Wednesday, 19 October 2011

The Sp(McC)an(n)ish Arrest

Two children, Jose, two, and Ruth Breton Ortiz, six, disappeared.

The British Media practically ignored the issue.

The father was arrested.

The British tabloids COMPLETELY ignored this:

Daily Star: NOTHING to say…  

Daily Mirror: NOTHING to say…  

The Sun: NOTHING to say…  

The Daily Mail: NOTHING to say…

 Daily Express: NOTHING to say…  

The Independent: NOTHING to say…  

London Evening Standard: NOTHING to say…

What English-speaking media did report this after all? These, to date, as far as we could research:

The Olive Press  
"Jose Breton Gomez, 38, was seized at his home at 3am on Tuesday morning on suspicion of murder. He was the last person to see Jose, two, and Ruth Breton Ortiz, six, alive before they disappeared and has been accused of making ‘false statements’.  
He insisted he lost sight of them for ‘a moment’ and a search has been underway ever since.

 The Latin American Herald Tribune  
“According to investigators’ remarks on Tuesday, Jose Breton was arrested because of the “numerous contradictions” that had been found in his account of what happened to his children. The two youngsters – Ruth, 6, and Jose, 2 – were last seen in a Cordoba park on the afternoon of Oct. 8 while they were in the care of their father, who then reported their disappearance.
The children live in the nearby city of Huelva with their mother but had been staying in Cordoba with their father on the weekend, since the couple are in the process of separating. Breton’s arrest came after police conducted an intensive search for the two children, both in the park as well as in a nearby river, and raided several residences of members of the father’s family.  
So far, Breton had been cooperating with police and authorities have not reported what the precise motive for his arrest was, other than to note the contradictions they had detected in his account.

Police have arrested José Bretón, the dad of the two children, aged 2 and 6, who allegedly went missing from a Córdoba park on October 8th, whilst supposedly in their father's care. Officers from the National Police are still searching the property in "Las Quemadillas" owned by the paternal grandparents of the two children.  
Sources close to the case say that many of officers with sniffer dogs are combing different parts of the farm for clues to the children's disappearance, going over the same area searched by forensic agents eight days ago when the children went missing.”
  It seems that there are British children… and then there are other children.

Children of a lesser god, it seems.

Pity that when it came to raise funds and attention, internationality was so desperately sought. Important is that the Jose and Ruth’s father’s bluff was called and he was arrested.
Maybe the Spanish Police could teach Scotland Yard on how to handle cases like this. No, NOT of missing children, but of parents lying about their child(ren)'s disappearance.


  1. And no signs of Martin Brunt or Sky news. Why bringing to Great Bretain, a case that touches in many points, the Mccann's case? Better not revive old and bad memories. Just ignore it. They have high level instructions to avoid it. Who decide what should be published to the public, was not the pace of the events around the world, but the private agenda of the media editors, who have to fight for their chair.
    And the despicable Mccann's, which "fado" follow them, could not choose a better week to go to Spain and advertise their book of lies. I see, the report in El don't allow comments from the public. Another editor framed by Carter-Ruck. When we will see somebody with balls to stop that charade? They all discovered, the girl is a source of the golden eggs. Are exploiting her tragedy until we feel sick.
    I hope the case Breton, open windows of discussion in the Spanish public opinion that could inevitable, lead to mccann's case. The similarities are so evident and so painful. Poor little child's.
    I have no doubts, after the game of the Mccann's, no any other police in the world will let the suspects play the game. Police will control the case. An Amber Alert, directly applied to who, statistically, has the best record of being the child's murders, the parents. They have free and preferential access to the children and some times use that privilege to abuse and murder the child's, instead of protecting them.

  2. Very early on, like it happened with the McCanns, this man started to make contradictions. Unlike it happene with the McCanns, very early on, the Judicial System showed no sign of wanting to "cooperate" with him and neither did the media who very early on highlighted the contradictions. The McCanns had to keep away from this, and so the British Media cooperated with them, keeping this as much quiet as they could. Due to the similarities of the cases (a parent's lie to cover-up what really happened) this could jolt the Brit public into action against the McCs, and that's the reason for such silence. Loved the pics!

  3. Anon Oct 19, 2011 11:30:00 PM, you reminded me of something: Amber Alert.

    Where was the famous Amber Alert that the McCanns were so keen to be seen in implementing under the CEOP umbrella? I didn't hear anything about it on this case, or in any other missing child case for that matter.

    In the US, when an Amber Alert is issued, the picture of the kid appears on all news network, mainly the regional ones. Have we ever seen any of our media, big or small, ask for any help for a missing child?

    No. It was just another exploitation by this vile couple of a human tragedy.

  4. The circus must go on:

    "Nunca dejaremos de sentir culpa por lo que pasó" - el, helping the mccann's advertise their business based on a child, the official investigation has evidences, she died 4 years ago.

    "Kate McCann ya no se aferra rabiosamente a Cuddle cat. El peluche favorito de su hija Madeleine sigue acompañándola a todos los sitios, pero escondido en su bolso. "Está bastante raído. Ha viajado mucho", admite esbozando una sonrisa.".... The cuddle cat, no. Longer is a market plot on their business and the despicable lady admitted it with a smile. I see, the cuddle cat carried on her pocket..... The Euro currency, has many names.

    ..."Su caso, lleno de sombras, se ha convertido en uno de los más mediáticos de la historia. También en uno de los más polémicos.".... Good try, from the journalist, to highlight what the case was/is. The problem is the end of the article, no comments allowed, contrasting with the previous article about Jose Breton and his missing child's, where the public is free to write comments. That is one more prove against the mccann's. The way they manipulate the press and avoid the criticism is speaking volumes.

    ..." "No nos cansaremos de buscarla. Es intolerable, inaceptable, que ninguna policía del mundo la esté buscando activamente", dice muy serio Gerry. Está de pie. Se ha levantado a por una coca-cola light para su esposa y un poco de aderezo para la ensalada con anchoas que se han servido...." really? Is SY and mr. Cameron aware of that message? A pair who got millions of pounds from the British government( better saying, from the British taxes) few months ago, to review the case, has no problems to say in Spain " no any police in the world is searching their daughter". They are calling the people in charged of the Home office, liars, because few months ago the home office answered a request saying the Portuguese police is officially in charged of the investigation but the British are assisting them with everything they need. The Portuguese said they investigated and still investigating every sight, no matter if most of the times they know, the sight is not genuine and will not lead to any new information.
    Any other pair will be forced to shut up and do the reconstruction they refused at the beginning. This two, are allowed to debit all nonsense stories that feed their business. Incompetence from the British government or a strategy to give them enough rope to dig their own grave?
    I found also amazing the journalist describing a coca cola light and anchovies salad," from Gerry to Kate, with love". What is the importance of that description? For the girl case, nothing.... For the parents, yes! So fake.... I' m not surprised if such descriptions come as part of the pre-agreement signed to allow the article to be published: journalists have a mission- helping them sell the book while passing a message of a strong marriage with pair very close to each other. Another contra sense. Normally, couples split after a major tragedy. Those, stay together.... What the miserable money and a haunting secret made to some humans.

  5. Wasn't very interesting? The Mccann's who are in Spain didn't jump on Breton's case. No matter the father insisting his child's disappeared from the park. What a perfect case for the Mccann's to jump on it and bring again the paedo ring to the spots light. What retry them? The similarities already exposed by the police, I believe.
    On their press conferences, not a single word endorsed to the mother of the two brothers. What an absence of heart, showing how cold and predicable, this couple is.

  6. Anon 7:28

    Wasn't it supposed to be an EUROPEAN alert system?!?

    Another "goog marketing ploy" by the McCanns...

  7. ha hecho estas declaraciones durante una rueda de prensa ofrecida en Madrid en la que han presentado un libro que lleva por nombre 'M.....

    Pois..... ou então em Espanha pregaram-lhes uma enorme rasteira!

    Gosto de pensar que foi isto mesmo: uma rasteira!

  8. Bravo Tex,

    Exactly, what is the point in our media not reporting on this case they certainly do not do the job they are paid to do...or maybe they do the 'job' they are paid to do, our corrupt British media.

  9. Everytime I see a photograph of the Mccanns I feel like screaming, they are soooo guilty and smug.

  10. Muitos da nossa PJ sabem e souberam fazer muito bem as investigações. Principalmente neste caso.

    A questão que coloco:

    se o caso M. tivesse ocorrido em Espanha , os de Uk e amigos fariam de tudo para desacreditar os Espanhóis.

    Seria a mesma coisa. Lá fariam mais vítimas e destruiriam a vida a muitos Coordenadores das Equipas de Investigação.

  11. Ja tardava... Finalmente, os McCann colaram-se ao Caso de Cordoba. Nao deu para vender a banha da cobra e ignorar o que vem chocando a opiniao publica espanhola. Estao de coracao com os pais de Ruth e Jose. Com qual deles? Com a mae ou com o pai, que e ate ao momento o unico suspeito, embora se alvitre que tem de ter tido cumplices? Como sempre, a moda Mccaniana, estao com os dois. Que oportunistas. A policia espanhola diz que nao ha provas de qualquer rapto, nem sequer da presenca das criancas no parque de onde o pai alega terem desaparecido, mas os McCann, iluminados por um Deus Maior, na mesma conferencia de Imprensa onde assumem nao estar ao corrente do Caso de cordoba, insinuam que foi um rapto. O unico cenario que lhes serve e lhes convem. Exactamente, Como ha 4 anos na PDL. Espero que o juiz ou os juizes, que vao intervir no julgamento a envolver GA em Fevereiro de 2012, tenha a coragem de olhar para o comportamento dos McCann ao longo destes 4 anos, dentro e fora de Portugal. A viagem que estao a fazer a Espanha, esta a ser vergonhosa e revela bem a personalidade dos dois. Nao admira, que ha 4 anos os dois medicos ten ham andado pelos hoteis algarvios a espalhar caixas de colecta de esmolas, em vez de ajudaram a policia a localizar a filha ou de tomarem conta dos gemeos numa area que dizem eles, estava minada de pedofilos. Nenhum portugues, nas mesmas circunstancias, desceria tao baixo, ao ponto de ludibriar turistas e pedir esmolas Como um vagabundo. Diferencas culturais, alegarao eles. Bem sabiam o que o destino lhes reservava- terem de pagar altos salarios a Quem os defende da ausencia de provas de qualquer rapto. Para arranjarem dinheiro, vale tudo.
    So Tenho Pena que em Espanha tambem nao haja um jornalista com coragem para os entalar.
    Interessante, na mesma Espanha, um Caso de rapto bem chocante, preenche tambem as paginas dos jornais- o julgamento do(s) assassino(s) de Marta del Castillo. Impossivel que o Caso nao tenha ja ofuscado os olhos dos McCann. Esta em tudo o que e TV e jornal. Nao lhes mereceu nem uma palavra. Nao estao de coracao com os pais de Marta, que terao sofrido e sofrerao cada dia que passa, sabendo que a filha esta morta e o assassino ate o corpo lhes roubou, nao Podem vela-la. Nao e dificil adivinhar porque nao lhes interessa este Caso, apesar de ter Sido um rapto- os raptores eram conhecidos da vitima.

  12. Eu penso Anon 3:30 que colarem-se não se colaram. Foram entalados e bem.

    "Safaram-se " com a " solidariedade para com os raptados"!!!! Nunca saiem desta.....

    Outra bela questão que colocou foi a de estraem solidários com a Mãe...

    ou com o progenitor......

    Há justiça cega; surda e muda.

    E há Justiça !

    Não acredito que andem a olhar para o mau comportamento deles.

    Tenhamos ESPERANÇA na Justiça!

  13. A child is a child. Regardless of location or nationality, race, religion or social status. A child is promise of a life to be. It may not amount to much, but, it may make a real difference. No child deserves cruelty, and the biggest it can suffer is to have no possibility to live, its life taken by those that are supposed to guarantee its existence.

    Surely, we cannot save every child that dies, or is in risk of dying. That would be utopic. But we should thrive to defend those cases which we're made aware of. A child is just a a child.

    This to say that it's of the utmost hypocrisy to even think that the British Media silence could be justified because it happened Spain, outside the UK, or with a non-British citizen.

    The silence being because outside the UK, then Maddie shouldn't ever have been reported.

    The silence being because it wasn't a British citizen, how many British citizens have not had the luck of being called to the public's attention of their misfortune?

    It happened in Spain, it could have been in Portugal, UK, Morocco, Netherlands, etc. It was a case of a missing child, it should have had the same attention as Maddie. That if those who ask us to continue to search for Maddie were serious about their request. We know they're not. They're as hypocritical as anyone who says that the Brit papers shouldn't have reported it because it happened in Spain.

    The silence, from the Brits, about this case, it's just because it's too similar to Maddie and her lying parents.

    What this silence proves is that all those involved in the Maddie cover-up are very uncomfortable. As expected, whenever a child goes missing, or the death of a child is covered up by one or both parents, this will come back to the McCanns. What a nightmare to live a life by. I'd prefer a prison sentence any day.

  14. The caution on both Kate and Gerry fits the role perfectly. This McCann plot is a well prepaired, rehearsed and properly organised event. We all know Maddie is dead, and her body well taken care of. Many influencial individuals were and still are involved in the cover-up either in fear of exposure that may jeopardize their social standing or uncover other personal interests, better kept hidden. The extent and depth of this scam is so, that it involved a highly reputed litigation firm CARTER RUCK to legally threaten anyone who disagrees with the McCanns. This may work for individuals in the U.K. but is useless elsewhere.
    Finally, just to clear a point mentioned in this topic, children's misfortunes are considered an A1 priority worldwide. Help and attention is extended no matter what nationality. When an issue such as the McCanns comes to light, the extent of media coverage shown whithin 24 hours sounds very fishy! Here I can insert my opinion that it has to do with Rupert Murdoch and his influence.

    I believe that sooner or later a time will come the truth will be known to all.

  15. From what I've read, I've since abandoned the question "who's afraid of the McCanns?" to just ask the fundamental question "why are they afraid of the McCanns?". The answer to that is the key to all of this.

  16. La Audiencia de Sevilla ha confirmado la sentencia del Juzgado de Menores que absolvió al joven apodado "el Cuco" de la violación y asesinato de la joven Marta del Castillo y lo condenó sólo por encubrir a su amigo Miguel Carcaño del delito de homicidio. Le impone el pago de una indemnización de cerca de 400.000 euros a las administraciones que participaron en las tareas de búsqueda de la cuerpo de la joven sevillana.

    En una sentencia notificada hoy al abogado de Javier G., "el Cuco", la Sección Tercera de la Audiencia ha confirmado la condena del menor a dos años y once meses de internamiento por encubrimiento."

    The Tapas 7 and all who helped the McCann's can't rest and sleep in peace. No wonder why they don't reopen the case. Imagine if they have to pay all the money wasted in fake sights across thr world

  17. Most crimes are basically very simple, but what has happened here is individuals have 'cluttered ' up this case with 'rubbish eg red herrings' etc, there are so many false leads, misinterpretations, deceptions the list is endless, some people even question if madeleine was ever on that holiday, this is the extent of the mccanns media spin causing confusion and doubt and never correcting misinformation for example her eye defect.

    So put aside the rubbish, and what is left are 3 suspects Mc's and Murat and a missing child presumed dead.

    After 4 years there is zero chance of madeleine turing up alive anywhere on this planet, the Mc's have managed a global campaign, if she was anywhere she would have been found by now.

    Through their greed and manipulation they have written a book, opened an on-line store, hijacked reputable charities, squandered thousands of pounds given in good faith by the public, and if they were given the opportunity they would make a film, but how would it end with so many suspictions surrounding the parents?

    Before the slick PR team of Clarence and Co became involved many mistakes would have been made by an amaturish couple attempting to clear themselves of any wrong doing, this is where, through records, etc SY will find answers. Dogs do not lie somebody died in that apartment and that is a fact, the parents are as guilty as sin.

  18. ..."Entonces llamó a la hermana para ir juntos al parque Cruz Conde, con los hijos de ambos. Su hermana corrobora este hecho". Según el defensor, Bretón mantiene que se sentó en un banco a esperar a su hermana y su cuñado mientras sus hijos jugaban esperando a sus primos. Y, entonces, los perdió."...

    Wasn't when he went to his car that he miss the children? The all case reminds me the Mccann's playing a dirty game with police, the media and the public. Shutters damaged, door closed. Shutters ok, door open, etc, etc. And again the old formula: a relative or a friend entering the game to give an alibi.

  19. ...." El juez no se ha creído el testimonio de Bretón, padre de Ruth y José, de seis y dos años. El magistrado entiende inverosímil y lleno de contradicciones el testimonio del padre después de haberle escuchado sobre el terreno y en el lugar en el que Bretón dijo que perdió a los niños. Durante más de 45 minutos, el juez, asistido por su secretaria, y en presencia de la fiscal, el abogado defensor y el propio detenido, ha presenciado visualmente cómo Bretón argumentaba en el parque Cruz Conde de Córdoba cómo perdió a sus hijos. Rodeado por un cordón policial, y en presencia de medio centenar de periodistas y docenas de vecinos curiosos que no paraban de gritar, el juez ha recorrido con Bretón los lugares donde ha afirmado que aparcó su coche, donde ha dicho que jugó con sus hijos y donde ha asegurado que los " el

    Tal Como no Caso maddie, a historia de rapto contada pelos McCann e amigos e inverosimel, no entranto continuam livers, a insultar portugal, a explorarem a filha e a enganarem o publico do mundo inteiro com um livro que mais parece uma versao pauperrima da revista Maria ou da velha Cronica Feminina. Uma vergonha.
    Portugal devia obriga-Los a fazer a reconstrucao do dia 3 de Maio, ja que ate os registos da creche parecem estar adulterados.


    It's well worth the read. Prison without bail, because of "simulation of a crime"...

  21. We all have the ability to spot a liar and so it is with the Mccann case, otherwise none of us would be here questioning the Mccanns version of events.

    Since the beginning I have followed this marvellous blog and the thorough work of Texusa and Ironside who have paid attention to detail and spotted the inaccuracies that so many others appear to have overlooked.

    There is so much wrong with the Mccanns, least of all their lack of emotion they are cold hearted players in their own saga and it cannot be much longer before the truth comes out.

    Great work Textusa and team.

  22. I have been following this case and from the beginning there was something strange about it. At least the Spanish police do not allow the suspects to control the investigation. The Mcs have a lot to answer for, many recent crimes seem to be be tinged with the McCann touch/influence. Biggest mistake was to allow these two to leave Portugal so easily, but then we must thank Brown for that. If they had nothing to hide they would be knocking on the PJs door to reopen the case. E Duarte said the case should be reopened, and she represents them....well done Tex for keeping all informed, I really don´t know what is at the bottom of all this, but for sure it´s a vipers nest.

  23. I've also followed Textusa from the very beginning. I was pleased when she started her own blog, after being a brilliant commentator at Joana's. Then came Ironside and now the Sisters.

    It's a seriously written blog, well thought out, that would deserve a better response from the general public. Please don't take this the wrong way readers, because I think that you that, like me, have found this precious gem in the internet and keep following it faithfully, are only to be complimented. The ratio between what feedjit shows as readership and the amount of regular comments is abnormally high. Maybe the counter doesn't tell us all the people that do come here...

    What I want to say is that Textusa is facing the same machine that helped the McCanns in the cover-up. They're experts in pushing a message, but are also in blocking one. No surprise to me that so little of Textusa is mentioned on all other sites. Most are controlled by BHs pretending to be WH (otherwise they would embrace Textusa's RATIONAL thought process instead of dismissing with the hypocritical "I don't see any reason for...")

    I read their silence this way: the more silent they are, the more afraid they are.

  24. Im amazed that the Mccanns have managed to keep this saga going for as long as they have, but it just goes to prove they get a help from people in positions of authority.

    For example the Tapas meal are we expected to really believe all these comings and goings people getting up from the table walking back to apartments, sitting back down and then off again. It would have been getting dark why would Jane and Kate be wandering around on their own, if Gerry had a meal to eat what was he doing chatting to Jez, its all a load of lies, but allowed them to introduce the fictious abductor.
    Why did they need to write out a time line, if a child had been abducted parents would be besides themselves not able to think straight, panicing, who in their right mind could write out a timeline, same as Gerry blogging each day, he should have been out searching, tearing the country apart, what liars they all are.

    The Mccanns through their actions are guilty, in interviews their body language always gives them away, Gerry scratching his ear, touching his mouth, rapid blinking and the insincere voice, the pair show no emotion towards Madeleine, each speaks with empty voices.

    The Mccanns desperately want to know what else pj has on them so they can prepare their defence with another bunch of lies.

    If nothing else this case has proven that money can pervert the course of justice, with so many corrupt individuals jumping on the gravy train they are all despicable people that should know better but instead they have the morals of sewer rats.

  25. unfortunatly looks like the mccann's managed to become millionaires and get away with their crime, no matter if all the evidences and suspiction falls on top of them. The portuguese justice resigns from her responsability and don't want to get bothered by that case anymore. The public, slowly, is also locking that case inside their must bad memories, since most of the blogs are abandoning the case or posting with a strong intermitence.
    The Mccann's are lucky and their strategy works. A shame to all the children that have their lifes at risk and to all parents who really care and put the life of their children on the first plan.
    The world and Portugal, deserves better people ruling his destiny. As a portuguese, I don't believe anymore on the values of who we elect. They are all the same. All like the Mccann's, who invented a new job, a new way to live.


    Interesting and very interesting the comments of Spanish readers.

  27. Desculpem, mas nao conseguiu deixar passar. Vi isto no Forum de Jill Havern:

    Sera possivel que o fantoche da Madeira continue a usar esta mentecapta para insultar Portugal e viver a custa dos que exploram o drama de Madeleine? Alguem lhe anda a pagar estes servicos porque a dita nao deve ter um centimo, muito menos o suficiente para encher os bolsos a um advogado vidente.
    Se a carta que ela escreveu ao PM tiver a mesma origem que a confissao escrita pelo irmao com um erro ortografico na unica palavra onde o erro e indisculpavel, Sipriano, esta tudo entendido. Bruxo, bruxo, mas sem queda para os "spellings".
    Embora seja um direito constitutional, os mais escabrosos criminosos terem direito a ser legalmente defendidos, nao deixo de amargurar a minha parte nos impostos que serviu para pagar a defesa desta impostora. Foram os portugueses como eu, que pagaram a defesa desta criminosa e agora ela ou quem escreve em nome dela, nao se coibe de criticar e acusar o advogado Joao Grade, so porque Goncalo Amaral estara ou esteve a estagiar no seu escritorio.
    Ate onde vai a indecencia dos McCann, ou sera que alguem acredita que o Bruxo e a criminosa se movem debaixo da umbrela de um "Bom samaritanismo?" E assim que deve andar a ser gasto o dinheiro do Fundo. Realmente serve para procurar, nao a filha, mas bode-expiatorios. Sao os bode- expiatorios, os culpados de tudo, na perspectiva narcizo-mccanniana. Todos sao culpados, menos eles. Ate nos, os portugueses, por nao acreditarmos neles e por termos deixado de contribuir para o Fundo que fara parelha um dia, com Alves dos Reis, na estante das maiores fraudes do sec. XX e XI, em Portugal.

  28. ...."Suspicion almost always falls heavily on the parents, especially when it's young kids," Finkelhor said. "Fifteen hundred parents kill their kids every year, and that's heavily focused on the under 1 year of age category."

    Allen said his organization has handled 278 infant abduction cases during his nearly three decades with the group. Only 13 cases involved a stranger coming into a home and taking a baby, and all but one of those children were recovered unharmed.

    Lisa's parents, Jeremy Irwin and Deborah Bradley, reported their daughter missing early Tuesday. Their relationship with investigators chilled late Thursday, when police said the parents had stopped cooperating. The couple quickly insisted they only needed a break from incessant police questioning.

    On Saturday, the parents were meeting again with detectives, Kansas City police spokesman Capt. Steve Young said. He declined to say what was discussed.

    A day earlier, Bradley told The Associated Press that police had accused her of being involved in her daughter's disappearance, which she vehemently denies, and told her she failed a lie detector test. The couple told the AP police have treated them like suspects, and Bradley said detectives told her: "`You did it. You did it. And we have nothing."'

    Investigators said they have no solid leads or suspects despite an extensive search that has included hundreds of officers scouring the family's quiet Kansas City neighborhood, nearby woods and a landfill. Young said investigators with metal detectors were back at the family's home Saturday, but no new substantial leads have come in.

    The baby's parents announced Saturday they were organizing a reward, hoping it would lead to new information, and that they'd be doing less media interviews.

    Bradley has said she checked on her daughter around 10:30 p.m. Monday. Irwin, an electrician, said he discovered the child missing around 4 a.m. Tuesday when he got home from working a late-night shift, prompting a frantic search of their home.

    But all they discovered was that many of the home's lights were on, a window was open and the front door was unlocked. The couple later said three cellphones also were missing, which police said produced no solid leads.

    Allen and Finkelhor said that with little to go on, it's natural for investigators to turn their focus to Bradley, who was the last person to see her little girl before she went missing.

    Finkelhor noted that in some cases, parents have concocted stories about a kidnapping after accidentally killing their child instead of facing the tragedy.

    "Sometimes what happens when the parent was involved, the death wasn't intentional but involved a kind of serious negligence," he said. "The responsible parent is so ashamed and maybe ashamed toward the spouse that they decide to dispose of the body and then report it as a missing child."

    But Allen cautioned against jumping to conclusions, despite the long odds against a stranger abduction.

    "Once the spotlight focuses on parental wrongdoing, the public perception is this is a murder. The focus goes away from the little girl and goes to the parent," he said. "That's why in these situations, police are doing exactly what they should do, pursuing every lead ... If Lisa is out there, we need to do whatever we can to find her."- "Statistics: Mo. baby unlikely taken by stranger", CBS News, about Lisa Irwin.

  29. "PAUL GROVER - PHOTOGRAPHER TO THE STARS"- jillhavernforum

    If what is reported on the comment is true, what a weird story. The photograph is the Maddie lollita, with a very bad taste. Why the McCann's made that photograph sessions in early 2007 and use the pictures, at least one year after she went missing? Strategy?
    That kind of pictures made by a so expensive professional could not be just to decorate the little girl "album". They have a so bad taste that we can't consider them under special events, like the girls Birthday( which was in the middle of the year, not at the beginning) or the Christmas or Halloween. Then, what could be the use of that? Private group consumption? Beauty Queen context?
    The short life of that girl was involved in many mysterious and weird stories that start far from the day she went missing. The governments, who are supporting that charade and the main characters, show a lot about their personalities, as mans and woman's with high responsibilities on the education of the society.
    My daughter use to be a model for clothes catalogues, since she was 6 years old. We never meet or cross our lives with a professional that propose us inappropriate photographs. Per contrary, they always advise the parents to not allow their kids to do pictures where the image of the kid becomes a focus. The business are the clothes, not the kids. Madeleine pictures show exactly what professionals involved with fashion world, advise the parents to never do- use the clothes to market the child. What a miserable choice, coming from two parents who have a university degree and claim to have friends in high positions. And they payed that photographs and invited the photograph to their home.
    what 4 years show about the McCann's relationship with
    money, make the public believe that pictures had a main reason to happen - a good market plot or a plan for a girl that should be missing, few months after? Just wonder...

  30. People protest too much that the McCanns use the Fund for everything but looking for Maddie, namely in legal expenses. But why should they? Isn't Government using taxpayers money for the review? Wasn't that the same source of money that paid CEOP and Leicester Police for all the circus they put up? And who do you think paid for the extensive searches in Portugal? You, taxpayer, even if you didn't give a cent to the Fund, have been cooperating with this farce, thanks to the sponsorship of your respective government.

  31. The money from the Fund was all used, up to now, to persecute Goncalo Amaral and anybody who, publicly and strongly, question their abduction version. A shame and an irony, because the money raised under the girls name and hypothetical to look for her, is being used to hunt the persons who really care about the child and put her at the first plan. Mr. Passos Coelho and Mr. Cavaco Silva, you have strong responsibilities in your country and the tools to change that and make justice to work. Don't excuse yourselves with ' NO POLITICAL INGERENCIES IN THE JUSTICE WORLD'. That case become so ashameful political that politics could no more trow sands to our eyes. Feb. 2012 is coming.... is the right time to start trowing the dices and setting up the puzzle with pieces in the right position. 4 years of a top investigation produced leads that conduct only to the same suspects. Then, it is time to reopen the case and force the people involved on the last hours of that girl to reconstruct these hours.
    The last government damaged the credibility of PJ and the credibility of the portuguese justice. Corruption and manipulation was what resumes the shelving of that case. Nobody will make me believing that the portuguese Mccann lawyers were choose by the couple in a lucky moment looking at the curriculum of that lawyers. Somebody delivered to them this group of lawyers, based on the connections they have with politics from across the two major partys ( PS and PSD).
    After 30 years of democracy, is really sad to see how corruption become one of the most important vallues in who rul the country.
    Innocent parents, don't need the interference of lawyers connected with political world, to defend them. They accelerate the investigation process, because what is important is the safety of the child and not their image or their defense. Innocent parents do the opposite the Mccann's have done until now.
    fter millions in the Fund, where is the ramson offered by them to who can produce a evidence to locate their child? After 4 yers, after a top team of all kind of professional advisers and the support of 3 PMs, where is the press conference announcing the offer of an 'ABSOLUTE RANSOM TEMPTATION'? None, nothing....
    Stop considering us, the public, like stupid taxpayers who you can call to strugle with excuse of paying the crisis. We payed the most expensive investigation in UK and Portugal. Too much, to end up with the suspects living like celebrities and the image of the little girl completely abused. Without any evidence and while refusing the reconstruction, the suspects want the world to believe on their story. Not even God asked that to who believe on Him.

  32. "INNOCENT parents don,t need lawyers connected with the political world to defend them",so here we are back to square one again ,what do the parents of Madeleine know that is allowing this ? Could it really be Gerry,s "medical advice" years ago ,regarding "Comare",of which Gordon Browns brother Andrew is a director?"Comare"(Commitee on Medical Aspect of Radiation) a British Quango set up to debate claims by campaigners that certain areas around Power Stations can induce childhood cancers!GB is , was, a huge supporter of further power station development in the UK ,and as it was GB,s job to allay any "nuclear fear" amongst the public,did Gerry become privy to "a can of worms" that now puts him in such a unique position? I "helped"you,so now you can "help"me?

  33. 'Prisão do pai “justificada”'
    'José Bretón, o pai dos irmãos de 2 e 6 anos desaparecidos no passado dia 8 em Córdoba, Espanha, foi detido "porque existem indícios mais do que razoáveis" para isso. A garantia foi dada pelo chefe do Ministério Público local, embora sem especificar quais são essas razões.

    Martín Caro reagia, assim, às afirmações do advogado de Bretón, José María de Puerta, que afirmara que o seu cliente tinha sido "detido sem razão", apenas devido à "pressão mediática" em torno do caso. Bretón, recorde--se, é acusado de detenção ilegal qualificada.' in Correio da Manha, 27/10/11

    Se Maddie tivesse tido um Ministerio Publico assim, ha anos que se sabia do seu paradeiro. Mais uma licao que os espanhois dao aos portugueses. Nem sempre a presuncao de inocencia pode estar acima dos direitos das criancas. Aposto que a policia espanhola nao precisou de encontrar na bagageira do carro do pai uma amostra de ADN a coincidir em 100% com a das criancas, nem precisou dos corpos para prender o suspeito. Vai ser considerada uma policia do terceiro mundo pelos tabloides ingleses? Bem se ve ate onde vai a hipocrisia... os UK para nao terem que tropecar nas semelhancas com o caso Maddie, ignoram este. Bela democracia. E como e fiavel a informacao que vendem diariamente.

  34. '30 anos após morte da filha, pai rapta assassino, leva-o para França e fá-lo condenar'

    Uma historia fascinante a mostrar o que e o verdadeiro amor de um pai. Nao precisou de Fundos milionarios nem de campanhas mediaticas ou advogados de topo e zeladores de imagem para provar que um criminoso quando e real jamais pode ter paz. Isto e que e 'nao deixar pedra sobre pedra', nao aquela fantochada a que uns pais 'special' resolveram chamar 'no stone unturned'. Por maiores que sejam as manipulacoes, um dia a justica dos homens tambem se faz.


  36. "Vidas sem Defesa" aborda a problemática do desaparecimento de crianças em Portugal e noutros países.




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