Sunday, 20 March 2011

War of the Words

Do read at Joana's and MC's blogs.  

Update: I have one small suggestion to make to Gonçalo Amaral, about the “The Truth of the Lie” book, and also for this upcoming one too.

Your book, Sir, is legally published in Portugal. It seems that you’re not able to obtain the same ability to exercise your right to Free Speech in the UK, an european and democratic Nation.

However, I haven’t read a word that it’s illegal to read your book in the UK.

So why not translate it, and publish an English version of the book… in Portugal?

The book would be on sale there, available to be bought by all English speaking tourists, as well as the various business travelers.

It would be a Portuguese book, just translated into another language, English, by chance and coincidence.

It would be fun to watch the UK authorities searching the luggage of their citizens… and also to see what kind of excuse they would come up with to apprehend the book from its rightful owners.


  1. I have been following this on Joana's blog and I am so glad that Goncalo has been able to have his book distributed and book No. 2 is on its way.
    Good on you Goncalo for standing up to the Mccanns.

  2. Good idea Textusa. And the book could be brought to UK readers, via Internet. Will be very embarassing for UK authorities if they had to open the mails of everybody who ordered trough Internet.

  3. I wouldn't be surprised to hear K McCann's 'truthful' book publication to be put off, perhaps for good.

    No way can these two books be on the shelf together, that would be too dangerous for many reasons. Although we have been warned K McCann's is going to keep some of her opinions about Snr Amaral to herself, no doubt because they will be libelous.

    The contradictions would be there for all to see and as she doesn't know what Snr Amaral is going to divulge next she is treading on thin ice and risks dropping herself right in it.

    This could be the new evidence to re-open the case we have all been waiting for.

  4. If The Truth of the Lie cannot be published in the UK, it would be possible to pay for a download version from a Portuguese website.

    There is always mail order.

    Whatever way I am waiting eagerly for my copy.

  5. Great idea to have book translated in to English and sold in Portugal. then we could all buy it

  6. Excellent suggestion! Also, many big publishers/bookshops have online shops! People could order the books online!
    I hope Mr. Amaral, his lawyer or his publisher reads this blog and accepts this suggestion!
    Weel done, brilliant!

  7. Agora, tornou-se fashion ( vejo generalizado ) "A guerra das palavras". E, isto está a dar já para muita coisa.Quer em Blogs quer no twitter. Tantas moralizações......

    Que não pode haver guerra........... que..... que...... e, por aí fora, como o Ela ser encontrada ?

    o Sxx Cxxxx alguma vez será encontrado ?

    Quem sabe dizer como foi ?


  8. Yes, I have bought Mr Amaral's other books online, the French version of Truth of the Lie from, and the German one from, plus The English Gag from the publishers (haven't been able to read that yet as I don't know Portuguese, but I wanted Goncalo to get the royalties on it!) There is no earthly reason why Amazon cannot sell an English version from France or Germany. Anyway, we all know now thanks to today's Express that the MCs have lost their court battle to keep Truth of the Lie off the shelves, so British publishers have nothing to fear if only they could find their cojonas.

  9. Anon
    Mar 20, 2011 8:35:00 PM

    Please do not misunderstand the title. It's playing with the words of H. G. Wells "War of the Worlds".

    In this case, the war is between the words of a Book, by Gonçalo Amaral, and an excuse to earn money in the form of paper written by a mother who shames motherhood.

  10. I know that, Text. But when i see some blogs, even anorak.......... and moralização.

    Não estou a confundir.

    Estão a ser usadas para fins pros.

    Eu outra vez sem fazer o login.

  11. Anon
    Mar 20, 2011 8:40:00 PM

    My suggestion has the main objective to force UK to take action. The Nation has been shamed enough, and I'm hoping that it has had enough humiliation from these people.

    But one of the reasons for my suggestion is also exactly to defend what Amaral is entitled to and has been denied of: legitimate royalties.

  12. Nice to " talk" = write here- with You, Text.

    Thank You but or i am tired or i misunderstood

    Eu, outra vez

  13. MC
    Mar 20, 2011 8:57:00 PM

    The fact they're reacting so violently, is because they're scared. Really scared. Take their insults as compliments, take their threats as the pleading they really mean, take their rudeness as the despair as they really feel.

    Between you and me, you're more curious in what Amaral has to say in his book, or in what Kate has to lie in hers?

    Let me tell you that no matter how curious you are, they are much, much, much more than you... no, not about Kate, although about her too as they're all praying she doesn't stick her foot EVEN further in her mouth.

  14. MC

    The link you gave, says: "After all, Madeleine McCann is the victim and the one who needs found. No-one else"

    Maddie is not a victim. She was a victim. Presently victimized is her memory, not the little girl herself.

    This person wants to find Maddie? Just has to ask any of the T9.

  15. LOL!

    You are right and make me feel more calm.

    A nice night and all the best.

    Really, i feel tired today. Or angry ? (hungry) Zangada.

    hug, big hug

    Eu, novamente LOL!!!!

  16. YES! It was i said in twitter, not a comment to pottinger.. grrr

    Nice night.

    Eu, agora com o login

  17. Eh, Eh, Eh, A semelhanca do video, vai a pantomineira Kate fechar-se em clausura para devorar o livro de G.Amaral e proceder a alteracoes no seu para nao ser apanhada em mais contradicoes?

    E obra.... O livro interminavel.

    Nao tinha uma sessao de autografos programada para a apresentacao do livro em Portugal? Vai cancela-la? Seria a cereja no topo do bolo se G. Amaral programasse autografos para um espaco a partilhar com Kate. A donzela tinha um ataque quando percebesse que estava a respirar o mesmo ar que a pessoa que ela mais odeia em todo o planeta.
    Para compor o bouquet so faltava acrescentar as perguntas de alguns jornalistas portugueses, as quais Kate responde com conviccao que " ela e Deus e que sabem, porque ela estava la". Do outro lado... Mitchell e Isabel Duarte, vociferam, puxam os cabelos, batem com a cabeca e inauguram um novo penteado, sempre que Kate abre a boca para responder aos jornalistas portugueses.

  18. Sr Amaral is a true inspiration to justice in these times high ranking corrupt individuals he has maintained a dignified silence throughout no matter how much the mccanns attempted to ruin him.

    Comparisons will be made between his and Kates book and ultimately this will lead to the case being re-opened.

    Questions will be asked about the 'fund' and why was it set up so quickly, many people were fooled into donating.

    Kate may not realise this but in Sr Amaral she has a tiger by the tail.

  19. Looking forward to the day is case is re-opened, well done Goncalo.

    Justice for Madeleine.

  20. Kate is going to perspond the release of her lies.... afraid with what could be inside Amaral book.
    her book is just another strategy to ask more donations, foolish the British public and stole the money from the poor Sun readers.
    Who has a working brain already choose a different way to get true information- Blogs and foreigner media. Not Kate book.
    She has a lot to say about her daughter disappearence. She has a lot to answer in a court or at one of the official police stations. In the book, well advised by Mitchell and her lawyers, she is going to lie once again. The public is 'fed-up' about her lies and their strategies. Will be a selling disaster... no matter, they will not admit the disaster. We know how quickly they are going to appear in their supportive media claiming the success of the sells and saying thanks to who buy the book. Another farse.
    The success of the Fund will be not repeated again. The book will be a disaster, like the ribbons, the tshirts or the luggage labels. I necer saw any and I never meet anybody who saw any of that products. They are so sick that they don't realise they are 'sinking' on their own fantasy. The Sun and the publisher will lost money. They choose the wrong horse.
    That was a destiny... without Amaral new book. With Amaral new book, become a Karma. We know, who is saying the truth, who is informing the public, who deserves our money- NOT YOU KATE AND YOUR PINK CLARRIE. Go out of your good life... get a real job.

  21. anon at 10.20 I completely agree with you, there will never be a repeat of the frenzy that put the mccanns on the road to being millionaires. When we went on holiday in 2007 most cars were displaying stickers of Madeleine, people were wearing the wristbands, even some of my friends did, but not anymore, now we know what we know everybody I speak to says the mccanns are guilty and case should be re-opened.

    They should have at least been charged with 'supposidly'leaving three little children alone in an unlocked room, in a foreign country, I doubt Gerry left his money laying around the unlocked apartment whilst he went out drinking, they could have hired a babysitter or got Mrs Webster to mind the children, now they keep bleating on about how no one is helping them, well they never helped themselves in the first place, AND as Textusa has correctly pointed out there was no negligence that theory fitted into the abduction scenaro all lies.

    This group of people all deserve the long and lengthy prison sentences that awaits them, for lying and wasting police time.

    KARMA - what goes around comes around Kate and Gerry it's your turn now to face the truth and the wrath of the public for stealing money for a fraudulent fund that was never needed in the first place.

    People commented at the time their greed would be their downfall, if they had just gone away quietly they could have called it the perfect crime, but there is no such thing as the perfect crime and I suspect the Tapas group are now cursing Kate for her stupidity at attempting to get more funds from the public via her 'fairytale' book of woe.
    Very well done Amaral can't wait to buy both copies of your book you deserve so much more for standing your ground against the mccanns. So many forums support Amaral he has much support.

  22. If the comments on the Amazon author's discussion forum about K McCann are anything to go by they won't be selling many copies of her book.

    This is a part of their downfall, their own supporters are making them a laughing stock. The MCanns do not contradict what is said on their behalf so we can only assume they concur with what the 'supporters' are doing. Any fool can see how damaging it is for them so why are they allowing it to carry on exposing them?

    Why is Amazon allowing these discussions to be aired? It won't help them sell any books because people appear not to be persuaded from reading the PJ files for the 'truth'. It has been stated more than once that people will soon upload K's novel on the internet so few will buy it.

    Amaral's book on the other hand is eagerly awaited, guaranteed to be a best seller.

    I don't think this is going to be a war of word. the McCann book is destined to be a damp squib in terms of sales. Probably more incriminating than K McCann answering the 48 questions. What I'm considering is poor sales will not bolster the fund. Then how are they going to explain how they can afford more legal action?

    I don't believe the fund ever received much from public donations and it's suspicious why a man like Brian Kennedy would be so generous with strangers. Where did the fund money really come from? Where does Kevin Halligen fit in with this?

    It would seem likely, and I'm not defending the McCanns, that the fund was set up for them not by them to cover up everyone else involved in something they don't want the public to know about.

  23. The fund should be investigated it was strange how quickly it was set up. If mccanns had genuinely lost their daughter they would have been too distraught to contemplate setting up a fund.

    Maybe it is used for money laundering there are enough shady characters involved for it to be something along those lines.

  24. I do hope Goncalo Amaral gets his book printed in the English version, copies would soon find their way to UK.

    I think we in UK are kept very much in the dark about events, due to Mitchell and co nothing significant is reported in our media we have to rely on the internet to bring us the facts of this case, once Goncalo's book is published this will change, there will be a great outpouring of anger from the public because of the way the mccanns have lied and misled them.

    Readers comments on all forums and Amazon are all very anti-mccann, it really is only a matter of time now before this case is re-opened.

    Well done Textusa on your truthful brilliant website we visit here everyday. May the truth be known.

  25. I too, don't believe the Fund ever reached the figures they publicised in the Media. They earn a lot of money on the first month, but not the millions they claimed.
    Claiming a huge amount, was marketing. We know how the marketing works... if you claim that everybody is participating in a certain campaign, everybody want's to join it. That marketing is used by Tv channels when they do a 'raising Show' and ask the public to make payed phone calls. Every 10, 15 minutes, they advertise the phone number and the amount already raised.
    The UK government sent PR experts not to help the contact with portuguese police ( for that, PJ had to use local translators as we can see in the statements), the PR experts were used to set the Fraudulent Fund. After all, even if the money did not reach huge figures, was enough to highly feed 6 or 7 characters(I'm including here some despicable british top ex-polices who travel to PDL to criticise PJ without adding any valuable knowledge to the investigation). The small pigeons who delivered fabricated sights of Madeleine or of the abductor, to the media, were payed with peanuts or not payed at all. Some just love to have their 5 minutes of fame and will do whatever they could to have it.
    Mr. Brown must cover his face in shame, now that enough time passed to show him the errors.
    Mitchell, cannot go away. Attracted by the showlight and the easy money, he become as much involved as the Mccann's. Madeleine was not a single crime. Was and still a cocktail of crimes, that grow every day, every month, every year.
    Why portuguese lawyers such Pinto de Abreu and Rogerio Alves dropped the case? If the crime was just the abduction of a little girl, they will have here the case of their life( a case wanted by many lawyers). The reality is different, is touching crimes that play with conscience of a nation and with ethical issues.
    Every criminal has the right to be legally defended, but the characters involved on Maddie case, long ago overpassed the limit.
    Aunt phill used one of her students to set the Findmadeleine site. He was payed and employed to do that job. How old was the boy? Under 18, I believe. Is it legal in UK to employ a boy under 18? He was aware of the legal implications of his work if by any circumstance the police discovered that the abduction was a fraud? Or he was used and manipulated by one of his teachers because of his ingenuity?
    A couple who allow all those things to happened has no credibility under the public eyes.
    They don't reserve respect or forgiveness. As long as they go without confessing their lies and their frauds..... THE COCKTAIL GROWS BIGGER AND BIGGER, AND HAVING A VERY UGLY COLOUR.

  26. The mccanns will go down in history like other infamous couples Myra Hindley and Ian Brady, Rose and Fred West, Kate and Gerry Mccann all despicable characters who manipulated children and the media.

    Mccanns crime may appear more sophisticated but underneath the glossy veneer it is a punishable crime for which they will pay the price and as anon @ 7.10 notes many other crimes have been committed here involving other individuals but they will all be brought to justice for their involvement in the money side of this farce which started with the concealment of a cadaver.

    When they are serving time in prison I hope they all feel it was worth it!!

  27. Goncalo Amaral should do a TV interview regarding his forthcoming book and the controversy it created and why the mccanns did not want us to read it.

    That would make the public more aware (if they need to be made more aware!!) of what has been going on.Goncalo could even discuss why the mccanns thought they needed a 'fighting fund' or why Kate lied about shutters, deleted phone messages, refused to do re-construction or answer police questions. He could make comparisons between the mccanns and other criminals he has caught.

    Prime time TV - he should find out what his options are and go for it...

  28. After reading Sr Amaral's book 'The Truth of the Lie' I cannot believe how lenient the authorities were with Kate and Gerry and their friends, when they were asked to do a police re-construction instead of fully co-operating they sent e-mails asking what was the benefit of such a reconstruction and they wanted assurances they would not come under suspiction, this from the group of people that have lied to the police, refused to co-operate and been allowed to continue their daily lives as if nothing had happened.

    A 3 year old child losses her life and this group of self serving ignorant so called doctors refuse to co-operate, because they knew their lies would be proven and it would become apparent that something else was going on within this seedy group, there is something really wrong with this. I am pleased Amaral has kept up the pressure and also all the forums on the internet growing by the day wanting justice for Madeliene, the only outcome this Mccann travesty is going to have is the correct one with those guilty being made accountable for their crimes.

  29. Kate's book could pose problems for library staff, they would not know which category to file it under; fiction or fantasy.

    Great blog Textusa, I admire your work.

  30. Just ordered Goncalo Amarals Maddie La Verita della menzogna on Amazon selling for £16.69 and noticed Kate's book has now gone down to just £14.00 from £20.00 almost half price and its not out yet !!

    That speaks volumes ( please excuse the pun )!!


  31. A French channel is going to interview Amaral in April. Mccannfiles reported the program. Is Carter-Ruck trying to frame and silence the program again?

  32. Karen Mathews, who copied the Mccann's in many ways, is serving some time in prison. She is not more stupid then the Mccann's. She was just a mother from a low class who had no help from any of the PR pink man's. A shame for the Briish democracy- different rights for the same crime. On top of that, Shannon Mathews is alive. Madeleine Mccann lost her life under mysterious circumstances, when she was under the care of one or both of her parents. When the alarm was raised, she was already a star shinning in PDL sky.

  33. I wish I could see McCanns face when they were told Gonçalo Amaral is going to print a new book one month earlier than them!

    In fact I don't need to see. Imagining it's much more challenging!

    McCanns take a old saying as an advice: if you're looking for revenge: open two graves!



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