Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Paradise Lost?

By May I
“Thus with the year Seasons return, but not to me returns Day, or the sweet approach of even or morn Or the sight of vernal bloom, or summer’s rose” John Milton

Kate’s book contains an extraordinary suggestion; that the British Consul, Bill Henderson knew of paedophile activity in the Albufeira area, in Algarve. In August 2006, British tour operators had apparently discussed their concerns with him, but had wanted this information to be kept confidential.
The incidents were quite specific in detail; where intruders had got into holiday apartments at night and molested children in their beds, locking the door to the parents’ bedroom before assaulting the children.

In one case, the perpetrator had used the father’s aftershave in an attempt to “soothe or deceive the child.” This had occurred after the perpetrators had watched for routines in the behaviour of the family, to determine security and the location of bedrooms.

According to Kate, Henderson was uncertain as to what had happened to these people, although he thought one person had been arrested and was awaiting trial.
Is Kate really suggesting that such a cavalier approach to the future safety of children was adopted by Bill Henderson? Why would the tour operators have discussed this with the recently appointed Consul if they wanted the information to remain confidential? How could they have been sure he would be in agreement with this course of inaction?

A perusal of The Algarve Resident newspaper for September 21st 2006 covers a story about the arrest of eight paedophiles in Lisbon and a report of a ring of 46 people sexually abusing minors. A 52 year old man had also been arrested for procuring an abortion for a 13 year old girl.
It was also reported that the men involved had a relationship as a friend or neighbour with the children’s parents.

Could these have been the incidents the Consul was actually referring to?

If so, he would have been aware that the police were dealing with the situation and that the scenario posed no direct threat to holidaymakers. If he was referring to different incidents, he made no statement to the police after Madeleine’s disappearance. Surely he would have been under an obligation to do so if Kate’s story is to be believed?

He had told her about the incidents when he met her shortly after Madeleine had disappeared, yet she refers to him as the retired Consul when she relates this story on page 295. Henderson retired at the end of August 2007, shortly before the McCanns were made arguidos. Apparently, the significance of his information in the early days had not occurred to Kate until after his retirement!

However, Bill Henderson was not listed by Kate and Gerry as one of the witnesses they wanted the police to interview, in spite of mentioning this as key information in her book.

Was Praia da Luz a hunting ground for paedophiles and burglars? Pamela Fenn mentions a burglary at her apartment. She apparently apprehended the man who made his escape through a window- a dangerous position to escape from on the second floor...
This apparently occurred before the McCanns arrived and, one presumes, was reported to the police at the time? An attempted burglary of an elderly lady in an otherwise unoccupied block of apartments should have been taken very seriously.

Susan and Paul Moyes, holiday time neighbours living directly above Mrs Fenn seemed blissfully unaware of all of the crimes in the resort. On the night Madeleine disappeared, they were sitting on their balcony, but saw and heard nothing other than guests at the Tapas bar enjoying themselves. They later joined the searches for Madeleine and gave their observations of Praia da Luz. Paul -“idyllic, safe” and Susan -“It was paradise.

Or Paradise Lost?


  1. Many people have described Praia as 'paradise' and 'quiet' in fact an ideal and popular holiday destination until the Mccanns decided to pay a visit?

    The Mccanns speak of 'someone holding the key' in terms of solving the mystery, considering they were given the keys to the church that they used on numerous occasions, and the comments of the priest at the time saying 'he had been deceived etc' I feel sometimes our subconscious speaks the truth without us realising.

    IMO the priest holds the 'key' metaphorically speaking, he was involved with the Mccanns before Clarence and Cater Ruck came onto the scene and knows more about what happened to Madeleine than most people.

    Kate never mentions him, he has been 'air brushed' from this case. Considering the amount of tax payers money being wasted on the investigation and the amount of money fraudulently taken by the Mccann couple, this priest should be interviewed and under the circumstances the Pope would probably give his blessing for this priest to say what he knows because it would bring to an end a worldwide fraud from a couple that have used religion as a means of making more money from the memory of a child that has been long gone from this world.

  2. Portsmouth UK

    Worldwide paedophile ring unravelled

    .... been found guilty at Portsmouth Crown Court of their part in the abuse

  3. I agree with Anon at 7.23 pm. There is nothing this Pope hates more than the abuse of children, and in addition to that this pair have made a mockery of the Catholic faith. Surely Fr Pacheco could be released from whatever torment this ghastly pair have inflicted on him.

  4. What I think is important to retain from this post is the lighthearted way in which Kate uses an OFFICIAL BRITISH DIPLOMATIC ENTITY to support her lies. She just states and the UK just looks the other way…
    The McCanns are ALLOWED to use ANYTHING and EVERYTHING and are not accountable for it.
    My memory falters to find any similarity with anyone else in the world’s history, past or present. A couple of common doctors have become the most powerful people the world has ever known.

  5. I beleive there are people who do know the truth about what happened to Maddie and for one reason or another they have decided not to do or say anything.

    I have never known a crime like this, the lengths the protectors of the Mccann couple have taken to ensure justice for Madeleine never happens is truly incredible, it needs a higher authority to step in and do something positive to bring this money making circus to an end.

    The Mccann couple have disrespected the Roman Catholic faith and the people of Praia da Luz, if the Pope spoke to father Pacheco to release the information he says he holds on this devious couple it could help to bring an end to what has become a lucrative business for so many people intent on using the memory of a child to fund their lifestyles and businesses.

    If nothing is done, soon we will have the film 'Maddie' what is happening is the brainwashing and rewriting of the facts of 3rd, so somebody somewhere needs to make a stand and stop it.

  6. Kate is a Typical Sociopath, blame everyone else for her mistake so that she can be the Victim when in actual fact she is the Criminal!


  7. Somebody in PDL is holding an evil secret against a vulnerable little girl. How can that person sleep every night and face the silence and the dark of the night without being haunted by the pain a child went trough.
    It is obvious, somebody knowing well PDL gave an hand to conceal the body. The Church on that case, was not the 'House of God' or a place to pray and relief the conscience, was the office where all the business was prepared and setled up. They know, they were safe there... only a extraordinary suspiction will let the police investigate what was going on inside the Church.
    It is just a feeling from my side, but I had that feeling since the beginning while watching 2 fake catholics using the religion and the faith of others to fool a nation.
    The neighbours of Mrs Fenn, who claimed to be seating outside their flat, saw nothing on the street below them, but were able to state about the busy Tapas dinner that was hapenning metters away. No men carrying a child with or without blanket, no matter he was wearing such noisy shoes, according to the fictionary Jane. That just make me wonder, who those neighbours met to build their statement. Probably the same person(s) Mr. Fenn met- somebody very worried and in absolute need of an alibi for that night.

  8. The church is very powerful and Kate and Gerry have used religion to gain sympathy and support, they used the meeting with the Pope for publicity, then when the Vatican realised that the abduction was questionable, they withdraw all references to Madeleine from their website.

    Four years later the Mccanns are still collecting donations, controlling what is written in our media, and we are no closer to finding out what happened to Madeleine.

    The Mccanns made many mistakes they lied about shutters and locked or unlocked apartments, Gerry blogging each day, courting the media, somebody helped them to hide Madeleine IMO it was Murat and father Pacheco should not be afraid to speak out, he would become a hero.

  9. O Cronista Indelicado

    'Vou só ali ao Brasil matar alguém e volto já'
    Por:Por João Miguel Tavares- CMjornal

    'Deixem-me cá ver se eu percebo. Todos os juristas escutados a propósito do caso Duarte Lima afirmaram que mesmo que o ex-deputado venha a ser condenado à revelia pelo assassinato de Rosalina Ribeiro dificilmente será extraditado para o Brasil – porque não se extraditam cidadãos nacionais – e dificilmente será preso em Portugal – devido a falhas de legislação na transmissão de sentenças entre os dois países.
    Seguindo este extraordinário raciocínio, se o caro leitor estiver indisposto com alguém, tiver um vizinho irritante ou se a sua esposa deixar demasiadas vezes queimar o arroz ao jantar, tem agora uma forma simples de solucionar o seu problema. Basta-lhe comprar duas viagens para o Brasil, afogar o motivo de incómodo numa cachoeira ou baleá-lo à beira da estrada, e raspar-se de lá o quanto antes. Nem sequer precisa de se dar ao trabalho de cometer o crime perfeito: apenas assegurar que foge a tempo para Portugal. A partir daí, tem de ter cuidado nas visitas a Badajoz, por causa da Interpol, mas pode gozar um justo repouso aqui na piolheira. Seja Duarte Lima culpado ou não, qualquer pessoa que tenha acompanhado a investigação sabe que o caso fede – e não é pouco. As provas são fortíssimas, as contradições assustadoras, e é óbvio que Duarte Lima tem de responder à justiça. E no entanto, acontece esta coisa espantosa: a única entidade que parece minimamente empenhada em deslindar o alegado assassinato de uma cidadã portuguesa por um cidadão português é a polícia brasileira. Portugal, esse, limita-se ao seu papel de offshore da justiça: quem tem dinheiro consegue sempre escapar.'

    Que vergonha Portugal. O Militao so foi preso porque foi apanhado no Brazil. Se tivesse vindo para Portugal, andava a gozar o sol do Algarve depois de ter morto e enterrado meia duzia de portugueses que ele atraiu a Fortaleza.

  10. What is really relevant, is the behaviour of the Mccann's and the Vatican, after they managed to fool the Pope and meet him in the Vatican. In fact, Mitchell lie to the Media about that and was caught by the portuguese journalists and forced to admit his lie. The Mccann's were not invited by the Pope. There was no such story of the Pope been touched by the Maddie story and her parents. In the book 'Porque adoptamos Maddie' with participation of several top journalists, a top portuguese Bishop reveals that every Wednesday, the pope use to recieve who from the public, ask to be seen and close to the Pope. Nothing exclusive for the Mccann's, nothing different from any other person who do it without media coverage. Mitchell, on his attemption to make everything 'special' and 'exclusive' tried to make it that way fooling the media. Was caught and had to assume it.
    The Mccann's while fooling the public tried to use the Pope, by standing just behind his nose, the picture of Madeleine. The portuguese journalists counted the seconds he spent with picture- less then 2 seconds- and no special words for two parents who had their daughter abducted by a Paedo. Very significant.
    If the Pope, really believe on that abduction, the Vatican could used it on their own benefite to reconciliate the Catholic Church with the public. The Pope will not missing that oportunnity to condemn the Paedophilia and grab some points to himselh on the moment that the Church was herself facing many accusations and many cases involving Paedophilia. Why, the Pope miss that oportunnity? We don't need a very inteligent exercise to get the answer, considering that the Vatican has a good channel of information across everything.
    Relevant is also the behaviour of the Mccann's on two particular moments: The official visit of the Pope to UK and the Visit of the Pope to Germain when the mccann's were there. No meetings with Pope on that time, no journalist from the Sun or the Daily Mail connecting the pain of the mccann's ( two ferverous catholics)with the pressure the presence of the high representant of the catholics in UK soil. The Pope, was used to fool the pockets of the portuguese, a Catholic nation, who moved massively to transfer huge donations to their Fund. The same Pope, was not used to highlight the problems of the missing persons, the lack effort made by governments to loccate them. Why not? Why not enrolling the Pope on their campaign to search and reopen the investigation? Too danger. They cannot use the Vatican to fool more people. And that time, Mitchell kept his mouth close, as a rat.

  11. Anon at 8.44 excellent post - when Gerry was blogging every day he mentions how his team had arranged the meeting with the Pope, and as you say the Mccanns were just standing in the front row they were not given any special priviledges from the Vatican but they tried to make it look like the Pope was especially interested in meeting them, their 'posed grief' in that photograph with the Pope is an utter disgrace, they wanted to come across as a 'good catholic couple' when even Kates mother said Kate was not particularly regligous.

    They are looking worried now with the forthcoming Amaral libel trial in February, if they have to speak under oath there will be no escaping answering questions this time. Their time has come they have told so many lies and been caught out by all of them.

  12. Wonder if they will head to Portugal in the next Feb, like they did last time, when they were absolute sure they will win the case against Amaral book. The two hypocrite narcissists will not spare a day to show up in Lisbon and face Amaral.
    What a shame for them and their Portuguese lawyer. I really would like to ask them a simple question: From the children shown on the shocking pictures your lawyer claimed to have seen in Portimao , how many were recovered due to your effort? NOOOOONE.

  13. Sorry Textusa. I saw that message on Jillhavernforum:

    " Pat Brown has posted the following on Twitter tonight

    "Profile of the Disappearance of Madeleine McCann update: I'll be in Portugal in Feb for trial &search"

    "McCann/Carter-Rucking of my book update: Attorney #AnneBremner will be representing me in upcoming legal suit #MadeleineMcCann"

    Mccann's time is coming. The money they stole from the public trough a fraudulent Fund and a Fake book, will be not enough to pay everybody they tried to silence. That is Madeleine opening her ways to justice.


    A book that I strongly recommend to Kate and Gerry McCann. Not sure they will understand it.

  15. Mccann's, you can't rest. 2012 will have a big turn. On the Portuguese news today:

    " a big change... Socrates will be investigated in the Face Oculta". Slowly, the pieces from the huge domino are falling.
    I hope Amaral has fresh evidences to reveal in February and reduce to ashes the FSS lab and who in UK disturbed the Portuguese investigation. Let's see if your Carter ruck lawyers are so good in Court as they appear to be with their ridiculous letters. Some commentators said they are rubbish in court, that's why they try in many ways to close the cases before reaching the Court.

  16. About a year ago, Jim Gamble (still remember him?) started his steep descent. Textusa warned us that was the beginning of the end for the McCanns. Look how things changed, for the worse, for them in the last year. Now, with the Portuguese starting to go after their powerful corrupts, the McCanns situation is getting worse by the day. They've played their game on the political level, and their "friends" are starting to have bigger personal problems to solve...

  17. Belgian newspapers today report that now a SUN employee has been caught out to have been hacking phones. Not a NOTW one, mind you, but a SUN one. They also report that the NTW parent company is putting forward proposals for settling any related claims out of court 'in order to avoid the hassle of goning to Court'. So it says.

    Well well. If I remember correctly, the McCs have already made these claims, and requested an inquiry (and money?)in the follow-up of the NOTW affair?

    New horizons, surely? Bonanza!


  18. Portia,

    In fact we saw that yesterday, and have made a quick post about it, which we haven't published because comments on "Paradise Lost" were taking an interesting direction.

    Up to now, we've only seen these news in Correio da Manha and The Guardian. If you could send us the link to Belgian paper, we'll gladly put it up!

    Thank you

  19. Hallo Text,

    As per your request for the Belgian side of things. Glad to assist.

    The leading Begian Daily De Standaard on saturday november 5th 2011 carried the following item:

    1. a SUN journalist has been arrested on suspicion of bribing policemen. The arrest follows the inquiries into the widespread phone-tapping scandal at Murdochs newspapers (mind you: not:one of his papers, but unspecified, transl)

    News Int. meanwhile is announcing that people whose phones have been hacked by employees of the tabloid NOTW can now apply for financial compensation. In its statement the company declares that the compensationscheme is a swist, cost-effective alternative for court action.

    (Isn't this supposed to be bribery in the UK? In Belgium it would be! transl)

    NI website now sporting a section where victims can hand in their claims.

    News Corp earlier admitted to telephones and computers of journalists being hacked by journalists of NOTW.

    According to the editor, this did not happen at other Murdoch titles

    (Obviously, this looks like a misrepresentation of the truth, as the same sort of things now appears to have gone on at the SUN, rainsing the question: and where else? transl)

    NOTW no longer exists; the paper was shut down because of all the publicity around the hacking scandal.

    (Nice touch that: Murdoch did not pull the plug because HE found out, but because WE found out and HE WAS found out, transl.

    So much for the 5 november item.

    Fine. Now, we have Pat Brown coming in firing her backburners. The McCs may have shot themselves in the foot big time now. Pat doesn't come across as a pushover, on the contrary. Any news yet where she will take them to court?

    Just another thought.

    No one has investigated what Tapas 7-13 (?)were up to before their infamous 'holidays'. For instance: is there a connection, maybe from university days, between Rebeka Brooks and the MCCs? Did Rebeka have a reason -aside from making a mint- to support them so unquestioningly for so long, against all incriminating evidence?

    Isn't there a Freud-Murdoch estate in or close to PDL? Is it at all conceivable that there was some connection or even that Madeleine was transported there? After all, KM and GM were reportdly spotted carrying a child around somewhere near the beach, early in the morning of the 4th. If so, where did they carry it? If we believe KMs version of the truth for a minute, they climbed over rocks and shrubs, leaving the open roads. Again the question is: why? Surely, if you have nothing to hide, neither your burden nor your destination, you stay on the road?

    The Freud estate is off limits to the public and PJ? And has never been searched,sniffed or otherwise or has it?

    As KM had never been seen in PDL of late, but maintains she goes there 5/6 times a year; is this perhaps where she goes, undetected? Why?

    Any suggestions, anyone?


    If I am being hacked right now, please let it be by my dear old De Standaard!


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