Thursday, 10 November 2011

Being Honest About Faked Abductions

It’s hard to find, in these critical competitive times, truthful marketing campaigns.

They do try to squeeze out of you every little penny they can.

Some campaigns are blatantly fake (like the irritating spam we keep receiving in our mail boxes); others seem to be absolutely honest, but… there’s the small print, or “applicable only to available stock”, etc.

Being a skeptical person by nature, and a cynic one by life's experience, I thought impossible that I could ever see truly honest publicity.  

Until today.

 Look at this result when searching for “faked abduction product”.

 Isn’t it just completely, totally and absolutely honest?

Unfortunately, there’s just one tiny, little detail that spoils the perfection. Or, to be precise, two tiny, little details. See if you can spot them.

Look at the "popular tags" on the left of the screen:
 - narcissistic personality disorder (2)
 - unanswered questions (2)
 - biography (1)
- cover-up (1)
- deliberate warped use of amazon tag system by... (1)
- evil internet creeps (1)
 - fraud (1)
- jon benet ramsey (1)
- lies (1)
 - making money off of neglectful parenting (1)

What are “biography” and “jon benet ramsey” doing in the middle of such truthful tags about the Black Hats?!?  

Why Amazon?!?

Could I ask you, Amazon, to take out just those two tags off that particular page, so that I may become, against all I believe in, a believer in perfection?

Not as a “Post Scriptum” but as a sequence of the above, let me add the following thoughts.

I imagine that Kate McCann may by now be thinking “Why is the whole world against me? Oh why?!?” Let me appease you Dear Kate. No, the WHOLE world is NOT against you.

There are still out there some voices defending you. They’re very few.

Maybe less than a dozen, ridiculously hysterical, and honestly making a sad, sorry spectacle of themselves. NOT laughable because laughter is an healthy human reaction that is NEVER triggered either by pity or by disgust.

Just a few days ago, the world reached it’s 7th billion human being. A dozen does in fact represent very, very little.

Or even less than that. A percentage that is to be discarded, I could say, but won’t. You know why?

Because I’m applying the exact same principle you are when it comes to your understanding of “reasonable doubt”.

Although almost the totality of facts known do point to your guilt, you cling on to the smallest infinitesimal probability of occurrence of a ridiculous number of coincidences to claim your possible innocence until PROVEN guilty.

So, using the same reasoning, 12, more or less (and I’m being generous), out of 7 billion, means, if you want to be really, really, REALLY precise, that the WHOLE world is NOT against you.



    Song "HONESTY", by Billy Joel

    The McCanns (among others) should be "serenaded" with this song every single night!

  2. Hehehehe Textusa, you missed the THIRD tiny, little detail that was wrong:

    "making money off of neglectful parenting"

    NEGLECTFUL parenting? Now, isn't that their biggest lie?

    Amazon, do remove that one too!!!

  3. Do you think the McCanns will now get Carter Ruck to deal with Amazon?

  4. Eh! Eh! Motivating men, motivating woman, utterly sick hate filled ghoul and so on. ( really inspiring)

    Amazing, if you click on any of the tags, apart Pat brown ( which refers to an artist - Patricia brown with her posters) and Tony Bennett ( the American singer) all other tags lead to the same product- KATE MCCANN WITH HER BOOK MADELEINE. That means her story didn't convince Amazon, but the deal could be a good business for both? Fooling the public? And insisting on the fraud because they announced a new book for April 2012 called Madeleine, the continuous search for our daughter? What information could have this book that was missing on the previous book? Let me guess.... None. The first was a fraud, because was advertised to be an account of the truth and what was sold to the public was a self promotion of the author.
    About which search is going to be the new book? The search that never happen, because as an attentive member of the public, I never saw the mccann's searching their daughter. Not in PDL in 2007, and not anywhere during this 4 years. Another fraud, another attempt to fool the public by advertising a fake product.

  5. The new book of kate will never come out. GA trial will happen first, in February. After that, there will be no room for Kate fake stories. Her time is just an agony, like Duarte Lima. One day, the truth will come out, the conviction is an inevitable fatality.

  6. Palavras honestas de Quem demonstrate enorme sofrimento:

    Manuel Mendonça confessa que tentou nunca se entusiasmar com as dezenas de promessas de encontrar Rui Pedro que desconhecidos fizeram. Sempre acreditou que se Rui Pedro voltasse seria graças à investigação das autoridades. "Apenas confio na Judiciária, não acredito que mais ninguém consiga trazer o Pedro de volta", disse."
    Manuel mendonca, pai do Rui Pedro, em Correio da Manha

  7. Textusa,

    I think it's quite adequate for Jon Benet Ramsey (JBR) to be included in these tags. The JBR case is about a murder. JBR is, unfortunately for both, as dead as Maddie. And in both cases we have still to know who were the responsibles for that. I think Amazon should leave JBR there, so people's mind will make the connection about two cases with a lot of misinformation.

    Anon, Nov 10, 2011 10:27:00 PM, let's propose that neglectful parenting and biography be pulled out? That way Text remains right: there are only two minor flaws in the page...


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