Friday, 28 October 2011

Real Justice is Real but is it Justice?

We’ve already spoken about this case.

A series of contradictions made by Domingos Duarte Lima during the investigation done by the Brazilian Police, have now resulted in formally charging him with the murder of the Portuguese citizen, Rosalina Ribeiro.

According to the Portuguese newspaper Correio da Manha, he's now wanted by Interpol.

But what is interesting about today’s news is the apparent debate on how expectedly very little amount of justice will be effectively applied to this individual. “Legal justice” that is.

Just look at this precious gem, from the picture above: “Fontes contactadas pelo CM (Correio da Manha) garantem que dificilmente Lima seria condenado, tanto mais que conta na sua defesa com alguns dos advogados mais prestigiados.”, which translates into, “Sources contacted by CM ensure that it will be very difficult to condemn Lima, so much so that he has in his defense some of the most prestigious lawyers.”

It seems it will be difficult to condemn this man NOT because the investigation was blotched, or because the accusation may be flawed or even because he may indeed be innocent.

 No. It will be difficult because he has VERY GOOD LAWYERS.

That’s what modern justice has come to.

You get yourself a good lawyer and it’s irrelevant the crime you've committed.

A good lawyer, is assumed, will be able to, no matter what you may REALLY have done, find some legal technicality to keep you away from prison or some legal form of coersion (such as libel threats) to keep at a safe distance all those that may contribute for you to be put in one.

Remember those days when guilt had to do with having committed, or not, a crime or felony?

Please don’t be naïve and do erase that idiotic concept from your personal set of values. That is applicable only of you can’t afford a GOOD lawyer.

But will Duarte Lima ever be off the hook, even if never officially (read as in “Official Judicial System”) convicted and sentenced?

 As I’ve implied many times before, if you treat Justice lousily, then you get lousy justice. So, even assuming that in this case it will be very difficult to condemn as it seems it will be (and reality has proven so, time and time again) a sentence has already been decreed: life-sentence, without any possibility of parole, of misery independent of surrounding riches.

Just like the McCanns & friends: to live the remainder of his days in a prison that, although without physical bars, is made of a permanent claustrophobic nightmare.

If in this case there isn’t a trial, then, like in the McCann one, Justice will have forfeited its role, turned its back on its duty.

But the perversity of perverse justice (or real "justice") is terrible, for, in this manner, it applies a much harsher sentence to those who pay, well, to flee from sentencing.

Who’d the McCanns be today, if they had owned up for what happened on May 3rd, 2007? I don’t know, but I have a hunch that most likely they would be in a much more peaceful state of mind that they’re currently in.  

Duarte Lima has prestigious lawyers? They may be so (I honestly don’t know who they are), but they still have a long way to go to begin to match up with the ones that the McCanns have on their side.



  1. Bom dia, Text!

    É por tudo isto que alguns, depois de frequentarem a Faculdade de Direito......... para se licenciarem como Advogados ,não vão pois incapazes de defender o indefensável. Isto é, defender quem não deve ser defendido.

    E sobre justiça ou Justiça ou Justiça real ou Real........

  2. Textusa,

    I play village volleyball, a mixed sex team on a really rough court with no clear lines and invading weeds.

    Sometimes it happens that one team calls the ball in and the other the ball out.
    So then we call a replay and whoever gets the point shouts Justice.....
    The funny thing is it appears that Justice wins each and every time.

    Man made justice is an unfair system which relies on the best legal defense.
    But you know at the end of the day, the guilty live with their sin, unable to escape it for even a moment.
    So although it appears that justice is being thwarted - it is not - you only have to look at Kate's rapidly aging face to see a different type of justice already in progression.

    No defense team can aid her with that - she is her own judge and jury and prison cell.

  3. I play squash and most often the person who calls 'let',so the point can be played for again, is usually the person who deperately doesn't want to lose and is losing and it allows them a secons shot (pardon the pun) at it.

    Justice feels sweet when that person loses the point but so unfair when they win it. Is calling 'let' what people supported by expensive lawyers do when they don't like the way the game is going so seek to affect the outcome?

  4. I loved to read the sports comparisons from anons 6:30 and 6:54. True sportsmanship is fairness. To win is sweet, but to have earned the victory is priceless. To use other means to obtain victory only tarnishes the sport in question. You've said that there are two ways for the lawyers to keep their wealthy clients off trouble, but I think you forgot an essential third one. Keeping with the sports, I'll call it the money marathon. Legal fees are expensive, and if they know that they can outspend you then it's easy to solve things in court. It's like challenging a one-legged man to a marathon race. Not only is it cowardly, as it is PUBLICLY cowardly. Many people back down of legal battles, not because they don't think they would win in the end, but because they know they don't have the money to engage such fight. I think the winds are changing, and the McCanns are being cornered by the silent public pressure. Like the song that asks "Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!" the tune that comes to mind whenever we witness a simulated crime or one involving powerful people is "Who does this remind you of? The McCanns!"

  5. Anon @ 7.11

    Not only does a hollow victory tarnish a sport but does the person who gets the trophy without winning it fairly really feel they deserve it? If they do they are cheats but if they don't they have to live with knowing they are not as good as they would like people to believe so they know they are cheats.

    I wonder if the McCanns feel they have won so far by fairness or cheating.

    You are so right about legal battles, it's ALL about the person who has enough money to take it to the bitter end. Most won't gamble what little money they have so don't start a legal process. The law is not fair or just in my experience, it's about money and theatre. The man in the street can't afford to engage the lawyer who has experience so gets the novice.

    As for acting, Vincent Tabak seems to have even fooled his own brother. Now he has been convicted we are hearing about the person he really was. A person who appeared incapable of the evil he perpetrated.

  6. Kate and Gerry are guilty, they know they are guilty, we know they are guilty, their lawyers know they are guilty, the media is afraid to mention the 'guilty' word for fear of being carter rucked, so maybe this case will take a little longer than most but eventually they will face justice, because too many people want justice for Madeleine for it to all just go away.

    Carter Ruck cannot silence the internet or all the posters that follow this saga and know only to well it can only be a matter of time, but in the meantime the lawyers will rake in as much money as they can, because that's what they are good at.

  7. And the" good lawyer" don't need to be really good in court. He/she needs to have good connections with political world, that's all.

  8. Over the years many laws have been implemented in the justice system's of many countries for the purpose of reducing the possibility of innocent people being condemned. These laws place a greater burden of proof on the prosecutors, and as a consequence they increase the risk of criminals going unpunished for their crimes. Therefore these laws have to be carefully evaluated before they are implemented. With regard to Portugal, I find that some of the laws that exist have tipped the scales to the point where they clearly protect criminals. For example, I don't understand how a person found guilty of a crime cannot be sent to jail if he or she decides to launch an appeal. This is ridiculous. I was flabbergasted when I read about some Portuguese politician who was found guilty of corruption, sentenced to 7 years of prison several years ago, and to date has not spent more than a night in prison. This guy launched an appeal and got his sentence reduced. A judge recently ordered that he be sent to jail and he was, but he was released the next morning because the judge was not aware that this criminal had launched another appeal. The judge was publicly admonished and the convicted criminal was portrayed as the victim. The whole affair is a mockery of the Portuguese justice system.

    It seems to me that there is more than enough evidence to condemn Mr. Duarte Lima to a lengthy jail sentence. It would be sad if justice is not served because of the lack of an extradition agreement between Brazil and Portugal. The case could well be dealt in Portugal but I suspect that a lot of the evidence would not be allowed in court due to some reason or other, e.g. the evidence is ignored because it was obtained in a manner that violates Portuguese laws.

    With regards to the McCann couple, it seems that many still don't know the nature of the beast. They have been successful in controlling the flow of information to the English speaking public, so for the most part the English speaking public is ignorant of the facts of the case. They could have walked away from the spotlight a long time ago but they chose not to because they enjoy what they are doing. That's right, they enjoy it. They love the attention and let's not forget that they are probably making a very good living off of their daughter's death. They are not normal people; you should have come to that conclusion by now.

    Notice how the media in dealing with the Lisa Irwin case, refuses to make the comparison to the Madeleine McCann case despite all the parallels. That pretty much tells you the vice grip this couple has on the media.

  9. Guerra,

    Subscribe almost every word you say. And some even more. You were flabbergasted with the Isaltino Morais case. Complete and utter mockery of any judicial system. Even after the highest court in Portugal denied his appeal, I dumbfound that he still had THREE other options to which he could resort to. THREE!!! And he used one of them because he's still holding a PUBLIC OFFICE today. And one of them was to deem the case prescribed! The law actually allows itself to be used until all legal limits are surpassed! And who earns money all that time? I'll give you a hint... it starts with a L and rhymes with shark.

    But I wasn't surprised with the Isaltino Morais' case. For me, the last drop was in the Casa Pia case (involving powerful people, obviously) where a lawyer PUBLICLY questioned the honesty of the JUDGE! He threw a tantrum because he said he had no way of knowing if the Judge had really passed the sentence that just had said she did! in any civilized system, that gentleman should have been withdrawn from the Court and lost there and then his licence to practice law.

    What I don't agree with you, but respect your opinion, is that they could have chosen to walk away from the spotlight. Yes, they're not normal people, I agree. But they need the spotlight to survive. Only remaining visible, can they pressure the favours they've been pressuring.

  10. This guy and some others, prove " the promiscuity between politics and the offices of those lawyers" is what sustain the Portuguese parliament since the revolution. They think, they can do whatever they want because somebody on the right position will protect them, leading the crime not to be investigated, or shelved because expired the time that could be investigated or having an amazing suspended sentence. I really don't understand, what is the implication,
    in pratical life, of having a condemnation of 3 or 5 years suspended. Means just a dark spot on your passport or maybe less then that. With that kind of justice, the crime is an appetizer for all the evils. This politics and their friends are really "inspirational examples for the dark side of the society". Then, no surprise... The crime in Portugal is growing exponentially, year after year, and nobody with responsibilities on that area seems to be able to change that.
    The laws, are made to protect the corrupts and the rest of the population has the justice served " a la carte". If you got the lawyer connected with right office, you have a huge chance to get away with your crime. Off course to get that lawyer, you need money or friends with influence. The Mccann's manage to have the honest public paying their vicissitudes. They fool all of us at the beginning and still fooling many across the world. They do, what politics and the corrupt system of most of the European countries, let them do. There is no big difference between the Mccann's and D. Lima. They both sell their souls for money, they both explored and abused the life of vulnerable persons. And they both manage to have some kind of ???? Personalities??? In the TV defending their rights... The right of having their image protected, etc, etc. What a shame... And where are the rights of the victims? They don't care. The victims are gone, magically turned into fictional characters.

  11. ....'Just like the McCanns & friends: to live the remainder of his days in a prison that, although without physical bars, is made of a permanent claustrophobic nightmare.' So true.

    The nightmare will intensify in 2,3 years, when the Twins and the Tapas children start getting conscience of the reality and build their own personality/ feelings. They will question facts. They will add the missing pieces of the Jigsaw, because they were there, sedated or not, with their memories that could be not so little, to haunt their parents. That is something that no any lawyer or money could control.
    The history of similar cases tells us that the brothers of people who went missing on their childood, spare some time to pursuive the truth. Like the adopted children, who never miss the hope of knowing their biological parents.
    What a nightmare for all Tapas 9, having to lie 24 hours a day, for the rest of their lifes, for their own childs, because the 'enemy is inside their doors'. There is no way to avoid that fatality. The Internet, will be available for hundreds of years and that case will never fade. The twins friends, at any moment, will question them about the version we all know. On top of that, their mother, Kate, eternize the lies in a book that will be available forever, to gave them a huge hard time. Kids and teenagers become fascinated with that stories, specially when they personally know the characters involved. Like the Ramseys in USA, their lies will hunt them until they die. That is the victims way to achieve some justice.
    Mccann's will regret everything they have done during this 4 years. If they had assumed the truth, probably the portuguese justice will look at it as an accident and will had gave them a 3 years suspended sentence which will not affect on any way the raise of the twins. That sentence will reconciliate them with the public opinion helping them to rebuild the empathy they lost after the first weeks. The public has an heart, contrary to what Mccann's claim. Conveniently they mistake absence of an heart with indignity. The public has an heart but shows indignity for their lies and their poor cooperation with official investigation. No matter what they said or pretend the public to believe, their effort to search or help loccate their daughter, was and still very poor. The public understands, accidents can happen. What we cannot understand is what happened since the hypothetical accident, and I'm not talking about a body concealed, because even that is understandable under the panic circumstances. What, notthing logycal can explain, is the FUND, their relatives leaving their jobs to LIVE UNDER THE FUND EXPENSES, SELLING INTERVIEWS, HAUNTING THE POLICE WHO INVESTIGATE THE CRIME JUST BECAUSE HE SUSPECT THEM ( A MADATORY RULE FOR ALL THAT CRIMES) OR WHO QUESTION THEIR VERSION. IT is also not understandable EVERYTHING THEY ALLOW THEIR FRIENDS, SPIN MANS AND THEIR MEDIA, TO PUBLISH AND SAY ABOUT PORTUGAL AND THE PORTUGUESE. That has no forgiveness.


    If you have time, deserves to be read. A wonderful work exposing the truth and showing to who, 'Kate becomes an inspirational women'. Poor little childs.

  13. 'La Guardia Civil investiga el asesinato de una bebé a manos de una secta hace 30 años', 30/10/2011

    '.Un miembro del grupo ha denunciado que la enterraron en un caserío de NavarraCRUZ MORCILLO / MADRID. Se llamaba Ainara, y poco más se sabe de los escasos catorce meses que duró su vida. Con esa edad desapareció, hace casi treinta años, y su huella quedó sepultada en el olvido. Pero no todos los que conocieron al bebé y las extrañas circunstancias que le tocó vivir la borraron de su mente. Según ha podido saber ABC, hace un tiempo alguien decidió que ya era hora de hablar y denunció un episodio espeluznante, una confabulación de fanatismo y miedo de la que la pequeña Ainara fue la víctima.

    Esta persona contó que los padres de esa niña pertenecían a una secta, un grupo de sumisos que habían establecido su base en un caserío de Lesaka (Navarra). Allí debió de criarse la niña, en ese ambiente de anulación, hasta el día de su muerte. Según el denunciante, los propios padres ofrecieron a la hija en sacrificio a su comunidad como los adeptos que entregan su patrimonio, su voluntad y su dinero. Y el sacrificio se consumó: Ainara —explicó— fue asesinada y enterrada cerca de la casona en la que vivía el grupo.

    A raíz de esta información, el Juzgado de Instrucción número 1 de Pamplona abrió una investigación, que está en marcha, para intentar aclarar este oscuro episodio. La «operación Ainara», de la Comandancia de la Guardia Civil de Navarra, busca poner luz a un delito de asesinato y encubrimiento. Los agentes han buscado y encontrado a casi una decena de supuestos miembros de la secta, que según el informante se disolvió al cabo de unos años.

    Esta misma semana han sido imputados y llamados a declarar ex adeptos en Elda (Alicante), L´ Escala (Gerona), Rota (Cádiz) y Hoyo de Manzanares (Madrid), además de llevarse a cabo numerosas gestiones en Navarra. La investigación es secreta, por el delicado asunto y el tiempo transcurrido. Según ha podido saber ABC, el pacto de silencio se ha mantenido inquebrantable y los que en su día fueron partícipes, autores o encubridores del asesinato de Ainara han retomado una vida normal, con una perfecta integración que lava su pasado de miedo y adhesión. En Gerona viven tres de los ex miembros de la secta, y otros dos en Madrid. Uno de los imputados es médico.

    Cuando Ainara desapareció, hubo quien preguntó por ella. Sus padres confirmaron a algunos allegados que había muerto. Inventaron un viaje al Reino Unido, donde, según explicaron, la pequeña sufrió un ictus del que no se recuperó, y decidieron enterrarla allí. Con esa farsa justificaron que no hubiera partida de defunción de la niña. La Guardia Civil no ha confirmado si entre los imputados están los progenitores. El denunciante marcó una zona donde supuestamente enterraron a la niña, pero ahora hay que encontrarla. Han pasado treinta años y era un bebé. La tarea no será sencilla.'

    Uma historia a provar que nao ha segredos eternos.

  14. Reading up on these stories that prove that there are no eternal secrets, and whoever is responsible for Maddie's death will have suffer the consequences sooner or later, I cannot help to think that we have to be grateful to the BHs for making Maddie an "unfinished business" kind of story.
    Through their ruthless ambition for profit and fame and their vile and insulting tactics, they were the one's responsible for making Maddie an issue that sparked passions all around. It's something that can't be erased from our collective memory and the simplest of things will keep jolting it back however long it has passed.
    Maddie's death won't be forgotten ever. One day, it will all unravel, not in its mysteries because we all know pretty much what happened, but in its responsibilities when all those involved start to tell on each other.

  15. I’ve just watched a TV documentary in TVI24 this morning (caught it in the middle so I don’t know what’s called) where it shows that the UK suffers with its growing financial debt as much as Greece and Portugal.
    I’m not trying to make a political statement on a non-political blog, but just stating what I heard, which, by coincidence, happens to be my opinion too.
    Europe has a social policy, which provides an innumerous amount of social benefits. Europe is forgetting that human lifespan has grown significantly and all social benefits have COSTS. Nothing is free.
    Europe’s model of society is based upon the State, and the state, us the taxpayers, are becoming less and less, while the “taxreceivers” are increasing. This is an unsustainable model.
    I have an opinion about what to do about it, but won’t express it here, because, as I see it, this is not a political blog.
    However, it’s my firm opinion that the UK (and France and Germany) will face the exact same problem as Portugal and Greece.
    UK, by having much less tax-evasion than the countries of southern Europe is only delaying a foreseeable tragedy.
    What does this have to do with Maddie? When the UK, like Portugal is doing today, will start to question, because they will, where each taxpayer’s cent is being spent, then all this money spent on a child that everyone knows is not missing will be questioned. Seriously questioned. When this day comes, the fact that Kate has possibly been elected the most delectable of mums will help her or any of her cronies.

  16. 'Relatorio policial que sustenta acusacao do Ministerio Publico do Rio de Janeiro descreve Duarte Lima como pessoa 'arrogante', 'prepotente' e que sofre de 'amnesia oportunista'- In DN, 30/10/2011

    onde e que ja vimos isto? Lembra um casalinho na Primavera de 2007. ja sabemos quem ensina este tipo de comportamento/estrategia- OS ILUSTRES ADVOGADOS. Bem dizia o meu avo: 'Nao ha maior vigarista/criminoso que um bom advogado.'

  17. Wonderful news, Goncalo Amaral is launching a new book. See Joana Morais blog for information.


    The above link has photos of Maddie when younger, and mentally she does not look a very well child especially in the photograph with her and Gerry. If she was also hyper and the mccanns had been sedating her to subdue her it could have been going on a considerable lot longer than just the holiday, could this be one of the reasons the tapas friends have rallied and protected the mccanns and with connections in the right places it has stopped progress from being made. One of the tapas couples took Madeleine for an afternoon to give the Mccanns 'time with the twins' could Kate not cope with Madeleine considering the amount of time Madeleine spent in the crecheon that holiday.

    Whatever is at the bottom of this, the Mccanns are far from normal people to have been able to take money from the public for as long without question and with so many glaring descrepancies in statements
    and the silence of our media coupled with Kates ability to travel Europe promoting her book when she herself is an obvious suspect in Madeleine's disappearance beggars belief !

  19. This case has stirred up so much interest on the internet since 2007, never before has a missing child created such a media frenzy.

    What has resulted appears to be pro and anti mccann, nothing to do with madeleine whatsoever, more a case of 'the parents are guilty?' or 'no they are not guilty of any crime whatsoever' other cases do not generate this amount of publicity especially the abuse that comes from the pro mccann side in defending Kate and Gerry.

    When Joanna Yeates was murdered the police were allowed to continue with their investigation to its conclusion, there were no social networking sites defending suspects, petitions, fund raising, or anybody declaring people trolls. If I type 'Fraudulent fund' into 'google' the mccanns are the first 7 sites that come up, type in 'parents are suspects' and again Kate Mccann's name comes up, this is the extent of their notoriety, without typing their names, Kate and Gerry Mccann are listed everytime.

    Textusa has pointed out with much clarity many descrepancies so has Joanna Morais and numerous other sites have painstakingly researched the facts available all questioning the parents version of events, so why is nothing done about 'team mccann' by those in authority ?

  20. Brilliant comment anon 31, 8:13.
    Yes, why is nothing done about ' team mccann' by those in authority?

    Today, is the day families spare time to show love, kindness and a missing feeling to their deceased love ones. After millions of euros earned so easily and a bestseller book, where is the bouquet brought by Kate to offer to Madeleine? None... Because the reality, the truth damage their business of an eternal hypothetical search of a girl created to live forever.
    The Madeleine, the mccann's are searching, is not a real person, is a character invented by them on their fictional story. How can a nation "carry in" in such charade?
    The girl has no physical, no material issues, apart the genitalia delirium from Kate on her book, her parents made it clear... She did not went to any pain, nothing or none hurts her. Been missing and out of her family, was not a reason for pain. She is happy and well cared by who has
    her. In my modesty, I just found one justification to think like that, God has her and they know that. That's why suddenly, after May 3, they pretended to be faithful Catholics, trying to fool God and looking for some forgiveness.


    Caso do Ricardo assassinado em Londres. Hernani Carvalho ' sem papas na lingua'.
    Vale a Pena divulgar na Net, com traducoes em Ingles, se possivel, para que todos nos possamos indignar e envergonhar do que as autoridades portuguesas nao fazem ou deixam fazer e do que as autoridades inglesas fazem para proteger criminosos.
    Seria bom, Textusa, Joana Morais e outros blogs que abracam grandes causas, darem uma maozinha na divulgacao desta triste historia para que possa ser comparada com a da autora mediocre que vive a custa do desaparecimento mal contado da filha. Pode ser que um dia se faca luz na classe politica Portuguesa e deixem de ser servicais subjugados a outros interesses.


    Outro link para a historia do Ricardo.

    Parabens pelo enorme trabalho de pesquisa e rectidao, no Caso Maddie.

  23. Anon Oct 31 @ 7:51,

    Interesting one of the last pictures published by Ant. Lazze, Gerry with twins and Madeleine, has the message saying WHAW taken on holidays. Which holidays? Springtime or summer on the year before May 2007, according to the age shown by the twins. If we put that picture close to the last picture of Maddie, near the pool, removing the twins, Gerry and Maddie look the same age as on that picture. In one year, Madeleine didn't change? Even her hair look the same, contrary to other pictures where she appears with short or long hair. Then, the length of her hair was not always the same, but coincidental( one more coincidence) they want us to believe she always went on holidays with her hair at the same length.
    The stupid Antonella, again not doing a proper homework and the mccann's, again failed then details while passing these pictures to their good friend.

  24. Lawyers that defend the Mccanns so vehemontly as on the Mccann payroll.

    IMO pro posters (a very small minority) but nonetheless a distraction are also on the payroll, every now and again they pop up on sites abusing logical postings their only purpose is to derail discussions. The Mccann 'empire' has become big business for those concerned and they will protect it at all costs.

  25. After watching the video about Ricardo on Julia TV program.... The British police his offering a Ransom to who can reveal some clues to solve Ricardo case. The police trying to offer a temptation to who knows something.
    Wasn't amazing that the same police, or the Mccann's, both with millions of pounds available, didn't offered the same temptation to who could know something about Madeleine? They don't want to know where is Madeleine?
    The acts speech by themselves... They both know where she is, what happened to her and who was involved.

  26. O caso do presumível homicida Duarte Lima

    'Comparemos o extraordinário caso brasileiro da suspeita de homicídio a Duarte Lima, um antigo político do PSD, com processos anteriores que envolveram políticos, polícias, magistrados e juízes portugueses.

    Comecemos com o processo Casa Pia, há nove anos, e a acusação aos arguidos, quer aos que ainda esperam decisões do Tribunal da Relação quer aos entretanto ilibados Paulo Pedroso e Herman José. Lembra-se do clamor? Lembra-se das declarações de inocência? Lembra-se da confusão mediática e jurídica?

    Recordemos o caso "saco azul" de Fátima Felgueiras, há oito anos, e o momento da saída da acusação, a fuga para o Brasil, o regresso em triunfo e, no fim, a condenação pífia. Lembra-se?

    Processo Apito Dourado, há sete anos, e o momento em que saiu a acusação a Pinto da Costa, a Valentim e a João Loureiro, entretanto ilibados. Lembra- se da confusão mediática e jurídica?

    E o desaparecimento de Mad- die, há quatro anos? As suspeitas sobre os pais, a intervenção britânica, a internacionalização da busca e o nada em que acabou?...

    Concluo - podia continuar - com o caso Freeport, em 2004, do qual se extraiu um documento acusatório, sete anos depois, que não pôs em tribunal o suspeito das bocas do mundo, mas não da Justiça, José Sócrates... Lembra-se da polémica?

    Onde está, no caso Duarte Lima, o clamor? Onde gritam os jornais as declarações de inocência? E a confusão mediática? As esperas de jornalistas à porta das várias casas, escritórios ou outros possíveis paradeiros de Duarte Lima? A diferença é notória.

    E carnaval jurídico? Não há juízes na TV a pôr em causa cada passo da investigação. Não há advogados famosos a sacar recursos jurídicos extraordinários. Não há conspirações do Ministério Público para controlar os media. Não há poderosos a solidarizarem-se com o arguido (só vi Miguel Relvas dizer um pouco esperançoso "espero que não seja verdade"). Nada! Somos espectadores de um percurso lógico, sem tropeções, apesar de este político ser suspeito do mais hediondo dos crimes, assassinato, e apesar de, como todos os outros o eram, ser presumível inocente.

    Porquê esta serenidade, apesar da intensidade das notícias? Porque Duarte Lima já não é importante? Porque já não arregimenta forças para o apoiarem? Porque o seu caso não atrapalha poderes instalados e incompetências na justiça? Talvez, mas o que me parece é que todos, placidamente, aguardam, sob sorrisos, o desfecho previsível: o Brasil não o poderá prender... Constatamos: até assim não será feita justiça,!'

    What a Karma, the Mccann's will be always connected with the most evil crimes. Protected but not clean.

  27. A imprensa portuguesa diz que ele esta preso em casa. Deve ser para rir e gozarem ainda mais com aqueles contribuintes que vao perder o subsidio de ferias e de Natal.
    Em que casa e que ele esta preso? Numa equivalente a mansao da Quinta do Lago? A isto chama-se estar em casa a descansar numas ferias de luxo. Quem nao tem cara para enfrentar o vizinho, o merceeiro, o senhor do cafe ou o comum dos mortais, fecha-se em casa. Mas mais uma vez, a justica portuguesa fica mal, de gatas, a mostrar que so existe para o cidadao comum. O JW, procurado ha anos pelos States, foi preso no dia em que foi descoberto e teve logo um circo mediatico montado a porta. Ah, matou um Americano e e a America que o procura.
    Quantos portugueses vale um Americano? E uma vergonha, mas estas sao as contas que somos obrigados a fazer, mesmo debaixo da nossa bandeira. Sao precisos varios portugueses para perfazer os direitos de um americano, e quem nos revela isso e a propria justica portuguesa cheia de meandros e esquinas mal polidas.


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