I read here, 2007 or 2008, she was putting many botlles in the bin.

    pois.... por aí...

  19. The Irwin characters have always intrigued me. How is it possible for someone to have dined at the exact same time and place as the Tapas 9, and don't have any sort of statement in the files? I mean, AFTER Kate and Gerry were made arguidos, the investigation should have focused on the activities and whereabouts of the couple, so why no rogatory letter to have these people heard?!? After all they did include the Gaspars statement, and they weren't even there. The Irwins, who could have explained the whole evening in detail are... missing. Go figure.

  20. PJ had the statements of all important witnesses. I remember reading on the papers "all important witnesses were heard for 'memoria futura'. I believe the police has no doubts about who was involved and how the things happened. They don't need to interrogate again secondary witnesses. They need to break the pact of silence of the tapas 9 with an eventual confession.

  21. Thank you for the reply, Textusa and May I, it's an understandable mistake, all clear now!

    Keep up the good work!


  22. Su, did you mean on a toothbrush?
    Yes, I believe it is possible. I understand that one of the ways of obtaining samples is by brushing inside the subject's mouth with a swab, sort of a small brush. I recently watched a very interesting documentary (for a cat lover as I am!) about the most likely first place of origin and domestication of cats, and the scientists wandered about places like Cairo catching cats to get their DNA and that's how they did it.

  23. It was Martin Brunt (Sky News) who wrote about Mrs. Vicar Hubbard throwing bottles in the recicling bins.

    From his Life of Crime blog:
    "Burglar snatches Madeleine sermon notes"
    May 1, 2008
    "I don't suppose it will distract them from their endeavours this weekend, but two of Kate and Gerry McCanns' closest friends in Praia da Luz have been burgled ahead of the Madeleine anniversary.

    Anglican priest Haynes Hubbard and his wife Susan lost a computer that contains personal and confidential email exchanges between the two couples.

    The laptop also held notes on which Father Hubbard was basing his sermon about Madeleine at the weekend.

    Mrs Hubbard is concerned, too, about private telephone numbers stored on a mobile that was also stolen.

    The Hubbards became great friends and comforters of the McCanns in the days after Madeleine's disappearance and have kept in touch since Gerry and Kate returned to the UK.

    I interviewed Father Hubbard several times and he was always a rather serious guy.

    His wife was quite different.

    One afternoon I spotted her emptying an impressive bag of bottles beside the recycling point at the end of the promenade.

    "Oh no," she gasped in mock horror. "Vicar's wife in secret booze scandal."

    She didn't strike me as the Amy Winehouse type.

    But, then, I've never heard her sing."

  24. I remember reading about the Hubbards burglary, but to be perfectly honest I doubt a lot of what we have read is actual fact, it is media manipulation and is nothing more than 'clutter' to keep us looking in another direction and not focusing on the main suspects.

    This has become a PR exercise, sadly Madeleine has been made a commodity from which the Mccanns fund their libel cases and lifestyle, all the while they have the money to do so, the circus will continue.

    I'm sure the pj had a very difficult time dealing with the Mccanns but the pj took the Mccanns version of events as fact which was a big mistake, because this allowed the Mccanns the time to build their defence and start their fund. When they were interviewed they were not kept separate Kate and Gerry were given many opportunities to colaborate their stories and they did.

    The only way this case will ever be solved is for all the 'clutter' to be dismissed, reinterview the main characters, never should suspects be allowed to dictate how a case should be run, start taking a tough line with the Mccanns.

    If nothing is done this will continue for years, it needs stopping. There is no such thing as an unsolveable crime, or a perfect crime.

  25. hi there, susan moyes didnt say she knew nothing until the next day, she said she was woken by someone at the door around 11.30 and told

  26. Anon Jun 28, 7:11

    an excellent post - thank you.

  27. 'The Moyes described the resort as safe and idyllic, a “paradise”, with no mention of recent burglaries or abductions' and that is how PDL is, it is a beautiful little village where tourists would visit, but now thanks to the Mccanns it has been blighted through no fault of its own.

    I am amazed that Kate and Gerry have built such an 'empire' since leaving PDL, just look at their 'facebook', on-line store, book deals, interviews, fraudulent fund, abusive supporters, this is what happens when criminals are given the benefit of the doubt they have amassed enough money to protect themselves from any legal action.

    The money from the book is being spent on more libel cases, the aim to make examples of people to silence others and it works our media won't print a bad word against them. They have run rings around our justice systems and are laughing all the way to the bank.

    The Tapas crew refuse to speak, and nothing is done about it, the mccanns could ask for the case to be re-opened but they don't and still nothing is done about it. Our MP's and government are spineless and gutless and care more for their jobs than seeking justice.

    Personally I'm sick of the Mccanns, they are vile with their smirky smiles, if a bad photograph of them is printed their 'office' has the power to get it removed, this is all about image and making as much money as they can what a joke this has all become.

    I would like to thank Textusa for all your efforts and research we have the determination and hopefully justice will prevail.

  28. Thank you! @ Jun 30, 2011 10:10:00 AM
    This is exactly as I would have liked to express myself. They ride roughshod over anyone questioning their story as a result they have shown exactly who they really are, we have here a debasement of the human quality.

  29. Anon. Jun.30.2011 10:10:00 AM

    I applaud your post too. This is how I see it and sometimes I think we are a "small voice" and will never be heard. I cannot understand why our Country (UK) and the Government are allowing this to continue.

    I also thank Textusa for her hard work and for giving us some hope that Justice will be served.

  30. Which one of you can tell me why Paulo Sargento is made arguido? Is he probably the abductor?
    What happened that night on that channel? Something about the blanket?


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