Sunday, 9 October 2011

The Eye of the Storm

by May I

On June 9th 2008, Trevor Francis from Worthing, Sussex made a witness statement concerning a sighting of a child he believed to be Madeleine. He saw the girl on the island of Margharita in the Caribbean on May 16th 2007.
The report was made to Sussex Police and sent to Leicester Police.

The Portuguese police files, best known as PJ Files, were released publicly on August 4th 2008 and press reports describing reported sightings began to appear. On the 10th of August, this story appears in an article written by Ross Hall in the News of the World, practically quoting the statement made to the police.
The same story about this sighting appears on the same day in the Sunday Mirror, written by Lori Campbell. (*)

Other newspapers also covered the story, but I mention these two stories in particular, as Lori Campbell was the person who first ran the story on Robert Murat, claiming that his behaviour was reminiscent of Ian Huntley in the Soham murders. Like Martin Brunt from Sky News, Lori Campbell had also been a reporter at Soham.

I saw Madeleine, I know it was herFrancis is quoted as saying, adding he was too afraid to grab her as he was afraid to cause a scene. He noted that the girl had a blemish in her right eye - a little FLECK, as he described it. According to Hall, “Fresh witness Trevor is the first to get a clear view of the unique blemish in Madeleine’s eye. 
Clarence Mitchell is quoted as saying: “The eye makes it potentially more serious than other sightings. 

Hall then elaborates about “The Mark of Madeleine.”, which is a key part of the campaign, writing that it is “actually what doctors call a coloboma.” One person who appears to have noticed an eye defect predates Trevor Francis’ sighting by almost 4 months. Student Melissa Fiering describes seeing a girl in France with “a dark smudge in her right iris" in February 2008.
On this previous occasion, Clarence Mitchell had declared this “more worthy than most (sightings) because of the eye defect.” No mention of a coloboma here either.

What about sightings in 2007? Before the coloboma story grew legs. There is another sighting where the eye defect is mentioned on June 10th which must have been significant because Gerry McCann is keen for it to be reported to Karen Eaton and Bob Small at Leicester police.
The memo concerning a sighting by a pensioner by the name of Antonio Sousa is signed “Talk soon, Clarence
On this occasion, a person of Muslim appearance was seen with a child in Porto, Portugal and the eyes of the child were mentioned. Again, no mention of coloboma.

Another traumatic sighting at close quarters is by Janet Anderson of Wilmington, Kent, who saw a girl she thought was Madeleine in Dubrovnik on June 18th 2007. The girl was screaming as she was hustled into a taxi.
Janet Anderson even put her head into the cab and asked what was wrong with the girl. Unfortunately, the report ends abruptly.
There is no mention of an eye defect in her report to Maidstone Police, made on her return to England on June 23rd. As the report is incomplete, we don’t know whether she reported this to the local police at the time, but in the same situation, I know what I would have done.

 As we have already pointed out, there is no mention of a coloboma in Kate’s book, which seems to have come as a surprise to many readers. There is no photograph of her on holiday wearing sunglasses, which would have been needed to protect her eye if she had such a condition and the PJ files do not mention such a defect.

What Goncalo Amaral has to say in his book is particularly relevant. “The parents have always insisted that Madeleine was in good health. The medical files, requested several times from Great Britain were never sent to us. These could have been the deciding factors. Why didn’t we have access to them? We never knew the truth of the matter. It’s deplorable that the British legal system could be quite so uncooperative. In the course of this investigation, a doctor pointed out to us that Madeleine had a mark in her eye, described by some as a coloboma of the iris, which can be associated with cardiac insufficiency. In spite of repeated requests to the British Medical Association, we were never able to confirm that hypothesis, a simple photo not being sufficient to establish a medical diagnosis.“
Quite! So why were posters produced showing a coloboma if Madeleine did not have this condition?

Any sighting of a child without such an eye defect could have resulted in the sighting being ignored. The McCann’s could have corrected any inaccurate reporting of Madeleine’s supposed eye defect, but instead, they seem to have been happy to use it as a “marketing opportunity.”
Why not say Madeleine has different coloured eyes, which is the information given to the PJ - Blue left eye, greenish right eye with a brown fleck - No mention of a coloboma here. Francis saw her 4-5 feet away and his description of a fleck in her right eye is consistent with the PJ file, as is Melissa Fiering’s

In subsequent TV appearances - Oprah Winfrey and Piers Morgan- the eye defect has been played down. The information to the press about a coloboma seems to have been given by proxies, never directly from the McCanns themselves?
Or did Gerry once make an error when he described the marketing opportunity offered?  

(*) Ross Hall has been arrested in connection with the News International phone hacking scandal. It is alleged that he transcribed hacked voice mails for other journalists. He is married to Lori Campbell. For the record, Kate in front of a "colobomaless" Maddie:


  1. As I mention in a previous post, I don't believe Lori Campbell was not aware about what really happened to Madeleine. Her husband was involved in the phone hackings when the Maddie story was the most wanted story and when he had all the ways open to do whatever he wanted without any suspicion. When Lori came to PDL the mccann's had already a spoke person with good connections with paper editors and we should not forget what the Portuguese journalists said about their colleagues from Uk, at the time- they were freelancers or journalists coming with a "ready made agenda". Those journalists did not made a single effort to understand the way the Portuguese justice works or to understand and clarify the work of PJ. They resumed their work on copying what the Portuguese papers were reporting and most of the time without checking this work and speculating on what could be the best front page to sell and save the day.
    Was Lori Campbell a freelancer? No! If no, in my opinion she was one of those journalists who came to PDL with an agenda. The effort that lady keep on announcing to the world what she should report in a private and quite way to the police, always astonnish me and raise many suspicions. She knows very well what she was doing when she bring Murat to the saga. The absence of any libel case against her, by Murat, after having his arguido status lifted, speak volumes.
    I really believe, the police was on the right track when they made the Mccann's and Murat arguidos. The police was not stupid and will not take the risk of making this 3 people arguidos without having evidences against them. They remained suspects for almost one year and the case was shelved without anyone of them being declared innocent. Having the arguido status lifted doesn't equals been declared innocent and cleared from the suspicions. Means a "stand by".
    The sights, for me, are all fabricated exactly because of the " stand by " nature of the arguido status. As long as there is somebody reporting the girl somewhere, they can spread the idea of an alive Madeleine that needs to be searched. And off- course, for the search they need money and need to ask it. Their perspective, to survive.
    I' m not naif enough to believe that all sights were fabricated by team McCann. Some were the result of people who saw on it an opportunity to sell mini-interviews and have their 5 minutes of glory. I tend to pile on that group the first sights. Then, i'm not surprised those sights didn't called the attention of the Mccann's and were not mediatic explored by them. They cannot control them and if you can't control something so serious, better ignore it and let the wind flew quickly. contrary to this first sights, the ones which came after, called an intensive attention from the mccann's. I just can assume, those sights were controlled, but like always, nothing can be perfectly controlled and the sight in India, was the stone on Mccann's " shoes sights". A proof that they are involved on some sights and this sights are not genuine. Over the time we saw the sights ignoring the eye deffect. Since some blogs and the anonymous people start questioning the eye defect and the coloboma with his parallel health associations, the eye defect stops to be a good market plot. Was good at the beginning, because helped the parents to touch our hearts and distract the public who was searching/ looking for a girl that doesn't exist.
    Just my feeling.
    I put Lori Campbell on the same bag as Jane Tanner.
    When I saw Lori Campbell

  2. A proposito de fotografias, o Bruxo da Madeira tambem escreveu um livro. Para arranjar enredo acrescentou uma terceira menina, Italiana, que tera falecido de causas naturais e por isso nao se percebe o paralelismo com as outras duas. Pobre Maddie, e objecto de exploracao por todo o lado.
    O negocio do mergulho no Arade e do ataque a prisao de Odemira para atingir Amaral com o pretexto de defender a Cipriano nao correu como desejado. Esgotou-se a fonte dos Euros. Quando esta fonte se esgota, tenta-se a outra, a dos livros. Nao pretendo ler o livro e espero que ninguem o compre, mas e curioso, que tera o Bruxo para contar sobre 3 meninas que ele nao conheceu ( ou sera que conheceu uma) e que viveram realidades tao diferentes em 3 paises? Ja sei, o que os espiritos lhe contaram e que ele pretende transformar em factos, contrariamente as provas recolhidas pela policia, apelidadas pelos seus patroes de " planted evidences" ou " fabricated assumptions by Amaral".
    Interessante e ver o Bruxo la no sitio dele, a dizer que as fotos que usa no livro Sao autenticas e nao foram objecto de nenhuma transformacao ou fotoshot. Estranha observacao. Quer dizer que ha outras que tiveram alteracoes e um tratamento grafico especial... As de Leonor Cipriano, mais ou menos, o tribunal provou nao serem genuinas. E as de Maddie? Tambem sabemos que sobre algumas delas se lancaram fortes e fundamentadas suspeitas. Sao precisamente essas, as usadas pelo Bruxo para enfeitar o seu sitio- a de Madeleine com o coloboma e a " ultima foto, na piscina".
    Nao te esquecas SY, agora que estas a rever o Caso maddie, de rever o capitulo relativo ao aparecimento do Bruxo. A crianca desapareceu tao misteriosamente quanto apareceram alguns personagens bastante Singulares. Nao e so o que desapareceu, que merece um olhar atento. E tambem quem apareceu e viveu faustoso durante um longo periodo de tempo. Como dizia o outro " nao acredito em Bruxas, mas que as ha, ha"...

  3. Ross Hall and Lori Campbell connected - both heavily involved with Murdochs empire for their livlihoods of selling papers.

    Lori Points the finger at Murat, he gets made a suspect, she gets front page headlines for her 'intuition' Murdoch sells more papers.

    Murat (as a previous poster mentions ) does not sue Lori !! but makes a huge fuss over Jane Tanner identifying him (talk of a court case Murat v Tanner, is this just speculation !!). Murat said 'he was part of the biggest f... up etc' but still accepted his £600,000.00 libel money from Express papers, was Murat 'set up' and then paid off, and it was all part of a deal to make him money.

    He had access to properties around pdl, Amaral suspected Maddie had been kept in a fridge, the Mccanns could not do all that they did on their own, they had other help.

    These 'sightings' help mccanns cause, they are reported in the media and some people actually believe them, but due to the connection between Ross and Campbell this sighting is highly unlikely.

  4. The mccanns or media have exagerated the eye defect, it gave them more publicity, they wanted to use it on Google the two 'o' s showing the eye defect, this is all about publicity and making money by marketing Madeleine in anyway.

    Something else rather odd is why Kate mentions a stain on maddies top in her book, this is something significant because she knows pj have additional information on her and gerry and they are not sure what it is, so she is attempting a damage limitation exercise by mentioning this stain.

    This definitely suggest Maddie was drugged by her parents as Kate also mentions she believed the abductor drugged her children, what a confession !!

  5. Where does Murat live, is it in pdl or UK.

    He and his Russian friend are also involved in the cover up along with the Paynes and Mccanns, between them these people know the truth.

    Im not so sure about Jane Tanner especially as Gerry and Jez said they did not see her, makes her statement look like a pack of lies (which is was )is Jez involved in all this, strange how he happened to be out walking so late with a baby, or did he give Gerry a pre-arranged alibi.

  6. The coloboma gave Madeleine more publicity and the mccanns more donations. The Mccanns already knew Madeleine was dead, they released 'publicity' type photographs of a much younger child to grab the publics attention and sympathy, Kate walking around with cuddle cat until cadaver was found on it, then she quickly washes it, going to church to make them appear good catholic people. The whole thing has been nothing more than a huge publicity campaign and make the Mccanns very rich people.

    How could they have the heart to set up a fund days after she was missing, to go jogging, or come out of church laughing, they were laughing because they believed they were getting away with it and people were believing their lies.

  7. Anon 5.57

    I think the stain was mentioned because K Mc was suggesting chloroform. Maybe the public were supposed to realise this but didn't? She threw out a clue but few people guessed? This was supposed to be the abductor's trial run?

    How convenient to support an abduction theory that chloroform was used the night before. Then we are told Maddie is so tired next day she has to be carried home after tea. Two issues are taken care of, Maddie being sedated the previous night AND so she goes to sleep on the 3rd early enough for her parents to go out.

  8. Some have tried to make us believe that there are drugs involved in the Maddie case. From this post, we see that it's "true": only drugs can explain why so many people hallucinate about colobomas and little girls....

  9. This is yet another 'golden nugget' you have discovered Textusa, the connections and coincidences in this case are mind boggling. Well done Tex.

  10. Anon@ 8:55,
    Who are those some?
    The mccann's, after passing more then a year denying what the police suspected about the sedation of the twins on the fatal night, admitted to Sandra Felgueiras in an interview, they could be sedated. By the abductor, off course. So convenient.
    Rachel told the police on her statement, Kate was constantly checking the breath of the twins on the same fatal night.
    Kate father admitted to the media, the mccann's use to give calpol night to their children. That calpol was not available in Portugal at the time, exactly due to his side effects. The mccann's while denying having used it on their children, passed the message that was commonly used in Uk by a lot of parents to help their children rest at
    night. Exactly the same speech they had with negligence- leaving the children alone at home was a characteristic of the British parents but on their case, not a bad behavior. Maybe because actually, they never left their children unattended.
    As usual, they deny or assume facts according to their agenda and conveniences. The sedation which was a police illusion immediately after May 3, become very convenient years after, when people questioned the all sides of the abduction theory. How the abductor managed to take a girl without waking up all the 3 and having a choir to disrupt his intentions? Because they were sedated, said Kate. Now, she thinks the twins were sedated. Madeleine must be too. This open the window for another question: how the abductor managed to sedate 3 children in a so quickly way? Syrup, tablets, injections, nasal products? Whatever was the choice, there is something the mccann's could never overtake, the pace of the time. On their time table for May 3, the time the abductor needed to sedate 3 children doesn't fit. Then, obviously, if they were sedated, somebody with time and knowing well the child's, must have done it.
    PJ wanted the twins checked in an hospital, to clarify their suspicions. Kate and Gerry, even after being worried with breath, didn't gave any authorization. But, months later, Kate cut the twins hair very short, eliminating any old layer that could be analyzed and be conclusive.
    PJ didn't find any medicine inside the 5A, which was also odd, since they travel with 3 small children and a fever can come suddenly and ruin all holiday plans.

  11. "Phone Hacking - The Focus Shifts"- Life of crime, Sky News.

    The Mirror group and the phone hackings. To which group was Lori Campbell working for, when she went to PDL? To the Mirror group. Mitchell was already a good friend and a powerful man connected with British government and the Murdoch empire. Wonder why he gave up his job on the media monitoring to be a full time Mccann's spoke person. Who payed his salary? Maddie Fund, feed by public donations asked to search Madeleine, or an anonymous baker ? OR BOTH?

  12. Well, that picture of Kate in front of a colobomaless Madeleine, is amazing. Deserves to be side by side with the picture outside PDL church on 12 May 2007( Maddie birthday) and send to the offices of Mr. Cameron and SY. Under the pictures, we should wrote a simple note:" you must find a better way to joke with British and waste their taxes".

  13. I also believe the children were drugged by I think it was something stronger than calpol and that is what the mccanns panicked about, they were both doctors so knew about drugs, they would have lost their careers and the twins, in Kates book when they were made suspects apparently Gerry said 'we're ruined' - also they want to know what info the pj has on them and they often accuse the abductor of sedating their children, so they obviously sedated them.

    Some of the Tapas group helped with the cover-up to save K&G from losing the twins etc. Little did they realise 4 years later the Mc's are still cashing in on Madeleine's memory, but they now have a 'huge PR machine' working for them which has all but re-written the events of 3rd.

    But there are too many people involved for this to stay a secret forever, as time will tell.

    Thanks Tex.

  14. It's fascinating the amount of people that are connected to each other in this. Coincidences?

  15. Some did not believe a group of doctors could give medicines to their children when they don't need it. Wrong. Doctors are the one who abuse the use of medicine because they know the side effects and are absolutely confident with what they are doing, thinking everything is under control. They are confident but are not stupid and know well that sometimes, something could went out of control and the worse scenery happen. Then, occasionally when they need, they use medicines, even if the child is not ill. Actifed, is commonly used by pediatricians to help their own child's sleep in long flights.
    A friendly medicine gave for long time could be very harmful. Remember the recent case of a lady in Uk, who died after being auto medicated with paracetamol and over the time got an overdose?
    It is quite clear, something special in the OC lead all that guests to travel there. Over the time some blogs and forums revealed the names of rich people, who could easily afford a 5 star holidays in Quinta do Lago, in the
    Pinacliff hotel or any other wonderful 5 stars hotel in Algarve, enjoying the weather, the food and the wine in a memorable way, but those people choose the OC and shared with mccann's the same holidays. Why? I believe PJ knows now and have a clear idea about what was going
    on. Such activities must have fixed hours to happen and were probably incompatible with floating behaviors of the child's in terms of sleeping time. I always had a huge smile when I saw the mccann's ridiculously defending their PDL time to put their child's in the bed. The smile enlarged,
    when I add the children of all Tapas 9. That clock child's didn't exist. Not at home. Never on holidays, special where the day light last longer and the busy streets with their noise, disturb any plan from an organized parent. Cont.

  16. Cont:
    Where is the mccann's flat located? Near the street trough everybody passes. Anybody believe, you can make such amount of child's to sleep so early and all at same time? After all, the child's had not so tired activities during the
    day. A part the boat trip, where seems Madeleine didn't went, the children had quite days in the creche with few other children. Not too much disturbance. Maybe only the
    self stress of a child thinking why her parents stored her in the creche resort with childs and nannies she don't know, when they should be together enjoying the holidays.
    I remember, when I was a child and not so young, I use to hate my holidays when my parents left me and my sister
    under the care of some clubs, because they want to go shopping and not get bothered by us who feel tired to walk around. We hate it and spend our day counting the time and not enjoying anything that was happening in that clubs-
    all bored games, shared with people to which we don't spend time enough to create any empathy. Thanks, that my parents realized what we feel and did not leave us on that clubs day after day. If so, what a nightmare holiday.
    I believe, all child's feel the same. Just because they are too small, they were not able to express their feelings.
    But, for me, no matter if the busy nights in the OC forced the kids to be clock child's, mccann's kids were never sedated before May 3. There is no reason for that to happen. The resort has a Nannie service at night which was clearly advertised on the package holidays leading some guests to book it in advance and for the more distracted, a welcome meeting is settled by the resort immediately after each group arrive to PDL. On that meeting, I believe all services and activities were explained to the guests and the bookings made available. There is more then one choice, the night creche or nannies on demand to stay in the flats looking for the child's and making them to sleep.
    The Paynes came with their problem solved. DW could look after her grandchildren. The rest of the group could share the services of one Nannie. Cheap and easy. No reason to have sedatives around the child's until May 3.
    From my point of view, May 3 was an exception in many ways. And something really serious happen that force all of them to sedate their child's, excluding Madeleine which due to her physical condition don't need to. The files only talk about the strange behavior of the twins. But what about the other child's? The Tapas 7 also left their child's unatended after the alarm. Don't tell me, they were under the care of DW. All? How, if no any witness reported the Tapas 7 transferring their child's to Fiona flat to be cared by DW? they all must be sedated that night to allow their parents to deal with disaster that happen to Madeleine. Not my words, but Gerry words, wonderfully delivered by his relatives to the media, early, on May 4. Gerry called them, while the police and the public was searching his daughter, saying that a disaster happen to Madeleine. Which disaster, if after analyzing the crime scene, the police was looking for a girl that could be near by due to wonder off from a flat that had no signs of break in or intervention of a strange? What Gerry knows at the time that keep him busy calling friends and relatives, spreading the disaster word, instead of searching his daughter that could be easily recovered if she had left the flat by herself?

  17. Kate had strange behaviour when the tapas group all went to Paradiso and she went jogging along the beach on her own in full view of them, almost as if she was trying to prove something, then Payne wandering around to her apartment later that same day knowing Gerry was not about but checking that he was playing tennis beforehand. Payne's strange statement about his visit and the timing descrepancies.
    Why this group took their children on holiday with them is a complete mystery because everyday the kids were left in a creche it was not a family holiday for sure.

    And Murat what an odd character, and his mother with her stall finding out information from the public to pass onto Murat perhaps, these people are all connected, all covering for each other.

  18. What was going on, in the OC must have connected a lot of people, from guests to local expats.
    I didn't believe Kate had ever jogging in PDL before May 4. Who witnessed her jogging on May 3? Her friends, deeply connected with all troubles. Contrary to the dogs, those friends are not reliable and what they said was just a waste of time, paper and ink.
    From all I read and that includes the files, the articles in the media and what Internet had revealed, I assume, the jogging like the catholic devotion, start suddenly after may 4 and after they realized the police didn't buy their fantasist story. They had to keep the journalists and the police busy, out of the place something could be spotted. Not by Lori Campbell, but by a more serious and independent person.
    O'brien said, Gerry wants to control the situation. To do that, they had to attract the media and per consequence, the police to the places where they feel safe. Who didn't remember the press conferences just to say thank you to the people from PDL, the police or the Portuguese. The same people they later accused of being helpless and not searching their daughter or the abductor.
    They really don't deserve any respect from Portugal. The press conferences are available for everyone to see. The investigation moved a huge team of polices, fire brigades and all the sources and money available. Was the most extensive and the most expensive in the country. The TVs and the papers covered it minute a minute, reporting what was going on until we feel a nausea about the main characters. After all that, they came to world TVs accusing the police and the country of doing nothing. " instead of looking for the abductor, they were concentrated on us, suspecting us" , said the despicable pair. Really? One just have to say, the police didn't concentrate enough, because a body still not recovered and a fraudulent Fund still dropping some money. If the police had being worked without pressures and free to do whatever needs to be done, the case will be solved before May 2007 ended.
    The jogging, the coloboma picture, the Church, the Pope, the trip to Fatima or to Europe, all parts of the same game.

  19. Anon Oct 11, 2011 12:42:00 PM

    "The jogging, the coloboma picture, the Church, the Pope, the trip to Fatima or to Europe, all parts of the same game."

    Agree absolutely with you! The problem is "the game" that we're all in. The hold everything, the ball, the referee, the field, all. Until there's something that will force them into justice, they'll continue to rub in our faces that they control the game. But we've seen many times that in this game, they are like cannibals, so when one of these days soemone will "suddenly discover" all this evidence against those that were in PdL, I pity them because they will be persecuted mercilessly. And why? Private vices, public virtues...


    Wonder if the mccann's will joint that protest.

  21. The mccanns love it when the public say they have spotted maddie, somehow it always manages to make front page news and it is always 'definitely' maddie, but they never clarified the error regarding her eye defect because as gerry said it was a good marketing ploy.

    This case is all about money, all those involved have made plenty of money through libel cases and fund payments, that is where SY should start their investigation check the fund out, that should be enough to bring criminal proceedings against the Mc's and their team, and eventually the truth will out.

    At present there have been so many half truths and lies spread by this uncooperative deceitful group that it would be impossible to solve anything by reinterviewing them but the paper trail from the fund is a different matter, bank statements, receipts, records etc should all be thoroughly checked then they would be unable to deny their involvement in this cover-up - that would wipe the smirk of Gerry's face.

  22. If Madeleine's remains were found the abductor would get the blame, they would say he had done whatever caused her death, but too many people know otherwise the tapas group, murat, mccanns and others eventually this pack of cards will come tumbling down.

  23. Those involved in this case have been more interested in protecting the parents kate and gerry than finding the truth of what happened to madeleine.

    From the onset it was about making money and gaining public sympathy, media marketing and selling newspapers.

    Team mccann went global with their spin and lies targeting social networking sites, interviews on prime time TV travelling around the globe at the expense of the gullible public fed misinformation to obtain more donations through a fraudulent fund.

    The accounts should be made public and open to scruntinisation, the public have funded the mccanns lifestyle for the past 4 years, they have a right to know where their money has gone.

    What next 'Maddie' the film and more easy money.

  24. Anon Oct 11, 4:33,
    "If Madeleine's remains were found the abductor would get the blame, " they will try but I don't think they will get success on that. Even using all manipulation and corrupted ways, they will be not able to control PJ, which contrary to what the Mccann's and the British media want to pass, has a curriculum of competence, independence and excellence. If the body is recovered, no SY or any British police will be allowed to touch it. PJ did not repeat the same mistake. They had been honest when they accepted the help of the British, but soon realized the help was not to search the girl or the truth. When the truth start been revealed, the British decide to conceal it, maybe because was too danger for the image of the country and for the government, who was the first one fooled by the pair. Other international polices will be invited to avoid all bad words coming from Great Britain.
    There is something infallible and applied by all investigators, when a body is recovered- the Loccard Method. This method is based in two facts: the victim always carry with her evidences from the perpetrator and from the crime scene. The victim always leave evidences of her presence in the perpetrator and in the crime scene. To recover that evidences, very sophisticate tests could be used with accuracy. The mccann's will be not able to connect the death with any convenient " Hewlett" quickly fabricated by any witness. The body will show the evidences of who carried it and who had deal with it, if was moved to different locations. That will be the end of the Mccann's if they were involved on the last moments of their daughter.

  25. "Polícia procura irmãos desaparecidos em Córdoba"- Correio da Manha.

    Mais uma historia a envolver criancas que parece nao vir a ter um final Feliz. Ouvi agora no telejornal da RTP que a policia esta a reconstruir o trajecto efectuado pelo pai, que tinha as criancas a sua guarda no passado fim de semana, desde Huelva ate Cordoba. O depoimento do pai tem inconsistencias e o pai e toda a familia paterna esta sob suspeita.
    Depois do Caso Maddie, ja mais nenhuma policia no mundo, se deixa levar em cantigas e historias mal contadas. Vamos ver se os McCann se vao colar a esta
    historia Como fizeram com Mariluz e varias outras.

  26. Mccann's libel case against Amaral book on trial in Feb 2012. Information available at Joana Morais blog or in " projecto justica Goncalo Amaral.

    If you can, please donate to the Fund that supports the legal expenses of Mr. Amaral. Details are available on Joana Morais blog or in Pjga. He deserves the public support since he have done nothing wrong.

  27. Incredible, the similarities:
    "La policia se centra en las cuatro horas sin coartada del padre de Los desaparecidos"- abc newspaper, Spain

    ..."El padre de Ruth y José, José Bretón, de 38 años, sigue siendo el principal sospechoso —la última persona con la que estuvieron—, pero no ha sido detenido. Bretón continúa manteniendo, después de tres interrogatorios policiales de muchas horas, que las criaturas se le extraviaron cuando los tres estaban en el parque Conde Cruz de la capital. «Ausente por momentos, frío, colaborador pero solo en apariencia», sostienen fuentes policiales."....
    ....."Bretón, ex militar y padre con fama de estricto pero cariñoso, se mantiene firme en su versión inicial. «Ya estamos acostumbrados a personalidades así», aseguran los investigadores rememorando algunos casos de desapariciones pendientes."
    ...."Una vía en la que se han depositado importantes esperanzas son los teléfonos. Por sorprendente que resulte, hasta ayer —casi tres días después de la desaparición de los niños— el juez encargado del caso, el titular de Instrucción número 4 de Córdoba, José Luis Rodríguez Laín, no autorizó escuchas telefónicas que se le pidieron el mismo domingo; no las veía justificadas pese a la gravedad del caso. Esta negativa provocó un profundo malestar policial. Fuentes judiciales destacaron que el magistrado no veía «suficientes indicios» para autorizar esa medida y señalaron que se trata de un experto en intervenciones telefónicas. Una vez se logre posicionar el teléfono del padre se podrá reconstruir con precisión cuál fue su itinerario el pasado sábado y saber a quién llamó y a qué horas."
    ...."Se intenta confirmar con exactitud, según fuentes policiales, si este hombre sufre trastorno bipolar o algún tipo de esquizofrenia, como apuntan algunos datos y que justificaría su aparente distanciamiento en una situación extrema como la que está viviendo: al menos en presencia policial no ha derramado ni una lágrima. Su frialdad ha llamado la atención de los agentes desde el momento en que denunció la desaparición."

  28. When I view old clips of the mccanns Gerry is clearly controlling and Kate appears very timid almost scared of him, he looks a bully.

    Before Madeleine 'disappeared' they admitted sleeping in separate rooms Kate said it was because of his snoring, Kate also left the group when he started flirting with the quiz girl. Not an ideal marriage by any standards.

    Gerry set Kate up, via his 'innocent blogging' he did all the talking, whilst she appeared unstable, cadaver was only detected on her clothes, it was assumed she had accidentally killed madeleine. IMO Payne was responsible for madeleines death and Kate has covered up for both men, Payne and her husband, as a mother she has turned a blind eye to events of 3rd.

    She alone has put her name to the book and is much more confident these days not so subversant.IMO she wrote this book to push the blame away from herself, it is full of self pity and lies.

    The mccanns are not as close to each other as they pretend, each mindful of what the other can say or do, both carry a guilty secret which eventually will become too great a burden.

  29. Mr. Francis saw the girl in middle May 2007 and waits to report the sighting until one year later, on June 2008!!! Who can believe such crap???
    What credibility has this guy's "sighting"? Why wait a whole year to report it and only do it to the british police? Why didn't he immediately report the sighting to the local police? Surelly there is a police force in Isla Margharita!
    It reeks of yet another Mitchell/Metodo3 comissioned "sighting"...


    (this is a clip from a documentary named "The photo games diary", I searched high and low for the full documentary and could not find it anywhere! Pity, I believe it could be interesting...maybe it was Carter-Rucked...)

    Madeleine McCann "What They Dont Want You To Know"

  31. Poster @ Oct 11, 2011 9:53:00 AM wrote:

    "Where is the mccann's flat located? Near the street trough everybody passes."

    This brough to my mind something that has always bugged me, the location of the Paynes flat...they had the ONLY upstairs flat of the group, Payne booked the trip and chose the flats, he made sure he and his family were well away/separated from the rest of the group, away from the streets and the vulnerable ground-floor flats. Was it just a coincidence, or was it chosen deliberately? I bet the later...
    And, there is another thing that puzzled me...Dianne Webster said in her rogatory interview she slept in the living-room, on the coach, because she DID NOT WANT to sleep with the children in their room! She preferred the exposure of the living room, the lack of privacy, everyone coming and going, lights going on and off as people went to the bathroom or the kitchen, she chose a couch, usually uncomfortable, over a proper bed, because she DID NOT WANT to be in the children's room!
    Why...? Was it "convenient" or necessary that the children were ALONE in the room during the evenings/nights...?

  32. The sights died immediately where they born, due to a simple fact - the lack of any photograph.
    Did you believe, in a Era, when everybody has a mobile with a camera and where Email and Internet can transfer information across the world in seconds, you spot what could be the MOST WANTED GIRL IN THE WORLD and didn't went close and take a picture? Well, the complete absence of that picture, not from one but from almost all witnesses, answers all the doubts we can have.
    In thousands of sights, I think only one took a picture. The Spanish young lady who while traveling in a bus in Moroccos, saw a girl being carried by her mother and suspected was Madeleine due to the hair color of the girl. Even that lost the credibility because according to reports at the time, she sold interviews to many media in Spain and to foreigner journalists. The "Lori campbels" didn't miss their opportunity to travel to Moroccos and act like polices, disturbing and troubling the family who revealed their Belgian origin and had to show documents to prove their identity. The "competent???" British journalists said nothing about the sign that could dismiss the Belgian girl on the first second you look at her- the absence of the eye fleck. Selling papers was more important then telling the truth. The story save the business for a week.
    THAT IS WHAT RESUMES ALL SIGHTS- business and MONEY for all the perverts involved on them. From the Mccann's until journalists and papers, passing trough very suspicious witnesses and their team of detectives. They all, smell and FEEL THE MONEY.

  33. The story of the missing brothers in Cordoba becomes amazing day after day. Every time I read the news reported by Spanish papers, I go back to may 2007 and saw PJ saying the same and complaining about the same: the inconsistencies and contradictions on the statements of the last persons who had seen the victim(s). The absence of evidences from the victim(s) in the places where those persons said they went missing( the park in Spain and the bed in PDL). The lack of emotions from those parents in an extreme situation ( the lost of one or both of their children). No surprise a Spanish police said polices are used to deal with such kind of people with strange personalities. They suspect the Spanish father has a bipolar condition that could explain his behavior. Kate had also a strange behavior- she admitted breaking a bed, she start a Diary ( Who starts a diary while in holidays and when had lost
    one of her child's?). She had a Bible and a grieving corner beside her bed.
    What I found amazing as well, is the behavior of the Portuguese and the British media regarding the Spanish recent missing story. In UK the story passes unnoticed. In Portugal, Correio da Manha and DN/JN start reporting it but was quickly washed out. Why? Due to inconvenient similarities with Maddie case? Due to the insight comments of the readers who like me, have fresh memory and remember Mccann's behavior very well?
    What this reveals, is a serious damage on the democracy of our countries. The press is not free, and if is not free could not be accurate. Editors and paper owners are all hold tight by a group of lawyers who know too much about the life of this people. Corruption is what rules everything. Poor polices, when they are competent and honest, and poor victims.

  34. Anon @ Oct 12, 2011 10:39:00 PM

    I have wondered whether DW ever slept in the OC apartment. Did she stay with an ex pat friend? Have a room in someone's villa who was also visiting PdL?

    There is a lady of a similar age who provides a statement.

    Mrs Cooper says she visits the OC because some of her family are staying there, why didn't they stay at her large villa?

  35. The mccanns use so much modern technology to put across their message, and in so many different languages they have made maddie big business, so why could they not produce any photographs of her on holiday or of their group enjoying their evening meals what is it that these photographs would reveal. To say none of the group took their mobiles with them in the evenings is pure rubbish.
    Within days Gerry had set up websites and was regularly using his laptop, but no photographs this is very odd indeed.
    Viewing mccanns official internet pages this is a slick money making scheme, merchandise can be purchased printed in several different languages, always asking for money when will it all end, these people involved have no shame their priority is to make as much money as possible and protect the parents at whatever costs, Madeleine is the cash cow, trademarketed to be exploited.
    RIP Maddie

  36. I believe the Mccanns marriage was crumbling before their holiday, hence Gerry's 'Im not here to enjoy etc'comment, and now they cannot stand the sight of each other, the pair get together for interviews etc and afterwards go their separate ways. Kate spent time away from Gerry on the holiday also when he started flying to and fro to UK he was on his own, she did not need to stay behind, family were called in for support. Their body language makes them look uncomfortable together and there is no emotion or feelings between this pair and now they are stuck with each other indefinitely. Jane Tanners sighting of the abductor she could have been prompted by Kate to tell these lies to give some credability to the story, Kate not realising that Gerry was speaking to Jez and had to dismiss the sighting. There is Kates PR team and Gerrys PR team. Recently a journalist wrote an article in the media about the mccanns and called it 'a marriage that endures' the article was pure rubbish but these journalists and interviewers pander to the PR teams of each mccann and print whatever they are requested.
    Mccanns have superinjunctions in place gagging the media, hence the media is restricted as to what it can print.
    The rumours that madeleine was going to live with relations could have been because the Mccanns were splitting up and Kate could only cope with the twins, Gerry appears loud mouthed and a womaniser, he spent the holiday playing tennis again without Kate.
    Kates graphic reference to Maddie's body on page 129 of her infamous book could serve as a warning to Gerry and David Payne as to what happened to Madeleine. Katherine Gaspars statement, again Kates friend, she only mentions Payne and Gerry, but what mother would stay on holiday or socialise with such people if she suspected them of abusing children.
    The Mccanns are trapped in a prison of their own making until one of them decides enough is enough.

  37. Hi Tex,
    Just want to say what a fantastic blog this is, love reading all the comments, great work thanks.

  38. Kate and Gerry were not so close to each other when they went to PDL. In the book " A culpa dos McCann", a Portuguese journalist wrote what some workers of the OC witnessed and reported to him: before May 3, they have seen several times, Kate alone sunbathing near the pool. She looked sad, a very unhappy person. If we cross that information with the statements of some guests, we see Gerry was the opposite. He was enjoying his tennis lessons, most of them with ladies.

  39. The Mccanns lack of emotion towards Madeleine is a reflection of their lack of emotion towards each other.

    Investigators should look at the case from the perspective of two separate suspects Gerry and Kate and not as the couple Mccann

  40. In this interview Gerry whispers to Kate to 'belt up'

    This pair are so fake and such bad liars.

  41. I thank you for a very informative site. I noticed today on the chart for identifying readers locations, that there were many from Glasgow, probably a spy dont you think.
    Santiago de cmposteler, spain

  42. Thank you for the compliment. We never assume anyone is a spy and we do have friends in Glasgow and Spain.

  43. ""

    Quase uma copia do Caso Maddie em Portugal, pelo menos na sucessao de acontecimentos depois de ter Sido dado o alarme: inconsistencias e mentiras no depoimento do pai. Ausencia de vestigios das vitimas no lugar de onde se diz que desapareceram. Testemunhos fabricados por gente sem escrupulos a procura de protagonismo e do seu minuto de gloria. Falta de emotividade e frieza no comportamento do pai.
    Agora a policia espanhola tem a oportunidade de avaliar as dificuldades com que se deparou a PJ com a agravante de que a PJ ainda teve de lidar com uma comunicacao social hostil e com pressoes vindas de inglaterra e do poder politico portugues. Espero que a policia espanhola seja imune a estas pressoes para bem das criancas porque elas Sao a unica coisa que importa.

  44. New site for Goncalo Amaral:

  45. It is good to see Sr Amaral getting the support he deserves, throughout this case he has remained dignified, when the libel trial takes place next february justice will prevail for him, he is a good man and is feared by the Mccanns, if the Mccanns were innocent as they claim there would be no need for them to attempt to silence Amaral, they fear what he knows that Murat alongside the Mccanns are guilty. Next February the truth will out, no longer will they be able to hide behind their expensive PR machine funded by the public, the circus is over.

    Well done Textusa.

  46. The Mc's have deliberately misled the public over Maddies eye defect, and encouraging 'sightings' of her when they know exactly what happened to Madeleine on 3rd May.

    Does Gerry Mccann still work at the hospital or is he too busy being a celebrity, courting the media and living off the fund.

  47. Thanks Textusa for your informative, truthful blog.

  48. It is surprising just how uncooperative the British authorities were with the pj, how the media ridiculed the pj and then Kate had another go at them in her book.

    It amazes me how the mccanns have managed to escape justice with so many glaring suspicions surrounding them yet they continue with their lies and money making scams and nobody does anything to stop it.

    The fund should be looked into and the lies of David Payne and the others fully investigated. If the mccanns had come from a sink estate and not been well connected doctors living at Rothley Towers they would have had the full force of the police come down on them years ago and would now be serving time in prison.

  49. I just watched a YouTube video of a section of the McCann interview with Piers Morgan, which took place this past May. It seems as though Kate has picked up on what is being written about her, which is a typically something a guilty party will do. Now she has included her thought process about why she thought it was odd that the children's door was open and mentions it was because she thought Matt had left it open when he did his check. This has never been part of her reasoning before. Google 'CNN McCann on the moment Madeleine disappeared' and the video should come up. Sorry if this has already been mentioned. I am new here.

  50. "Brunt DNA 10 September 2007" - video at YouTube .

    Martin Brunt reporting two full matches of Madeleine DNA. One from a sample recovered from the flat, near the window and one from the boot of the car rented 5 weeks after she disappeared. He reports it, as the result of the work of British centrists who tested the samples. Then, when Kate and Gerry, were interrogated and made arguidos, the British cientists and police, had passed already to PJ a report stating a full match of Madeleine DNA in the car. that can't be explained by contamination . The same British cientists and police, under the pressure of the strong evidences incriminating the Mccann's were forced to write a second report, not contradicting the first, but leaving an amazing "inconclusive" as a conclusion for what they cannot dismiss, ignore, or modify- the strong evidence that the girl is dead and her parents are involved.
    Wonder, why after 4 years, after a health Fund and an army of top lawyers, Sky News/ Martin Brunt was never sued and forced to apology for that damaging report.
    I didn't pay too much attention at that report when first was shown. Now, going back to old news, has another dimension. They cannot erase what was reported before. After that report, they were interrogated and no any official spoke person from the British police or from the British centrists jumped to the front of mr. Brunt cameras to say they were wrong, they make a mistake. No one dismissed the first report. The second report don't clean up the first, in fact give more strength to the first, showing where lies the key to solve that case- IN THE MCCANN'S, THEIR CLOSE RELATIVES ( some of them gave up their jobs to become Fund Directors) AND THE TAPAS 7 AND THE OC, who help them cover up the truth.
    No wonder why the FSS was dismantled, because stores the truth.

  51. Following my previous post, another amazing video from Sky News and Martin Brunt:

    "Brunt- implanting the idea that Kate was the perpetrator"- YouTube

    Brunt saying that Aunty Phill understands and was aware that Kate will BE CHARGED WITH ACCIDENTAL DEAD OF MADELEINE". well, what changed since that? I believe not the evidences and the facts that lead to that conclusions. The death is irreversible. The money fraudulently earned in the Fund and the corruption that crosses politics and the media, helped and still helping a group of strong suspects to runaway from a crime involving a child with their own blod. A shame for Great Breatain, who wish to help the USA rul the world, when failed very simple and important issues at home.
    Now, I understand why the Mccann's / Healey families fade after September 7, 2007. They know the truth.


    Murat, his stepson David and Paedophilia . Interesting.

  53. The father of the two children who disappeared in Cordoba was arrested that morning. ABC, Spanish newspaper, reports it:

    "En estos momentos se encuentra en dependencias policiales. El pasado viernes él mismo se personó en la comisaría como denunciante de los hechos.

    Las mismas fuentes consultadas han señalado que entre los motivos de su arresto están las contradicciones que arroja su relato sobre lo sucedido. Se le imputarían delitos de homicidio, de los que se observan indicios, así como de delito de denuncia falsa, informa Ep."

    After the Mccann's will be very difficult for another perpetrator to fool the police and play a stupid game. That was the only positive think that lasts after them.
    The huge error made by PJ was not arresting the all Tapas 9 on the first days when they discovered the lies and the inconsistencies. I believe there was more strong evidences against the Tapas 9, then against the father from Cordoba, at least at the public eyes: the window that was not damaged, the twins that didn't weak up, the finger print from Kate on the window, 2different timelines and one wrote on Madeleine sketch book.
    I hope the Spanish case raise awareness on the public opinion to reopen the discussion on Maddie case. The mccann's issue is far from an end and needs to be
    reopened and full investigated.

  54. ....."Aunque no han precisa,do los delitos que se imputan al detenido, sí han señalado que entre los motivos de su arresto están las contradicciones que arroja su relato sobre lo sucedido.

    El detenido, al que le han leído sus derechos, ha sido trasladado a la finca propiedad de sus padres en Las Quemadas Altas, donde se está registrando en su presencia una zona de árboles frutales en busca de indicios que permitan conocer el paradero de los menores, según informa Alfonso Alba.

    En la operación están participando agentes del cuerpo nacional de policía, que se han desplazado a la zona con varios perros, y miembros de la policía científica."

    Hello Mccann's, "Los perros", the dogs you consider not reliable on your case, are being used by a top team of Spanish police to try to locate the Spanish brothers, Ruth and Jose. Unfortunately, seems the police is searching bodies. Will be amazing if the Spanish police, to solve that case, take the dogs to Huelva and find the Madeleine remains.
    I hope PJ contacted the Spanish police to have a two in one, not searching only the 2 brothers but all missing child's that for one reason or another shared the same destiny and could be sharing the same town.
    The Mccann's went to Huelva in a very badly explained trip. Could be to distract the police for what was going on in Portugal or could be a desperate act to dispose what the police was looking for, in a place where any search involves the police and the laws of two countries..

  55. Boas!

    Geralmente não escrevo sobre os posts , pois para mim são complicados.

    Susan Saradon chamou nazi a um senhor.

    Eu chamo nazi a uma BH que passa a vida a vigiar o twitter e o facebook e a ordenar a retirada deste ou daquele link; a retirada desta ou daquela foto..... enfim........joanicesgermânicas. Mas, sem dúvida, sempre desagradáveis.

    O link acerca dos paidos já foi retirado por muitos.............

    BH sempre BH!

  56. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  57. I see Insane is back.

  58. CENSORED, and deleted above, comment posted by Anonymous to Textusa at Oct 18, 2011 7:28:00 PM:

    “(censored), read the Portuguese police files - it was actually the Portugese judiciary who refused to request those medical records. The GP was only interviewed at the McCanns request. (censored).”

  59. Insane,

    After pulling some strings by the British high-level authorities, the "Portuguese Judiciary" System was as deep in it as the British Judiciary System. They were so much so in it and with such commitment that they were able to kick GA off the case. That's how unbiased they were. And using them as argument against the existence of a deliberate, high-level cover-up just goes to show, once again, how unbiased you are.

  60. Insane, you people just can't keep away from this blog, can you? THAT says TONS!

  61. Comment from May I:

    "Goncalo Amaral's words were quoted, giving his perception of the situation"

  62. I don't understand the last posts/ comments, but maybe I miss something. I can't see any BH post. Was deleted?

  63. Nao sei que post ou que posts incomodaram tanto para serem atribuidos a uma BH e corro o risco de estar a precipitar-me ao responder e assumir que foram os posts de 8:09, 12:43 e 2:24, ja que as reaccoes aparecem depois destes.. Como os 3 posts sao da minha autoria e embora consulte varias fontes na net( sobretudo jornais) mas so comente em dois blogs, este e o da Joana Morais e nos jornais quando o assunto me interessante, acho que por uma questao de coerencia e honestidade devo responder.
    Nao, nao foi uma BH, Quem fez estes comentarios ( se Sao os que referi) ou fez post do link que questiona Murat e faz uma assumpcao quanto a mim precipitada e demasiado linear sobre o possivel trinomio- Murat, enteado, pedofilia. O link saiu de cena, provavelmente por abordar um assunto polemico e incomodo, mas a verdade e que algumas das fontes foram os tabloides ingleses e ha de facto muita coisa questionavel na atitude de Murat, desde o dia 3 de Maio. Ele e Malinka deixaram duvidas nas files da PJ, por isso os seus PCs e mobiles foram analisados pela Pj que concluiu haver material apagado dos discos rigidos. Alguma coisa levou a PJ a manter o estatuto de arguido a Murat, mais ou menos durante o mesmo tempo em que manteve o dos McCann. Os 3 viram esse estatuto levantado, mais por pressoes do que por conviccao da PJ ( em minha opiniao) sem terem tido o Aval de um tribunal e sem terem sido declarado inocentes.
    E por isso que nenhum dos 3 pede a reabertura do processo. Se for reaberto, reabre no ponto em que foi
    arquivado com elevado risco de readquirirem o estatuto de arguidos. Afinal, depois de 4 anos e de muitos avistamentos e muitas "pessoas com interesse" nao apareceu mais nenhum suspeito.

  64. Cont. Post anterior:
    Segundo as files da PJ, os pais ou um dos pais, foi a ultima Pessoa a ver a crianca com Vida. Alguem os ajudou e complicou um crime que, accidental, ou nao, tem de ter Sido simples no seu inicio, Como geralmente Sao. Deliberadamente, ou nao, actores secundarios Como a sra. Fenn, o OC e alguns dos seus clientes, entraram em cena para complicarem o Caso. E claro que a estas personagens tambem nao interessa reabrir o Caso nem levantar ondas ou questionar na Net. Mas tem de ser questionados, para bem de outras criancas, para que o Caso nao sirva de inspiracao a mentes mais desiquilibradas. Nao se trata de julgar ou condenar na Praca publica ou de por em causa um estatuto inalienavel que e o da presuncao de inocencia. O Caso ja ultrapassou este estagio e tornou-se "insane" por gerar tanto dinheiro aos "Unicos suspeitos". Afinal do outro lado deste Jackpot esta uma crianca que sofreu e que muitos parecem ter esquecido. Quando falam no livro Madeleine e Como se ela fosse um objecto, uma personagem sem corpo e sem sentimentos, inventada. Quem tem corpo e sentimentos, e a autora. Deploravel, porque por acidente do destino, e simplesmente a Mae.
    E por isso que o Caso Berton me lembra o Caso Maddie e embora possa chocar a rapidez com que a policia
    espanhola o tornou suspeito e o prendeu, e um facto que para a policia, o mais importante Sao as criancas. Sao
    elas que tem de ser encontradas e Quem mente a policia nao esta interessado na rapida localizacao dessas
    criancas. Porque? E a grande questao.
    Qualquer Caso de crianca desaparecida hoje, ultrapassa rapidamente a barreira da investigacao e dos media e gracas a Internet, torna-se global. E bom que cidadaos anonimos os discutam, os interroguem e troquem informacao. Por isso acho que os blogs e forums nao deem ser estanques. Devem ser antes, trampolins de informacao, onde a informacao se cruza para chegar ao
    grande publico, em nome da liberdade e da democracia que alguns desejam aprisionar. Nao se sabia, de certeza, metade do que se sabe, nem as files da PJ teriam Sido lidas por Tao grande número de pessoas se os blogs nao existissem e os links nao se espalhassem pela Net.
    Ha uma grande diferenca entre os posts dos BHs e os meus ( assumindo que foram os meus que criaram desconforto) e Quem os le atentamente, percebe isso.
    Tenho Pena, que tenham Sido lidos por uma perspectiva errada, partindo do principio que estavam aqui para distrair do assunto em debate ou "entopir" com lixo. Precipitaram-se e isso so reforca a insanidade dos BH que aproveitam todas as oportunidades para insultar e acusar Quem nao " engole" a leviandade com que tentam inocentar algumas testemunhas ou invalidar alguns indicios.
    Ate com os posts dos BHs se aprende. Sem querer, tem revelado muito.
    Peco desculpa as autoras do blog, pelo tempo que vos roubei a lerem isto e por algum portugues incorrecto, devido ao teclado ingles. Voces tem feito um trabalho fantastico em prol de Madeleine e das criancas que em algum momento possam ser vitimas da insanidade dos adultos com Quem partilham as suas vidas.
    Ate sempre, porque vou continuar a commentar e a espalhar os links e a informacao que julgar importante.

  65. "'Hubo una clara estrategia para que todo el mundo diera por muerta a Maddie'"-El, words from Gerry McCann.

    Really? The main suspects, who delivered inconsistencies and lies to the police, during the all investigation and transformed the disappearance of their daughter in a business, are using now the foreigner media, as a window to spread accusations and defame the Portuguese police. A shame, for Mr. Pinto Monteiro and all the prosecutors who didn't let PJ do a full investigation and charge the suspects.

    Wasn't amazing that sentence from Kate, "El sentimiento de culpa sigue estando ahí, reconoce Kate, aunque amortiguado por los años y la rabia de que el criminal que se llevó a su hija siga libre."
    I was aspecting a feeling more related with pain due to the absence of Madeleine on her life, not a sentiment related with hypothetical abductor, who still walking free. That mother, can't stop surprising me. She never express any sentiment related with the absence of her daughter, how she miss her smiles, her voice, her hugs. What the girl is suffering, what she is doing, how she is being cared, how the twins miss their sister... A speech that doesn't exist on the mouth of that mother. God knows why and PJ strongly suspect it... The girl, no longer has feelings, smiles or hugs to share with anybody.
    What is important, is the market... Reaching the pockets of the Spanish public who are under shock of the Breton brothers, but the Mccann's have no sensitivity to
    understand that. They want money and will jump to the moon, if they need, to got it. A shame for the Spanish journalist, who help them publicize their business. In 20 years, they will still cashing in on Madeleine and advertising the picture with a 3 years old girl with coloboma. A fossil picture.

  66. Anon Oct 19, 2011 6:30:00 PM,

    Please don't worry. The "BH" post was first deleted, and then censored and published at Oct 18, 2011 7:43:00 PM.

    I just took out a unnecessarily blasphemous expression and the usual baseless jab at the blog's credibility. The rest is there for all to read.


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