Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Quiz Night at the Tapas

For the benefit of Portuguese readers who may be unfamiliar with traditional UK Quiz Nights (QN), a short introduction. 

They are normally held in pubs, rather than restaurants; in fact I have never heard of a restaurant quiz evening. 

The usual format is at least 4 teams, consisting of 4-6 people- anything less is not much of a competition. The number of players in the team would be stated, as it would be an unfair advantage to have a bigger team. 

You need to have people with a spread of knowledge; history, popular culture, music, geography as things can become quite competitive, although we all maintain it’s just for fun! 

The teams give themselves a name, something deprecating like “The Losers”, who are determined to be any thing but.  

Sneaking off to the toilet to phone a friend is frowned upon.  

Plenty of space is essential because you don’t want the other tables to hear you discussing the answer. 

Arguing with the quiz host is part of the process, but the host has the final word and what the answer sheet says is gospel

The event is spread over a couple of hours, with a break to munch sandwiches and sausage rolls and buy another round.  

That’s the reason for pub quiz nights- to get everyone drinking and away from the pub down the road.
QUIZ QUESTION #1: Which night was Quiz Night and how many people were in the T9 quiz team?

We thought this would be an easy one, considering it could have been the very last night your life would ever be normal.

Let’s see what the contestants have to say. Russell O’Brien starts well. He says there was a trivia quiz on Tuesday or Wednesday conducted by the unnamed aerobics instructor.

He says Tuesday was the first night they were altogether,” 9 of us actually present “. He then goes onto say that the night the quiz took place was “ that was the night I wasn’t there because he was looking after a sick child.

He remembers Rachael Oldfield wasn’t there either because she was ill.

Not the most confident answer, but he seems to be confirming that Wednesday was Quiz Night. That was the night before Maddie disappeared.  

Kate and Gerry make no mention of the quiz at all, as far as we can see.  

Dianne Webster remembers there was a quiz night, but can’t remember if it was Tuesday or Wednesday. She says nothing more about it, so was she there?  

Jane Tanner elaborates. The quiz was on two nights. One of them might be Tuesday.

One was a mini quiz of 5-10 minutes (how boring is that!) and the other a couple of rounds. She confirms their child was sick on Wednesday and didn’t attend the children’s club. She doesn’t mention anything more, so was she there?

David Payne was definitely there, because he remembers chatting to the Pilates and aerobics instructor one night, without saying which night. He does say they stayed until late on Wednesday night.

Fiona Payne was definitely there too, but she has to ask the interviewing police officer for help, which is against pub quiz rules. The officer isn’t much help so Fiona gamely tries to remember. She’s not sure if it was Monday, as there was potentially a second type of quiz night.

For Fiona, it also might be Wednesday because they were not in a row. She remembers there was some banter which they all joined in and that they LOST.

Well, there’s a first for everything.

She remembers inviting the quiz mistress for drinks at the table at the latter part of the meal.  

Matthew Oldfield describes a few sort of tables around that were occupied and that one night there was a quiz. Did the rest of the early sitting diners simply sit around waiting for the T6/7/(?) to finish their meal before the quiz could start?

And how did the Tapas child checking system fit into QN? Did all QN stop until the player returned?

One can only guess that those that had chosen to pay for the night nanny service not to be too satisfied with this, and protest...

And within each team, did the choice on who had to go and check the children befall on the one who knew the least about topic of the question in question? You know, if was sports, it was lady that would be picked to go...

Now this would appear to give those teams who had paid for the nannies, an unexpected bonus, but that, we’re sure, would be considered CHEATING! If they went to do checks they could be finding answers instead! It's worse than 'phoning a friend'!

Matthew also mentions going for a run with Kate at lunchtime because Rachael was ill in the apartment. (What a gent, leaving her to vomit alone) He doesn’t tell us anything about which night. So was he there?

This is a long question, so to clarify, let’s check Najoua Chekaya’s (NC) answer to make things easier

After all, she does the hosting, so, surely she should know better than anyone.  

NC says QN at the Tapas was on Tuesday and Sunday nights.

She remembers sitting at the table after Gerry invited her over for a drink. Right; so that’s Gerry there then.

She was there from 21.30 -21.50. One seat was empty and she wasn’t sure if she saw David Payne or Kate.

In the book Vanished, by Danny Collins, written in 2008 before the PJ files were released, NC held QN at the Tapas on Thursday evening, the night Maddie disappeared and was invited to join them at the table.

Obviously he got it wrong, hence the confusing stories as to Which Night was Quiz Night? But Danny is an investigative journalist and obviously got much of his information from Clarence Mitchell or sources close to the family, as he says CM was made aware of the book’s contents.  

Collins also provides a link to the fund.

The Daily Mail had previously reported on August 16th 2007 that Najoua was chatting with the Tapas group on the night that Maddie had disappeared. “That night, Ms Chekaya had organised a bar quiz at the Ocean Club resort where the McCanns were staying. Her evidence is understood to corroborate the McCanns’ movements in the hour before the disappearance was discovered.” NB:

For Najoua’s statement to be corroborated, there would HAVE to have been a minimum of 2 other teams of 4, which with quiz mistress would mean an extra 9 people OTHER than the T9 to interview as witnesses that QN had been on Thursday.

Or on any other night, as you may pick out of the many that the T9 have put at your disposal to choose from.

However, in any of those nights, you still need those 18 people present.

And waiters, bartenders, cooks, and kitchen-helpers don’t count. If the QN was done exclusively between the T9, then how the 2 teams were split up would be remembered by all, including NC (at least better than the seating arrangements around the BIG ROUND TABLE).

If Gerry had invited her to his table of four players then she did not sit with the other four. Not to say that this blog has already said that it found very strange that that joyful and smiling company was so little remembered.
I now need to confer with my team members for the correct answers, so pass the sandwiches round (or if we're having dinner while playing do mind the forks, no answers with your mouth full please, and do be careful and don't blot the answer sheet) and mine’s a white wine, anything but Chardonnay.  

QUIZ QUESTION #2, what does… no, you’re right, no use continuing with the Quiz until question #1 is adequately clarified, otherwise we would all be playing a FICTITIOUS QN, wouldn’t we?

As said before, this blog leaves those frustrating attempts of transforming fiction into fact to some would-be “alchemists”


  1. Never thought that Quiz Night was such a big thing. And somewhat complicated to arrange. It seems that the first thing you need is a sound system/microphone, just like in a Bingo room so that the everyone hears the questions right. Never heard of any of the sort said being used at Tapas, nor by the people who say they hear noise from the Tapas, like the Wilkins, but its just laughter and loud talk. Another notch for you Tex & team!

  2. The Tapas Bar, has no big sign (or even small) to be seen for the outside. It more like a Pub to attract those OC guests who wish to spend quiet night. Those looking for more action, can always go to Chaplin's or Kelly's, or if they really want some nightlife they would go to Lagos. Why on earth would Tapas want to hold such a spectacular event as a Quiz Night? It doesn't make sense at all.

  3. The Mill would be the best place to have lots of people together looking for evening entertainment I would have thought.

    You never hear of quiz nights in restaurants! They are held in pubs with tables big enough to have answer sheets to write on, drinks on the table yes.....but food NO. Food comes at the end and everyone gets together and moans that their answers could have been right and want to speak to the quiz host to check where the went wrong.

    They are fun, noisy nights where people shout across tables to one another, deliberately letting them overhear a wrong answer when they are struggling to find one.

    If you look at the Tapas booking sheets for each night there is no mention of tables cleared for a quiz or a time for dinner to be over for the event to begin. As some guests had arrived around 7pm with children they wouldn't be there when quiz night started.

    It seems like another piece of fiction.

  4. From Jane Tanner's statement....

    I wouldn't want her on my quiz team, she doesn't seem to know what day it is.

    Reply "So that night is the night that Russell didn’t actually come to the restaurant so coming back to what you were saying about is there anything that would highlight to people what there is, I actually carried his meals back to the room on that night and I say I don’t know whether it’s the Tuesday or the Wednesday err because he was staying with Exx because at that point we thought oh we don’t want to leave her in case she is sick again and I think it was two nights before the Thursday so I’d say it would be Tuesday, which is why I think it was the quiz night because Russell wasn’t there when it was the quiz night.”
    PC "Okay.”
    Reply "Sorry this is just…”
    PC "No that’s fine.”
    Reply "It’s so hard to remember the days but I think yeah, so he had, he stayed back there and I took his meals back to the, back to the room so that he could have it...”
    PC "And that was the quiz night Russell wasn’t there?”
    Reply "I think that was, well it was definitely, which ever night was the big quiz night, because there was two quiz nights. There was one quiz night where they just brought round a sheet of paper with pictures on or something and it was sort of lasted about five, ten minutes, but then there was a second quiz night which was a couple of rounds and that was, that was when Russell wasn’t there because we were thinking it would be quite good if he was there because he’s got a memory for silly facts.”

  5. Well........we go again...................... i am talking about the anon, the first LOL Seems like a queen or a King.

  6. Even with an introduction to the QZ night, anon thinks is like when he /she go to the bingo to play and win money.

  7. Anon
    Mar 15, 2011 7:48:00 PM

    Thank you for your comment.

    One thing that we're hoping for is those people that have participated in Quiz Nights at the PdL MW Ocean Club complex, to tell us about their experience.

    Where it was played or even if they played QN at all. After all, we musn't forget that OC was not built to have the Tapas as their only guests.

    There must be someone out there who, independent of the Tapas or their friends who knows how fictitious or not are these Najoua Quiz Nights.... at Tapas.

  8. A questão das QZ Nights já aqui foi colocada e , por cá, ninguém leva a mal quanto a quem opta por isso. Se é uma escolha livre e não colide com a liberdade dos outros, não nos diz respeito.

    No OC o problema esteve no facto de isso ter contribuido para que aquela semana barata, em época baixa, viesse a ter consequências, não no gozo ou no prazer, mas na morte de uma Criança. Uma pequena vida ceifada prematuramente.

    Penso que o post ( mais este sobre o assunto ) serve para situar os factos e os dias, relacionando-os com as " declarações " dos diversos intervenientes.

  9. Out of season Tapas bar would struggle to get enough teams together to make a QN, more likely the men from the Tapas group especially Gerry fancied the buxom quiz mistress asked her over to their table, chatting her up to see who could get off with her, alpha males showing off. Kate got the hump hence she went back to apartment and stayed there !!

  10. Anon
    Mar 15, 2011 8:41:00 PM
    Mar 15, 2011 8:45:00 PM

    What I believe Mar 15, 2011 6:58:00 PM is referring to is about the sound system, and not actually about the Bingo game. These "collective" room games usually require that for whoever is hosting to use a microphone to be heard by everyone in the room.

  11. There is nothing luxurious about Mark Warner, it looks more like a cheap Pontins.
    With holiday makers on a budget, when the accident with Maddie happened, they panic and instead of doing the proper thing, decided to cover up because they knew staying in Portugal for the investigation would bankrupt them all. They decided to lie every single thing they say is a lie from the shutters being jemmied, saying they could see the apartment from the Tapas bar, water sports, quiz nights, negligence everything is a lie.
    What I find so surprising is how they are still getting away with it.

  12. Anon
    Mar 15, 2011 8:50:00 PM

    Gerry may have "fancied the buxom quiz mistress asked her over to their table, chatting her up to see who could get off with her, alpha males showing off", but didn't fancy her at Tapas, I'm afraid.

    And about "Kate got the hump hence she went back to apartment and stayed there" we have only her word for that... and as you know, Kate's words carry very little weight in this blog.

  13. Are Tapas saying they played the quiz game outside the Tapas Bar, where it would have been chilly not many participants sitting in the cold, inside the small tapas bar space would be needed for meals. In the summer months QN would prove to be very popular with many teams competing in the warm evenings in May out of season, not even a school holiday very quiet time.

    Quiz Mistress sat with the group but not for very long especially with the leering loud Gerry present, it was obvious to her what they were up to swapping partners and looking for new partners so she soon 'made her excuses and left'.

  14. If they had taken part in a proper quiz night other teams would never have allowed them to keep wandering off and leaving the table. Quiz competitions are serious, they can be very competitive and teams need to concentrate and they usually ask for silence so competitors can hear the questions.
    No way would this group be allowed to act as they say they did in a competition, other competitors would remember it quite well because it would be so annoying and cheating.
    Each team has the same amount of people in otherwise there is an advantage to larger groups, so where were all these other teams of as many players.

  15. Oh here we go again.

    She's another problem for you, the quiz mistress/ aerobics instructor, isn't she?

    Another one who places the McCanns and their friends at the tapas

    So obviously in the twisted world of Textusa, the quiz never happened either. And she is also telling a pack of lies for some unfathomable reason.

    You really are a total fuckwit

  16. Just like to say a big thank you to the Bronte Cohan sisters for your fantastic, truthful site.
    I am addicted to Textusa I never miss a day.

  17. Great post, Bronte-Cohen Sisters! You've hit another nail right on the head, well done!

    Chaplin's (pub and restaurant) held(s) QNs on Tuesdays, I'm sure I read about it in some of their publicity things. They advertise it as big fun and a good reason to pay a visit. Now, did the Tapas bar advertise its QN? Or weren't they interested in making good business and more than happy to lose customers to Chaplin's?

    (Miss Chekaya is indeed stunning, no way she would have not caused a memorable impression on the male Tapas...)

  18. Methinks anon.@8:41/44pm has had one drink too many...

  19. Anon
    Mar 15, 2011 11:42:00 PM

    Please understand that for the Portuguese, this blog is written in a language most know it but don't master it.

    Rereading Anons 6:38 comment there are two things there that might confuse, or mislead our Portuguese readers. The first is bringing up "Bingo" which in Portugal is has a bad conotation and is seen where the poor gamble. probably that's the reason why Anon 8:49 says that the option to play QN is a personal option because s/he thinks that in QN there is gambling going on.

    The second thing is the word "notch" which is associated with my name, and Anon 8:41/8:44 probably thinks that I'm being insulted (when, in fact, I'm being complimented), and appears to be defending the blog, which I thank.

    This is obviuosly my opinion, and it's up to the readers in question to say otherwise.

    Just imagine yourself reading a blog written say, in german (hope you're not fluent in that language), and responding there in german. Yes, you would make many mistakes, but the fact that you're doing it, it show a much greater commitment and interest on your part than any possible mistake you would make.

    So I thank, and love to read, all those comments that the Portuguese who speak little English make in this blog, because they make me smile... with pride.

  20. From the Daily Mail August 2007

    "Portuguese laws make it an offence for witnesses in a criminal inquiry to discuss their evidence, but it is understood Ms Chekaya was invited by Mr McCann to join his table when the quiz finished at 9.30pm.

    It is understood she remained chatting with the McCanns and their friends until 10pm, when Mrs McCann went to check on Madeleine and discovered her daughter missing. What happened between 9pm and 10pm is likely to hold the key to Madeleine's fate.

    Mr McCann checked on Madeleine and her two younger siblings at 9.05pm and reported that all was well and his daughter fast asleep.

    About 10 to 15 minutes after he returned to the table, a friend, Jane Tanner, went to check. She reported seeing a dark-haired man of about 35 carrying a child as she walked back to the bar afterwards but thought nothing of it."

    Madeleine and the missing hour: how often did the McCanns check on their children? Daily Mail

    Last Updated at 16:31 11 August 2007

    Sitting beside a swimming pool in the Algarve on that May evening Gerry and Kate McCann were enjoying themselves. The tapas bar of the Mark Warner holiday resort in Praia da Luz was buzzing with holidaymakers and it was quiz night.

    The McCanns were favourites to win the contest organised by the resort's aerobics teacher Najova Chekaya. After all, the two doctors had brains on their side. Around their table were seven friends from England, three of them also doctors and one a top medical research fellow.

    This plan to have an alibi seems to have gone terribly wrong. Who decided to bring quiz night into the equation? Was it somebody who didn't get the official hymn sheet or maybe hoping they were doing T9 a favour? Strange how quiz night has never been challenged because if it existed everyone there would be falling over themselves to come forward to report the memorable evening.

  21. Good morning all !

    The double anon who have not understand (understood) is me and because my no english not only me but others did not understand , of course, what i wish to mean. Sorry

    Text , yes, understand ( " So I thank, and love to read, all those comments that the Portuguese who speak little English make in this blog, because they make me smile... with pride. )

    Text: You are right . Is like that all. Thank You by the help.

    That is why , many times, i do not write.

    "In my time " LOL the language was the french .

    In my youth the second language was the french.

    My no english was "learned" LOL with a very old Nun, so i do not know english.

    Thank You again, Text .

  22. I have to dedicate a little time to re-read the information available on the files, about the Quiz nights, before posting any comment.
    But something shines here- Mr. Danny Collins managed to got a book published without being sued or accused of making money by using Madeleine. Very convennient that book... with a very grateful title.
    The small Pierrots that spinned around the Mccann's after May 3, were far from simple idiots or inelligent oportunists. Were used by the Mccann's and their Pr machine to fix their agenda. Same as the multiple sights of madeleine and the curious witnesses. They all deserve a incisive eye from PJ and from a judge. Those characters did not fall on the same bag as the Blogs and Foruns that were independent an really looking for the true and for justice. They are part of a parallel game settled by the Mccann's, or their lawyers or their PR advisers. Here is where the Money from the Fund goes... Not to search the girl, not to find her or justice for her. The money is buying all the dogs (caos de fila) wihout dignity. NOT TRAINED DOGS, OFF COURSE. Not dogs walking in 4 paws....

  23. Advert on the internet.

    Was Najoua trying to keep the residents at the Tapas spending their money instead of going to Chaplins regular Tuesday quiz night? Or were the group at Chaplins on that Tuesday night but didn't join in the quiz?


    An English Restaurant great for traditional British dishes when you want to go for 'home cooking'. Good value for money. Fish & Chips, Bangers and Mash etc.. Large portions, well prepared and nice service. They do a Cataplana for one which is unusual ( normally only for two persons ). The rack of lamb is probably the best we've ever eaten. The steaks are more than substantial. 3 course Sunday Roasts from €12 - ( 12.30 to 21.00 ). Take away service for fish & chips, curries, bangers and mash. ● Quiz night every Tuesday at 22.00 (seasonal). Be sure to say hello to Analise when you visit.
    See a Sample Menu here.
    Open: 18.00 - 02.00 (7 nights). Food served: 18.00 - 22.00.
    Closed (2007): December through February.
    Where: This is the first of the four restaurants in a row just below the church and opposite the Fortaleza.
    Av. dos Pescadores.
    Tel: (+351) 282 789 932.

  24. Would something as simple as one person who gave a statement coming forward and saying 'they made a mistake' and would like to correct it now constitute new evidence?

    If that is the case then maybe all these people who collaborated, possibly in all innocence, must be watching their backs very closely.

    Groups of statements seem to use the same words such as the waiters. Is there a pattern? One obvious group were all the watersports staff who were not asked for statements yet were supposed to have taken Maddie out to sea. The group were supposed to have done watersports and even had an accident.

  25. F**wit (Mar 15, 2011 10:16:00 PM)

    Don't worry, the opinion that NC is lying is not exclusively yours. You share that with our other readers. The post does not provide an opinion on NC's honesty, and she might be a problem, but not for this blog.

  26. Just to further help clarify about QN which I think it’s important, as there is a cultural divergence to understand QN.

    The British are much more extroverted and collective in their enjoyment of life. This is neither a compliment nor a criticism. The Portuguese are just much more individualistic, reserved and self-conscious.

    Karaoke, for example prospers in British Pubs down in the Algarve, while that is basically frowned upon by the Portuguese. Bingo is a gambling game in Portugal, a past-time for the elderly in Britain.

    I would define for the Portuguese, that QN is a collective Trivial Pursuit done on a Paper Rally ways. The answers, of the team, to the questions are written down on piece of paper. After a round, papers are shared between the teams, and will be scored in accordance with the CORRECT answers provided, ORALLY, by the host.

    The idea of winning the prize has nothing to do with the prize itself, but much more with the pride of winning, thus the competitiveness and thus the lure to participate, COLLECTIVELY.

    So QN is far from being a sophisticated activity. But it does require some preparation. In the least you have to have a set of questions and their correct answers, paper and pen for people to write on, tables on where teams gather around and write those answers, and space where to put those tables.

    As pubs are usually crowded and noisy you do require some sort of microphone fot the host to make him or herself understood.

    As can be easily seen, you just don’t “do” a QN out of the blue… and certainly not adequate for restaurants, because, if not for anything else, it involves everybody in the room.

    There are many restaurants that after the evening meal become pubs. I think Chaplins is like that. But QN only starts after the meal is over, and everybody around can be involved in the game.

    Like many other things about that week in PdL, the “McCanns” thought they had the situation so under control that they could say anything they liked. They probably played QN at Chaplins, and probably with NC, so in their heads, all they had to do was to “transport” the night they spent at Chaplins to the Tapas, and everyone would buy it.

  27. Indeed NC is a stunning woman but I wonder about her job....aerobics instructor?

    Where did she hold classes? Who attended her classes?

  28. Wonder why Gerry so hardly avoided to be connected with Chaplins.
    A close check on the bills and credit cards used to pay at Chaplins, on later April and early May 2007, will be very importan pieces for the investigation. I believe PJ had that information.
    Whatever let them to understand that Madeleine died on the 5A was not only based on unconsistent statements and dog evidences. Amaral talk about thousand of pages in the process. They are not decorative pages. They must be valuable and important information that need to be kept under secrecy.
    What the clients and waiters of the Tapas did not know about the Tapas 9 must be well known by the clients and the waiters from the Chaplins.
    From the Tapas bar we have lies. From the chaplins, we have omission, black out.

  29. Thank you Textusa for your comment on my 11:42pm post. I understand what you're saying, but...it is just a feeling I have...I strongly suspect that the person who made those comments is the same who also posted the 10:16pm comment. I do not see those comments as a defense of the blog, I see them as a veiled insult to us, the so-called "brain-donors". Those comments, my instinct tells me, were made by that someone who's dropped the "nickname", you know who...a not very SANE character!

    With all my respect and awe for your excellent work,


  30. F**wit/Insane/Ywan, the unwaivering persistence with which you stalk this blog with endlessly repetitive non-productive comments, reveals, in my opinion, to me that your attentive following is more than a psychopathic obsession, but it is full fledged fear of what here is written. As Tex is not limiting herself to your comfortable Tapas, I sense that some people on your side of the fence are started to feel irritated with your promise that if they told a fib or two there would be no problem. I sense that some people on your side of the fence just want to put a full stop to all this, and are tired of putting up with people who really have no power to have them by the b*lls, and should man up and face justice once and for all. To those I say, it's not too late to do the right thing!

  31. Perhaps they like to make us think they spent more time in Tapas bar than they did to fit in with their 'abduction' theory as gerry said 'it was like sitting in the garden' being at tapas but he couldn't say that about Chaplins.
    I noticed on pictures of PDL that there is a derelict building right next to Chaplins and behind the church, maybe they spent quite a bit of time in that area !!!

  32. I doubt Kate will go into much detail about QN and tapas meals in her book, she will skip over all these important details because she knows they are all her lies to cover for what they did to their daughter.

    I think you have uncovered alot of the lies the mccanns have been spinning Text, I hope this year the case gets re-opened it cannot stay closed indefinitely.

  33. One thing is to have 4 workers lie the day after Maddie was gone, another, totally different is to allow the Tapas to say, in clear terms, no innuendos about it, that there was an activity that never happened in one of the MW facilities. The fact that MW has not denied the existence of this QN, proves that the whole OC Management are up to the ears in the involvement in this cover-up. This post is much more important than it seems. It's evident that there was no QN at Tapas, and is now evident that no statement from any MW worker can be trusted. Textusa is absolutely right: only one scenario can explain the involvement of MW (to protect their investment and jobs), the guests (to protect their reputation) and the Tapas (to protect them from jail) and that is swinging. It also explains the involvement of government level intervention if some of the guests were important enough. For example, to exemplify the importance of this post, its no use to check the guests list, as probably many names have disappeared. We may never know the whole truth about what happened, but thanks to blogs like this, we will know why everything happened afterwards.

  34. Kate and Gerry would have us believe they spent most of their time in the Tapas bar to reinforce their idea of 'checking on the children' I suspect most nights Mrs Webster looked after all the children whilst they went out to Kelly, Chaplins or where ever else. They may well of used the babysitting facilities provided by MW most the day the children spent in the creche not with parents.

    The police know a great deal more than us and at some stage this case will be re-opened they are just waiting for the right moment.

    When it does get re-opened there will be a rush of people wanted to 'put the record' straight for fear of prosecution.

    Well done on your truthful articles Textusa, when this is finally resolved you will have played a great part in bringing out the truth.

  35. Anon at 9.53 well said Textusa has uncovered yet more untruths.

    MW lying to protect its guests is so obvious, Quiz mistress probably has a few tales to tell !!

    I also remember reading that one of the nannies had a holiday back in England with the Mccanns, I do not know if this is a myth but is seems rather odd...

  36. Anon @ 9.48

    I'm sure you are right about the book not going into detail, not like G McCann in his blog in the days after his daughter has 'disappeared'. He went into plenty of irrelevant detail including how long it took him and K McCann to run up a hill.

    Can you imagine yourself being able to function let alone blog about trivia if your child had really been abducted? His blog was stomach churning so I'm not expecting anything else with the book. This book could be the thing that makes their house of cards topple.It will be scrutinised down to the last full stop.

    If it does get published just imagine how many people are going to rip it apart. They might think they have backing to stop that happening but it only takes one person to break ranks and that support is worthless.

  37. 9.53 comment

    You seem to see exactly what was going on. The posts here are important because they unravel the the twisted information given by those who need to obscure the facts.

    We take for granted certain things we are told because it's physically impossible to check them out but when Textusa explains what is really there it becomes obvious.

    I have sympathy with some of those people who were caught up in the McCann fiasco and many of them probably gave statements to cover a range of issues, to save their jobs, reputations and family embarrassment and some possibly with misguided loyalty to the McCanns.

  38. For those interested, about Najoua Chekaya, in McCannFiles:


    "I just want to go home, says fitness teacher who is key witness, 16 August 2007"

  39. Well said 9:53!
    BUT you're forgetting one very important thing: conscience. No, we know these people have little, but those around them might have. Thos close to these people, family, employees, etc. know that they were there. One thing is yo look at the eyes of another with a clear conscience and the other is to look with something to hide, or avoid, even if you don't have a conscience... it's always there. Imagine how you must feel around family whenever the Maddie subject comes up on news.. You also forgot the PdL Ex-pats. That particular British community will always be looked at by OTHER Brits with a bit of suspsicion. "Where do you live?" "Down at the Algarve, in PdL..." "Hhhhhmmmm....." And who has everybody to thank for this? Some no-one joes that they let put them in this mess.

  40. Textusa is in my opinion the best blog on the internet and so for Insane to keep coming here heckling Texusa just proves how worried they are, I expect quite a few 'other people' visit here everyday and never comment but just like to keep a check on how close we are getting to the truth.

  41. And where is the scoreboard?

    You know where all the funny team names are put up for everyone to see? It's usually a chalkboard and no ones talks about it!

    And how is it that no one remembers THEIR team name?!? Fiona says they lost... but who do they loose against? The "Dingbats"? The "Fish & Chips Friers"? The winning teams name would have been remembered and MENTIONED. And what was Fiona's team name? The "Hoaxers"?

  42. This information about quiz night is very well spotted Textusa by you and could be very relevant like the big table for tapas dinner, they have lied so much they probably would not know the truth if it was standing in front of them.

    The water sports as you mentioned earlier is also suspect, this group seem to have lied their way through everything that week and now we have the book of lies by Kate soon to be published it really is astonishing how they get away with it.

    Well done to Textusa et al

  43. Did the police check that a QN had taken place that week.
    There appears a considerable amount of uncertainty concerning QN that it must be a very relevant point, possibly covering up for something else!

  44. Anon 7:28

    The HOAXERS are taking a humiliating beating from the us, the BRAIN DONORS! LOL

    Sorry Text, couldn't resist it!

  45. Anon
    Mar 17, 2011 7:27:00 AM

    Thank you such a nice compliment. We may not be the best blog, but we certainly have the BEST readers any blog could have!

  46. By the amount and quality of comments, it seems that Insane's threat to go tell other bloggers on Textusa, isn't making much effect...

  47. Good morning to all,

    I've just browsed the Tapas workers statements in McCannFiles and none mentioned a QN. Strange, isn't it? Or maybe they just weren't asked about it...?

  48. As you might imagine, this blog keeps continuously receiving "complimentary" comments from our personal and dedicated friendly stalker, F***wit Insane, which we don’t publish.

    This blog, as you know by now, seeks the truth and welcomes the confrontation of ideas, as long as they’re valid (bring something new to the discussion) and presented in a minimally educated way.

    It’s considered as valid contribution any that brings something new to the discussion, or any honest request for clarification of a certain detail or opinion. Repetitive demanding of clarification of the same subject, is not an honest request for clarification. It’s an infantile attempt to play “Snakes & Ladders” only with snakes.

    Ah, and “just because” is also considered NOT to be a valid contribution.

    Only through confrontation of ideas, as we’ve said, can we then change ours, if that is the case, or then consider ours as consolidated.

    Amongst the usual insulting (I know you thank me from sparing you from the terrible swearing and insults that you don’t get to see), and repetitive dribble and the habitual intentionally misinterpreted “conclusions” that seek only to mislead, F***wit Insane has placed in one of his latest comments what we consider to be a valid question, and, as such, merits publication:

    “Have you forgotten that lots of people lost their jobs at Mark Warner as a result of the downturn in business - do you not think that had they been ''told'' by Mark Warners what to say in their statements, they would have been chomping at the bit to set the record straight as soon as they were turfed out of their jobs?”

  49. To Mr/Mrs/Ms F***wit Insane,

    This post makes two questions (both in quiz question #1):
    #1 On which night was QN?
    #2 How many people were in the T9 quiz team?
    It then proceeds to relay what was said by the various people that, in the PJ Files, have referred to this particular event.
    Not once is there said that there was NO QN at Tapas. Not once is it said that NC, or anybody else is lying.
    The only statement that might tell you that there was no QN is the non-making of Quiz Question #2, but this question is not made, based on the CLARIFICATION of both above questions, because if they’re not clarified, then it’s a legitimate assumption that there was no QN.
    But only if and only if there was no CLARIFICATION to two perfectly innocent questions, and if you question their innocence, do read them again please. If QN was for real, a simple day of the week and a number is would be sufficient to provide satisfactory answers to those two questions.
    So the FACT that YOU say “So obviously in the twisted world of Textusa, the quiz never happened either” PROVES there was no QN, because against your own will you’ve reached THAT conclusion out of YOUR OWN reading of the words and not from any of Textusa’s words in the post. IT’S YOUR CONCLUSION THAT THE QUIZ NEVER HAPPENED.
    The same is applicable to the FACT that you say about NC “…And she is also telling a pack of lies for some unfathomable reason”. YOU, the one that DEDUCED that NC was lying can explain to us ALL why YOU think NC is LYING. IT’S YOUR CONCLUSION THAT NC IS LYING.
    And in the exact same way that you reached that conclusion, so have many. Now, do go and tell your imaginary friends in your imaginary blog the CONCLUSIONS that YOU have come to.

    About your question of those who lost their jobs, I’ll answer it with ONE simple word: FEAR. The fear your people were able to instill in everybody, by muscle showing with all your big lawyers and governmental backing. A poor person, even if unemployed, prefers to buy peace with silence. To speak up under such circumstances takes a lot of courage, and please bow your head in shame before demanding from others what you were unable to do yourself.
    But, as newspapers have reported the locals do let out a vague “the McCanns are to blame” about the downturn of business.

  50. "TURFED out of their jobs" sounds as though people were removed not made redundant. As it was the start of the season why were people who gave statements (e.g. Cat Baker plus 4 others and that's without investigating further) shipped out of OC within 24 hours of making those statements?

    Textusa, thank you for sparing us the swearing and insults, what we have already seen in the past gives us an indication of the level of the poster vocabulary.
    Obviously rational debate is encouraged so can we ask Fwit/Insane what information he wants to discuss?

    Firstly I'd like to ask him why he is getting so upset about what is said here. He tells us it's all nonsense so why does he keep coming back to check up?

    I can only think of one reason and that is personal involvement. Only he can tell us that is or is not the case.

  51. Do I get any quiz points, for using the Daily Mail reference, to claim quiz night happened on Thursday?

    Do I get extra points for saying, according to Ms NC's interview with the Dail Mail, that if the quiz finished at 9.30pm then it must have started before 8.30 and before the McCann team had arrived? So using this as my reference none of the T9 were taking part in the quiz.

    "it is understood Ms Chekaya was invited by Mr McCann to join his table when the quiz FINISHED at 9.30pm.

    It is understood SHE REMAINED chatting with the McCanns and their friends UNTIL 10PM, when Mrs McCann went to check on Madeleine and discovered her daughter missing."

    As she didn't mark the answer papers when the quiz ended maybe no-one bothered playing so there was nothing to mark.

    If no-one bothered playing then there was no quiz. No quiz means no quiz night at the Tapas. Perhaps I'm being too logical about this and not 'playing the game'?

    All it would take is for one person to state they were at OC and know whether or not this 'event' ever took place on any night but until that time I will stick with my final answer.....quiz night did not happen.

    Now are there any points going for showing a quiz nights happened at Chaplins on Tuesdays? Oh maybe not, I see someone else has claimed points for that as they have already posted the Chaplins advert.

  52. This 'Quiz night' has brought a high amount of comments and 'visits today of 217' we need to dig deeper into this because something is not right and now Insane is back shows Textusa is on the right track to uncovering the truth.

  53. I do not believe MW staff lost their jobs due to lack of business, Madeleine disappeared in May and by then most people have already booked their summer holidays.

    IMO Staff were influenced to say what they said in their statements and then MW dismissed them, and employed fresh new staff who knew nothing of previous events.

    I remember reading some of the staff went to other countries to work, it would not be so easy for police to re-interview them. If staff have no recollection of QN then it did not happen, but why lie over such a simple thing ?

  54. If this group went to QN at Chaplins they would not have been able to keep checking on their children, as they are claiming they did,someone else would have minded the children... Mrs Webster? what they are doing is attempting to have us believe they were always at the Tapas bar in the evenings just having a meal and drink and children were being checked by them in their rooms, to reinforce negligence but this never happened as Textusa has proved.

    What this does prove is that they are all involved in Madeleines disappearance because they have all readily lied about QN knowing full well it did not happen at Tapas bar.

    This gives strength to the 'swinging' theory they knew they must convince the public that negligence on their part was the cause of Madeleines disappearance when in fact negligence had nothing whatsoever to do with it.

  55. It is clear, who lost the jobs at the Oc was not due to lack of clients. Some portuguese papers reported how PDL become an atraction for certain type of tourists who arrived their to see the place where the crime happened and to realise in loccu how impossible was the abduction under the conditions described by the Tapas 9? Where those tourists went for their meals? to the OC restaurants and most of them did not resist to ask the employers about what they know and how the thinks happened. A very danger and embarassing situation for MW who knows all the lies. The only way to avoid that is sending away a big amount of employers and keep the ones involved on the lies to control them very tight . The Tapas workers know that by open their mouths they have a lot to lost.

  56. http://sol.sapo.pt/inicio/Sociedade/Interior.aspx?content_id=14466

    Kate e Gerry McCann queriam que o Supremo Tribunal de Justiça anulasse uma decisão da Relação que permitia a distribuição do livro de Gonçalo Amaral, A Verdade da Mentira. Mas os juízes recusaram o pedido.
    O antigo inspector da Polícia Judiciária (PJ), Gonçalo Amaral, vai poder voltar a vender o livro sobre o desaparecimento de Madeleine McCann, A Verdade da Mentira, que foi retirado das bancas depois de, em primeira instância, ter sido aceite uma providência cautelar dos pais da menina inglesa desaparecida na Praia da Luz.

    Os juízes do Supremo Tribunal recusaram o pedido de «revista excepcional» à decisão do Tribunal da Relação, que indeferiu a providência cautelar interposta por Kate e Gerry McCann.

    A decisão dos conselheiros poderá ter recurso para o Tribunal Constitucional, mas este não terá efeitos suspensivos, pelo que Kate e Gerry McCann terão de devolver todos os exemplares do livro de Amaral que estão em seu poder.

    Caso não o façam, poderão mesmo incorrer num crime de desobediência.

    Contactada pelo SOL, a advogada dos McCann, Isabel Duarte, recusou comentar esta decisão judicial, por ainda não ter sido notificada


  57. http://sol.sapo.pt/inicio/Sociedade/Interior.aspx?content_id=14466

    Kate e Gerry McCann queriam que o Supremo Tribunal de Justiça anulasse uma decisão da Relação que permitia a distribuição do livro de Gonçalo Amaral, A Verdade da Mentira. Mas os juízes recusaram o pedido.
    O antigo inspector da Polícia Judiciária (PJ), Gonçalo Amaral, vai poder voltar a vender o livro sobre o desaparecimento de Madeleine McCann, A Verdade da Mentira, que foi retirado das bancas depois de, em primeira instância, ter sido aceite uma providência cautelar dos pais da menina inglesa desaparecida na Praia da Luz.

    Os juízes do Supremo Tribunal recusaram o pedido de «revista excepcional» à decisão do Tribunal da Relação, que indeferiu a providência cautelar interposta por Kate e Gerry McCann.

    A decisão dos conselheiros poderá ter recurso para o Tribunal Constitucional, mas este não terá efeitos suspensivos, pelo que Kate e Gerry McCann terão de devolver todos os exemplares do livro de Amaral que estão em seu poder.

    Caso não o façam, poderão mesmo incorrer num crime de desobediência.

    Contactada pelo SOL, a advogada dos McCann, Isabel Duarte, recusou comentar esta decisão judicial, por ainda não ter sido notificada


  58. http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2011/03/by-margarida-davim-kate-and-gerry.html#comment-form



  59. Textusa traduz por favor para que todos saibam da boa nova.

    Kate e Gerry McCann queriam que o Supremo Tribunal de Justiça anulasse uma decisão da Relação que permitia a distribuição do livro de Gonçalo Amaral, A Verdade da Mentira. Mas os juízes recusaram o pedido.

    O antigo inspector da Polícia Judiciária (PJ), Gonçalo Amaral, vai poder voltar a vender o livro sobre o desaparecimento de Madeleine McCann, A Verdade da Mentira, que foi retirado das bancas depois de, em primeira instância, ter sido aceite uma providência cautelar dos pais da menina inglesa desaparecida na Praia da Luz.

    Os juízes do Supremo Tribunal recusaram o pedido de «revista excepcional» à decisão do Tribunal da Relação, que indeferiu a providência cautelar interposta por Kate e Gerry McCann.

    A decisão dos conselheiros poderá ter recurso para o Tribunal Constitucional, mas este não terá efeitos suspensivos, pelo que Kate e Gerry McCann terão de devolver todos os exemplares do livro de Amaral que estão em seu poder.

    Caso não o façam, poderão mesmo incorrer num crime de desobediência.

    Contactada pelo SOL, a advogada dos McCann, Isabel Duarte, recusou comentar esta decisão judicial, por ainda não ter sido notificada.

    Fonte: Jornal Sol

  60. MC thanks for the link - Kate Mccann also has her own page at Amazon regarding her book and the comments readers have left just goes to show people have had enough of her and her lies.

  61. Anon 9:35:00 PM

    Thank You.

    But the K. ´s page........... is by Moy bra Mon Br Monica

    Not K. to me , writing the McBook. Monica write it, i think.

    Be well.

  62. The Tapas group and Kate and Gerry have told so many untruths regarding Madeleine, this QN that Textusa has uncovered is yet another untruth but links this group firmly together in their lies.

    It would appear most of what they have said is wrong starting with the shutters being jemmied, surely all these indescrepancies and lies are enough for a court to re-open this case and finally get to the bottom of what really happened.

    Payne visiting Gerry on tennis courts and then seeing Kate whilst gerry was absent is another oddity.
    He was the last independant person to see her alive but his statement and Kates are full of inaccuracies.

    Can the PJ appeal and get this case re-opened?

    the mccanns attempted to stop the distribution of Amarals' book and were unsuccessful, that's a victory, hope we can buy it now in UK. The mccanns are always involved in litigation cases, exploying reputation preserving lawyers, over 4 years the costs of this must be astronomical and never asking for the case to be re-opened or co-operating with authorities they are so guilty it is amazing that they are still allowed to continue with this farce of theirs, making money and more money, such greed seems unimagineable in these hard times.

    I believe this book will be the final nail in their coffin, the comments readers have left on Kates Author page at Amazon are scathing, who ever heard of suspects re-writing the crime. The picture of madeleine on the cover is such an old picture she looks about 2 years old, why did they initially use such old photographs in their search?

    So many questions and so many guilty people, poor Madeleine her parents have fed off her memory for their own financial gratification.

    Well done Textusa may the truth one day be known.

  63. Anon. @8:21am wrote:

    "Can the PJ appeal and get this case re-opened?"

    It pains me everytime I read comments where people are frustrated at the PJ and at what seems its lack of action on this case! People need to understand once and for all that the PJ does not "own" the case, their hands are tied, they have no say on what can or cannot be done about it. The case now belongs exclusively to the MP, the public ministry.
    Maybe it is different in the UK and other countries, and that's why non-portuguese people are under the impression that the investigative police force (in Portugal it's the PJ) has the power to archive , or to re-open investigations. It has not. In Portugal, the "owner" of the criminal investigations is the MP (Ministério Público), the public ministery,sorry, I do not know what it is called in the UK or other countries.
    Unfortunately, that's how things work in Portugal, the PJ investigates under the control of the MP. A public prosecutor from the MP is in charge of the case and decides what is or is not to be done by the PJ. This case is in the hands of a public prosecutor of the MP, it's that person who has the power to decide whatever actions will be taken on the case, what/who is or is not investigated, etc., not the PJ. If it was up to the PJ, have no doubts about it, it would never have been archived!
    Sorry if I do not make it more clear, but I have no legal background, and only have a superficial knowledge of how this works, maybe someone from Portugal, who has indepth knowledge of this matter will kindly explain it in detail.
    Thank you.

  64. Tapas Staff Rota:
    NIGHT 16.00 – 24.00
    -Zé – Works Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Has Monday and Tuesday off.
    -Cebola – Works Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday. Has Friday and Saturday off.
    -T. Freitas – Works Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Has Wednesday and Thursday off.
    -Joe – Works Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (9.30 – 18.00), Sunday. Has Tuesday and Saturday off.

    Interesting from the “Tapas Staff Rota” we can see that only 3 workers worked on Thursdays ,ZE ,Cebola and ,Joe (who are those guys in the witnesses Tapas waiters statements? I think they worked at the Tapas Bar and not at the restaurant. Most of the Tapas workers had Thursday as their day off, including a lady who works as a helper in the Kitchen. )
    NO ANY OF THE WORKERS STATED ABOUT QUIZ NIGHTS IN ANY OF THE RESTAURANTS/BAR OF THE RESORT. Due to the amount of workers with Thursday off, there is little chance for the aerobic instructor to perform any quiz night on May 3.
    The Tapas has a quota of 20 clients allocated to the OC. I can imagine the cue to book a table if Thursday was the Quiz Night… a nightmare for the recepcionist incharged with bookings who never forget a day like that. On his statement, he says NOTHING ABOUT THAT.

    Another interesting statement came from
    Silvia Isabel Cunha Azevedo Cravinho, a Laundry Worker:

    …”After the girl’s disappearance, she is not sure but believes it was last Saturday, 5th May she received a bag of clothes from MW employees and was told expressly that these were clothes from Madeleine’s family. It included adult clothes (men’s and women’s clothing as well as children’s clothing of different sizes, making it logical to presume that it included the girl’s clothes given that her younger siblings are twins.
    When asked whether she remembers which items of clothing she received that could belong to Madeleine, she says a pink coloured skirt with two layers, one of them having a checked pattern. She remembers that there was nothing abnormal about this piece of clothing or the others, such as blood stains, tears or any other kind of damage. “
    That become even more interesting after reading the statement of the man incharged of the maintenance who claimed that days before he girl disappeared he was called to Mccann’s flat to repair the handle of the back room shutter who was damaged due to being used without care and in a wrong way ( a common situation for tourists not familiar with that shutters) and at the same time he teach Kate how to use the washing machine. Then Kate, despite having a washing machine and her girl being missing only for 2 days, had mind to send clothes to the laundry, handed in a VIP way…. Was not the same Kate who handed to the police a bath towel for the dogs to pick Madeleine scent and search her? Why giving a towel, if a skirt was available? What the dogs could pick in the skirt that the naked eyes of the laundry workers did not pick?
    From the statements is interesting also to see that most of the OC workers stated to the police that, on May 3, they finished their work and left the Resort before 6:00. Why they so conveniently avoid the time between 6 and the alarm?

    Source: Pj files and The 3 Arguidos.


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