Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Tapas Quiz Night, Question #6/?

Question: How many places could be booked at Tapas Bar on the week Maddie “disappeared”?
Answer: At least 47, but the exact number, only God knows.

Until Kate’s book was published, it was commonly perceived that the Tapas bar took 20 covers.

So says clearly Luisa Coutinho in her statement taken on May 8th: “However, the deponent refers that the guests tell her that restaurant "Tapas" has better quality but that it's difficult to get a booking since it has a few seats reserved for, "Mark Warner" customers, 20 to be concrete”.  

Luis Barros confirms what Luisa says. He was a waiter at the Tapas, who also worked at the Mill, and said there were 20 diners on half board at the Tapas. He also said that he had to seek authorisation from his manager Steve (Cova) to make a block reservation for the T9. Steve Cova was the Angolan catering manager who had left at 8pm on the night Madeleine disappeared

But Kate's book says otherwise, and that is that Tapas could ONLY cope with 15.

And this is not a guessed up number as she says, in the book, that she did have some second thoughts about the T9 block reservation, for as, it seems, it was apparently unfair to some other family who also wanted to reserve there but couldn’t due to this. Kate decides to maintain the booking as these people would stay further on and could then, according to her, enjoy all the pleasures offered by such that exquisite dining facility.

But why take either Luisa’s words or Kate’s when we have physical evidence that can help us clarify, with some precision, how many reservations was it possible to make?

The Ocean Club, as an institution, is able to tell us, isn't it? All we have to do is to refer to those "reliable" documents, known as the Tapas “reservation” sheets. They tell all, all we have to do is just read.

Waiter Joaquim Jose Baptista says that to book a Tapas table, guests had to queue at reception from 11 am onwards on the day (The Sun 23/10/07), so we'll assume that the place was booked to up the hilt in EACH one of those nights.

 Kate’s second thoughts about the T9 reservation confirms that we’re correct to do so.

Looking at all “reservation” sheets we can see clearly mentioned a number, starting with “2” (201, 202... etc.) , that we assume to be a number with which the staff identified the different tables. This is a common procedure in restaurants, as it facilitates, for obvious reasons, both the service provided and the billing.

From the sheets we see that the tables at Tapas were identified with numbers from #201 to #212. If anyone sees any other meaning for these numbers, please say so. It's important, as you'll see, that they mean exactly what we say they mean.

We can’t see anything else that they could represent, especially as they are the only piece of coherent information of these “reservation” sheets, but we're, as always, are open to suggestions. Valid suggestions, that is.

Assuming they mean what they mean, we can then state that there were 12 tables available at Tapas. But, as our readers know how we like to be precise, we see that table #208 is never mentioned, we’ll consider that there were only 11 tables, #201 to #207 and #209 to #212.

The reasons why table #208 wasn’t used aren't important. It could be due to just a coincidence, or because it was unusable for some reason. It could have been because of a broken leg, because it was used as table top to support the other tables, for drinks for example, or because some other whatsoever reason. It isn’t mentioned, so we shan’t consider it.

But, as in all things that involve the Maddie Affair, even the simplest task just can’t be clear and simple. Like what is supposed to be plain and simple, like booking a meal at a restaurant, an act done billions of times daily, when it comes to the McCann & Co it just can’t be straightforward.

We have, for example, what I call, the “mystery” tables. People who were "chosen" by the OC staff to dine at unnumbered tables, unlike other guests. On May 3rd, the SPERREYs, a party of 2, have no table allocated, and they were checked, so they had the meal there, we just don’t know in which table.
Same happens with the FRICKENs, party of 2, on May 6th. No table allocated, but checked, so they also had their meal there. Table unknown:
On May 3rd, the COX, who required for some reason authorization from the manager Steve (also did the BULLEN’s (misspelled by the way) and neither family seems to have done a block booking, which we supposed was what was needed to trigger such requirement), has apparently no table allocated.

However if you look, in front of the check is a “2”, which we assume to be the table number, but as it doesn’t appear as a whole, so we don’t know if we should consider this family on a table #213 (or any other bigger number), or in any one of the other of the already mentioned tables:
On May 6th, the DE LA MAREs have no table allocated. There’s a check mark BEFORE the name, but no check mark after it, like it happens with the REAP and WILLIAMS families. So we don’t know if this family showed up or not. Really confusing:
On May 2nd, the WEINBURGERs have no table allocated, and are not checked, so one must assume that they reserved but didn’t show up.
We will not consider the DE LA MAREs nor WEINBURGERs as “mystery tables”. But we will not disregard that they were able to book for 2+1 and 2, respectfully.

It just seems like a waste of time having stood for some time in a line for such a sought after dinner and then not showing up, but who are we to judge others?

This totals 11 people who reserved, but we don’t know to which tables they were allocated to, and in some cases, like the WEINBURGERs and the DE LA MAREs if they even dined there.

Remember, the question is not about who dined there, but how many reservations could be made.

Then, we have the Take-Aways. Not criticizing or even questioning the existence of this service (which, by the way, I do) but just showing how strangely it was run. We have this restaurant that is apparently very highly requested by the guests, and it seems, it offers a Take-Away service.

Although not announced anywhere as a service offered by Tapas, we believe it to be, like ANY Take-Away, limitless. So why, one has to wonder, why, in so many guests, ONLY 3 families, BERRY, SAVAGE and MULLARD take advantage of this for a whole week?

I can only imagine that some people, who had stood in line but weren’t able to get a seat, to reserve Take-Away for that day, since they already had wasted time to eat the food offered.

 Also, with the BAPTISTA SUPERMARKET nearby, it seems to me to be a real practical option for evening meals: get the food from Tapas, drinks from the supermarket, and eat at the apartment. A very common practice among tourists everywhere in the world.

When everything suggests that this would be a very profitable business for Tapas, we see, as we've said, that only 3 families, totaling 10 meals, were served this way for a whole week. Strange is the least that one can say... and strange is also the fact that the Take-Aways even appear in a "reservation book".

This said, now let’s look now at how many people booked for each of the tables of Tapas restaurant week, ACCORDING to its “reservation” sheets, that can be seen in the PJ Files:
  The first thing that stands right out, is that in most of the days, there were a lot of FREE tables.

So why was there a queue? It absolutely just makes no sense at all, but we do have the word of the OC staff, don’t we?

The second thing is that Kate’s max number of 15 is, also, absolutely disproportionate, not making any sense whatsoever. One thing is to feel being surrounded by another 6 people (15 - T9 = 6), another is not realizing that there were in fact 3 times more than that.

On Tuesday, it was T9 plus 16, on Wednesday, T9 plus 17 and on Thursday, T9 plus 19. And we’re talking about the people that reserved AND dined.

They were there to be seen, and one wonders why she didn’t see them. But one thing is, one may argue, is the perception of a client, like Kate McCann, another is the knowledge of reality, as per OC Staff. As there are no tables that seat only 3 people (tables take only an even number of seats, with the exception of the BIG ROUND TABLE 211, but that is because it’s BIG and ROUND), we should consider that any table that was reserved for 3, accommodates, at least, 4.

Looking at the “reservations”, only table #212 was occupied with less than 3 people, so we shall consider this one as the only 2-seat table in the house. This means that:
  Without taking into account table #208, there were 47 places available.

This, I repeat, according to the very documentation handed over by the OC to the PJ. I'm just the messenger here.

This over than doubles the number said by Luisa. One gross error. Bigger than the one made by Kate, although we mustn't forget that Mrs McCann makes hers 4 years after the events, and Luisa does it 4 days afterwards, when things were confusing but supposedly under total control.

A really strange mistake to be made by someone who handles the reservations directly on a daily basis. One thing is 20, another, completely different is an amount that more than doubles that quantity.

Even if we consider (and we cannot understand why she should) that the “20” refers ONLY to MW clients, she’s still completely off. Because if we add in other agencies, the number just grows in size...

47 is the number we arrived at, as the quantity of seats that the OC Staff COULD, if they WOULD, reserve at Tapas. BUT if we throw in other admissible variables, than this number goes completely out of control, as we'll show.

If you consider table #208, as it is possible that it simply wasn’t used, then the number rises to 51.

 If you consider table #212 as one equal to all others, able to sit 4 PAX, then you have 49 places without #208, and 53 with it.

If you consider that table #211 holds 10 and not only 9, as per Najoua Chekaya’s statement, then please add a place to the number you’ve already come up with.

If you consider that the 4 tables with 4 PAX each "inside" are NOT mentioned in the “reservation” sheets (and there’s no indication that they are), then add 16, will you please?

If you on top of all, you add also the “mystery tables” then only God knows what number you should get. As He would be the only one to know how many places there really were if instead of only having tables up to #212, we also had tables #213, #214, etc.

 Notwithstanding all these variables, it’s safe to say that there were AT LEAST, 47 places that could have been reserved at Tapas restaurant (bar?) that week.

Unless those numbers mean anything different than what we said they mean, then it means, beyond reasonable doubt, that Luisa Coutinho is either ignorant or lying.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think ignorance has had any involvement in this. And if she's not lying, then the "reservation sheets" must be. Or... perhaps both?

As a last note, why only did 1 family reserve on Friday, May 4th? Even considering the “cancelled” tennis dinner of 12, and counting with the HYND family of 3, there would still be 32 (THIRTY-TWO) places available!

We’ve known that some T9 spent the night looking for Maddie, or so they say they did.

We also know that, altruistically, some of the Tapas staff looked for the child until late, but we have no record of any other guests having done that, the attempt to say that guests didn’t reserve because they were too tired is just not reasonable.

Also, the whole media commotion only began after the famous Tapas queue had taken place, so that doesn’t serve as excuse either.

Why were there so many free places that evening? Maybe because someone thought that just by writing a dinner for 12 it would have been enough to solve the “booking problem” for that particular day?


  1. Look at the Martin Brunt interview again, he doesn't appear to be sitting on a chair and looks as though he is standing at a bar.

  2. I had a look many times, during this 4 years, in to the Tripadvisor and other sites where we can see the comments of honest guests that had holidaying in the OC. Some like it, some not. They all describe the things about they complaint or what they like. The half board looks compulsory for me, since some said they were able to transfer dinners for lunch by authorization. I notice few comments about the Tapas. In general, people don't like the meals ( they are talking about the Millennium, I presume). They said, the menu has few choices, the food cold and the waiters too lazy. Most end up eating out of the resort where the restaurants are super. None talks about the Tapas, as an alternative of the Millennium. If was so good as the people involved on maddie saga claimed, to justify the difficult with bookings, I believe most guests will use it as an alternative and will complaint about the time wasted in the queue. That queue will not pass unnoticed to that guests, and there is people holidaying in the high season when the resort was full.
    I really look at statements made about the Tapas with a CHILLY pinch. All confused. Innocently confused due to work incompetence, or conveniently confused to confuse the police?
    Some of the waiters made statements about the may 3 when Thursday was there day off. They said, a colleague call them before they arrive. When they call them? During the night?
    I also found strange the time mr. Steve left the resort. I think, he did not give a good explanation to the police about where we went and why he left at that time. You should not forget that the Tapas 9 could be 10 and mr. Moi ta Flores, while analyzing the case said that they could even be 12.

  3. I don't think CHAPLINS would be able to sit 50 clients. Nor any other restaurant in Praia da Luz, except the Mill, but that is Buffet style. The picture is becoming indeed clearer, thank you sisters!

  4. Where are the bills of all that dinners? Even if they are allocated to the room number to be payed at the check out, the Tapas must have provided a copy of the bills to the police. Why are not the bills attached to the lists? Are they in the documents not released or they were not able to provide the bills to support that bookings? I remember reading on the news about the high consumption of alcohol showed on the bill for McCann's dinner. That bill exist or was a myth? The tapas 9 seems to not like it. Could also be provided by the Tapas in a rush, like seems to be the booking lists? And what they made don't please the McCann's but they were not able to check it with them, before delivering it to the police?
    As Textusa said, even a simple thing seems to be complicated by who create the mess.

  5. I had to smile at the new 'disclaimer'.

    How considerate of Insane to let us know we won't be sued because none of us has the required mental capacity so not responsible for what we say.

    He has given us the all clear to give our opinions freely.

    Thank you for the benefit of your 'legal knowledge' Insane.

  6. Anon @ 10.25

    Maybe that's why T9 had to say Tapas was included in the package because there were no bills to present?

    If the Tapas had been included in any package deal people would be trampled in the rush to get in the queue and those not successful getting a booking would complain bitterly to OC.

  7. Tapas has a queue for booking and some people don't turn up? They would be lynched if they didn't let Tapas know to find people on the 'reserve list'

    Just highlights was nonsense it is.

  8. These people thought they were painting a painting! They threw in what looked good, like table numbers, drink consumptions, management decisions, clever remarks like saying what tables were in and out, etc... without caring if it made any sense. These documents weren't supposed to be seen ever! If that would have been the case we wouldn't be discussing this here, would we? Textusa and Sister are using only public information, which wasn't supposed to be public. Not trying to be an anarchist here, but the "secrecy" laws should be questioned. This blog is making judgements based on documentation, not making any public conviction. I think society would gain with much more transparency in its justice system. This blog proves it, and so others who push false messages, because unlike Insane would like us to believe, it all boils down to a personal decision. If you think that what is said here, or in those other blogs, is stupid and crazy, then you don't return. If you think that there's something to it you return. If this blog was full of it, I don't see any harm coming to those accused, because having a finger pointed by a lunatic is irrelevant. Having a finger pointed by a reasonable and logic person is frightening. Brilliant blog!

  9. When I look to the booking sheets, I have always to smile. At night, people booking dinners inside the resort when the holiday is so short and there is plenty of good moments to enjoy outside? That people wasted their time in a single place, the all week? Are they in prison in the OC? Or something really good, offered them that prison-then I have to go with swing, to justify why so many people spend so much time in thevsame place.
    I use to holiday in Algarve every summer, never in the OC or PDL. but I went to a different place every year and I can tell you, the restaurants of the apart hotels are desert at night because what the Algarve has best is the beach during the day with all facilities, and the night with all street restaurants or marina restaurants having 5 star food and 5 star drinks. Who stays in the hotel? And the big question: who put the children in the bed so early? Don't tell me, it is because they are British and they use to do it. I see the British in Algarve, at night, with their child's walking and carrying them in the streets, because is a family holiday- time to enjoy and break all the rules. The McCann's who pretend to be so cool, delivered a story that fits boring people.
    The piece I really love from they tragicomedy is their explanation for refusing the babysitter service: they don't want to leave the child's with stranges. Which stranges? The one the child's spend the all day? The one they invited for their house in Rothley when they come back? The one who was able to provide statements about the nature of the child and the mealnhabits ofvthe McCann's? They lied, about the babysitting. If there iscaclie in a sob simple question, how can we believe on the rest?
    I really don't believe on that bookings for a dinner. For a lunch, when people arecat the pool because thevweather was not so good for the beach, maybe. For dinner not.

  10. 10:37,
    If was part of the package no any of the Tapas 7 need to seek authorization or book it as a block on any desk of the resort. Part of the package, means booked. Then what is that delirium of Fiona or Mat booking it or even worse, Kate at the pool.

  11. Insane is receiving instructions on his private blog about who he is going to threat that time. If he don't show up, I have to assume he was fired for not accomplishing well the job he is in charged to.

  12. Anon
    Aug 23, 2011 11:12:00 AM

    We've quarantined his/her comments once again. We gave him/her the chance to express his/her views in our last post. He/she used her "time" to insult and threaten the blog and its readers (as I've said once, I think this blog is the only one whose readers have been threatened that way). There's a human tolerance to listening to the same music time and time again, especially when it all comes down to trying to scare readers away by polluting the blog with repetitive malicious comments. One has then to set firm limits like one does with a little child that throws tantrums to call for attention.

  13. Steve Cova only sees one table occupied, so where were all the others that evening?!? A quick bite and back to the apartments?!? And for that they queued up?!?
    Another oddity about PDL: Brit tourists behave there like they don't behave anywhere else in the Algarve!!

  14. Also have to say that this blog has uncovered much more than anyone on the internet and outside of it, and it hasn't lost almost anytime with jemmied windows, and blood stains or cadaver odours. It has focused only on what happened, or didn't happen, or shouldn't have happened but did, outside the 5A.

  15. guests sometimes sign for their meals and then it is added to their bill at the end of the holiday. If this happened to this group Tapas restaurant would be able to produce the signatures/documentation to back up their claims. Personally, I cannot see one person paying for everybodies meal and wine, too expensive.
    Did they all have separate bills for each couple if so where is the documentation/proof?

    Could this be part of the reason why this group would not produce any credit card receipts?

  16. Thanks Textusa, I was wondering why he/she didn't show up yet. Freedom of speech didn't mean freedom of insults and threats.
    Question simple things, didn't mean accusations or allegations or whatever he wants. The all saga, is an encyclopedia of questions and the problems is after 4 years, many interviews, self reconstructions and a book... They were not able to consistently answer any of the previous questions. And they keep adding more and more doubts.
    When are these people and their lawyers going to understand that unless they do an official reconstruction under the PJ instructions, they will never silence who question them?
    They want to close the case without any court trial. As I read somewhere, their lawyers are not good in Court. Their jobs is sending letters, threat people's that way and have the case solved before Court. Are known as feared lawyers. What about their success in court? Special when the evidences to defend their clients are so weak.
    I'm surprised with one thing I saw on Pat Brown interview , and I think to say that she must have contacted G Amaral and the British specialist who trained the dogs and perform the search in PDL, but Pat Brown said one dog signalized a body in decomposition behind the sofa, where the other dog signalized blood.
    If the body was in decomposition, means was left long time there, since decomposition has more chemicals then only cadaverina. Is that why the all accounts of May 3 are so mess up, starting with creche records and the boat trip?
    I'm going back to Amaral book to see what is there about this.
    I notice that Pat Brown said, she is receiving also silly comments. She was not talking about the McCann's, because these are largely known. The Insane's are attacking in many fronts.

  17. The table where Martin Brunt is sitting is a prop made on purpose. There's no restaurant in the world with oval tables! It's a question of practicability. Restaurants have to able to be flexible and be able to join up tables and separate them as required. Round ends make that impossible. Tables at restaurants, and I'm not talking about banquets or parties have either rectangular or square tables, when they want to move tables around, or have round tables, which remain fixed where they are. This last case is to provide a more romantic environment and you find these round tables in restaurants that cater for couples. I've NEVER seen an oval table in a restaurant. It's just another exceptional thing that happened to the T9 on that so very exceptional week! another thing, IF the table was oval, or rectangular with round ends like it appears to be on Brunts video, the scheme drawn up by Kate would have someone sitting at the tops, right? Also when Gerry describes the table on the Channel 4 documentary he describes a round table, no question about it. The "Brunt" table is just a prop supplied by OC and filmed by Sky News. Amaral was indeed against one big gang!

  18. Where the McCann's dine the other nights, before May 3? The 28 April was in the Millennium.
    They claimed, they booked the Tapas for the all week. Is there any booking lists for the days between 28 and May 3, where we can see the Tapas 9 names?
    Pat Brown said on her interview, they claim they locked the doors of the flat the all other nights. Only the night of 3 was left open to allow the checking of the children by other people. Why was that night different and why the McCann's delivered to the media the idea that that night was exactly the same as other nights and they use to control their child's that way? Gerry even add the story of having a barbecue on his garden with child's sleeping in the room.
    More things are being exposed that's why they want to silence some voices and prevent people to access information from the PJ files.
    Since the beginning I had the idea of May 3 being a repetition of the full week with a quiz night or quiz night. That's what they delivered to the media. Looks like, for the police they delivered a different version and the night of May 3 become an exception. If was an exception, why was the door left open. Who had a mission to do there? Was not taking care of the chidden because if the twins did not wake up with all the mess, were not sealing up early, if,if....they were there.
    Off- course, for the police they cannot deliver the rubbish story they delivered to their relatives and the journalists, about the damage shutters. The police immediately confronted them with reality- no break in. The door had to be opened or who went there was having a key. But the police cannot dismiss what they delivered to the press. The conjugation of the two just add more suspicions to the couple and their friends. It is a fact, no break in. Then, why they lie in a so simple evidence and why they delivered to the public different information then what they could deliver to the police?

  19. Tex,
    I wonder if you noticed that on the hastily written times of checking schedules, the jane tanner sighting is also listed. But I thought she did not tell of her sighting till much later, and this timeline was written before police arrived. That would surely make JT sighting dubious. I am interested in what you think about this?
    hope your relative is recovering.

  20. See what happen when you do something in a rush and had no time to check it? My previous comment at 1:36 has many typing errors.
    I can imagine what happen if in a rush, you have to provide vital information to help a group who had using your services and something very serious happen to a little child. Impossible to coordinate well everything.
    Never ever passed to the McCann's mind and their helpers that 4 years later, their lies will be discussed like if everything happened yesterday. Was an error calling all that media attention and making all press conferences and interviews. They did not solve or close anything. They trow the problem in to their future and aggravated it.
    Their case will be a case study to be analyzed by students at many universities around the world. As intelligent persons, all that students will arrive to conclusions that will leave the McCann's under a very bad picture. I can imagine what will be, or is already being discussed inside the classrooms.
    That's why, many other child's disappeared since Maddie, but only the stupid and low educated mothers tried to copy them and set a Fund.
    Until now, McCann's crime appears to be compensating, but is not solved, is not closed and could be reopen at any time. When will be reopen ( there is no other choice, unless the people involved die before that day) their arguido status will come back. The reconstruction is a must for any police and the British authorities cannot prevent something that is mandatory for all investigations. That time, if the McCann's refused it, PJ will invite experts from around the world to act like witnesses criminologists or assistants and will hire actors to play the Tapas 9 roll. Will leave the McCann's and their lawyers without space to play they final act.

  21. Intermezzo !

    Não tem a ver com números; tabelas e raciocínios mas ocorreu-me um pensamento engraçado:

    Steve Cova was the Angolan catering manager e o Marcelino Jorge Italiano . Angola é grande; Angolanos há por todo o lado mas podem conhecer-se ou serem primos.

    Desculpem-me este intermezzo.


  22. What really gets on my nerves is that this blog keeps slapping us in the face with what should be evident to the authorities and that should’ve resulted in prosecution of all involved. The PJ, and it’s useless in denying it, was pressured big way into the abduction theory. That pressure put on and kept on in such a great manner that they quickly smelled a rat, as GA’s book points out: But where the BHs got ahead of the PJ is that they “hypnotized” this police into believing that the only rats they smelled were the T9. Tex is now showing that the place was full of rats, and that is what Moita Flores speaks of when he says that there were 10, 11, 12 Tapas. When the PJ received these documents they had their attention divided into two areas: pretending to believe in the McCann story and secretly trying to uncover the couple’s guilt, not realizing that the key to the problem was right under their noses. Once GA started to pull the strings to discover where and why the McCann story didn’t add up together, then he pulled out. And it was not the McCanns that did it, but those that knew that if any strings were pulled they would be right at their end. No strings could be pulled. We’ve lived in the past 4 years in a lie as big as the Fraudulent Fund. Now I understand the panic felt by Insane. Textusa is uncovering their intricate plot. And I have to be honest here, either Textusa is absolutely brillianr, having this information all along and putting up with all the insolence and insult, or she’s one of them. Either way it’s unimportant to me. I just want to know what really did happen, and Textusa is showing me, so I’m grateful. And Insane do NOT use my words against Textusa because I’m loving the way she’s kicking your ass blue.

  23. Anon
    Aug 23, 2011 7:20:00 PM

    I've already had a chance to explain that your doubts are fully consubstantiated. Insane has accused me of having a hidden agenda, and I've responded saying that although not true, it has a valid reasoning behind it.

    Rest assured that nothing links me to the McCanns and friends, the OC or any powerful personality that is involved in this whole mess. I'm just a citizen who understood very early on the importance of this case, and felt the need to step up and defend citizenship as I conceive it to be. All those that shared and share authorship in this blog share the same view.
    About me being brilliant, which is your only other option presented, I would say that I'm fortunate to have surrounded myself with intelligent, determined and honest people. That, I'll accept credit for, anything else is an exaggeration.

    I hope I've appeased your mind. Your comment reveals an open-mind that we so much appreciate, but please do continue to look upon me with critical eyes. We here welcome all positive criticism, and we need all the help we can get because we're fully aware that we're unraveling something laid out by very intelligent professionals. A little too arrogant and a little too careless, but then no one is perfect.

  24. XX,
    E bem verdade o que diz. Este Caso esta cheio de "acidentais" coincidencias, ou nao. A proposito da accao legal de E Smethurst contra Tonny Bennett, alguem residindo na PDL comentou num Forum que Smethurst e um cliente assiduo do OC ha mais de 10 anos. Coincidencia ? Talvez....

  25. Se o OC receber alguns clientes cujo passatempo e o swing, talvez nao seja dificil perceber porque se protegem e porque ha tanta coincidencia a parecer tao pouco acidental. Armam-se em cools mas Sao muito preconceituosos.

  26. IF there wasn't:
    - the death of a little girl...
    - the dignity of two countries
    - the exploitation of the general public's gullibility...
    - the shamelessness of the general media, in particular the British, but also the Portuguese...
    - the involvement of the British police in protecting criminals...
    THIS would have been a comedy.
    Unfortunately it's a sick, disgusting tragedy. One sad page to be remembered by Humanity.

  27. http://spudgunsspoutings.blogspot.com/2011/08/madeleine-mccann-fact-fictiona-nd.html?showComment=1313766829374#c4199217410337806848 - The Word of Truth.

    Deserves to be read by a lot of people. A wonderful chronological work.

  28. Anon.at 12:36,
    And I can't dismiss two terrific facts: Kate black and white square trousers and the cuddle cat. Kate was having them in many Tv appearances on the first days Maddie disappeared. The dogs pointed the child's death on that pieces. It is a terror movie. If I add to the subject a pair of pink trainers that I can't see on any picture or tv report but she claims she brought it special to PDL...well, I have to ask, how can that lady rest at night? How are her nights at home, when the quite dark of the night can bring the smell of her child room. Can she sleep and think 2 dogs were wrong on her belongs? If it was me, I will have huge
    nightmares with a cuddle cat and that pair of trousers.

  29. Anon., Aug 24, 2011 12:36:00 AM

    Agreed! It's a tragedy that was allowed to be turned into a farse!

  30. anon 1;17 agreed..I dont know how the pair of them sleep at night.

  31. For the reasons Textusa has explained, we're not publishing Insane's comments. However, there are exceptions to this rule, and that is when this character provides some valid argumentation regarding what has been posted. As is the case of the following comment. It addresses the issue we're currently on and is directed to one of our readers who, only after reading the comment, can respond if s/he wishes to do so (FYI, besides this comment, only one other is being withheld, and apparently was sent in by Not Insane):

    "Anon @ Aug 23, 2011 1:11:00 PM

    "There's no restaurant in the world with oval tables!"


    It took me all of 10 seconds to find several, including this one, which states:

    "Parties of 10-20 people can be seated at one large oval table."


    Oh, don't tell me - they're in on the conspiracy theory too!

    Do you have any idea how ridiculous you make yourself look?"

  32. Yes,please read Spudgun's Fact,Fiction or Fallacy.It's excellent.

  33. Insane, if you had any idea of what makes a person ridiculous you wouldn’t made the comments you’ve made here.
    The Portuguese have the saying “it’s the EXCEPTION that makes the rule”. So, if you waste another 15 seconds of your time, I’m sure you’ll find a restaurant with triangular tables, and if you really, really want to do some serious investigation and waste a whole minute, you’ll find other shapes too!
    Just look at the link you’ve provided. You say you found many, and you picked this one as the finest example to underline your opinion. A restaurant that targets big groups, offers main courses over £15.00 (yes, there’s one for £13.75, but that’s an EXCEPTION), and from the pictures, does seem to be the type of restaurant to adapt its layout only on very EXCEPTIONAL basis, if EVER.
    When I said “no restaurant in the world” I, as everyone here understood, was referring to those similar in kind and purpose with Tapas.
    Comparing this fancy restaurant with Tapas is… I was going to use the word ridiculous, but you obviously don’t know the use of the word, so I’ll just say it is wrong. We all here know that you knew that when you were writing the comment.

  34. insane,
    Your post was not endorsed to me but while entering the site you provide, your words become hilariant. At least, you should copy and paste the full information:

    "Alternatively we can provide private room hire for smaller parties. There is a gallery level which can accommodate up to a maximum of 40 guests. Parties of 10-20 people can be seated at one large oval table."

    That is not the main restaurant is an alternative and the oval round table is so unusual that the restaurant use it on the advertisement. The restaurant appears to be used for big groups and for parties. Bringing that restaurant here to support the Tapas is what is ridiculous. Where are the similarities?
    That is like comparing a "tasca" with " cozinha velha" in Queluz.
    Better you spend more then 6 sec on your research and see if you can come up with a picture of the big round table the tapas 9 seat on their dinners.

  35. Insane deserves to be sued by the owner of the Coles. Comparing that restaurant with Tapas....really?

    If you want to learn something and use well your time, read the Spudgun's article, which link was provided by anon 24, 1:01.

  36. Insane is “tapar o sol com uma peneira”. Google translation of this is “cover the Sun with a strainer”. This means trying to block the view to the Sun with something full of holes. The Portuguese use it to tell a person he’s just used an absurd excuse for something that everyone can see what it is.

  37. You're hitting them left, right & centre!!! Go girls!!!

  38. How often would large groups of people come to a resort together on a package deal at Ocean Club? Textusa has put to rest that Tapas restaurant was included in the package, it clearly wasn't so why would it need one huge round table? It would take up too much space and rarely get used. It certainly wouldn't be wheeled in for one group of people as has been discussed here previously. Storing such a huge piece of furniture would take too much room and leaving it out permanently would have produced loads of photos as well as being redundant and taking up even more space.

    If a large family was using the Tapas small tables would be put together as I think T9 did at the Mill on the first day according to one of their statements.

    Now I'm waiting for 'what about the Martin Brunt video'. It was obvious that we were not shown the entire table so we can presume it was a poor attempt to create an illusion of a large round table.
    When he turns there is no chair back to be seen so he's not even sitting on a dining chair. I think he's sitting on a bar stool at the bar. Has anyone seen photos of the Tapas bar?

    Kate McCann says only 15 places could be booked but her BIG ROUND TABLE could seat 10 when Ms Chekaya joined them. That would mean only a maximum of 2 more tables would be needed as no-one dined alone. Why have so many other tables.

    Of course function rooms do have a number of such tables but no small ones.

  39. I think what really stands out in this post, and I would like to emphasize that, is that one looking at the Tapas space from the photos and videos we've seen, 50 people is too many. Brunt's video serves as an example. That is a TAPAS BAR. Let me spell it out. TAPAS as in small servings, and BAR a place where mainly drinks are supposed to be sold. Only in fantasy land is that place the place the BHs are trying to make it to be.

  40. Yes anon 12:16, is a BAR.
    During the day is a coffee shop for people in the pool using the outside. At night becomes a bar. Many examples like that in Algarve. And is a crap bar used by who is too lazy to go out and enjoy the best choices available. Certain nights that kind of bares perform karaoke or some games to attract their guests. On that nights, when a event happen, they could be full and everybody is seating in a mess. Childs were allowed. You cannot allocate anybody to any table and food such the Tapas 9 claimed were served, NEVER EVER CAN BE AT NIGHT ON SUCH BARES WITH A QUIZ NIGHT EVENT. They sticked a 5 stars meal into a bar, to justify a certain amount of time spent there. That amount of time help them to build the story of the Surveillance with people going out and in. That is a tapas bar. Small appetizers to help the drinks, pop-corns and peanuts.
    How can you build the story of all these people going out and in with a small plate of peanuts or pop-corns in front of you and a "daiquiri" or an "amendoa amarga"? Didn't work. It is not good in terms of "market ploy". You will be compared to a crap tourist enjoying the cheap holidays with a lot of alcohol at low price, when you want to be compared with artists who use to holiday at Quinta do Lago. Their "superiority illness" came with them to PDL. In PDL, just born the opportunity to show it.

  41. What is terrifying them and the BH is now they want to fade with all the incomes in the Fund, AND THE PUBLIC DID NOT LET THEM. No money will be enough to pay lawyers for many years.
    The Portuguese justice will never declare Madeleine death. They will be watching what they do next to grab money. Madeleine missing, was the beginning of a cocktail of crimes. They keep adding, leaving their lawyers with more work to do.
    Forget that letters, that threats. Carter-ruck already lost with Trafigura. Maddie case, was a good market for them at beginning. Now, with all scandals surrounding Murdoch and the politics, with people going to the streets to show their disbelieve on the system, every letter they sent, works against them. Nobody likes the work of that lawyers. They were feared but not respected. And now, their dubious strategy to avoid Courts and defend their clients can be exposed . They are working in a very unbalanced line . That's why they want the McCann's to fade and the public to stop talking about. Too late.
    As a Portuguese, I want the name of my country and my police clean. If there is paedos in algarve, like they claim, they should step forward with names of that people to protect our child's and the child's of who visit us. If not, if they don't have evidences( factual proves) to corroborate their claims, they should face the consequences of that and face the court and a full investigation in all their properties to really understand how their child disappeared and who contributed for that. If at the end, they were declared innocent, I have no problems to say sorry for doubting them and write in all places that.

  42. Anon., Aug 24, 2011 1:17:00 AM

    "And I can't dismiss two terrific facts: Kate black and white square trousers and the cuddle cat. Kate was having them in many Tv appearances on the first days Maddie disappeared. The dogs pointed the child's death on that pieces"

    And...she went on wearing those black and white checkered trousers even after the dog marked them as having cadaver odour on them!!! Shw was wearing those the day they fled back to the UK, God, what a stomach that woman must have!

    On a side note...do those kind of trousers look like the sort of clothes a doctor would wear to work...???

  43. Some may not have seen this 'feel good' video.


  44. http://jillhavern.forumotion.net/t3385-mf-s-evidence-to-the-scotland-yard-review-team

    Have a look. The BH are terrified. Which information have they not controlled?

  45. 24 @ 2:16,
    The all clothes the dogs pointed out leave our mind inside a terror movie. To that, I have to add the comments of Gerry, while criticizing the public who made bad comments about them : " we are real, we are not characters" and the pictures took by the police on their villa in PPDL, showing a grieving Kate with a Bible while Gerry was reading a manual to conceal a cadaver.
    What that pair do behind scenes has nothing to do with good look and well trained behavior they show while the cameras are on.
    Any film maker who decide to pick that story and make a movie need to classify it " terror movie".

  46. Thanks anon 24, 2:21 for the link to the video.
    Goncalo Amaral has no doubts, the investigation will be reopened one day and justice will be served.

    I also have doubts about the catholic feelings of the pair. The way they fool the Pope and get involved with Anglican priest, says it all.

    Kate has to cover her face in shame. She advised Amaral to divorce to let them get access to the half part of the properties he is having in common with his wife. A lady, who lives under donations must be very despicable to propose to others to give up on what they have achieved honestly.
    Behind scenes they are evil people, surrounded by mercenaries who live under the same way.

  47. http://camaradecomuns.blogs.sapo.pt/1276331.html: Maddie, 5 FAQ'S em prol do senso comum- Paulo Sargento

    For who could read Portuguese, a old post very actual. He was true. The India sight proves it.

  48. Anon 11:09:00 AM, as far as Portuguese sayings go I would think that "os caes ladram e a caravana passa" (dogs bark and the caravan just continues moving on) more adequate!

  49. De Volta ao livro de GA, encontro na pag 34, node se relata a terca- feira, 1 de Maio, o seguinte:
    " chegada a hora do jantar dos adults, as criancas ficam de novo sozinhas em Casa. No livro de recepcao do restaurante"Tapas", uma funcionaria mais diligente escreve a marcacao do jantar e anota que alguns dos elementos daquele grupo de turistas se levanta de vez em quando, para ir ver os filhos que se encontram nos apartamentos. Durante uma hora e quinze minutos, entre as 22:30 e as 23:45, Madeleine chora dentro do apartamento em que se encontra com os seus 2 irmaos, ao memo tempo que chama pelo pai. So para de chorar quando os pais regressam a casa."

    Varias coisas a realcar aqui:
    1- nao e por acaso que GA atribui o epiteto de diligente a empregada. Ele topou o esquema. Como e que esta sra. Sabe que o que anotou vai ser tao importante 2 noites apos?
    2- A 1 de maio, Maddie ainda nao tinha desaparecido. Se a policia tivesse pedido informacoes nesse dia, provavelmente a nota nao existia.
    3- quando a informacao foi dada a policia, Maddie ja tinha desaparecido e por isso era preciso o Tapas Atestar sobre a Veracidade do control sobre as criancas. O que se temia era que a policia os incriminasse por negligencia ja que eles tinham por certo que a policia acreditaria na versao do rapto.
    4- Como a policia nao engoliu o rapto, teve de entrar outra personagem em cena, mrs. Fenn que haveria de por Madeleine sem qualquer control na mesma noite.
    Entao, QUEM mente? A empregada do Tapas ou a sra. Fenn? Ou mentiram as duas e QUEM organizou a musica nao soube dirigir a orquestra?
    Os BH estao " Lixados".

  50. The Tapas 9 have lied about dinners at Tapas bar. I believe that they would perhaps meet in the Tapas bar at the end of their evenings, I dont think they all spent every evening together, couples paired up and went off, Mrs Webster looked after the children, but something happened to Madeleine on 2nd because on the 3rd the Mccanns were absent during the day from the group activities, David Paynes statement and Kates are riddled with inconsistencies so I think this never happened, but they used to to attempt to make it appear Madeleine was still alive. Also when Kate said maddie asked 'why did you not come last night...' again on the 3rd to make it aoppear madeleine was still alive.

    The evening at the Tapas bar gave everybody alibis they were all together, but that was the only evening I believe they all sat together with Diane Webster.

    They lied about going there everynight for dinner , probably went only for a nightcap after dinning at Chaplins or the Mill and not altogether as they would have us believe.

    Kate made phone calls on 2nd several late at night something happened to Madeleine on the 2nd, she could have fell or been pushed and hit her head on the tiled floor causing a fractured skull and died as a consequence, if they had been sedating the children this could be the reason for the cover-up, not wanting the autopsy. Kate states in her book that when they were arrested Gerry fell to his knees crying 'we're finished' what a strange thing to say or did he know the game was up and they were finished that was why they fled to UK. What happened to the blue holdall another oddity.

  51. Thank you anon @5.38

    Here is a Google translate link for the English speaking readers.

    I know it's long but copy and paste does work to get the page.


  52. As people grow older they often reminsce about the past and have regrets of things they did or did not do.

    If the Tapas 7 keep up their pact of silence to help Gerry Mccann (who helps nobody but himself) they will go to their graves with this hanging over them and be forever remembered by their family members and friends for the lies, suspicions, and uncooperative behaviour that was soley theirs in the cover up of the death of a 3 year old child who was let down by those that had a responsibility of care to protect her, .... What a legacy...

  53. Anon
    Aug 24, 2011 7:01:00 PM

    We here do NOT, as we've said before, at this point in time subscribe that Maddie's death happened before the 3rd.

    We think that the death occurred around 17.30/18.00 of May 3rd.

    The Paraiso pictures indicate a normality not coherent with an earlier ToD and the sloppiness of Tapas "reservation sheets" indicate, on the other hand, the existence of a certain amount of pressure not compatible with time to plan things adequately.

    By the way if you rule out, like you say, an event of ever having happened just because of inconsistencies between statements then you might as well rule out completely the whole OC holiday that week, as, according to that kind of reasoning, it just didn't happen. And we know it did.

    There are other blogs where your theory is welcomed, and although we respect all opinions, that hypothesis has been ruled out for now, and we don't like to keep on chewing on what has already been chewed. We move forward, much to the displeasure of those we displease.

    If, at any time, we find, during our researching, some indication that Maddie may have died before the 3rd, we will be first, explaining why, to update publicly our opinion.

  54. Anon 7:01
    I think your jumping to a conclusion that because DP and KM are lying about what happened on DP's strange visit to Kate, that the encounter didn't occur. It means only that their version of events is false, and even it didn't happen. But to state that you need to base your opinion on something solid, not just a feeling. If Kate's calls on the second were related with Maddie's death, why delete only the calls made on the third?

  55. Anon 7:42:00, agree with you, the T9 were mainly worried in erasing or distorting the events of the 3rd. I draw a big question mark about the tennis on the 3rd. I think that like they fitted too many people on the BRT (Big Round Table) they put in too many activity in that evening for the Tapas tennis court. But as I said, it's just a question mark.

  56. Pj believe she died on the 3rd and there is an interval between 6:00pm to 9:00pm for which nobody of them, or a credible and independent witness, gave a consistent explanation. If I'm not in error, it starts with DP visit, the reason he went there and the amount of time he spent there. On the other hand, from the statements of the tapas 9, Gerry was the last person who saw Madeleine alive. Were the 3 together? Fiona had that inconvenient comment about doctors applying their knowledge to recover or help Madeleine, if she had an injure.

  57. http://paramimtantofaz.blogspot.com/search?q=praia+da+luz+revisited

    Very strange garden opposite Murat garden. Has a pyramid. Who is the owner of that villa? The garden reminds me some macon symbols.

  58. The house with a pyramid is "Casa Niobe"(Niobe House), diagonally across from the apartment where Madeleine McCann disappeared. The small pyramid monument has an eagle on top (the head of the eagle apparently looks in the direction of the apartment). It is described as a mausoleum in the garden of a private villa called 'Casa Niobe'owned by a German couple (the Kunz), and is at the opposite end of the street to 'Casa Liliana' (where Robert Murat lives with his mother).

    If you google for Casa NIobe you'll get more information and pictures. It's not just the pyramid that's is strange, the gardens are decorated with several statues (greek mythological figures?) it all gives me a very uneasy feeling, of doom and mourning, almost like a shrine or a cemetery. Sorry, I cannot explain better, it's just the feeling I get from looking at the pictures.
    The pyramid has an inscription that reads 'AMOR VINCIT OMNIA' (Love Conquers All)

    Another strange thing, is that Niobe is a figure from greek mythology that has lost all of her 14 children, sacrificed by Apolo and Artemis. Niobe was a very fertile woman and the godess Leto, mother of only two children, Apolo and Artemis, felt insulted and jealous and demands the sacrifice of Niobe's children. Niobe's pain and mourning where so great that Zeus felt sorry for her and turned her into a rock, but still she cried for her children and her tears became a water spring, flowing from the rock.
    Sacrificed children...

  59. I’ve read many comments, both to this post and to the one before and I would like to point something out.

    In neither posts did I see any contestation to the content of the posts.

    In the one before, I read many comments showing disagreement towards Textusa and us, her readers, and also the use of expressions like “falsely accused”, but I didn’t see anything concrete to contradict what was said.

    In QN4 there was the argument that the people mentioned both in the S&S sheet and the Tapas sheet only arrived after Maddie was gone, but the content of the post, which was to say that the two documents do exist and are interlinked, was confirmed.

    I see no reason for the existence of these two lists and Insane didn’t present anything to help me or to contradict Textusa’s conclusion that the people on the list and the OC Staff have cooperated in on whatever it is that happened.

    Saying it isn’t because you it isn’t, isn’t enough. You have to justify why it isn’t.

    About the fact, which I haven’t seen Textusa contradicting, that the people named on the list only arrived after Maddie disappeared, only adds to the “strangeness” for the existence of these two documents. It further helps to question their existence rather than put in the clear those that are in them.

    What I want to say is that I didn’t read anywhere anyone saying “these documents are not interlinked because…” or “these documents make sense because one was for… and the other was for… so it dos make sense them existing and being in the files”.

    About QN5 I also didn’t read that the referred family of 4 wasn’t seated, against all logic, in a table big enough for 9 or 10. I didn’t read “The family was seated on that big table because…” or “211 represents… so the family was seated in a table adequate for 4”.

    About QN 5, I’ve also failed to read “Luisa Coutinho is not lying because…” or “Kate McCann is not lying because…” or “The correct figure is… because you’re adding up this… wrong”.

    What I’m trying to say is that when there was the opportunity to contradict, with facts, the BH failed to do so.

    Much later, saying that Textusa has “falsely” accused someone, not having contradicted at the right time, or failing to explain why, is nothing but a false and distracting argumentation. And a useless attempt to discredit Textusa.

  60. That house is really strange. Due to the location, and this is a totally speculation from my side, there is some probability of the owner, to be known by people from the OC.
    There is a terrific case in Portugal now, where the perpetrator build a kind of castle with strange figures and use the castle to make some strange movies and abuse some people( teenagers). 3 adults, one teenager and a old man disappeared during the last 2, 3 years. None was found. All had in common a last contact with owner of the castle. No any body was found, but the police believe the guy killed them and played with families of some victims like if they voluntarily left the country without letting their relatives knowing where they went. He used the car and the mobiles of some victims to send messages to the families. Apparently a perfect crime in terms of where he conceals then bodies, with a lot of bad small details. If Pj had not accessed his mobile and the mobile of the victims, the case will be very difficult to solve. He will be convicted without bodies, since the investigation has no doubts about his implication and the death of the victims.
    I don't believe, what happened on may 3 inside the 5 A touched at any time, the degree of that crime, but what happen after to conceal the body, could left who do it without many choices. GA said, what was recovered from the action of the dogs, were blood and body fluids. The body fluids indicate a refrigeration of the body. If the body had been buried, what will happen will be a mummification that didn't allow fluids to come out.

  61. Thank you dear Anon 1:24, an excellent post.

  62. Este blog, como Text. já disse é sobre as discrepâncias; dúvidas e conluios no Caso da Pequenina.

    Quanto ao autor de um blog aqui referido podem pesquisar sobre o mesmo: http://www.wook.pt/authors/detail/id/24673

    Casas ali são várias e com nomes vários.E, já agora também há estátuas religiosas ali colocadas e oferecidas. Podem ler mas com esta extensão


    Podem ler , em contraponto o :

    O blog Só bronquices e os posts de Agosto de 2007: dias 7 e 9.

    Ambos, parece-me com posições diferentes.

    Na net deparamo-nos com gente de uma geração muito mais nova e mais ligada ao obscuro; ao fantástico; a muita coisa.

    Não coloco aqui para evitar dar andamento e um rumo diferente a este Blog- acerca do Caso de Madeleine McCann.

    Por outro lado, outras histórias do género do psicopata de T. V. também não estou a ver qual o contexto .

    A não ser que seja para subverter o objectivo único deste Blog.

  63. Será que coloquei isto:

    "..... porque a polícia não a considerou suspeita"

    A tal casa.

    Só tem significado para os que seguem uma determinada corrente.

  64. About the Niobe house for me it sounds like gross bad taste in the garden department rather than anything sinister.

  65. Anon
    Aug 25, 2011 7:24:00 PM


  66. Mc,
    Fui eu que falei no rei ghob e nao foi para subverter os objectivos deste blog. Veio nem tanto pelo Mau gosto das duas casas, mas por ser um Caso tambem complicado em que se houvesse informacao vedada a policia ( telemoveis) provavelmente levaria muito tempo a ser desvendado. Assim, vai provavelmente haver condenacao sem corpos. A provar que nao e a ausencia do corpo que pode jogar a favor dos McCann. Gerry aposta tambem nisso. Pelo menos e o que deduzo da observacao de Gerry " encontrem o corpo..."

  67. Mc,

    If anyone out there is a fierce defender of this blog, that person is you.

    For you that don't know the story, this Ghob character is accused of murdering three people, whose bodies haven't been found to date. The fact that they most likely won't be found doesn't mean that he will not be charged. The evidence against this man points clearly to him being guilty.

    What Mc is saying is that you don't need a body to have a conviction, much unlike Gerry's confidence that he can only be charged when Maddie's body is to be found.

    Ghob lived in a building, which he called a castle, of an unquestionable ghastly bad taste.

  68. Textusa,

    Desculpe o aparte. Fui eu que falei no rei ghob, sem intencao de perverter ou comparar os dois crimes ( post anon 25, 2:4) e Como MC julgou que fosse alguem para desviar a atencao dos leitores noutro sentido, resolvi responder com o post 25, 10:44). Compreendo O post de MC depois dos ataques e das manobras que tem sido feitas para descridiblizar o blog. Nao e o meu Caso. Foi so memo para mostrar que a ausencia de um corpo nao e garantia de nao haver incriminacao.

  69. http://smilebox.com/playBlog/4d6a597a4f544d334e7a413d0d0a&blogview=true

  70. http://blacksmithbureau.blogspot.com/- Both side or none

    A good post in prol of the freedom of speech. McCann's and their BH supporters don't like it, I believe.

  71. Anon
    Aug 26, 2011 12:10:00 AM

    I apologise for the confusion made. You were the one explaining to Mc what I just said Mc had said...

    Thank you for the clarification.

  72. Obrigada a Aug 26, 2011 12:10:00 AM e a Textusa

    pelo complemento das explicações .Muito obrigada.

    Este Blog tem alta qualidade e fiquei com receio.



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