Monday, 26 September 2011

Tapas Quiz Night, Question #10/?

Question: Who are the TAPAS' “Teacher’s pet”?  
Answer: The IRWINs.

We’ve been told, that the TAPAS made an exception to accommodate T9’s wishes to have a block booking for dinner at 08.30 in their restaurant.

This, we were told, had even to have approval from management.

We’ve also been told that it was very, very hard to be able to book a dinner at TAPAS, for many reasons, but, at least according to the PJ Files, one was because it was better than The Mill.

We were told that this was so much so that you had to queue every morning to reserve.

We’re not exactly clear on who booked for the T9. I’ve read that it was Russ on Sunday, but then again I’ve heard that it was Rachael on Monday.

 In any case, we have a "very-hard-to-get booking" the latest on Monday morning.

That’s April 30th.

We’ve seen, in the previous post, that one’s reservation is noted, logically, according with the order with which one arrives in to make it.

Looking at the first THREE “Tapas reservation sheets”, we’ve seen that the Tapas Staff has very methodically created “quarter-of-an-hour” reservation blocks.

I think we all agree that, looking at it in any which angle you wish to do so, that at least within the “quarter-of-an-hour” blocks, the order in which the names appear are according with the order in which they made the reservation.

If for nothing else, this is so because one does start at the top of a page (in this case, block) and continues to write, in an orderly downward manner, whatever one wishes to list.

So, if you look at May 3rd “Tapas reservation sheet”, for the 08.30 “quarter-of-an-hour” reservation block, one is able to see that the IRWINs were able to book BEFORE the T9:

This means, that on Monday morning, the latest, or Sunday morning as is supposedly probable, the IRWINs managed to book a meal 3 or 4 days beforehand.

 That would be fine if it weren’t for the supposedly high demand for reservations, and the apparent required authorization.

That makes the IRWINs reservation look as a shameless line jumping, doesn't it?

Or am I reading this wrong? Weren’t there people that queued up on both Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday that weren’t able to get a reservation?

I’m supposing that they wouldn’t be very happy to know that someone who had NOT stayed in line as they did would be able get a reservation, that they didn't.

We’ve also been told that the T9 got that booking because they wanted to be close to the children they left in the apartments.

You may not agree with the reason, or with the meaning of “close” when used in the previous sentence. But it is a reason, and we’ve been told what it is.

But what was the reason for the IRWINs to have been able to book with such anticipation?

I can only see that they were friends with someone from management, and pulled in a favour. We all know that it always pays off to be the “teacher’s pet” don’t we?


  1. I think that those who still defend these booking sheets as booking sheets are starting to feel that they're making a fool out of themselves.

  2. More names and no statements. Why? Were these people really around on the dates on the sheets? If so not at Tapas bar.

  3. There are many names on those sheets without corresponding statements. Textusa I hope you will look into more detail.

  4. No question about it, Textusa is a rogue blog. Or THE rogue blog!
    Whoever thought of putting in those times, deserves a slap on those hands. He or she was a naughty boy/girl who overdid his/her homework...

  5. Textusa, have you noticed on the booking sheet on Tuesday the date 1st May on the top of the sheet looks like a figure 9 like 9th May? The Manns book at 7.45, do they get table 209 or 201? Presumably the Totman booking, going by the 15 minute slots, is at 7.30 although numerals are tippexed out, looks as though they are also given table 209. Are these two parties supposed to share a table? T9 are given table 211 and the numeral 1 is very clear, no mistaking a 1 for a 9. Fosters get table 210 and no mistaking that table number.

    Two people writing these sheets, two parties sharing tables or just sloppiness making up these sheets?

  6. This weekend I booked a table at my favourite restaurant for a group of us. All that was required was my name and contact number NOT the names of everyone in my party. I was phoned by the restaurant before we arrived on the pretext of making sure all was OK. I'm guessing they were checking the phone number was valid and would be kept on record for future bookings. The restaurant would not accept a future booking if that number failed to connect. Or if valid and the customers did not arrive there would have been some payback for losing the restaurant the profit of not filling a table.

    The only reason Tapas sheets contained all T9s names was for an alibi.

  7. Anon 10:56:00

    Agree totally. When a group reserves, only one name appears on the reservation. The only justification for all 4 surnames to appear would have been for billing purposes, but if these sheets were for that, the drinks would say to which client the refer to. To say that these papers are reservation/billing/stock update is just as ridiculous as saying that the Tapas was competing for a Michellin star.

  8. This does open a Pandora's box. People are named there with their consent? Edmonds seems to acknowledge he is, by confirming McCann's version. From here, we have to look every name, one by one, and check links between each other. And between them and OC staff and the reverends, ex-pats, Murat, etc. These are not reservation sheets, these are giveaway papers.

  9. These persons were in fact dining a different kind of meals. A good diet for the brain.

    The point is, if they were "dining" exotic meals why was the child inside the apartment and not in creche?

    Did someone got a dessert out of the "happy hour"?

    Was Gerald really playing tennis with so many good things going on in the red zone? Or was he closer than that?

    Where were the other children at the same hour David went to see Kate?

    Has anyone saw the tennis teacher statement?

  10. Anon Sep 28, 2:49:00 PM

    An excellent post and indeed a good diet for the brain.


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