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Tapas Quiz Night, Question #3/?

QUESTION: Was it boring to work at the Tapas Bar?

ANSWER: Yes, it must have been, particularly if you were responsible for the bookings.

This last weekend we were invited for lunch by another couple to go to a somewhat fancy and busy restaurant, one where you best book before, or wait for a while until you get to have a table.

My friend had booked a table for the four of us.

You may guess by now that as soon as we were greeted by the Host, my eyes were glued to the reservation book.

It was a plain, unmarked, agenda, A4 size, a day per page, bought at any stationery shop, that was opened on the page of the day we were in.

The information on it was simple, plain and efficient, in other words, to the point.

There were two sets of information on the day’s page.

One, for those like us, who had booked in time and had a table assigned, and the other for those who had tried to book but didn’t have a table or had just arrived and were willing to wait.

For the first set, the information was made up of the customer’s surname, the number of people in total and his/her contact, and, lastly, a number which I presumed was there to indicate the table’s number.

For the second set there was only the customer’s surname and the total number of people that wished to be seated.

All the names of each one of the sets were written in separate lines, leaving none in-between. However the two sets were separated by two or three lines left blank.

The Host checked my friends name and to which table we were assigned to, and neatly proceeded to draw a line across my friend’s "line". Noticed that two thirds of the names on the page had already been “lined” across, and looking around the room, the number of filled up tables conferred with that fact.

The Host then accompanied the four of us to a table where he withdrew the “reservado” that had been put on it for us, and helped me and my lady friend to sit down. Nice to be treated that way, even if it’s the gentleman’s job to do so…

We had our lunch, delicious and totally unhealthy, and half way through it I decided to go and powder my nose.

As per the first international rule of womankind, never written but always complied, a lady never goes alone to the washing room, so headed that way with friend, letting the hubbies alone so they could to pay us the so ever deserved compliments behind our backs.

By “coincidence” on the way back we passed by the Host, and I took the opportunity to congratulate him on the elegance of the place and told him that I had noticed that they had only had reservations for lunch, so asked him if they didn’t take any for dinner.

He answered that it was more critical for lunches on the weekends, and that for both dinner and lunches during the week, the bookings were mostly made in order to have a specific table, than for the need to have "a table".

In any case, they used two separate books, one for lunch, the other, which he pulled for beneath the counter and showed me, for dinner.

My friend really felt pleased that her husband's choice of restaurant had pleased me so much that I was considering having sometime dinner there.

But, you ask, what has all this to do with being boring, or not, to work at Tapas Bar?

Remember that Textusa’s Tapas Quiz Night (TTQN) revolves EXCLUSIVELY around the “Tapas Bar Sheets” (TBS) that some have had the audacity to call it “Tapas Bar Reservation Sheets”.

So the answer to the question is quite simple:

Yes, it must have been terribly BORING to work at Tapas Bar, because at least whoever was responsible for the “reservations” had to have some free time in excess, so that had had the time to draw a FLOWER on what is supposed to be the Reservation Book of the restaurant:

These types of scribbles/drawings (they may flowers, geometric figures or random lines) are done when one of the following occurs:

- one is talking on the phone (not applicable to Tapas Bar reservations as you’ll see), and although listening to the conversation draws these things on the nearest piece of paper, as if to keep the body busy while the mind is concentrated on something else,

- one is in a meeting, BORED, or not that concentrated on the subject at hand, and distracts oneself with these kind of scribbles,

- one is BORED, say, at the reception, and draws these things to help to pass the time.

So, it must have to have been really, REALLY, boring for the person that worked at Tapas Bar as responsible for bookings, so much so that at some point there was nothing better to do with the time than to draw a FLOWER on one of the “Tapas Bar Sheets”

But is it really so?

I tried, in the first part of the post, to describe what a Reservation Book really is all about.

Noticed how much the Host actually handled the book? Just in the exact measure of need.

A book like that is to get information and to discharge it. A rather “blunt” and “to-the-point” kind of book.  

Simple and straightforward.

It’s not a book to take messages, nor for one to go dwindling about it. Get the information, write it down. Use the information, discharge it. Simple, plain and OBJECTIVE.

None of the reasons described above to scribble seem apply to the handling of any Restaurant Booking Book. As we’ve seen their use is quite precise.

Remember, you had to queue, from 11 a.m., (instead of going straight to the beach with the family or friends) just to get a table at Tapas for dinner. It certainly doesn’t make sense to be able to book by phone, otherwise that would be an unacceptable advantage over those that were delaying the trip to the beach just to guarantee a table for dinner. Completely unfair, and would be protested.

So, whoever was responsible for writing down all the booking information, as correctly and accurately as it should be, was, or should have been, COMPLETELY focused on whatever s/he was writing. Not scribbling flowers.

But, say you, it could be that when all the people that had queue up had done their respective booking, couldn't the person (whoever it may be, because we’re never told who it might have been) responsible for the booking just go and sit on one of the nearby tables and patiently wait for possible reservation latecomers, and then, there and there, draw such a lovely flower?

First, talk about being over-staffed.

Second, if that were so, why the need for a queue?

Third, from the TBSs themselves we can see that the demand wasn’t that great so if there was so much free time (because we’re dedicating a person exclusively to this task and customers were not responding as expected albeit the “queue”) why draw only one flower?

Wouldn’t be natural for the sheet to be filled up with them?

And please don’t go and say that the person didn’t draw more just to keep the sheets tidy… ONE or MANY flowers, have the exact same unprofessional, untidy effect on any working paper…

And to say that the person decided that day to make the page a little prettier than usual, is forgetting that that object, the reservation book, is for internal use, and not to please customers nor to impress the boss with artistic initiatives. Also do read further on about " coincidence".

The only possible LOGIC reason for that flower to be there would have been for a customer, when it came his turn on the queue to reach the “Reservation Desk”, to not know what exactly he wanted to book and start a conversation with whomever s/he would have been with about what they wanted effectively, and the “host/ess” would be patiently waiting for the outcome while drawing away…

But although the only logic possibility, is it REALLY logic?

Just imagine how the remainder customers in the queue react to such behavior from such a customer. I know what I would do and say, but that's silly old me.

So why on earth was that flower drawn up?

I think the clues to this mystery lie on two factors: date and handwriting.

First, the date. Notice how the flower is drawn up on what one has to call “Universal Coincidence Day”, May 3rd, 2007. The day when every possible coincidence that could happen, just happened, by coincidence. The flower is just one other.

Second, the handwriting. Notice the different slant between the handwriting on the TBSs of May 1st and 2nd, and the one that is on the 3rd. This tells me that if it wasn’t done by a different person, at least it was done in a different time, and we’re beyond saying that they were done on the dates they were supposed to have been done.

This change in handwriting tells us that the May 3rd TBS was REDONE.  

Probably more than once.

By the way, the handwriting is so fascinating that it merits a TTQN of its own later on the contest.

The flower tells us that it served to mark that particular sheet. The sheet that would be scrutinized. The sheet for the night Maddie was supposed to have been abducted.

To make sure that the information on it would be the desired, and only the desired one.

Those pieces of paper probably went around many hands. For negotiation, for agreement, for confirmation, but also for “chickening” out.

The apparent fact that the TBS had to be redone indicates that people changed their minds some times while they were being crafted. The names that are there now, are there FOREVER, and nobody will ever know, at least for certain, which names were pulled out.

But, as I said, it might all be me just letting my imagination get the better of me. After all, boredom is boredom, and it could have been terribly, terribly boring to have been the one chosen to take down the bookings for dinners at the Tapas Bar.

By the way, just to finish, isn’t a flower such a feminine thing to draw?

Post Scriptum:
A reader has raised the possibility of the flower not being a flower but "someone attempting to doodle over something that was written and later decided they did not want others to be able to view what was originally written, hence the doodle". We, as always, will let the readers make their own judgment:


  1. TEX,

    We all know these dinners never really happened but the problem is how can we prove it. I believe your theory of the big round table and looking at the restaurant it is too small to accommodate such a large group. They have lied about everything - I feel sorry for all their children having such grotty parents. OC staff have lied and then lost their jobs - in the midst of all this there must be someone who is prepared to come forward and say they lied unless they are too afraid !!)

  2. Bored people the saying goes 'the devil makes work for idle hands'.

    Brilliant site Textusa.

  3. yes, the flower is a typical feminine sign. The handwrite looks feminine too to me. From the OC workers statements, I had the idea that a man was incharged of the Tapas reservations, not in the Tapas, but at the reception.
    Wonder which hotel/resort in Algarve force their guests to physical queue for a reservation up to 11am, when what they sell is the beach and the activities related with beach. They will kill their business. And I'm ignoring the facts of the OC being advertised as a resort for families with a good childs care offer. I'm ignoring the advertising of the doctors regarding the danger of the sun- between 12am and 4pm, must be avoided( the Oc was forcing is guests who wanted to dinner at Tapas to go to the sun at the danger hours).
    Noticed also that who wrote that piece of paper have done a spelling error on Mccann and O'Brien. Strangely Oldfield and Payne were correct. Any reason for that? Trying to look not british? I believe few people were direct involved on that manipulations. Too risky to have outsiders of the group doing that. For me the Tapas ladies have done it on a paper suplied by MW. MW suplied also the names of some guests who use to dinner at Tapas and the ladies Tapas handed the paper back to him for him to check with other guests if was ok to have their names in such list. I believe many did not see any problem because they believed, like almost of us at the time, that the girl was snatched and wanted to help. Only the ones who were sure of not seing the Tapas 9 at the dinner that night, refused to associate their names and the paper was mended.
    Words in bold are also a sign of being boring and having extra-time to waste or a need to highlight something.

  4. It must have been boring working at Tapas. Two of the the waiters say in their statements on the the night Maddie went 'missing' they were in the kitchen having a 30 minute break during that shift.

    Whoever took bookings in the mornings must have been very bored, how long did the BRITISH person have to sit on reception to book so few tables? This person has never been named or given a statement confirming they too these bookings. Why not?

    If you compare the 'normal' sheets used after 3rd May the times are not pre-printed which is because there was no need to book. Diners just turn up and the receptionist noted the time they arrived. The reason this is done is only because the staff can estimate how long the diners will be at their table so later diners can be accommodated.

    Also why are those 3 days sheets have pre-printed times which are blanked out and hand written times superimposed? And 2 9 o clocks on 3rd May, were they hoping to get a lot of alibis for 9 to 10pm?

    These 3 sheets could also allow for bookings to be taken until 10pm, which restaurant takes bookings that late?

    I'm not very good at this quiz, I ask more questions than I can answer.

    I don't know any men who doodle flowers so my answer to that was a female.

  5. For me it just seems to well drawn to be a doodle. Usually the whole thing is bigger, becuase it keeps growing. Mine are at least. I draw a line and things just appear. That flower is too smal to be just a doodle. And yes, tex you're right, people who draw stuff like that seem to be repetitive and draw many more. It is completely misplaced on that paper, and agree that it's there for a reason.

  6. Maybe its not a flower at all - but someone attempting to doodle over something that was written and later decided they did not want others to be able to view what was originally written, hence the doodle.

  7. The base of the flower definitely looks like a name or a word or number that has been scribbled over.

    Something not quite right here, well spotted Textusa.

  8. When booking a table it's not necessary to take the names of every guest like the T9 are listed. For example, other guests are booked under one name and qualified with 2+2 for the 4 guests at one table.

    As the T9 were supposed to have made a block booking it would have been one name only, O'Brien or Oldfield depending on whose version of events is used. Why would the receptionist take a list of 9 names?

    Restaurants do not need to know, all they need is the total number if diners in each party. The reason for knowing each name would be to charge each couple individually which would mean the Tapas was not included in the package deal so that is another way of showing the Tapas was not part of any deal.

  9. The sheet was going to be scrutinized....the writing was at the top of the sheet and could not be torn away or blobbed over or erased, it was very important this information was not visible, so a flower was drawn over the writing. Doodlers usually doodle in corners, or on scrap pieces of paper, not booking sheets that would be seen by the boss and filed away.

    Just a small flower but such a big cover up.

  10. The word at the base of the stem appears to have a double 't' in the middle !!

  11. I would guess the word is written in Portuguese because the rest of the page is also in Portuguese.
    'Tapas Restaurant' written in english standard on those sheets.

    Reading the word upside down the middle letter appears an 'm'

  12. Anon
    Apr 21, 2011 10:52:00 PM

    Your phrase “We all know these dinners never really happened” is the PROOF you’re seeking.

    To know is to be convicted, beyond reasonable doubt. Your knowledge comes out not of thin air, but of the adding up of those things that simply don’t add up. That’s why there’s reasonable doubt, and unless the system determines that a crime is only a crime if videotaped live and has to be witnessed by at least three other people with spotless criminal or behavioral records, then, I’m afraid, there will never be proof to this crime, or any other crime for that matter.

    However, we have proved that people, with responsibility in this event, have lied. Now, if the system worked, these same people would have to explain why they’ve lied, and certainly is not acceptable an “Edgar-discrepancy” for an explanation…

  13. Anon
    Apr 22, 2011 8:29:00 AM

    Very interesting points raised! Some will be subject to their own TTQN questions!

    Thank you

  14. Projecção de emoções:

    ao olhar, novamente para a rosa,..... fez-me lembrar uma Menina triste ( cabeça inclinada ligeiramente sobre o ombro) e pés enterrados.

    Quando saberemos como foi ?

    Eu,Text, porque teria de fazer login mas ando noutro lado.

  15. I too see sort of a word under the flower, the word "contas", portuguese for accounts or sums. Cannot say 100% that's what is written there, but there is definetely some word in the place of what should be grass under the flower.
    It could also be the name/nickname of the person who drawed it, sort of a "logo" or signature to personnalize that person's work, a flower growing out of the name.

  16. Textusa, over 110.000! Congratulations people!

  17. Under the flower(grass), I read the portuguese word "notar" which in portuguese could have the mean "to highlight". That flower alone could be a message to somebody. Who is Steve? The names of two guests have "autorizacao Steve". Means "Steve autorized". What he autorized?
    Good point anonymous who raised the question of the tapas booking as a block and having their names descriminated with the message "mesma mesa"(same table). Why not only one name and then the number of persons (9)? Why "mesma mesa"? It is obvious that when a group book together means they want to share the same table. Some journalists reported Kate using the pool some days, then she and probably most of the group were aware of the size of the tables(4 people). They could put 2 tables(square) together to acomodate the group and make a big table(rectangle). Not a big round table. But if the group asked the big round table and from the words of them we can imply there was only one big round table(I don't believe that table ever existed) and that's why they book it, why the waiter wrote "mesma mesa" (same table) and not "a mesa" (the table) or "mesa redonda"( round table) to clear specify that the round table was allocated to that group?
    The only conclusion is THEY LIE and the sheet was made up to cover up and be used as an alibi for the police.
    I have even doubts if the Mccann's ever dinned at the Tapas before May 3. They also delivered to the police a trip to Sagres. Sagres is far from PDL. Then when they had time to dinne at the tapas?

  18. Look at the Creche lists: The calighraphy of who listed Ella O'Brien for 3 May 2007, looks more or less the same who listed all the children in Amelie and Sean group and more or less the same who listed the Tapas list.
    Madeleine's list for creche(3 May) is a mess with different caligraphies for the list of the children, When compared with the 4 May (which must be a chaotic day after the events of the evening before-but was neat).
    Kate signatures for drop in and pickup madeleine were not the same as she signed in front of the police when she gave her statement. G Mccann signature looks more or less the same.
    Who picked up the Tapas 7 children from the creche, because those signatures also don't match their signature on their statements, apart D.Webster who delivered and picked up Mccann's twins on 4 May?
    The word autorizacao has some similarities with caligraphy of Salcedas Signature and the wine consumption with Agapito. Agapito had Wednesdays and thursdays off. But this two waiters are the alibis who put the mccann's inside the Tapas on May 3 night.
    The information needs to be crossed by experts, but I think between the Tapas 9, the Nannies and some Tapas waiters lied the manipulation of all registration papers that could involve the Mccann's activities. Off couse with agreement of the OC manager.
    When were that lists delivered to the police? I believe was not on May 3 immediately after the alarm. Then the manipulation team had time to work on that.

  19. Anon at 10.21 I agree with your post I too think the creche records were altered to make it appear Madeleine was in the creche when she was not. Somebody has taken a great deal of effort to manipulate these records and many others, it makes me wonder what exactly is being covered up and who is involved at such a high level that they are able to do this.

    I believe Textusa is very close to the truth looking at the amount of visits on this site each day people not posting but checking what is being said.

  20. The tapas bar was just a 'bar' somewhere to go and have snacks or a pizza. The Mill was the main restaurant - Kate and Gerry and their friends stayed around the Tapas on the 3rd, so they could play out their 'checking on the children' and playing out the abductor scenario but as they all refused to do a reconstruction this suggests that there never was an abductor because the reconstruction would place all parties where they claimed they were and upon examining their statements it is quite clear none of them were where they said they were, so this is the first lie and from this we can assume that there are many other lies. Textusa you have a very good eye for detail, details that we accepted as facts have been proven by you to not be facts, so much clutter and confusion by the Mccanns their days of freedom must be numbered.
    Well done Textusa.

  21. Happy Easter to everybody.

  22. " POLICE have found a shallow grave site and skeletal remains where they believe the body of missing girl Kiesha Abrahams is located.

    Scores of officers are searching the area around the grave, which is in bushland at Shalvey, in Sydney's west.

    Forensic officers have found skeletal remains at the site, but their identity is not yet known.

    The mother and stepfather of the missing Mt Druitt girl were charged with her murder this morning, on what would have been her seventh birthday..."
    Source: Mccannfiles/Herald Sun

    (The similaritie of that case with Madeleine case is impressive. They got inspirade on the Mccann's but probably not easy to set a Fund which nobody can control, in Australia. Then, without donations, no money, no spin machine, no lawyers, no way to vilify the police and sell their story for long.
    What a gift for the Mccann's when the despicable mother is about to release her book and fool more people. Kiesha story remind you something? Remind us(the public) many things.)

  23. 11:18 well said when their fund has been used up and they cannot afford lawyers and spin peoples that when the truth will come out if not before.

  24. copy and paste.

    “I keep asking the Ocean people to cut it,” says Ian Fenn who inherited the apartment above from his mother,

    Pamela, who died last month.

    Telegraph de Uk- hoje

    eu sem fazer login

  25. says Ian Fenn who inherited the apartment above from his mother, Pamela, who died last month.

    Este artigo é senil e completamente McCanniano mas aqui fica:


  26. About the Telegraph article today wrote by Olga craig:

    It is a complete Pro-Mccann article showing again how british media still manipulated by Mitchell and how poor are the skills of such type of journalists ( I even have to bypass many steps to call that lady a journalist). After almost 4 years she have not done a properly homework- it is the only conclusion to imply from her words, or the article was ASKED BY MITCHELL AND PAYED BY THE FUND, NOW, THAT HE KNOWS THE MCCANN'S ARE AGAIN UNDER FIRE INTO PUBLIC OPINION- Many foruns in the Internet are questioning the behavior of the Mccann's and the destiny of the money in the Fund. Tony Benneth( I don't like his methode) Wrote again a very disturbing letter for the Mccann's and off course they had to do something, not to search Madeleine but to keep their campaign to fool people ON AND ON AND ON. Olga Craig looks part of that campaign. If she had been in PDL, she must know that suspecting the parents in a so badly told story is normal. Contrary to what she wants to pass, Pj did not base their suspiction in a conviction. They share that suspiction with British police, based on strong evidences, which the lies and the inconsistencies of the all Tapas statements were just one part, but a very important part. If not, why they all refused to do the reconstruction which could clearly clear their names? Any good explanation Olga Craig?
    If you have been in portugal looking for accurate information and not for spin and manipulated information you must know that the portuguese borders were almost immediately closed with all cars checked one by one. I was Thousands of KMs away from Europe and I heard at the portuguese RTP international News one hour after the alarm, information about the disapearence and early in the morning RTP journalists were passing the information with videos of portuguese journalists interviewing some GNR "pickets" in many roads leading to Spain with all cars stoped and the police checking deepely the cars. They worked all night when the Mccann's were inside calling sKy News and friends instead of searching their girl. It is also not true that the police did not preserve the crime scene. They can't preserve something that did not come to their aknowledge yet. Who did not preserve the crime scene were the Mccann's- A basic rule that everybody knows and the Tapas, as doctors, must know that better then anybody else. In fact they helped the crime scene to be contaminated before the arrive of the police. Why? That is the question. Why not asking them why they contaminated the crime scene? because as, the shameful journalist said, MOST PROBABLY KATE WILL WALK WAY to NOT ANSWERING DISTURBING QUESTIONS. After all, that was/is her typical behavior under such circumstances. Why, if her daughter was abducted by a stranger and she knows that imediately?

  27. Thanks for the above link anon 10.17 obviously written by a pro mccann journalist who has not done any research.
    Can the people of pdl request the re-opening of the case? considering the damage the mccanns have done to pdl regarding business's and the tourists industry, rather than leaving pdl in limbo could they appeal for pj to request re-opening on the grounds of the damage and lies the mccanns have spread about pdl, mccanns placed all those collection boxes around the Algarve that was fraud.

    It is wrong that this couple can employ heavyweight lawyers to protect themselves when the people of pdl gave their time and money without question.
    It seems very unfair that the mccann couple can spread such lies about such a beautiful place and no one can do anything about it.

  28. Apr 24, 2011 6:28:00 PM

    I do not wish to put the link because is so proMcCanniano...

    Minutes ago 130 comments

    I think the reopen will be made by the 2 who are not and never searching her Daughter..... because they don ´t need to do.

    Sorry by my no english.

    eu , novamente ( one day someone copy eu. LOL)

  29. I do not believe the Tapas people went to the Tapas bar each night, I think they went to other places, the Mill, Chaplins etc and Mrs Webster looked after the children.

    After the 'accident' sometime on the 3rd or 2nd they all decided they would go to the Tapas bar that night and act out the checking on the children, but this never happened before and as it was a large holiday complex easy to manipulate records such as creche and tapas tables, staff worked in shifts.

    I get so cross about the mccanns and how they manage to evade justice through their deeds. When this case finally gets solved Textusa will go down in history as the website that pointed to the truth.

  30. Gordon and Blair, not invited to the Royal wedding. One more "bullet" on your feets mccann's. It is Karma, everything you touch got an END. When are you going to have some courage to tell the truth and break the Karma?

  31. The flower may be drawn up before someone had the need to feel these sheets.

    Sheets were filled to avoid people - specially the police - know where were these couples instead of having dinner in Tapas as they told us they did.

    To much fornication does not open people appetite for food. In fact, such activity asks more for white wine, red wine and water... lots of water.

  32. Anon
    Apr 27, 2011 10:45:00 PM

    Swinging is an healthy sexual optional lifesryle that is practiced by many. It's not sinful and has to be respected, and should not be addressed as "too much fornication".

    Sex, that can be practiced in quantity as much with a single partner as with multiple, does not, as far as I know, cause any special kind of intake of energy or of drink.

    It's an healthy, sinless activity and one of life's greatest pleasure.

  33. Swinging is an healthy sexual optional lifestyle concept I gave you a long ago when I told about selective swinging sex done by couples that do not go to engage clubs or other low and medium class meeting points.

    Please do not confuse swinging practice by responsible and honest people with McCanns and friends activities.... this last one is related with a death of a young child, concealing her body, obstruction of justice, fake statements given to the police, media manipulation, an illegal fund at the same time an honest and commited life's cop was grilled!!!

    Everything done with Portuguese tax payers money!!!

    And they got way with it... so fornication is not an hard core word. Fornication, crime and irresponsibility is the closest you'll ever be to the real nature of this people you hardly know.

    See? With so many crimes correlated there is no space for me to be cynic about what is really going on here.


  34. Anon
    Apr 29, 2011 8:24:00 AM

    No one intends to censor you. The problem is that any sexual terminology can easily be distorted and start a discussion where the Black Hats would like so much for it to go that way. Just understand that not all are as open-minded as yourself


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