Sunday, 12 December 2010

Love Letters Are ALWAYS So Sentimental

This is what a little bird had on it's beak, this morning on my windowsill:

"I see you responded to Alexandra with your customary rudeness, Textusa.

Well, why change the habits of a lifetime? It's a subject of much debate out in the non-insane anti world at the moment - just what is your motivation?

The majority opinion seems to be that you are a mad, deluded and very sad individual, completely obsessed with your own version of events and with a desperate need to be taken seriously.

Those are the charitable ones, tbh.

A significant number believe that far from the rabid anti you claim to be, you are in fact completely pro-McCann, as there is no other explanation for why you seem so determined to harm the cause of those who don't believe the McCanns.

I think you gave yourself away when you decided to turn your venomous attention to Mrs Fenn.

Your suggestion that she made up the story of a crying child and lied to the police is so bloody preposterous that anyone reading it can only assume that the final shreds of whatever remained of your fragile sanity finally gave way.

Even more scary, is the response of the feeble minded beings who lap up your drivel with the devotion usually reserved for the brain-dead fans of a teenage boyband.

We are pretty sure you write most of the shit yourself, as there can't be that many criminally stupid and utterly credulous people alive in the world at the same time. It's just not possible.

You, Textusa, have done more to prop up the McCanns than anyone else. I can actually see why people feel sorry for them when they read the barking mad nonsense you come out with.

If you want to do something positive in terms of finding out what happened to Madeleine then the one contribution you could make would be to pour a pint of water into your computer, and put yourself out of action.

Your column is the Jonestown Massacre of the internet. A crazy, paranoid and vindictive self-styled leader, and a raggle-taggle group of feeble-minded followers, too thick to form opinions of their own, and too scared of you to risk saying ''Actually, I think you're wrong''

You won't print this, will you, Textusa?

Too scared of the truth.

No matter................... Off you go, crazy woman. Back to your pornographic fantasies.

There must be a few more people you haven't accused of lying yet, who you could have a go at; the more the merrier.

Incidentally, were you aware that people who act as you do, and use the internet to lie about people can have their access to the internet removed?

Your ISP can be sued too, you see?

Generally they don't like that. Much easier to get rid of you....... I'll be copying and pasting this elsewhere, so people can see the post you didn't have the balls to publish. You take care now."

Love you too.
Today I feel so eco-friendly, that I'll call myself "Green Soul"... all flowerly, all peace, all love...


  1. Bom dia a todos !

    A nice day to all.

    " Cartas de Amor quem as não tem "?


    To me it is freedom Textusa had a Theory or all theories that wish. Because make an cognitive reason
    first an hipotese; after thoughts about and after the conclusion.

    Are we not free to think ?

    Are we not free to posta blog ?

    We are !

    Why so concerned about Textusa ´s blog ?

    Textusa and a lot of people wish the truth to the Madeleine ´s case= JUSTICE TO HER. JUSTICE TO THE Investigation Team.

    Others are concerned about the McLiars. ONLY!

    Lost a Child is terrible but the McLiars never concerned about that. And we have vídeos and PJ files.

    Many People, very nice and good people searched May 2007 by Madeleine and NEVER, NEVER that couple said a thank you ALL , by the searching.

    MY Country do not need "tourists" ???? like the Mcs.

    Are always a danger to us.

    And the vídeo in a bus, airport, before the trip to Pt?

    What G. says ? Fxxx off we are not here to ( divertir ) to enjoy !!!!!!! ?????????????

    But they enjoy a lot, all days . And " enjoy a lot with the Investigation Team; with Portugal and with Portugueses.

    Good morning Text ! Thank You a lot !

    Continue, please.


  2. "Your ISP can be sued too, you see? Generally they don't like that. Much easier to get rid of you"

    Que absurdo ! Já denunciei um blogue que difama mesmo e a resposta foi que não poderiam fazer nada já que as pessoas são livres de colocar o que pretendem.

    Além do mais este blog não é de teor adulto.

    Como tal, é livre de estar aqui na net.

    Os Pro casal mccann são odiosos e muito estranhos. Obcecados, perversos, com ideias similares ao jim das gambas. Um conjunto de perversos.E de desocupados. Perseguem todos , infantilmente, em vez de " procurarem a Menina " !

    Não procuram a Menina porquê ? Se acreditam (eles) que está viva ?

    Para mim, também acreditam que está morta.

    E querem defender uns progenitores que sempre deixaram três Crianças de tenra idade absolutamente sósinhas num R/C.

    Se fosse outro casal de uk a fazer isto imediatamente estariam a participar aos organismos de protecção das Crianças.

    São submissos a um casal que sentem ter um estatuto de " socialite " ?



  3. Para os que defendem aquel casal de negligenciadores:

    Como jurei,
Com verdade o ódio que senti

    Quantas noites em claro passei
A escrever para ti
 Cartas odiosas
Que eram toda a razão do meu ser
 Cartas grandes, extensas, iguais
 Ao meu grande ódio
    Cartas de ódio
 Quem as não tem
Cartas de ódio

    Pedaços de obsessão
Sentidas de alguém
Cartas de ódio, abutres

    Que num vai e vem, levam bem
raivas minhas
Cartas de ódio, quem as não tem
    Porém de ti
Nem sequer uma carta 
Uma carta vulgar recebi
 Pra acalmar minha raiva

    Mas mesmo assim
Eu para ti não deixei de escrever
Pois bem sabes que tu para mim
És todo o meu projecto

    Cartas de ódio
Quem as não tem
Cartas de ódio
Pedaços de raivas
Sentidas de alguém
Cartas de ódio, abutres

    Que num vai e vem, levam bem
raivas minhas
Cartas de ódio, quem as não tem.

  4. "
    It's a subject of much debate out in the non-insane anti world at the moment - just what is your motivation?"

    I would like to see this statement backed up with proof as it is implied a large number of people are involved in a discussion. Where are these discussions taking place? What is the motivation to defend people who are free to speak for themselves, if they so desire.

    The only person who can sue anybody is the person being libeled. If anyone feels they have a case then I'm sure we would all be very happy for that person to speak out and tell us the truth of what went on in PdL.

    I have to say it's a rather strange stance claiming to be 'anti' McCann then trying to scare and silence people who have rational and enquiring minds.

    Dr Amaral fought for freedom of speech and won.

  5. “A crazy, paranoid and vindictive self-styled leader, and a raggle-taggle group of feeble-minded followers, too thick to form opinions of their own, and too scared of you to risk saying ''Actually, I think you're wrong''”

    Textusa, I didn’t write this! Please, please don’t beat me up… it wasn’t me, I swear!!! You just tell me what to say, and I’ll say it, what to think and I’ll think it, but please, please, do not point that death ray at me!

  6. A rationa thesis explaining why Textus'as theory is incorrect would be more constructive that name calling. It reminds me of the playground bully. Please let's hear a sensible counter argument or set up your own blog.

  7. What a fine love letter Textusa. Does someone sent you or was written by you?

    Textusa is not a bad person and I have an approximately idea about who might be...but I may be wrong...

    Textusa just need to go out more often, get some fresh air, get some extra oxygen to the getting fat spending so much time sitting in front of it's own computer thinking, thinking but not getting there...

    Textusa you are in circles but you are not able to go straight to the point. You talk about disposal bla! bla! bla! But: WHERE IS IT? How was removed from the apartment? Where was hidden first and how did they manage to transferred it to a second place? How was the place chosen and why? Don't know?

    You have not a bloody clue do you? I do! But I'm not going to tell you. Keep diving maybe you'll get there... one day!

    Having said that you may think that I share your philosophy "Only one truth: I'm a pathological liar".

    But I'm not!

    Think BIG! BE smart! And by the way is not on PJ Files or in Amaral's book.

    It is somewhere OUT THERE!


  8. Me I invite Alexandra id is courageous to say what she knows.

    Because in Madeleine ´s name we need to know.

    Because, always , the Girl was a terrible situation TO HER ! And for all who care about Her- US Bloggers pro Justiça.

  9. Alexandra ou quem quer que seja:

    colabore com a Justiça Portuguesa. Faça com que o Processo seja reaberto !

    Se conseguir, pois para mim a política..... não vai deixar.
    Não lhes interessa. O Governo num País a sério cairia ( por mim , já devia ter caído )

    E, mais 1 coisa, nunca ouviu dizer

    " rio para não chorar"?

    Conhece pessoas que fazem humor ou não de modo a evitarem pensar no que é horrível ?

    Enfim. Una-se e colabore com a verdade. Demonstre a verdade , com factos. Ou não quer ? Ou não pode ?

    Quer deixar arrastar tudo isto ? É mais fácil aborrecer e duvidar dos outros ?

    Haja paciência para si e amigos , Seja Quem for Alexandra.

  10. Text. é preciso ter muita paciência para aturar estes badamecos/as (nem tenho palavras para descrever esta gentalha) - já se percebeu que são os mesmos cromos de sempre, com as mesmíssimas tácticas covardes de sempre. Para que é que publicas estes tótós? Estes metes-nojo já tem blogs, e fóruns, e estão no twitter - não precisam de ter «voz» aqui, na tua casa... A very Green & Red love letter aos bifes mal-passados, às mulas dissimuladas e às sardinholas que presumem de mais quando afinal sabem tão pouco.

    beijinhos, Joana ;)

  11. Let me get this right joana, you are backing Tex in this lunacy? The pros love her, she is a gift to them - and that is what the letter-writer is saying, that is all. People who have 'theories' that rest on calling good independent witnesses liars are not worth discussing with. There is no need to address the theory and demolich it, because it is self-evident nonsense. Time that such truths were told.

  12. Boa resposta JM!

    E o que diz é verdade pois assisto a isso que diz.

  13. Now Alexandra, you're just being silly. It's not big and it's not clever. If you do know what happened to that poor child, it's not something to be flippant about, is it?

  14. "People who have 'theories' that rest on calling good independent witnesses liars are not worth discussing with."

    Then why are you discussing it then?
    You are at the wrong blog.

  15. Bemmmmmmmmm ... este Blog ASSUSTA muita gente ligada pelo umbigo ao casal mc.

    Vieram de onde ? Do inferno ? Só pode !

  16. @nonym at 4:17:00 PM

    It's Text's blog, not yours nor mine - you don't need to agree with what it's published here, nonetheless the author(s) have the right to exercise their thoughts, their opinions on the case as much as you and I do. It's irrelevant to the criminal process itself whatever we may indulge in and hypothesise about - the facts (that we know) pertaining to case are what they are.

    As bloggers the only thing that we can do is to propose, conjecture and give our personal views. And that is exactly what Text is doing.

    As to the insane 'pros' & asinine 'others' - how absurd can they be if they really think that the case solution rests on what one single blogger writes, or by attacking one blogger's thinking analysis & opinions?

  17. Estarei a ver bem ou esta carta e uma ameaca?
    Seja quem for que a escreve e eu ate arrisco um Nick, Yawm, sente-se seriamente ameacado(a) pelo que Textusa tem revelado. Nao pode ser portanto um(a) mero blogger a procura da verdade ou em defesa de um direito fundamental para qualquer crianca-o direito a justica. Tem de ser alguem directamente ligado ao desaparecimento de Madeleine, Os Mccann ou uma das sua estranhas e extraordinarias testemunhas. E alguem a quem a duvida incomoda e amedronta. Tem bom remedio: Em vez de escrever estas ameacas, mostre-nos uma prova do rapto. Nao existe nao e? Por mais voltinhas que de a cabeca, por mais imaginacao que tenha, nao encontra qualquer prova de rapto. E o que nao se consegue provar, provavelmente nao existe. O rapto e uma mentira e tudo o que foi gerado tendo o rapto como base, e uma fraude.
    A verdade intimida e quando alguem a expoe, ha sempre os que se amedrontam e tentam ameacar... A verdade resiste e flutua acima de qualquer ameaca. Tarde ou cedo emergira.
    Meu caro(a) amedrontado(a), nao vale a pena alimentar a ideia de que nos, os 'posters' somos todos estupidos e incapacitados de pensar autonomamente. Nao foi Textusa quem me moldou o pensamento. Eu simplesmente nao acredito em raptos sem vestigios. Nao acredito na Mrs Fenn nem em nenhuma das testemunhas deliberadamente levadas para o Centro da investigacao pelos Tapas 9.

  18. Mccann's and their gang, have a theory. An empyric theory without any factual evidences to suport it. Their theory is a dellirium, an illusion that fit's well Kate and Gerry desperation and some of the Tapas 7. I believe that even on their close family, their theory has no any suport. Inside doors they know that the girl is dead and all the story is a lie. Outside, they have to play their game and let the carriage go. We don't see them driving the carriage. Some times they show up out of the windows, forced by the circumstances, like last statment from Anty Phill about the book of "The Lies about the truth". They adopt a low profile trying to survive the storm that the exposure of the truth will be, when happenned. A very convennient and hypocrit behaviour. Like always.
    Textusa has no theory. What is bringing here for discussion every time, is not a theory. Is an interpretation of facts, behaviours, evidences. Accordng to me, a very intelligent, accurate and courageous interpretation, showing a lot of research not only on what is available from the investigation, but also in some scientific aknowledge of facts and evidences. Some of us reach the same conclusions as Textusa but we had no courage or time to set a blog and help a child to achieve justice. Off-course who was direct related with what hapenned in PDL on May 2007, did not like blogs like this one and will stamp everybody that post here with such """SWEET""" adjectives: "A crazy, paranoid and vindictive self-styled leader, and a raggle-taggle group of feeble-minded followers, too thick to form opinions of their own, and too scared of you to risk saying ''Actually, I think you're wrong''

    That sentence, my dear, is actually the best prove that Textusa interpretation is too close to the truth. If not, you will not waste your time and your precious words sending intimidating mails. What are you afraid? Which roll did you play in May 2007, in PDL? Are you a major character or one of the clowns witnesses forced by the Mccann's to play their game? That witnesses seem to fit well your adjectives: "a raggle-taggle group of feeble-minded followers". Maybe all with some strange facts on their past in UK, that the Mccann's explore well to keep them tied and under their hands. Maybe a strange phornographic life. That can explain why you are so paranoid with that word and use it many times, when you post here.
    BTW, where is the place where a large discussion of Textusa interpretation's is taking place? Is it inside a brown mansion in Rothley, payed with donations, or at the office of some Leic. police?
    Have you seen the last news about a crime that hapenned in Portugal, more then 30 years ago? Camarate could be reopenned. This is what hapenned when the big majority of the society did not believe a theory. This is what hapenned when the brain of intelligent people start interpreting evidences and facts. Is never too late to come back to the right track and solve a case that was wrongly shelved. You, my dear friend, cannot sleep. Think on a little child that no longer exists( the dogs did not know how to lie) and see what you really can do in prol of that child, in prol of her memory and dignity. Think that a discret bouquet of flowers can make her soul more happy then thousands of millionaire donations falling on her parents Fund. She deserves it. You don't deserve a single reply, but I love to write love letters as well.
    Have a good day. Maybe today could be the day that you decide to become a better person, and think more on Madeleine then on yourself. A huge step, that only very intelligent persons can achieve.
    Yesterday I got a wonderful and sweet christmas present- A Toy Y. Terrier. She had no name, but after leaking the post of Textusa on my laptop, we decide to call her MADDIE SUE. Two words that can describe and sintetise well the drama of a child with same age as one of my chlds.

  19. If Alexandra is withholding information she has a moral and legal duty to report it to the police. If she has new evidence the case could be re-opened.

    Alexandra is playing a very dangerous game. I have concluded she knows nothing. Only a person with something to lose would withhold evidence, only an idiot would tell the world they are doing so. Alexandra is either a liar or an idiot and in this case it's better to be a liar than an idiot. That must be a first!

    As every blog owner knows, peoples' comments can identify where they come from and Textusa also has a duty to report information like this to the police.

  20. You miss the point, joana. It may be her demented opinion to which she is most heartily welcome, but by Sargento even mentioning this crap, as he has publicly in the past, it simply makes sane and sober people think there is something wrong with the cause she and he espouses.

    A bit like Sofia Leal telling the world she read the 3arguidos forum, or being filmed reading Havern's bloody awful, manic blog. It makes you ALL look stupid, conspiratorial and beneath contempt.

    Well done!


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