Monday, 7 March 2011

Insane's Plea to Temporary Insanity

To our usual readers, Insane is not a strange name.

This character has become as familiar as the barking the next door's neighbour’s dog, that just calls for attention, in the middle of the night. Useless and irritating.

To the new readers, let us tell you who Insane has told us about who s/he is. Insane -we know now- s/he's not pro McCann, even says s/he runs an Anti blog.

One that's highly supersecret, so much so that the simple fact that you’ve just read a single word here has automatically banned you from there.

Sorry, too late, you're banned from there. If only if you could return what you’ve just read…

However, this, we imagine, should bring Insane some problems. You see, according to Insane's own rules, s/he's certainly being continuously kicked out of his/her own blog, by him/herself, for the fact of having been here.

We know, for certain, that Insane does come here, so Insane is totally unacceptable in Insane's blog. Rules are rules.

Once kicked out of that blog, it means that Insane has to go through all that bothersome process of registering, having to verify if him/herself, Insane, to be as trustworthy as Insane demands (and intelligence worthy as well) for one to be accepted there and so receive the respective authorized super-secure and super-secret password.

Multiply this by the times Insane has to do the above described for every single time s/he comes to this blog (that is basically every time a new post or comment is published) and you can start to grasp the living hell Insane is going through (we know that Insane’s life is far from pleasant, but that has nothing to with this blog).

We also know from Insane that Insane believes that Gerry McCann and David Payne are paedophiles (sorry readers, this is from an unpublished comment from this character which we intend to use later on).

Insane ABSOLUTELY believes in Mrs Fenn, Carpenter and ALL of the Ocean Club Staff. All are "credible" witnesses irrelevant the contradictions between their statements.

And don't you dare say otherwise, says Insane.  

Insane also believes in a certain Priest, which we’ve been, up to this point, unable to identify exactly to whom is Insane referring to.

In a comment made on Feb 19th, Insane states: "In the course of developing your theories, you have turned your insanity upon practically everyone. You have called them all liars - the witnesses in the Tapas bar, other holidaymakers, priests, Mrs Fenn.".

On the following day, Feb 2oth, is more precise, reducing the number of priests to just one: "In the past year or so, I have witnessed her accuse of lying, without any rhyme or reason, numerous witnesses without ever providing one credible reason for accusing them. This list includes a priest, other holidaymakers, staff from Mark Warners, an elderly neighbour - totally ridiculous."

So this blog is supposed to have said that a Priest has lied.

A reader has politely asked Insane if the Priest in question was Rev. Heal.

We’re still waiting for Insane to tell us which Priest is s/he referring to.  

Insane also believes FULLY in the Tapas Watersports on May 3rd and the T9 Tapas dinners, all through that fateful week.  

Insane does say s/he has his/her own theory, and although refusing to share it, at least with us, we’ve been able to deduce that s/he believes that the McCanns did do it.

What exactly they've done, is, as per Insane's will, to remain a secret known only to a very carefully selected few.  

Insane justifies the "McCanns did do it" statement with the unquestionable and sound argument of “we all know they did it”, and that should suffice to quench the curiosity and reasoning of the rest of us common mortals, because, Insane not only to seems to KNOW what others KNOW at a certain point in time and place, as s/he's ABSOLUTELY SURE how everybody is to THINK.  

Insane does reminds me of a certain Professor that I had in College that during one of his lectures modestly stated that ".. I once attended a Conference where out all those hundreds present there, there were no more than ten people who really understood about what was going on, but geniuses, real geniuses, there were only three of us...".

I did say "modestly" because, after all, this Professor did accept to share the stage with two others...

But the way Insane speaks about the McCanns & Co brings us to the last trait of his personality we wish, for now, to call your attention upon.

S/he accuses them of the most infamous things, insults them with the most outrageous adjectives, showing a total lack of fear from being sued by them, completely disregarding the example set by the huge sums of money that the Tabloids were forced to pay up.

But, on the contrary, s/he has an obsession of suing the authors, commentators and even you readers of THIS blog, saying that s/he represents the happy lawyers of MANY people.

We can only suppose, that these MANY people are those that laugh alongside him/her, somewhere in some dark corner of the internet, or not, about what is written in this blog.

It must be in real far, far away corner of the net, because we haven't heard one little echo of what is claimed.

But let’s get to what has brought us here, and that is the extraordinary comment left, and published, by our friend, Insane, made on Feb 27th:  

"Morning, brain donors. I see you have all had your daily allocation of paranoia pills. 

Here's a question for you - how come the police in Portugal didn't cotton on to any of this, eh? 

They were actually there, took statements from the Tapas bar workers and many holidaymakers - yet they seem to have believed them, when they said the McCanns dined in the Tapas

After all, they also had the reservation sheets and access to the bills for additional drinks which had been rung through - but you prefer to believe Textusa's version based on her claims about the table in a restaurant she has never seen, and a load of half-baked claptrap about the restaurant not being open for business at all. 

Now she has turned her rabid attentions to the choice of clothing Fiona Payne adopted for a visit to the beach with her children. They look like perfectly normal holiday clothes to me, but then I am still in possession of my marbles. 

So what Textusa is really telling you, her merry bunch of thickos, is that the PJ and Sr Amaral got it all wrong. 

They went to that restaurant, spoke to all the staff and took their statements, and never once realised that they were being had.  

Then they did the same with the holidaymakers - and were had by all of them. And of course don't forget that Mrs Fenn must have taken them for a load of idiots too, if Textusa is to be believed. 

Now she is telling you that the PJ are too thick to realise that although the tapas group were dressed for a stroll on the beach with the kids, Fiona seems to have turned up dressed for the Hunt Ball, or perhaps a night at the opera. 

Perhaps they didn't realise because, to them, a summer skirt and top seems perfectly appropriate garb for the beach. 

I see Textusa has already had to backtrack on this once - believe me, she will cling on like a drowning woman to a piece of flotsam to the remaining shreds of her lunatic theory 

Oh incidentally - did Textusa mention that prior to the statements being taken from the tapas workers, the PJ had actually gone to the restaurant the day after Madeleine's disappearance, and taken a brief statement from the staff who were there, contacted by phone the ones who weren't?

Their versions of events did not change between then and when they gave their formal statements.

But were Textusa to be correct, they had all been contacted, as had all the holidaymakers and all leant on to give the same version of events. Namely that they observed the McCanns and their friends dining at the Tapas. 

Well isn't that amazing?  

Not even 24 hours had gone by, and already Mark Warners were involved in a huge cover up, and had all the workers and guests singing from the same hymn sheet. And the police never realised.

Now can you understand how utterly ridiculous Textusa's claims are?  

Not only do they require the swiftly organised co-operation of a large number of workers, who would all go on to sing from the same hymn sheet, but also the complete agreement of every holidaymaker who had dined there too - amazingly organised overnight by the MW staff. 

When they weren't out all night searching for Maddy, of course. 

And all to help a group of people to whom they had no previous connection (Awaits usual thicko response - ''how do you know they weren't connected?'')

Oh, and a police force who were too thick to get it 

Because if you can't, it really does illustrate why I refer to you all as brain donors."

A dog bites, not because it has teeth. He bites for a reason, the teeth being only the tools nature has provided for him to express whatever he wishes to convey.

He may bite out of fear, he may bite out of rage, or he may not even bite, just by an ostentation of teeth, by gnarling. A threat that puts together sound and sight.

Understand why he’s biting, and you’ll understand the purpose with which the dog is using his teeth.

A dog may bite, as I said, due to fear or for self-preservation, or he may bite to assure that you don’t tread on ground his keeper doesn’t want you step on.

This is usually well highlighted with a “beware of the dog” sign, and the breed of the animal is usually a menacing one. The dog then bites not to protect himself, but to protect something, or someone, from you or your curiosity.

You, not wanting to be bitten, back off, thus assuring that that something, or someone, remains untouched. 

There’s a saying that a barking dog doesn’t bite. I’m afraid to say that my experience dictates that not to be true, but the intent of the saying is to explain that the barking is the last loud resort that a “dog” has to threaten you with something when he has nothing else to threaten with, beside the threat itself.

Insane’s comment has two interesting things about it. One is that it reveals who s/he’s “barking” for, and the other is that s/he may be barking not only for others as for Insane’s own sake also.

Let’s start with the first. Insane asks: “ did Textusa mention that prior to the statements being taken from the tapas workers, the PJ had actually gone to the restaurant the day after Madeleine's disappearance, and taken a brief statement from the staff who were there, contacted by phone the ones who weren't?

From this deduces that in less than 24 hours, the day after Madeleine’s disappearance, ALL the workers and ALL the guests were on the same hymn sheet, as per the following: "Not even 24 hours had gone by, and already Mark Warners were involved in a huge cover up, and had all the workers and guests singing from the same hymn sheet"

And in the following paragraph Insane confirms that the above said was amazingly organised overnight by the MW staff: "Not only do they require the swiftly organised co-operation of a large number of workers, who would all go on to sing from the same hymn sheet, but also the complete agreement of every holidaymaker who had dined there too - amazingly organised overnight by the MW staff"

I quote again the following: “had all the workers” and “co-operation of a large number of workers” together with “had all the workers and guests” and “every holidaymaker”.

ALL workers and guests "who would all go on to sing from the same hymn sheet". Organized overnight.

Which means, from the night of May 3rd to May 4th.

Really amazing indeed.

But let’s see who was heard, by the PJ, from the guests and staff, on May 4th.

 On that day, May 4th, I can only see two External Diligences:

External Diligence #1: 
KIDS CLUB STAFF interviewed 4 May 2007 by Inspector M.Pinho 
Today we, I and my colleague L.Madeira, spoke with Mrs Silvia Maria Correia Ramos Batista., director of maintenance and services for the company "GREENTROUST", which manages the "OCEAN CLUB" company, contactable by mobile phone 964.... 
Through her, we contacted Donna Louise Rafferty Hill (contactable by mobile phone number 964...) manager of the creche staff for the "MARK WARNER" company, responsible for Madeleine and the twins for several periods each day after the McCann family arrived in Portugal
The latter advised us that all these employees are English nationals and that they came to work in Portugal from March/April until November; that there are 13 people who work in the creche, their names and telephone numbers being as follows: [NOTE: Phone numbers withheld] 
 - Pauline Francis M. 
- Emma Louise W. 
- Sarah Elizabeth W. 
- Susan bernadette O. 
- Leanne Danielle W. 
- Shinead Maria V. 
- Jacqueline Mary W. 
- Kirsty Louise M. 
- Lynne R.F. 
- Catriona Treasa Sisile B. 
- Stacey P. 
- Lyndsay Jayne J. 
- Amy Ellen T.  

External Diligence #2:  

REPORT OF EXTERNAL WORK [Investigation Activity] 
Date: 2007/05/04 
Location: Praia da Luz 
Entity that determined the activity: superiorly determined 
Funcionario [employee] that executed it: Miguel P*** and Duarte F****, 
Inspector Description and outcome of the investigation: 
- On this date, we went to the Tapas restaurant, owned by the Ocean Club, located in Praia da Luz (Lagos), where we spoke with various employees of the restaurant, who were on duty there last night. 
- The subject of conversation was the disappearance of little Madeline MCCAN, especially the behavior of the elements of the group that dined at that restaurant yesterday, which was partly made up of the parents of the missing child, as well as if [whether or not] they had seen an individual suspect, with a blonde "rastas" [hairstyle] in camouflage pants.

 These were those that were heard in this External Diligence #2:
- JERONIMO TOMAS RODRIGUES SALCEDAS (Phone No "91 768 ####) - bartender:
- SVETLANA STARIKOVA VITORINO (Russian citizen, with the telephone No "96635 ####) - kitchen assistant: - MIGUEL SALCEDAS COELHO (BI No 1426####, telephone 91920####) - cook
- JOAQUIM JOSE MOREIRA BATISTA (residing at Rua Ilha Terceira, no. 15, Lagos, Telephone No 91 277 ####) - table employee [waiter].  
- JOELSON FABIO SOARES SANTOS LUCIO (telephone No 96948#### - was contacted in another restaurant of the [Mark Warner] group, situated in the same locality) - pantry boy 
- RICARDO ALEXANDRE DA LUZ OLIVEIRA (as he was on his day off, he was contacted by telephone No 91 397####) - table employee. 
- MARIA MANUELA ANTONIO JOSE, given that she was not in service yesterday [neither] during the dinner [nor] when the disappearance of the child occurred, she was not interviewed.

As can be seen, from External Diligence #1, TWO (2) OC Staff (Mrs Silvia Maria Correia Ramos Batista and Donna Louise Rafferty Hill) were contacted.

None, on May 4th, spoke about seeing any of the T9 at Tapas on the night before. 

All the 13 others mentioned, had their statements taken on later dates.

None on May 4th.

From External Diligence #2, SEVEN (7) Tapas Workers spoke to the PJ. Of these, ONE (1) MARIA MANUELA ANTONIO JOSE, was not interviewed, which resulted in SIX (6) brief statements taken during this diligence.

Of note, of these SIX (6), only ONE (1) (RICARDO ALEXANDRE DA LUZ OLIVEIRA) was contacted by phone

From neither External Diligence was any guest/holidaymaker contacted on May 4th.

The first one we know that had a statement taken was Jez Wilkins and that was on May 7th.

So according to Insane, ALL of the “large number” consists of EIGHT (8) MW Workers (later, surprisingly, we would find out the MW had almost as many restaurants working as had personnel) and ALL guests/holidaymakers at the MW Ocean Club at PdL that were interviewed less than 24 hours were ZERO (0).

If this enormous group of people of EIGHT (8) (please do your math, 8 + 0 = 8), was able to be organized "to sing from the same hymn sheet", and that would be, once again according to our friend, an unbelievable human achievement.

An impossible one!

But of the of EIGHT (8) MW Workers, TWO (2), from External Diligence #1, didn’t speak, on May 4th, about the Tapas being at Tapas, so we in REALITY we ONLY have SIX (6) MW Workers made "to sing from the same hymn sheet".

Insane, maintains that it remains an impossible task, after all, it, according to him/her, involves ALL MW Staff and ALL holidaymakers.

Especially taking into account that that hymn sheet must have been really full of complex and detailed information that these SIX (6) people had to memorize...

Let’s see what they had to say:  

JERONIMO TOMAS RODRIGUES SALCEDAS says He did not notice if from the group of British citizens (in number 8 or 9) that yesterday dined in restaurant (which was partly made up of the parents of the missing [child]), someone left [absented themself] during such dinner”

SVETLANA STARIKOVA VITORINO says “yesterday, one individual, purportedly the father of the missing, left the dinner table where a group of friends (in number 8 or 9), for about 30 minutes. After having returned, a woman whom she believed to be his wife, also left the table”  

JOAQUIM JOSE MOREIRA BATISTA says “Of the group of 8/9 British citizens who dined at the restaurant last night, as usual, of which the parents of missing were part (he didn't know them) he noticed that two individuals left the table, of the male gender.”  

RICARDO ALEXANDRE DA LUZ OLIVEIRA says Of the group of 8/9 British citizens who dined at that restaurant yesterday, like they usually did, which was partly made up of the parents of the missing (he did not know them) he noticed that absent from the table, for about 15 minutes, [was] a man (tall, little more than thirty years of age, normal physical stature, white complexion and hair color light brown);”  

MIGUEL SALCEDAS COELHO says “He did not know the missing or her parents, he knew only that they were part of a group of British citizens who usually dined there  

JOELSON FABIO SOARES SANTOS LUCIO says “As he works in the pantry, he never goes to the area where are the tables, so he saw nothing

"Credible" Jeronimo, Svetlana, Joaquim and Ricardo do seem to sing the exact same tune, to the point that although none of them is able to be precise, after serving them for the 5 straight nights before, and having the number “9” quite explicit on the reservation sheets, about the exact number of guests: "in number 8 or 9" (Jeronimo) / "in number 8 or 9" (Svetlana) / "group of 8/9 British citizens" (Joaquim) / "group of 8/9 British citizens" (Ricardo), but are ALL able to be very PRECISE and EXACT on the margin of error: 8 or 9!

It must be due to this amazing mathematical coincidence that their "credibility" comes from...

I’ve seen dress rehearsals less synchronized, I must say.

For me, these FOUR are, IN FACT, and using Insane's own words, singing from the EXACT same hymn sheet, when they say what they said to the PJ.

And none of the four was the "Maestro". They all try to appear be nonchalant about "those guests" in particular... as if, "yeah... I have a vague idea about that group, but there so many other people and other things to do that I really didn't notice them...", a typical attitude from someone who's afraid of getting too involved in the issue at hand.

They're being defensive, just providing most uncompromising and most vague information possible about events they know they didn't witness.

Their job was only to make sure that the PJ heard them say that yes, the whole (the vague 8/9) group was there at Tapas and that some of them stood up and left to come back a little later.

That is as hard to coordinate as it is to make ants march one behind the other.

About the other two MW workers heard on these two early diligences, one is vague, although in-tune as he clearly states “part of a group of British citizens who usually dined there”, the other sees nothing.

This is the amazing, humanly impossible task that, for Insane, proves that MW or its guests were NOT involved: to have FOUR (4) people say they saw the same group dine "as usual" and that some of them left temporarily the table that they were supposed to be having the meal at.  

Insane’s “barking” is clearly set to protect the MW and the holidaymakers.

If we throw in this pot our good friend Mrs Fenn (she's in the comment) and Robert Murat (previously viciously defended), it's evident that this character will react violently whenever the discussion goes anywhere off or about anyone outside the T9 circle.

That's why s/he so ADAMANT to say that no one PdL knew any of the T9, and so had no reason to help, and much less, lie for them.

It's like the T9 had the plague, and everyone around PdL avoided them.

The possibility of these people striking friendship with any local or with other guests during their stay is regarded as completely ludicrous.

But about the T9, as we've already said on this post, you can insult them, and do speak freely about their guilt and their lack of conscience. basically foul-mouth them. No justification required. Apparently for Insane, that brings no libel issues whatsoever.

Why? Because the T9 are expendable. Have been so from the start.

Once the "abductor story" started not to stick (basically when Smith didn't come forward when he should have), they were supposed to take the blame, the WHOLE blame, and no one but them were to be blamed.

That's why when the plan went "Smithless" it became acceptable for McStroller to be Gerry McCann, but ONLY IF he was disposing Maddie's body.

What Insane doesn’t like for us to us to say is that the McStroller was Gerry McCann but walking around with Tanner’s daughter to be seen holding a blonde girl in pyjamas.

This should be indifferent to Insane, as it’s about one of the "foul" T9, but it isn’t. And it isn't because then the blame will fall "outside" the T9.

It’s IMPERATIVE that THAT man be either “the abductor” (which is nonsense) or Gerry McCann DISPOSING of Maddie’s body. He simply cannot be anyone else, or, if Gerry, be doing anything else.

ANY OTHER scenario means that Maddie’s body HAD have been removed from 5A with the help of someone other than the T9 from PdL/MW, and that simply is NOT acceptable.

Do you now understand why some people are so much against the fact that McStroller is not DISPOSING any body? To the point of overreaction? And why they keep saying that the Rua da Escola Primária is a darkly lit alley, when even the McCann Mockumentary shows otherwise?

I'll give a clue... it's NOT to protect any of the T9.

The same reason why Mrs Fenn MUST be a credible witness, and the same reason the MW workers MUST be credible witnesses and the same reason all holidaymakers MUST be credible witnesses.

So, when Insane says that this blog's agenda is the McCanns agenda, although absurd on the terms implied, s/he is totally not out of reason.

You see, what Insane would love to see us do, would be to isolate the McCanns & Co from all those who willingly "helped" them, by lying for them so as to protect all that was there to be protected, and we certainly are not talking about the McCanns.
As we refuse to disconnect anyone that we feel was involved, we're unwillingly helping the McCanns keep a tie with all others.

In Insane's world this is very, very unpleasant.

Insane's people had one big opportunity to break away from the T9, but instead opted to continue the farce. It was a path they chose to follow. That is a topic for a future post.

Now, and to finish, there are two other things about Insane’s comment that needs to be noticed. The first is when it is said “taken a brief statement from the staff who were there, contacted by phone the ones who weren't?”

To be able to make this remark, is to have an exceptional knowledge of the files, as, as far as we could see, only one employee is contacted by phone, RICARDO ALEXANDRE DA LUZ OLIVEIRA, one of the hymn singers.

By stating such in the plural form, Insane might be making some sort of confusion between the numerous phone calls that were made that night, with the single one that was made by the PJ…

The second thing is when it is said “After all, they (PJ) also had the reservation sheets and access to the bills for additional drinks which had been rung through”

For someone who apparently knows so profoundly well the files, seems now not to know that there are “no bills for additional drinks” in the files, nor, are there any information on how they “had been rung through”, as that would be an extremely valuable piece of information, if for nothing else, there were T9 credit cards in PdL.

To say that both the phone calls and the payments exists but are NOT on file, is to assume knowing inside information, only available to those who ran the investigation or to those who were there witnessing the events as they happened.
These two facts, to me seems that Insane, like Sidmouth, is not only a “dog” “barking” to protect others, but, probably to protect himself/herself too, because, to me, it seems that this character falls very much under the same category as Sidmouth: that of people that were there that week.

Oh, Insane, just two last things.

First, if you notice, I’ve reserved a spot on one of the blogs columns to place the link to your blog, so that people may go and see what it is you exactly defend that happened that night. Send it in, and I’ll post it.

Second, thank you for you comment (unpublished) on the Gaspars Statements.

We’ll certainly be using it one of these days.


  1. There are so many anti blogs on the internet, I'm surprised the Mc's are still free to peddle their ridiculous theory, no one believes it anymore, not even Insane.

  2. Insane is of the opinion most people are that the mccanns are guilty, he is just rather blunt about it, I'm sure he does not mean to offend.
    But, his comment about anti's made me have a look at the others websites and the blue tennis bag that 'disappeared' was placed in the wardrobe where the dogs detected cadaver, did Gerry actually play tennis on the last day, he could have used that 'time' to dispose of Madeleines body, I say this because it is strange they did not go to Paraiso with friends, he left Kate alone even though he told Payne to check on her, if Gerry was worried about Kate why leave her.
    That tennis bag was used to remove Maddie from apartment, one day it was there, the next it was gone and Mitchell made of point of saying Gerry never had a tennis bag even though it is quite visible in photographs so it was an important item.
    Also Textusa you are spot on when you say their earlier photographs with them smiling are them expressing relief that they think they have got away with it, that is exactly what that look is all about.
    Kepp up the good work Texusa and co.

  3. "Miguel Salcedas Coelho says 'He did not know the missing or her parents, he knew only that they were part of a group of British citizens who usually dined there'.

    The statement of hat guy has an amazing slip on it. He assumed that he did not know the parents but he knew they were part of a group..., then trough his words I just can see one scenario for his statement- he was a parrot trying to reproduce to Pj what somebody teach him to do( could be a sheet or a phone call). Due to the lack of time to practice a well coordinated song, this one forgot parts of the words but was able to retain the meaning and the meaning was PLACING A GROUP OF 8-9 BRITISH CITIZENS INSIDE THE TAPAS.
    His statement become even more amazing when we saw his job at the Tapas- he was the cook. From the Kitchen, he saw nothing but was able to talk as a Parrot to protect his own job. Why don't he just say that as a cook he saw nothing from the kitchen? Will be more reliable and will save his face, but not his job... He was not stupid, then something/somebody ask him to make such statement. As an employee he and the others will be always at the fragile side of the window, special in a region where there is no many jobs available and the work is sazonal.
    Will be interesting to know if those witnesses lost their jobs or still working in the OC/MW?
    Why Kate and Gerry keep coming to PDL, a town where they know they were not welcome? Was not to search their daughter because even after the ridiculous claim of Dave Edgar about maddie in a cellar 10 miles away, they don't make a fake effort to pretend searching her. They were busy tying the mouths of some parrots. Nothing that few Euros from the Fund, well delivered to the right hands by their lawyers with some intimidation, couldn't achieve.
    What happen to Madeleine was just the beginning of what become a cocktail of crimes. Of course, Insane and few other insanes realise too late, the 'mud' they sank on when they agree to do what they did. If the case become reoppened they will be charged with cover-up and the crime of obstructing and perverting the course of justice. What a Karma...

    1. well mr clever, if somebody asked you did you know the family in question the answer is no, if youve worked as a busy chef before you only care about numbers, so yes i repeat i only knew that they were part of a group of or 13 000 000. i dont particularly care, what is troubling though is the amount of free time youve had to spill your poisonous lips. i quit my job roughly a month after the incident and went to work as an ice cream boy, i quit because tapas bar original head chef quit in a drunken frenzy, thereby passing the responsibility to me because it was my second year, i decided to uit especially after they were going to give me a raise. i was in luz the other day, and mrk warner sold it to thomas cook, only he adukts pool and tapas bar remain the rest are holdiday villasand i have no idea how it is, for sure its the past for most people, they even tried to blame it on poor eucledes, the tractor incident. im not a pattot nd trust no one was. my cousin was the lead waiter mr geronimo or joe as he prefers, if anything hes got something to say, ive done one report with Kier simmons and my cousin said no may for moral reason, trouble is he has no morals so it baffles in any case. truth always prevails,no parrot here my friend sorry to inform your misinformed complete miss-of-a-theory
      best regards
      miguel salcedas coelho

  4. Wonder to know what Insane means when s(he) says " I am still in possession of my marbles."

    Better you deliver your marbles to PJ. They will relief your conscience and will help Madeleine to recover some rights/dignity. Looks like you are holding vital information or are you just trying to play a dirty game, which by itself also reveals some desperation on your side.
    Insisting in the cover-up will not erase the crime or keep it 'endorment'. In fact will enlarge it. And will enlarge your responsibility on it.
    Taking in account that Insane writes quite well in english, s(he) must be not one of the portuguese Tapas work who agree to lie to PJ about the dinner. Remember that Silvia Baptista was called because she speaks english. She was useless if somebody from the Tapas was good with english.
    Insane must be a British guy or somebody from the portuguese lawyers office. No matter who s(he) is, is quite clear that s(he) knows the 'Mccann's did it' and what happened was so serious that lead the resort to become involved in the cover-up.
    Keep the good work Textusa and your Team. Day after day your blog becomes a reference of accuracy, tenacity and free thinking.
    Who hold some marbles will scream, shake and insult who try to expose them. Surviving is what they are doing. Will be not easy to survive longer carrying some secrets. The Internet has no borders and nobody can stop our questions/doubts.
    We are here not against the Mccann's or any of their gang. We are here seeking justice for Madeleine and for all other children who due to their condition and vulnerability, were not able to get their basic rights defended by who was legally responsible to do it.
    As a portuguese citizen I want my voice to be heard by my judicial system. They seem to be deff, but they cannot act like that forever.
    My message and I believe the message of most of us who comment in blogs is " We don't want more Madeleines in any corner of the world. We don't want more parents/relatives/lawyers, etc, foolishing the world and living under the money achieved due to the disgrace of a child. We want the case to be reoppened and the responsibles charged. We want the police to be respected for our own security. We want justice to work without exceptions". For that, there is no need of any Petition. The best Petition is the amazing hits that fall every day in blogs like this one and some others. Not seeing that is a perverted blindness that just leave us with more strenght to highlight all the lies.

  5. This is what Insane responded to the post:


    “Oh dearie, dearie me. I see the rabies jabs haven't worked.

    They do say they have to be commenced BEFORE the slide into complete madness occurs. So sad. It was just too late.

    Can I suggest, Textusa, that you wipe the specs of foam from around your mouth, and step away from the laptop. Use what little time you have left before the last of your neurons ping a cheery ''goodbye'' to write your will. You could bequeath your various jottings to the poor souls in Rampton, so that when times are really hard they will always know there is some poor bastard in a worse state than them. You could establish a charitable foundation to conduct research into the feasibility of brain transplantation, considering so many of your readers have already donated theirs. If all else fails, and before the final shreds of your dwindling sanity dissolve, you could accept that the rabies is just too far gone, and make a list of the people you would like to bite.

    Night night.”


    I had hoped for a response from Insane which would either confirm or deny my assessment of his/her position, and honestly, really hoped for a link to confirm the very existence of the blog Insane alleges to run.

    Alas, I only received an assessment of my physical health, rabies infection it seems (a disease that Insane seems to know a lot about, or even be familiar with), with apparent serious implications to my mental health, which, as any professional knows, cannot be diagnosed on-line.

    It was also suggested I write my will, warning me that I have little time to do so, so I'm supposing that Insane is predicting my fast-declining health through psychic means.

    Any further comments from Insane will continue to be ignored, unless Insane cares to let us have the eventually existing link to the blog and invites us all to read his/her musings.

    To all our readers, please do your best to enjoy a festive Mardi Gras today. We intend to do so!

  6. Keep up your brilliant work Textusa,if we didn,t have people like you,who like myself are still living in hope the parents of Madeleine will ,hopefully very soon "reap their reward" when their lies,and actions, catch up with them.

  7. Sarcasm from Insane is a sincere form of flattery, he obviously admires your work Textusa because he takes the time and effort to post here. A masked compliment I would say, well done Textusa.

  8. Insane,

    Why don't you save Textusa's time and you make the "list of the people you would like to bite"? You know who they are, and you appear to really afraid that Textusa will discover who they are, if she hasn't already. Be useful for once in your life.

  9. Isn't it odd that the madeleine fund comes under British jurisdiction and therefore Portugal cannot investigate it as it was set up in the UK, mc's were obviously looking at the longer term - otherwise it would have been established in Portugal where the child supposidly vanished and all the investigators would be working - very strange that a fund was set up in the first place. All those collecting boxes placed around Algarve and Portugal is not allowed to investigate this fraud.

  10. British Claire8 Mar 2011, 13:59:00

    From Insane's last comment it can easily be deduced that this is an English person, most likely based in the East Midlands (an area such as Leicestershire). A Portuguese waiter is unlikely to know of Rampton and to be honest, the most well-know of Englands secure forensic hospitals is Broadmoor...hello Gerry or David!!

  11. Just gone insane myself now.

    This blog has helped to steer away quite a percentage (agreed not the most important percentage) of truthseekers into the antechambers of lunacy.

    A job well done?

  12. Ha ha, British Claire, you are spot on there. Just what I was thinking myself. They are getting very paranoid - hope there is a good reason for that.

  13. When time comes all of these witnesses will be interviewed in court.

    Please remember that Gonçalo trial against McCanns has not even started.

    Gonçalo won the injunction against McCanns but this is only the beginning.

    The big judgment is yet to come. Hope you keep your memories sane because there's a lot of things you might have to prove "in loco".

    Best regards see you all in court house!

  14. Johanna, you seem to fit perfectly the type of people Insane is looking for his blog. Any chance you convince him to give us the link?

  15. Johanna, when you say you've just gone Insane now, does that mean you agree with Insane's views and arguments?

  16. I think the ever increasing number of people who come and read at this blog proves that 'truth-seekers are NOT driven away. It is the opposite and this is one of the few blogs that is independent and provides solid information. The comments show how thinking people appreciate being able to read without the abusive aggression and petty name calling that goes on in other places.

    People are able to express their thoughts and Textusa offers a mature, rational forum. We know that there is a trash can to dispose of those comments that add nothing but some are worth reading to see how rattled a minority of readers are getting.

    I find it enlightening when comments are posted with information I have not come across before. As was said before, if everyone adds a little it will snowball into something huge.

    I am guessing the 200K celebration will come around much quicker than the 100K visitors celebration as the momentum is gathering.

  17. The Mccanns court case will happen, it was not just Goncalo who realised they were guilty, also his colleagues and the British Police stated they believed Madeleine's body had been hidden by Mccanns after an accident. These are all people directly involved and all suspected Mccanns.
    They should never have been allowed to flee Portugal and they should have been prosecuted at least for child neglect, they cannot remain free forever their arguidos status still remains they were never cleared of their crime, but now they are also guilty of fraud due to their fund raising, illegal fund and merchanising, misleading the public and perverting the course of justice.

  18. Textusa,

    What did Insane say about the Gaspars statement?

  19. Anon
    Mar 8, 2011 7:23:00 PM

    As we've said, the Gaspars is a very sensitive subject. Ironside has already touched on the subject, clearly explaining that this blog thinks that it's yet another piece of clutter. But, as is our methodology, we don't like to say things just because they "please" us or don't. So consider Ironside's post, as the first on a series about the statement of the said couple.

    As we don't have wishes to hide information from our readers, I would sum up Insane's argumentation that we're going to go "prove" the Gaspar statements as false because it serves our "purpose" to do so, as I (Textusa) in my initial theory I've placed two ADULTS (KM and DP) engaging in sexual activity, and by having DP considered a paedo would make the whole theory crumble.

    I hope I answered your question, and don't want, at this time, to elaborate further on the Gaspars. Not a question of delaying, just a question of timing, as it is a very complex piece of clutter.

    Thank you

  20. Johanna,
    Your Posts are always surprising me. In Joana Morais blog you seems to be an anti-Mccann. Here you look a pro. BTW, why you defend so much Murat? What make you think that he has nothing to do with what went on in the OC, on May 3? For me he had a very suspicious behavior, special around the police and the investigation.

  21. Abduction is definitely most unlikely. Never happened. This part is clear and solved.

    Madeleine appears to have been sedated and to have died prior to May 3rd, 2007, in which case her parents discovered her in the lounge of the apartment and put her in their bedroom, whence she was later removed by, or with assistance from, an as yet unidentified third party, then taken to a safe house.

    Probably by those that parents were asking the KEY using the media to pass the message: "We're desperate, someone must hold the KEY". And was absolutely true they need that key so badly... otherwise they could not proceed with the plan.

    The parents feel guilty for not being present when Madeleine was taken from them. By 25th May, 'everyone is acting.' There are clear indications that she was the least favourite child, hence a lack of genuine concern or regret over her disappearance.

    The fund is principally for the parents' benefit.

    All the help they got with money and high standard influence among the right places and persons was done with the purpose to cover something that must stay way from daylight and has nothing to do with abduction or other silly theories like David Payne sexual preferences.

    McCanns protection is a natural and collateral consequence of this major operation that has started in England after M.W.Resort SOS phone call. But if you have a close look up those places are empty now. There is nobody there.

    There is a slightly tiny window of opportunity to conclude that McCanns are almost by their own.

  22. The possible scenario of sexual intercourse between K.M. and D.P. does not automatically rule out paedophile tendencies from D.P.!
    In most cases, paedos have families, wives, husbands, children. They have apparently normal lives, have sex with their unsuspecting partners, go to work, to church, etc.,etc. ...
    No, will take much more to make Textusa's theory crumble!

  23. Anon
    Mar 8, 2011 9:22:00 PM

    With all due respect, please justify the statement that "Madeleine appears to have been sedated and to have died prior to May 3rd, 2007". There's no evidence that points to that scenario, and even contradicts the following sentence of your comment "in which case her parents discovered her in the lounge of the apartment". That would mean, according to you, that the McCanns drugged their kids, partied all night and only returned somewhere in the next day.

    This blog finds that the fake watersports alibi TOGETHER with the relaxed attitude of the T7 in the Paraíso's CCTV pictures, are a CLEAR indication that Maddie's death happened on May 3rd, and if any of the T7 was involved, as things seem to indicate, happened AFTER the said pictures on May 3rd.

    There's absolutely no indication that Maddie was ever sedated or oversedated. She may have been, nut there's nothing to back that up. However there are strong indications that the twins, and the remainder children, were sedated on the evening/night of May 3rd.

  24. Anon
    Mar 7, 2011 10:07:00 PM

    The tennis bag was NOT used to take Maddie out of the apartment. The bag has been pictured in the bedroom by the police.

    To call the police claiming an abduction, and forgetting the body in a bag in the cupboard is giving very little credit to the T9's intelligence. At least, give them the credit of taking the bag (if ever Maddie was inside THAT bag that I very much doubt) to an apartment next door...

    When the police arrived, Maddie had long left the apartment. The "first" person to notice that was Kate, as we know...

  25. I always thought the Gaspars statements strange, in as much as Katherine was very careful in her use of words not to mention what Gerry said, she just said there was an awkward silence but was quite exact in making payne look like a peadophile.
    Why would she continue associating with such people that she had grave concerns about as she again met them, then she was not sure where the second incident happened and said to her husband to keep an eye on her daughter at bathtimes if payne was around!!! what about the other mothers, why not raise her concerns with them they had children as well.
    Most mums I know would have packed their bags and left pronto.
    Gerry introduced the peadophile angle into this on his early phone call when maddie disappeared talking very loudly about peadophiles taking her so that people would hear.
    I do not believe there were peadophiles in this group. The Gaspars were friends of the mccanns.

  26. It was rather odd for David Payne to go visit Gerry on the tennis courts because later they would all be together for dinner and he never really went there to say anything so there is something not right about that, and then for David to visit Kate whilst Gerry was not around is also odd, IMO David asked Gerry to stay longer on tennis courts as he wanted some 'sexy' time with Kate and he didn't want Gerry to barge in on them, also Fiona was dressed smartly that afternoon perhaps she had been with Gerry and they were making the most of the last day that they would all see each other.
    Madeleine and the twins were in the apartment so maybe kate and payne went into another room to be alone, Madeleine then walked in on them and got confused by what she saw and they were worried that other people would find out and somehow they struck her, she was only 3 so a blow to the face or head could be fatal. She could have had a nose bleed, swung around and sprayed blood on the walls.
    Because they were all involved in swapping they all covered up once the full facts came out they would lose their jobs.
    David Payne stayed behind with Gerry because he is really involved more so than the other men.
    Swapping would also explain why Jane Tanner lied for the group when she had no cause to lie.
    This is why the Gaspars statements were brought in to keep Payne quiet.

  27. I think the blue blag was take with pink blanket and some more clothes they absolutely need to rip off, to hide evidences.
    When GNR was called, Madeleine was most probably already far away from the OC. The clever Mccann's will not take the risk of having the girl on their flat. Imagine if police arrives with dogs to immediately search the local?
    The girl was in a local where the police could not easily access.
    Over the time I got the strange feeling that when the Mccann's set their abduction story, they wanted the police to find Madeleine's body, but in a scenario of an abduction done by a stranger, not with them as main suspects. This is why the Tapas worked hard on bringing somebody to be suspect. The lady journalist damage their plans by suspecting Murat. Murat was not the guy Mccann's wanted ( his story with Mccann's still unclear) and that force them to move to plan B ( moving the body to different places and to the Scenic). They quick realise that PJ did not buy their story and they were under suspiction. They need to distract the police. If we go back in time, we see a very interesting Character called by the Mccann's to search a body in the beach( where I think the body never went), Mr. Krugel. Another guy called to entertain and distract the police and the Media, helping them with their Tapas 10, to move Madeleine once again.
    Mr. Krugel must be called to court as a witness to explain exactly what the Mccann's wanted him to do and who paid him?
    Amaral said that he refused to have his machine checked by the police on the portuguese border saying that this will damage the equipment.
    The way that guy was called into the saga is very strange but make sense for me if I think on a body that needs to be moved and the only way to avoid the eyes of the media and the police is to bring another carrot to keep them busy. The police was with Krugel when he was doing his "fake tests". Almost the full day. Plenty of time to work on the other side.

  28. ANON 20.00 great post I think the pink blanket could have been used to wrap Madeleine in and then transported her in blue bag.
    Danie Krugel came from South Africa so who paid his expenses.
    Justin McGuinness Mccanns first PR charged £51,000 for 89 days work.
    Add that to Mitchell's salary,the Toy Yown cops salaries, Haligans £500,000.00 these people were well and truly milking the situation.

    Why would the government give Mccanns Mitchell, he had a position with the government but he gave up that job to work full time for K&G, as did John Mccann how did they know it was going to be long term?

    The book not being released until April, so they KNOW madeleine will not be found before the launch.

    This whole business is so suspicious. The British Police not forwarding information to Portuguese police or helping them, yet they all suspected Mccanns of concealment of their daughters body.

    These cowardly people are all a disgrace to the professions they represent.

  29. This is a brilliant site Textusa et al thank you for keeping us up to date.

  30. The blue sports was photographed inside the closet by the PJ, so, it was not used to take Madeleine out of the apartment on the night of the 3rd/4th May, BUT that doesn't mean it was not used later on. Remember that the blue bag disappeared later on, just like the pink blanket, which was also photographed by the PJ, and (was it Mitchell, or Gerry?) it's existence denied! "No, of course not, Gerry never ever had a blue sports bag!(Yeah, right!)
    Also, Payne in the rog. told Gerry only had a small bag, a rucksac type of thing, where one could fit only a tennis racket...nothing like a " big blue sports bag", where one could easily hide a child's, no, no!
    What terrible purpose did the blue bag serve that it had to vanish into thin air and its existence denied...?

  31. Anon.,Mar 9, 2011 10:20:00 AM wrote:

    "When GNR was called, Madeleine was most probably already far away from the OC."

    Exactly! They rose the alarm at around 10pm, and the first call the GNR has on record is of 45 minutes later, more or less. What took them so long to call the police? In 45m, a fast car or a speedy boat can put many kilometers between them and P. da Luz.
    No way would they risk hiding Madeleine in another apartment, there was the chance the police could come with dogs, or conduct an immediate thorough search of the whole complex. Far too risky!

  32. The 45 minutes delay IMO was to allow whoever had taken madeleine's body to get far away from PDL just in case road blocks or anything else were set up, thats why MC's deleted all their phone messages to avoid tracing other conspirators.

    Portugal should insist on re-opening the case, give it as much publicity as possible, get Amarels book serialised in national newspapers, open the public's eyes to this great fraud that MC's think they have gotten away with.

  33. As determined, it remains that any further comments from Insane are continued to be ignored, unless Insane cares to let us have the link to his/her blog, of questionable existence, and invites us all to read his/her musings.

    That said, and strictly maintained, Insane has now made a comment, which has parts that might just fit into the above category. I’ve clipped out the majority of what was said, and this is what matters:

    “(…) Now I suggest you publish this, with the full version of the post I made. I will make absolutely certain it gets out there if you don't. (…) You should know that all my posts are saved and published elsewhere, so it is very easy for people to see where you have lied about their content. And we've all been having a chortle at this one. (…)”

    As we’ve not published the full version, and as Insane says s/he will make absolutely certain that it will get out there, I ask you readers to be on the lookout, and maybe this way Insane’s mystery blog’s existence might be confirmed, allowing you all to have a more concrete idea of his/her beliefs.

    Update (this must be a first on a comment!): While I was writing this commet, guess who showed up, uninvited, for tea? And did Insane have to say now? This:

    “You were told to correct your lies about my post and to publish it in full. You didn't do that, so I'm afraid I will have to circulate both versions to a number of sites. They tend not to like dishonest bloggers, Textusa”

    Oh dear me, Insane won't be sending ME a birthday card now! It seems I’ve overstepped the mark and lost a mate.

    I didn’t do as I was told and now someone is stamping their foot. This time s/he's just taking his/her ball home and I don't get to play with it.

    Pity that Insane is now using a “number of sites”, instead of his/hers… alas, as much as we’ve tried for you to know what his/her beliefs really were, Insane, it seems, intends on using other people’s sites, but still not to convey his/her message to you.

    And sites who welcome Insane’s insanities are as welcome here as a cricket in a doctor’s stethoscope.

    On a serious and clear note, we’re closing, once and for all, the “Insane” topic, and we’re moving on to more interesting and relevant topics now

  34. About the blue bag.

    We like to keep things simple in this blog. Yes, you may smile, but all the complicated stuff was not our doing... we're just trying to unravel what is complicated, but always trying to find what is most logical, simpler and feasible for each event we analyse.

    Yes, Maddie could have been carried LATER in that blue bag, but my opinion is that THAT blue bag is filled with compromising clothing used to clean up the apartment on the evening of May 3rd. It might contain, for example, a pair of jeans, as Ironside pointed out already... or that beige piece of material that appears in one photo on the couple's bed, and is missing in the next...

  35. Answering you:

    "Madeleine appears to have been sedated and to have died prior to May 3rd, 2007" - could be an accident or she might be sedated due an afternoon accident or when left alone in the evening adult medication could be taken accidentally. There was not a sample of any drugs in the apartment. I wonder why did they take it all.

    "in which case her parents discovered her in the lounge of the apartment". Discover her dead!

    That would mean, according to you, that the McCanns drugged their kids, partied all night and only returned somewhere in the next day.
    Answer: they were not partied all night out they were in the next apartment near by having a private banquet. Kids were together in the room next door. Tapas dinner never took place - you're right.

    Relaxed attitude of the T7 in the Paraíso's CCTV pictures seem to indicate Maddie has died after this not before. Might be....

    There's absolutely no indication that Maddie was ever sedated or oversedated. She may have been, but there's nothing to back that up - I add - that we are aware not absolutely sure.

    However there are strong indications that the twins, and the remainder children, were sedated on the evening/night of May 3rd. Well, and where did the drugs come from?

    Following an acute overdose of a benzodiazepine the onset of symptoms is typically rapid with most developing symptoms within 4 hours. Initially present with mild to moderate impairment of central nervous system function. Initial signs and symptoms include intoxication, somnolence, diplopia, impaired balance, impaired motor function - a fall can easily happened.
    Gastrointestinal symptoms such as nausea and vomiting have also been occasionally reported. Someone has reported that her daughter was sick and had been vomiting. I think Madeleine had been vomiting when they found her almost dead or already death in the lounge. When Rachel told that so many doctors could have been able to revive a child she was referring to Madeleine. I think that when a person lies she (he) mix the truth with fiction. We have understand what they are saying behind what they are saying in the first place.

    Have a close look to the first Tapas comments to the family, to the press, to the police (public file). It's fascinating. In fact is not so fascinate when you know what this is all about!

    Well this is only me thinking. Her body was concealed to avoid an autopsy. I could understand if there was blood splattered in the walls that matches with the blood found on the ground. You could be a nice person and let me know. It's important to me to know that.

    Thank you.

    P.S. sorry my Portenglish.

  36. Hi Textusa,

    I typed in the information you have under your web page copied it and 'googled it, the first two sites where it was repeated word for word were 'Textusa' and the third one was called 'thicko kate' link below
    I did not understand it and it has a button that you can click on which I did not do so I don't know if its some sort of scam. Its also in Portuguese so I could not understand it. Odd sort of site as well.

  37. Anon
    Mar 9, 2011 7:39:00 PM

    What exactly did you type? It's not clear in your comment. Please clarify

  38. Exactly Textusa. A bag with clothes did not raise suspicion, even because after the alarm, with all mess and panic, the PRIORITY of the police and of everybody who was awake, was SEARCHING THE GIRL OUTSIDE THE FLAT. Nobody will care about a bag inside the cupboard and is not GNR's job to do CSI. This is a job for PJ, but PJ came hours after GNR and when they arrived, the bag was already away.
    Mccann's were asked by the police to empty the 5A and they move to another apartment in the OC. Then even if somebody saw the blue bag being moved, did not suspect at the time. Now who saw them moving the bag, is probably being framed by Mitchell and Gerry. They will not leave a key witness walking free.
    In fact, according to Amaral, when GNR dogs came to search, they mark Madeleine scent going from the 5A to another apartment in the OC. I believe was none of the Tapas 7 because if so, police will found it normal. GNR dogs were trained to search bodies and alive people, then what the dogs find was not helping too much PJ at the time. But after all this years, I think that apartment deserves a deep forensic investigation. If the apartment was not used by any of the Tapas 9 before May 3, then how they justify Madeleine scent on it? The body or clothes who were close to the body could be hide their for some time. 2 hours are enough to leave the cadaver scent and Keela and Eddie did not found the cadaver scent on any clothes from Gerry. Only on Kate clothes, a child Tshirt and the Cuddle Cat. Was it not amazing that a pair who appeared in TVs day after day, holding hands as lovebirds, have that huge difference on the forensic evidences? Gerry clothes disapeared. The most crucial evidences disapeared, just in case that a witness recognised Gerry walking with fake Madeleine and connect him with crime. They know, any witness keep the image of the clothes more vivant then the face. Then the clothes need to disapear.

  39. This is what I typed Tex;

    So what Textusa is really telling you, her merry bunch of thickos, is that the PJ and Sr Amaral got it all wrong. They went to that restaurant, spoke to all

  40. Anon
    Mar 9, 2011 8:32:00 PM

    Thank you for the clarification.

    I see that the result happened due to the word "thicko", which happened to be often used by you know who, so unsurprisingly, and unfortunately, this blog must be one where that slang-noun appears the most.

    Another good reason for having that character out of here.

  41. I think Insane gave already enough rope to hang himself on what happened in the OC on May 3 2007.
    I hope Amaral come to that blog to read his over-reactions and join the dots. Amaral will not sleep and will not leave portuguese justice to sleep, until the case is solved, clarified and the responsibles charged. And he knows much more then what is available, even in the closed files. I'm sure, for him that case remain so important as it was on the first week and he never shelved it. This is what scares the Mccann's and their gang. And they tried hard the same recipe they used at the beginning of the case: USE LAWYERS AND PEOPLE WITH INFLUENCE TO SILENCE AMARAL AND LEFT HIM IN PRISON AND HIS FAMILY IN TOTALLY MISERY. 3 portuguese judges had balls to stop the circus, at least on that arena.
    Up to now, your methodic homework and tenacity, Textusa, lead some attentive readers to understand that what could be just a regular domestic accident become a huge crime not because somebody hide the body, but because somebody help to foolish the governments, the police and the public of all over the world. That crime crossed several cultures, several countries, has a global dimension. This is why just a quick look on the hits in your blog show places so geographical distant. And Insane is one or somebody acting(payed) in name of who help the crime to grow and the charade to go on.
    Now he is scared. The portuguese use to say that "Tao ladrao e o que vai as uvas como o que fica a porta" and " O Tempo e bom conselheiro". Then, no way for the gang to rest. Over the time, police and public achieved the same conclusion: THE ABDUCTION WAS IMPOSSIBLE and THE MCCANN'S AFTER 4 YEARS FAILED TO SHOW THE PUBLIC A SINGLE EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT THEIR THEORY. Then, everybody and everything that was done to help them, and having their theory as a base, just lead that people to be part of the crime and enlarged the subject of the crime.
    I really enjoy if Kate publish her book. Will be her and some helpers, digging their own grave.
    In Portugal is growing a generation of people who don't like to be foolish by some stupid issues that happened in the Country during the last years. It is called "Geracao a Rasca" and has no face, no town. Go across all the faces, all the towns, all the country, all the portuguese comunnity, even outside Portugal. I hope, MADELEINE MCCANN WAS ONE OF THE SUBJECTS IN THE FIGHT OF "Geracao a Rasca". Too scare for you Mccann's gang. Too big for your Fund and your Lawyers. You will be exposed soon. Remember, when you did your WORLD TRIP, you just meet people related with governments(EMBASSIES, MINISTERS,MAYORS) for what? I'm sure for your own ego and publicity, because that help the honest public to deliver their honest money into your pockets. If your issue was Madeleine, Then you must choose other targets in your trips -THE POLICE, CHILDREN ORGANIZATIONS, ETC. Not the governments. Only stupid people did not get it- Normally the governments cannot interfere with police job. Then why meeting governments in Spain, German, Moroccos and USA? Why meeting useless people without any power to search your daughter and charge the responsibles? You had an agenda that was not finding your daughter. And all the "Insanes" who help you are now shaking because they will be in troubles if the case will be reopened.
    Then they have to discredit every single person that highlight all the lies and all the strategy. Blogs like Textusa become targets to bite.

  42. Child human remains found near Vila do Bispo, Algarve- Correio da Manha

  43. I believe that the Black Hat Camp is not very pleased with Insane's very poor performance. If it was me, I would have made sure that he'd shut up half way isntead of paddling up dried up creek...

    Johanna, what a disappointment.

  44. Textusa,
    Notice how the employees, who, as you say, are UNABLE to quantify exactly the number of guests around a table, but they can be quite precise on who was missing:
    Svetlana a KITCHEN ASSISTANT says “one individual, purportedly the father of the victim, left the dinner table” and then says “a woman who she believes to be his wife also left the table”. She doesn’t know how many people were at the table, but she’s able to notice who was missing. She either paid attention to the table or she didn’t. Also, how does she know, less than 24 hours after WHO out of all those men was the father of the victim? I Imagine the PJ showed her a pic of Maddie, but how can she make any sort of connection between Maddie and any of the men as her father? And how does she make a connection that Gerry and Kate are married if, as they say, they sat apart from one another at dinner?
    On the same note Joaquim, notices that two men leave the table. How, once again, did he know it was two men, and not two women, or a couple, taking this into account he must have noticed two empty chairs. Remember that he also has a vague idea about how many people were in the group.
    Ricardo is even more precise in the description of the person who has left the table for 15 minutes! He also says that the parents were there. How does he know that? It’s not said anywhere that the PJ walked around with pictures of the whole group. Yes, he did not know the parents, bout how does he know that the parents of that child were present in a table that he cannot be more precise than a group of 8/9?
    It’s EVIDENT these people are lying. And they’re not lying to defend themselves. Its EVIDENT they’re saying to the PJ what they’ve been told to say. As you say Textusa, things were supposed to be solved quickly and nobody would even notice their statements. But unfortunately for them, things remain unsolved today
    Good job Tex et al!

  45. Anon at 9.40 yours is a very well thought out post, the mccanns have their protection but only because so many people lied in the first place, perhaps PJ could re-open case and start by re-interviewing Ocean Club staff.

  46. Insane reminds me of a member on the old sky's discussion forum,by the name of garth he would call people thicko or dopey whenever they asked or mentioned credible questions or stated well thought out opinions about the the Mccanns behaviour on that holiday and after,he came across as vile and arrogant abit like Gerry himself.He sounds very much like him.


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