Monday, 23 May 2011

Hide & Seek

Dear Kate McCann, I apologise for writing to you twice with such a short interval, but I'm finding myself in dire need of your help.

As I promised I’ve started to read your book.

And it has shown to be one of the most aching, agonizing, excruciating, harrowing, torturing, wrenching and traumatic experiences of my life.

What a naive fool I was in thinking that it would be a quick read!!! It’s been a arduous, gruelling, laborious, punishing and toilsome nauseating task… and I’m only on page 42.

So why do I need your help? It’s all got to do with our Brit friend.

You know the one that was practically forced by me to buy your book so that I could have one. Talk about masochism. On my part, that is, for our friend has proven, as always, to be the selfless and altruistic soul that we know her to be.

Since it’s been four days that I have the book, the friend has asked me one question, and to answer it, I do need your help: “HAVE YOU NOTICED THAT THERE’S NOT A SINGLE WORD ABOUT MADDIE’S COLOBOMA IN THE ENTIRE BOOK?”

Honestly, my jaw dropped.

Please do help me out, and please DO tell me that you DIDN’T forget to mention about what your hubby has defined as a “good marketing ploy”, that mark, or better said, trademark, by which Maddie has become known worldwide?

A face recognized anywhere, so much so that that particular mark is perfectly visible in photo you chose for the cover of your book.

Because after reading all the details about your pregnancies (I shudder just to think that your “lovemaking chapter” may go into similar detail, I really do hope not!) it’s impossible that you would forget to speak about the MAIN physical characteristic by which someone would NOW be able to recognize your daughter.

You had so much time to prepare the content, so it would be completely ludicrous for you to forget that, wouldn't it?

After all it is ALL about that that your book is about, isn’t it?

To help others find your daughter, right? The eight year old girl with a COLOBOMA in her right eye, supposedly abducted 4 years ago.

This is where you come in. As I’ve told you, I’m on page 42. At this rhythm, tomorrow, by this time, I’ll be on page 50, being the optimistic that I am. That means, only in June will I will be able to provide my friend an answer.

That would be very rude on my part, wouldn’t it?

So, in order to allow me to answer my friend in a timely manner, could you, dear Kate, please direct us to which page(s) of your book is your daughter’s COLOBOMA referred to?

 Awfully grateful,

Your… Textusa

Update, May 24th:  

Kate, Now I’m really getting annoyed. I’ve only been able to reach page 47 up to now.

I'm continuously getting interrupted by our Brit friend: Have you seen that she doesn’t speak about this? Noticed that she says nothing about that? I love her, honestly I do, but she’s starting to become bothersome...

These are some of the things she mentioned that you forgot to write about:

- No mention of either of the Quiz Nights.
- No mention of free wine.
- No mention of the round table, much less of the BIG ROUND TABLE
- No mention of having argued with Gerry over his lack of attention caused by a woman, that made you sleep in Maddie’s bedroom, something that your husband didn’t even notice.
- No mention of washing Maddie’s Cuddle Cat.
- No mention of the stolen wallet incident.
- No mention of you having a best mate now although you did have one at school.
- No mention of the family trip to the beach.
- No mention of the lunch with the Paynes.
- No mention of the tennis dinner.
- No mention of Gaspars

Is there anything else that you'd like to forewarn me that you've forgot besides Maddie's COLOBOMA?!?

That you did forget to even think when you wrote it, is pretty clear... so please don’t mention it.

You know, reading about a narcissistic, that one particularly dislikes, going on about shamelessly complementing himself (herself in this case) is a terribly hard task to undertake by just by itself, so I certainly don't need to have it further aggravated with all these interruptions.

The book has 383 pages.  

Did you write about anything relevant? 

Or are these topics reserved for Gerry’s yet unannounced upcoming book?

Does this book jog any memories by providing any new info?... Well apart from the stupid e-fits of random new suspects?

I tell you, if my friend interrupts me once again, I’m seriously thinking of suing you for misleading of public and false propaganda.

But I have to get through the thing first, don’t I? Give me a break, please!

And this was what our friend had to say up to now.

In her hurry she may have missed or overlooked something and I would be grateful to readers if they let us know what else has been missed, or if she, out of so many forgotten things, has mentioned something that you didn't forget after all…

We, in this blog, don't want to accuse of anything that you don't deserve to be accused of!


  1. Textusa, don't you listen to anything Dr Gerald McCann says? In one of his recent interviews he said he didn't think it was a coloboma, it was just a different coloured part of the iris. Surely you realise it was only a good marketing ploy in 2007? For goodness sake, she might not even have it any more. Actually, come to think of it, in some photos we have seen she didn't appear to have it prior to disappearing.

  2. 10:27:00 PM

    Are you for real? It was G Mcs marketing ploy that used the coloboma for the campaign!

  3. Anon
    May 23, 2011 10:27:00 PM

    I'll let the readers respond to the content of your comment, but let me tell you that I listen very carefully to what Gerry McCann has to say. He wishes that I didn't, but I do. Obviously, I have better things to do than to follow Gerry around to verify all he says or does. That is the advantage of the written word and the internet... you can always refer back whenever needed.

  4. 10:27

    Are you recognizing that DOCTOR Gerald McCann intentionally LIED by exaggerating the marking of a disease that his daughter didn't have and that he knew she didn't have?
    If so, what else has DOCTOR Gerald McCann LIED about?
    You people just like to call everyone stupid, because, according to you, you can support something today and the exact opposite tomorrow, and the rest of the world won't notice?

  5. Don't be silly Textusa... it's in the cover... and the back-cover TWICE!!! Anon 10:27, it seems that Gerry forgot to delete that detail when they made the computer generated picture of Maddie!

  6. According to Dr. McCann(in 2007, that is...) Madeleine had colobomas in BOTH EYES, a larger one in the right eye and only a very small "thing" in the left, almost undetectable.

    Textusa, do you know anything about a documentary that focused exactly on the existence or non-existence of Madeleine's coloboma(s)? I searched for it to no avail, just found this reference to that documentary, but it provided no link to watch the full work:

    It seems the doc. was called "The photo games diary"

  7. Sorry, not related to this post, but, Correio da Manhã has now changed the article where it was stated that only one cent from each book sold would go to the fund, it noe reads that the entire value will go to the fund. Has Lift Consulting pulled their ears...? Ah, but they forgot to edit a readers commenty who mentioned the "one cent", lol! To the moment all the other papers and tv sites still have the one cent version...let's see for how long!

  8. I think the sooner the Mc's are brought to justice the better. I'm appalled that this 'mother' should write so graphically about her daughter, her sex life or anything else she sees fit to ramble on about.
    As for Maddie's coloboma it was a 'good marketing ploy' same as Maddie she is a good marketing ploy and has made millions for these two fraudsters who should not be on another world tour but facing up to the crime they committed back in 2007 and the fraudulent fund since.
    I've not read the book I would not dirty my hands with it, but it has been very difficult to buy any newspaper without Kate Mccanns 'story' plastered all over it.
    The truth will come out now especially in view of what is happening to superinjunctions.
    Tex thanks for your observations, love reading your articles this is a very valid point of yours though about the coloboma considering the publicity they sought about it at the time. This book makes them look guiltier than ever (if that's possible!).

  9. The coloboma was the first fabricated lie by Drs. Mccann. It fits well their agenda in May 3 2007- The world searching a girl that did not exist and the Public touched exactely in the heart with the picture of a beautiful little girl born with an unusual deffect that adds more color to the situation. The deffect transforms her in a very special and unprotected Beauty under the hands of a Monster. Imagine if the picture had no coloboma... will be just another picture without impact. Because of the coloboma, they approched GOOGLE and tried to convince GOOGLE to change their logo with the "two OO" showing the coloboma, like in the word Look. Wonder why GOOGLE told them to get a life and invest in another business.
    Now Dr. Mccann is saying, is not coloboma but just an eye color deffect. Poor skills that Dr. For a heart surgeon is very worriing.
    An eye color deffect did not change the shape of the iris. We see some people with two eyes showing different colors or some times one eye divided and showing different colors or different shadows of the same color.
    What Madeleine picture shows is a change on the shape of the Iris and this is Coloboma. Now, appears that it was fabricated. If was fabricated, was intentional and immediately after May 3. Why? to be sure, while intertaining the world, the journalists and the police, that she cannot be found anywhere.
    Immediately after the photo being released to the Media, in portuguese TVs, eye specialists were interviewed regarding the eye. they said the condition was called Coloboma, did not affect her eye sight and cannot be removed or fade trough any surgery. They said the condition will remain the same over the time, just increasing the size proporcionally, as a result of the normal physical grow.
    Then Dr. gerry mccann, since when the coloboma of the first picture of your daughter changed into a color deffect?
    If there is no mention of the coloboma on kates book, after the Sun delivered to their readers, her anguish of not being able to have sex with her husband or thinking of the hands of the abductor touching the body of her daughter, a body she use to apreciate and even describe it in some obscene manner, I just need to open my mouth and say "WHOW". As a parent, I can tell you, after knowing the sex of the baby, all mothers become worriing and praying for the health and physical perfection of their babys. When they born, we check everything we can see and I believe discovering an eye deffect on our newborn will be a panicking and worring moment for any mother, even if she was a doctor. There is no way to dismiss or forget that emotions. The minutes, the hours, the days, a mother passes without accurate information will be a long nightmare, then the moment she discovered the deffect did not affect the sight of her baby will be again unforgetable, due to the imense relief.
    Kate, as a mother, unfortunatly did not stop surprising me.
    I did not intend to buy the book. The boxes I saw in Algarve hotels in July 2007, with Madeleines face, asking money, were disgusting enough to prevent me to pass any coin to that pair of shameful parents.
    But I really want to know what the despicable mother, who had time to spread that boxes and travel many times to portugal to persecute the police or sell her lies, but no time or availability to search her daughter or do the reconstruction, has to say on her book. I'm counting with some brave people, who I believe will post in the Net the most controversial/ important passages of her book. Means, I'm counting with people like Textusa, Joana Morais, Mccannfiles or Hasta que se Sepa la Verdad to evaluate again the skills of that special mother.

  10. Maddie Coloboma gos well with Maddie Lollita. Marketing to sell a girl that they know, could be not found alive.

  11. Today’s journalism has lost honour, courage and ethics. It has lost completely its pride.

    McCann’s case is quite paradigmatic in showing how today’s journalists have just become yet another set of obeying, submissive white-collared workers.

    There was a day they were the guardians of society’s values.

  12. Quote from Gerry McCann interviewed this week in Portugal.

    "How do you think the Portuguese see you?

    Gerry: I hope they will begin to see us in a better way after reading the book."

    As if!

  13. The photograph of Maddie on the cover of the book does not show any colour difference in her eyes (as stated by Kate McCann)so it has been airbrushed. I'm beginning to wonder whether she really did have a coloboma and it only came about by accident when the early photos of her were produced/adapted. I don't think conspiracy theories help so this is just a thought to be considered.

    Gerry saying it was a good marketing ploy and put it in the media against advice. Why? Because such a child would never be found?

    When starting a business a logo is often the first thing needed to represent the image of the business. Without the coloboma what logo would the McCanns have chosen for their Limited company?

    The coloboma has always been played down and called a 'fleck' in her eye. If she had been abducted the parents would have appealed to the 'abductor' to take care of this health issue.

    Medical records were never produced same as credit card statements. Medical records would show whether or not she had a coloboma and any other health problems that can occur with this syndrome.

  14. Maybe Medical records were not produced because the coloboma did not exist.In 2007 it was something that people looked out for maybe it was nothing more than a clever marketing ploy by two very devious parents.
    The sooner this case reaches it rightful conclusion the better and put an end to the legal lunacy of this expensive cover up operation.
    If the mccanns are hiding behind superinjunctions (which I believe they are) and they have lied and managed to use the full force of the law to protect themselves but the days of the superinjunctions silencing the media are coming to a close.
    This last week Sir Fred Goodwin and Ryan Giggs have discovered to their cost that money cannot guarantee silence and the time will come for the mccanns to also face justice the game is up Kate and Gerry and everybody except you and your lawyers know it.

  15. On the late late show in Ireland kate said as she does if im honest we didnt really emphasize or mention the fleck in the eye and I went what? that was your whole campaign back then in 2007. Its lies all the way with them.just more to add to the heap. they are so rehearsed now compared to the early days

  16. hi, what i dont understand is that Madeleine went to a creche befor the holiday so why has'nt any of the workers there spoken out if madeleine didnt have coloboma,it makes no sense to me if madeleine did'nt have one why no one who knew madeleine has,nt spoken out

  17. Interestingly, Madeleine's coloboma is not even mentioned on her passport as a distinguishing feature, but a mark on her leg is.

  18. An Anon has put in a comment which we’ve decided to censor. S/He basically quotes the Kate’s book phrase from pg 129, which is exactly what we’ve decided to censor in part.

    This is the censored comment:

    "I asked Gerry apprehensively, if he (censored)."
    Kate Mccann in "Madeleine", Pag 129.

    NO COMMENTS. The sentences spoke by themselves. If she did not dedicate a sentence to the Coloboma, wonder why....
    Where are the good and serious journalists? Where is Pinto Monteiro? We can always offer him a pair of glasses and a bottle of 'Eno' if he has difficult to read and digest Kate words.

    Posted by Anonymous to Textusat May 24, 2011 10:38:00 AM


    Our reasoning for having censored part of the above Anon’s comment:

    The ref to page 129 is now sufficiently notorious and we don't feel the need to repeat the phrase, out of respect to Madeleine. .Not that we’re being prudish about the word used, but the repetition and the image it conjures is like the repeated violation of the child.

    Readers who may not have seen it will be able to reference it if they wish to do so.

    Kate’s phrase shocks twice. Firstly because, as said, we’re bludgeoned by Kate's images, and secondly we’re submitted to this violence by someone who acts like it represents no violence for her. It’s shocking how someone may dare say she’s assaulted by such imagery and lives her life with such gaiety and, above all, demonstrates such unwillingness to act as desperately swiftly as possible to rescue her child from the horrible fate that she, herself, describes.

    After these the awful pictures have scrawled through my head, I’m sure that our readers will appreciate the fact that we’ve censored, partly, this comment.

    Lastly, Anon, I hope you understand that this has nothing to do with you, as, as you can see, the remainder of your comment remains intact and valid. And we thank you for your participation.

  19. Anon
    May 24, 2011 4:39:00 PM

    It seems there was no coloboma to be seen... only a slight "fleck", and that would explain why no one mentions it, with the exception, of all those involved in the marketing and merchandizing of a trademark. But that is not in the PJ Files, is it?

  20. A doctor who makes a false diagnosis, and even falsifies photos for financial gain should loose his license.

    A parent who attributes a special mark to their missing child that the child does not have creates a situation in which the missing child cannot be identified. I don't care why they did it, but they should loose custody of that child (check) and the other children and their freedom.

    Of all the dirty tricks of the McCanns this has me the most upset. un effing believable.

  21. Anon @ 7.05

    Maddie is already a Ward of Court so in a sense the McCanns have lost custody already.

    I have a fleck in my iris and no-one has EVER mentioned it. I would have to point it out for it to be noticed.
    I can imagine most people would say they hadn't noticed the fleck (if any) in Maddie's eye as it would appear they took little notice of her. Nannies and creche workers would not admit to such a thing. If she did have such a serious defect the staff would be warned how to deal with it such as making sure she wore sunglasses in bright light. Or even being made aware of other health issues that syndrome could cause.

    Something doesn't 'smell right' about the coloboma. Maybe there is a doctor reading this who could fill in the gaps on our Google research?

  22. The McCanns have NEVER said Madeleine had a coloboma, they have been very careful to only ever say she had a fleck in her eye which made the pupil run into the iris.
    They built their whole campaign around this so-called defect and called it a good marketing ploy and that's all it was. Now they both say it was just a small fleck, barely noticeable, in fact you would have to look really close to see it. A wtf moment to be sure.
    So, on the front cover of the book, there is a photo of a much younger child than Madeleine was when she disappeared with an exaggerated, very large fleck - almost a coloboma wouldn't you say -so who exactly are the public to look for? A 90cm tall toddler with blond hair and a coloboma, like the front page of the book, or an 8 year old girl who looks like --who?
    Of course, none of this takes the dogs into account does it?

  23. Are you aware of this Textusa?

  24. Anon., May 24, 2011 7:19:00 PM

    I am not a doctor, but I found this very informative pdf:

    And, Textusa, if you'll allow, for anyone who wants to read witht heir own eyes that infamous page 129 of Kate's book, here is where it can be seen:

  25. Something that makes the pupil look in the iris IS a coloboma.
    The logo IS a coloboma.

    No doctor would mistake that.

    But then no doctor would say that the risk of leaving 3 kids under 4 alone in a strange dark room, in a strange house, in a foreign country is stranger abduction. There are a thousand plus other risks more likely than that.

    Yes I know Madeleine is warden of the court, that's why I said check.

    This couple, just a bunch of low class, vulgar swindlers. I hope the pope counted his fingers and washed his hands after greeting them.

  26. Gerry Mccann said the reason why they left the kids alone with doors openned was because abductions are very rare.
    Then, what changed dear Gerry, since 6 O'clock untill 10 O'clock?
    Was not the coming of an abductor, I believe, because not a single evidence was found to show his presence. And I believe you worked hard on the search of that evidence, during this 4 years.

  27. A true coloboma can cause many other things, like stunted growth,slow learning,slow speech, eyesight and even heart problems. her eyes should be checked as she gets older every 6 months.(My partner is a paediatrician)
    If you look at some videos of maddie you will see that she almost mouths the words before saying them, she also was not a lot bigger than the twins. I believe she suffered behavioural problems. Gerry has not appealed fot the abductor or anyone supposedly may have her to get her eyes checked, for him it was only a marketing ploy using a photo so much younger. There are also photos of her at the age she was "taken?" where at times she looks as if there is something wrong with her. Maybe this is why the Mcs produce the prettiest of photos, but all in all he gave a misleading description and photo, especially as he had gone to so much trouble to prepare large size photos before he went on holidays Why gerry??did you think she may go missing? Any normal parent of a missing child would hand over her medical records, something to hide gerry? I do believe so.

  28. Dr. Gerald McCann and Dr. Kate McCann are UK's "Badwill" Ambassadors.

  29. well,
    not really related but...

    considering Madeleine's bed was up against the wall with her head to the right side of someone standing in looknig towards her.. and the obvious gesture to picking her up would have been the predator's right arm under the head and left arm to the legs...

    shouln'd Jane T have seen Madeleine's head instead of her feet?

  30. A quote from Goncalo Amaral's book;on-line English translation, as I can't buy it here. I will when I can.
    " Her parents always insisted Madeleine was in good health. The medical files, requested several times from Great Britain were never sent to us. These could have been deciding factors. Why didn't we have access to them? We never knew the truth of the matter. It's deplorable that the British legal system could be quite so uncooperative in this type of situation. In the course of the invesigation, a doctor pointed out to us that madeleine had a mark in her eye, described by some as a coloboma of the iris, which can be asociated with other disorders, for example, cardiac insufficiency. In spite of repeated requests to the British Medical association, we were never able to confirm that hypothesis, a simple photo not being sufficient to establish a medical diagnosis."

  31. Gerry McCann stated in the Ryan Tubridy interview that all the sightings of Maddie were and are logged and their PIs prioritise them but the historical ones are unimportant as they don't help but if Kate McCann's book is to jog peoples' memories that that is a contradiction as all memories are historical. Yet another to add to the list.

    Their interviews are getting very slick recently and embellishments creeping in to explain the contradictions that the public are discussing on forums.

    In this interview G Mc says definitively that the shutters could be opened from the outside. Aside from the fact this can't be done what does he think the shutters are there for? Security or to keep the sun out? If the latter then they would be on the inside.

    He can now say these things without even scratching his nose or tugging his ears. Acting lessons or self control?

  32. Take a look at the “Madeleine – One Year On” clip (about 3 or 4 down)

    At 1.50 Gerry says they thought they wouldn’t be able to get in the Tapas that night…

    Why ever not? Doesn’t Kate claim in her book that they had a block booking and that in fact the reservations book indicated their party would be attending every night? (I'm going on the newspaper serialisation.)

    Has Gerry been caught out in a…another misunderstanding?

    Incidentally this clip is replete with the usual mouth coverings, eye shields, mouth swallowings and nose scratchings indicative of something other than a convincing narrative.

    And yet…the UK media want us to canonise them. It’s scary beyond belief!

  33. Brilliant Anna Andress, as always:

  34. Did Madeleine ever exists at all ? I'm starting to have my doubts !


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