Thursday, 24 March 2011

The REAL Quiz Night at Tapas

It seems that somebody owes the Tapas Bar a Quiz Night.

No, not Najoua, for as far as we know, she delivered all the QNs she had to.

If we only could gather up all those numerous people that are supposed to have accompanied the T9 during that so much entertaining meal at Tapas for Quiz Night, we would.

They’ve yet to confirm their presence there, but I’m sure that if asked, they would ALL fly back to PdL to do a reconstruction of that night.

No, not to help us out, but just out of the pure hilarious fun that it is to participate in a Quiz Night!

What we’re proposing to do now, if you agree, is to run a Quiz Night at Tapas, but instead of there, it will be right here in the blog!

So round up your team mates, have a pencil ready, and here's the QUIZ QUESTION:  

"From the Tapas Bar reservation sheets shown below, what can you tell us that you'd expect us to tell you?”

 Do remember to look because all that is to be known know is looking back at you, or as Sherlock Holmes said to Dr Watson: “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth"



  1. The first thing I DON'T see is a quiz night booked on ANY night.

    There are no teams planned, no time when dinner finishes and quiz begins.
    Everyone is booked in at different times. Do they people who have children keep the children with them or do they take the children to the night creche so they can join the quiz?

    So I see NOTHING about THAT quiz night.

    Speaking about NOTHING, there is nothing said about quiz night in most statements given to the police. I think we only have some of the McCann group who mention a quiz night and maybe a passing reference from Najoua Checkaya.

    I'm not very good at this, all I can answer is NOTHING.

  2. I'll play a little bit of hostess here... and say, where did the people who ate inside (4 tables with 4 people max) made their reservation, and/or had their beverage consumption registered?

    No one ate inside? On chilly early May evenings? Or are some of those tables on the sheets the inside ones? If so, which? But then, if out of those mentioned, 4 were inside, how many were then outside? Only 3?

    Do play on please... and enjoy yourself!

  3. The Mill is where all the holiday makers went not Tapas bar, Tapas bar was place to go for drink. Why would such a large group try and fit into Tapas bar when they have the more spaceous 'fully inclusive' mill available and free child minding facilities provided?

    Another question; Why did Kate and Gerry need keys to church, notice side door on church and derelit building opposite. Could it be possible they went into church and left by side door without being noticed.

    Also why did Jeremy Wilkins refuse to take part in the reconstruction, was pressure put on him not to co-operate?

    Why did Mrs Fenn an elderly lady have an apartment on the first floor, why not ground floor. Why did she wait four months before giving her statement.

    And finally, why did the Mccanns need to set up a fund in the first place ?

    and ...why are the Mccanns not serving time in prison?

  4. Wee, here's what I see:

    On Friday, the 4th, the reservation sheets changed! They are not similar to the ones before, maybe a new set of sheets, from a new pad...? But to change to a different kind of sheets preciselly on the day after the disappearance is quite a coincidence!

    On the 1st, 2nd and 3rd May sheets, at the top of each one, this is handwritten:
    "Mesas lá dentro - 4 mesas com 4 pax máximo" (Tables inside - 4 tables with 4 people maximum)
    Anyone guess what this means...? Yes, by Jove, you've got it!!!
    4 tables x 4 people each = 16 seats for 16 people in total.
    The Tapas group was of 9 people, so, them alone would occupy at least 3 tables, joined together.
    Lucky that they were always the last diner guests at the Tapas each night, isn't it?(Except for the 3rd, there are the Sperreys for 9pm).
    There were no other guests after 9pm, and I suppose that those who had booked their tables for earlier in the evening would have been long gone. There is no point in booking a meal for 7 or 7.30pm and still linger at the restaurant till 9 or 10pm.
    There was no one left to participate in Q.N., only the McCanns and Cº! Not much fun , is it; a Q.N. with only 9 participants?

  5. The millenium had CCTV cameras that is where Mccanns and friends went to eat, films would all be deleted by now.
    Tapas bar - not large enough for such a big group.
    Sitting outside would be very chilly especially late at night.

    No quiz nights at Tapas and no large table at Tapas - all lies - but why were so many strangers to the Mccanns prepared to lie for the Mccanns. Whatever happened to Najoua did she just disappear ...

  6. Textusa you have nailed the Mccanns you have proven their guilt beyond doubt, and all those people that have aided them through corrupt statements. Thank you

  7. We should be looking at the reservations sheets in 3rd May because this is what the Daily Mail tells us on 16th August 2007.
    It must be right otherwise someone would have sued them....wouldn't they?

    "Aerobics instructor Najoua Chekaya was chatting with Gerry and Kate McCann and their friends WHEN MADELEINE, then three, VANISHED from the family's Algarve apartment in Praia da Luz.

    THAT NIGHT, Ms Chekaya had organised a bar quiz at the Ocean Club resort where the McCanns were staying. HER EVIDENCE IS understood TO CORROBORATE the MCCANNS' MOVEMENTS in the hour before the disappearance was discovered".

    Second thoughts, DM doesn't say quiz night is at the Tapas, what it says is she 'organised a bar quiz at the OCEAN CLUB'. She is a clever person because she can organise a quiz night at some unspecified place at the Ocean Club and presumably let someone else run it while she sits with diners in the Tapas.

    No, that can't be right either because her statement says she went to the Tapas for dinner that night but her name wasn't on the booking sheet. I don't suppose staff get to dine at the Tapas without a booking do they? Isn't the Mill the place they would normally go?

    Maybe the Daily Mail got it wrong after all. But I wonder why no-one asked them where they got their evidence from or asked them to correct their mistake.

  8. My question-

    Why are the first 3 booking sheets written in that typical British handwriting style? All the young girls I know use that script. I'm no handwriting expert but I would make a guess those sheets were written by a British female and I'm not intending to be sexist.

    All of the Tapas staff were Portuguese.

  9. Anon 11:02

    Portuguese or English, who is the girl that writes it? Svetlana, the kitchen helper, is also responsible for the reservations? Notice that the same handwriting, writes some small phrases in Portuguese. I see no Portuguese woman in the Tapas personnel roster

  10. Looking at reservation sheets there were not enough people to do a QN and earlier diners would have already left by time mcanns party arrived.

    How many people took part in the QN ?

    How was Najoua able to run quiz and sit and chat to Mccanns at same time.

    Why did they need to reserve a table when it was so quiet, out of season, diners would go to the Mill for evening meal not Tapas Snack bar.

  11. My question is ;

    Were the first three sheets re-written, very neat handwriting maybe copied from an original and some details added to suit mccanns.

  12. Taking Tuesday’s sheet first.

    The Portuguese written at the top of the page is different handwriting to the names below. Look at the letter ‘a’ it is different and there is a circle over the ‘i’.
    The English ‘Tuesday’ is written below the Portuguese ‘Terca’.
    Yet the table numbers are written in continental handwriting.

    If Svetlana is a kitchen assistant I don’t believe she would have anything to do with booking forms or attending customers and I believe the first 3 forms were written by a British woman.

    At 9.00 there is an entry saying ‘Quiz Show +1’ As far as I am aware there is no such thing as a quiz SHOW. As this entry is written in continental handwriting if we presume it was not a Brit they may not know quiz night is not a show, it’s all about audience participation.

    There is wine on the booking form but no table numbers it was taken to, why?

    The other names on this day are

    Apart from McKenzie no-one seems to have given a statement to the police, why not?
    Do we even know if the McKenzie on the form was the same who made the statement to the police 5 months later and who was the person he was dining with, yet another statement not taken along with the other diners partners on this list.

  13. Wednesday booking form

    More then one hand has written this
    The booking are conveniently taken for 30 minute intervals
    Drinks on the form are not allocated to any table number
    Why does the table for name have to be named ‘same table’, what else could it have been for a party of 9?

    Thursday booking form
    A couple named Irwin dined at the same time as T9, then another couple the Sperrys who would have been dining at the same time as T9, where are their statements? Maybe these people didn’t want to ‘play the game’ and I don’t mean the quiz game?

    Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday only Mark Warner guests dined at the Tapas because it’s noted on the form but on the Friday form it’s not stated.
    As all guests have to pay for food and drinks at the Tapas what does it matter which holiday company they have travelled with?

    It has been said that it’s likely that the booking forms for the days before the disappearance could be different to those afterwards because the book was given to the police and a new book started but the tennis dinner must have been booked well in advance and that is not written in the British style.
    Apart from that I’m sure the Ocean Club would have a store of booking forms, they wouldn’t buy them individually so why would those 3 look different?

    We have no witness statement to say who took the bookings and wrote them in the book.

    It looks like we are getting more questions than answers and we are just starting to look closely.

    Who is going to mark this quiz?

  14. Well, things are looking good... you people are starting to see how much information these pieces of papers hold.

    I’ll give you another one. Could ONLY people who reserved meals at Tapas be able to eat at Tapas?

    Is that a rule and is it written where? Imagine that you’re in your apartment and you ask your loved one “Dear, I don’t feel like going to the Mill tonight, how about going downtown for a change?” and the only answer your partner HAS is “Do we have a choice? Tapas’s out of the question, we didn’t reserve!”

    From the reservation sheets, there’s a TIME allocated to each guest, or group of guests. We shall call reservation sheets type A, for the first three, and type B for the others.

    On the type A, the name is placed in accordance with the pre-printed timescale of the first column, while on the type B, the time is handwritten.

    Nobody is there without a time. Did someone check what time a guest arrived and jotted it down? Know ANY restaurant that does that?

    So no walk-in guests for the whole week?

    You might think that, as is normal, don’t get registered anywhere, besides in the cashier when they pay as they leave.

    It could be so, but then, to whom do the noted drinks refer to? Only to guests that have made reservations?

    If noting what was consumed was that important, where is the consumption for the walk-ins? This is VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION, as we all know, the abductor, if ever present at Tapas, WOULD have been a WALK-IN, due to the importance given to the man with the rasta hairstyle…

    No, it seems that FROM the reservation sheets, ONLY people who reserved could eat there. But if that is the case, why ask witnesses if they had seen anybody out-of-place there the night Maddie disappeared? It would have been a simple answer: “No, nobody, only people with reservations dine here.”

    I’ve noticed that they’ve changed their policy since, as per Silvia Batista’s mail to one of our readers, you can now go and have a salad and pizza there if you wish, without reservation…

  15. In the beggining, it was said that the Tapas only took customers with prior reservations, and that it was in big demand, very difficult to get a table there. I also read somewhere that the Tapas Bar used to serve ONLY guests staying at the Ocean Club, but then it became open for "outsiders", the public in general, as any other restaurant in Luz. I suppose they decided to do it because they were not making a profitable business with O. Club's guests only. I don't know when the customer policy changed, if in April/May 2007 they were alredy serving whoever came for a meal.
    However, this is strange...if they were in such big demand that they were struggling to deal with the O.Club's guests alone, how in the world would they decide to open for outside customers and make things even more difficult?!

  16. Where is the sheet for Sunday 30 April? Any reason for not being handed in? The T9 had dinner that night too, didn't they?

  17. From the statements of MW workers I can see that the Tapas restaurant can allocate only 20 guests from MW. Thats why the dinners need to be booked in advance, specially when a so popular event is going to happened-a Quiz night. That means also, PEOPLE HAVING HOLIDAYS OUT OF THE OC OR LIVING IN PDL COULD BOOK A TABLE IN THE TAPAS RESTAURANT FOR A DINNER and their bookings will appear wih other siglas, not MW. From the reservation sheets I can see, no BOOKINGS FROM PEOPLE OUT OF MW. Strange... specially when we know that during a low season most of restaurants/ bars are closed, specially if to open they need sazonal employers( which is not profitable because the amount of tourists did not justify a restaurant to be openned for few guests).
    Looking at the reservation sheets, clear I can say they were handrighted by a younger person wih a female touch. Most probably a girl who copied the sheets to be handed to the police like if they were original. To my mind come a British Nanny or a special character hat seems to be very innocent and forgetable but could be innocently used to play a major rol- A 12 YEARS OLD GIRL WHO COME TO THE MEDIA SAYING THAT SHE USE TO TAKE A BUS TO THE SCHOOL IN FRONT OF THE OC AND SHE HAVE SEEN A VERY SUSPICTIOUS GUY LOOKING TO THE MCCANN'S APART during that week. After her statement, the son of a british bar owner was invistigated on the grounds of Paedo suspicions and he was cleared because had left PDL before the Mccann's arrived. A girl or a Nanny copy the sheets.
    The Tapas workers were not incharged of the Bookings at the Restaurants. According to the statements of the OC workers, a man is the one incharged of the dinner bookings in the reception and a lady was incharged of the activity bookings, also in the reception. Then, what was handed to the Tapas restaurant before the dinners is a copy of the reservation sheets filled by the receptionist. Now the Tapas workers will add there or in a separate sheet the consuption of each person/couple/table.
    The sheets show a strange consuption at the bottom, only for drinks and nothing for food. The write show that was done in a rush, most probably because the police asked he bills from each table and there was no bills, they were obliged o write something to cover their lies.
    Conclusion for me: There was no dinners at the Tapas. The Tapas was closed. Most of the workers, including the Kitchen helper, had the Thursday as they day off. Most probably the apas was open during the day to serve the swimming pool but closed during the night because most of the guests will went at night to the most popular and attractive bars available across the road and full of activities, like the Chaplins,etc.
    When we look at a case like that we cannot ignore important details and the money(earned or lost) by a restaurant is an important detail. After 10Pm there is no meals served in most restaurants in Algarve( if the numbers of clients did not justify) because the restaurant have to pay 'EXTRAORDINARY' hours, highly payed to their workers.
    The Chaplin's were runned by the owners. No employers, no salaries. Then the Chaplin's could offer in low season what for the Tapas is just possible at high season. The Tapas was closed, the Chaplins was open. The bills unavailable at Tapas were most probably available at Chaplins.
    The aerobic instructor, contracted to give classes a the pool during the day, to earn a good salary have to split her work between other places in Algarve. She went to Faro, etc... busy until 6Pm. I can't imagine her coming back to he OC, tired and ready to do a Quiz night. On her contract they said she could do Quiz nights on Sunday, because most probably on Sunday is her day off for aerobic classes in all places she use to go and is the day that the Tapas could have an amount of reservaions that justify it to be openned.

  18. Who drank those drinks? What were the brands of wine that were sold, as the prices vary? What were teh brands of waters and colas that were sold?
    What is the use of the information: XX amount of bottles wine consumed? Absolutely nothing unless to try and make believe that these people drank a lot.

  19. When you look at the handwiten notes for water and wine on the third sheet, that of May 2nd you see that somebody has had a slip. It says "red wine" instead of vino tinto, even though the white and the water are stated as "branco" and "agua". Is not the whole staff portuguese?

  20. What's the meaning of 1 Sangria Quiz Show +1? Were 2 Sangrias drank that night and one by the whoever was Quiz Show? One Sangria seems a little too much to drink by one person (NC who sat 20 minutes at a particular table), and too little if it was to be by the Quiz Show participants.
    Anon 2:22 well pointed out. A Portuguese employee would use only his native language, as his managerial staff are Portuguese too.
    Anon 9:19 "mesma mesa/same table" I see it as a note to self. To remind to consider these four names as a group (we know by now that it's all make belief) so I would say it was a Portuguese woman who wrote these three sheets.

  21. From the dinner reservations there was not enough people for a quiz night and in early May hardly likely to be busy with passing trade.

    Why was it so important to pretend there was a quiz night when there was not one.

    Also if I was having a quiet evening meal I would be annoyed if someone started shouting through a microphone doing a quiz night that I did not want to be part of.

  22. On 4/5/07 (Friday) the sheet changed for a portuguese one. Why? Wasn't strange that the english sheets finnish exactely on the night Madeleine disappeared? They really finnish or were with somebody to be copied/altered according to the story/circumstances?
    The drinks consuption for that day/night is also interesting- Very High if we consider that one order was take away ( MOST PROBABLY ONLY FOOD, NO DRINKS SINCE MOST OF THE TOURISTS IN ALGARVE BUY THE ALCOHOL IN SUPERMARKETS BECAUSE IS CHEAP). Then, only 3 people who dine at the Tapas drank almost the same amount as all the others who have been there on the nights before.

  23. The Mccanns are trying to look as if they spent everynight at the Tapas bar. As a previous reader mentions Tapas served swimming pool customers during day who wanted drinks and snacks by pool, then in evening very quiet, hardly any customers, no need to book.

    Quiz sheets after first three are different style, why is this are they from another book, the first three are very neatly written do not look genuine.

    The mccanns and their friends are liars, Russell was supposed to be missing from table for 45 minutes attending his sick daughter, all lies, no dirty bed linen and who would leave children unattended for such long periods, no one would.

    Thanks to Textusa she proves they all lie to us, no big table these people are all guilty.

    My quiz question is to the tapas 7 'how can you live with yourselves being part of something that robbed a baby of her life and for what...'

  24. Anon. 10:18:00am,
    maybe the 30th April(Sunday) was the night they went to Chaplin's. In the early days there were rumours that they indeed were at Chaplin's on one night, and a worker from the O. Club had to go and fetch them back, because the children were crying and other guests complained about it.
    I have no idea if there's any truth in this, but in Portugal we have a saying: "where there is smoke there is a fire"...why would people start to circulate that kind of rumour, and placing them exactly in Chaplin's and not in any of the other night entertainment places in Luz?

  25. I don't often post comments on blogs or forums, but having recently come across this site, I had to congratulate you on it, as it certainly stands out from the rest.

    No other commentator that I've read regarding this sorry story has brought the clarity and original thinking that I've seen in your articles which I've read so far.

    Sadly, many people seem to have been taken in by the "official version" of events, but as you have shown, once you dig beneath the surface, all is not as it seems, and the truth begins to emerge.

    Attempts to discredit your conclusions appear somewhat questionable - and I think your suspicions are well-founded.

    New evidence will eventually come to light. It's a matter of time.

    Excellent work - keep it up. I have a feeling that 2011 is going to be a turning point in the case. Firstly, with the Supreme Court's rejection of the appeal against the overturning of the book ban, then with the publication of the two new books. Hoping that Kate's book will open the way to more public discussion of the case.

  26. Good evening to all of you, the lovely people who admire and visit Textusa's!
    Just read this, and wanted to share:

    Also in:

    "He ( Mr. Amaral) also spoke of his rights to publish in the UK: “I have the right to publish any book in the UK and the British people also have the right to be able to read and know about all the versions about what may have happened during the night of May 3, 2007."

  27. Thanks for the link 11.41

    I also have a question for Tapas 7;

    Kate's book could contain new evidence enabling the case to be re-opened will you still maintain a 'pact of silence' ?

    Perhaps Kate has unwittingly provided 'the final piece in the jigsaw' that will now put them all back in the spotlight thanks to Amarals book being published at same time.

    Great forum Tex - I agree its one of the best (if not the best ) on the internet.

  28. The statements of Kate and Gerry, since 4 May 2007, were planned. We can stick one on top of the other. What is amazing is that not only the ideas were matching, THE WORDS AND THE SEQUENCE OF THE WORDS ARE MACHING ALMOST PERFECTLY. Only a planned statement with some hours of training could achieve that status. When almost everybody was searching their daughter, they were planning and training what to deliver to the police. No any of them reported the Quiz Night. Quiz Night was incompatible with childs checking. How boring and annoying if every time somebody had to leave the table and leave the Quiz in standby. On their statements, Kate and Gerry forgot that other characters were committed to lie as well. Their lies did not match the lies of who were not practising near them.
    No Quiz Night, no dinner at Tapas. They were busy doing other jobs, related with Madeleine's body. They had no time to feel the need of any dinner that night.

  29. The Algarve Resident is a Pro-Mccann British paper in Algarve. Most probably published/Edited by one of the Mccann's/Priest friends.
    Sometimes what they print is a shame, specially because they know all the Tapas 9 lie to the police and all refused the reconstruction.

  30. Marinho Pinto:

    'Se me fizerem escutas vao encontrar materia'

    Todos sabemos sobre que assuntos sera a 'materia'-Madeleine, Joana Cipriano, Casa Pia.

  31. I know I said trashcan was full. But you can always best to force soemthing there, than have it around you. This to say I received another comment from F. Insane (who has been silent for quite a while) and decided to put this one in the trashcan. At least, it gives us two new facts: there was NOT one QN, but TWO, and neither were on the night Maddie died. Based on what? The usual: just because.

    If any of you would like to see it and make sense of it please feel free to do so, but as I said before we here do have other things to be getting on with, apart from trying to decipher obscure meanings. If anyone can give a reasoned argument as to when QN was, we will respond accordingly.

  32. Textusa, I know the case is far from funny, but I have a laugh every time I read: INSANE'S BLOG (waiting for the link).

    I think Insane's blog doesn't exist at all, he needs your blog to ventilate his/her frustrations.

  33. Hi Tex,

    Brilliant blog, slightly off topic but I was wondering how Ironside is keeping, I was thinking about her this afternoon and thought I'd ask. Thanks.

  34. Anon,
    Mar 27, 2011 7:00:00 PM

    As you know, Ironside’s decision to go “under the radar” was a very personal and difficult one, but taken so she best could fight the humongous challenge before her.
    I hope you understand that I can’t, and won’t, breach her adamant request for total privacy, but am sure that once she reads your caring and touching words, she will find in them all the warmth and comfort your message contains.

  35. My love and respect to dear Ironside.
    Peace of mind and plenty of rest are so important in such times. One's mind is very powerful and it has been proven many, many times that it can conquer over the body.

  36. With lots of love to dear Ironside, keep strong xxx.

    Hopefully this year will be the turning point in the Mccann case.

  37. A Quiz Question to dear Insane:
    " Who is RogerUK?"

  38. A quiz answer to anon@ 9:28

    I haven't the faintest idea. I'm sure you'll enlighten us, though

  39. For those curious about RogerUK, a Black Hat who comments in Portuguese, in the newspaper SOL (online)with an heavy accent...

  40. Just been reading that Gerry is going to do a charity bike ride for Madeleine from PDL to UK in the summer for the purpose of making some more money for himself !!!


    It would appear Fiona Payne is also helping Kate write this book !!! and Gerry had to put off his charity bike ride because it would clash with the Royal Wedding !!

    The Mc's must surely be a pair of lunatics just who do they think they are.

    Its all coming together Tex you pointed out ages ago about Fiona Payne now they have just confirmed what you already said, Payne is in this up to his neck and the two woman are working together making sure they agree on everything in the book.

    This case will soon be re-opened.

  42. Congratulations Textusa on a well thought out, interesting, informative truthful blog. Enjoying reading comments here.

  43. I can't stop laughing, Gerry in a bike from PDL to UK. Is it in a low cost from Faro airport to Leicester? Poor guy, how low he have to go to pay Mitchell, Carter-Ruck, Isabel Duarte and all other Insanes.

  44. RogerUK and Insane look "sosias". The other guy also appear and disappear in "Sol" when the articles/comments are too hot and anti-Mccann. I had always the impression that he was a priest or somebody related with religion. A British priest who seems to know some private issues related with Mccann's, like Gerry salary. Could be a bluff guy, like insane, but he slip many times on his anti-portuguese and pro-Mccann's comments.

  45. This post title might be:

    Real Quiz Night at Tapas... have you RESERVED your room tonight or you rather want to do it outdoor?

  46. Look at my post of Mar 25, 2011 11:40:00 PM and tell me what you see.

    May I offer a clue: "...once you dig beneath the surface, all is not as it seems..."

    Funny, that...

    Ah well.

    Over to you...


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