Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Open Letter to Textusa

by May I

Dear Textusa

When I became part of your blog there were things I disagreed with you about, and others you stated that, if asked, I wouldn’t have subscribed. 
One of them was your swingers scenario. Not because it wasn’t credible or that it was outrageous, I just like to keep all options in the open. 

I joined your blog because you, like me, seemed to have understood that we’re fighting those that should be fighting for us, so decided to set our differences aside and help you. 
I’m becoming more convinced that your swingers scenario is the most likely one. Pharmaceutical companies may have given an unethical freebie holiday to the doctors, Underhand property deals involving the Anglo Irish Bank may have been taking place; time will tell on this one, as we await the outcome of various prosecutions. 

The same can be said for the Assistant Chief Constable of Leicester, now suspended for alleged fraudulent overseas property deals …… and the Metropolitan Police, for using undercover police to spy on protest groups for 7 years; not to protect the public, but to provide information to private companies whose commercial interests may have been threatened? 
Oh yes, our British police are wonderful sandwich munchers! 

Given the people and their backgrounds identified so far, I also think it highly unlikely that so many paedophiles would gather in one place. 
Statistically, some amongst them may well have been paedophiles; not necessarily known outside their circle, but to allege that a planned paedophilic operation was responsible for Maddie’s disappearance is not reasonable

The majority of the men were possibly Freemasons. Easily found, even amongst my own acquaintances, although I dislike all forms of nepotism. 
Most at the level I know say it’s the only way to get on in business and they do lots of charitable work. 

But, none of these factors seems to explain the number and varied occupations of the people involved in covering up for the McCanns, outside their circle of 7 friends. What unites them? I looked on the internet at the “KW” place you talked about, entering only the “K” word I found a luxurious hotel, where I might have chosen to spend a relaxing weekend with my husband- if we could afford it. It looked very exclusive.
Then I added the “W” and what a shock I would have got if I’d just booked from my first internet enquiry.

Would I have been concerned about all the strange coming and goings? Would I have been propositioned by strangers in a corridor? I realised that I could have unwittingly stumbled into a famous swingers’ scenario. Would any one have checked our intentions before we arrived? 
Children not welcome should have told me something. It is happening under the noses of the uninitiated like me! 

Swingers to me initially meant a few suburban couples chucking their keys onto a coffee table at a friend’s house, or “dogging” in the local car park. (Golf is beginning to sound more appealing!) KW made me realise how high class people were participating on a large scale and a look at sites in Portugal- only from the outside; as I didn’t go into them, (Miss Goody 2 Shoes) showed that even a Catholic country with strict family values hosted such events on a wide scale. 
Then I thought, no wonder the McCanns and friends had to justify incarcerating their children in the crèche for such long periods; having gone to the trouble of taking them on holiday, rather than leaving them at home to be indulged by Grandma. 

They had to be seen to be doing lots of wholesome activities which children couldn’t really participate in. Lots of youngish adults with NO children on holiday would have looked very strange to any holiday maker who had booked themselves into PdL in all ignorance of what the place was about. 

No wonder the OC didn’t want publicity about swingers- National outrage and plummeting profits in a climate where the property market shortly going into free-fall. 
No wonder either, that Control Risk groups were already on the scene, primed to head off any scandal that the entourage might unwittingly initiate and protect them from outside intrusion. 

No surprise that the leaders of Portugal and Great Britain, poised to sign the Lisbon Treaty, felt that this would be a disaster; captains of industry, property, banking and medicine, and perhaps the odd politician we are not yet aware of. 
Gerry apparently called in some favours; according to brother John of Astra Zeneca. More like “help us or else!” 

How the circles of lies multiplied and how those now caught up in the circles must hate the McCanns. The in-fighting and blame must be going on as we speak, because the solid protections are now weakening-changes of governments, bank scandals and euro bail- outs in Ireland and Portugal, comments against the McCanns beginning to re-appear in the media,  
GA’s book unbanned, blogs continuing with business as usual, the joke libel laws in the UK facing real changes, the Met Police facing criticism on different fronts, Gamble gone from CEOP, FSS disbanded, Kennedy’s fortunes waning, Wikileaks and maybe more to come? …… 

The abduction scenario, a paedophile lurking within 10 miles of PdL, still out there after all these months. couldn’t have been good for business, but a swingers’ resort would have been the kiss of death
Efforts to spread the scare beyond Portugal seem to have ground to a halt, because we can link many “sightees” as having vested interests and links in PdL

The McCanns are circling the town again because that’s where the answer lies. It’s clear from the files that the Portuguese were nearly there in their investigation. 

Who killed it off- that’s the question?


  1. Excepcional e importante carta! Cheia de pensamentos = raciocínios tremendamente importantes!

    Sim! O beijo da morte porque...... (está no post)

    Ainda bem que falaram também no Tratado de Lisboa.
    O Gordon que se fez esperar, atrasando-se e deixando os membros do gov. de Pt ali muito "frágeis", como se pretendia......

    Tão fácil , deste modo, trocar a assinatura pelo conluio, pela perversidade de mais do que um "acordo" e de modo a abafar os perigos da descoberta deste caso, o da Pequenina Madeleine.

    O caso do beijo da morte num empreendimento turístico ( exclusivo para ingleses?) sem dúvida!

    E demasiados " parceiros " foram cúmplices em abafar e impedir a investigação.

    E à conta de tudo isto,

    além de uma Menina ter recebido " o beijo da morte"........

    destruíram, todos, uma Família Portuguesa onde também as Suas Crianças sofreram tremendas injustiças e foram privadas de equilíbrio cujas marcas/mazelas permanecerão sem dúvida para sempre.

  2. Um jovem que pensa:

    ........Para começar o Consulado de Portugal, deveria ter enviado logo um advogado, assim que se teve conhecimento da morte de C.C.

    " Mas Portugal funciona mal. Isto é como o caso do ex inspector da Pj Gonçalo Amaral: quando ele foi processado pelo casal McCann, o Estado Português deveria era ter arranjado bons advogados para ajudarem Gonçalo Amaral.

    Quando o menino de Lousada, desapareceu, o que fez o Governo para ajudar ?

    Para a menina inglesa, a Pj montou uma operação para tentarem encontrar o corpo dela, para investigarem isto tudo

    e quando o menino de Lousada desapareceu, não me lembro de ter existido uma grande operação.

    Outra coisa que não tenho gostado, são as opiniões das figuras públicas e mais recentemente do apresentador da Sic , quando disse " esta jovem apareceu e deu muito jeito, enfim... " .

  3. Although there is swing levels for everybody I believe they were on a selective swinging.

    They knew each other well, they were friends, they look the same way, have the same age, they all had children most of them were doctors. They were in harmony, I would say!

    Young and beautiful with body care and good looking people these people engage in safe sex while in secure relationships adding motivation to this lifestyle and choosing the right people is a clever way to avoid excessive health and other risks.

    Don’t try to find them in UK Swing Clubs lists – their name are not there. Not because no one tells his real name but as I told you they were on selective swinging.

    And differently from what some might think, these couples were, generally speaking, good and responsible parents. But accidents do happen!

    Anyway, the most interesting thing in your post is when you say that people on McCanns circles must hate them.

    I won't go that far, but I would say McCanns become a very inconvenient couple for many persons due the stigma they carry and that might be transferred to others. Not only for friends (that you don't hear from long time ago) but also for their own family (McCanns family silence from one side to an other tell us a lot about what they think and feel about this tragedy).

    Silence it is itself a way to express feelings and speaks more than million words all together!

  4. Textusa

    Thank you for this interesting article from "May I"

    In answer to the question at the end of the article:

    It is the people mentioned in the four paragraph, eighth word.

  5. Anon
    Jan 19, 2011 1:46:00 PM

    I think you nailed the whole thing with your “selective swinging”. You use it as an impediment that any swinging went on at PdL, and I say that’s exactly what went on there and then.

    Remember that for all these people to have congregated, mysteriously, on a quaint fishing village in the Algarve, on a week far from being in the summer season, it means that they had to travel. Significant expenses involved, and if we’re talking about swinging, as we are, not exactly the same as going to the “local swinging club” whatever that may be.

    No, these people, spent a significant amount of money to go there. The place, OC, is not luxurious, but getting there is as expensive as is going to any other hotel, 5-star or not, in the region.

    So, if one considers that this group of people were in fact a VERY SELECTIVE swinging group, then easily certain pieces fall into place. The first being that the cover-up is totally comprehensive as May I so excellently puts it.

    But, if our friends, the McCanns, were there on an initiation trip to be a part of it, then it makes sense that the remainder Tapas 7 seem to set apart the couple from the group«s activities during that week, as well as Gerry’s outburst “We’re not here to have fun”, as pressure to belong in such an EXCLUSIVE and SELECTIVE “CLUB” does make one nervous…

    Thank you for your “selective swinging”.

  6. Angelique,

    As you know, I’m not very much into the involvement of the Freemasons in this issue. Yes, they do pull some strings (or they it’s said that they do, and I believe they do) and fairly as a rule, but I don't think they would go to such lengths just because Gerry, David or Jim were fellow Masons. There had to be something greater at stake IMO.

    However, your opinion is respected, and believe me, we discard nothing at this blog, so at the first indication of their involvement, I’ll obviously change my mind.

  7. Swing was the first scenario advanced by most of the portuguese criminalists in the media, when the case just started. To state that, I believe they have done a strong and accurate research trough confident channels. That was before all the manipulation and the pollution done by people who don't care about the rights or the destiny of a child, but have a lot to loose if the real motivations of the holidays came to light. Swing, like paedophilia is a chain involving many people. Some in high positions not only in the political world but also in the media, the sports and the culture. This is why they all put the sleeves up to work on the cover up, not only to protect the Mccann's, but also to protect themselves from some revelations about their lifestyle. Then, we can understand how easy was for the Mccann's to find somebody to help them hide the body. The problem for them was that the case did not fade, over the time. In the Internet, in some media and in Amaral life, the case still alive and being prime priority like at day one.

  8. The truh will be uncovered, that's why the all Mccann's team was so silence. They are nervous because they know, somebody is on the right track to set the puzzle and they cannot control it. The Internet has that magic power of connecting people. Some with clever brains to think without spider webs to limite their intelligence. April and May, will be the last drop for Kate and Gerry with their book. They will be analised word by word. They digg their own grave.
    If you Kate and Gerry don't dedicate a chap. to that socializing activity, "THE SWING", then you write a sh... wasting time and trees.
    People who practice swing make their holidays choices following places where they can do it, no matter if they are selective swingers or not. It is a kind of adiction.
    If the holidays reported by the Gaspars ever Hapenned, they follow the same pattern and this is why I don't believe a single word they stated about the Paedo bla, bla. Paedophilia was a story to hide the swing. Couples who practice swing take their kids on holidays to foolish their families and other people on the places where they went. kids have supervisers on that holidays destiny and become the perfect mask to hide the real motivations of the holidays. The Gaspars feed the investigation with lies to protect themselves inside their family and known people. Imagine if the PDL holidays was connected with swing... it is logical that many journalists will have the perfect mana to digg all other holidays done by the group bringing to light many people that one day or another crossed Kate and Gerry life. What is interesting to learn from the lies of that people is that for them the swing is more recriminating, more bad then paedophilia. That's why the Gaspars were not sued by Payne and Gerry and that tells a lot about how they respect childs. People who think like that are narcisists and put themselves first. Getting ride of a child body is much easy for them then for 'normal people'.

  9. 15 January 2011

    "Correio da Manhã" makes headlines today with the departure of 31 "historic" inspectors from the Judicial Police, which it said are "disillusioned with the law and upset with the recent budget cuts."

    According to "Correio da Manhã", among the losses are José Braz, director of the Lisbon PJ, Calado Oliveira, PJ coordinator assigned to work exclusively on the Freeport case and Paulo Rebelo, of the Faro PJ, responsible for the Maddie case after the exit of Gonçalo Amaral.

    The daily writes that some of the PJ's most skilled staff say working for the police "is almost an embarrassment that we must hide from the neighbours."
    Source: Mccannfiles

    You can't sleep Kate and Gerry. That means Paulo rebelo got freedom to tell what he knows and what he achieve when he replaced Amaral. Wonder how many Tvs, radios and papers will invite him to explain to the country all the innuendos around Madeleine case. Wonder how this is going to match your fairy tale, Kate.
    BTW, at Mccannfiles there is also that interesting article:

    "Most people associate grooming with something that the perpetrator does to the victim but grooming is also something that is used by the perpetrator to silence those people around them, that will potentially disclose information or cause their identity to be known to the police." - 03 November 2009

    See also: Dr Joe Sullivan"

    You know about what Dr. Jose Sullivan is talking about, GERRY, KATE and MITCHELL.

  10. An interesting discovery for me not for the source of this news: Gaynor de Jesus, Robert Murat's childhood friend and school-mate is the daughter of Martin Corlett. Her full name is Gaynor Corlett de Jesus. Martin's Corlett Maritima became the focus of attention when it was discovered that Sergey Malinka - another of Robert's friends - was organising boat trips for Corlett Maritima to and from the Northern tip of Africa and the Island of Sao Tome and Principe as part of the Island Expeditions boat tours. One of several Corlett boats (the R.V Naomi Corlett, named after Gaynor's daughter) even featured in Barrister Michael Shrimpton's imaginative account of Madeleine's disappearance. According to Shrimpton the report was prepared at the request of a former member of the Joint Intelligence Committee in association with Gerard Group International (make what you will of the report's mostly preposterous claims).

    They have boats (means) they have contacts (people) they just need a motive (concealing...?)

  11. What a joke... Maddie seen in Dubai, few months ago by an unnamed business man, with a pair of ugly skinny abductors feeting the death Hewlett cartoon. Why this sounds so familiar? More from the same to fit the convenniences of another pair in Rothley who are feeling their Fund almost dry. They are scared by the strong possibility of having to work like normal people to pay their expensive lawyers for many years.

  12. The Symingtons (both the Ocean Club's David Symington and Johnny Symington) are descendants of the first British Consul in Lisbon and Oporto - Thomas Maynard - who was appointed to his position in 1656 by Oliver Cromwell.

    The Symingtons are related to Maynard through Beatrice Atkinson who married Scotsman Andrew James Symington in 1891.

    Is someone belief that Robert Murat is a descendant of Beatrice Atkinson's first Aunt, Maragret Atkinson who married the Oporto Wine Magnate, Henry Murat in the mid-1800s. This means he too would be related to Thomas Maynard - the first English Consul of Lisbon and Oporto.

    Johnny Symington (relative of Ocean Club owner David Symington) took over as Honorary Consul in 2005.

    So if people are looking for a reason why the British Government got so involved in the Madeleine case, I seriously doubt it was because of some mysterious kindred connection to Gerry or Kate (such is the more imaginative speculation online), it's more likely it was because the Ocean Club owners and Mark Warner had an enviable network of contacts. The McCanns are probably just lucky benefactors of whatever crisis management campaign was put in place - that's my view.

    Something serious has happened on May 3rd and people involved were very happy that powerful people is controlling the crisis.

    is this a coincidence or a possibility, I wonder?

  13. AOL has a news portal on Mccanns and most of the comments are scathing, people have had enough of them

  14. Anon @ Jan21,2011 5.57:00 AM

    Totally agree with all you say especially this penultimate paragraph:

    "Something serious has happened on May 3rd and people involved were very happy that powerful people is controlling the crisis."

    This is my belief and also why the McCanns were given"abduction" as the cover story. It suits a lot of people to cover up something else.


  15. Perhaps this accounts for the aggressive approach Control Risks are said to have taken with witnesses. The old boy network cracking down after Robert was taken in for questioning (Mitchell and Dodd were dispatched to Praia da Luz only after Murat was taken in for questioning - the McCanns enjoyed normal consular support prior to this). Maybe they just panicked and got involved fearing anything could happen and that damage might need to be limited. Perhaps it was a knee jerk reaction, hoping nothing would arise that would embarrass this famous family. Which it didn't.

    A crisis kicks off at the Ocean Club and the Symingtons draft in Nigel Churton and Control Risks with fellow Cheshire man, Brian Kennedy acting as mouthpiece. Seems plausible (Kennedy did meet with Murat and his lawyer shortly prior to the rogatory interviews in Portugal on 13 November 2007).

    McCanns didn't believe the lucky they had this thing has happened in Ocean Club Resort. They did not have the same protection if whatever has happened to her little one has happened in a very normal hotel elsewhere!

    Let see how often luck will be on their side.

  16. Mitchell worried... trying to test Vodafone. Trying to see if they store or can access old calls. He knows where lies important information to help the police and solve the case. A temptation for a good journalist to jump on the cheese and got the story of his/her life. Where are you Felicia Cabrita?


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