Sunday, 5 December 2010

In an Emergency call 112, when in a HOAX call 211

I was going to post a rather long post about this, as I think this is the PIVOTAL detail in all this drama.

A detail that I picked up early on, that, in my opinion, PROVES that there were NO DINNERS at Tapas.

If there were no dinners at Tapas, then, you know, there was either absurd negligence (going downtown, or wherever, and leave the kids unattended) or no negligence (going downtown, or wherever, and leave the kids with company).

The first, as said is absurd.

The second nullifies abduction, and implies much, much more…

Let’s start with the Tapas table, as per Kate McCann:

Now let’s look again at a Paraiso Bar photo again:
Well, as any woman who has ever received a crowd at home knows, you just don’t seat 9 people for dinner around just ANY table:
 That means the dimensions of the table in question would have then to be, AT LEAST, the following:
Let’s not forget the bottles of wine, the baby monitor, and, very important, the extra space there HAD to be to allow the seating, for 20 minutes, of guest Ms Najoua, who joined the gang by direct invitation of Gerry McCann.

She noticed an empty seat, but didn't sit in it...

Let’s look at what we know, or we were told, to be Tapas table #211:
Do you see any 1,50 – 2,00 metre (4' 11'' – 6' 07'') table?

Or even larger?

I don’t.

Here, size really matters, doesn't it?

Sure, I know you can provide one tomorrow. Or even today. But that will be today, won’t it?

You haven’t provided one up to now.

So don't do it, it's too late.

Look at the size of the thing that Gerry thinks it is when he describes it:

Please DO NOT attempt to counter-argument that they joined up tables.

On the reservations, it’s clearly mentioned “211” and not “211+212” or something of the sort.

And on the May 3rd reservation, the singular “mesma mesa” (same table) expression is used, and not the plural “mesas”:
There was no Tapas table.  

There were no Tapas dinners.  

That means, not only are the McCanns lying, but also the Ocean Club staff are DELIBERATELY doing it too.

That alone, my friends, changes all the rules of this “game”.

That’s why I wanted you to LOOK at the Paraíso photos.

This information was looking at you.

About the importance of the other thing that was Matt and Russ being fresh and dry little after having had a near life and death experience out in the sea, it was because of Carol Tranmer-Fenn's (CTF) rogatory statement

You see, in her only seeable statement, she's persistently “pushed” by the Leicester Police into saying she saw a man with glasses exiting McCanns apartment.

When we first read it, we thought it was just a blunder with the photo fits.

But now, knowing that CTF’s initial statement was withheld, and realizing that she was asked to confirm TWICE WRONG photo fits, we see that there was no mistake, only an attempted misleading of a witness.

We have to see then to try and see what could she have said that was relevant NOT to be known in Portugal.

From what I read, in the AFTERNOON of May 3rd, she saw a BLONDE, glassless, MAN EXITING STEALTHELY, what seems to be the Oldfield’s apartment, and that the man notices being seen.

By the way, not in the MORNING, and not looking at the McCann apartment as said by our friend Mrs Fenn.

Know any blonde man? I know one, but he has an iron-clad alibi. He was saving an experienced sailor from drowning:

By the way, as one of my wonderful helpers noticed, do any of the Tapas men look equipped for a PLANNED tennis game?

As far as I remember the only one that went to change was David, who, coincidentally, passed by the McCanns apartment when he was headed for his to do exactly that.

Now, can I please go back to my family and friends?

As per comment from an Anonymous, Jane Tanner’s rogatory statement:  

31.05 4078 “Was it a table specifically for a large group or had they sort of mackled together a group of tables?”  

Reply “Erm, I think they’d put some together, but it was round, it was just one big round, a big round one. I can’t remember to be honest. But, I mean, I think the first time we’d gone there we’d had the thing we’d had with the Millennium the first night, you know, we was all trying to put tables together, so now they knew we were coming we had a, we had the, erm, you know, the big table there waiting”.

Obviously, every evening, they sawed off parts of 8 tables, and put them together” for “one big round, a big round one” just so that the Tapas could talk to each other comfortably. 

After all, joining up 4 square tables, would be unnecessarily complicated. 

And I've seen people do stranger things for these people... 

By the way, I said that there were NO Tapas dinners, didn’t I? 

Sorry, have to apologise, there was ONE Tapas dinner, that of May 3rd, but only 6 of the Tapas went to that one, so does it really count?


  1. Olá, bom dia - creio que partes de uma premissa falível: da minha experiência em ter trabalhado em restaurantes, bistros, etc, nunca escrevi numa factura, num papel qualquer ele que fosse, mesas x e y, caso tivesse que as juntar por ser um grupo maior - os números das mesas são anotados, quando o são, por mera orientação tanto do empregado, para anotar os pedidos, como para quem está na cozinha, para não confundir as ordens (pratos, etc); mais, esqueces-te que é muitíssimo comum as pessoas, clientes, disporem tanto das mesas como das cadeiras num restaurante, café, "Tapas bar" conforme lhes é necessário sem que isso implique um "arranjo" ou uma "anotação" das mesmas pelos empregados. A reserva(que mostras em baixo), neste caso, é só isso, um número de uma reserva para um grupo de pessoas que vai jantar, nem me parece que se refira à mesa 'física' - achas que há 211 mesas dentro do restaurante? Quanto às imagens que usas para ilustrar, retiradas do livro do GA, essas referem-se somente à visibilidade que os McCann e os amigos disseram que tinham do apartamento 5A, imagens que obviamente demonstram a falsidade desses testemunhos - mais uma vez não sabemos se essas imagens representam a disposição das mesas do Tapas Bar com reservas, com clientes, grupos de 9 pessoas, ou sequer se está conforme a noite do dia 3 de Maio de 2007. É só isso, um beijinho e boas férias

  2. Joana, thank you for your input. It's certainly balancing, however, let me contradict with the following:
    Kate's drawing is of a single round table. You simply don't confuse circles with squares. If there were joined tables, the representation would be there.
    I disagree with you that the reservation would have a single number, because, exactly of the time to plan ahead. It would have a special name like "tennis table", and not a specific number, because it would use up more than one number. No, I don't think there were 211 tables, but, for me, 211 represents a single table, like 203, or 205, or whatever numbering system they decided to use when opening up the place.
    The question is the size of the thing. What they describe, having appetizers, plates being taken away for reheating, is completely incompatible with the tables we've been shown. Let's not forget that the main Restaurant is the Millenium, and not Tapas. And it is called a Bar. For pizza's and such. It's not designed to serve fancy meals.
    A table that size, and with that regularity, would it be possible to go unnoticed by ANY of the staff, even in the kitchen? I mean, it would represent significant additional work, wouldn't? And wouldn't everyone know that it was a NINE adult table, instead of the vague 8 to 9 people of the first statements?
    As I said, thanks for the input, all has to be questioned.

  3. Joana, Gerry clearly describes a SINGLE table...

  4. I remember seeing a footage, i think it was on SIC, with an American/Portuguese private detective where he was supposed to be sitting on the "Tapas" table, and the table looked very much like those in the pics.
    I agree with anon 10:39, Gerry is describing the table that is circled by Textusa. However Textusa has been saying that Gerry wasn't at the dinner at all, so he doesn't know what he's describing.
    The furniture seen in the photos is what we've been shown as the Tapas furniture, and not able to fit 9 adults without adequate arrangement. This is never mentioned. No staff says, I remember because we had to join tables up, or something of the sort, that would have been natural to have been said if that was the case... Just trying to help.

  5. As I consider Joana's comment relevant to the discussion, I've taken the liberty to translate it to the English readers:

    "Hello, good morning - I believe that you depart from a fallible premise: in my experience of having worked in restaurants, bistros, etc., I never wrote on a receipt, or any other whatever piece of paper, tables x and y, in case I had to join them up for a larger group – table numbers are recorded, when they are, merely for employee orientation, to take down orders, as for those that are in the kitchen, so as not to confuse orders (dishes, etc.); more, you forget that it is very common for people, clients, to make their own disposition of tables and chairs in a restaurant, bar, “Tapas bar " as needed without incurring in an "arrangement" or "annotation" by employees. The reservation (which you show below), in this case, is just that, a number of a reservation for a group of people that will come for dinner, nor it seems to me that it refers “physically” to a table - you think there are 211 tables inside the restaurant? As for the images you uses to illustrate, taken from GA’s book, these refer only to the visibility that the McCann and friends said they of apartment 5A, images that obviously demonstrate the falsehood of that testimony - again we don’t know whether these images represent the disposition of Tapas’ Bar tables with reservations, customers, groups of 9 people, or even if it’s in conformity with the night of May 3, 2007. It's just this, a kiss and a good holiday"

  6. The McCanns had almost everyone on their side! That just goes to show how great Gaonçalo Amaral, and his men, really were in those days!

  7. i wonder is this why more than a few OC staff lose their jobs?

  8. about anon promc 12:51

    Who can stand next to a family like the MCs?
    A family neglect and too full of fiction.

    I do not understand this because it is impossible.
    Really they, the proMcLiars are a lot of young and other people unemployed and very disturbed, with too much free time. Very strange.

    I made a contribution to the competent authorities about police documents in a blog of the unemployed and distraught.


    Must see how the proliarsfamily are so interested.....

  10. I'm so confused...wasn't the table reservation at the Tapas made by Rachel Oldfield as a "block booking" for the whole week? But we also have others saying that they were not sure if they could get a table at the Tapas for the night of the 3rd May(I think it was Gerry, not sure)! Was the table booked by the Oldfields for their use alone?
    Did the whole group ever have dinner there on any of the nights? Or was it only on the 3rd that they were not there? Or, some were there and others were elsewhere?
    And...if none of them ever dinned at the Tapas, then, why that "block booking"?!
    Have all the Tapas workers lied? Workers that now are unemployed? Was that their "reward" for their "colaboration"? They really must be under a great threat or have been handsomely payed for their silence!

    And what about other dinners at the Tapas Bar...? I'm thinking of Wilkins and O'Donnel, weren't they there too on one of the nights? O'Donnel told us in an article she wrote, of how she "admired" the McCanns' cool for being able to leave the kids alone ang enjoy a quiet adult meal, that she was too much of a worrier to do the same.
    Everyone is lying?! WHY? There must be a very imperious motive for so many people to allow themselves to be dragged in and be part of "it" for so long!
    If it is so, many, many people haven't had a moment of peace in their lives since the 3rd of May of 2007! I'm glad I'm not in their shoes...

  11. Self-evident and self-explanatory: there are no BIG round tables at Tapas!

    Fear is the word here. I see here "breaking news" but I don't see the word of this getting out that much. People sense that they run some kind of risk coming here.

  12. Have a look at Jane Tanner's statement

    "31.05 4078 “Was it a table specifically for a large group or had they sort of mackled together a group of tables?”
    Reply “Erm, I think they’d put some together, but it was round, it was just one big round, a big round one. I can’t remember to be honest. But, I mean, I think the first time we’d gone there we’d had the thing we’d had with the Millennium the first night, you know, we was all trying to put tables together, so now they knew we were coming we had a, we had the, erm, you know, the big table there waiting”.

    Can anyone solve this puzzle as how you can put some tables together and make a round one?

    I know she is not a very bright woman which you can work out from her statement, she doesn't KNOW anything about her holiday and the trauma ...she just 'thinks' or 'can't remember'.

    I wonder if Textusa can offer a prize for the answer?

  13. BIG and very nice post Again !

    Thank You, Textusa because you said that Family first and You come to put again.

    Thank You, Text. and a very and nice Family time.


  14. Jane Tanner seems to have been to a different restaurant to the others, poor woman is totally confused. She is not the 'sympathetic' witness she told Leicester Police they presumed she was. 'I think' she meant to say PATHETIC. leave off the sym...meaning simulated.

    Reply “Erm, I was sitting next to Kate on one side I know, I know I was next to Kate, Dianne was next to Rachael . think Russell might have been the other side of Kate or Matt was next”.

    4078 “And just before we turned these tapes off you said that you had spoken with Russell over lunch and you now realise your plan is wrong?” 00.00.59 4078 “Okay. So it goes then from you, anti-clockwise if you like, it is you and Kate, Matthew?”4078 “Gerry. Dianne. Russell?”
    Reply “Yeah, and then Rachael”.

    Neither is anything like the seating arrangement Kate gives.

    She has to get Russell to tell her where she was sitting that night but now he is confused too.
    Well, we must give Jane some least she knows how old she is ...unlike Fiona Payne.

    I wonder what makes them all so confused at such a young age?

    I have heard the old wives tale that 'something' makes you go blind....but what causes mass confusion?

  15. I've never heardof sympathetic witness. The usual term is HOSTILE witness.

  16. Looking at the photo of the Tapas bar, where is the tiled wall that Jane Tanner says she puts her baby monitor to get the best reception while dining in there?

  17. Yes! I do mean JANE TANNER'S monitor, not the Paynes.

  18. I am immenseley grateful for your post Textusa. In a few hundred words you have managed to do what the pros have been trying to do for years. TOTALLY DISCREDITED THE MCCANN DOUBTERS!!

    What a bloody idiot you are.

  19. I read somewhere in a Blog that somebody e-mailed the OC asking what is included on their holidays package. The packages are "all included" with the all meals hapenning in the Millenium. I don't believe that a group who went to PDL in a cheap holidays and to enjoy themselves, had spent time cooking( like what the Mccann's want us to believe with breakfasts in the apartment) or had waste money replacing the Millenium by the Tapas, for meals.
    HARD TO BELIEVE ALSO THAT THE tapas who had food at cafe Paraiso on late afternoon of May 3, will went for more food at early night at the Tapas.
    Interesting that when we read the statments of the Mccann's and the witnesses they grabbed into the saga, for May 3, they all pushed the meals of the Mccann's and the activities for that day, to the Tapas or to around the Tapas.
    "The PJ recorded the following statement from Tapas cook Manuela M.A.J. (contained on the DVD files): 'When asked she says that the last time she saw Madeleine was at approx 16h30, on 3 May 2007, when she was having dinner with the other children in their portion of the restaurant where the witness works, as happens every day of the week." ( MANUELA, THE TAPAS COOKER??!!!) If Madeleine was eating there, then she was not in the creche and Catriona Baker was not the last independent witness who saw Madeleine.
    "According to the usual routine, outlined by both Kate and Gerry, Madeleine had 'high tea' between 17:00 and 17:30 at the Tapas restaurant/bar under the parents supervision. However, this does not appear to have happened on the 3rd." THE MCCANN@S TRIED TO PASS THE IDEA THAT THE TAPAS WERE THEIR ROUTINE. WHY??
    "According to Catriona Baker, between 17:35 and 18:00, Kate went to the area near the Tapas bar and she took Madeleine with her."Then if Kate was at 17:35-18:00 near the Tapas, she was not in the flat bathing the kids.
    Looks like that all the witnesses linked with Mccann's by one circumstance or another, lied regarding May 3. The lesson was not vey well memorized and they end up, ALL discredit.

    1. to be fair we cooked breakfast in our apartment when we were on holiday i have 3 kids and it seemed easier to do it there b4 getting ready to go out

  20. The British are known for having light meals and early dinners.
    If we look at all the statments gave by the Tapas 9 or the witnesses to the police, regarding May 3, they spent the afternoon dealing with food ( their food or the childs food). Since the CCTV at Cafe Paraiso was real, I follow my feeling that Cafe Paraiso was the place where the Tapas 7 or 6 ( not sure that Diane Webster was there)took their dinner on that day.
    They all tried to keep the police investigating inside the OC and preferential in the Tapas or around the Tapas. Like that, the rest of PDL will be free of police. The Chaplins and the rest of bars will be out of the police interest during the first hours of the investigation. They tried to keep the police where there is no possibility or risk to find the body or found evidences that lead to the real place where Madeleine was.

  21. As mesas do Tapas sao diferentes das descritas por Kate, Gerry ou Tanner. Nao deixa de ser interessante que num grupo que sofre de uma amnesia gritante em relacao a momentos e acontecimentos fulcrais do dia, haja quem se lembre com tanto pormenor de coisas tao irrelevantes como quem esta sentado onde e ao lado de quem.

  22. I'm glad Anon 10:31 is greateful.

    The content of this comment merits no response from me or from any reader of this blog, so none will be published.

  23. Gerry will describe better, the tables at Chaplin, then at the Tapas.

  24. Textusa, I think you made a big mistake here, by putting TWO great posts into one. Everybody is concentrating on the table, which I think all you say is logic and true, and does mean that some of the OC staff has lied, namely Mr Salcedas, but people are ignoring what you'v said about Russ. It's evident from the Paraiso pictures that neither two went windsurfing that afternoon (wasn't O'Briens turn to pick up his daughter that afternoon also?), so if he seeks a false alibi, then he has to have a motive. I'm going with your swinging here, when he was seen coming out of the Oldfield apartment. Please come back to this.

  25. Regarding the reservation list.

    Why not a 'V' (don't know the English word) on the reservation list 3/5/07?
    There is a 'V' at 204 (Irwin), not a 'V' at mesma mesa Tapas 9.
    Does it mean they didn't pay?

  26. GNR dogs find the track of alive Madeleine going from the flat 5A into the car parking of the Baptista supermarket. The dogs lost the track there. That means, there is another car used by the group around May 3, not the Renault scenic. Was it a car rented by Murat?
    The 3 mans from the Tapas 7 did not look dressed to go for the tennis court.. And Gerry who played with Wilkins before, why he planned to play with his friends on that particular day? The things are not making sense. The story did not fit the circumstances. No any of the mans seems to be wearing trainers, a very important detail to play tennis.
    The ladys and the childs also look too formal for who claim to be in the beach. Wonder if the cloths they were wearing in the afternoon were not the same they wear at night when the alarm was raised? An important detail that must be in the close PJ files.
    The quality of the images is also very interesting. PJ did not want to disclose all the information inside that footage. Wonder if in some of the pictures they did not find another people who the Tapas meet that evening/afternoon to help them deal with situation.

  27. After having effectively discredited Mrs. Fenn and brought Rober Murat again in the focus of suspicion, you are now after those witnesses that are crucial in undermining the McCanns claimed course of events on the evening:

    Joaquim Baptista, Ricardo Oliveira and Svetlana Starikova are now being accused of lying as formerly Mrs. Fenn and Murat.

    All because of WHAT?? Some pictures that do not represent the situation on the 3rd May.

    One waiter mentions them always placed at a separate BIG table. You rather discredit 3 witnesses for either your theory or a different agenda than contemplate that a restaurant does have the means of placing a bigger table????

    You are doing a great job - for the McCanns...

  28. A gift to me and now i give to You, Textusa:


    Hi, I do not know if anyone is following the Anni Dewani case. Max Clifford keeping the lid on this end and South African police trying ' damage limitation ' their end. Why? the 'tourist industry' Ocean Club also trying 'damage control' as the McCanns and their Guru Mitchell tried to PORTRAY PDL as a haven for paedophiles. I think staff members were 'advised' shall we say to say the least possible to protect the reputation of OC and yes curious that many lost their jobs at the end of season. It would have been natural for holiday makers to ask staff about the McCanns but if the staff were no longer there, little could be said.

    Por Anónimo em Blog de Textusa e 1 proposta de novo post (comentá... às 16:36 "

  29. " I agree O'Brien is the major player in this story..he returned to Portugal with Murats telephone number on his mobile, proof according to him Murat gave it to him the night May 3rd.

    Another piece of the puzzle fits nicely into place. Knights of the round table maybe???? "

    Another gift.

  30. Anon 8:44 (unpublished), thank you for the compliment, but as I said, no responses to 10:31 are allowed. Apologise and hope you understand.

  31. Hey but wasn't large quantities of wine consumed by the group? I think then they may have all been so intoxicated that they did'nt know a square from a round table. They may have guessed the shape in order to dispell accusations of being drunk and disorderly.

  32. I don't understand why some people got so angry with what Textusa is trying to expose and why they always jump over when somebody post showing some doubts about Murat on that story. I agree that by highlighting some issues, we can open the mind of Mccann's lawyers to prepare their defense. But this is far away from helping the Mccann's. Not highlighting the "nonsenses of the story", yes, is helping the Mccann's.
    Most of their behaviour and almost all of their story did not make sense. What Textusa is proving is how easy is to discredit and demolish their theory. Specially because after more then 3 years become quite clear that almost all the witnesses delivered to the investigation were delivered trough Mccann's hands, due to the circumstancial stories they told the police or because this witnesses came forward with some more stories just to enlarge the entropy already created by the all Tapas 9. I believe the police were not stupid and easily and long ago arrived at the same conclusion. Was not the police who shelve the investigation. Who shelve the investigation knows very well all the police suspictions but had an agenda which is not explaining the truth to the public or serving justice to a little girl. It is about the public to revert that situation. Every day, more and more people become aware of the lies that some people went trough, in a crime involving a little girl, to save their skins, their family reputation, their jobs or their business. Here fall the all Tapas, some workers of the OC and Mark Warnner. If not, Why the workers never sue the Mccann's using their assumed negligence? If not,why Mark warnner move the Nannies out of PDL immediately after Madeleine disappeared? If he had any interest in helping the investigation and let the truth to come out, then he must force the nannies to stay and help the police with all the information they had, at least about the last days of Madeleine in PDL. They are young girls in a foreign country, easy to scare and to manipulate. The workers, another fragille pieces, very easy to scare. And they don't need to scare all, only few ones. Most probably the ones who don't lost their jobs . They need to keep their jobs to have their mouths closed.
    On that saga, I feel the same as Textusa. Most of the things did not make sense and I payed attention into a lot of comments made by some anonymous from PDL who post in portuguese newspapers, about the Mccann's and Madeleine. I remember a Post in jornal "Sol" saying that she used to see Madeleine and Kate in Baptista supermarket and Madeleine was far away from a beautiful angel and her mum far away from a kind and controlled mother. That together with the "stars chart at Rothley fridge" reveals much more then any fabricated witness convenniently delivered to the investigation by the Mccann's or their friends. This is why the police said that almost all the investigation was yet not done. Important witnesses were not yet interviewed.
    The job of the Mccann's and their direct helpers, was keeping the police away from the important clues.

  33. Of course the Tapas Bar management could have easily put a BIGGER table for the group, even a big ROUND one! It could have been one of those plastic ones, with a hole in the middle for an umbrella, maybe brought from the Millenium, or they could have joined several tables together, but as the Tapas only seems to have small square tables and the Tapas9 specificaly state it was a ROUND one, that wouldn't work out, would it? Unless a carpenter was promptly summoned to saw around the corners...
    The point is...WHY none of the staff bothered to mention in their statements that they had to work out a special solution, tablewise, to accomodate the Tapas9? Why no mention of getting a ROUND table from somewhere, because their usual furniture is constituted of small square tables, placed either alone or joined together, 2 or 3side by side? To my knowledge none of the staff mentioned having to move around a number of tables to make that "separate BIG table"?

    "One waiter mentions them always placed at a separate BIG table."

    Ok, fine, but...where did that BIG ROUND TABLE come from...?

  34. I believe that Joaquim Baptista, Ricardo Oliveira and Svetlana Starikova, with Salcedas are the ones that provide the "parroted" answer, on May 4, of "8 to 9 people" when asked about the Tapas 9.

    How can anyone say that these statements, as they are, provide valid information to prosecute the McCanns is beyond me. The're neither confirming or denying any negligence, they're just confirming what the McCanns are saying.

    It's evident that they were asked, or told, to say what they said to the police. Fake witnesses are by the million in this world.


    Hi Tex they lost their appeal and from reading their blog they are gutted. I thought maybe you could write something as Gamble is rubbing their nose in it...will post you the link.

    D. xx

  36. What people still find hard to grasp and ARE not questioning is the fact that the holiday was a package deal breakfast and evening meal and the only contract OC have for this is with the Millenium ,they do not have a contract with the Tapas bar for meals to be included....Waiters say drinks paid for with credit cards...NOT FOOD...

    How and why did the group manage to arrange their meals in the tapas bar when they had already paid for half board with the Millenium? The group chose the cheapest week and then forego their evening meal to pay for another meal in the tapas???'.
    This makes no sense, they all had breakfast (except for the McCanns, they claim?) at the Millenium because it was part of their holiday no other reason...Their first night April 28th, they went to the Millenium because it was part of their holiday , no other reason.

    Bridget O'Donnell in her article also speaks of a large table she also changes the date of Madeleines tennis lesson from Tuesday to Thursday..we know the McCanns pressured the couple but Bridget falls short of saying she saw Madeleine on Thursday morning she will only commit herself to saying ' she must have been there'

    OC is a tourist industry, if anyone at the moment is following the Anni Dewani case they will see how South Africa are trying to keep the lid on this because it harms their reputation and of course people will cancel bookings.

    May was the beginning of the holiday season in Portugal just like in South Africa they have many bookings for Christmas ..people are now afraid to go there.


  38. D.

    Sad news indeed. Makes one realize really what one is up against. They seem gutted, but from what I know of them, I'm sure that they'll soon overcome this setback, and find within themselves plenty of willpower to continue their fight for Justice. From here, I'll do my share to help, let there be no question about it.

    Thanks for the links!

  39. The behaviour of the Mccann's during this 3 years, regarding money, tell us a lot. Who sell bracelets, posters, interviews, luggage packs to advertise their girl, most of them already payed by public donations, will not waste a coin on the Tapas food. If they ever went to the Tapas one night, it was for drinks and for the quiz night which was not on May 3.
    I really have some doubts about Madeleine alive on May 3. The Tapas 7 went to the cafe paraiso, most probably to get some alibis to themselves on that afternoon. Just in case, if the body was found and an autopsy done. The Mccann's were not there because they were busy with their urgent business- cleaning and carrying the body away.
    Amaral book show pictures of the Mccann's belongs, took by GNR. On that pictures we can see things well alined like the Madeleine's passport. Any abductor who snatch a child will look around to find her passport and make her travel easy, and will not leave her cuddle cat behind.
    Only people without brain believe on the words of the all Tapas and the witnesses they manage to bring in.
    Bridget O'Donnell manage to see Kate and Madeleine around the pool at the lunch time of May 3. Exactly at the time that catriona backer stated that Kate and Madeleine were in their flat having their lunch. Somebody had to credibilise the last picture of Madeleine around the pool. Was Mrs. O'Donnell ( J.Wilkins wife) who was in charged of that issue. But no time to prepare every thing well with Catriona baker.
    The journalist who wrote the book "A culpa dos Mccann", claim on his book that witnesses said that they use to see Kate around the pool during the holidays, always alone and always looking sad and mysterious. The walk hand by hand with Gerry, started after Madeleine disappearence and following the adviser of their PR machine because such attitude will raise sympaty and support from the public. Then they were used to lie and fabricate circumstances.

  40. Just compare the behaviour of the British authorities on the Julien Assange case and the Mccann's case. A shame again. A guy who voluntarely went to the police to be questionned, was arrested. The Mccann's who refuse to do the reconstruction and perverted all the investigation, were treated with great support.
    I hope the wikileaks went into the Madeleine story to expose the all fraud. The British authorities deserve it.

  41. Their police statements claim they dined at the Tapas from the third night.
    The first night was at the Millenium.
    So where did they dine the second night the Sunday,and how did they check on the kids?

  42. Justcurious,

    There were rumors that they had been to another bar/restaurant called CHAPLIN'S on one of the nights, maybe it was on their 2nd night in PDL.It was also said that the Ocean Club had to send someone to get them (Mccanns?)from a restaurant outside the resort (Chaplin's?)on one of the nights, because the children were crying and other guests were complaining about it.
    I have no "proof" of this, but it was mentioned in blogs and media.

  43. Anon Dec5, 9:21 and 10:24, you raise an interesting point. That second monitor is hardly talked about. So we had two monitors? Or maybe none, because what they might be saying we're almost certain IT WASN'T. Those monitor thingys atre designed to work indoors, and normally, to work between bedroom-bedroom or bedroom-family room. You don't buy them for an occasion, you buy them for prolonged use. My point is, for the monitor to be effective, I think the Tapas Bar is a little too far for effectiveness. Another thing, those are for family use, under indoor "family" conditions. That means not that amount of sound. In Tapas dinner, a social event, with a lot of wine it seems, peolple would be laughing and joking and the sound level around the device would prove it innefective. Either someone was designated pay attention to the thing, or for it to be there or not, would be absolutely the same. The fact that Tanner also wants one, tells me that there was none, another lie invented to be told by the Tapas Bar staff. To protect David Payne and justify him being seated all night, far away from the apartments as possible.

  44. "One waiter mentions them always placed at a separate BIG table."

    If you join up a series of tables, you call the end result "a big table". In restautants, for big groups, the usual practice is to join up EXISTING tables, making up a big table in length, which is then called, if asked, a BIG table.

    Anon Dec6 10:42, you're absolutely right, either they paid twice for dinner (which is strange for people to go on economical tours and not want to pay night nannies) or they had to negotiate that with Ocean Club management. Nobody mentions this. It seems, according to the statements from BOTH the Tapas and the Staff, it was perfectly natural to go and reserve a table. So much so, that if you didn't do it on time, you might not have a table at all!
    That would be the obvious solution to accomodate the 9 people, and not go to the trouble of fetching something else from another place, be it the kitchen, be it outside, it's ridiculous to say it.

    Interesting point

  45. Anon @ 8.26

    Baby monitors cover a a range of 100 feet to 400 feet for a 'top of the range' model but usually don't work through outer walls of buildings. If placed on a window ledge they MAY be able to send a signal that far.

    One of the Tapas waiters referred to 2 'walkie talkies' which might put a different perspective on things keeping quiet about a second 'monitor'. If they were walkie talkies then no need for mobile phones at the table?

    Now we think of the reason Matt and Russ had to go back to their apartments together .... Matt had to go back to the table to tell Jane that Russ was staying with their daughter as she hadn't taken her mobile phone. Why didn't Russ contact her over the baby monitor? Why didn't anyone hear the sick child before Russ went back? Then Russ has to say the child was 'whimpering' not yelling. This covers Jane's statement info when she says she wasn't confident the monitor would send a strong signal.

    It seems like another one of those things they talk about to distract from something else.

    Should we be looking at these monitors and movements more closely?

  46. And....if Russ stayed in the room why didn't he give Jane's mobile phone to Matt to take to her?

  47. Anonymous at 11.27 am 7th Dec.

    I am following the Anni Dewani case from here in South Africa, and no, no one here in trying to keep the lid on this case. Not even the Police. Shrien Dewani is wanted here by our Police to answer questions in connection with his wife's murder.
    Shrien Dewani as you might have notice already has Max Clifford as his PR. What the devil does he need a PR for ? One of our Top Lawyers has withdrawn from this case acting on behalf of Shrien Dewani. Why I could not tell you, but it seems he doesn't want to touch this case with a ten foot barge pole at all.

    So please don't jump to conclusions because of the tourist industry. The road Anni was murdered on, is notoriosly known as a danger spot by all here in South Africa, and all tourists are told of the danger zones !


  48. Yes, of course, several small tables joined together make...A BIG TABLE! EUREKA!
    But...and it's a BIG but...Tanner and Kate described the table as being a ROUND one...maybe I'm stupid, but, how do you join 3 or 4 SQUARE tables and end up with a ROUND one...?!Magic...? Was Harry Potter holidaying in Luz, by any chance?!

  49. Textusa, another brillint post well done - why are the mccanns neve questioned about all these indescrepancies there are so many. The other day my friend and I were discussing this case and she was surprised when I enlightened her as to what was actually going on I advised her to read yours and Joana Morais posts to bring her up to date she was so disgusted that the mccanns are allowed to continue with this farce pleading for money and asks why does nothing get done about them, they are so guilty and I for one cannot understand this. Well done Textusa we love reading your posts.

  50. When I read about the Dewani case I felt the same as I did when I first read about the Madeleine case that something was not quite right - I think its something we all have and its called intuition.

  51. Tex brilliant work, I do wonder if all the Tapas group realised what was going on that fateful evening and just got caught up in the events and lies withut really knowing what was going on, but why do they not speak out now. When the truth finally comes out I hope they all serve long prison sentences for what they have done. In the meantime thanks Tex and love and best wishes to Ironside.


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