Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Tapas Quiz Night, Question #11/?

Question: Besides Maddie, what else disappeared from PdL on those fateful 24 hours, between midday May 3rd and noon May 4th, 2007?
Answer: A whole QUEUE of people.

The “Tapas reservation sheets” provide us, supposedly, with a timeline of events.

As we’ve seen, the IRWINs had to make their reservation three or four days before May 3rd, to appear as they do on that day’s “reservation sheet”.  

Three days, if it was Rachael who did the T9 reservation, four days if it was Russ.

 But it’s NOT ONLY the IRWINs who were able to NOT stand in the famous “Tapas queue”, that supposedly took place every day, except Saturdays, up to 11:00, to get a booking.

Do have a look at the May 4th “Tapas reservation sheet”:
The only reason, they say, for the T9 to not appear on this sheet, was because they were already included in the “Tennis Dinner” or "Tennis Mark Warner" for 12 PAX, on that day.

It was cancelled, as can be seen on the sheet, because, at least that's what they say, of what happened to Maddie.

Irrelevant of the obvious differences in handwriting between the first three reservation sheets and the last three, in which May 4th is included (which would make it necessary for two people to be taking down reservations at the same time, one for each one of the supposed “working” weeks), what is important is that whenever the T9 reservation was made, the “Tennis dinner” was already there.

And that was either three or four days before May 4th.

That then means that the BERRYs and the HYNDs, who appear in this particular sheet, were, just like the IRWINs, able to jump the queue and get their reservations for when they wanted them.  

Ocean Club, were you kidding with your clients? You require for people to queue up to get a reservation to a very limited number of covers, and then you go and allow the PAYNEs, the OLDFIELDS, the O’BRIENs, the McCANNs, the IRWINs, the BERRYs and the HYNDs to get a booking BEFOREHAND?

That was very, very naughty of you.

But that’s not the point of this post. We would like you to look again at the May 4th “Tapas reservation sheet”.

 Now that we now know that the BERRYs, the HYNDs and the “Tennis dinner” were all booked before the 4th, it leaves out as having booked that day… NOBODY.  

NOBODY queued up on Friday, May 4th? No, and that's EXACTLY what this "reservation sheet" clearly shows.

We know Maddie disappeared on the night before, and that all available OC help went looking for her, but, as we know, the resort is spread out all over the town, so the news of the events wouldn’t have spread through its customers that fast.

No reason for them to be alarmed, and no reason for those who planned to queue up the next morning, May 4th, not to do so.

And even if it did spread, the news that is, or if for some reason the queuing up was cancelled due to the tragic events, such would have certainly been mentioned about that in those various statements where it’s highlighted the high demand and the great difficulty to get a meal at Tapas.

But there isn’t any such mention in any of the statements.

So we’ve NOTHING to justify as to why NOBODY reserved at Tapas on May 4th.

Maybe this particular queue was “abducted” on the previous night together with Maddie, and that’s why it didn’t show up the following morning.

We think this new piece of evidence, "the missing queue", will relevantly further help the ongoing "leave-no-stone-unturned" search currently undertaken by Edgar & peers.

You see, besides them having to look for an inexistent abducted little girl with an inexistent coloboma in one of her eyes, we now know that she may be found playing in an inexistent queue in her inexistent dungeon near PdL.  

Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, or Lewis Carroll as he’s better known, wouldn’t have been able to write a more bizarre piece of literary nonsense even if he tried, when compared with the Black Hat version of the Maddie Affair.  

Post Scriptum: 
Aren't you getting a little bit tired of me PROVING what has already been more than proved, and that is that these "Reservation Sheets" are FAKE, that their only purpose was to confirm the T9's alibis, and that they PROVE the involvement of the Ocean Club Staff, and Guests in the cover-up that followed Maddie's death?

We are.

But do address this issue with the OC Staff as we're certainly not to blame that these sheets contain so much fact and information to PROVE all of the above.

It's our duty, and commitment as stated, to leave to the future generations what we've been able to uncover, so do bear with us, and with our Quiz Tapas Night Questions, as there are many more to come.

However, we'd like to tell you, that besides these "Tapas reservation sheets" we still have a lot of new information to reveal.

Much has been written down and stored, but this is like pulling a string, it just keeps on coming...


  1. These people might have 'disappeared' after 3rd May but why no statements from them later, the records show clearly who they were and where they came from? Why did they not come forward to say what they saw in the Tapas bar when Maddie became news if the police did not approach them?

    Something is not right here.

  2. The Tapas Bar was just that..a little bar by a swimming pool where guests would have a drink or could not accommodate large parties for evening dinners and as Textusa has proved it did not accommodate large parties.
    The other thing that has disappeared is the blue tennis holdall and the pink blanket.
    Our media at present are reporting on a couple of other 'crimes' where the 'guilty parties' believe through manipulation of media (and money) they will be freed, I believe the Mccanns and their 'team' will closely follow these two cases...but ultimately justice comes to all...the Mccanns made far too many mistakes in the early stages before their PR team was estabablished and this will be their undoing. There is no such thing as the perfect crime !

  3. These people did not report anything from the Tapas Bar because there was nothing to report. The Mccanns are proven liars, they invented the neglect story to enable people to believe the abduction story.
    There was no abductor, but there was a child who lost her life due to her parents actions and that is indesputable.

    Well done Textusa for all that you uncover in this tangled web of deceit.

  4. Robert Murat somehow is involved in this he is the one that holds the key to solving this mystery.

    I have followed this case since the beginning and now he has slipped off the radar which is typical of a guilty person, he is connected to this group and Scotland Yard should focus on him, he hired a car when he leant his to Mccanns, he received a payout from Express Papers, he comes from the same area as Tapas group, he has helped the Mccanns in this cover up.

    The Portuguese police got it right with the 3 suspects Kate, Gerry and Robert they are key to this.

  5. Is it me, or...does the handwriting on this reservation sheet look very similar to that on the Tapas group timelines, written by O'Brien on Madeleine's sticker book?!

  6. If someone had said a year ago that these sheets showed what they show, nobody would take it seriously. Now, each TQN question gets a normal, calm, thought out reaction. People are questioning the details, trying to understand better and help you out in your findings. The tone from the comments is very clear, and that is understanding and accepting these documents as complete fake. To the various Insanes out there, you've definitely lost a significant battle here.

  7. it's very clear, those sheets are fake and written down as an alibi. one more pinch of evidence, the absence of the wilkins from the Tapas sheets. Anyone believes that this mate who shares with Gerry so many tennis lessons and walks in and out from the creche will miss a so demanded dinner not having to queue up for the booking? NON! He had another mission on this saga- being in the street exactly on time to spot Gerry coming from his checking/ proud moment. And....he contacted the police to state how he saw Gerry , without forgetting to mention that he passed near the Tapas bar (busy) while trying to make his son to sleep but, how convenient, didn't remember anything from the restaurant. Not even Mrs. Manuela who claims to be cooking in the barbecue 2 meters away from the table of the Tapas 9( sardines and steaks for Kate, according to Kate statement).
    We know, on that particular week, the OC was packed up with weird guests... some left their childs alone while enjoying a nice meal and drink and another was trying to make his child asleep while walking on a very busy and smelly place. How long it take him to make his child asleep? close to one hour. Where did he walk? Near the block( his and Mccann's block) and between the Tapas bar and the stairs that lead to Mccann's apartment. Then, in one hour around that places, he must have seen the abductor or the abductors and Madeleine, very clearly, if they had not been fictional characters. Small details, showing how bad they were with their lies before Mr. Pinky arrived to the stage.

  8. I believe, many statements are in the police files kept under secrecy and didn't surprises me if the statements of the people involved in the sheets become inconclusive due to a group convenient behaviour: They all remember nothing from that particular night.
    What I found relevant is the comment from the police, on the police files, while publishing some of the pictures recovered from the digital cameras of the Tapas 9. Very few photos were released, but the police informed the public, trough the files, that many photos were kept under secrecy due to the high interest for the investigation. I believe, photos from the cameras of many guests were recovered as well. The absence of any picture showing on any camera the Taps dinner, speaks more then any statement. People who record in a mobile, a crap trip inside an airport bus, were addicted to photographs. They will not miss an interesting dinner with interesting friends. That's why we can see D. Payne holding 2 children on his lap and Fiona and her mother with her children. The Paynes will not miss a record of such dinner. The absence of that picture is a circumstancial evidence and is more important then the fake lists or any statement.

  9. correct me if I'm wrong, but surely "tennis" is spelled "tenis" in portuguese? If this is the case, then the "tennis Mark Warner" was probably written down by a non-portuguese person.

  10. Anon Sep 28, 2011 9:33:00 PM, agree completely with you. The OC silence about this queue was one of the few times they didn't lie!

    Anon Sep 28, 2011 10:34:00 PM, agree. If you were able yo be a walk-in, why then waste a morning in a queue to reserve? Once again the truth is that there weren't any walk-ins because the Tapas didn't serve dinners. It served drinks and tapas...

    Anon Sep 29, 2011 1:35:00 AM, very well spotted!

  11. OC's involvement in the cover-up is so obvious that not even a blind man would trip over it. The question is, why did they do it? So promptly and involving so many of their people? What did they have to lose? Accidental deaths happen in many resorts around the world and they don't tarnish the reputation of those places, so it can't be just that.

  12. Anon 10;20 I agree the writing does look similar to the timeline written by O'Brien and the poster that spotted 'tennis' very well done.

    Surely this needs further investigation by SY, these are the little things that catch criminals out.

  13. Anon @ Sep 28, 2011 11:00:00 PM, isn't it interesting that they had no problems in releasing that mobile footage, where one of them even swears, but are reluctant, for PRIVATE reasons to show the dinner photos? What possibly could they show that we haven't already seen? If it's for privacy of the children, it's not a reason because the bus film shows them well, and they aren't supposed to appear in the dinner pictures. So what is there that they can't show? Were all or some of them nude? Not saying they were, just saying that I can't imagine any privacy motive for not showing those pics. If anyone could come up with a possible reason, please say so, because I honestly would like to know.

  14. Anon 11;00 totally agree I always thought it odd the lack of photographs especially as this group were supposed to 'be into one another' according to Mitchell.

    The photographs would reveal what really happened in the evenings IMO dianne webster babysat ALL the children enabling the group to have their time together, the last night was the only night the children were left alone to support their abduction story, I doubt Madeleine said 'why did you not come last night etc' again this was to give the impression the children were left unattended.

    The Mccanns have fed the media one story but there is not one piece of evidence to back up their abduction fairystory.

  15. Things are not looking good for the OC and the people whose names appear on the booking sheets.
    They can no longer be considered bystanders. They're integral part of all this mess.

  16. Literally thousands of people have read these documents attentively before you, myself included, and weren't able to see what is now obvious to see. Maybe people (I mean White Hats) should stop theorizing for a minute and take one big step back and rethink their opinion about all this. I have. Bless you Textusa, and all you're doing in the name of this poor child much mistreated by justice.

  17. sep 29, 7:29
    They don't release any picture because there is no pictures from that particular night or the Tapas dinners. The dinner never happen. But I believe, there is other pictures from the dinners in other nights, showing which guests use to share with them such special moments, and where. My guess goes to the Chaplin's where they probably meet some expats living in PDL, including Murat.
    It is understandable why the OC got involved in the cover up. Nothing related with what happened to Madeleine, which I believe was an accident, but related with activities this group, some other guests and probably some expats, use to have in the OC. If that activities included the swing, I believe the OC got very scared with having a child from the group death and the police involved in an investigation. They don't know up to each point, this activity will be considered legal or illegal under the portuguese law with resort investigated and accused of allowing adult activities mixed up with children. If a suspicion like that raise in the Resort, all MW resorts around Europe will be investigated as well. A disaster for everybody involved on such activities, not only for the Mccann's who lost their child.
    The police made a right decision when Made arguidos, Murat and the Mccann's. From my point of view, some others deserved the same status, special the Tapas 7.
    Papers at beginning reported that Murat use to walk in and out from the resort, every day. He was familiar to the place. Antonio, the husband of his girfriend was in charged of cleaning the pool. Murat use to visit Micaela, his girlfriend at the flat where she lives with her husband( weird, but is on the files). That shows the type of people they are and how open are they minds for some behaviour. Not forgetting that Micaela has a young daughter, who probably get used with her odd parents.
    The first statements and journalist reports have a lot of important clues. Murat hire a car and to the staff working on the rental cars ( remember PDL is small and they all know each other) he gave the excuse that his car was with Mccann's to help them search their daughter. To the police, he said his car was in a garage doing some service. Both situations could be true. His car was searched by the dogs and nothing was found. What about the car he rented? Nothing on the PJ files says nothing about that car. What if instead of giving his car to the Mccann's ( he was not stupid) he gave the rented car? If the Mccann's rented something, will be very suspicious for the police, but if somebody do it for them, will take some time for the police to discover it.

  18. They all lie about dinners and breakfasts.

  19. Anon at 10:41 - an excellent post you have summed it up perfectly, I too believe Murat is very involved in all of this and then the Tapas friends attempted to frame him, but he was paid well for his part £600,000.00 from Express Newspapers plus whatever else he was paid. Max Clifford was going to represent him, Clifford would have made him thousands in interviews etc but Murat at the last minute ditched Clifford, much to Cliffords annoyance, so why did Murat do that !! and now Murat does not say a word about any of it !!!

  20. @ Sep 29, 2011 10:41:00 AM

    I believe that is why the McCanns travel to various countries hoping someone from that holiday will give them photographs they took which would discredit everything they say. Someone is withholding photos and it is a huge concern because they have no idea when they will be handed over. That person or persons may get tired of hanging on to a secret.

    In a perfect world the person with photographs will hand them to the police not the McCanns. But there again, they may want to save their own skin.

    I think Kate's book was a warning to numerous people especially the ones who they don't have contact with.

    Mark Warner as a business would collapse if something was exposed that was immoral or illegal so no wonder they had Bell Pottinger and Control Risks Group there so quickly.

  21. For portuguese speakers - would you say (or write) "take away" in English? wouldn't it be "a llevar" or something similar?

  22. God Textusa,
    How many years of discussion did we have on the disappearance of this child. We covered everything from cloning, to photos, to playhouses to creche lists, to strange photos, to this to that to everywhere.

    With perfect clarity, forums were kept alive on the myriad possibilities. But the Tapas dinner was not taken in seriously. I don't recall suspicion raised on this subject. About everything else but not this. that their child was abducted whilst they were at the Tapas. That is what the entire case rests on.
    The neglect and thus the potentiality for abduction.
    But it had to have the appearance of still being in 'respectable' distance otherwise the 'neglect' would be more pertinent and that needed to be avoided. They left the children but only at the bottom of the garden.

    And with all the smoke and mirrors and the to-ing and fro-ing on the checks - the lies, the deceits by so many people.

    No wonder they weren't searching, they were knee deep in administration cover ups.

    Madeleine may you be at peace wherever you are.

  23. Su,

    We all looked at the sheets as strangely absurd, but it never crossed our minds, and that's why we've blocked that thought, that the OC could have been involved. Even Textusa in her initial theory contained the swinging to the T9 group, who called for help from London. So these sheets seemed somewhat confusing but we were sure that there was some explanation for them to be that way. And we didn't press much on the subject because we thought the OC were one of the "good guys" in all this. We also thought that Murat, Fenn and Wilkins were also reliable witnesses, and they weren't. If the Tapas reservation sheets are faked up documents as Textusa has proven, then the creche records aren't to be trusted also. So, yes, Su, the conclusion I'm coming to is that we been discussing absolutely nothing for the last 4 years, and the BHs have been snickering, with full reason, behind our backs. I feel like a tremendous fool. And I don't know about you, but I'm thinking of some names that kept this "neglect" tehoery alive, namely on 3A, which I now very seriously question their reason to have done that.

  24. Text: I think you might be wrong about the tennis dinner being cancelled.
    the word "cancelado" can be understood as "cancelled" (as in did not take place) but it can also mean "paid for" or "bill settled". Maybe this dinner did take place. After all, how can you explain a consumption of large amounts of wine (see complete sheet under Question9) for just one take away and the Kynd's?

  25. Su, thank so much you for your comment. You have to recognize that they've handled masterfully well the misinformation campaign. I've always stated that we were up against the most brilliant and capable of people, and I continue to confirm that statement. One day I might write about that, but that isn't the most important objective to achieve. What's important is reading comments like yours, and those from others who've understood fully our message. Thank you and hoping to hear again from you soon.

  26. Anon Sep 29, 2011 4:02:00 PM

    The word "cancelado" is as clear as "cancelled" in English, and cannot, in any way be understood or mistaken for "pago" ("paid") or "conta paga" ("bill settled"). I've never seen "conta paga" written anywhere, and "cancelado" means exactly what it means.
    About the alcohol consumption that day, it's not up to me to explain, but for the OC to do so.
    That, hopefully, will be the subject of one of the Tapas Quiz Night questions still to be made.

  27. Apologies, Textusa, I mixed Spanish and Portuguese.
    The consumption of alcohol is just another of the incongruencies on these sheets.

  28. Anon
    Sep 29, 2011 5:38:00 PM

    No problem.
    By the way, I think we have photographic evidence that at least Gerry and Kate weren't at that "Tennis Mark Warner" dinner. They were, I believe, busy giving their first press conference. Gerry flashing an useless flashlight, and Kate looking ever so distraught. A penny for her thoughts there and then is money I wouldn't mind spending.

  29. I wonder if police sent some rogatory letters to other guests that were in PdL at that time. Make sense to keep it out of public eyes. I believe there is vital information pointing girl's death in police files. It would be easy for the police to check how many days did every family booked and how many flew home earlier than planned.

    That's why the couple want so desperately the files reviewed. They're fishing. Knowing the contents helps an "arguido" defending himself more effectively. I think they will never get it. This is PJ check mate to the Queen K. Unless they want to play fairly and reopen the files and follow the regular judicial process. And why would they?

    I think someone called Tapas 10, 11 or 12 may gave them an help with a KEY to an unknown place. I think that person may be the connection between the couple and Robert. This last one has more to do with that place (apartment, boat, store...) than the Huelva trip. But I may be wrong...

    Police were able to check Robert car bookings if they want to. Maybe they found something. Who knows?

    I believe that the couple had no access to that secret place for a while and they've got panic and used media to communicate to that Tapas 10, 11 or 12 - you name it. They asked for the KEY! ("Someone must hold the KEY....")

    And to be able to do that the couple had a huge help from someone that has a good contact or power over the media broadcasting business.

    The money released by media had a purpose. When newspapers published "Sorry" in a front page we should read "get legal advice asap" instead.

    Joe looks very close to the family and he perhaps has played an important role when last little girl address was decided among them. Very few know where. I would take the risk and say two or three (three is already a risk!) But that has nothing to do with Huelva, in my opinion. Things were already solved when they went to Huelva. This trip may be used as a distraction. Joe was a familiar supporter. Silent as a grave.

    The only thing that keeps me thinking is why was little girl inside the apartment when she should be in creche if adult things were going on.... and if the kids were not alone and neglecting never happened... what has really happened then?

  30. the Blacksmith bureau has a good post about how the Mccann's spent their first hours with their 'poxies' digging misinformation.
    I find also interesting the quickest jump of Mr. Michael W. ( Kate cousin) on the all saga. He was busy helping aunty Phill delivering misinformation to the media. He was one of the named drivers of the R. Scenic and he delivered to the police some pictures from the mccann's cameras, according to the files, in PDL on the first week. Very odd...If the pictures were from mccann's cameras why they don't delivered them to the police and what is he doing in PDL so early? Not searching the girl since nobody reported his presence on the searches and not taking care of the twins because those were under the care of the creche.
    As a poster highlighted in previous posts, was amazing how quickly friends and not close relatives got 'work leave' to search a girl that didn't gave them, legally, any of that rights. I'm just thinking about UK policies, where everything his tight. Anybody can leave the work and travel to another country on the grounds that the child of one of his cousins went missing, without having serious penalties and loosing the job or part of the salary? I believe not. Then, who went to PDL went following a very specific and profitable business.

  31. Mccann's are desperated haunting people who could still holding evidences against their story. A secret like that can't be kept forever. No money could buy such silence for the all life and PJ made it clear, the case was shelved and could be reopened if an evidence was delivered to the police. A tired silent mouth or a grieving conscience will be enough to ruin mccann's plans, no matter how much money and influence they raised with their business. Their lies are a death sentence.

  32. It's really endearing the dedication to this cause that can be read from the various comments. After more than 4 years, Maddie still stirs passions. It means that it was such a big and gross offense from the perpetrators, that many have taken the offense personally. These things are never forgotten, so as long as there's a memory, the insult made and felt will always be like a fresh wound that will only heal with the clarification of what happened. Bless all that refuse to give up!

  33. This case was filled up with strange people since the beginning. I'm just thinking about Lori Campbell, the journalist who denounce Murat to the police after being in PDL for a couple of days. Was not her husband who was arrested and accused of being involved on the phone hacking? Who knows, if he developed the same activities on Maddie case doing what legally, PJ was not authorised to and when she delivered Murat's name to the police, she was already knowing some precious and privileged information? She was very sure and very noisy about what she was delivering to the police. Instead of doing it in a very smooth and private way, as the case and situation deserved, she announced it to the world, giving interviews to a lot of other media. I had always the feeling that that lady knows a lot about the case and decide to do a favour to the Mccann's while putting Murat inside the lions mouth. Why Murat didn't sue her? Mystery or not. Why Mitchell said the Mccann's were not victims of the phone hackers? Mystery or not. Personally, I think, they were the perfect targets for the phone hackers. Their case was selling papers like heavy rain and I just have the feeling that the journalists involved on the phone scandal targeted the suspects in the Maddie case, including her parents, and discovered important information to solve the case. The PR machine and the legal teams act quickly manipulating paper editors and framing them, since the information they got was achieved under illegal activities. That's why from night to day, we saw the Express group being sued without any court hearing while the media of the rest of the world was not disturbed, no matter if they printed the same suspicions against the Mccann's.
    Then, no surprise, Mitchell saying "Mccann's phones were not hacked". If they were, probably the information grabbed by the hackers is damaging the Mccann's story and causing serious problems to their defence. Better avoid that wagon then jumping on it. But the Mccann's are desperate trying to gagg people and silence Internet. They have done it with success in the UK papers but failed to achieve the same performance with rest of the world and with internet. Trying to convince the Prosecutor, they were victims of the evil media is a fresh air in three windows: The censorship in the media and internet, the access to which information the hackers stored about them and at the end money, if they manage to have lawyers payed by British taxes.

  34. One just has to love one's readers. Thank you!

  35. Anon 8;58 great post - I thought it odd how Murat flew out to Faro so urgently, booking his ticket at midnight he definitely is involved in all of this, he had access to empty properties around pdl, and his mother setting out that stall asking for information was strange, the hire care he rented for the Mccanns could hold the key to some of this, as a previous poster mentioned he probably hired the car for them on their behalf, was this hire care ever checked by dogs.
    Also Maddie being made a ward of court is never mentioned was the reason for this to give mccanns more control over which stories were printed about them, Judge Hogg may deem certain stories would not 'help the search for Maddie' so they would not be printed again Mccanns manipulated the media in this way, they are desperate to get their hands on the pj files to build their defence perhaps they thought having the backing of Judge Hogg would have made it easier to get this information, they must know pj holds evidence against them., otherwise it would not bother them.
    Mitchell stating they were not involved in phone hacking, of course they were, they were the No.1 story, he is attempting damage limitation on their behalf. Why do they need to be made core participants what is their wider agenda for this?
    Why have none of the other guests at OC spoken out they have all just melted into oblivion.
    Mccanns used the Tapas bar to make it look like 'they were having dinner at the bottom of the garden' these are the phrases that stick in the public's mind, but they are all lies, a large group of friends on holiday usually go out on the town and visit different restaurants, not stay around the complex, make the most of the holiday, mrs webster was looking after the children each night, that's why they have not produced any photographs, or credit card details.
    Why did they invite the nanny to stay with them in UK, as she has associated herself with the mccanns her evidence in court would be worthless because if she said she had lied about mccanns the court would say she had fallen out with them and was seeking revenge after staying with them, and if she backed them up the court would say she was covering for them.
    the mccanns are a devious pair with no souls.

  36. Spudgun has a wonderful article about journalists, Mitchell, Editors and the Mccann's. Deserves to be read.

  37. "Kate Mccann named one of the 20 most inspirational womans in Britain"- Metro Newspaper

    That is a joke and an insult to all mothers who really care and keep their children before anything on their lives.
    They forgot to mention " the most inspirational woman", if the woman...

    .....Explores the image of her child under donations grabbed by exploring the childs faith
    ......refuses the police reconstruction that could help recovering the child
    ......refuse to answer 48 vital questions
    ......wrote a book that is a self promotional attempt to clean the parents image
    .....set a fake Petition that was never used to reopen the case
    .....gave pre- agreed and payed interviews
    .....leave other childs under the care of the same creche in the same resort, where she claims her daughter was abducted, immediately after the incident

  38. Putting the OC in the picture, plus the guests and the Brit residents, I think that this thing is way over and above the McCanns capabilities. I think that the McCanns didn't have much of a choice, and were told what to do. I'm NOT justifying the behavior of the couple or exempting them from any blame! I think they're a disgusting and a despicable pair, and I'm even condemning them further, as they acted not out of self-interest but out of the interest of others. I think there's a limit, and our children are it. If our children cannot count on us, who can they count on? Nobody. I'm just saying that I don't think the McCanns or any of the T9 were the decision makers. Saying that they were made to look all powerful, when they just are what they really are, disgusting and despicable.

  39. Anon Sep 30, 2011 10:10:00 AM if Kate is a "most inspirational woman" then not only are the Tapas dinners real, as Maddie was really abducted. All three statements hold the exact same amount of truth.

  40. Kate is an inspiration to low life, she has exploited her daughter's memory for money, trademarketed her daughters memory for money, lied to the pj, called them f****** t******, her book has re-written what happened and she also graphically detailed her daughters body, she latches onto genuine victims for her own ends, she is an expert on how to make a fortune from her daughter's memory, she is rotten to the core.

    At least the Metro is a free paper nobody would pay to read such trash, likewise of the Express that is now only 10p the cheapest (literally) paper in the UK.

  41. @ Sept 30, 10:10= AM

    As Gerald used to say: ABsolutely!

  42. Sep 30, 2011 10:26:00 AM

    The award list was drawn up by "Woman and Home" magazine. The Metro report is bad enough, but they were just reporting on it.

    The panel of judges includes Lorraine Kelly - well, well:

  43. Not only did they write the timeline, they also wrote the reservation sheets to cover for each other.

    They ensured they were all sat together on that fateful evening in the Tapas this was their alibi for the entire week, but as Textusa as proved it is all lies.

    Jez talking to Gerry was another set up, Gerry needed someone outside of the tapas group to give his alibi more credability, neither of them saw Jane Tanner, more lies.

    Mrs Fenn saying she heard Maddie crying, but did nothing about it, more lies.

    IMO Murat removed Maddie that evening to a safe house then he organised the hire car. Smith said it was definitely not Murat carrying Maddie because he knew Murat, what a coincidence and an alibi for Murat!

  44. Kate is a joke and is insulting all grieving parents who lost a child. When we ever saw her searching her daughter? Giving payed interviews? Attending VIP dinners in a luxurious hotel? assaulting charity campaigns? travelling around the world to sell a book where she writes about her daughters genitalia being ripped by a paedo? Is that, what those despicable judges call the search? Really? Shame on them! And shame on all who waste time and money buying her pile of lies called Madeleine. I read on the Daily Mirror, she had sell 266000 books in UK. What a waste of money. The little girl is never going to see the colour of that money. Her parents won the Jackpot on the day she disappeared. Sad and Morbid, but is the truth and who is supporting their campaign by buying the book or any other item, is perpetuating a crime and working against the little girl. The money was never used and NEVER WILL BE USED to search the girl. Is being used to persecute and sue who wants the little girl to be found and the truth revealed to the public.
    Shame to all that people named on the Tapas list, who know the truth and leave their mouths closed while the Mccann's are growing their bank account. Or are they being payed to remain in silence?

  45. anon sep 30, 8:23,
    No surprise, the Smiths didn't saw Murat, they saw Gerry playing the abductor roll with a fake Madeleine. At the time Madeleine must be already in a safe place under the care of Tapas 10, 11 or 12.
    Jane Tanner was very kind delivering to the media and the police the clothes the fake abductor was wearing: a dark jacket with cream trousers. Trousers with same colour were pictured by PJ on top of Gerry bed, after the alarm, and Yvonne reported to PJ, D Payne was wearing clothes similar in colour when she disturbed the trio with her questions on 4th morning. Means, more then one played the abductor character to be sure that somebody somewhere spotted something? Payne was the abductor before the abduction and Gerry after?
    PJ said Murat and Malinka activated the antennas of their cell phones that night, calling each other. They never convinced PJ with their excuses. It is clear, to conceal the body, a third part had to help the Tapas 9 that night.


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