Saturday, 5 November 2011

Will The Sun Follow NOTW's Fate? We Do Hope So!

A reporter from the tabloid The Sun was arrested over alleged police payments, as per yesterday's The Guardian.

The Sun has overlooked to report this fact until now... no surprise here.

Today it's all about police payments.

Maybe tomorrow it will be about all the rubbish published about the McCanns by this tabloid. As far as we know, publishing rubbish isn't reason an arrest.

It could be argued that that same rubbish did do its best to mislead gullible people into contributing towards a Fraudulent Fund, and should then be considered a premeditated criminal act.

Not to go into being a deliberate help in covering-up of a crime.

That's all argueable.

But one day all the rubbish published by The Sun about the Maddie will be under very serious public scrutiny.  

The tabloid and all its brilliant reporters will have to answer some very awkward questions. Antonella Lazzeri, for one, will have, in our opinion, a lot to say about this... We remain patient. Very patient.

Update: It seems, according with the MMF, that the The Sun reporter arrested is Jamie Pyatt.
In the same thread, it is raised the possibility that Mr. Pyatt could be the “Mystery Man” in one of the McCann related photos:
It is a fact that the resemblance between both is significant:

We, in this blog can’t confirm that the pictures are of the same person, and we do tend to think that it isn’t so:

But as uncertain as we are that Mr Pyatt is “Mystery Man” we’re equally uncertain that he isn’t.

We cannot disregard that there could be as much as 4 years between these 2 pictures, and the angle with which the subject views the camera is different.

But what we’re certain of is that he's the author of a pro-McCann article in The Sun.

We do think the moat around the “McCann Castle” is starting to dry up pretty quickly, and the crocodiles there might now be rethinking on what side of the fence they really want to be now…


  1. Slowly the Mccanns are beginning to unravel, bit by bit, by next february they will be facing more than a libel trial.

    In Pat Brown and Sr Amaral they have two tigers by the tail !!

  2. Since the NOTW scandal, I've noticed that The Sun has hardly spoken about the couple. I think they've been relegated to the Daily Star for their circus.
    The public are starting to realize that the McCanns aren't untouchables after all. They're a bluff and cannot go to Court to discuss fact, so they resume their tactics by using big legal names to frighten off people. The public is starting to realize that the McCann bark is much bigger than their bite, and once that is understood, the couple will be fair game.

  3. There seems to be much in the news about corrupt police forces taking money in return for stories etc, if SY decide to do a whitewash on this Mccann case and not a proper investigation they too will be tarred with the same brush and little by little the Mccanns and the corrupt media will bring our police force down, this fact should strength the resolve of SY to do a proper investigation, we all know the stories printed in the Scum are fairystories, the Sun has no credibility as a news source it is nothing more than a 'lads mag' full of boobs.

  4. The Sun has become a taboid joke, part of Murdochs crumbling empire, misleading the public asking for donations for the greedy Mccann couple and selling Kates book for £18.00 which was double the cost being charged on Amazon (not that I would waste a penny of my money on reading Kates lies) but I did buy the Kindle version of Pat Browns very good and well thought through book.

  5. Great site Textusa xxx

  6. Boas!

    O império o tio Rupert é demasiado grande para acabar.

    Os journos são presos por serem obrigados a seguir as " desorientações editoriais". Não os desculpa, é óbvio.

    Para mim é tudo falso e um enorme fogo de artifício: acabar com os tablóides da escumalha mas tudo o mais continuará insidiosamente.

    Calhará alguma coisa ( artificial ) à Tontarella? Do género como à Rebeka...... para distrair e convencer os papalvos.

    xxs, Text.

  7. This is becoming unbearable.

    I'm not speaking about us or the McCanns, but about those that have made all this effort to protect what happened.

    There are people out there who're starting to realize that either this ends soon, or they will be right in the middle of the mudslide when it happens.

    McCann's shoes are NOT a good place to be in at the time being...

  8. O Tio Rupert abriu um site para vítimas...... os Mcs devem estar na fila pois é para receberem dinheiro.

  9. Considering the majority of people are watching their money and being careful of spending, and with all the cut backs the government imposes, I find it unbelievable that the mccanns have the nerve to take from the public and allow Cameron to give 3 million of tax payers money for this 'review' of their case, when all they needed to do was to ask for the case to be re-opened, and if they were innocent that is exactly what they would have asked for.

    Fake stories have been printed in the Sun, the newspapers openly admitted during the phone hacking that they appease PR companies and print false stories for sensationalism to sell newspapers and this is what has happened with the Mccanns, Kate and Gerry know there was no abductor but still they continue taking money fraudulently from the
    gullible public which are fed false stories by the corrupt Sun.

    Lets hope the corrupt Sun is setting once and for all, never to rise again.

  10. There are other photos of someone who seems to be the "mistery man" in the playground photo. In those photos a very similar man is seen with Robert Murat, some GNR officers and Luis António (the ex-husband of the woman who is now Murat's wife). It seems the man is a PJ officer. I searched for a link where you could see the photos I'm talking about but could not find one, sorry.All I can tell you is that the man in both photos indeed seems to be the same person, a bald, very well built man, dark skin which does not seem like a tan but like the skin of someone of african descent.
    I remember that when I saw those photos in a discussion forum(was it in the 3Arguidos forum...?) people discussed the possibility of the McCanns and their friends being under police surveillance since the first day they arrived in Portugal, if that "mistery man" in the playground is a police officer and a friend or acquaintance of Murat...the questionis why...why would the police be watching the group before the 3rd May???

  11. The mistery man, connected to Murat...?

    Found this:

    "We showed several photos, taken during the first days of the searches for Madeleine to the British witnesses that confirmed Murat was accompanied by other man, in his return to Portugal, but the man wasn't among those pictured. One of those witnesses noticed that a person who was on the pictures, talking with Robert Murat and following a canine unit of GNR (Portuguese Rural Police) was also in several web pages, but near Gerry McCann, Madeleine and the twins. The picture (1) was taken before Madeleine was kidnapped, and is clear that the place is inside the Ocean Resort. The man in question, with shaved hair, sunglasses and strongly build, appears in several photos, published in British and Spanish newspapers, among Police officers and close to Robert Murat. Our question to Portuguese CID about this man received the same answer: no comments, details of the investigation are covered by Secrecy Law."

  12. Another interesting "thing" about the photo of Murat with the GNR officers and the "mistery man" is that one of the men in that group is Neil Berry, who was holidaying in the Ocean Club and during the holiday made friends with another guest, Raj Balu, and they both participated in the searches. They were interviewed by the Leicester police in the rogatory interviews asked by the PJ, but, oh what a BIG but...their early testimonies to the PJ are not to be seen anywhere! Are they part of the undisclosed files? I suggest a reading of their rogatory interviews:

    ..."With regard to the question as to how I became aware a child had gone missing and my involvement in the searches;

    After 22:00 we were still sitting on the veranda in the Berry apartment. We heard noises downstairs and afterwards found out that a child had disappeared. MY TESTIMONY DATED 6TH MAY 2007 RELATED THE DETAILS OF THE CONVERSATION WE OVERHEARD and the information regarding the paper that Neil and I used in the searches. I cannot add any more details save those which have already been given in this testimony."

    What "overheard conversation" is Raj Balu talking about? And why aren't their original statements to the PJ available? I smell a BIG rat!!!

    I feel it was well worth an investigation on this Raj Balu...a task for the investigative minds of the Bronte-Cohen sisters...?
    Is the "mistery man" Raj Balu...?

  13. The mirror is cracking down. I too don't believe that was the guy pictured on the back of Gerry and the children. At the time, Madeleine was not missing, then no reason for him to be there. If was him, the case will had contours of conspiracy and a plan made before to make the girl disappearing, which I don't believe. The case must have been too simple on the beginning .
    I read somewhere that the guy pictured on the back was a GNR contracted by the Resort to do some security.
    Any way, the editors of the McCann media, know very well the truth and I believe they negotiate what they know with mccann's to achieve a good income for both parts.

  14. From Little Morsals:

    "FRIDAY, 4 NOVEMBER 2011

    Pat Brown to sue Gerry and Kate McCann
    Pat Brown will be suing Kate and Gerry McCann for libel and tortious interference with business in the very near future. Anne Bremner of the law firm of Stafford Frey Cooper will be representing Pat in the upcoming legal actions.

    Anne Bremner has performed legal work on a number of high-profile cases, including the murder of Meredith Kercher in Italy as legal counsel and a spokesperson for the Friends of Amanda Knox, and as the lawyer for the family of Rebecca Zahau following her death in California.

    Pat says “It is a Freedom of Speech issue: we cannot live in a world where questions cannot be asked or varying opinions voiced.”

    Pat Brown will be in Portugal February 2012 for Mr Amaral’s libel trial."

  15. Well spotted anonymous who posted about Balu and Neil Berry.
    I too, found strange this two and i made some comments when on that blog, the Tapas list were under discussion. One of Berry daughters was on the same creche room as Madeleine, sharing the same nanny. And the girl was part of the few ones who were registered for the creche on May 3. She arrived and left, more or less at the same time of Madeleine, then high possibility to cross with who, from the mccann's bring Madeleine. I found strange, no any mention of having seen Madeleine in the creche, considering that this statement was made to confirm the first statement which is not available. I believe, a confirmation of Madeleine in the creche that morning, was a must for the police.
    I found also interesting what he says about the dinner later. The two families, Berry and Balu, dine together because one cannot book a table for the Tapas. But no Berry or Balu appears on the Tapas list that night. Who removed the name if was booked and they just decide to not go in the later afternoon?
    On top of that, they said they ordered the food from the Tapas and went there for take away. No mention of take away on the Tapas list, for that night, contrary to what happened in another night after maddie disappeared ( may 4 or 6). Taking in account they went to the Tapas to order and pick the food and to the OC to get the cot fixed, there was high possibility of being bumping on one of the Tapas 9 on his way to the dinner. He didn't mention anything.
    On top of that, another group dinning in a veranda that manage not see anything.
    For me the paper he was talking about was the paper gave by the nannies to search some areas. Remember on the Nannie statements they said they put in place the resortbprocedures for that cases, which I found odd because thevalarm was raised at 10pm, Kate spent some time searching herself the flat, then how at 10:12, the OC procedures was already in place with all nannies in the resort? The conversation he talks about, must be a nanny conversation. Wonder why the OC procedures sent the searches to areas far from the mccann's flat if at the time any common sense will tell anybody that the girl could be wonder off by herself and be near the places she knows?
    The nannies and this two are important pieces on the puzzle.

  16. Murat did rush out to Faro booked his flight in the middle of the night, but who is this bald guy, why has he been kept out of things, Murat is involved in Madeleines disappearance for sure, this guy was around BEFORE she disappeared, could the whole disappearance be some sort of conspiracy and Madeleine was the victim?

  17. Unlike NOTW, The Sun won't close down. They've had the time to do the adequate "spring cleaning" on all computers...
    Must congratulate the tabloid in its effort to stifle this arrest in to an unnoticeable story in the UK.

  18. I think that mystery man has nothing to do with the disappearence of Madeleine. We know, the police believe the Mccann's were involved on what happen to their daughter. He must be already full investigated by the police and dismissed, otherwise his name and more pictures of him will be already spread around the world by the mccann's tabloids. Mccann's were always desperatly looking for a scapegoat and that picture which was probably took by Kate, was available since the beginning to give them the perfect scapegoat( Remember them asking pictures showing strangers on the background? They were inspired on that one). They will not miss it. Unless he is connected with them on any way and they need to avoid him. But this is bringing the story again to a pre-planned crime and a conspiracy. The police believes was an accident and they had to conceal it to protect their reputation. I think the reputation has less to do with their carrers and their work and more to do with their private vicissitudes and the swing. The swing was what tied most of the guests and the OC on the same knot. They all have a big secret on their lifes and were forced to cooperate on the fake abduction to protect themselves. Very simple and very practical. The story the Mccann's started one week after with a fraudulent Fund was also a way of abusing who help them on the first hours. But they know, none of them will open a mouth because they all have a secret to hide to their families and close friends. BUT SECRETS CANNOT BE KEPT FOREVER and I believe some of that supporters, over the time, developped an anti feeling and hate the Mccann's. If the case become reopenned, some anonymous but very credible letters will fall on the PJ desks to explain the truth. What a nightmare for the Tapas 9 and the managers of the OC.

  19. Anon @ 5.30 - I agree totally with you, this picture has been available from the beginning and is the type of photograph that the Mccanns wanted, somebody in the background looking rather suspicious, a little bit too posed now we know the full extent of Mccanns duplicity.

    Also there is something that is holding Tapas group and this all together as you mention and I also believe it was 'swinging and swapping' they are all covering each other because of the scandal and they would definitely lose their jobs.

    The Sun newspaper ran stories fed to them by the Mccann family as fact believing they had exclusives but the reality is the Mccanns have played everybody.

    Textusa see's through their lies.

  20. Sorry Textusa and thanks to Jillhavernforum, I copy that message from Pat Brown from Jill forum:

    "Sun Nov 06, 2011 8:35 pm by Pat Brown
    It has been a crazy last few days but I wanted to stop in and say "Thanks!" to each and every one of you who have posted encouraging words and your support for the road ahead. I have been quite quiet since four months ago when my book was pulled from Amazon and some wondered why. Now you know! Taking a legal route to get answers, to stop the crushing of Freedom of Speech, and to seek justice and truth is not normally my preferred route. However, it may be the only route in the case. Even if the McCanns are not guilty of anything more than neglect and obstruction of a police investigation, their behaviors have had an impact on missing child cases, support funds, police handling of such cases, and the media. All of this needs to be addressed openly, in the UK and the US and everywhere else in the world.

    BTW, if you haven't seen my new post up at Women in Crime Ink, please take a read!

    Again, my thanks for being here, fighting for answers, and lending me your support.

    Pat Brown"

    All the best Pat Brown. Thanks for your courage. We from Portugal, will be with you. We want and have the right to free express our questions in the most badly explained story and we have the right to know the truth. In fact, what the mccann's did inspire other cases around the world. Somebody has to highlight that and force the authorities to act and stop the fraud. In a time were governments are cutting salaries and make honest people to live on the limiar of the poverty, the same governments cannot act with a blind insanity and let mccann's fraudulent Fund and a fraudulent book to go on and cash in. On the other side of that story, there is a little girl who suffered ( or they want us to believe aswell that the negligence they assumed didn't cause any pain on her?). The girl was forgotten by them on the first week, when they launch the Fund. Since then, was 4 years about them and the scapegoats they invented to feed their tabloids and criticize the official investigation.
    Will be hot February in Portugal. Unfortunately for them, the Portuguese don't believe they neglected their child's. The negligence was the only scenery that gave them a window opportunity for the abduction. But the window was so bad that become impossible, according to top police inspectors like Moita Flores. Paulo Rebelo also believe 7 children from the Tapas 9 were together on the same flat
    on the night of May 3( reported on papers).

  21. This, and the NOTW scandal seems that there are two kind of news in the UK: one done by honest journalists and the other done through payments. I think the UK should hold, I don't know if it doesn't, a yearly ceremony like the Pulitzers. But in the UK, it should be like in the movies, a ceremony for serious journalists (like the Oscars), and another for "pornographic" journalism. We know which one all the tabloids should attend, but taking into account the behavior of BBC and SKY NEWS about Maddie, I think the awardees in the "pornographic" ceremony would outnumber, by a large number, the one at the "serious" one...
    Not all means justify the end. There must always be some decency. Which is something that both reporters named in this post have none.

  22. "Mãe de Rui Pedro alimentada a soro"- in Correio da Manha
    Filomena Mendonça está de rastos, voltou a deixar de se alimentar e já não aguenta tanto sofrimento. A apenas dez dias do início do julgamento referente ao desaparecimento do filho Rui Pedro, que foi visto pela última vez há treze anos, a mulher foi-se abaixo mais uma vez. Está a ser alimentada diariamente através de soro e até dia 17, data em que Afonso Dias começa a responder por rapto no Tribunal de Lousada, tem de ir a consultas diárias no hospital.
     A ansiedade e a dor tomam conta do seu coração de mãe. Filomena depositou as últimas esperanças de encontrar o filho, que desapareceu quando tinha onze
    anos, no julgamento que agora começa. Mas teme nunca mais o abraçar.
    "Ela está a ser novamente seguida no hospital. A ansiedade de saber que o julgamento está próximo
    deitaram-na mais uma vez abaixo. Quiseram até que ela ficasse internada, mas ela não aceitou. A nossa última esperança é o julgamento. Se não conseguirmos saber no tribunal o que aconteceu ao nosso filho vai ser um desespero total", disse emocionado ao CM Manuel Mendonça, pai de Rui Pedro.
    Filomena vai manter-se em silêncio sobre o caso do filho até ao dia do julgamento. Emociona-se bastante sempre que fala do de-saparecimento. Por isso teme perder as forças que lhe restam e não conseguir testemunhar contra o homem acusado de raptar Rui Pedro. Após ser deduzida a acusação, em Março deste ano, a mulher ficou muito fragilizada. Recusou-se a comer e chegou a só pesar 39 kg. "Após saber que o caso ia a julgamento a minha mulher conseguiu recuperar um pouco e agora já pesa 47 kg. Mas com o aproximar do julgamento voltou a deixar de comer e ficou mais frágil. Os médicos temiam que voltasse a ficar outra vez muito magra, por isso tem de receber soro todos os dias, para não perder peso", explicou Manuel.
    Filomena, por seu turno, pediu ao CM para não prestar declarações. Com as marcas das agulhas nos braços – a ‘prova’ de que é medicada todos os dias – a mãe de Rui Pedro confessa que já não tem forças. "Não posso, não consigo", afirma com a voz tremida, na escola de condução que lhe pertence e onde passa a maioria das tardes. Aí, dizem-nos que Filomena conta os dias que faltam para o início do julgamento. Será uma das primeiras testemunhas a depor diante do colectivo de juízes e terá de retroceder no tempo até ao dia 4 de Março de 1998, o último dia em que viu e abraçou o seu menino. "Ela tem de conseguir. E vai fazê-lo, porque é muito importante para ela", diz o marido.
    Os preparativos para o início do julgamento do caso Rui Pedro estão já a ser ultimados. A Polícia Municipal de Lousada decidiu que irá cortar a rua que dá acesso ao tribunal e já informou inclusive todos os comerciantes locais. O objectivo é evitar possíveis tentativas de agressão contra Afonso Dias.
    Haverá também um reforço policial nos dias de julgamento, mas para além da revista habitual à entrada da sala, não vão existir outras medidas de segurança extraordinárias. A primeira sessão irá realizar-se no dia 17, às 09h30. Será aí que Afonso irá dizer se está disposto ou não a falar em julgamento. Para o mesmo dia estão também já arrolados como testemunhas os pais de Rui Pedro. Deverão depois ser ouvidos os cinco menores, que hoje já são adultos, e que viram o menino entrar no carro de Afonso. Seguem-se os elementos da Polí-cia Judiciária que investigaram todo o caso."

    Filomena e uma Mae coragem que lutou / procurou sempre nos lugares certos, sem explorar o filho, sem usar a religiao ou Fundos fraudulentos para se promover. Entre ela e Kate ha uma diferenca abysmal. Kate devias ter vergonha, o unico sitio onde devias procurar a tua filha e aquele que evitas- o tribunal.

  23. Filomena Teixeira e uma mulher bonita que a dor e a incerteza degradou. Quando a comparamos a outra mae, a diferenca e gritante. Kate e o marido melhoraram a imagem, o guarda-roupa e ate o sorriso se modificou. Basta compararmos imagens recentes com as mais antigas para vermos que houve ali a intervencao cara de um dentista. Tudo em prol da imagem e do material que pretendem vender. Tudo pago pelo dinheiro do Fundo, supostamente angariado para procurar a filha. Tem-na procurado realmente, em lojas de alta costura, em consultorios de dentistas e advogados, em estudios de fotografia ou de editores de jornais, onde ninguem quer saber de Maddie, ou se recorda da sua dor.
    O dinheiro nao apaga o sofrimento quando ele existe e e genuino.
    No sofrimento, nao ha espaco nem tempo para nada. Ele devora cada segundo da nossa vida e devora-nos com ele.
    Quando as imagens nos transmitem o contrario so podemos encher a nossa mente com ???????????????

  24. From what I'm reading on certain sites, "Pat Brown2 is instilling the fear the BHs wanted others to feel whenever they uttered "Carter-Ruck" unto others...

  25. There is a child inside the slide. Looks like a girl with dark medium wavy hair. The mystery man is probably the father of that child. He appears to be talking with that girl.
    The mccann's had a buggy? I'm confused, or the excuse they gave for not using the Millennium restaurant was the location( far from the flat) and the fact they had no buggy to carry the children?
    The other girl, looks more or less the size of Madeleine and has similar hair in length. Could be Jane Tanner daughter?


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