Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Operation Ore’s Appeal

So I hear that Judges rejected Operation Ore’s appeal. Sad news, but not unexpected ones, for the implications of a different decision would be immense, both in National embarrassment and possible libel damages. But I’ll pretend that I trust the “The Establishment’s Judicial System”, and say that I find this decision fair and just. This means that the Operation Ore was executed in Britain in a flawless manner, thus prosecuting ONLY those that deserved prosecution. I got the following from Wikipedia, by searching for Operation Avalanche and Operation Ore: Operation Avalanche was a major US investigation of child pornography on the Internet launched in 1999 after the arrest and conviction of Thomas and Janice Reedy, who operated an Internet pornography business called Landslide Productions in Fort Worth, Texas It was made public in early August 2001 at the end of Operation Avalanche, that one hundred arrests were made out of 144 suspects. It was followed in the United Kingdom by Operation Ore, in Canada by Operation Snowball and other operations worldwide. The FBI also passed identities from the Landslide database to the police organizations of other countries, including 7,272 names to the UK. Operation Ore was a British police operation that commenced in 1999 following information received from US law enforcement, which was intended to prosecute thousands of users of a website reportedly featuring child pornography. In the United Kingdom, it led to 7,250 suspects identified, 4,283 homes searched, 3,744 arrests, 1,848 charged, 1,451 convictions, 493 cautioned and 140 children removed from suspected dangerous situations and an estimated 39 suicides. Operation Ore succeeded the similar crackdown in the United States, called Operation Avalanche, though in the US only 100 people were charged from the 35,000 US access records available. Now let’s look at the numbers, extracted from the above information: Per capita, the number of people who were identified as accessing a website reportedly featuring child pornography, is similar for both the UK and US: 0,011%. However it seems that the UK, although it has less 250.000.000 people, it has 50 times more suspects than the US, 37 times more arrests and 18 times more charges. What can we extract from all this? Either the US Police (FBI) is incompetent or the UK has a VERY SERIOUS sociological problem. Apparently something is driving its citizens into seeking child-porn more than any other country of the civilized world. The figures say that, proportionally, it’s a scandal. Someone should alert the authorities of this evil disease that’s eating away the heart of the Nation.
Update: Of course there could be a third option, besides those of FBI's incompetence and UK's sociological plague, and that would be that the UK numbers are completely wrong and exaggerated, meaning that Operation Ore wasn’t that flawless after all. But that would mean that we would have to doubt some decisions from the British Judicial System, wouldn’t we?


  1. 3744 arrests and 1848 charges, means that 1896 (more than 50%) were ARRESTED with insufficient evidence to be charged! That's not one mistake or other... that is Police State. Shame!!!

  2. Suicídios ; CRIANÇAS retiradas à Família.............casas revistadas.....

    os milhares em uk..........

    Acredito que alguma coisa não vai mesmo nada bem no reino de uk.

    Será que os da O.ore não serão eles bastante estranhos e projectam nos outros os seus assuntos mal resolvidos ?

    Isto por um lado.

    Por outro, algumas pessoas lêem pela rama e imediatamente consideram todos por igual , sem saberem destas histórias macabras de perseguição indiscriminada.

    E, não acreditam e comentam, como já vi no twitter " pois, e os porcos voam ".

    Pois, mas eu acredito neste processo absolutamente kafkiano.

    Lamento totalmente por todas as vítimas : Famílias desmembradas e destruídas por obcecados ore.

    Orees , as Vítimas da Operation Ore.

    Estou a escrever e sinto que poderei estar a expor de um modo confuso.

    Estou com os OREES!

    E acredito que a Oper. ore ,além de um escândalo obcessivo e estranho, algum interesse terá.

    E o meu enorme receio vai para as CRIANÇAS RETIRADAS ÀS FAMÍLIAS!
    E vai para a taxa de suicídios também.

    Desculpem-me ter escrito em português.

  3. Text. : sorry but i copy ALL and pasted

    to " palavras escritas "

  4. We must be serious about this specific epidemic problem. Obviously UK and USA are not alone in top 10, 100, 1000...

    That's why we are all called to work as a community. Be alert!

    Kids protection is a very serious to be delivered to CEOP or other organizations like this.

    child pornography / abuse is against our own prime human code. It's a primitive way of acting. It is also a serious disease and I'm not sure if there is cure for it.

    Children security is a matter that demands our service, take care of each other kids, being responsible and pro-active in a very busy and demanding society.

    Women left home to earn money and society had to be reorganized in order to give others a new role on kids security. Not always with success.

    There is no such good results as our own interest in paying attention to whatever is happening around us. That's our duty. We are not the police but we can help to prevent accidents. Because accident do happen.

    If Mrs Fenn has done what she should do and called the police to see whats the matter for a child being crying for more than an hour or if Ocean Club would be assertive letting parents know that unsupervised kids were not desirable in the resort - everyone was called to their own duty and responsibility and Madeleine may...and I repeat may still alive today.

    But as Kate and know there was no abduction and what has happened has happened under other circumstances.

    One day we will know what circumstances were these...

  5. Anon 6:18,

    A very polite, attentive, and I would dare say, selfless comment. Pity for you that I was paying attention.

    Your “finale”, by saying there was no abduction, let’s one leave your comment like one does when one eats gourmet food, with the last taste food lingering on one’s tongue, leaving all others be transformed instantly into memories, subliminal messages that the artist, the cook, intentionally leaves us with.

    So one finishes reading you comment, thinking you’re one of us, when you’re far, far from that.

    Let’s unfold your comment so that we all can see what subliminal messages you wanted to leave behind.

    First, CEOP.

    Paedophilia is a serious, serious crime. So serious that the numbers presented for UK are obviously ridiculous. Being secrecy the key word for these criminals, the UK would then not only be filled with these, as these would the most stupid of all paedophiles by giving out personal information to a child-porn site.

    Being against CEOP is NOT being against paedophilia. There are no other organizations like CEOP. CEOP is a bogus organization, that served exclusively it’s creator, Mr. Jim Gamble. It swallowed up 12 million pounds yearly, to harass, persecute those that were branded with the Scarlet Letter “P”. It destroyed families, it caused suicides and has caused the most perverse of all results, people like myself, who loath paedophiles, publicly defending people guilty of such ignominious crime.

    I’m perfectly aware that some who have been charged are guilty. I believe it to be the minority, as the numbers in the US show. CEOP, by bullying in it’s search for power, included these together with the majority of ill-persecuted, and to defend the latter, I must defend the disgusting first.

    I hope that when CEOP finally stops being autonomous it will start to do its job, discreetly, effectively. Bringing these monsters to Justice and not be a monster of Justice forcing children away from their families. Your attempt to whitewash CEOP is futile.

    Also do not throw at us that paedophilia is a specific epidemic problem.
    Much before it’s a community problem, it’s a family one. No CEOP Facebook button will save an uninformed, neglected child. In fact, the CEOP Facebook button in its conception reveals the sick personality of whoever created it.

    It would be great for you if people interiorized that paedophilia would be a community problem, wouldn’t it? Then you’d have the “moral” authority to do all your witch-hunting as you pleased.

    Second, Mrs Fenn.

    Mrs Fenn did what she had to on the night of May 1st, and that was to do nothing, because she heard nothing. What she shouldn’t have done and did, was to go to the Police and lie about events that didn’t exist.

    The Ocean Club had other priorities besides being assertive by letting parents know that unsupervised kids were not desirable in the resort so that everyone was called to their own duty and responsibility. In my opinion, the Ocean Club, besides obstructing justice, has little else to be blamed for. Their child care, both daily and nightly, were beyond any reprimand.

    Mrs Fenn is a piece of “clutter” that this blog has already set aside, like the body disposal and negligence, so your attempt to bring it put it back in our path, is as useless and futile as was the one to whitewash CEOP.

    I’ll end using your own final words, because, we hope, they hold a truth dear to all of us: “But as Kate knows there was no abduction and what has happened has happened under other circumstances. One day we will know what circumstances were these...”

  6. Exactly Textusa! How can someone compliment CEOP and attack Kate McCann, when CEOP has publicly defended the couple? Well spotted!

    The fact that this person is basically defending Mrs Fenn's statement, says much, on it's own.

    You're hurting them, and they're feeling the pain.

  7. Textusa or whatever you name is,

    Obviously something was lost in your interpretation of my comment. You're free to do it.

    I'm not an hunter, so I would never ever will have the “moral” authority to do a witch-hunting because that does not pleased me.

    A teacher told us long time ago, something like "whatever you go or do please do not loose your capability to get mad when you see something really wrong".

    I guess that's why I was one among very few that were at court in Lisbon to show my indignity and support to Gonçalo Amaral. I had plenty things to do, I have a good and warm office but instead I was in Lisbon, was a cold January, was raining all the time but I was there (3 days!). I don't think that made a huge difference to Mccanns if you want to know but made me feel good because I thought that was the right thing to do. Do want to know how many persons were there? Very few. Do you want to know how many journalists were there to cover McCanns? Plenty of them!

    Do you know which media has informed UK about the last trial decision against McCanns? That's right!

    And I heard things in court that were not in the press because I double checked!. The press was used to deliver McCanns messages to UK and to the world. That's how it goes. Everybody knows!

    "I’ll end using your own final words, because, we hope, they hold a truth dear to all of us: But as Kate knows there was no abduction and what has happened has happened under other circumstances. One day we will know what circumstances were these...”

    Let me comment: the first part is absolutely true! there was no abduction, everybody knows but no one seems to able to prove it. How is that? Your judicial systems allows this. That's the point!

    The second part is not true - there is a huge probability that no one will ever know what has happened and what circumstances were those that Kate know so well!

    So many comments so many explanations and possibilities are good to confuse the public and let Gerry McCann achieve some goals here as he said "so many things were written that you do not know what is truth what is not".

    Why don't you print crucial police report or witness statements and let us discuss it with you having same level of information? That would help to us to understand where lies a truth.

    And don't you ever think that you have more sorrow for Madeleine death than any one of us.


  8. Alexandra,

    You were unfortunate with the two examples you used: CEOP and Mrs Fenn. If you’re an usual reader of this blog, you should know that this blog has very clear ideas about those examples, and as expressed, the opposite of what you stated in your first comment, thus my reaction.

    Let me congratulate you on your support to Gonçalo Amaral. Yes, there were too few supporters, and it is with great pleasure that I can personally congratulate who was there.

    Let me agree with you but disagree at the same time, when you say “there is a huge probability that no one will ever know what has happened and what circumstances were those that Kate know so well”. Agree with your likelihood. Only through confession will we know the exact detail of Maddie’s death. If that ever happens, we will know, if not, not.

    But we can know why this loss of life was hidden, why Justice was obstructed. Once that cloak that surrounds this whole affair whereby the McCanns (in broad sense) have intentionally misled so that truth cannot be found, falls to the floor, people will see that all was simple, all was humanly understandable (not forgivable).

    The documents you ask me to publish, are published: the PJ files. And Amaral’s book, I have not used anything to this day that was not published already.

    In forthcoming posts, there’s a little more, but nothing that anyone can’t search on the internet. No secrets. Nothing up my sleeve.

    Good to know that your teacher taught you well. I had the same fortune. I think teaching is the noblest of all professions for all others feed on it.

    Hope everything is clarified.

  9. Means that British justice is very weak with child abusers. Instead of bringing them to justice and keep them in prison, they advise them to leave the country and live in other countries in Europe or out Europe, without informing the countries where they went on about the pass and life style of that abusers. How many were found in Spain? One even cause the panic of his wife and she killed her childs in a hotel. UK justice is really an Hypocrisy. Julien Assange was the last victim of that Hypocrisy.
    The Ceop is there not to protect the childs, but to protect the abusers by advising them "WHAT TO DO TO AVOID JUSTICE AND KEEP THEIR LIFE GOING UNTOUCHABLE". If the crimes happen in UK they provide them a way to leave the country. If the crime happen abroad they help in loccus the abusers by providing them all the tools they need to pervert the investigation and come back home without charges. Who gave Gerry the manual of concealing a cadaver and other books which belong only to the police? Where was Gamble, when BABY P WAS SEVERE ABUSED for many times? Where was Gamble that did not notice the life style of Scarlet mother( the girl that was killed in Goa, when her mum leave her there under the supervision of a guy that the girl meet there on her short holidays)? Her mum leave the girl and went on a trip to cross India. After the crime, she blame Goa police, as usual. In UK she use to live with her childs in a very dirty caravan, under the expenses of British Social Security. But she had money to go to Goa and cross India in a month holiday. Was the money of honest workers in Britain, their taxes, that pay all this perverted people, including Gamble. I don't believe that the CEOP was not aware about the risks of Scarlet and Baby P before the crimes. If they were not aware, one more prove about their poor working skills. They were aware but they ignored the situation. The childs were not removed from their families. Scarlet mum went back to UK. Was not charged with the negligence of her daughter and manage to have Mitchell as her Spokeperson to blame and discredit Goa police when convenniently, the Mccann's were doing everything they can to discredit PJ. Who payed Mitchell on the Scarlet Saga? I believe, Madeleine's Fund payed his services on Scarlett. The guy did not work for free and it was on the huge interest of the Mccann's if another foreigner police was blamed by incompetence. Their victimization at the eyes of British public will work perfectly. Scarlett, as Mariluz cortez, were used to promote Mccann's agenda. All under the closest eyes of Mr. gamble and most probably with his adviser. All payed with the donations asked to search Madeleine.

  10. Children are often abused by their own family. My friend reported her ex husband for sexually abusing her daughter when he took her on holiday.

    It went to court, so what did the judge rule? He made the mother undergo psychiatric tests and gave the father joint residency.
    This is a UK judge. If people in the position of judges condone abuse of children what was the use was Operation Ore?
    This woman also showed in court evidence of her ex's online 'activities'. Even the girl's court appointed guardian didn't do anything when he saw what she showed him and didn't turn up in court for the hearing.
    If I was into conspiracy theories I might think that the judge was protecting a fellow paedophile and the girl's guardian knew what was going on and didn't have the nerve to go to court and challenge him.

  11. TotallyConfused9 Dec 2010, 14:33:00

    1.) Having a strong opinion about CEOP and St. Jimbo deGamble DOES NOT make one a supporter of child abuse.

    2)Indeed to question the motives and behaviours of St. Jimbo is what someone who wants REAL child protection for REAL CHILDREN would be doing as much as possible.

    3)As a non native person who is in the UK, I can tell you now- the British are terrible parents on the whole as a nation. When my family come from abroad, they are appauled at how the British scream and shout at their children and call them abusive names.

    4)I can assure you that Operation Ore as masterminded by Gamble was the biggest child abuser in UK history- more children were abused psychologically by the methods of Ore than this writer cares to contemplate. These children are scarred for life- like the walking victims of a holocaust- a state sponsored terrorism against it's own people aimed at destroying the middle class.

    5) And why do I say point 4? Think about it- who in 1999 had home internet access? We must remember that even as recent as 11 years ago the internet was not an everyday 'thing' found in every home; you needed money- a good job to afford it, you needed some education to understand it.

    Have a think about that......


  12. textusa, thanks .... I think the tapas 7 have been caught up in this mccann saga, and they are the ones that should come forward, they probably do not because that is human nature and they will wait until they are caught out with their lies. The mccanns invented the abductor theory because Madeleine had alredy died in their apartment as deterined by the sniffer dogs. Well done Textusa on all your reserch.


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