Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Holiday Time!!!

It’s holiday time and this blog has its priorities set right, which means family and friends come first.

After that, fun.

We’ll be back after the holiday’s.

If you wish to entertain your self during this period, do look at the Paraíso Bar’s photos.

Yes, you’ve seen them, but now LOOK at them (as you can see Maddie’s “logo” can be used for good purposes).

Happy holidays!


Having had my ears smacked by people I respect (and maintain that as intact as it ever was), and seeing my readers, who I respect, admire and am grateful for, going into various directions and not wanting to spoil anybody's festive season let me just say very succintly, running the risk of spoiling future surprises, what I intended when I proposed to revisit the Paraíso's photos.

I wanted you to "see" two things. That's it.

First I wanted you to see, for yourselves, that the space of the Paraiso is very similar, if not larger (at least has much more eating places) to the Tapas, and AS THE PICTURES show, NINE adults would be much more noticeable than said by the TAPAS employees.

Second, I would have liked for you to see how Russel O'Brien and Matthew Oldfield seem to be anything but freshly out of a "sailing accident"' where one saved the other from the cold early May PdL waters.

I do believe that according to some Tapas's statement it was a chilly afternoon.  

Rachael wouldn't be sunbathing that afternoon. Yet there they are, all nice and fresh, and there's no reference of them going back to change.

Is this important?

Well, I would tell you why, but then could be accused again of sending you on another wild goose chase.

Those are the two main facts I wished you "see".

Instead of concentrating on "what can I see what others can't" do LOOK instead at "what are these pictures showing? Wait a minute, that doesn't fit with that..."

Well but that's me, I might be just the crazy idiot some say I am.

Apologise if I've made you waste your time. Far from me to EVER wish you to do that here.

I must confess that you've placed some interesting facts, that I had not noticed before, and will certainly be digested, so, once again, I do thank all the honest, selfless help you've given me.

Now, let me get back to my Holiday Season.

Thank you.


  1. " It’s holiday time and this blog has its priorities set right, which means family and friends come first."

    Very well !

    A very nice time with Family and Friends!

    And, thank you !


  2. To others......... time for solitude.

  3. Textusa

    Yes - lovely pictures - rest time - have a good holiday.


  4. Textusa

    I have now looked and looked at this CCTV footage and have come up with the following. Could be right, could be wrong.

    17.38.46 Jane Tanner enters restuarant.

    17.46.07 What looks like Gerry McCann enters restuarant carrying a dark haired child.

    17.59.50 What looks like Gerry seated on the right hand side of Russel O Brien, after Jane Tanner has moved seats.

    18.13.53 speaks to ? MO

    18.36.08 GM leans over as if leaving the restuarant.

    So that means he was not at the Tennis Court at 18.00 as previously stated.


  5. Um FELIZ NATAL para Vocês, TEXTUSA e IRONSIDE, e respectivas famílias.
    Que o Pai Natal vos traga o que mais desejarem, em especial para IRONSIDE (sei que não leva a mal, Textusa)!

    Enjoy the well deserved break!

    Season's greetings to all who read and post here from a portuguese fan!

  6. According to the investigation and Mr. Amaral, the McCanns were NOT at the Paraíso bar. I too looked at the pictures in http://www.gerrymccannsblogs.co.uk/
    and could not spot Kate or Gerry.

    Happy 1st December to all portuguese! (public holiday, the day we regained our independance from the spanish-1st Dec.1640)

  7. The day that Gerry went to Cafe paraiso with Madeleine tu buy an ice-cream was not May 3. I don't see Gerry or Kate or any of their childs in the CCTV of May 3. Apart the tennis lesson, they were not able to tell to PJ ( at least I don't remember to see that on the files or in Amaral book) where they spent the all day of May 3.
    Madeleine coleagues from the creche, went on a boat. There is no signs of Madeleine in the boat. No pictures( I believe many parents from other childs took pictures) showing Madeleine. The guy who drives the boat also has no idea of Madeleine in the boat. Amaral said on his book that 5:30 wasthe last time that an independent person saw Madeleine alive. That independent person was a Nanny that even raise doubts because seems to be not the Nanny that used to stay with Madeleine. The Creche records also looks manipulated with strange signatures.
    Why are only the Mccann's missing in Cafe Paraiso on May 3?
    Kate said to BBC interview that Madeleine and the other childs of the creche were practising a play(danse) to show to their parents but she did not know about what was the danse. Strange for a mother that was in holidays with her childs, for not knowing such excited activity. Kids tend to bring home what they learn to keep practising, even when teachers ask them to keep it secret.
    IT is because of the activities they have done on May 3, that they so strongly refuse any reconstruction? I believe so. They lie too much about that day.

  8. Paraiso Bar photo 17:34:01: Somebody is walking away from the bar towards the beach (light coloured shirt), looks like Kate McCann.
    Photo 17:38:08: Same person? is outside the bar near the couple in the middle (looks like Kate McCann).
    Photo 17:46:07: Somebody (same person?) is walking back (with child?), looks like Kate McCann.

    Possibly far-fetched, but there is something in the attitude of that person that looks like Kate McCann.

  9. Have a great holiday Tex - thanks for all your hard work and research during the year - all the best xxxx

  10. Anon. 8:54,

    Have looked again with great attention:
    at 17:34:01 and 17:38:08 there is this figure in white, it seems like a blonde woman, with her hair in a ponytail(Kate?), but why is she standing in front of the wrong table at 17:38:08? If you look at 17:46:07, the figure still is there, now sideways, and some of the Tapas are at the table. Why wouildn't that person be near them, if it was K.McCann?
    The woman carrying a baby at 17:46:07 is Rachel Oldfield, I think, look at the next photo,17:46:39, she has passed the child to the father and she is standing to his left.
    If that figure in white is indeed Kate, it seems that she was alone, no kids, no Gerry, and that she just came for brief moments, passing some "important message", maybe...?
    Also, I would very much like to know WHO was sitting in that table in front, two people there, byt they don't seem to be the same all the time, sometimes they seem like a man and a woman and then only two men, and the one facing the Tapas people made me think of Murat!
    Help! I'm going bananas!!!

  11. Anon 3:16
    Photo 17:38:08 It seems to me that woman (Kate?) is not standing in front of the table, but she is outside the bar looking forward (searching?, waiting?).
    The man in the white shirt walking towards the 'Tapas-table' imo is Matthew Oldfield.
    Like you said at 17:46:07 there is Rachel Oldfield carrying a baby.
    Like you I see different persons at that 'middle' table, although not sure (of course).
    New 'sighting': Photo 18:12:34 A man is walking outside the bar (left side, dark shirt), could he be Gerry?
    I echo your remark 'Help! I'm going bananas!!!'
    Hope Textusa will help us after the holidays.
    Anon 8:54 (NL)

  12. OH-OH-OH!
    Naughty, naughty Textusa! You've managed to put us all "at sixs and sevens", dear old girl!
    We will have no rest till the New Year...what a "wicked" Christmas pressie, huh?!

  13. I have just been viewing Paraiso Restaurant and noticed it is raised from the ground by wooden structures presumably this area of sand underneath the restaurant was checked by the police for Madeleines body as I recall Gerry went out early on the morning of the 4th May 'searching' for his daughter in the direction of the beach, also he would have been aware of such a hiding place from previous visits to the restaurant.

  14. Anon. 10:32:00am,

    That would be a very risky place to hide a body! It could easily be sniffed by dogs and dug up! It is very common to see a number of vagrant dogs, more or less feral, roaming the beaches and streets of places like Luz. Some are "owned" by the local fishermen, but are left to roam the streets at their leisure, and gather around places were there's a chance of being fed, like near restaurants. I've seen dogs like that many times, escavating the sand, just for fun or because they sniffed something interesting.
    Far too risky!

  15. Textusa, you must understand that many of us are unable to think outside the box like you can. That's why the "McCanners" hate your guts so much. Please continue to lead. They've piled up so many lies that to unriddle this whole thing we need people like you.

  16. At least it was chilly enough for Fiona to cover up her shoulders. Tex, who do you think is that woman standing behind Jane and leaves Tapas in front of her? Is it Kate?

  17. Anon 1:11.

    The granularity of the photos don't allow us to have certainties about most of the people that are on the photos. That woman has been a point of discussion between myself and my "helpers". I speculate that it's Rachael. She seems to be, like Tanner, listening to the decision that Fiona is making about the table. She's not linked with the people of the table behind, otherwise the stroller would have been in the way. It leaves out Kate and Rachael, and I trust that the PJ looked at them attentively, and if it was Kate, it would have been a noticeable contradiction to what she stated to be at the time, and that fact would have been registered in the files. But as I said, pure speculation, as she could be just talking with the people on the table behind, and putting up with the rudeness of people who just place strollers anywhere...

  18. Please could a kind person let me know where I can see these photos? I have looked on various sites but can't track them down! Many thanks, I am dying of curiosity!

  19. Anon 1:41

    At Pamalam's:

    At Headlines Today:

  20. Very wise words received, via mail, from a very wise friend: " People have a theory in their heads and they will twist and manipulate to fit the theory... never look at where something leads and never look outside the box. Most crimes are not complicated, most crimes are simple and the MO is simple, but one thing people seem to forget is that once you tell one lie (no matter how small) you have to tell 10 more to cover it and then 10 more to cover each one of them.... snowball effect. That could simply be the most simplest answer in all of this."

    Thank you.


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