Sunday, 6 March 2011

Merit Badge for Citizenship

I believe that this blog, deserves a Merit Badge for Citizenship.  

Textusa should wear it with pride, for no brooch, however expensive it may be, has the values this one has.

Just to clarify which of the Bronte Sisters is writing this, let me tell it would be Textusa, if Textusa were to exist.  

Textusa is an alter-ego of the hand that writes these words.

She’s an intention, a statement. A name that has, thanks to you, become a brand for the nameless citizen who is entitled to respect and to a voice.  

Textusa is not a person, but hopes to personify many, all marvellous in their singularity.  

Textusa is me, but above all is you.  

Textusa does not intend to replace the duty that each one has to make all possible, but honest, efforts to make one self be heard. Not the just the exercise of speaking just for the sake of speech, but to demand the undeniable right to protest whenever being a victim of, or be faced with, injustice, and not be laughed off.

Just like that this blog does not want to replace in any way, form or manner, the adequate Police authorities, always urges anyone with first-hand info to take it to the PJ and not here, as the point of the blog is to bring information to the right people, not to entertain...

It's important for us that our readers do not to think we are teasing them with vital information that we are keeping to ourselves.

The information we haven't put out yet is the result of personal research of public information, and is only waiting for the right time to be published.

This blog is just trying to make sense of existing information and is not privy to secret facts. Any attempt to convince you otherwise, is clutter.  

Textusa holds as very valuable all contributions that point us in the right direction, but will remain ruthless, as we've been and you've witnessed, to all damaging "red herrings", independently how "civilized" or "White Hatted" they happen to be presented.

And if Textusa can make sense of the information that is public and out there, then that means that anyone can do the same. 

"They" know that. 

As has been the case and the blog expects to continue to be so, "they" will continue to clutter up every single inch of our (your) way. And we, you and the blog, we'll just set it aside, keep trekking on.  

Textusa's agenda is clear. 

Other's who have diverse objectives, may, has Textusa has, use the same media forum to convey it. 

This blog assumes that it is NOT impartial, a word some keep abusing intentionally. This blog is, and will always continue to be, INDEPENDENT. Our loyalty lies only with the Truth, and that means we sanctify no one, nor accept to be told whomever we're to worship. 

We'll continue to pay our respect to those who've earned it, compliment those who've deserved it, but above all, be certain that we'll continue to keep pointing our finger firmly to what is and has to be pointed at, independently of whatever "friend" or "foe" has said before on the subject. 

That’s why Textusa is androgynous, almost genderless, because it intends to encompass what humanity has best, which is the ability for each one of us to think for one self, accepting what is to be accepted, but refusing to swallow and digest all and any information force fed by those whose survival depends on selling it.

Do read the word “survival” as the commercial need to make money to sustain one self, and all those that one is responsible for, but also in the sense of incapacity to resist pressure. 

That’s why Textusa seeks no glory, for that would individualize a multitude of voices into one, single and flawed. 

For Textusa that would mean the betrayal of the self, and if it’s a thing that this blog seeks, is the adequate condemnation of all those who’ve forsaken basic values. 

Values punishable by Law, and those punishable by conscience. The first do require some adequate procedures and special procedures for the sentence to be passed, the last, requires none. 

Only those who may not be afford that recognition ever to happen are to blame if fame ever befalls on the hand that has had the privilege of putting down Textusa’s thoughts. 

And the 100.000 hits represents success.  

You, together with Textusa, have been a hero of these difficult modern times, and hopefully, our collective anonymity will inspire others in future battles to be fought.  

You, the Textusa readers, may we remind, were the FIRST ever to be threatened to be sued for READING a blog. 

To even make such a threat shows that this blog seems to cause, in some people, real desperation that borders hysteria, but nevertheless it's a Merit Badge, that you should wear as proudly as the one for Citizenship.  

Textusa has already had the opportunity, when other numeric thresholds were surpassed, to thank the many to which this blog owes its utmost gratitude: those who were responsible for its existence, those that through faithfulness and permanent show of hands have kept the motivation high and those that have contributed directly to make this blog a place where people who are seriously looking for serious information do come and return, and where people who are afraid that the truth will be finally unveiled fear so much, and keep coming and keep returning, if not for anything else, to see if they can live another day before their name pops up... 

But gratefulness is never excessive: THANK YOU!


  1. Congratulations to You, Text and to all of us , good People!

    Thank You! Thank You all ((thank MC LOL)

  2. Thank you Textusa for your research and tireless work which we appreciate.

    I was wondering what are the legal implications with the McCann’s book, they are the ‘arguidos’ along with Murat, presumably the book will attempt to influence readers of the McCann’s innocence and highlight the Portuguese Police incompetence according to McCann. Eventually there will be a court case but this book could possibly influence jurors considering how the McCann’s have manipulated the media. When they ‘fled’ Portugal, there must have been restrictions on their ‘arguidos status’ similarly if someone is bankrupt there are restrictions, or on probation there are always restrictions, so surely it is illegal for them to write this book as they are involved. It will be biased and purely based on what McCann’s want the public to believe, therefore perverting the course of justice.
    There is also the fund to consider, and the on-line store, have proper records been made of all donations received? When for example Mitchell suggested the public send their donations to Kate and Gerry, Rothley were these recorded, also funds that they obtained from taking part in Charities fund raising events, this must have raised a considerable amount of money. Also to appoint Kevin Halligen of Oakley Int, was a curious choice to search for Madeleine when he has no experience whatsoever in this field, but plenty of experience in the money laundering business, he was paid £500,000.00 for producing absolutely nothing. Another point for concern is Brian Kennedy the multi-millionaire business man supporting the McCann’s who has allegedly intimidated witnesses preventing them from coming forward to give evidence in this case., why would he do that if his intentions were to find Madeleine?
    There is much more to this than a child disappearing, her parents involvement is obvious there are important issues that need to be addressed concerning the judiciary system in UK and Portugal, if money laundering is involved then this case needs to be dealt with sooner rather than later. The Tapas group should all be re-investigated their discrepancies’ in statements clarified. The police should get to the bottom of this case and start doing the job for which we pay them and that means re-opening, re-investigating and finally justice for a small 3 year old who seems to have been forgotten along the way.

  3. To the Bronte-Cohen Sisters,


  4. They are worried with amount of people who read your Posts Textusa.

    I hope people from PDL start telling the police what they know or saw. In a so small place, somebody out of the group must witnessed something suspicious.
    Maybe Rui Pedro case will gave some courage to that people to talk. If they don't talk already because I believe PJ has much more evidences at their hands then what we imagine. They are very competents and they use to deal with rats.

  5. Congratulations Textusa, the name should be adopted by free thinking people, who do not feel threatened by those who want to force feed us trash and then become abusive when anyone gets too close to the truth.

    The facts are out there and we can read for ourselves the information available although some of it is deeply buried. If we can all contribute a little to the cause then Madeleine will get justice a lot sooner.

    100K visitors is a worth celebrating as it shows how many people want to get to the truth. Being an independent blog allows every piece of evidence to be evaluated.

    I'm looking forward to the next celebration.


    Tem a ver com o post anterior.

    A foto deve ser recente.

    xxs hug

  7. No wonder they've tried to hack you with that frog thing! They're trying every trick in the book to scare people away from here, but the numbers clearly show which side is really scared! Well done and congratulations!

  8. Congratulations Textusa,

    Freedom of speech is everybodies right yet the Mccanns have been able to censor and manipulate what is a legitimate story in the public interest with individuals that stand in contempt of our right to know.
    Judges help the rich and powerful hide their dubious conduct so much so that we cannot rely on our politians to stamp on this abuse of power. The Madeleine Mccann story is one that should be told and correctly reported upon in our media the mccanns should not have the protection of unsatisfactory judegements that protect criminals. Freedom of speech is the last defence of a free people, it is precious and should never be censored.
    Justice for Madeleine.

  9. Anon,
    Mar 6, 2011 6:25:00 PM

    The frog hacking incident (if it was ever an incident) was an unfortunate choice of way of attacking the blog, as anyone knows, a kiss makes a frog to turn into a Prince.

    And by the numbers seen, it seems that effectively this blog has, lately, been literally swarmed by a significant amount of Princes and Princesses: you, our readers!

  10. Well done Textusa, Bronte Sisters et al.

    I must admit I have not come across this frog thing, I have been able to post my comments without problems, so perhaps it is just some areas that are affected.

  11. Well........ frogs, Princes and Princesses a beautiful dream and a very nice night.

    Maria, como há imensas..............

  12. I don't believe Kate leaflet will be ever published and sell in a bookstore. They tried hard to test and understand the receptivity of the public. They got a worse response. I believe they will stay with the insultuous amount the Sun gave for serialising a pile of lies. Good enough to pay their new VIP lifestyle... and THEY WILL FADE. Madeleine money, even having to pay those lawyers, was enough for a good retire. No book. The book is too risky, special now that Portugal is probably going to change the Prime Minister, PJ and judges were not happy with what is going on in justice and some cases were reopenned with suspects charged.
    PJ did not need new evidences. They have enough to reopen the case. The big obstacle is the Atorney General who don't want to reopen the case for his own protection. If he open it, he had to assume for the all country and for the world that shelving it was an error. That will open the door for G.Amaral to sue the Portuguese government/state. It is always a balancing game. A shame that a little girl lost her life and become just an object to be used or discharged according to each agenda/moment.

  13. I had frogs everywhere and the insults of Insane at every post.
    That gave me more strenght. From what I read from the Files and many other material I have a clear idea that the Tapas 9 and most of their witnesses lied about many things. They buy an avalanche of lies that could never end, unless they confess.

  14. You people have to feel really proud. Thanks to blogs like this, you've been able to maintain this issue in the public's eyes. This has become a tabboo subject with my English friends. They avoid to speak about this, as if a great cloud of shame has covered their Country. I believe it to be that all know that it's all a lie, that everyone knows that it's pretended not to be a lie because people feel powerless to do anything about it. Job, taxes, education and all other issues affect each one's life directly, and Maddie is like knowing your MP is gay (not there's anything wrong with that) and you just don't talk about it to avoid the subject.
    Your numbers are fascinating because I see that you don't use tag words, and yet your blog is easily googled. You people are doing real public work. Thank you. Please continue, and I urge all the readers that want this blog to prosper as it should, to keep commenting the way you have. Here, we, the little people are heard, because the big people come here, believe me. The best to you all

  15. Anon @ 11.35

    As part of the Textusa team. Your comment is much appreciated. Thank you. Thanks to all the readers who are also part of this team. I feel it is important to keep this blog flowing with information. Hopefully information will be given to the police who can use it.

    Sina J

  16. Thanks Textusa for keeping us up to date and giving us a voice. The good guys always win in the end !!


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