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The Devil's Finger is in the Detail

By May I
We thought the Tapas restaurant took 20 covers, just for MW guests [1] (not to be confused with OC guests as we know from the reviews that, at least, Thomas Cook also booked for that particular resort) and so did the receptionist, Luisa Coutinho [2].  

Kate's book has put us right and we now discover they could only cope with 15 [3].

She also confirms Rachael made the block booking for 9 [4] on Monday, as opposed to Russell O' Brien on Sunday, as stated by Luisa Coutinho, the receptionist. Presumably O'Brien, as he is described as tall and not the father of the child [5]

The customers could be assured of attentive service, as there were 7 members of staff on duty on the evening of May 3rd .

I've coped with as many as that at many of our at home gatherings and no dishwasher. I also watched as 4 young people efficiently prepared and served Sunday lunch and drinks for 25 customers, at the same time as running the bar at my local pub.

It's difficult to understand the willingness of prospective customers for the Tapas to queue for a booking for the remaining 6 places every morning, but Stephen Carpenter and Philip Edmonds obviously did.

One would imagine that men of their status wouldn't normally queue for anything, let alone a rather mediocre establishment which offered unsophisticated Quiz Nights as the highlight events.

Those Quiz Nights must have been rather boring, given that it must have consisted of one team of 9 against another of 6?

How did the T9 team manage to lose, given this advantage?  

Mr Carpenter says the whole T9 party were assembled at 8.30., but Kate doesn't mention this detail in her account of the truth.

 There are various accounts of the evening, so you can pick and choose to construct your own version of the night. Or the week, for that matter.

The two Irwin ladies had also made a successful bid for a table that night, but it seems they may not have turned up.

The T9 denied all knowledge of them when questioned by the Portuguese police. They did exist, as they are on the guest list, but no statements were obtained from them.

It looks like Luisa will be blamed for making the note on the reception book, as she says of the Tapas “O referido hóspede, justificou a exigência pelo facto de, no grupo, terem várias crianças pequenas que ficariam a dormir sózinhas, enquanto eles, os pais, iam jantar. Disse ainda que intervaladamente um dois pais se dirigiria aos apartamentos, a fim de verificar se estava tudo bem.”

This paragraph has a typo, as the expression “um dois pais” doesn’t exist in Portuguese. It can be either “um dos pais” (one of the parents) or “um ou dois pais” (one or two parents).

Either way this typo doesn’t alter the general sense of what Luisa had to say: “The mentioned guest justified the demand with the fact that, in the group, they had small children who would be sleeping alone, while they, the parents, would go dine. Furthermore said that at intervals one of the parents (or one or two parents) would go to the apartments, so as to verify that everything was alright.

Inspector Hugo Silva continues Luisa’s statement with “The deponent put some restraints against the request, as it’s a very requested restaurant and that only has 20 daily places for the Mark Warner's guests, however after insistence from the mentioned guest, the deponent was able to make the requested bookings.” [6]

Inspector Hugo Silva took this statement on May 8th adding “During the present inquiry it was given by the deponent a minute book, handwritten, where is what was referred concerning the bookings to the restaurant “Tapas”’ [7]

What he DOESN'T say, however, is that she had made any notes IN THE BOOK about the group leaving children unattended.

We haven't been able to find ANY evidence of a written note in the RELEASED PJ files, but there is a possible source for Kate's observation that a note WAS written in the book [8], and it may be that the author she was relying on had simply made this interpretation from officer Silva's comment.  

Goncalo Amaral's book refers to the reception book, but in his account, it was on Tuesday May 1st; the day the Portuguese celebrate Labour Day, or Worker’s Day (Dia do Trabalhador).

Mr Amaral writes: “Coming the time for the adult’s dinner, the children again stay alone at home. In the restaurant "Tapas"’s reception book, a more diligent worker writes down the dinner booking and annotates that some elements of that group of tourists would get up from time to time, to go see the children who are in the apartments. [9]

There was another trainee receptionist on duty on this day; Elise Romão, so is the suggestion here that she wrote the note in the book, or even another note?

 Goncalo Amaral later writes about the debate in the police crisis room: [10]:
“- It’s incomprehensible that an eventual predator would have the audacity of going inside an apartment and withdraw from it a child, having to suppose that the parents could arrive at any moment.
- That predator had to know the habits of parents and had to be sure of what he was going to do. - Another reason for that not to fall correctly into place... one of the two: either someone gave him the knowledge of such habits, and there we have to think of the "Tapas" restaurant staff or then he's hung around, studying the vicinity...
- If he studied the vicinity why did he go in through the front door and went out of the window, or even the other way around, the only door that was open was the one that goes to the pool area.
- Yes… there would have been easy to go in and out and run less risks of being seen.
- The child’s parents say that when they noticed Madeleine’s disappearance, the bedroom’s window was open and the front door closed  
- And if they’re not telling the truth?”

 It would be ironic if Kate's book, hinting at an inside job, relied on a source which she had banned from distribution, wouldn't it?

The weather-vane of this story has swung in many directions, but Kate's book seems to be taking us back to its initial position.

To recap, Robert Murat made the following infamous observation to David Jones of The Daily Mail on June 2nd 2007: “ Basically, I'm just an ordinary straightforward guy who's the victim of the biggest f.... up on the planet”, but the rest of the quote is less well remembered “If you want my opinion, it had to involve someone on the inside who works at the Ocean Club.”

So beware, Ocean Club employees, as the finger seems to be pointing back at you!  

[1] Luisa Coutinho says: “Importa referir que a família em questão, veio por intermédio da empresa “MARK WARNER”, esta empresa tem como política tratar de tudo em relação aos seus clientes, ou seja, não há praticamente nenhum contacto entre os clientes e as recepções, uma vez que esta última lida directamente com a empresa Mark Warner.” 
Which translates to: “It should be referred that the family in question, came through the "MARK WARNER" company, this company has as a policy to handle all with respect to their customers, meaning that, there is virtually no contact between the customers and the receptions, since the latter deals directly with the Mark Warner company”  
(PJ Files, VOL III, pgs 569 and 570) 

 [2] Luisa Coutinho says: “Acrescenta que esta família, tal como todos os clientes Mark Warner dispunham de regime de meia-pensão, ou seja, pequeno almoço e jantar.Para o jantar, os clientes podem optar por dois restaurantes, o “Tapas” e o “Millenium”, sendo no primeiro o serviço é “à la carte”, e no segundo é “bufett”, os clientes escolhem náo só pela comida, mas também por questões de proximidade em relação aos seus alojamentos. No entanto, o ora depoente refere que os hóspedes lhe referem que restaurante “Tapas” tem melhor qualidade mas que é difícil arranjar reserva uma vez que tem poucos lugares reservados a clientes “Mark Warner”, mais concretamente 20.” 
Which translates to: “Adds that this family, as all Mark Warner clients had a half-board regimen, ie breakfast and dinner. For dinner, customers can choose between two restaurants, the "Tapas" and "Millennium", in the first being an “á la carte” service, and in the second "bufett", the customers choose not only because of food but also for reasons of proximity to their accommodation. However, the deponent refers that the guests tell her that restaurant "Tapas" has better quality but that it's difficult to get a booking since it has a few seats reserved for "Mark Warner" customers, 20 to be concrete.” 
(PJ Files, VOL III, pg. 570) 
And also says in the same statement: “A ora depoente colocou alguns entraves ao pedido, uma vez que é um restaurante muito solicitado e que dispões de apenas 20 lugares diários para os clientes da Mark warner, no entanto após insistência por parte do mencionado hóspede, a depoenete conseguiu efectuar as reservas solicitadas.”  
Which translates into: “The deponent put some restraints to the request, as it’s a very requested restaurant and that only has 20 daily seats for the Mark warner’s guests, however after insistence from the mentioned guest, the deponent was able to make the requested bookings.”  
(PJ Files, VOL III, pg. 570)  

[3] “Today [Sunday] we’d been able to make a dinner reservation for the adult contingent at the poolside Tapas restaurant. Apparently, this restaurant, a canopied outdoor addition to the bar, catered for only up to fifteen diners in the evenings, and reservations could not be made until the morning of the day in question. Being so close, it was far more convenient than the Millennium.” 
(in MADELEINE, by Kate McCann, published in 2011 by Bantam Press, pg. 52)  

[4] “In spite of what we’d been told about booking the Tapas restaurant, Rachael managed to get a table for nine at 8.30pm pencilled in for the rest of the week after having a word with the receptionist at the pool and Tapas area.”  
(in MADELEINE, by Kate McCann, published in 2011 by Bantam Press, pg. 56) 

[5] Luisa Coutinho says: “Recorda que, no Domingo, 29, um dos elementos do grupo que chegou com a menor Madeleine MacCann , cujo nome desconhece e apenas saber ser do sexo masculino e alto e magro, dirigiu-se a ora depoente solicitando a marcação de jantar para todo o grupo, para toda a semana e sempre para as 20:30 Questionada afirma que o individuo que falou consigo não era o pai da menor, mas outro elemento do grupo que era visto regulatmente com ele.” 
Which translates into: “Recalls that on Sunday, 29, one of the elements of the group that came with the minor Madeleine MacCann, whose name she doesn’t know and only knows to be male and tall and thin, came to the deponent asking for dinner bookings for the entire group for the entire week and always for 20:30. Questioned says that the individual that spoke with her was not the father of the child, but another member of the group that was regularly with him.”  
(PJ Files, VOL III, pg. 570) 

[6] Luisa Coutinho says: “A ora depoente colocou alguns entraves ao pedido, uma vez que é um restaurante muito solicitado e que dispões de apenas 20 lugares diários para os clientes da Mark warner, no entanto após insistência por parte do mencionado hóspede, a deponente conseguiu efectuar as reservas solicitadas” 
(PJ Files, VOL III, pg. 570)  

[7] Luisa Coutinho says: “No decurso da presente inquirição foi entregue pela ora depoente um livro de actas, manuscrito, onde consta o que foi referido relativamente às reservas ao restaurante “Tapas”.” 
(PJ Files, VOL III, pg. 571)  

[8] “It wasn’t until a year later, when I was combing through the Portuguese police files, that I discovered that the note requesting our block booking was written in a staff message book, which sat on a desk at the pool reception for most of the day. This book was by definition accessible to all staff and, albeit unintentionally, probably to guests and visitors, too. 
To my horror, I saw that, no doubt in all innocence and simply to explain why she was bending the rules a bit, the receptionist had added the reason for our request: we wanted to eat close to our apartments as we were leaving our young children alone there and checking on them intermittently."  
(in MADELEINE, by Kate McCann, published in 2011 by Bantam Press, pg. 56)  

[9] “Chegada a hora de jantar dos adultos, as crianças ficam de novo sozinhas em casa. No livro da recepção do restaurante “Tapas”, uma funcionária mais diligente escreve a marcação do jantar e anota que alguns dos elementos daquele grupo de turistas se levanta de vez em quando, para ir ver os filhos que se encontram nos apartamentos.”  
(in MADDIE, A VERDADE DA MENTIRA, by Gonçalo Amaral, published in 2008 by Guerra e Paz, pg. 35)  

[10] “- Não se compreende que um eventual predador tivesse a ousadia de entrar dentro de um apartamento e dali retirado uma criança, tendo que supor que os pais podiam chegar a qualquer momento.  
- Esse predador tinha que conhecer os hábitos dos pais e estar seguro do que iria fazer. 
- Mais uma razão para isso não bater certo... das duas uma: ou alguém lhe deu a conhecer tais hábitos , e aí temos que pensar nos funcionários do restaurante “Tapas”, ou então ele andou ali a rondar e a estudar o terreno...
- Se estudou o terreno porque entrou pela porta principal e saiu pela janela, ou mesmo ao contrário, a única porta que se encontrava aberta é a que dá para a zona das piscinas. 
- Sim.... por aí seria fácil entrar e sair e corria menos riscos de ser visto. 
- Os pais da criança dizem que a janela do quarto se encontrava aberta e a porta principal fechada, quando deram pelo desaparecimento de Madeleine.  
- E se eles não estiverem a falar verdade?” 
(in MADDIE, A VERDADE DA MENTIRA, by Gonçalo Amaral, published in 2008 by Guerra e Paz, pg. 61)


  1. No surprise. Since the first time, the sun serialized that passage of Kate claiming that a receptionist at the pool booked the tapas dinner with a message on the side saying their kids were left alone, I am sure that has an agenda. The agenda could only be IMPLICATING THE OCEAN CLUB STAFF AS THE ABDUCTORS OR THE HELPERS OF THE ABDUCTOR. I will be not surprised if on one of the next interviews, the McCanns come with idea of the abductor entering the flat using a key. They have to found an explanation for the absence of damages in the window and the main door while passing the message of a good parenting.
    Unfortunnatly for you Kate, less people are so stupid like yourself and the dirty game you are playing will work against you.
    The public have been waiting, patiently for the day you incendiate some of the OC workers, letting them to break the silence and "spill the beans". In my modest opinion ,I also believe some OC workers ( 1 or2) become implicated, forced by their employer, not in the abduction, BUT IN HELPING YOU AND YOUR HUSBAND TO GET RIDE OF THE BODY. All your words are directed to that persons, to scare them, to intimidate, to try to keep their mouth closed.
    But you know, the human nature has a big inprevisibility and in Portugal, they have a very known sentencje which is leaving that people very alert regarding your "esperteza saloia": "QUEM SE LIXA E SEMPRE O MEXILHAO".
    Maybe at that time, the " MEXILHAO" will be strong enough to disable your game.
    Remember, Socrates is over and he leave the power trough a small door. The country has a special door reserved for you, your husband and your britisjh friends who help you get ride of your daughter.
    At Mccannfiles, Dr. Martin Roberts has 2 interesting articles about your lies, Kate, and why you do a great job to achieve the truth and catch your lies, every time you open your mouth. exactly Kate- keep talking.

  2. No surprise. Since the first time, the sun serialized that passage of Kate claiming that a receptionist at the pool booked the tapas dinner with a message on the side saying their kids were left alone, I am sure that has an agenda. The agenda could only be IMPLICATING THE OCEAN CLUB STAFF AS THE ABDUCTORS OR THE HELPERS OF THE ABDUCTOR. I will be not surprised if on one of the next interviews, the McCanns come with idea of the abductor entering the flat using a key. They have to found an explanation for the absence of damages in the window and the main door while passing the message of a good parenting.
    Unfortunnatly for you Kate, less people are so stupid like yourself and the dirty game you are playing will work against you.
    The public have been waiting, patiently for the day you incendiate some of the OC workers, letting them to break the silence and "spill the beans". In my modest opinion ,I also believe some OC workers ( 1 or2) become implicated, forced by their employer, not in the abduction, BUT IN HELPING YOU AND YOUR HUSBAND TO GET RIDE OF THE BODY. All your words are directed to that persons, to scare them, to intimidate, to try to keep their mouth closed.
    But you know, the human nature has a big inprevisibility and in Portugal, they have a very known sentencje which is leaving that people very alert regarding your "esperteza saloia": "QUEM SE LIXA E SEMPRE O MEXILHAO".
    Maybe at that time, the " MEXILHAO" will be strong enough to disable your game.
    Remember, Socrates is over and he leave the power trough a small door. The country has a special door reserved for you, your husband and your britisjh friends who help you get ride of your daughter.
    At Mccannfiles, Dr. Martin Roberts has 2 interesting articles about your lies, Kate, and why you do a great job to achieve the truth and catch your lies, every time you open your mouth. exactly Kate- keep talking.

  3. Considering the rest of Murat's statement about someone on the inside etc... he could have played a significant part in all of this, and then they attempting to blame him, but he would have had access to properties around pdl where maddie could have been hidden it is strange how he flew out to pdl at the last minute and there is speculation that he and gerry knew one another. Maybe he was doing gerry a favour!
    The three of them were made suspects, and I reckon the police got it just about right, but unfortunately the media circus were proclaiming the mccanns innocence from day 1 and they had made plenty of money from public donations to employ carter ruck to protect them.
    Murat kept his libel money from newspapers but the tapas gave their's back to kate and gerry this I feel is very telling, ordinary hard working people do not give that amount of life changing money away.
    If they can they will blame the OC employees or anybody who they can point the finger of suspicion at.

  4. May I excellent article, maybe Kates book will be enough to get this case re-opened.

  5. Tex,
    This is a good link;

    It is interesting that Robert Murat met with Brian Kennedy the backer for the mccanns, in the above link it states that the mccanns investigators were very aggressive with witnesses that these witnesses refused to speak to the police.

    This whole business is very murky quite a few high profile people have become involved with the mccanns simply for their own gain, nothing to do with finding madeleine.

    However Madeleine died it seems the mccanns could not allow an autopsy because of what would show up, if it was an accident why did they not go to the police and report it? but they hid her body with the help of others.

  6. looking at the Tuesday booking form there are 7 tables for Mark Warner guests. What was the point of stating 4 tables for 4 people max?

    Then K Mc says in her book there were only 15 Mark Warner guest places.

    Why are such statements paraded for all to see?

    Is it to keep us busy concentrating on trivia to deflect from the real situation.
    Just discussing tables settings gives the impression that the Tapas was being used by T9.

  7. 'I find it amazing that Kate is claiming that it was the receptionist’s note that may have caused the damage rather than one of her group openly saying to reception: “We’re leaving our children on their own all evening”. What did she expect? Surely the receptionist was only doing her job by noting (a) the fact that they wanted to book the Tapas restaurant and (b) the reason for the request, which I think was somewhat unusual as I read elsewhere that such bookings were not normally made. Did the person from the McCanns’ group who made the booking not realise that it was risky to explain that, to quote Kate’s own words: “We were leaving our children alone in our apartments”? Did that person add: “It’s OK, we’ve made arrangements to check our children regularly on the half-hour”? All the blame is put by the McCanns on the receptionist making a faithful note of the reason for the request to book the Tapas restaurant. It does not seem to have occurred to Kate how risky it was for them to have publicly advertised to the receptionist that, quote: “We are leaving our children alone in our apartments"
    the mccanns blame everybody except themselves.
    Kate get emotional when talking about the twins but towards madeleine she is cold, madeleine was made a ward of court so presumably she was not going home with the mccanns they had also mentioned other family members fostering madeleine, perhaps madeleine was not both their child, they mention the twins but dont say madeleine's brother and sister.

    I believe someone else removed madeleines body (for the mccanns) and hid her in a safe place somewhere in pdl.'

  8. This is from page 310 of Kates book where Kate speaks about 'nasty people'

    “The internet has provided individuals like this with a largely unregulated opportunity to set up websites and forums and blogs where they can share their bile and hate with other faceless, anonymous lowlife, all locked away in their bedrooms talking to each other online…I learnt to ignore it and pity these people”

    Well Tex what a illiterate nasty type Kate Mccann really is, what with that and how she called the police f****** t****** when they were only doing their job, what an awful woman.

    Kate does read your blog...well done girls xxx

  9. ..." I learnt to ignore it and pity those people".

    Non, Kate, the prove you did not ignore it, is you deserve some sentences on your book to talk about it. You know, your strategy that seems to work well with some politics, is going to fail with main public. We don,'t buy your lies and we will never buy an abduction without traces from the abductor and the abducted. Soon, our voice, even anonymous, will be heard. Is a question of society sanity and child's rights. Contrary to you, we care about your children rights: Madeleine deserves justice and your twins deserve to know the truth about their sister.
    We can be pity, but nothing is so pity, so disgusting, so revealing of a person without character, then you writing on your book serious insinuations to incriminate some of the OC workers for a crime you know well who was the perpetrator and how the things happened. Even, if some of us, like me, suspect that you got the help of somebody inside the Resort, I'm sure the persons you are trying to accuse, have nothing to do with what happened to your daughter. Just because you accuse them and talk about them on your book, is enough to eliminate them from any suspicion. You will not bring to light anybody that could be involved or knowing something. you will not take the risk of lighting a candle that can burns you. Consequences of being for 4 years a compulsive liar and a very bad mother.
    Did you realize that if the note really exist, it was you or one of your friends, who made the mistake by informing and letting people out of the group to know your negligence? And even after knowing that and believing your daughter was abducted by a stranger, you left your twins, days, weeks, months, under the care of the same strange people inside the same Resort. who you want to certify with STUPIDITY? Only yourself, I believe.
    Off- course, you are coming here more then one time a day, to see what anonymous like me, are saying about your lies. At least, you can learn something with us. Not everybody use and abuse your daughter, just looking for money. Most of us, were/ are defending her rights for free. It was your child under your hands, but could be, one of our child's under the hands of people like you.
    Thanks to the dear anonymous who bring your words to here.

  10. Poster #1,
    Yes, the abductor using a key, a key of the front door, a duplicate supplied by an accomplice, a worker of the O.Club. It has to be the front door, because they and their family have said (lied) over and over again that they were in full view of the back door, the patio door, therefore they would have been able to see the intruder going in.

    That "special door" waiting for the McCanns has to be the door of the Odemira Penitentiary, maybe Kate can share a cell with Leonor Cipriano, they would get along fine!

  11. Anon. Jun 12, 2011 11:01:00 AM

    "I believe someone else removed madeleines body (for the mccanns) and hid her in a safe place somewhere in pdl."

    Hence Kate's "they've taken her"...?

  12. Did Murat remove madeleines body for the mccanns ? and place her in a safe house around pdl he is very vague about his comings and goings that night and research on him on the internet he is a questionable character who lied to pj.
    Maybe this whole sage was arranged between the mccanns and murat (the only three suspects!!) and Jane Tanner did actually see murat removing madeleines body but later changed her story after pressure from mccanns and threats of court action from murat!
    Kate saying 'they've taken her' was an odd thing to say and she tried to point the finger of suspiction at murat but because of the smiths statement that all fell apart, did the smiths just see a tourist with a child and not gerry with madeleine? but it has all added to the confusion which is what gerry wanted.
    Gerry and Murat were known to each other, on the last day the three of them could have planned the 'abduction' hence mccanns missing from tapas group all day. Murat had a car perhaps they removed madeleine during the day, then kate jogged along beach to make it appear she was around, gerry was missing from his tennis lesson for a while due to foot injury could this have been when madeleine was removed.
    Murat received compensation from newspapers and kept it, whereas tapas gave their money back to Kate and Gerry. What else has the fund been spent on... keeping murat quiet?

  13. If Madeleine had been abducted or just wandered off why were the mccanns not out looking for her. Instead they stayed in their apartment and asked for a priest, why a priest?

    People usually ask for a priest when somebody has died especially at 3 am in the morning.

    They knew what had happened to madeleine thats why they did not go and look for her but asked for a priest instead. The priest later said he had been deceived by the mccanns and they had ruined his life. Kates mother said Kate was not particularly religious. The PJ said Kates bedside table looked like a shrine with bible etc, even now Kate's face shows how haunted she is from the secret she shares with her husband.

  14. We all know that the neglect was made up to provide a window of opportunity for abduction for without 'neglect' there could be no abduction.

    Kate mccann knows this and her book proves she is a liar.

  15. Murat and his urgent need to hire a car...

  16. Why did Luisa bring the book with her to the inquiry? Nowhere in the interview is suggested that the PJ asked her to bring it along with her, rather, it seems that it is her initiative to do so. We now know they're tailored to fit their purposes, so it wasn't an innocent move!

  17. "... all locked away in their bedrooms talking to each other online…" (Kate McCann)

    Well, at least you seem to know where we are. Just to remind you, your daughter disappeared from a bedroom in an unlocked appartment.
    And how about the pro's Kate? Don't you think this is an insult to your faceless, anonymous lowlife supporters.
    By the way, such an honour to be mentioned in your 'book', some more filler between the rest of your speculations and lies.

  18. Anon @ Jun 13, 2011 5:58:00

    "... all locked away in their bedrooms talking to each other online…" (Kate McCann)

    How would she 'know' this? It does seem like projection as the McCanns and supporters do constantly. I don't suppose the McCann supporters talk online from THEIR bedrooms?

    Anyway, why does she say 'from bedrooms'? Is she trying to make it sound seedy?

    I agree that Mrs McCann must reads blogs like this so thank her for the mention so we know it's being followed. As she doesn't post here (unless she is Insane)we never get to hear her explain what is said and get a 'corrected' version.

  19. "... all locked away in their bedrooms talking to each other online…" (Kate McCann)
    Kate I am not locked away in my bedroom, I am with other people who question your version of events, Kate you have lied you know exactly what happened to your daughter, yet you are prepared for the government to waste 3.5 million pounds on an invesitgation, your fairytale book will be used as evidence because it contradicts what you originally said
    you deleted phone messages, refused to answer police questions.

    A secret cannot stay a secret forever if more than one person knows the secret...tic toc Kate.

  20. I believe Kate Mccann is 'Insane'.

    Well done Textusa you certainly rattled kates cage.

  21. There are so many 'actors' in this mccann saga, I am expecting it to be nominated for a Bafta.

  22. Textusa, Sina J and May I - fantastic site - thanks and we appreciate all your hard work.

    Justice for little Maddie Mccann.

  23. Tex

    Isn't there supposed to have been a "Steve" to have authorized the T9 booking? Luisa says that she takes the decision by herself. Pressured by the MALE guest, but it is her decision. So what has "Steve" authorized, if anything at all?

  24. These are the groups financially involved with the McCann case.

    Control Risks Group
    Scotland Yard
    Leicester Police
    Embassy Staff
    Mark Warner
    Ocean Club
    Met/Scotland Yard 2nd time

    It has been said the cost to Leicester Police was nearly £1 million
    The fund of £3 million and now a further £3.5 million. So £7.5 million plus expenditure from the fund and police alone and not ONE credible lead or sighting of Maddy. And Kate McCann was in the news today hi-jacking the Missing Person Charity whinging not enough money is spent on missing children. That woman is either completely mad or has been instructed to do this. She hit the jackpot and other parents of genuinely missing children don't get anything.

  25. "The male guest", the Tapas9 who asked, rather forcefully so it seems, for the block booking...has he a name? Can you believe that the receptionist would not have asked for his name?! A guest comes to her with an unusual request, a request that goes against the established functioning rules of the restaurant and the resort, and made in a particularly insisting way, and yet she does not ask who he is, who she is talking to, so she can tell her boss that the guest "" is asking if we'll do this? I doubt it very much!

  26. Anon.,Jun 13, 2011 8:59:00 PM

    How very true...
    "two can keep a secret...if one of them is dead!"

  27. Anon 1:34

    Very well spotted! She then goes and writes down their names, apartment numbers and booking company... at least on three pages, and then doesn't remember his name. How convenient and how blatantly a lie!

  28. Anon 1:34
    You're right. Her testimony is not credible. On 08May it's quite adequate for her to say that it's not the "child's father" as, by then, everyone in the world already knew who the father of Maddie was. For the same reason she, as an OC worker, and even if only out of natural curiosity, she would know, by then, all the names of the Tapas 9. Also, she brings with her the reservation book, in which she wrote the names, so she has, in her hands, a fresh reminder of all their names. It's INPOSSIBLE for her NOT to identify Russ by the surname in the least. Well done Textusa & Sisters!

  29. Luisa clearly lied to help the mccanns reinforce their negligence window of opportunity for abduction.
    She lied but in doing so implemented herself now the mccanns are attempting to push the blame onto her and her colleagues after all these years because mccanns know these employees left the OC years ago and would now be difficult to trace and the police would not bother to follow it up as know its another red herring from team mccann.

    Since this book has come out not one more 'sighting of maddie has been reported' this must annoy Kate she was expecting the gullible public to come forward in their droves saying they had spotted maddie here, there and everywhere, just to add more confusion to their complicated fairytale.

    This book has shown Kate to be such a liar, we know it and the police know it so isn't it about time something positive was done about Kate and Gerry.

  30. I do not believe the Mccanns or Tapas ever said to staff they were leaving their children unattended it is not the sort of comment any parent would make so they could go and have a drink.

    For any parent to make such a comment shows they lack parenting skills and the response from the staff would be shock that these parents thought it okay to leave three babies alone in a dark apartment when there was a baby sitting service available. The member of staff would have reported their concerns to the manager of the complex and he would have had a 'word' with the parents.

    This girl is lying...probably got paid a few pounds, served her purpose and then was packed off to another holiday park somewhere else and conveniently 'forgotten' about.

  31. Anon., Jun 14, 2011 9:59:00 AM

    I remember that one of the Tapas workers said (I'm not sure if it is in his statement or in a comment he made to the media) he had noticed that the men in the group left the table often, but he did not knowh where they went or why they did that, and he had not realized that the group had any children. I suppose he thought that because he never saw any of them with children and also, he did not hear any comments from his fellow workers about that group leaving their children in the apartms. If that "foot note" in the reservation sheet was real it is quite likely to be talked about amongst the workers.

  32. It is clear, some of the OC workers lied along with McCann's trying to credibilise an abduction that has no evidences. How naif they have been, thinking that was just a small lie without consequences. Could be, if the McCann's fade unnoticed after running away from Portugal. But their desperate need of money to pay who is protecting them from an accurate investigation(lawyers & Mitchell) did not let t,hem to fade. They need to stay ON all the time. And will be like that forever.
    Now, what looks without importance at the beginning could turn into a nightmare to all that OC workers. Kate, well trained by her lawyers, knows who help them and become innocently, involved. Kate his protected by donations money. These poor unprotected workers, some lost their jobs, will face the evil to jump out of the saga untouched. Now, I start believing, an innocent, will pay for a crime committed by Kate & Gerry. Just wait for the moment, The Sun starts using their unethical methods to kill all the Portuguese. Xenophobie and a tasty of easy money will do the rest. If this guys from the OC want to survive, they have to contact the police and tell what they have done and who ask them to do it. Amaral lawyer can help them on that. I believe, he knows almost everything that is known by Amaral, from his accurate investigation.
    The money from the Fund is drying and the book is not selling so well. That's why the McCann's jumped on their next strategy- GOING TO THE PARLIAMENT TO ASK DONATIONS COMING FROM UK TAXES. For that, Kate manage to explore now the drama of the mothers who have their child's really missing without knowing where they are. She took 2 painful mothers to the parliament to ask, not more polices searching this child's, not more sophisticated material to analyze forensic evidences, but MORE MONEY TO HELP THE FAMILIES COOPERATING WITH SITUATION AND A PSYCHOLOGIST. What an hypocrite lady. PJ offered them a psychologist for free, she refused it. Yvonne appeared on the next day offering her support and was kicked away in a very rude manner. And what about Karen Mathews? Imagine her having financial support in a fake abduction, if that support was settled. Not a big difference between Kate and Karen. They share the same letter of the alphabet and the same way of living. The only difference, is Karen was not clever enough to contact a lawyer who could help her set a Fund few days after faking the abduction of her daughter.
    You can't go more low Kate: NOW ASKING DONATIONS IN THE PARLIAMENT AND USING INNOCENT MOTHERS TO ACHIEVE YOUR BUSINESS. I hope, in Portugal the new Minister of justice become more attentive and less corrupted to protect all the children from that sophysticated type of criminals.

  33. Just a small apart to you Kate, regarding the people locked on their bedrooms, talking to each other: yesterday, the DN ( the only paper in Portugal who still publishing your circus, on-line) had a small article about your assault in the British parliament. The article was invaded by people making very bad comments about you and your lies. Nobody believe you, in Portugal, then stop intoxicating the country with your images and your strategies. They are fed-up of you. Today early in the morning, instead of using UK papers strategy( blocking the comments), the DN removed the article from their on-line site. Well done and congratulations to all Portuguese who posted there showing the feeling of the public and how they are intelligent persons who did not bite your lies. Keep paying the Lift Consulting and Isabel Duarte to try to sell your lies. You are just digging your grave, everyday a new article show up in Portugal. One day, who help you, will open the mouth for their own protection, starting by Murat, who I believe did not set a stall looking for news/ information by accident. He was desperate, trying to cover all the sides. Exactly like you are now.

  34. Anon @ 2011 4:12:00

    Well said! I felt nauseated by K Mc's latest stunt aligning herself to parents who really have missing children. This was yet another step too far. I'm surprised she wasn't pelted with rotten eggs.

    Anon @ 4:25:00 K Mc must know about these sick people in their bedrooms talking to each other as JATYK was closed today for violation of terms of service. That was the sickest group of people connected to the McCanns, far worse than the pathetic Chaosraptors forum.

  35. Well said 4.25 people are fed up with Kate mccanns lies, she does not know when to stop.

    How any charity could allow someone like Kate Mccann to speak out for missing persons shows how ill informed this charity is - Kate the person who left her babies alone each night to go out drinking, then lied, then set up a fund making money from her daughters memory and writing a book with such graphical references to her child that Kates sanity itself must be questioned.

    What charity would associate itself with someone like this...was Kate second choice because Myra Hindley is no longer available!! kate is the type of person children need protecting from, use her as an example of bad parenting and what happens when you neglect children. Kate uses foul mouth rants and expletives as everyday chat but never let her spearhead any project for missing persons, Kate is a sick joke and a publicity seeking nutter.

    Social services should have investigated her long ago, pity the poor twins.

  36. Anon @ 9:59:00 am said:-

    "This girl is lying...probably got paid a few pounds, served her purpose and then was packed off to another holiday park somewhere else and conveniently 'forgotten' about."

    If I were her - and reading this thread - I'd be very, very worried. I hope she realises the danger she's in. If she has any sense she'll seek sanctuary somewhere and start singing to a lawyer.

  37. Anon
    Jun 14, 2011 8:00:00 PM

    There's one thing that this blog has made quite clear, and will not accept any reference to it as fact or possible fact: negligence. Neither the McCanns nor the remainder T9 left the children unattended to. Yes they went to go and have fun, but didn't leave their children alone. That's an idea fed by the Black Hats, because ONLY under that scenario is the abduction possible.

    Also, although we believe Kate to be an egocentric narcissist, we'd, at this point in time, refrain any comparison with Myra Hindley, as the crimes committed involve a sadistic pleasure from her victims sufferance that we see no resemblance with Kate's attitudes.

  38. In todays Daily Mail we have the 'fake' grief stricken Kate mccann holding a photograph of Maddie' saying she felt 'totally out of control' when maddie 'disappeared' but still managed to go jogging twice a day, and states 'to be left in the dark when your child goes missing'... thats how maddie felt kate everynight you left her in the dark to go out boozing with your mates and then waited 45 minutes before phoning the police when she vanished and didn't even bother to go outside looking for her 'because it was too dark' Wow what a mum they certainly chose the right person to speak at a Commons inquiry into whether families receive enough help when relatives disappear.
    If the police ask 'awkward questions' follow Kates advice and just call them f****** t****** and refuse to answer any everytime. Then sit back and wait for the money to come rolling in.

    What do the parents of genuine missing persons feel about Kate Mcscam hijacking their cause. One day Kate is going to be in a proper prison, at the moment she and gerry are in a prison of their own making!!

  39. This is a fantastic thread Textusa well done.
    Justice for Madeleine.

  40. “While one or both of them may be innocent, there is no clear evidence  that eliminates them from involvement in Madeleine’s disappearance"
    The assistant chef constable of Leicester police
    (in response to the attempt of the McCann's, in, High court, to access all the information regarding their daughter disappearance. The attempt was refused .)

    - from the book " Madeleine" by Kate McCann -

    See, Kate, a single sentence from the police has more value then 400 pages of your book of lies. Do you think Leicester police is an incompetent shame, like Amaral? THEY SHARE THE SAME POINT OF VIEW. There is no evidences to support any abduction and there is no evidences to clear you. When you come to the media saying that the case was shelved in Portugal and you are declared innocent, you are lying. On the day the case become reopened in Portugal, your arguido status returns immediately. That's why your fraudulent petition, even if was true, will never be used by you to reopen the investigation. You know, nobody disappears leaving no traces. Nobody snatch a child leaving no traces. The 5A, the bedroom from where you claim Madeleine disappeared has a lack of evidences from Maddie, but was full of evidences from you- hair and a fingerprint. Paulo Rebelo , while preparing the rogatory letters had the feeling that all children were together . After reading the PJ Files, me too. That explains the absence of bedsheets on the twin cots and the absence of Maddie evidences on the flat that night. The twins could be brought there to set the circus. The real crime scene could be the 5A, but early then what you said to the police. Maddie never slept on that bed that night. All the children must be together and under the surveillance of an adult. The only child that was out, was Madeleine, due to her physical condition- dead already.

  41. Anon @ 9:43:00

    A very intelligent comment and point well made. I feel you might be on to something regarding the twins and beds not having sheets. Which apartment were they in, as well as all the other children? I will think about this.

  42. One just has to feel so, so proud of one's readers!

    Thank you!

  43. Very true! Now it will important to find how did she die. If we get there we will understand why they refused to release the body. Many say, it doesn't matter how did it happened. But it's wrong. You find the reason of her death McCanns go down and you close the circle. This big secret McCanns & Associates are holding since 2007 is the only reason why they alive & kicking!
    From police flies you can know for sure Gerry was the last person seeing Madeleine alive....

  44. The mccanns are asking on their facebook page if people have information about Madeleine to send it to them first and they will forward it to Scotland Yard !!! (they want to know what information may be around concerning them! )

  45. Anon
    Jun 15, 2011 7:40:00 AM

    That's how the McCanns have been "educated" by the British Authorities up to now, and that is they're entitled to know all the Police knows, tell the Police what and how to do it, and if they don't do it as per their demands, insult them. The dogs and the Smith Sighting were two things that went of their control, but that was just because the Police didn't inform them of what was going on.

    It seems, as per previous observations, that SY this time wasn't called in as "friends"... and they scared other "Smith Sightings" may be going on behind their backs...

    Jun 14, 2011 11:19:00 PM

    If anything can be deduced from the PJ Files, it's not that Gerry McCann was the last person to see Maddie alive. We believe that David Payne and Kate McCann were the last people to have done that, although we don't discard Gerry's presence there also, as all the "tennis tales" are very badly told ones...

  46. To solve that case, investigators, students, police, anonymous people (I believe many people across the world are doing it with passion, accurate work and very patiently) need to go back to the first hours, the first comments, the first statements, made by the people directly involved in the situation and by who was called there due to their job or due to an agenda that was deliberately prepared by the first ones(the directly involved). And off-course, we can't forget how louder the crime scene was talking on that first hours. These are facts that cannot be dismissed or changed by any book. No matter how many pages the book has or how many writters the book had. John Blacksmith has a good post at Mccannfiles regarding who help Kate writing or reviving her memory. Was not JKR, but the list is amazing and so sonant that per si, tells us allot about her innocence and difficult to coop with Madeleine disappearence. Ask Filomena Teixeira, if after 13 years, she did not still remembering every single moment she passed with her son and if she needs the help of top lawyers to help her reviving and retelling her pain, her feelings and all the sentiments a mother could experience when lives in the dark, about the whereabouts of her child? There is an ocean of differences between this two ladys.

  47. Cont:
    You can't sleep and rest on your lies, Kate. Even if by magical lucky, you have the feeling that you are overprotected by your money, your top and expensive lawyers and some corrupted politics. An innocent mother, did not need anything of that to search her child and grabb to her pain, millions of the people in the world. An innocent mother just need an heart and a pinch of intelligence to do the correct choice on the correct moment and work as many close to the police as they ask. You fail so many obvious, easy and small steps on your walk to the innocent world, that WE CAN JUST LOOK AT YOU WITH MANY ????? and go back to the months between May and Sep 2007, leaving the "Mitchell-Spin" out to be used just qb.
    I'm doing that and it is amazing the quantity of information I recovered and passed almost unnoticed when I first read the PJ Files, the statements available, and some articles from newspapers. It was a surprise for me, that the British papers become in fact, very good sources for some accurate information delivered on the first hours, days, month. Your lawyers, who help you writing the book, seems to be combing well these articles trying to use it to fit their agenda and the main purpose of your book- trowing the ball into the OC arena. I will be not surprised if one of this days, a person from your team, that as usual could be a "close friend" or an "unamed relative" come to one paper saying "the abductor enter the flat trough the main door using a key". That will fit the condition that GNR/PJ/some independent witnesses, find the flat on the first minute they arrive. Will contradict your first statements, your first phone calls, your first plan, but who cares? You have to adapt the circumstances to what cannot be changed- to the facts. And your life after Oct 2007 and your book are amazing examples of your constant mutation- changing, adapting, filling gaps. Some times the work was so grotesque that I just can say, your top lawyers did not deserve a single coin you spend with them. They will fall together with you, unless they adopt the strategy of the portuguese lawyers, jumping out of the boat before it sanks. Their power is nothing compared with power of the Internet, with power of millions of people in the internet. Contrary to what you say, on your case, Internet is not connecting people locked on their bedrooms, talking to each other, IS CONNECTING PEOPLE UNLOCKED ON THEIR INTELIGENCE, READING, REANALISING, SEARCHING, DOING A SCIENTIFIC AND ACCURATE WORK and sharing all the information they achieve, to each other. In fact, Internet become a huge space for an enormous debat. No any Tv could offer such life moment and reach a so big audience. Just look at the numbers of views on this blog. Nobody can stop the power of Internet and this is what scares you and your lawyers. We will find the truth. Even if you try hardly to hide it.

  48. I hope Scotland Yard do a proper investigation into the mccanns and stop pandering to them.

    Mccanns have dictated how this should be run for long enough and everybody has just gone around in circles.

    If the PJ had been allowed to continue without interference this case would have reached its rightful conclusion years ago and the mccanns and tapas would have been convicted for their part in Madeleines disappearance.

  49. Todays Daily Mail covers the story of a woman 'juror' who messaged 'the accused' via facebook in a drugs case, the juror now faces contempt of court and a prison sentence for her actions.

    In a high profile case such as Mccanns any information posted on facebook could be classed as unsafe evidence due to its availability and liklihood of misinterpretation to the general public and the spin the mccann machine could place on such evidence could result in an aquittal for the mccanns. The seriousness of placing such information on social networking sites would be classed as a grave contempt at misleading the public and should be dealt with accordingly.

    Scotland Yard needs to make it very clear that if any persons do have information they should report immediately to the police and not via facebook.

    Thank you for an excellent site Textusa et al.

  50. Anon at 7:40,
    The Mccann's trying to control important targets. It was like that since the beginning. Remember the ask of pictures took by tourists in PDl, around May 3 2007? They were interested in pictures showing strangers to the families/friends, on the background. What they were looking at? Not a Paedo, a strange abductor, I believe. They were trying to complete the work Murats mum starts at the beginning with her stall to collect information from the tourist. Trying to know who know or saw what and then approach that people via Brian Kennedy methodes, to buy their silence. This is what they are trying now- Buying again the silence of an important and dangerous witness.
    I hope, people now are more aware of their lies and their high possibility of involvement in the crime and will act with more inteligence and less apetite to the easy money. I hope, they bypass Mccann's Facebook and go straight to the police.
    In the last proposal of the European parliament was discussed the possibility of the victims of a crime being aware of what the police are doing in the investigation. That is a right proposed for the victims, not for the suspects. The Mccann's convenniently keep confusing victims and suspects.

  51. Anon 9.14 - exactly true. Mccanns wanted all photographs that may have inadvertantly captured them, I remember at the time they appealed for photographs what they really wanted was to destroy any incriminating evidence that may involve them, such a clothes they were wearing, who was with who, the tapas dinners!! they wanted to be able to control everything and they did this as you say via the media. They attempted to get Madeleines eye defect made part of the 'google' logo - its all about marketing.

    For Kate to say missing persons do not get support it a bit much coming from her considering all the support and publicity she has been given. She has taken support away from genuine victims by hijacking events intended for genuine victims, she should be ashamed of herself always wanting to be in the limelight and insulting every authority that has helped her.

  52. @ 8:48

    I couldn't agree more. Media, police files, statements hold the most important key of information on the first days. When Madeleine was gone I read that all the kids were alone in the same apartment. In fact, Madeleine was alone and dead in 5-A ready to be transferred to a safer place.

    So, if Kate and Payne were there when she was bumped in the head, this trouble was cooked late in the afternoon, the dinner was planned to put the group away from the crime scene and to be seen during the evening. At the same time n abduction window of opportunity was opened. Was Jez involved in this swinging process and forced to go along with them or was he in a wrong place in the wrong time?

    Was Murat called to help them with a KEY (seems the man was plenty of keys from empty apartments...) because he is a relative of Mark Warner owner?

    What would be MW resort problem refusing to help Mccanns? How could McCanns prove MW is a resort for special couples and selective swinging? Wasn't even worse to be involved in a fake abduction, hiding a corpse and produce fake statements involving employees that do follow your orders today but may change direction tomorrow?

    That takes me to this conclusion: hiding Madeleine fatal condition worths what they were saving, and that cannot be the swinging resort offering... might be related to what would be found in the autopsy.

    She didn't fall, was not an accident... but why would the resort got involved? Because :
    a) they've panic and did not realize how things went wrong;
    b) someone from OC should be supervising kids and wasn't without knowing she was already dead and a civil complain was on the way to OC. Covering up was the solution;
    c) someone very important could not be involved in such a thing and that person was....;
    d) at that time OC did his best and had no idea to what was dragged for;
    e) you name it or correct me if you please

  53. Going to where everything starts:

    "Apartment 5A is situated on the ground floor of a 5-storey apartment block, just outside the perimeter wall of the Mark Warner Ocean Club Complex. It is located on a street corner and is easily visible from a number of different viewpoints."
    Easily visible from a number of different viewpoints.... then, a bad choice for any stranger to snatch a child that just spend there 5 days, even if the stranger has a key to enter the flat and knows in advance the kids were alone. He could face so many unaspected surprises, that this doubts will stop him to attempt anything. The first surprise could be the reaction of the childs itself. As a normal reaction, childs tend to cry and form a choir, immediately after noticing somebody in the flat. UNLESS, HE HAS THE KEY, WAS KNOWN BY THE CHILDREN OR KNOWS THE CHILDREN WERE SEDATED. only somebody from the Tapas 9 fits that situation.
    A worker of the OC or somebody helped by a worker, even with a key, will not take the risk of entering the flat at night and be spotted by a guest or a coleague, or one of the Tapas.
    The size of the group( 9 adults with an old lady) spending almost all the time in the Resort is also another fact that leave any abductor without courage to perpetrate the crime. A single parent is easy to control. A couple is too hard. A so large group is almost impossible. Even, if the abductor had the help of a second person watching the street and a mobile to exchange information. The quite of the night and the light also works against any abduction. We all have the experience of how the night and the silence amplify any sound.
    But our dear Gerry, knows since the beginning, his daughter was "definitely been taken":

    "I arrived at the Ocean Club reception at around about 10 to 11 and at the time that we arrived a police car arrived - and as the police officer got out a man approached him, who I now know is Gerry McCann and said that his daughter had been abducted. That there was no way that she could have opened the shutters herself, she'd definitely been taken."
    June Wright(Luz resident)
    wonder who took her using a key and one of the doors, because as prof Dave Barclay stated on Martin Brunt documentary "We must be very careful that we're not saying this is actually staging but it's difficult to see how anybody could have interfered with those shutters, from outside, without leaving some trace. In fact, having looked at them, I think it's almost impossible."
    The shutters were over exposed to the sun, not easy to open, but easy to be damaged. The shutters were covered with likens. Likens easy retain evidences, such fingerprints. Any idea, why Kate fingerprints were the only evidences recovered there? On her mission, she forgot or did not notice such small detail. A small detail full of importance.
    I will keep going back to the beginning.
    (Source of information, Mccannfiles)

  54. "Let me tell you two of the biggest revelations in the book: Kate admits no one came through the window of the children's bedroom. Yes, after years of insisting that someone broke into the apartment by tampering with the shutters and forcing the window open, Kate now backs down from that claim, agreeing with the Policia Judiciara that an abductor did not climbed into or out of the room. This is sort of a Bombshell Tonight. What this means is that Kate does not claim the police botched the evidence and while she still claims there was an abductor that opened the window for reasons that make no sense, her admission changes how I view what actually happened that night.

    Another fascinating bit in the book is Kate's incredibly generous forgiveness of Jane Tanner for not telling her immediately that she saw a man carrying Madeleine off from the apartment; she is instead thankful that "someone had seen something." In other words, Kate is happy an abduction was seen going down, not that she was notified of it in time to do anything about it. This startling revelation tells me a lot about the mindset of the McCanns and adds greatly to the profile in determining what happened to Madeleine."
    Pat Brown, about Kates book "Madeleine"

    (Have a look on the full post at Joana Morais Blog. Interesting)

  55. You're right the early information holds the whole truth and was not full manipulated. The shock was enormous and had a huge impact in the entire group, even what they've planned to say to the police or outsiders.

    By the way, people, have a look at Pat Brown blog, she has a close idea of what has happened on May 2007.

    Devil's finger is in the details and in the fingerprints left behind on the window.

    Cut your fingers and prove that you didn't!

  56. Also in the early information was Gerry blogging everyday those blogs he quickly deleted once he realised the importance of some of his more mundane posts and how they may be used against him at a later date.

  57. Hi Tex,

    What a response you have had to this article 55 posts and counting well done.

  58. I was surprised Jez Wilkins decided not to take part in the reconstruction, if he was not involved in all of this surely he would have cooperated with the pj. Perhaps he was also involved in the swinging side of OC and his meeting with gerry was not by chance, perhaps Jez had been waiting around to talk to Gerry, and both men decided to deny they had seen Jane Tanner when she said she saw them both.

  59. Textusa,hopefully in the very near future ,you will be able to say,"I told you there was no child neglect,re baby sitting arrangements ,"I for one had my doubts re that theory of yours,but,the more this fiasco goes on ,I have to say Textusa ,you certainly have had your finger on the pulse,well done.Now we have to rely on SY with all that expertise to endorse yours.Thank you all.

  60. There was also another couple on this holiday I do not recall their names but I believe they lived in the same town as one of the tapas couples, how odd that a holiday out of season and meeting somebody from their own town.

    could this have been a swingers holiday? and now they are all watching out for one another fearful of what would happen if all was revealed.

    also Gerry seems very quiet lately Kate addressing MP's about missing people and Kates book, its all about Kate.

    Kate did not mention Jane Tanner in her book about not mentioning the abductor until hours later and she never made reference to the abductor climbing out of window as other posters have commented, these are very important omissions as Pat Brown said 'there is truth amongst the lies and lies amongst the truth' we just have to sort out which is which.

  61. The wilkins are part of the gang. Full cooperating with cover up. If not, why his wife gave a pathetic statement to a newspaper saying GNR knocked on her flat, the day after Madeleine went missing, showing a wrong picture and asking if she knows Madeleine . The strategy to discredit the police started very early, even before the police had stepped into the case. As usual, they never do a proper homework. If they have done it, they will be knowing that all Portuguese media, including RTP international had the face of the girl and the drama spread around the world.
    Their narcissism did not let them look a little far then their close surrounding.

  62. Textusa I believe you are right when you mentioned they were swingers all these people are involved as is Murat and the OC are covering their backs.

  63. Scotland Yard need to go back to the very beginning and that is before 3rd May, that was the start date. They will investigate all those people involved including OC staff who have left.

  64. Lynn,

    Thank you. It has been a long, hard journey, and comments like yours make us feel it has all been worthwhile.

    We do feel, from the comments coming in from you dear readers, that the breaking of the largest boulders has been done, however we will continue for much has still to be said, many a detail to be shown, many a lie to be uncovered.

    Jun 15, 2011 12:56:00 PM

    Your comment will merit a separate post, as it raises many interesting subjects. Thank you for posting it.

  65. Anon 12.56 I also believe Madeleine was already dead in the apartment on 3rd and somebody transported her to a 'safe' house hence Kates 'They've taken her' they definitely had outside help. But what could have happened that was so dreadful that Madeleines body had to be hidden, and why were so many people prepared to lie to pj considering the seriousness of what they were doing and the consequences they would face.

    I think Murat has quite a lot to do with this he flew out to pdl at the last minute, he lied to pj, his mother setting up that stall is similar to the mccanns involving their own invesitgators (trying to keep ahead of what was going on) and requesting official police files.

    Kate and Gerry must have a powerful hold over those involved that they were all so afraid to speak out and made a 'pact of silence'.

    An out of season holiday where so many couples already knew each other!!

  66. I don't believe that case is so complicated that involve many people. This take us to a conspiracy theory and to 'everything planned before'. I don't believe there is a conspiracy and I don't believe there is many people involved or a plan before May 3.
    The case should be very simple at the beginning. Accident or a over reaction from an adult that end up in a tragic way, is the most probable. No sedation, no over medication on Madeleine. ( the only night the childs(all) must be sedated-excluding Madeleine- was the night of May 3, to allow the adults working without being disturbed and to avoid any memory print on any child. Tanner oldest is the same age as Madeleine. She can retain and retell well, what she saw.
    A group of high educated parents, some doctors and one heart surgeon, did not neglect their childs and did not sedate their childs without a strong reason.
    Kate already told on her book, how she reacts when something went out of her control- she kick and break a bed. She seems to loose the control quite easily in private, while playing a very controlled and very soft character when she is under public eyes( interviews). For the interviews, her behavior( control) was high trainned by experts and planned many months ahead. Since the questions in all interviews are not espontaneous, when she enter the studios of TVs,Radios or Newspapers, she already knows well what they are going to ask and how she needs to react. If we look attentively to these interviews, we see Gerry always worried, looking at her, remembering her that she have to be controlled. None of them is espontaneous, genuine or showing is real personality. They both are playing a roll.

  67. CONT:
    Madeleine stars in the fridge in Rothley, let us guess, she was not an easy girl. Nursery and Primary schools did not teach the children punnishing them, when they did something wrong. They use the methode( which I totally agree) of positive reinforcement
    . Instead of paying too much attention to what the child do wrong, highlight what they do well and give them a treat, a price. And childs get happy and proud with so small things- A star, a smiling face, a merit, etc.
    Kate was using at home the same strategy, Madeleine teacher used in the Nursery. But why she need to use it at home? That is what seems odd here and cannot pass without an investigation from SY.

  68. Cont:
    The pass of Madeleine hold also some keys.
    I read a comment in a portuguese paper, very early in the investigation, from a reader leaving in PDL and using to go the Baptista Supermarket. She was saying, she saw Madeleine with Kate in the supermarket, and Madeleine was not so beautiful as she appears on the pictures and her mum gets angry with her very easily. She looks a Hyperactive girl.
    Then, the crime/accident must be very simple. With doctors performing some first aids to save Madeleine without success. If while punnishing your child something gos wrong and she dies, how you prove it was not your intention to kill her and was an accident? IMPOSSIBLE! Then, you have to trow the ball ahead and quicly sort out a story to keep you away from the real problem. Blaming others and setting a confused drama, was the best immediately solution. An abduction. Easy to bake, easy to make some naives to believe, easy to build a dramatic victim roll, easy to bring the media in, special if it happen in a foreigner country, used by tourists and you belong to a middle class. Who is going to suspect a group of British doctors?Nobody. The middle class has a double effect in the public- if in one side, it was hard to believe, at the beginning, they were involved, it was also hard to believe, they neglect their childs in a foreigner country. There was no negligence at all. Believing on that is certifying the all group with stupidity. The same stupidity they certify the public when they deliver some of their pathetic lies and events. Apart the folklore what is the use of green and yellow ballons launched somewhere or the green and yellow rubber bands? Some people while sawing that colorful choices will think it was to support the brazilian football team. The desperate mccann's don't even realise that.
    They complicate so baddly a very simple accident/crime, that over the time they became atrapped by their own strategies, victims of themselves. When you complicate too much, you start raising suspictions. Look at their potential abductors, "persons of interess". How they fit the perfect crime, an abduction without traces? They are trying to stick a very sophysticated crime, without errors into poor, iliterated people, living almost at the border of the society. They don't fit. Then why a group of educated people, having a lot of money to spend with lawyers insist in a so stupid strategy? Because they are desperate and they know, if they attack somebody educated or with some money, another lawyers could get in and expose their methodes. The abductor should be forever, a poor guy. That I'm absolutely sure. The problem is, a poor guy has no knowledge or ways to do the perfect abduction they were trying to sell for more then 4 years.
    For me, less people is involved on the real crime, but all possible witnesses of "something" were affraid of them because they create, using the media, an image of power they don't have at the beginning. G. brown was foolished at the beginning, like the Head of PJ. Alimpio Ribeiro said in an interview more or less, that was " having no heart if the police suspected the parents at the beginning". What an error coming from the mouth of somebody incharged of a top police. It was like if the crime has colour, religion or status, and some people just because of their colour, education, etc, were immediately eliminated from any suspiction. I can imagine how hard was the work of the police in the terrain, having to face problems coming from all sides.

  69. The real McCanns power is something called border. This crime is not entirely portuguese or british, so McCanns falls into a limbo that keeps them above line.

    After 4 years, unless something really important came to day light, none of them (polices) want to do the first move. Having said that, SY seems have done a first move. But what you read in the newspapers and people intentions are quite different things.

    So, I think McCanns will suffer from this limbo state condition in the next future. Meaning: if you're not able to get a conviction at a court house you have to accept life's conviction. In the McCanns case, looks like a Bible condemnation: refusing to say what has really happened to their daughter they were convicted by their own actions to spend the entire life dealing with her daughter death.

    More than ironic life may me cruel!

  70. not ME cruel but BE CRUEL - I'm just the messager!

  71. Vejo numa das redes sociais que o trio= Mcs+ID processam P.sargento; Hernâni Carvalho e M.L. Goucha ?????

    Porquê? Isto é revisitar o passado em....????

  72. Anon jun 16, 10.22 (and 2 cont.)
    Excellent posts.

  73. Excellent posts anon 16. Agree. That's it. Even if you consider there was a triangle in the middle. A very few people.

    There is not a such thing like processing Goucha, Hermani or Paulo Sagento. This was made up by that fake journalist levy something.... I don't believe it.

    Because as you can imagine if this was true you were messing with 3 gays that would have a lot of support from the public. And they have money to compound a good lawyers. It would be a show at the Court House.

    Nobody will protect the couple from tomatoes and shoes at the front door of the Lisbon Court House. And people saying loud: prison! Jail! liars! Fraud! Crime! Go home!....etc and another spoiled egg sent in their direction!

    Pay attention to the limits....specially if you're asking for it!

  74. Yes, if the McCanns take those 3 gentlemen to court I'll be there in the front row, rotten eggs and tomatoes at the ready! I admire all 3 of them, but I have a "weakness" for Manuel Luís Goucha! How I admire and like that MAN, he's such a great human being, I just wish there were many more like him around, this would be a better country, no doubt!

  75. Anon., Jun 16, 2011 10:28:00 AM

    ..."She was saying, she saw Madeleine with Kate in the supermarket, and Madeleine was not so beautiful as she appears on the pictures and her mum gets angry with her very easily. She looks a Hyperactive"...

    Yes, I too have always found that Madeleine looked different in the many pictures available. In some she looks quite angelical, a pretty little girl, with a beautiful smile, but in others she looks like an entirely different child. The one chosen to be on the front of Kate's book for instance, it's a terribly unflattering photo, the child's expression is horrible, not a pretty child at all! I wonder why they've chosen it...?


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