Sunday, 2 October 2011

Tapas Quiz Night, Question #12/?

Question: Was “Mission Impossible” Team at PdL around the time Maddie disappeared? 
Answer: Yes, it does seem that they were indeed there, however, it can’t be determined if Tom Cruise was part, or not, of that particular crew.

We’ve already seen that the IRWINs, to appear as they do on May 3rd’s “reservation sheet”, had to make their reservation BEFORE that day.  

THREE days before, to be exact, if it was Rachael who did the T9 reservation, or FOUR days, if it was Russ.
We’ve also seen that when the T9 reserved (either Russ or Rachael), the “tennis Mark Warner” MUST have already been reserved, as it’s the only justification for the T9's surnames NOT to appear on Friday’s May 4th “reservation sheet”, as they do on the ones dated before.

The T9 arrived on Saturday 28th, had dinner that evening at The Mill, and say that they booked for the the rest of the week to have dinner at Tapas.

Please disregard the above as this alone does contradict the possibility of Rachael having done the booking on the morning of Monday 30th, as “her” reservation wouldn't have been possible to include the Sunday 29th dinner, and we would be then left without knowing who in fact booked that particular meal, or if anyone did book it at all.

Sorry, I forgot, no walk-ins at Tapas, so SOMEONE must have booked it.

We know it was an absolute requirement, due to customer demand, to stand in line to get a meal, so if Rachael was the one who booked, on Monday 30th, then one other T9 must’ve had to wake up early to get a booking just for Sunday 29th.

It could've been Russ, and that would certainly clarify this whole booking issue, but unfortunately he does speaks about a block booking, which isn’t exactly the concept for a single meal, which is what is at stake.

But, as I said, do disregard all that.

What we have to remember is that the "tennis Mark Warner" booking was done before the T9 one. So either from Sunday 29th or from Monday 30th, this "collective" reservation was there for all to see.

Just before it was also left, for all to see, that now famous enigmatic note (or annotation ?), on that same reservation book, that clearly stated the reason why the T9 had asked reserved (not to be too far from the children they LEFT in the apartments).

Another odd "reservation" procedure only done in this really odd restaurant,

Fortunately, for sanity's sake, nobody has seen it but Kate McCann.

The BERRYs and the HYNDs booked before the “tennis Mark Warner”, as the sequence on Friday 4th’s “reservation sheet” clearly shows, so they also must’ve booked their meal either on Sunday 29th or Monday 30th.

Nothing we haven't already shown on Tapas Quiz Night Question #11.

Sorry to be repetitive, but we have to be crystal clear. We saw that meant that the PAYNEs, the OLDFIELDs, the O’BRIENs, the McCANNs, the IRWINs, the BERRYs and the HYNDs were allowed by Tapas to book in advance.

But were these people the only ones to be able to do that?

Of course not.

Remember our "Slide & Splash sheet", that we’ve concluded that it was but an inexplicable handwritten copy of Monday 07th'’s “reservation sheet”?:

It’s an important document because it clarifies that the HYNDs did book for that day, at 19:30 to be exact.

This particular reservation was crossed out for reasons we don't know.

One has to wonder about the criteria used by the person making the reservations.

About the "tennis Mark Warner" dinner cancellation a "CANCELADO" is written, but with the HYNDs he feels the need to cross out the name intirely...

The HYNDs, as we've seen, booked in advance, either on Sunday 29th or on Monday 30th, for their meal for Friday, then it would have been on the same occasion that they also booked this meal.

So either, just like the T9, on Sunday 29th, or on Monday 30th, the HYNDs booked for Friday 4th and Monday 7th.

You could say that he booked the Friday 4th meal on THAT occasion, BUT booked the the Monday 7th meal on ANOTHER date.

After all, we have NO statement from any of the HYNDs, do we?

Well for that to happen, on any other date but of Monday 7th itself, the HYND surname would appear first on that reservation sheet. By looking at the Monday 7th’s “reservation sheet”, by the sequence in which the names appear, we can then conclude that the SAVAGEs and the NEWMANs (misspelled as NEWAN) booked before the HYNDs:

So the only other possibility is for the HYNDs not to have booked in advance would have to be that they stood in the line, on Monday 7th, to book for that day's dinner.

How credible is that?

We now know that the HYNDs don't require to stand in line to book at Tapas. So is there any reason for them to decide to stand in a line they don't need to be in, early morning, to book a meal they're not certain they're having, as they later cancel it?

The fact they appear THIRD on that list, means they either stood in that line, which, I repeat, they didn't need to, or that the SAVAGEs and the NEWMANs were also able to book in advance.  

No one stands in a line for fun.

So, if the HYNDs booked BEFORE the “tennis Mark Warner”, which they did, that means that the SAVAGEs and the NEWMANs ALSO booked before the T9, on Sunday 30th or on Monday 1st.

So basically we just have to add up these two names to all those others that were able to “jump the queue”: the PAYNEs, the OLDFIELDS, the O’BRIENs, the McCANNs, the IRWINs, the BERRYs and the HYNDs; and now the SAVAGEs and the NEWMANs.

That said, all we’d be saying new would be just to further confirm the naughtiness and disrespect with which the OC supposedly treated the majority of its clients, by granting inexplicable booking privileges to just a few of them.

But this is where “Mission Impossible” Team comes in.

Thanks to our friend, Insane, who adamantly and vehemently has shown the world, both here and on other sites, both real (Joana’s Morais' blog, comment #87) and imaginary (his blog), both the SAVAGEs and the NEWMANs ONLY checked in on Friday, May 5th.

Here is what this character had to say, commenting our Tapas Quiz Night question #4:  
“None of those people listed on that reservation sheet - or the impromptu copy made on the slide and splash notepaper - arrived in PdL until AFTER Madeleine had disappeared. Go and check for yourselves, their names are all listed in the PJ files, together with the dates they stayed
You are being lied to, by Textusa and her sidekicks, for reasons best known to themselves. These are all the details and references where they can be found  
Savage, apartment G30, arrived 5/5/07, departed 19/5/07  
Newman (Misspelled as Newan ), apartment fp08, arrived 5/5/07, departed 12/5/07  
Hynd, apartment 0011, arrived 5/5/07, departed 12/5/07  
Harrison, apartment dp03, arrived 5/5/07, departed 12/5/07  
Mullard, apartment gp02, arrived 5/5/07, departed 19/5/07  
Burdekin (misspelled as Budekin) apartment gp01, arrived 5/5/07, departed 12/5/07  
Stinton-Heeley, apartment 0207, arrived 5/5/07, departed 19/5/07  
Mackeson, apartment 0025, arrived 5/5/07, departed 12/5/07  
Vincent, apartment cp02, arrived 5/5/07, departed 12/5/07 
Stop lying to people. These guests ALL arrived after Madeleine went. Do your research properly, you are a total laughing stock” 

He later corrects his statement, which he's absolutely entitled to do so: "Oh incidentally. I know Alistair Hyde was there the previous week - but he seems to be there on a rolling basis."

He doesn't correct anything about the SAVAGEs or the NEWMANs, does he?

hese people only arrive on the 5th. So there you have it. Both the SAVAGEs and the NEWMANs booked dinners BEFORE they even arrived.

THAT is only POSSIBLE if done by the “Mission Impossible” Team.

Unfortunately, from the available data, we aren’t able to determine which of their members were at PdL under those identities, so we cannot confirm if Tom Cruise was there or not, although the choice of “SAVAGE” might be an indication that it could’ve been him.

As we don’t want TANNER to do another one of her Tanners, and before we see published in The Sun that she’s pointed Cruise as "the abductor" she allegedly saw, let us clarify that we’re not suggesting anything of the sort.

We’re only stating that there was an IMPOSSIBILITY that did happen at PdL.

No, we’re not talking, this time, about abduction. We’re talking about ANOTHER IMPOSSIBILITY.

The IMPOSSIBILITY of being able to book dinners in an OPTIONAL restaurant at a foreign country BEFORE even arriving there.

Maybe Tapas, with all its marvelous unknown wonders did take bookings online.

Oh, and it’s useless to ask the "Mission Impossible" Team if they were there because "As always, should you or any of your IM Force be caught or killed, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions." As you know, we honestly believe that nothing of the above happened.


  1. Textusa, you have certainly uncovered something here with the tapas dinners, hope scotland yard do as thorough a job as you and the sisters have. well done.

  2. If according to Insane, there is guests on the Tapas list who didn't arrived to PDL at the time Madeleine disappeared, this should be enough to reopen the investigation. This proves the involvement of the OC in the cover up showing that who wrote the Tapas list follow a kind of criteria but failed to check a small and important detail- the date of the "check-in" for some guests.
    The criteria was all being using the creche services and having some tennis lessons. According to the files, the Berry's booked the creche in advance when they booked the holidays. I believe other guests do the same and the same happened with tennis lessons. Then, the person who wrote the Tapas list just had to check the Holiday bookings for May and copy MW guests who booked more or less the services that fit the Tapas 9 alibi. Avoiding the Wilkins because those had to play another roll on the game.
    Mr. Edmond admitted to Tony Benneth, he was in PDL on May 3 and travelled early morning on 4 to switzerland. He says nothing about the Tapas dinner, no matter if he supports Mccann's theory. One have to wonder how he knows the girl was abducted if the shutter was not damaged and nothing on the flat shows any break in. Which one is his version if he flew out before the media started delivering the mess the Mccann's and their relatives gave to the police? And where are the pictures he claims showing Madeleine on the background? that must be the last pictures of Madeleine and not the one near the pool. If he has that pictures and is a friend of the Mccann's, why Gerry took so long to deliver the last picture of Madeleine? If I'm not in error, was delivered after Gerry first trip to UK, means after 20 of May.
    Clearly, the Tapas list are fake and made in a rush due to police pressures. Due to that, I believe most were not priori consulted to give any permission. Some maybe ask their names to be removed, like the hynd's. Why are all this people so silent? The ones who were not in PDL at the time, I understand their silence, they have their flight tickets saving their skins and have nothing to worry. Who was in PDL at the time and have his name on the Tapas list without complaining just means one of two things- or is involved in the cover up or is being payed for the silence with promise that the case will never be reopened.

  3. Paulo Reis has recently blogged his confirmation that the Review will come to nothing at all,a complete waste of taxpayers money.Why no surprise? Yet, it is still disappointing when I consider the enormous amount of effort made by bloggers,quite brilliant really, in a search for the truth. But is it all futile if there is no will or desire to know the truth? For those who have,via the wonders of the internet,scratched the surface of the publicly- accepted version of events know that it cannot be true.And there are those who refuse to contemplate anything other than the Mcanns'version of events.
    People have said before that the truth will never be found via the front door but who will ever come forward do you think to provide sufficient evidence for the case to be reopened in Portugal?
    No point in appealing to the better nature of those who should come forward either.They must now believe their own lies.
    At times it makes me weep.
    And one of the 20 most influential women in Britain -nauseating's right! Quite disappointed to see Kathy Lette's name on the judging panel.Would have thought she'd know better but who knows?

  4. When are the Mccann's starting their case against Amaral? When they travelled to Portugal, thinking the battle against the book was won, they inundate the media with a nauseating battle, accusing Amaral of defamation and clamming a huge number of Euros. Where is that battle? Fears now?! Why, if they claim they are innocent in all things related with disappearence of their daughter? They know, Amaral can reopen the case if they decide to disturb him. I believe many evidences had been delivered to his hands and to the Pj desks in Portimao, after he left the case and after the case been shelved. Those evidences are just waiting for one of the persons involved in the cover up to step forward. And the list of people involved in the cover up goes largely then the Tapas 9 and who help them on May third.
    With all the lies, related with events in PDL or with the campaigns they promised but never happen, the Mccann's lost all credibility. It is a shame to see politics like the PM and top writers like JKR, involved with that pair of liars and doing nothing to bring them to justice or at least to close their fraudulent Fund and set a parliamentary inquiry to Kates book. After all, she advertised the book as an account of the truth and what came out was a self promotion. Again, the public was fooled with a fraudulent publicity and who should regulate that kind of frauds keeps silent letting the carriage pass untouched. That is a very bad example for the new generations and too danger. Is disgusting the blindness of who has power.

  5. Shocking to see a compulsive liar being nominated one of the 20 inspirational woman's, on the same week the news delivered the sad reality of a huge number of honest women's in Britain, being lost their jobs, enlarging the unemployed mothers.
    Is there any Fund to support that mothers?

  6. I guess the guy that had the brilliant idea of putting in the meal times, must be feeling a lot of love from his BH pals...

  7. Inacreditavel como Amanda Knox e o ex-namorado sairam em liberdade depois das provas apresentadas pela policia em 2007 e da perversidade, que se disse, caracterizava a personalidade de Amanda.
    A justica comete erros mas neste caso, tenho muitas duvidas que a justica Italiana tenha cometido o erro de condenar a tantos anos de prisao dois inocentes, e tenha levado 4 anos a corrigir esse erro. Parece-me mais um caso em que dois culpados vao ficar em liberdade porque alguem com influencia se mexeu ao mais alto nivel para transformar evidencias naquilo em que( comeca a ser moda) se transformam provas quando sao comprometedoras- ADN CONTAMINADO.
    Recorreu-se a Hilary Clinton e sabe-se la a que outros deuses, para reduzir a zero a vida e o sofrimento de Meredith. Nao me enganarei muito, se dentro em breve virmos Amanda e Soleccito a publicarem livros( o que tambem vai ficando na moda) e a pavonearem-se como verdadeiras celebridades gozando os milhares de Dolares/ Euros que os livros gerarem e a indemnizacao que devem exigir a policia italiana. vamos ver quanto vao valer 4 anos de prisao nas cadeias italianas, agora que sabemos que a vida de alguem, vale zero. E nem quero sequer entrar noutro nivel de discussao que para o caso tambem e legitimo, se alguem o levantar, o facto de apenas haver um condenado que e negro num crime que o tribunal apurou ter tido a participacao de mais de uma pessoa.

  8. Interessante é o PFFFFFFFFFFFFFa dizer que há semelhanças nos 2 casos .

    Claro que as " concordâncias " são diferentes.


  9. After following the recent Amanda Knox trial, I despair that the Mccanns will ever be brought to justice and if they are they too have a 'huge PR machine' working for them. Our society has sunk to such a low and provided people have the money to pay they can get away with anything. We are corrupt, the SY investigation will uncover nothing, behind the scenes PR people tell the media what to print. In the case of Amanda Knox the Daily Mail announced the guilty verdict on-line with a story stating they had spoken to prosecuters and Amanda Knox was on suicide watch, it was all lies another made up piece of journalism same as the Mccann fairytale, nobody stands up to these people justice has become something if you have the money you can bury it.

    If this Mccann case ever came to court any evidence against them would be disregarded by expensive defence lawyers and they would walk free to make more money from interviews, film deals and book sales.

  10. Foi precisamente para evitar um desfecho igual ao de Amanda Knox, que a justica portuguesa nao levou os Mccann ate outras instancias. Nao por nao haver provas para os julgar, pois Stuart Prior disse a PJ que por muito menos ja tinha prendido gente em Inglaterra, mas porque os portugueses sabiam qual ia ser a historia do lado ingles, contaminacao atras de contaminacao, com tudo a ser inconclusivo.
    Choca-me muita coisa no caso de Meredith. Choca-me sobretudo o facto do caso tambem datar de 2007 e nunca ter visto nenhum Porta-Voz nomeado pelo governo ingles para ajudar a familia de Meredith a ultrapassar um choque tao dificil. Enfim... ha uns ingleses mais que outros a provar que a justica nao e igual para todos. Chega a ser revoltante.

  11. Quem disse que o crime nao compensa? Claro que compensa. Amanda sai em liberdade e os Mccann saboreiam a liberdade. Gerry ate ja foi nomeado Pai do ano na Escocia, logo depois de perder a filha. Kate posta a figurar entre as 20 fontes de inspiracao femininas na Gra-Bretanha e os dois acabaram de fazer parte de uma conferencia onde se discutiam assuntos relacionados com criancas. E esta a sociedade que quem nos governa, deixa de legado as novas geracoes.

  12. There's nothing similar between the Knox case and Maddie. The outcome is what the McCanns would love, to go to Court and come out free. But that would be as bitter as their current life. Anyone really believe in Amanda's innocence? Or McCann's? Hey, just found a something in common between the two, haven't I?

  13. There are many similarities between the two cases, in both cases evidence has been glossed over, facts rewritten, Amanda said there had been a break in, police proved otherwise, mccanns said shutters were jemmied they were not, mobile phones were tampered with in both cases, both Amanda and Mccanns attempted to frame other people and both lied and changed their stories several times, both employed PR teams, both set up facebook and social net working campaigns to make more money from the public to 'aid their causes'.

    Evidence against Amanda was dismissed in court where once it was enough to prove her guilt, the Italian police were called a laughing stock and toy town cops, same as the PJ in mccanns case also the top investigative officer in Knox trial had his reputation trashed in court, as did Amaral. People lied for Knox giving misinformation to the police in both cases and involved manipulation and lies from the media.

    Both cases involved plenty of money and the opportunity of making plenty more, the victim Meredith was forgotten similar to how Madeleine has been treated by Mccanns.

    These cases prove how corrupt individuals are that should be protecting our society not undermining it for their own personal gain or political gratification.

  14. Media are beating low.

    Media needs new rules.

    Journalists must be punish to broadcast fake news, fake sources. Broadcasting bullshit and no sense that cause damage and justice obstruction in a ongoing investigation must be punished immediately to avoid the usual promiscuity between journalisms and criminals!!!

    These are the signs of times we live now....

  15. If the truth and facts had been published by the media both of these cases would have reached their rightful conclusions long ago.

    The media should be found guilty for perverting the course of justice and undermining the authorities. Meredith and Madeleine both deserve justice not a media circus.

  16. Blogeditorial comment:

    About Amanda Knox, we would like to inform our readers that we're happy to hear your comments but we will not publish any post on this subject on our blog.

    It may not be helpful or kind to the Kerchers to know there are arguments raging openly on the internet, so we think that sharing their thoughts with us privately may be a better option for those who want to express their feelings.

  17. Agree with Textusa 100% on the subject of Amanda Knox.
    I just want to say, God bless the Kercher family, they are a true example of dignity and restraint in face of adversity!
    I sincerelly hope that Meredith Kercher will get justice.

  18. I also hope that the Kercher family will get justice for Meredith, and thank you Textusa for all the research and work you do in finding justice for Madeleine.

    Thank you sisters, justice for Maddie.

  19. From what has been uncovered here, it looks as if the mccanns and their friends spent quite a lot of time amending records to make it appear that they frequented the Tapas bar attempting to give strength to their abduction theory and their 'dining at the bottom of the garden' nonsense.

    Obviously as Textusa has pointed out this large group were not spending this amount of time at the tapas bar. This would suggest that the cover up does in fact involve all of the tapas friends because they have all lied and have been willing accomplices, how many other records have been 'doctored' by them that have been taken as fact enabling this group to continue with this farce.

    SY should take nothing at face value, there have been so many lies told by all those involved. Robert Murat and Payne are key players in all of this once their defence is broken down we may get to the truth.

    After recent events in the press it would be totally, totally unacceptable for the Mccanns to be cleared. Textusa has uncovered much, SY should use her as an example it is possible to break through the lies and cover up, they must stay focused.

    If they read these blogs, and I hope they do, please remember justice for Madeleine and find the truth.

  20. One thing that the BHs are overlooking when trying to compare the Knox case with the McCann's: the DNA analysis on the Knox case was to identify the criminals, as victim lay there and the police knew at once there was a death, while with the McCanns it was to identify the victim, that the Police only realized later that Maddie died in that apartment. In the Knox case, the evidence lay with the corpse, with Maddie, there was a lot of time and effort to try and clean up the evidence.

  21. The Mc's are very quiet at the moment, nothing in the news, perhaps they are worried about the SY investigation.

    Also do the twins go to private school courtesy of the fund !!!

  22. Another excellent article by Textusa, I would ask why would anyone want to book the Tapas bar in advance, especially as there were many restaurants closeby, Chaplins, the Mill etc, the Tapas bar had a limited menu of snacks etc and in May - out of season - would have had limited opening hours.

    Thanks Tex xx

  23. I don't believe the tapas list ever existed, not for the tapas 9 or any other guests who spent any holiday at the OC.
    The tapas look like a coffee shop to support the swimming pool during the day. At night, if serves any dinner was based on first arrived first served.
    PJ knows, that is the usual in Algarve and no reason for the tapas to be different special in a low season. While asking the booking lists, the police offered to who were involved on Maddie saga, a rat trapper and the tapas 9 and the OC fall on it. No matter which names are there, Producing those lists was an error and a strong evidence against the all tapas 9 and the OC. I believe PJ asked also the lists from other weeks before the McCann's arrived, to compare the working time, the menu and the amount of clients. And the resort failed to produce anyone because never had lists and there is no logical reason to have them.
    The tapas is not included on the package, then who eat there have to pay the meal. To pay it, there is only two possibilities, or pay immediately with cash or card, or connect the consumption to the flat number and pay it at the check-out. if so, the lists just make sense if they record the consumption of who is going to pay the meals at the check-out. As we can see, that lists are a mess and prove that they cannot also be considered consumption lists because they don't show any food and in terms of drinks, are useless... We don't know who drinks what and who is going to pay. Then I see them just like rat trappers cleverly used by the police to catch the perverts. By releasing them, the police launch a red light to who has the name on them to see if somebody steps forward claiming that the name was wrongly there because they never booked for such dinner, even if they ate there. We don't know if somebody contacted already the police. If none had contacted the police, it is clear, the police have to enlarge the number of people involved in the cover up by adding all the guests from the tapas list to the list of the suspects. They know the girl is dead and are helping the people involved on the death getting away with it. That is obstruction of justice with another serious crime- by acting like that, these guests are letting the McCann's feed their fraudulent fund while fooling innocents.

  24. It irritates me so much the politically correct "I'm not accusing the McCanns of anything, I'm just stating facts" that I see in many blogs.
    Like if it's just the noble and right thing to do to not accuse those who deserve to be accused.
    FACTS make anyone conclude that the McCanns are guilty, BEYOND ANY REASONABLE DOUBT. In theory, it should be the Police to come to that conclusion and inform the general public of that. Unfortunately in this case it’s been blogs like this one that have been doing what the Police should have done but it seems it didn’t want to.
    Complying stubbornly with "innocent until proven guilty" when it’s crystal clear that we’re before criminals that have clearly obstructed justice is being naïve, and the BHs know how to explore naivety very well.
    One has to take sides. Yes, one mustn’t forget the rights of the accused, but one mustn’t AS WELL, forget the victim’s right to justice. And to accuse is not to condemn.
    Instead of saying “I’m not accusing…” just start to say clearly that “FACTS show that the McCanns should be accused”.

  25. "Metropolitan Police Service Foia disclosure on the Madeleine McCann case review"
    available on Joana Morais Blog.

  26. Amanda Knox will live, outside prison, a life like the McCanns: a prison worse than prison.

    Yes, she'll make a bundle, but it's in cases like this that the words that money doesn't buy happiness (or peace) do apply.

    Like the McCanns, she'll be conscious, for the rest of her life, of every single person that looks in her direction. Everyone will appear to be accusing. What a pitiful life.

    When Justice is not clear this is what happens. Remember OJ Simpson? Michael Jackson? Lots of money, very little peace.

    In this instance, Knox and the McCanns are alike.

    To be clear, I think Knox is guilty, but that's my thoughts and I accept the Court's decision. As I'll accept any outcome with the McCanns, who I think are also guilty.

  27. The McCann's are able to control also the Internet. Tony Benneth was "forced" to remove some posts about Brian Kennedy. Only the McCann's and their team are allowed to say whatever they want and incriminate whatever they decide or choose to be convenient at each moment, without been questioned or accounted for their behavior. It is a shame, the way the UK government is dealing with that case.
    I don't know if Brian Kennedy was/is involved on Maddie cover up, but what I know and everybody knows is his involvement on the protection of the McCann's, since the beginning of the case. Why he offered that protection and why the McCann's need such protection if they claim innocence and had spread all over the world the abduction as the only acceptable scenery? How many kids went missing in Uk since maddie disappeared? Many... Have mr Brian Kennedy been so kind with the parents of all these children who went missing after Madeleine? I don't think so. Nothing was publicized on the media. Then, why the McCann's, if when he offer his money they were not yet considered official suspects for PJ? Even if they were suspects, is normal for any police to suspect the parents because they were the last persons who saw maddie alive
    and had a privileged access to the child.
    Nobody understand that support. The money was not used to search the girl. If so, must be donated to an official police or to an organization in charged of searching missing child's, not only Madeleine, but all missing children or offered as a ransom to attract the abductor or who help him. What was reported in the media, was the money going to Metodo 3, to the McCann's legal team including the Pink
    man and to Marcos Aragao Correia. A very strange choice that needs to be questioned by who has a pinch of brain and was able to think freely. His money and his VIP status should be not a reason for not questioning his behavior. Mr Benneth is doing what should be done by the UK authorities but nobody seems to have balls to question all this strange characters connected with McCann's.

  28. No surprises, Amanda Knox is playing now the victim roll saying she was sexually assaulted by who was in charged of the prison. Aspected.
    Where did I see something similar? Leonor cipriano been victim of the PJ but unable to recognize any of her abusers. Knox and Cipriano, have the same teachers- their lawyers.

  29. Something strange is also happening to Joana Morais blog. Very few posts and few comments. People are getting tired of all manipulation and lack of attitude and personality from the Portuguese and UK authorities. They are dancing the McCann's balade. A shame.


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