Thursday, 10 March 2011

Textusa Meltdown - "The Day After"

On the previous post, I mentioned a character called Sidmouth. 

Sidmouth is (or was, as you'll see in a minute) a Black Hatted regular commentator of Maggot World.

It just happens that in one of his comments, about this very blog, he made one bad move: his argumentation was based on, said he, not us, on his memomry, thus confessing to all that he had been in PdL during that fateful week.

Back in December when the blog first approached the issue that we thought that the Tapas dinners were nothing but yet another McCannish large clunk of clutter, the Black Hats decided to start a thread on the subject with the fatalist title of "Textusa Meltdown".

I, in turn, used all their statements/questions at the time, and without altering minimally their content, transformed them all into questions, which were answered to show how ridiculous their counter-argumentation was.

And this was one of Sidmouth's "question": "You are trying to figure out where the staff would have got a large round table from...... 
It's there right at the back of the tapas...there’s three of them from memory. They are used for the childrens dinner from the creche so all the kids can sit on the same table or two tables if need be.
There are also larger table up above under the pegolas to the side of the tapas where children can also be seated.... 
Don’t you think there are lots of different size tables that could be used anyway?"

So Sidmouth, by saying "there’s three of them from memory" together with "It's there right at the back of the tapas" and "There are also larger table up above under the pegolas to the side of the tapas" explains clearly to us all where were existing round tables at the Tapas complex during the week in question... and that kind of information one can only know first hand...

I decided to go and revisit the Maggot's “Textusa Meltdown” thread , and was quite surprised (no I wasn’t), to see that Sidmouth is no longer there.  

All his comments have vanished into thin air.

As far as I know, only two entities are able to delete comments placed in a forum: the forum admin or the actual author. You may still read (if you wish and before they erase this too) that preciousramtswe says, quite clearly that "Textusa attempts line by line a rebuttal of this thread":

The key words here are "line be line", so just refer to the post on this blog, and check exactly what Sidmouths comments were erased. 

I'll help you. Besides the one already mentioned, were these::  

"They don’t even serve tapas there, do they?" 

 "And if they did serve tapas there do you really think they would seat them at a table that’s not big enough?"  

And even that compliment "bluj1515, WOW!!" in response to bluj1515's "I'm going to blow your freaking provincial European minds" scenario is gone... 

But whoever was with the rubber, got a little too excited and also wiped off alibongo's "Can you fit 9 people around a round table?" away too. 

It just means that it wasn't the author who was doing the rubbing out... 

A scenario very similar to George Orwell's 1984, whereby all "inconvenient" were literally cut out of history: “In the Ministry of Truth, protagonist Winston Smith is a civil servant responsible for perpetuating the Party's propaganda by revising historical records to render the Party omniscient and always correct”. 

The idea was to make the existence of these "inconvenient" totally unrecorded, so that they simply ceased to have even existed. 

But in the FICTIONAL "1984", ONLY BIG BROTHER controlled ALL recording devices... today, in the REAL world, to attempt to do the same is to be able only to achieve foolishness. 

Really coherent people these. 

If they don't have a drop of dignity for Maddie's memory, why should they have any for themselves? 

At least this Maggot thread lived to justify its name. A part of it has really melted off... 

Oh, how wonderful must have been those peaceful afternoons under the pergola...



  1. Just had a look at the Textusa meltdown thread, and these people get really annoyed with you Tex, so you must be hitting a raw nerve with them.
    Perhaps this person is also 'Insane' they seem to get pleasure out of bullying people who disagree with them.
    Keep up the good work Tex xx

  2. Smith knew Murat... the man admitted it's about time you took a blue crayon to what you wrote...that post.

  3. Anon
    Mar 10, 2011 6:49:00 PM

    Please clarify where and when has this blog ever said that Smith didn't know Murat.

    We do not use blue crayons here. We use apologies, or may correct one or other detail, usually by suggestions of our readers.

    For example, if you are to prove that we ever said that Smith didn't know Murat, we'll gladly apologise and correct that mistake. But you have first to show us where it is.

    Thank you

  4. Anon 5:36 - What’s really interesting to note when we visit these “Pro” forums is that Textusa is very little talked about. They keep hitting on others, but it is as if Text doesn't exist, but it’s all fake. Like they’re avoiding touching the subject. When they do speak about her its with such venom and viciousness that its obvious they're keeping a close track of this blog. But they keep themselves to insults and are very vague about discussing facts. They just ask questions but never really clarify anyone. Their idea is to confuse, not to bring light to any subject. And that is why Textusa is never discussed. This is a FACT discussion subject. Text may not be right, but here we can discuss things, ask her questions, and agree or not with her answers, but she does answer many of the questions put to her.
    The fact that the “Pro” had to censor themselves says quite a lot about the stuff what Text has been showing us, and how hard they’re trying to avoid she doing so. I think those who've doubted, with sincerity, the veracity of what has here been written have been given now a clear now a clear indication that Text is far from being "insane" as they're trying to make her be, and is rather having them on the run.
    To those who've come here constantly to set doubt in our minds we’ve also received a clear indication of what you really want: to continue to deceit people.

    Anon 6:49 - The fact that you people never stop coming back here to try and cause havoc says as much about you as the fact that it was you that had to use, not the blue crayon you mention, but an ink-rubber. The crayon strikes out what is not to be published, but it hasn’t yet, while you had to wipe what was already read by everyone. Justice is catching up, no matter how much you pull off the internet. People have read it, and people have kept it.
    Your tactic of inventing false facts about what this blog has said is useless as is absurd all your the convenient logics and conclusions. You can say as many times as you wish that Text has a McCann agenda, but it is you people that are hiding behind the bushes hiding things away.

  5. 6.55 I agree I had a browse at the Textusa Meltdown link and the bloggers on it just throw insults at Tex, they are not constructive in their comments or even attempt to defend what they believe instead they become personal and rude and I cannot believe anybody would bother wasting their time reading such rubbish.

    Whereas here Tex gives an honest and analytical approach, I visit here many times and always find her work thought provoking, truthful and interesting, and I suspect she is very close to the truth and that is why they get so bitter and angry towards her. It also proves how bothered they are by Tex for them to spend so much of their 'valuable' time insulting her.

    This is an incredible blog you have here Tex, just looking at your stats says it all.

  6. Thank you for such nice compliments, and for the sweet feeling of having people stepping up to defend me and this blog.

    But, as a friend of mine as taught me once, there are only two ways for one to shine: either one is a star, or one reflects the light that shines upon one self. To be a star, it means you're literally on fire, which, believe me, must hurt.

    I've been very fortunate to have the very best to help me. Those that have, and those that do, contributed to the posting and commenting, and to all the backstage researching, but most of all to you, the best readers of all. I'm not sucking up to you, I'm being frontally honest as I always like to be. You've haven't lost faith, you've kept me going. Other blogs have captivating subjects, this blog has one that requires full out conviction

    Like Venus, the morning star, I just reflect the light that you people chose to be my "surface" for that. Thank you once again.

  7. They are scared. You really hit them on their "central nerve": The LIES and the COVER-UP.
    For me those people could not be only simple and innocent PRO Posters. They should be in some way directly connected with Tapas 9 or with who help them build the story. They know what happened in the OC and they think you, Textusa, could be on the right track to uncover everything.
    There is something that 4 years gave to people with a working intelligent brain- TIME. Time to revisit what is available in the investigation. Time o re-evaluate their statements, their behavior, time to clarify situations. AND THE TIME SHOW THE WORLD THAT AN ABDUCTION UNDER THE CIRCUMSTANCES DISCRIBED BY THE TAPAS 9, WAS IMPOSSIBLE. Who, in a rush or not, help them bake the abduction story become involved in the crime. THOSE PEOPLE WILL FIGHT AND INSULT EVERYBODY THAT STEP ON THEIR WAY TO HIGHLIGHT THEIR INVOLVEMENT.
    I read here(Textusa) and in the files that the Smiths Know Murat, this is why they were sure who they saw carrying the girl was not Murat. What is your agenda anon.6:49? Are you trying to connect the Smiths and Murat in some way and trying to say that the Smiths could be protecting Murat? Then where went the beige trousers pictured by GNR on top of Mccann's bed and a certain pair of Jeans that seems to be missing?

  8. In my opinion Text Murat is involved in one way or another. These people knew each other from the UK.

  9. Anon 10.43 and 8.54 I also feel that Murat is involved, it was very 'convenient' that Mr Smith 'knew' Murat so he was eliminated from carrying Maddie.
    Murat booked that flight in a rush to PDL and got over £600,000 damages from newspapers, that was his 'payoff'. He also said he was part of the 'biggest f...up on the plant' what was that supposed to mean?
    When Gerry was asked if he knew Murat he would not either confirm or deny it...
    Then there was the business with the hire car with murat why did he need to hire a car who had borrowed his and also Malika they denied they spoke on the phone that night but later it was confirmed that they had spoken late at night.
    It is all very odd, I think they are all tied together in this, Murat could even be Tapas 10.
    He looks so much like Payne and Gerry that he could have even stood in for either of those two at the 'dinner' and no one at OC would have been any the wiser.
    Then there is this case Tanner V Murat another smokescreen nothing ever came of it, just another distraction.
    Keep up the good work Tex et al.

  10. We know that Dr Gerald McCann has no qualms about lying when it suits. If he did know Murat and wanted to deny it, why not just lie? If he didn't know Murat personally, but wanted to make people think there was some connection there somehow, then his "I'm not going to comment on that..." begins to make sense. He wanted to implicate Murat in what had happened, but couldn't invent a relationship with him that could easily be disproved. I have no idea though why Murat let himself be involved in the way he was, but we know that McCann is well versed in the arts of persuasion, and if he fails then the heavy mob are sent in (Window man Kennedy etc).

  11. Murat knows very well the Algarve and interesting properties. By working in Real State he must know people and properties where Madeleine could be concealed. He knows well the OC. Gerry seems uncomfortable everytime a journalist asked him if he knows Murat. Murat tried hard to be close to the police and the investigation.
    Even if Murat was not Tapas 10, his strange behavior regarding the Mccann's and the Tapas 7, has only one explanation- He knows what happened and deliberately or not, most probably he help them.


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