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Last Call - All ABOARD (...or NOT) !!!

I’ve been very critical with the Portuguese Police performance on the night Maddie died.

Although I do maintain some criticism, I now recognize that I wouldn’t have done much better in same circumstances.

Everyone by now has understood that what happened on the night of May 3rd, 2007, in PdL, was very similar to the depicted in the “Murder On the Orient Express” movie, including a very coincidental “… the train is unusually crowded for the time of year”.

There are various differences.

In PdL, Ratchet wasn't but a little 4 year old girl called Madeleine, for one, and there was a body evidently murdered in the train, while in the apartment the body is to this day missing, and probably no longer exists.

Another important difference is that on the train, all the planning took place BEFORE the murder, while in PdL I believe that the planning, not of a murder but of a cover-up, took place AFTER, what I also believe to have been, the manslaughter.

Also, I’m sure that all the Tapas 9 didn’t stab Maddie as each of the Orient Express’ 12 suspects stabbed Ratchett once, “so that no one could know who delivered the fatal blow”, but I’m in belief that all of the Tapas 9 know exactly who delivered that particular "blow" to Maddie.

So, if, as police, I was to be confronted by a couple, backed by OTHER seven adults, that their daughter had been abducted by aliens, my first natural reaction would be to contact the local air traffic authorities, even if all physical evidence pointed otherwise.

The likelihood of being before NINE adults lying about the death of one of their own children is too staggeringly adverse.

 If it were just the claim of the couple, then yes, very suspicious… but it’s humanly impossible to grasp immediately that NINE people are in on a plot to cover up the very recent death of a girl that was the daughter to two of them.

It would be natural to assume that all and any absurd fact would later have an explanation, and that it could wait as, very appropriately so, the absolute priority would be to find the toddler as quickly as possible. After all, she could be just lost down the street…

But this post is NOT about what happened that night, but it’s about all those unfortunate enough to have “been on the train” that night.

When a train crashes into a station, the people that happen to be either on the train or on the station, are bound to get seriously hurt.

Their only guilt was to decide to be on that that particular train or on that particular station at that particular time, but irrelevant of lack of guilt, they will get hurt, seriously hurt. Maybe they shouldn’t have been in any of the two places or it’s completely irrelevant their presence there or elsewhere, the fact is that no one could anticipate the accident, otherwise, logic dictates, they would be somewhere else.

Unjust, unfair, but that is the way it is.

 The “train” on May 3rd, was the Ocean Club, on board, many passengers, not only the Tapas 9. The “station” is one huge place. It encompasses PdL, some parts of Portugal, and goes all the way to so many a corridor, house and family in the UK.

This post is directed to all those that were unfortunate to be, one way or another, at either on that train or on that station. So let me now talk directly to all those good, honest and decent people, who know exactly that I’m referring to them.

I know you hate me, and you have reasons to hate me. I would hate me if I were you, no question about that.

I, on the other hand, don’t hate you, or even “hate” you, but understand that the fact that I just won’t go away is reason justified for you to hate me. Understand and accept that.

But although I understand your hatred fully, I won’t apologise for anything for there’s nothing for me to apologise for.

As I said, nothing moves me against you and I maintain fully the adjectives I used to describe you all: good, honest and decent.

Although it doesn’t seem to be so, I’ve thus far tried to protect you, for I see you as mere collateral victims in all this. I know that by now you’re wishing that you weren’t where and when you were. Or that you didn’t have family or friends that were there and then.

Unfortunately, nobody, nor you, nor I, can change that. And whether you were in the Ocean Club, PdL, somewhere else in Portugal or in the UK you got hit. Hard. No matter how much you pretended, and pretend, you weren’t, you were. And I keep reminding you of that, and that’s got to hurt, I know.

But going about protecting the “train driver” from his accountability was simply the wrong thing to do. Yes, things did get a little out of hand, and yes, you can even say they fooled you at first. I know that they, to some of you, namely those that had little to lose, appealed to your National values.

As if it wasn’t the “natives’” business to poke their dirty little noses in yours, as is known, in the Brit Empire, what happens there stays there.

The problem is that it didn’t happen anywhere near an existing Empire. To all those that had much to lose, well, there was no argumentation needed, right? You must understand that the McCanns, under the excuse that they were protecting you, have USED YOU as a wall to protect themselves.

And you must understand that for us to get to the McCanns, we must go past that same wall. To get to them we must go through you. The only way around this, is YOU making that unnecessary.

In the blog I’ve exhausted the "Smith Sighting" theme. I may squeeze out of it one or two more posts, but that’s it. Then I may write about some Black Hats wandering about, many of which I do believe to be you, and may even find one or other minor theme to write about, but we must move on.

And once we do, we do.

You’ve seen our methodology on the “Smith Sighting”, and if I wasn’t afraid of infringing some copyright, I would dare call it as the “leaving no stone unturned” technique. But I believe somebody else has already used, or better said, misused the expression, so I won't use it. Just have to find myself another one.

The important thing is that we in this blog, are not as satisfied as many, in playing around with the already known facts and putting them together over and over again.

Like having a clearly limited amount of Lego pieces, and be satisfied to mount them in many different ways. Always apparently different, yet just the same pieces.

We in this blog, seek new pieces. To the displeasure of many.

And when there’s a will, there’s a way. And yes, we’ve found some very, very interesting stuff. No, we do not have privileged information, secret sources or leaked documents. It’s all in the information available to all. All already published or seen. Which, in my view, is not exactly a good thing for you, as it is there for all to see, once there’s a finger to point it out to them.

It has then come the time for you to do some damage control, if you wish to do so. We still believe that it’s possible to contain all this to all those DIRECTLY involved in the demise and body disposal of the British citizen, Madeleine Beth McCann.

We know that some of these people acted in good faith, but, unfortunately for them, accountability is accountability.

You all good, decent and honest people can go and find yourself another online/offline “PDL Church” somewhere and hold one of your meetings and convince those that are accountable that this whole farse doesn't make sense anymore, if it ever did, and that it’s time that they owned up and faced the music, and leave the rest of you, finally, out of it.

This is not a threat, just an alert. As I said, nothing moves me against you, so, in conscience, I had to warn you, and that's what I'm doing.

Tomorrow I’m leaving for holidays. Ironside has the blog’s front door keys, but has already warned me NOT to hand over the key to the mailbox.

Which, by the way, seems to be having some problems, according to what I’ve been told. Remember only when you receive the message that the comment has been submitted, will it mean that it has been sent. Don’t worry about duplication, that will be my problem.

Your comments will then continue to be received, but will only be published upon my return. With the exception of those “DO NOT PUBLISH”. Those are to remain private, and will never be published, so that all the good, honest and decent people can continue to use it, if they wish to do so.

Take care, the Sun is calling and arthritis is pushing. No, I won’t “go away”.

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  1. Oh, I see you're in quite a mood and now you are off on your hols!

    Well, have a jolly decent time and come back and tell us more about what you have found, pretty please.



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