Saturday, 19 March 2011

Why is Justice Forsaking Democracy?

It seems that the Portuguese Justice System has decided that there was no reason for Gonçalo Amaral not to sell the book. On the same day, it confirmed Gonçalo Amaral’s sentence of having lied when he stated that he didn’t have any knowledge of Leonor Cipriano being tortured by PJ Inspectors during interrogation.

 Let’s go and analyse things, and let’s try a do it with stone cold reasoning: both are questionable decisions.

The first, as I’ve said before, has the basis that the LEGITIMATE Portuguese Judicial System has found no sufficient evidence to prosecute the McCanns, and sees no reason for the process, as is, to continue. The decision was not to end it, as many Black Hats want you to believe.

You know my opinion about this “intermission” of the process as well as the “quantity” and “quality” of existing evidence there effectively is to prosecute the McCanns. If you didn’t know, you wouldn’t be reading this blog, nor would we be writing it.

But facts are facts, even when they are pretended to be ignored like the Portuguese Justice System has done with the McCanns.

However, this pretence ignorance of multiple facts, has made it, in fact, a fact that, LEGITIMATELY, the McCanns are NOT being in any way or in any manner being prosecuted by the Portuguese Justice System.  

That doesn’t mean, far from it, that the McCanns have been declared innocent by the same Portuguese Justice System, like many Black Hats so evidently distort.  

Gonçalo Amaral, in his book, gives his opinion that there is enough evidence for the McCanns to be prosecuted. There have been other books, published in Portugal, that have basically said the same, and have not suffered any persecution from the McCann machine.

The difference of this one is that, as we all know, Gonçalo Amaral led the LEGITIMATE Portuguese Justice System’s field investigation on the case. So it’s the credibility of the finger-pointing that is the problem. Not the content of the book, but that of the the author having had the LEGITIMATE powers invested in him during the investigation.  

Gonçalo Amaral’s finger has much more credibility than any other that has, is and will continue to point to the McCanns. But in doing so, that finger has blatantly pointed towards the Portuguese Justice System as well.

So the Portuguese Justice System was caught, to make a decision, between a rock and hard place. It had to decide between itself, saying that the LEGITIMATE decision of “seeing” that there was not enough evidence against the McCanns was correct, and the result would be to maintain the ban, as the book contradicted that decision; or decide in the sustainment of Free Speech, a Gonçalo Amaral’s right.

Fortunately, it decided for Free Speech. It could have gone the other way, and I, for one, would understand it (not agree) as I explained. It was a fair PUBLIC fight and the outcome has been decided. The book can be sold in Portugal, and its sale process is to continue.

 Having said that, let me tell you that I think the first decision, the one to ban the sale, was a wrong one, and worse than that, it gave the wrong message (maybe that was what was intended).

By the process’ archival, nobody has pronounced the McCanns neither GUILTY nor INNOCENT. So, it seems to me, a mere mortal on this world, that nobody, namely Gonçalo Amaral, can slander the McCann's INNOCENCE, as it is inexistent. What exists, technically, is the PRESUMPTION of innocence, and any PRESUMPTION can be questioned.

If this questioning is unmerited, it only requires the explanation as to why it lacks subject and no offense is to be taken.

About the second case, the Gonçalo Amaral’s sentence, the Portuguese Justice System was confronted with a person, with apparent evident physical injuries. That person states that it was due to having been to the submitted to torture by the PJ.

Let’s not forget that we’re thinking with reason here, and let’s put our personal opinions aside.

For the Portuguese Justice System there is proof that the person was beaten up. I agree, by the way.

For the Portuguese Justice System, this person was beaten up AFTER her arrest. I agree, by the way.

For the Portuguese Justice System, there is proof that this person was interrogated by the PJ Inspectors. I agree, by the way.

For the Portuguese Justice System, the aggressions did not occur within the walls of the prison where this person was held. Here I may not disagree, which I do, but certainly will not agree.

This fact is based on statements made by the prison personnel which would have to be disciplinary or criminally investigated if in fact these aggressions happened under their area of responsibility. But that is what they said, and that is what the Portuguese Justice System accepted as LEGITIMATE fact.

So adding up the facts, she was beaten up after the arrest, and it wasn’t in prison, so it could only have been, as the person herself stated, during the PJ interrogations.

Remember, we’re just looking at facts. The fact that the PJ said it wasn’t so, wasn’t sufficient to contradict the stated above, nor the fact that seems illogical to torture someone after they have confessed as well as the fact that the victim was unable to identify who effectively did torture her.

Apparently, they put a plastic bag over her head, which, impaired her not only from seeing as from hearing.

From the pictures, it was not a single hit to the body, but the result of multiple injuries, so sounds must have been made that would, without a shadow of a doubt, allow to identify the perpetrator, out of those present in the room.

And fear of reprisal is not a justification, because she did have the courage to denounce the whole thing. If it was all of PJ Inspectors present… then all the perpetrators would have been identified, wouldn’t they?

Anyhow, the Portuguese Justice System, faced with what it deemed as fact, took the decision that a victim was tortured but could not determine who in fact tortured the victim. A questionable decision.

Even further questionable, is the fact that Amaral is condemned for hiding evidence, just because he was the responsible for the team that did the interrogations. The responsibility of a leader has limits. In my opinion, as the interrogation is something that falls within the area of technical expertise, Amaral, as a non-present leader has none.

It’s like asking someone to know if a report that he told another person to type, if it was done by this person in a laptop or a PC, and if it was written with two fingers of the left hand and one of the right, or if the writer used all his fingers.  

Amaral, should, in my opinion, ONLY be condemned if he ORDERED the TORTURE (which, I don’t believe it happened, but just taking it for granted for argument’s sake), which the Portuguese Judicial System did not find any evidence of.

So, in accordance with the Portuguese Judicial System line of reasoning, if Amaral’s condemnation is due to him being professionally responsible for the alleged perpetrators, then why was Amaral’s boss taken off the hook? He should know too, shouldn’t he? And Amaral’s boss’s boss?

Now, if we just step back a little, and see that before all the lawyers started to “play” their game, the explanation by the PJ for what happened to Joana was coherent and logical, although horrific and disgusting, one must ask on how big and grotesque a monster Justice has become.

If, Leonor Cipriano’s confession was taken under torture, why is she still in prison?

The same Court, on the same day that determined PROVED the existence of said torture, should have, out of coherence and decency, acquitted Leonor and her brother and set them free.

It didn’t.

Why? Why this monstrous incoherency?

It’s a LEGITIMATE fact that Portugal holds in one of it’s prison a person who confessed under torture. No ifs or buts, that is the LEGITIMATE reality of Leonor Cipriano.

By the way, and sorry to wander off, but I don’t remember her lawyer demanding her freedom, only wanting Amaral to be found guilty of anything, even if just of a traffic misdemeanor.

Lawyers have long lost the sight of their mission. They seek not Justice, as their life sustainment is based on results; they seek only victories for their clients. It’s understandable, but not acceptable. Justice is no longer blindfolded for her not to differentiate who she is being applied to, but simply not to see, because, as experience shows, when accused, it matters much on who you are.

Or it maybe more than whom you are, it matters much more who you are up against, as Gonçalo Amaral, knows better than all of us put together.

We in this blog have never sanctified Gonçalo Amaral, nor we will start doing so now, but, as with any human being, he deserves whatever he’s due. And one thing he’s due, is respect.  

Amaral’s book, will not be the solution to the Maddie Affair. It exists on the internet, and if all those who’ve read it, had bought the book, it would have made Amaral a very rich man.

That’s one thing J. K. Rawlings cannot complain. Her readers buy her books legitimately, and so are her earnings.

Now, after the Portuguese Justice System decision on Amaral’s book, Britain has no plausible reason to stop the publication in its territory.

The reasons Britain alleges, are those that the McCanns presented to stop the sale. They’ve now been deemed baseless.

If Britain says, as it says, that the process is under Portuguese responsibility (as it is) then there is NO reason whatsoever not to allow the British citizens to make their own judgment about the contents of said book.

But let’s be realistic, Amaral’s book will only be published in Britain, after the British concede, not in allowing the book, but in having, finally the McCanns brought to Justice.

Until then, lawyers will find something to stop that from happening. Both the publishing and the bringing the couple to the Courts.

There’s a book to be on sale soon, part of which’s revenue is to stop another book from being sold. Life is ironic.

There are men and women in uniform risking their life this very moment for a thing called democracy.

Is Justice honoring them, or is their sacrifice being forsaken?


  1. Life for Goncalo Amaral at present must seem like a roller coaster, I am pleased his book is being allowed to be sold and so it should. It is based on his and his officers findings.
    As regards Leonor Cipriano there is much with this case, as with the mccann case that is not right. I do not believe PJ Inspectors did that to her, more likely it happened in prison by other inmates. It is a known fact that child murderers/molesters have a hard time in prison because of the crimes they have committed.

    In both cases I hope the truth will prevail, and that Sr Amaral keeps strong, he had the courage to stand up against the mccann money machine.

  2. There is something very wrong, very fishy in that photo of Leonor Cipriano's face, and no, I'm ot joking, I do not mean the black and blue eyes! It's her thin jaw, her narrow shoulders, she was not that thin, never! She is a shubby woman, with a wide face, double chin and all. If she had sustained such injuries her face would ahve been even larger, due to the swelling, it just isn't right, it doesn't look like her. Just look up other photos of her (use google) and see what I mean...massive photoshop alert!!!

    See the one in
    for example

  3. Quite right, Anon at 10.01 pm. Also, there was a case in the British press yesterday of a woman with apparently horrific facial injuries who was only outed as a fake when she started to cry and the make-up melted and dripped down her face! Don't know if the crying was fake too, but it was certainly a bad move on her part. The bright blue on Cipriano's face looks like it's come straight from her cosmetics bag.

  4. As fotografias da Leonor apareceram no Expresso, mandadas por Marinho Pinto, quando este era um advogadozeco/pseudojornalista a espera de protagonismo, em Coimbra. Como sempre, andou sempre a cheirar porcaria para se fazer notar. Foi a primeira versao de Marcos Aragao Correia.
    Ao que constou na epoca, tera ido a prisao de Odemira onde a Leonor estava, para fazer sabe Deus o que. A mesma prisao tinha uma directora que se imiscuia demasiado nos assuntos da PJ tentando manipular presidiarias a falarem mal da policia judiciaria. Foi muito provavelmente esta Directora e o actual bastonario da Ordem dos advogados quem montou o esquema das fotografias e ensaiou a Leonor e o irmao. Depois usaram a comunicacao social e um peao barato, Marcos Aragao, que tera sido muito provavelmente pago pela M3 com os dinheiros do Fundo Madeleine, para servir os Mccann no mesmo proposito-Atingir os Inspectores da PJ.
    Quais foram os casos que Marinho Pinto, enquanto advogado, ganhou? Nenhum conhecido. Caso contrario ele proprio se encarregaria de se auto publicitar/ elogiar ate a exaustao. Porque e que Marinho Pinto odeia tanto a PJ? Foi provavelmene sempre uma pedra no seu sapato, atrapalhando a defesa de muitos casos, especialmente G. Amaral e a sua equipa que e conhecida por ser muito competente, trabalhadora e incorruptivel. A banha da cobra de Marinho pinto nunca deve ter tido credito dentro da PJ, tal como o Marcos Aragao que ate ao caso Maddie era um mediocre, e continua a ser, charlatao. Vao ficar para a historia hilariante da justica portuguesa, os mergulhos do vidente na barragem Algarvia, para encontrar peugas e ossadas de animais. Envergonhou o nome do progenitor que dizem, tera sido uma figura ilustre na Madeira.
    Nao e interessante, caro Marinho, que o escritorio de advogados de Joao Grade, o defensor de Leonor Cipriano antes de Aragao tenha aceite G. Amaral como estagiario na Licenciatura em Direito? Prova que ainda ha advogados serios e com caracter em Portugal. Sao uma minoria, infelizmente, caso contrario o senhor nunca teria sido eleito bastonario.
    Nao deixam de ser interessantes as medidas de Marinho pinto enquanto bastonario. Esta a fazer o possivel e impossivel por impedir o acesso a Ordem e a carta profissional dos recem licenciados, exigindo exames e mais exames aos estagiarios. Sera esta medida, feita a 'la carte' para atrapalhar a vida de G. Amaral como futuro advogado? Ja nada me surpreende neste Bastonario que usa o poder e o lugar que ocupa para perseguicoes pessoais. Se no tempo dele tivessem sido aplicados os mesmos exames, teria ficado a esquina da licenciatura de advogacia. E em conjunto com o actual Procurador Geral da republica, uma das maiores vergonhas dos nossos 30 anos de democracia.
    Basta lermos o livro de Pereira Cristovao, 'A estrela de Joana' para percebermos o inferno da crianca as maos daquela mae. Era a vizinhanca atenta que a levava ao medico e lhe ensinava o caminho da escola. Foi uma menina/mulher, explorada e abusada a varios niveis, incluindo nas responsabilidades domesticas. Ela cuidava dos irmaos e da casa porque a mae estava mais interessada noutras actividades. Os juizes que condenaram Leonor e o irmao, estavam lucidos e conscientes do crime que ambos cometeram. So 'tratantes' sem caracter podem defender tamanhos criminosos e sujar o nome da PJ.
    Continua 'bruxinho Madeirense' que com a sede com que estas, ainda acabas com o caso Maddie reaberto contra a vontade de quem anda, provavelmente, a pagar os teus servicinhos.

  5. Im not sure of the timescale here, but did bruising in Cipriano case happen after Madeleine case, if it did then it is very questionable because of the vendetta the mccanns have against Amaral attempting to discredit him even further.

    Amaral did not rise through the ranks of the Portuguese police by being a thug or corrupt individual it was his thoroughness and ability to resolve cases that put him in that position of authority.

    These wounds could be photoshopped, we have seen photoshopped photos of maddie before now.

    The wounds are just on the eyes nowhere else on the face, no swollen lips or bruised cheeks if she had had a bag placed over her head as she claims her whole face would have been battered, it is possible these photos are not genuine, but then we have to ask who exactly is behind this attempt to discredit Amaral even further and what else does Amaral know that we or indeed the mccanns do not.

    Both these cases highlight the need for an overhaul in the Portuguese justice system.

    The British police involved in the maddie case suspected her parents and I firmly believe if this crime had happened in UK they would not have escaped justice, no matter what connections they had or been able to amass hundreds of thousands of pounds with a fraudulent fund or even attempt to write a book, but in Portugal they were given the benefit of the doubt due to secrecy laws and plenty of time of set the wheels in motion to prevent the case from being properly investigated, by the time most people realised they were guilty they were well and truly under the protection of Clarence and Carter Ruck.

  6. The time did not look good for you Mccann's. Martin Brunt article "who listen?" in Sky News, has anti Mccann's comments. People were allowed to write their feelings about the despicable Mccann's and their strange behavior.
    When is Amaral book going to be published in UK? Where is the publisher with b... to assume the book and left the Mccann's where they belong- The Rubbish been?
    At Mccannfiles there is an article saying that a new book from G. Amaral is going to be published in April, before Kate publishes her packet of fiction. If it is true... Well done G.Amaral for your courage. I hope new and fresh information will be delivered to the public. I will buy one and wait for a courageous blog to publish Kate lies in the Internet, to read and compare.
    Great idea Mr. Amaral. I can imagine the Mccann's bumping their heads at home because the time of your new book will damge their business. Who will spend a coin on a book which author failed to give a consistent and clear statement to the police regarding the events that surrounded the disappearence of her girl? NONE. Better to save the coins and spend them on the police book. At least we can buy new information since according to the article, Amaral is revisiting the evidences and re-analising everything. A case review, like the Mccann's asked the police to do.

  7. If the wounds are genuine she would have been treated by medical staff and reports filed, where are the copies of these reports to back up the injuries ?

  8. I honestly thought she was beaten up by other inmates. But reading comments here, now looking better, couldn't help noticing that whoever hit her, was careful not to touch the nose.

  9. There seems to be so much anger towards Goncalo Amaral, this Cipriano case comes at the time of the good news for Amarals book being distributed attempting to put a dampner on his success and to discredit him.

    Goncalo Amaral deserves the support of the Portuguese justice system because it was him and his team that suspected the mccanns and his early suspicions have been realised about their guilt, he went onto write a book and quite rightly so, it was based on police evidences and not his opinion but fact, it should never have been banned in the first place.

    If someone had been battered as much as Cipriano there would be medical records and concern from doctors treating her injuries were these concerns reported? where did this photo come from is it an official police photograph with genuine injuries, and more importantly who gave permission for this photograph to be printed in the media.
    Something is not right here !!

  10. The 'fish eye' angle of the photo makes her eye area more prominent. So even the bruises were sustained by a beating this photo emphasises the injury. But why only black eyes?

    There is something not right about the whole matter. We had a similar thing in the UK but the policeman was caught on cctv and the only thing he could do for the woman's safety was physically put her in a cell because she was so drunk. She claimed brutality but the policeman was shown to be using reasonable force.

    Where are the witness statements from other inmates? If she arrived in the cells with injuries there must have been at least one other person who saw her and wanted to complain about the police.

  11. If Leonor has opened her eyes for these photos they would have made even greater impact blood in the whites of the eyes and swollen lids, these are not genuine photopraphs, she does not have a single mark anywhere else on her face, bruising would be visible on the high cheek bone area as the blood under the skin would spread there would be additional swelling where there is none.

    These photos are FAKE Leonor should face additional charges for perverting the cause of justice, what was she promised in return for her co-operation on these photos and what is the ultimate aim of these very fake photos.

  12. Another fantastical article Textusa, thanks..xx

  13. Just a word to compliment our readers.

    Your comments show that you're becoming increasingly aware of the importance of detail. The relevant detail.

    And I'll entertain the thought that this blog has contributed to that, much to the displeasure of those that have worked so hard to avoid having you go down that path.

  14. Anon. 08:03am:

    The Joana case and the alledged beating happened long before Madeleine went missing. Joana disappeared September 2004, her mother and uncle were condemned to 16 years in prision in March 2006.


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