Wednesday, 23 March 2011

In Memorium

The Portuguese PM, José Socrates, has resigned.


  1. What a night. Was not only millions of portuguese citizens who are commemorating the events of last night... some Angels in the sky, as well. A light of hope start shinning. Hope for justice, HOPE FOR MADELEINE.
    Maybe now, some portuguese journalists who found very important information regarding Madeleine, but were gagged and forced to be in silence by their editors/ connections with Socrates, start publishing HOT ARTICLES. The nation deserves to be informed and deserves to know the truth.
    They must do it now, before a new power and new corruption get installed. Unfortunatly I don't believe anymore in Portuguese democracy. That's why I stop voting long ago. They are all liars, all corrupt, all same. P. P. Coellho, looks younger and clever but he has a stone on his shoes- M. Ferreira Leite. I don't believe on that old lady. She was the one who refused G. Amaral to be candidate for Faro. She remembers me the dark connections between the offices of some lawyers and the parliament. Isabel Duarte is part of Arnauth Office and he is strongly connected wih MFL. Mitchell was well advised by portuguese politics to knock on the right doors. He did not dream about Mccann's lawyers. He got a fairy to light his steps.
    Only journalists can break the saga, or the Internet with some sites/Blogs who dedicate so important time to clarify information that they got a status and some authority to highlight what is untrue.

  2. With change... comes hope and justice for Madeleine.

    For four years greedy individuals have marketed and exploited her memory.... now may the wheels of justice start turning.

  3. Step back and look at the bigger picture..Socrates gone, Brown gone, ban lifted on Amarals book, fund running low, it is all coming together - the timing of the two books Kates and Amarals was never intentional but just wait.....this is KARMA

  4. Vamos ver que disfarce vai o Marinho Pinto vestir agora, a espera de um tacho no novo governo. O trampolim em que se move, e bem revelador do estado da justica em Portugal e da falta de caracter de alguns intervenientes. Um farsante que se chegou aos governantes do PS para poder subir enquanto lhes prestava um servicinho: batia e desacreditava a PJ.

  5. I am sorry, but I do not feel that with Socrates and the Socialist Party gone from government will make any significant change in this case. For sure, the next in power will be the PSD (unless the portuguese people WAKES UP and makes another 25th April...), and I think that the McCanns had the PSD "covered" long ago! Still in the days of Manuela F. Leite, it was said that Gerry McCann had a secret meeting with a senior figure from that party, by the hand of his lawyer, Rogério Alves. I believe it is not just a rumour, that it indeed happened, because the reliable Dr. Paulo Sargento mentioned it in one of his blogs and on tv too, and I trust him. He is not the kind of person whoi will feed unsubstantiated rumors.
    Coincidence or not, shortly after, Mr. Amaral was prevented from running for mayor of Olhão. His party, the PSD, pulled the rug from under his feet, Ferreira Leite did not approve and denied him the support of the party, with some lame excuse of something in the lines of, "not promoting the promiscuity between law and politics"!? I suppose she meant it was not good to have ex-members of law inforcement agencies in political jobs. What she forgot, or thought we all forgot, is that there are many examples of people in office who served in the police, and many are from the PSD party, Moita Flores is one of them. Why was Gonçalo Amaral the exception? Why did she suddenly become so scrupulous and so righteous...?
    I wish I will be proven wrong, for the sake of justice, but...

  6. Anon. in the first comment, yes, that's it! Arnaut, that's the McCann's card inside the PSD.
    I know remember Dr. Paulo Sargento mentioning "someone with a distinctive french surname"!

    Just as I feared, NO HOPE!
    Sad, sad, sad...

  7. The portuguese will watch close the behavior of P. P. Coelho regarding the Mccann's. I could be naif but I think M.F.Leite lost the elections also because of her involvement on the issues related with Mccann's. I was one of the persons who did not vote because of that. Before her meeting with Gerry and Rogerio Alves, I had the idea that she was honest, competent and truthful. After the rumours about the meeting, I change my mind. All my family and some friends too. She was a delusion, serving some lobbies. No matter what was discussed in the meeting with Gerry, if she had a small respect and consideration to the people of her country, she must refused to meet a guy who perverted the search of his daughter by not allowing the reconstruction proposed by the police. But her daughter is living in UK, that's it. Always private business first.
    Everything/everybody the Mccann's touch will end up destroyed. Is a Karma. Ferreira Leite did not escape that destiny.
    If P. Passos Coelho wants to show respect to the portuguese and wants to be respected by the portuguese, he must show his clear position regarding
    Madeleine investigation and KICK M. F. Leite out of our TVs. She killed the PSD with her connection with Mccann's. The portuguese did not forgive that. I hope some politics learn the lesson, because even Socrates start his way down with Madeleine case. Their strategy to always think that the public is stupid and will buy their stories, did not work anymore. Madeleine case need to be reopenned and all Tapas 9+their witnesses called to answer 'pertinent' questions in a portuguese court.
    Madeleine must be a issue to be discussed by all the Partys involved on the next elections. That case was/is far from belonging only to the judicial deparment- IS A POLITICAL ISSUE and PORTUGAL WANTS TO KNOW 'CLEARLY' WHAT ARE THE PLANS OF THE ACTUAL POLITICS TO SOLVE AND CLARIFY THAT CRIME. No more perversion, no more lies... end of the game... the last persons who saw the girl alive are the ones who have to explain in cour what happened and where she went.

  8. Coincidence or not? Today Sky News has an article regarding the trained dogs(keela). The way SKY claims, dogs complicated the investigation, is laughable and has so many Mccann's fingerprints.... Looks like an article proposed and write by Pinky Mitchell.
    Sky News is manipulating the public opinion on that article. They mention unsolved cases like H. de L Garenne and Madeleine Mccann and no any of the successful and solved cases where the dogs were used. Many cases were solved, many criminals were caught with help of that dogs. There is no any report saying that one of the solved cases had to be reopenned, reanalised and the criminals released because the dogs made a mistake.
    Wasn't amazing that they just failed on Maddie case and were forced to fail in Jersey to allow a fail on Mccann's case?
    Laughable the explanation they gave to justify an article saying that the dogs complicated the investigation- THE USE OF USED FURNITURES BELONGING TO DEATH PEOPLE TO FURNISH SOME PLACES. Really?
    Look at the furnitures used in the 5A in PDL- Cheap pine furnitures. New when they went to the flat and nobody died in the flat before Madeleine. And what about the R. Scenic where the dogs find evidences showing Madeleine was there, dead, after being missing? Which type of furnitures were used in the Scenic to complicate the investigation? Laughable Mr. Mitchell.
    Socrates went away... Mitchell already working with his media friends to discredit the dogs and the investigation. Worried, afraid with what the Spring/Summer could being reserving.
    I can imagine the opinion of all Japanese regarding the vallue of trained dogs. How many people were rescued by those intelligent animals? I lost the number.
    Mccann's, your time is coming and you Mitchell will not pass the torment untouched. What a karma.

  9. Oh us very smart humans, equipped with five imperfect senses which we navagate our world.
    Look, those silly dumb creatures, navagating with almost perfect senses, and some.
    I say, a dog's best friend is another dog. It just makes good sense.

  10. Mrs Fenn waited FOUR months before remembering her ' bombshell evidence' Madeleine was on the news 24/7 yet this woman who lives above the mccanns apartment waited four months before saying anything, and to add weight to her statement she brings her niece into it who also saw a suspicious character. This all happened around the time the mccanns were made suspects, looks like Mrs Fenn and Niece are part of team mccann attempting to introduce the abductor into the fairystory Judging by her looks she appears a right bruiser and typical Sun reader. I wouldn't believe her if she said it was raining, I'd have to go outside and check !!

  11. Mark warner have a free creche facility avaiable for parents running from 7.30 till 11.30 every evening

    For the daytime creche parents are charged £180.00 per week per child.
    But evenings are free to allow parents time to go and enjoy an evening alone.

    Also looking at their activity programme there is no mention of small children going for boat rides, very unsafe. This is programme for 2011 I doubt it has changed much since 2007. Many lies have been told about child care at mark warner by Mccann couple.

    IMO Mrs Fenn is also lying, she was put up to it to try and help mccanns.

    Socrates has gone so has Brown, Amarals book can be published and distributed maybe now things will change.


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