Friday, 15 April 2011

Will Kate’s Book Definitely Prove Textusa Wrong?

I could leave this post, until the May 11th, 2011, but if I did do so I would probably then be accused of not giving ample time for Kate McCann to react accordingly, so, I’m writing this today, on April 15th, 2011.

As we all know, Kate McCann is about to publish, on May 12th, a book where supposedly she tells the McCann side of the story.

This time in the form of a book, "Madeleine".

They’ve done it before in the form of a “Mockumentary”, and things didn’t go that well, as, I did warn them beforehand. In fact it has, as predicted, come back, time and time again to haunt them. I imagine the pain it must be every time I use on of the stills from their "production". And I’ve used many, and there are many, many more stills still to be used.

But now it’s a book.

Only this time the McCanns have a golden, unmissable, opportunity not only to contradict me as well to publicly humiliate me about everything I’ve written thus far.


Very, very, very easy. All they have to do is publish Dianne Webster’s pictures.

What pictures?

Do read Dianne’s rogatory statement:

"Person Interviewed: Dianne WEBSTER Number of Pages 34
Place of Interview: Force Headquarters, Enderby Signature of Interviewing
Date of Interview: 11.04.08 Officer producing exhibit
Time Commenced: 1026 hours
Time Concluded: 1156 hours Duration of Interview: 90 minutes
Interviewing Officer(s) DC 4078 FERGUSON Tape Reference nos:


PC: "Okay, so you've been back to the Tapas and you've collected bits and pieces that people have left lying around. You mentioned a camera, or cameras, had there been many photos taken that evening?"

DW: "There hadn't, I don't think there'd been any taken that evening and I think I can't remember who, it was either, it was either Kate or err Rachael, it might have been Kate, who'd brought their camera because they hadn't taken any photographs at all in the evening. I think I was the only one that ever took any photographs in the evening and that was about the second night we were there, I just took pictures of everybody sitting round the table but I didn't get any of he surrounding areas but because we hadn't been really sat there that long no pictures were taken." (…)"

You see, Dianne Webster, on April 11th, 2008, says she HAS pictures of a T9 Tapas dinner, taken during that fateful week. That was a long time after May 3rd, 2007, so any excuse of not having them now, such as deleting them since, is simply not credible.

So all they have to do is publish Dianne’s photographs of “everybody sitting round the table” in Kate’s book. We'll finally get to see that BIG ROUND TABLE, with all the plates, the many free bottles of wine, and all the other stuff that must have been on the table... After all, for the McCanns, these pictures, according to the McCanns, replicate the evening of May 3rd, the very beginning of the whole sad saga that has since followed, as we so well know, so would fit very nicely in the context of the book.

The “search”, according to the McCanns, began after one of these now dubious dinners, and the book is, from what we’ve been told, all about that supposed search that is being undertaken by an elite group of a chosen few… themselves chosen a few times over too.

But back to Dianne Websters pictures. These replicate T9's last moments of normality, so the public is certainly expected to be touched upon seeing them.

The added bonus? Just publish Dianne Webster’s self-proclaimed photos of a T9 Tapas dinner and, woosh clunk!, you have yourself Textusa clung onto a pillory in the middle of the town square, being called all those unspeakable adjectives that I’ve been called to this day, only now completely justified and adequate, plus all the new ones that the Black Hatted mind can think of, also justified and appropriate.

Also, as these pictures will prove me wrong, I have no other choice than to, here, adamantly and shamefully publicly apologise for every single word I’ve written about there not ever being any Tapas T9 dinners (the Thursday dinner, was at Tapas, but we believe that it was only a Tapas T6 dinner).

So here you have it, with ample forewarning, a suggestion that can CLEAR UP all the T9 names.
On May 12th, we’ll see if this challenge is accepted.

Let’s wait and see.

I heard that J.K Rowling has denied having had any participation in Kate’s book. Yes, the cracks in Black Hat Camp are becoming more evident by the day… (do mind that to the most attentive eye, these cracks have been quite evident for quite a while...)

I’m beginning to wonder if it’s only those pictures that won’t see the light of day. You see, unlike most of you, I so much want to buy that book.


  1. Textusa I read your blog daily and think it's excellent, but I disagree with your interpretation of this.

    Diane Webster was surely saying she took pictures on 'maybe the second evening' of the holiday, ie the Sunday/Monday. She said she didn't think any were taken on the Thursday.

  2. Seriously, is there something wrong with you?

    She said she has photos of another evening, about the second evening they were there

    Her actual words were ''I think I was the only one that ever took any photographs in the evening and that was about the second night we were there, I just took pictures of everybody sitting round the table ''

    So how do you get from there to these being photos taken on the night Madeleine disappeared? She clearly said they weren't.

    I am assuming you can read?

  3. Stand corrected. In fact although the conversation at that point of the rog, is all about the events of May 3rd, I misread the words "the evening" for "that evening", which means, that, taken literally, it was on Monday.

    Will correct the post accordingly, and withdraw all references to May 3rd.

    However it's also a fact that DW says she takes pictures of the a Tapas T9 Dinner and those are pictures that I now ask to be shown, because they do contradict me in terms of me saying there were NO T9 Tapas dinner (with the exception of Thurday and that there was never, not even on that evening a BIG ROUND Table.

    And although not on the third, they would replicate what happened on that evening, so, basically, all I'll do to correct the post is to add "replicate" here and there.

    Anon Apr 15, 2011 8:36:00 PM, thank you.

  4. No. Kate's book definitely won't prove Textusa is wrong.

    Kate's book give us an approximately idea of her huge need to expose her version of the truth. In other words her huge need to justify herself.

    Does that made her guilty? Yes sir. Guilty in first degree!


  5. A BH, in this case just a B, has left a comment. Most of it has, for obvious reasons, been censored:

    I suggest you (censored) of crap.

    And if you seriously think anyone would publish private photos simply for the purpose of exposing you as a grade A lunatic, then you have another think coming. (censored)

    (censored) this particular brainfart.


    Dear B (I’ll abstain myself from treating you by your full name, as it’s a too offensive expression even to treat an offensive person, like yourself, by),

    I fail to understand why these photos are considered “private” as they were supposedly taken in an open public place, and, according to the participants under absolutely innocent and natural circumstances.

    They are as private as Paraíso photos, and basically are to portray the same reality: people around a restaurant table.

    They would unquestionably explain a lot of questions raised as to the T9 activities in the evenings, and once and for all pacify most spirits as to whether the T9 and the Tapas staff are indeed telling the truth in their PJ Files statements.

    Isn’t just that a valid reason to give them the most exposure possible? Not for my sake, but for the sake of the credibility of the T9.

    They exist, or at least Dianne Webster says they do. The world has yet to see them, and I do find it quite strange that the Leics Police didn’t ask for them, and attached them to the rogatory interview when they send it to Portugal.

    No, you know I don’t find that strange at all. Strange, strange would have been if they had done that!

    Considering these pictures irrelevant to the process because they were taken in another date than May 3rd, is ridiculous, as much mor private are the photos of David Payne supposedly in his apartment, and they re part of the files.

    So where are these photos? They constitute confirmation of various witnesses’ statements, so are of the highest relevance. Just like Carol Fenn-Tranmer’s (CFT) statement.

    And like CFT’s statement, missing. But unlike CFT’s statement, probably they exist as much as the infamous DL’s 24 photos…

    They would be on file if they existed, which they obviously do not.

    There are certainly T9 group photos taken at dinners during that week, but none would be at Tapas would it? And not a fat chance being in a BIG ROUND TABLE, be it at Tapas or anywhere else in PdL…

    As if any photos would be reproduced just for Textusa…

  6. Hi Tex
    We read your comments daily, and you have a very analitical mind, Kates book will be nothing more than 'fluffy words' and a donation page. About time they were all brought in for questioning.
    We agree with your stroller theory and the big tapas table - how they have managed to evade prosecution for at least child neglect is beyond us. We discuss all the comments at our tea break at work !! - keep up the brilliant work Tex - we love you and that is 152 of us xxx

  7. Anon
    Apr 15, 2011 10:21:00 PM

    That is one highly concentrated compliment! Modesty permiting, my ego just inflated to a size of obscene proportions faster than any car ever shown in Top Gear!

    Thank you. A pamper of the caliber of yours is always, always welcome.

  8. They fake so many things that they can fake DW pictures.
    I really don't believe they exist. If so, will be a very important piece to be explored by all the media, since day one. None reported it.
    Remember the Mccann's acting like police, asking all the tourists to handover the pictures they have to the Ceop? PJ also asked the pictures when they were investigating the abduction possibility because they want to see who were on the back and did not belong to the family reported on the photo.
    Since the mccann's just admit the abduction scenary and claim that the abductor was following them and watching them very close, there was an high possibility for him to be one of the dinners at the Tapas when the mccann's were there. After all he attacked at night then he needs to know what are the habits of the group at night. For that, he or somebody on his behalf must be sharing with the Tapas 9 the same place.
    If DW has that pictures and did not hand them to the police, god knows why... most probably because they clearly show the Chaplins and her popular owner, sitting around but not on a big round table.

  9. you're really calling their bluff this time Tex! Well done

  10. I believe the PJ asked for the cameras and for the photos which might have beenn taken during the holiday. Are Dianne Webster's photos in the PJ process? Did the police ever get her camera or the photos? If yes, then for some reason those were not included in the DVD released to the public. maybe the photos are in the files not yet disclosed. Ah, how interesting it would be, to see some photos of the "Tapas crew" dinners...why is it that I have the feeling that those photos never existed...?

  11. They were so confident that everything was nicely set up, with Mrs Fenn confirming all the negligence crap that they wanted put out there that they were negligent about themselves. There’s no question that there were no dinner at Tapas. Everyone knew, from early on, that something was wrong about these dinners, and had nothing to do with the distance to the apartment, and this blog has slowly come to prove what exactly it was: inexistence.
    You know what is that I love about this blog? You’ve dismantled the McCs side if the story and haven’t even used neither the dogs nor DNA. You’ve used simple , straightforward facts. Like on this post, if DW is explicit in saying that she took photos, wouldn’t these have been used by the tabloids a long time ago?!? Would they miss this scoop to show how the saintly Brits were telling the truth after all versus what the sardine muncher wine drinker GA was saying? And the thing about the photos being personal, that really made me laugh. How ridiculous can one be with excuses? Of course they either present the photos which they won’t, or come up with an excuse, and the only one that can be used id of course, they’re personal. As if anything is personal about the McCs lives, they who appeared in every possible social event and magazine they could suck notoriety from. And the others using the “personal” excuse is ridiculous also because all, except RO, were so proudly exposing their faces outside the Court when some tabloid paid them money (or did it really?), on their documentary, and even, like FP, came to Portugal to give a helping hand to K…

  12. I have just had a thought, and it might be a ludicrous one so please tell me if so! But since the MCs faked so much stuff, including the reprimand from Maddie on the morning of 3rd May which was important enough to repeat to the other Tapas that fateful evening, is it also likely that they faked a CD with the sound of a child crying inconsolably and played it on the Tuesday evening to convince Mrs Fenn that Maddie was alive and that they had negligently left the children? After all, if the oldest child was crying so loudly the other two would have woken and joined in. And that would also explain why the sound stopped so abruptly when the patio doors were heard to open - a switch had simply been flicked. No child that distressed would be able to stop crying instantly. Sorry if I am being dumb.

  13. Anon
    Apr 16, 2011 4:00:00 PM,

    We, in this blog, are very careful in explaining all the facts that have lead us to think that what happened was overall simple in execution, although very complex in the parties involved.

    We do this for two reasons. The first is that we like to tread on solid ground, and the second because we’re fully aware of the effort made by our adversaries to make people think we’re basically conspiracy theorists lunatics. If they achieve that, then they’re able to drive away people, who being of reasonable thought, are rather skeptical about those of us who write in the internet, who are stereotyped as “oddball geeks”.

    That’s why they insist that what we’re saying here is nothing but yet another “conspiracy theory”.

    On the evening of May 3rd, there was no conspiracy. Just an unfortunate accident.

    A conspiracy is when a group of people act together in a coordinated manner to achieve a desired end. Conspirators hold the initiative and act when the surrounding conditions are ideal. They create fact, are not limited by them.

    In the case of the PdL Crime, effectively a group of people got together, but instead of trying to achieve something, their goal was to avoid something else. Their goal was not to get caught. This means they were driven by fact and not the other way around.

    That night they had very limited planning capability. Basically the same a housewife has when unexpectedly she gets to know she has to organize a dinner for numerous guests. Does she simply refuse to do it? No, she does the best she can under the time constraints she has, and ends up in offering the dinner as intended. If she had had more time to plan it, she would probably would have done a better job, but she didn’t . She offered the best dinner she could, and DID offer it. That doesn’t make her a genius and much less a “conspirator”.

    All Mrs Fenn heard was whatever she was told to tell. And when she heard that, the “planning machine” was well under way. If those dogs hadn’t appeared and if the Black Hat Camp didn’t need to divert attention at the time, we most likely wouldn’t have heard of Mrs Fenn to this day.

  14. I suspect Team Mccann read all your articles and comments Textusa, and they have had plenty of opportunity to produce Diannes photo, but todate they have not done this very simple thing which would put paid to the Tapas dinner mystery.
    Textusa you have unravelled so many of the mccanns lies that Team Mccann probably despise you, but we don't we think your brilliant !!!

  15. What about the "young" photos of Maddie that were ready printed, but none available that were actually taken on the holiday? Surely if it was simply an accident on 3rd May the obvious thing to do would have been to release the best likeness from their holiday snaps. I understand they weren't with the children much, but surely they would have taken a few just to show the grandparents when they got home? That looks horribly like pre-planning to me, repugnant though that thought is.

  16. If such a photo existed we would have seen it - I hope this book of Kates will start the re-opening process - the people that have lied for the mccanns including mrs fenn should all be charged when the case is re-opened - they should be made answerable for their lies.

  17. Anon at April 16, 4:00

    Don't complicate. A CD is too complicate. The case must be very simple with mrs. Fenn been fooled or not to play mccann's game. For a good reason is largely known that one minute is enough to lost our life. Something hapenned to madeleine and a group of doctors were unable to rescue her. The rest was made to save their own skin because nothing could be done to save madeleine, then the best they should do is carry on a plan to save themselves. A pact of silence born.

  18. Kate, can you on your book show also the pictures DW claimed she took on the beach showing two Tapas doing water sports? Remember, they almost got an accident- What a missed oportunnity to sue the guy who rented them the boat in a very windy and wavy day.

  19. Hi Textusa,

    At mccannpjfiles link below

    There are the mccanns holiday photos from pj files and there is absolutely nothing about the big table. Quite a few photos of Payne with children and he gives me the creeps just looking at him.

  20. One day humanity will ask how was this possible? We're not talking about Jack the Ripper or the Lindbergh Baby, as those will always be subject for various mystifying theories as there's no hard, solid evidence to prove facts.
    In this case, people will read about this and will be astounded. It's obvious to the most simpler of minds that these people are lying. People will ask how it was possible for them to have got away with it all the time they did. But then, hypocritically, those that today are their friends, the Media, will decide to play the saintly role and investigate, and all, but all the names will start to come up, and unlike other crimes, all these names will be shamefully remembered: they were linked with the EXPLORATION and PROFITEERING of the death of a little girl, that on the day her MOTHER sucks yet another few blood cents from her memory, WOULD have been eight years old. The WOULD comes from Mitchell's mouth, and is quite clear that WOULD means that she WON'T, because otherwise he would've said WILL BE. They're laughing in our faces and having a grand old time doing it!

  21. anon at 10.48 well said.

  22. When will the British realize that this is NOTHING to do with Britain with Portugal?
    This is BRITS making a fool of BRITAIN. They don't give a hoot about the Portuguese Justice, they just want to get away from teh BRITISH one.
    The girl was BRIT, they are BRITS, and the harshest punishment is to come from BRITAIN, not Portugal!
    So we have this ridiculous situation and that is that we have a group of BRITS, protected by some BRITS, both in BRITAIN and EXPATS, and the OFFICIAL BRITISH AUTHORITIES from thei fellow countrymen, all the other the BRITS for a crime the resualted in the deah of a BRIT girl!
    Say again, does anyone still remember why do the BRITISH wear the poppy on their lapel? Pretty meaningless, in my opinion.

  23. Textusa, they're always threatening to sue you and your readers. At least now you have evidence that you've allowed yourself to be contradicted, and that they, given this public opportunity, haven't done so!

  24. Apr 17, 2011 11:24:00 AM,

    Madeleine went missing in Portugal, whatever happened to her happened here, so, the legal jurisdiction belongs to Portugal! It has everything to do with the portuguese justice. I suppose that for the british justice to take over and go ahead with charging the parents it would have to come to an agreement with the portuguese justice, who would have to "hand over" the case to the U.K. authorities. I have always had the suspicion that the decision to make Madeleine a WOC had to do with just that, JURISDICTION! I bet they wanted to make sure that if and when Madeleine was found, alive or dead, she or her remains would be off-limits to the portuguese authorities, because she now "belonged" to a british court/judge. I don't know, maybe it's just my silly idea, or not...
    Now, one thing the british police/law/court could investigate, the one thing that is completely under their jurisdiction, is THE FUND! But they don't seem to be interested...afraid of the proverbial "wasp nest"...?

  25. In the daily mail the mccanns said they have a petition and when 50,000 names are on it they will give it to the Home Secretary and ask for the case to be re-opened!!!
    They don't need any signitures they could just ask for it to be re-opened, I wish somebody would call their bluff and just get this case re-opened.
    Brilliant site Textusa.

  26. Annonymous said:-
    I really don't believe they exist. If so, will be a very important piece to be explored by all the media, since day one. None reported it.

    It took the media in the shape of Martin Blunt 9 months to measure the distance from the tapas bar to the apartment. 9 months!!!! P~rior to that the media, on a daily basis, reported that it was very close, like being in your back garden- according to Gerry-, A few yards away, 50 yards away. You name it the media printed it. But for 9 months none of them had the "foresight" to actually measure it. none of them challenged the McCanns that they couldn't see or hear their children from where they were seated. None of them mentioned to Kate and Gerry McCann that actually their kids were on the other side of the building facing a street and a carpark so it would be a miracle if they could see or hear them or an "abductor".
    So would a few photos be important enough for the media to get investigative? I really don't think so.

  27. Anon.Apr.172011 8.26:00 PM

    Acknowledged - but this is what Textusa is trying to show - that we have not been given facts just brainwashing. How they have manipulated the media, newspapers for their own purposes. And why/who are these people who have aided and abetted them.

    As regards the WOC - if it was for the purpose of avoiding prosecution it can be overturned - but it was a good move - a tool to be used in several ways.

    Yes the Review that has now turned into a Re-opening! Amazing isn't it - do we see a method to all this - they can now officially say we have been requesting a Re-opening.

  28. Textusa, I understand if you don’t want to publish this, but often visit the pros sites just to get a glimpse of how shameless the human being is capable of being when it comes to save one’s own skin. Stupid, aggressive and overall bullying they sure don’t save up on the rude insults. But it’s not because of their lack of any human self-dignity (assuming one’s responsibilities and taking the respective punishment with honour is part of adulthood), but because although they bash everyone else, and I mean everyone else, about you, Textusa, they basically remain silent:

    And it isn’t because they don’t know you, because they sure do, by the sparse comments about you that do appear sometimes, as by the highly aggressive comments that can be seen on your trashcan. This silence tells me that you might be much too close to the truth for their comfort. Congratulations to you and to all those that contribute to make this blog a reference to all of us who won’t give up and want truth and justice. Thank you!

  29. Anon @ Apr 17, 8:26 pm,
    Will be because that photos, if they exist were from the crucial time when madeleine and all Tapas childs were under negligence and vulnerable for an accident or an abduction. Not all the time, the media was very kind with mccann's. In 2007 some media was following the right track and suspecting them, that's why they had a hard time in Germain with a radio journalist pointing the fingers at them and asking embarassing questions. "Tal & Qual" in portugal, will have jumped on that pictures with interesting front pages if they existed.
    The mccann's will trow them at the PJ faces to prove they are not lying. Why they missed that alibi? There is no photos from any dinner at Tapas. Relaxed DW was at Cafe Paraiso in the later afternoon of May 3 ( The CCTV PROVE IT) and she did not get bothered to take pictures of her grandchilds in the beach( very few pictures about the childs are available at the disclosed files), no matter if the holidays are close to the end, then why she had to take picture of the adults in an ordinary dinner? None said the dinner was special because they were comemorating something( the end of the holidays). In a mobile Era who take a camera for a dinner with a lot of alcohol to be bothered looking and checking every minute the safe of the camera? She lie about the photos.
    When people lie, to make their story credible, they keep adding events. Sometimes they exagerate and become ridiculou. DW falls on that category.

  30. Mccann's lost another legal batle against GA. News from Correio da Manha, paper edition, available at Mccannfiles.

  31. Can Kate add to her book the picture largely known, showing her and her husband at the entrance of PDL church, laughing happy, few days after her daughter went missing? (12 MAY, WHEN MADDIE could be turning 4 if she was alive)

    No fear about the life of her child under the hands of a Paedo. And the despicable parents had to use a written paper in front of TVs to made their first appeal( something that all the parents in the same circumstance will do naturally, expressing their feelings without papers, leaving their emotions to talk- just compare with Mariluz Cortez parents).

    Any good explanation, on your book Kate, for the two facts above, available for everybody to see? I'm really curious because I never understand this two situations under an abduction scenary. You quickly realised that Maddie was abducted but were never able to look at your behavior and see how you contradicted your story without being under any police interrogatory... Naturally. You lie and your book is just one more chapter on your lies.

  32. Not a single hair from Maddie was found on the 5A. from almost 200 samples collected, 53 were from Kate. From that 53, 12 were near Maddie's bed and between the bed and the window, one was on the bed.13 were at the entrance of Maddie room(25 samples in the room, too much when compared with rest of the flat -almost half of the samples). The rest of the samples were found, 15 on the corridor and 13 on the living room. Kate spent too much time in the room and going out and in to leave so many samples in the corridor. What was she doing in the room? changing the crime scene? Is that one of the reasons why PJ always incriminate more Kate then her husband?
    Mathew Oldfield, also one sample found in the living room. The flat was cleaned on wednesday. The Tapas 7 claimed to spend the Thursday on the beach and on the way back they stop at Cafe Paraiso. MO claimed not entering the flat to check the children on their fairy checking, then, when he entered the flat? After the alarm being raised to help the contamination of the crime scene? If so, why no samples of the all Tapas were found on the flat? GNR secured the crime scene, contrary to what was spread by the british media. We can imply that from their statements, even without saying it. They were always two, one entered the flat and the other stayed at the door. What was the job of who was at the door? preventing that more people entered the flat and less then one hour later PJ arrived and asked even the Mccann's to leave the flat.

    Then, Kate, any good explanation on your book for the absence of hair from your daughter on the 5A? Look at the position JT described, Maddie was carried on by the abductor?- Hair free floating in the air. The best way to leave samples everywhere. And I'm not even speaking about the great effort the abductor had to make to pass him and the girl trough the window. Even after that, no hair around the window. How?
    Where did you bath and combed your daughter? Or she was really a neglected child, but not on that particular night? Who takes care of Madeleine and where during that holidays? The Tapas 10?
    You have so many questions to answer and I believe you bypassed all of them on your book:"Madeleine", The lies of the Truth.
    Source for information about the hair samples: GAZETA DIGITAL.

  33. Anon
    Apr 17, 2011 8:26:00 PM

    There are two parts to the question you raise. One important, another not that much.

    Let’s start with the unimportant one: would the media use the pictures?

    Yes, they would. The T9 were not camera shy, and exploited every possible marketing avenue they could, including the infamous “good marketing ploy” of their daughter’s coloboma (if she ever suffered from the disease, which I very much doubt).

    What better marketing than exploiting the pictures of a group of friends having a perfectly innocent kind of fun, when, under the exact same set of circumstances, tragedy would lurk a few days later? It would draw sympathy, a sentiment from others that the McCs have so much used and even abused to the point of profit.

    It the T9 had (have) those pictures; they would surely have been leaked to the tabloids before you could blink your eyes. It would not have been the pictures going after the tabloids and but the other way around, so neither time nor competence is questionable: the pictures would get to the tabloids, and fast.

    Let’s also pretend that we believe in the McCs fantasy. They did ask the world for all the possible photos, so why overlook DW’s when she could have, inadvertently, pictured the “abductor” observing both the group and their child checking system?

    Someone from the public could identify someone in the background that shouldn’t be there, and finally give that lead that Edgar is so desperately looking (?) for. But for that, it would be no good if it remained enclosured in some mysterious confidential file, or if is to be “deemed” personal.

    The public can only help if they’re PUBLIC.

    DW should have been the first one to SET the example and publicise the photos both on the McCs website and on all possible papers, don’t you think so?

    But that is NOT important. What is important is that DW says these pictures exist, and I, like so many people, WANT TO SEE them. That is what is important.

    Don’t you want to see them?

    They can even blur, for the sake of privacy, the faces of those in the background (although, as I said, it wouldn’t be advisable because one of them could be “the infamous abductor”…).

    I just want for a set of pictures to be presented by the T9 saying that it’s the DW pictures of the T9 having dinner around a table in the Tapas Bar. It can even be as strangely blurred as the one of RO and MO coming out of the watersports…

    DW says she has the pictures, it’s on file that she said that, so let’s see them. That’s all we’re asking for.

  34. A message to all our readers.

    More than once, we’ve received comments directing our readers to other blogs.

    Please be advised that one thing is to promote unknown blogs that a reader deems of interest, which we will gladly contribute for it to be better known, another is to use our blog to promote already known blogs that, apparently, overlook the principle of reciprocity.

    Textusa has earned its own space and objectives, and about these we’ve been very careful to make them absolutely clear to all.

  35. “Posted by Anonymous to Textusa at Apr 17, 2011 9:29:00 PM

    Textusa, I understand if you don’t want to publish this, but often visit the pros sites just to get a glimpse of how shameless the human being is capable of being when it comes to save one’s own skin. Stupid, aggressive and overall bullying they sure don’t save up on the rude insults. But it’s not because of their lack of any human self-dignity (assuming one’s responsibilities and taking the respective punishment with honour is part of adulthood), but because although they bash everyone else, and I mean everyone else, about you, Textusa, they basically remain silent:

    link 1 (deleted)

    link 2a (deleted)

    link 2b (deleted)

    And it isn’t because they don’t know you, because they sure do, by the sparse comments about you that do appear sometimes, as by the highly aggressive comments that can be seen on your trashcan. This silence tells me that you might be much too close to the truth for their comfort. Congratulations to you and to all those that contribute to make this blog a reference to all of us who won’t give up and want truth and justice. Thank you!”

    Thank you for your support although we have not published your remarks in full, for reasons you appear to share with us: we don't wish to give links to blogs which simply abuse.

  36. Anon. 9:53pm, 17 April wrote:
    "(very few pictures about the childs are available at the disclosed files)"

    Yet, among those few, MANY are of David Payne holding children on his lap! Oh boy, that man really seems to enjoy sitting children on his knees...very disturbing sight, gives me chills!

  37. Anon
    Apr 18, 2011 1:40:00 PM

    We, in this blog, have yet to find any evidence that may indicate that David Payne is in any way a paedo. On the other hand, we believe that making the general public perceive this man as such was one of the most intricate and complex piece of clutter that was placed before us all.

  38. Anon.,Apr 17, 2011 8:09:00 PM

    NO, no...NOT REOPENED, NO!
    They want a REVIEW of the case, which is very different.
    Please do not fall for that trap, that's exactly their aim, to fool people into thinking just that: "oh, the poor parents, they want the case reopened but those mean portuguese authorities wont' do it"! A review of the case by an "independant pannel" would mean that they would have access to ALL that's still in the police files and has not been released. That's what they wanted the Home Office to do, to force the PJ/ public prossecutor to hand over all that secret evidence there might still be in the PJ and that they do not know of! Oh my, they are just itching to put their hands on those, they are scared to death of what those unreleased files might contain. On the other hand, if the case was REOPENED, it would mean that the PJ and the PJ only, would resume the investigation, NO further files released, and the strong possibility of them becoming "arguidos" again.

    Make no mistakes about it, the goal of that "petition" is to "review" the case, NOT to reopen it!

    The one and true PETITION that aims for the REOPENING of the case is this:

  39. Apr 18, 2011 1:48:00 PM

    Thank you for your reply, Textusa!

    Yes, I believe that the Payne "thing"( in relation with the Gaspars statms.) is not wajht it seems, it must have a purpose. However, it still makes me feel uncomfortable to watch those images.

  40. The purpose of the petition is the Paypal section enabling people to donate, same as the book its simply to raise more money for the mccanns and their limited company. They say they want the case re-opened, well someone should do just that, re-open the case, Im fed up with seeing their gloating, smirking faces in television or newspapers, what a gutless load of journalists and reporters afraid to ask any probing questions.
    There are so many lose ends, Textusa has made us all so aware of the discrepancies involving this entire group and others prepared to shield the mccanns. These people should all be ashamed of their actions, they have no compassion or self respect or they would not allow themselves to be manipulated by team mccann.
    As for D.Webster's photo's they are in fairytale land with the fairytale abductor and all the other rubbish the mccanns spin.
    May one day the truth be known.

  41. Anon at April 18 2.08

    Looks like the site has been carter rucked I tried to log on several times and all I got was 'this server is misbehaving' obviously they don't want the case re-opened.
    Can the people that have donated request the re-opening of the case?

  42. Oprah and Piers Morgan are in a bidding war to interview Kate about her book.

    How disgusting another staged interview with scripted questions.

  43. I think the Petition is not even for a review. Is just to fool people and have one more oportunity to ask donations. They know well how to play the victim roll.
    Sorry Textusa, about bringing other blogs in to your blog. I some time do it innocently, just because I read something there that calls my attention and like to share it. Nothing to do with "advertising the blogs". Many blogs stored information related to PJ files and made it easy and available for everybody to consult. I think, it is important, when I made a comment using information stored somewhere, to give the source of that information. This has nothing to do with publicity, at least in my case.

  44. Having the public suspecting David Payne is exactely what the Mccann's wanted to. By doing it, the public is playing Mccann's game. If they intimidate bloggers, journalists, etc, imagine how they intimidate the Tapas 7 forcing them to carry longer the Pact of silence.
    What happened must be a serious accident that Kate was unable to deal with and when the others arrived was already too late. Why she delete the mobile calls between 28 April and May 3? On May 3, she deleted some calls she made to her husband leaving just one around 11 Pm ( after the alarm being raised). Why so many calls for gerry on May 3? That means she was not with him and they were not attending together any dinner ( at the Tapas or not). The calls could be made because she was looking for some help to rescue Madeleine and when they arrive was too late. How can they explain to their family and to the police what happened if they were on holidays and are a group with few doctors. They decide to follow the most easy solution- deniing everything, convince themselves that what happened was under other circumstances, puting the guilt on others ( that strategy is used by many people to relief their guilt and sorry themselves, a kind of resignation). They start a campaign to save their skins and who helped them that night was not aware about the dimension of the lies and about what the mccann's could do to pass their farce. The monster is eating the creators and the mccann's still having, up to now, all their friends at their hands, very well tied. But I believe, the clever GA will untied them one day.

  45. Anon
    Apr 18, 2011 7:27:00 PM

    Things are clarified then. You know, we get from so many sides that one does tend to get paranoid... Thank you for your comments and apologise for the misundertanding.

  46. For all interested in the true petition to REOPEN the case:

    It seems that people are having trouble accessing the site. Try to access through the link in Joana Morais blog, it works, at least for me( I'm in Portugal, with a portuguese internet server)

    On the right-hand top side of the homepage, in blue letters, the last item
    . A Voice for Madeleine (Petition)

  47. Thanks Textusa,
    I understand. I already got strong/disgusting reactions to some of my posts here from Yawn/Insane and I'm only an anonymous poster, who don't buy fairy tales and use to question many things.
    I can imagine how many things you recieve that could not be published for digusting reasons or for many other reasons and how many "threats" were deliverd with purpose to intimidate you and try to stop your brilliant and intelligent work. When I say you, it is plural because involves all who help you achieving your conclusions. Off course all your readers were involved aswell, including the insane "Insane" who gave straightness to what I was already suspecting regarding his/her comments.
    I start following your interesting comments on Joana Morais blog, long ago, almost when the case started, then I realise that you had your own blog and start following your posts here. I think many of your readers followed the same way.
    Keep strong, because I think you are raising the true story to the surface. I hope serious journalists and competent polices follow your work and help Madeleine to achieve justice one day. If that day comes, the true story of Madeleine cannot be told without involving the blogs/foruns/sites, like yours, and their brilliant work to spread true information, connect people and allow the discussions the Papers were preventing to. Your blog will be part of that brilliant list.

    From Anon. Apr 18, 7:27

  48. Following my comment at Apr 18, 8:17,

    I think that was the reason why Kate and Gerry did not divorce yet. Gerry has part of the guilt, for not being with Kate when she needed his help to save little Madeleine.
    Contrary to what happen in most of the marriages after the abduction/ accident, etc and the lost of a child, this two parents manage to simulate a perfect marriage, in front of the cameras, to appear strong, in sintony and close to each other. Was not love or respect, what keep them together... Was Fears and the criminal Secrets they are sharing. Crack one of the small walls and all the castle will fall.

  49. I believe the Mccanns and Paynes are at the root of this Kate mentioned that Fiona helped her write her book by 'jogging her memory' on certain aspects !! and in Daily mail interview it stated 'Mccanns seldom go out exept to meet their friends the Paynes who live nearby'. Also the libel money the Tapas received was given directly to the fund, as a previous poster mentions the rest of Tapas probably have a hard time from the mccanns and Paynes, we've all seen what Mc's are capable of in libel cases, so maybe Tapas are afraid of the hold the Mc's have on them, hence their pact of silence.

    I would have thought Dianne Webster being a grandmother and the eldest of the group at some stage would have 'broke ranks' and spoken out,but being Paynes mother in law and her reluctance to co-operate suggests she is as bad as the rest of them. They all deserve to go to prison, pity their poor children, but this group never cared about children..only themselves.

  50. "Oprah and Morgan batling to have Kate on their shows", Off-couse delivered to the press by Mcmitchell spin machine.
    Who believes that? Only the Mccann's looking at there "bellybotons".
    They don't fight for the most important couple at moment- the futur King and Queen of England. Why they will be fighting for the most crap Britain mother who admitted to neglect her children but refuse to see it as a crime and refuse to do the reconstruction of the last day of her daugter, to help the police investigation? Really, this mccann's live out of reallity. They believe, they are more important then Obama.
    I start seing Mitchell as a Mccann machine destroyer. They are paying the guy and he with his attitudes and media manipulation is transforming the mccann's in the best jokes of our days. The JKR was a shame for them and for him. To cover that shame he invent another one, Morgan/Oprah.
    What will be next? A Vip invitation for William and Katherine marriage? Then, the aspected dhiarreia to justify mccann's absence from the TV cameras on the day.
    I believe Mitchell had to bite himself when he wake-up every morning to be sure that he is alive and real and not a Spin. After so many spins, he could tourn himself into a SPIN and believe it. Spinny disease, it affects who loves money and fool people to got it without working.

  51. The mccanns think they are celebrities and interviewers are fighting over them, ha what a laugh, get real Mccanns you are suspects in a criminal investigation and one day justice will come knocking on your door.

    Brilliant Textusa et al keep up the great work.

  52. Quote from Piers Morgan


    Everywhere I go at the moment, I get asked what I think of the Madeleine McCann story, given my background as a newspaper editor. And the honest answer, given all the claims and counterclaims, is that I have absolutely no idea where the truth lies.

    All I would say is that nobody I know says they would ever have left three kids aged under four on their own to go out with their mates at night on holiday. NOBODY.

    Read more:

  53. I don't believe anyone in the US will want to interview the McCanns unless it's to give them a hard time. The book is not going to be published there yet, if ever at all. They are of little interest to the public there. I thought Oprah Winfrey had retired anyway.

    It's like DW's photos and the 'truthful' book, fiction.

    If those photos existed the investigation would have started with them. They would have been the alibi and proof of where they had been as well as identifying people around them.

  54. CNN's Nancy Grace, that's the right person to interview the McCanns in the USA! No beating 'round the bush, would make the sweat and squirm!

  55. Absolutely fantastic site Tex, Diannes photo album has stirred up a lot of interest, you hit the nail on the head each time !! no tapas photographs, only tapas lies - well done on your thoughts you are so close to the truth.

  56. Esta ideia da Madeleine nos USA, partindo directamente do grupo Mccann, sempre me espantou. Com as fronteiras, marinas, portos, aeroportos, estradas, tudo vigiado desde as primeiras horas apos o alerta(lembram-se das Tvs portuguesas abrirem os noticiarios com os acessos algarvios a Espanha parados porque a policia inspeccionava carro a carro? Eu lembro-me) COMO E QUE A MADDIE CHEGOU AOS USA? Sera que este team pago a preco de ouro nunca pensou nesta questao tao simples, a primeira que acede a cabeca do publico? O mundo inteiro ficou vigiado desde as primeiras horas, por policias e por cidadaos anonimos que se tocaram pela desgraca da crianca, que passaram a analisar atentamente cada adulto e cada crianca, meio "detectives" e meio "pais superprotetores" na esperanca de encontrarem uma pista que permitisse recuperar a crianca. Houve uma especie de paranoia colectiva, uma vigilancia colectiva. Entao como e que ela chegou a America? Partiu antes ou depois do alerta?
    O hipotetico raptor precisava de tempo so para sair da PDL, ainda por cima fazendo parte do percurso a pe. As ruas da vila sao por si so um obstaculo aos movimentos de quem quer ser rapido e passar despercebido apesar do binomio Raptor/Madeleine ter uma particularidade fisica muito especial-ser selectivamente invisivel. Foram invisiveis para milhoes de pessoas e so Jane Tanner teve a bencao de os conseguir ver.
    Entao Maddie partiu depois das 20:30(foi o que nos disse Jane Tanner) e a familia Smith viu alguem vaguear a noite com uma crianca, numa rua que nao leva a saida da PDL. Ah, ja me esquecia... ha alguns anos, 2 ou 3, um detective apelidado de topo e chamado Dave Edgar, encheu as paginas dos jornais com uma certeza inquestionavel: Madeleine estava enclausurada algures a 10 milhas da Praia da Luz. E eu que sempre quis conhecer os USA nao sabia que a America estava tao perto, so a 10 milhas da PDL. Serao milhas terrestres ou maritimas? o "brilhante detective" esqueceu-se de especificar.
    Mas se e esta a America dos Mccann, para que chatiar a OPRAH e mendigar-lhe um "talk show"? sim, que eu acredito que os Mccann lhe mendigaram o programa e ela levou meses a dar a esmola. A Oprah nao paga aos seus entrevistados. Ela sabe que so o facto de por minutos respirarem o mesmo ar, concede aos seus entrevistados uma "publicidade rentavel". Alguem pagou aos Mccann e nao foi a OPRAH. A America da OPRAH, eles nao foram, nao vao nem nunca irao a procura da Madeleine ( o detective disse-nos que a Maddie esta na America da PDL). Vao a procura de "$". O unico motivo que acesa e activamente, os move. Quem lhes pagou foi o publico estupido e desinformado que mordeu o isco. E para esse publico que Mitchell continua a spinar quando envolve na saga JKR, Morgan ou OPRAH novamente. Esqueceu-se porem, de um dado novo- o publico esta mais informado e de estupido tem muito pouco. Afinal os Euros e as Libras do Fundo, nao servem para procurar Madeleine, servem para entre muitas outras coisas, procurar Dolares. E asimm, os Mccann descobriram a formula magica de gerar dinheiro sem trabalharem, numa epoca em que os que trabalham honestamente vem os seus salarios reduzidos, as suas pensoes reduzidas, os subsidios de ferias cortados, os empregos perdidos, tudo em nome da crise.
    2 paises da Europa dita civilizada, deviam cobrir as bandeiras de vergonha por permitirem que um grupo de traficantes de informacao viva a custa de crimes cometidos sobre uma crianca. Se a exploram assim depois de 3 de Maio 2007, como e que foi antes? Alguma ideia, cara Isabel Duarte?
    Para quando uma guerra de programas com os Mccann a procurarem a Maddie na America da PDL? Sera o Goucha, A Fatima Lopes, O Jorge Gabriel ou a Fatima Campos Ferreira, A Clara de Sousa ou a Judite de Sousa, a ganharem a batalha? Esta guerra nao lhe interessa nao e sr. Mitchell? Muito arriscada para quem so esta interessado nos Euros e sabe onde para a crianca.
    ( desculpem a ausencia de acentos)

  57. I was just re-reading some documents from the disclosed files and I saw that the Renault Scenic was returned to the rental office on 25 sep 2007 ( weeks after Mccann's left) by an old British man not identified ( was it the same who gave the Keys from the church to the Mccann's?). Another interesting information gave by the lady from Castanheira(the rental car) officer was that she already contacted the Mccann's( I believe it was before they left) to return the car and change it for another one because the car belongs to Renault portugal and castanheira had to hand back the car. The mccann's did not accept the car to be exchanged, they wanted to keep the same. The contract end on 23 or 24 Sep( after the negotiation I believe). Then the lady advertised the mccann's that the only way to keep the car is if they purchase the car. They refused such proposal. The car was rented 20 days after Madeleine being missed, then that was the beginning of the contract. How they know at the beginning of the contract that on 23, 24 of Sept they will still in portugal needing the car? Kate said many times that she will not leave Portugal without Madeleine, that means on 23 of May they know that on 23 of Sept, the girl will be not found. The search and the forensic samples collected by PJ/British police with help of the dogs, changed the normal course of their plans and force their leaving. Was unaspected on 23 of May.
    Interesting that many papers after the Mccann's had left portugal reported their interess in purchasing the R. Scenic, an idea they refused when was proposed by the rental car( I believe the propose was also done before the action of the dogs).
    Something smells very bad here. Any explanation for that on your book Kate?

  58. I expect Kate Mccann has read your posts Textusa and as no reply was forthcoming from her, this is yet another 'little gem' that you have uncovered.

    Good work Textusa.

  59. "Manta de Maddie lança nova pista
    Imagens desmentem mãe de criança desaparecida. Kate diz que cobertor foi levado por raptores, mas PJ fotografou-o. Depois é que desapareceu."

    17 Dezembro 2010
    Por:Henrique Machado/Magali Pinto

    "Quando em 26 de Abril do ano passado foi entrevistada no programa de Oprah Winfrey, Kate McCann fez um apelo: "Espero que os raptores a tapem com a mantinha dela." A mãe de Maddie, que desapareceu na Praia da Luz em 2007, referia-se a uma manta cor-de-rosa, com a qual a menina de quatro anos dormia todas as noites. A mesma que foi fotografada pela Judiciária no dia a seguir ao desaparecimento, mas que nunca mais foi vista. "Se estava lá no dia a seguir, como é que os raptores a levaram. É também com isto que vou tentar reabrir o processo", diz Gonçalo Amaral, ex-coordenador da PJ de Portimão.

    "Há muitos factos novos que vou entregar no Ministério Público e que acredito serem suficientes para reabrir o processo, que nunca devia ter sido arquivado. Este é mais um pormenor. Resta saber de que manta é que Kate está a falar, porque a cor-de-rosa ficou no apartamento. Agora é que desapareceu", diz o ex-investigador ao CM.

    "Todos estes pormenores vão ser apresentados a um procurador e só não o fiz antes porque o casal McCann me proibiu, embora de forma inconstitucional", continua.

    Em comunicado emitido ontem, a advogada do casal britânico acusou Gonçalo Amaral de "produzir insinuações danosas para invocar defeitos da investigação" e de o desaparecimento de Madeleine ser "uma fonte inesgotável de enriquecimento por via de imputações falsas, ofensivas e prejudiciais à investigação". Amaral defende-se: "Eu falo e trabalho com factos. Não enriqueci à custa do processo e estranho que os pais de uma criança que desapareceu se preocupem apenas com a sua defesa judicial no caso e que não queiram que se descubra a verdade. Eles nunca quiseram que a Justiça trabalhasse"

    Fonte: Correio da Manha

    (Alguma linha sobre isto Kate, no seu mal fadado livro?). Madeleine se o ler (Ah,Ah, garota prodigio gracas ao raptor) ha-de fazer o 'click' de ligar a mantinha em seu poder as palavras da mama nas Americas. Como e que a mantinha sumiu depois das fotos? Magia. Sera que nao sumiram tambem unas calcas creme e uns jeans? No inicio da investigacao falava-se muito sobre uns Jeans. Alguem dos Tapas tera tido lingua escorregadia. Por mim, revejo com espanto o video do primeiro apelo com o papel escrito. As calcas xadrez de Kate sao as mesmas onde os caes assinalaram morte e sangue. Entao, antes de vir a TV tinha acabado de estar com Madeleine ou de ver 6 cadaveres em Inglaterra num emprego partime que lhe ocupava duas tardes e onde fazia clinica geral? Porque complicar o simples e obvio?

    E por isso que ja nao quer ir a Oprah. Nao va ela tirar da cartola mais perguntas de resposta simples.


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