Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Tapas Quiz Night, Question 2/?

Hello, it’s nice to be home.

The wedding was fun, the bride beautiful and the speeches predictable. Rather on the posh side event and, as coincidence would have it, it seemed tailored for this blog: guests sat around big round tables, 10 people each (rather tightly I must say), and the wine was… inclusive.

And thank goodness nobody remembered to have a quick Quiz Night during the wedding!

Talking about Quiz Nights, if you remember, we’ve only made ONE question to date on our Tapas Quiz Night, and ended up without a sound conclusion as to what are exactly those papers commonly known as “Reservation Sheets”, although we’re sure about what they aren’t, we haven’t come around to explain what they’re supposed to be.

Since they’re NOT “Reservation Sheets”, we’re going to call them “Tapas Bar Sheets” instead, which is sufficiently vague and uncompromising for the intended in this early stage of the game.

QUESTION: What is it that isn’t on the Tapas Bar Sheets that should have been but is when it shouldn’t have been?
ANSWER: Continuity.
Let’s start, once again, by analyzing facts (or better said, said facts, because, as we know, there’s very little factual about them…):

- R: Rachael Manpilly says she reserves at Tapas for Tapas a table for 9, apparently with some difficulty, on Sunday April 29th, for the rest of the week.

- QN: We have between Sunday April 29th and Monday May 07th, three Quiz Nights, of which TWO have been attended by the T9.

- M: Maddie disappears on Thurday, May 3rd.

- T: A Tennis dinner is reserved at the Tapas Bar for Friday May 4th. It’s cancelled on that day.

- P: The T9 had planned to fly back home on Saturday May 5th.

That is the data.

Quite clearly we can see that BOTH the T9 as the MW OC are aware, as of Sunday 29th, where these particular guests are to have dinner until from that Sunday until Friday May 4th.

Notice that Friday May 4th is included, as, and this is an indication to be remembered later, the T9 names don’t appear because they are supposedly included in the Tapas Tennis Dinner, thus have assured a place for a meal that evening.
When one does a block booking, as was the case of Rachael’s reservation, it’s usually one continuous act. Whoever from the OC MW Staff took that reservation down did it, as is expectable, in a single CONTINUOUS action. Or not?
Let’s first see what is considered CONTINUOUS and NOT-CONTINUOUS
Thanks to our OC friends, they have facilitated our task in explaining these concepts because the Tapas Bar Sheets have a perfect example of a CONTINUOUS action: the time constraints for reservations between Tuesday 1st and Wednesday 3rd:

Notice how the same mistakes are exactly repeated in these three sheets. The 7 pm, instead of 7 p.m., the “màximo” instead of “máximo”; the dot on the ii with a “º” as a reader noticed, and all the letters written in the exact same way, a perfect copy of one another.
What does this indicate? All three are papers apparently written at the same time in a CONTINUOUS. When you know you have to fill the exact same information on separate sheets of paper you tend to be repetitive and do it in the exact same manner.

Logic dictates it, that you do it the same way because it’s all part of one SINGLE and CONTINUOUS physical act. Later you will see that they were not written as we’ve just described, but, for now, the idea is for you to understand what we mean by a CONTINUOUS action.
But even if they were written as described these “reservation time constraints” lack CONTINUITY when set in the larger picture. Yes, we lack the first two Tapas Bar Sheets, so we don’t know if that information is written down or not, but we sure know that it’s not on the Friday’s sheet:

Why not?

Remember that on Friday IS INCLUDED in the T9 Tapas Booking action, so whoever wrote those three, should have written also on Friday’s, but that wasn't he case, as different handwritings prove.

Stranger is the fact that whoever took Russ’s reservation, didn’t notice that the paper with the English template finished on the Thursday.

And that another totally different kind of template had, apparently, to be used. A new book would naturally start either at the beginning of the month (Tuesday) or at the beginning of a week (Sundays), but that wasn't so.

Strange for a place that offers wine by the gallon, would be so stingy and save on two or three pages…
And not even that, becuase we're not talking about new books, are we?

If you look really, really close at the time constraints, you see, that in fact, it was not a SINGLE and CONTINUOUS act, but just a SINGLE one, and then copied. All characters are not similar, they are EXACTLY alike, even the spacing between the words are identical.

It’s IMPOSSIBLE for someone to write a two-line phrase exactly alike. These are photocopies of one another.

This means there was no reservation books, just separate, loose sheets of photocopied templates.

The holes on the left clearly show that to be also.

Why then change templates in the middle of the week? Copiers down?

Why not just keeping taking copies of the same paper as many times needed? That is an answer for a following Quiz Night question…

It’s a fact that whoever wrote down Rachael's reservation, wasn’t the same person who wrote down the Tennis Dinner reservation, so we can only suppose that was done by a different person and before.

We could envisage that having been written on Saturday, but Saturday, as we all know, the Tapas is closed.

So we know, from what we’re presented, that on SUNDAY, someone knew that 12 people were to have dinner on the next Friday, and that a different person altogether, got to know that of those 12 people, 9 were all from the same group.

Not important for today’s post, but very significant for a following question on our Quiz Night.

But let’s look attentively at the reservation of our T9 friends

We hope that you can now understand when we say it’s not a CONTINUOUS action.

The information is NOT written in the same manner, and differs slightly from sheet to sheet. For example, when one is repeating the same information, one tends to write things like brackets in the same way, which isn’t the case.

To say that the information written on Tuesday’s sheet was the first time the information was written down, thus justifying being different and more complete, is ridiculous, because that “first” time is supposed to have been done on Sunday

By the way, we do think that Tuesday’s sheet was the FIRST, but that's because we believe that the first two are not only missing from the PJ Files as they most likely don’t even exist.

Notice also the different slant on the handwriting between the first two and the last one, clearly demonstrating that this information wasn’t all written down in the SINGLE and CONTINUOUS action that one would expect to have been done.

Now if you look at those sheets again, you see many other incongruences in CONTINUITY. Each will provide you with important information. Entertain yourself.

One last question, in anticipation of the “inclusiveness” upcoming question: are the “gastos” a CONTINUOUS or a NON-CONTINUOUS action? (please do not limit yourself to the wine details, there are many, many other interesting things to see…)

We hope you’re finding our Tapas Quiz Night interesting… by the way, would it cross your mind to have dinner at the same time?

Post Scriptum:
We stand correction. A reader has noticed that we were saying that the T9 were expected to fly back on Sunday May 6th, when, in fact, it was to be on Saturday May 5th. The post has been corrected accordingly.

Non-relevant information such as this one should undergo the exact same verification procedures as the relevant one. Our sincere apologies.


  1. http://forum2.aimoo.com/MadeleineMcCann/Ocean-Club-Guests/Random-Info-1-807105.html

    Found the above site Tex, and it mentions OC and Tapas guests, its very interesting reading.

  2. I really can't be arsed with this fantasy, but just to point out that they were all due to fly back on Saturday 5th. I would have thought you could at least get the basic information right

  3. I think there are many questions to answered here Texusa, keep up the good work

  4. Dear Arsed,
    Apr 5, 2011 10:37:00 PM

    After checking the facts, you're right. Which makes me wrong on the comment about Sarurday's meal. That is the only implication that that detail has on the post. Will change the pictures accordingly, and will withdraw the paragraph about that particular meal. The remainder stands until we see a need for further correction.

  5. Claramente, para as listas de Terca, Quarta e Quinta foi usada uma folha em branco com o cabecalho preenchido por encomenda. Esta folha foi fotocopiada e preenchida para cada dia de acordo com as conveniencias do momento. Se e possivel repetir o i com bolinha e o acento grave na palavra maximo( por habito de escrita), e impossivel repetir a irregularidade no alinhamento das palavras na frase. Se posermos os 3 cabecalhos sobrepostos, o alinhamento das palavras coincide perfeitamente e isto so e possivel com fotocopias. Eu arriscaria a dizer que MW forneceu as folhas com os cabecalhos preenchidos por uma empregada sua aos Tapas 9 que depois preencheram o resto de acordo com as suas conveniencias, falhando 'n' detalhes devido a pressao dos interrogatorios policiais que estavam iminentes e ao tempo que era escasso. Por isso, nao andaram na rua a procura de Madeleine, estavam ocupados com outras prioridades.
    Seria interessante comparar a caligrafia destas listas com a das listas da creche que tambem parecem ter sido manipuladas, pelo menos nas assinaturas. E comparar ainda com a caligrafia de Kate no seu diario e com a caligrafia de quem escreveu a listagem de eventos para o dia 3 de Maio, na contra-capa do livro de actividades de Madeleine. Nao me parece ter havido muita gente extra envolvida nestas manipulacoes. Era demasiado arriscado. Entre eles(Tapas 9) e pessoal cedido por MW(limitado) esteve a manipulacao.
    Tambem se nota que o numero 9 e o numero 211 foi adicionado a posteriori por alguem que nao tem a mesma caligrafia de quem preencheu as listas. O 2 e diferente e quem adicionou estes numeros tinha em mente a importancia do numero 9, por isso ele esta realcado em bold.
    Houve uma absoluta necessidade de mostrarem a policia que o grupo funcionava em "bloco" para nao terem de explicar onde andavam os Mccann.
    Tenho notado que por vezes os meus comentarios nao tem sido publicados. Nao sei se e por serem demasiado estupidos ou se e por se aproximarem cedo demais da 'hipotetica verdade' cortando a surpresa e o suspense.
    A ideia que eu tenho deste Blog e parabens por isso a(s) sua(s) autora(s) e de que e um lugar onde se questionam/ debatem ideias num exercicio continuo de eliminacao das incongruencias. Um lugar para gente inteligente que arrisca e consegue ver alem do que a superficie aparenta. Por isso "Insanes" se insurgem tentando desacreditar o raciocinio de quem analisa e ve outros prismas.
    Mas como e evidente, nem tudo pode ser publicado.
    Vamos ver o que e que GA e Kate tem para dizer nos respectivos livros, a proposito do dia/ noite de 3 de Maio e do celebre jantar no Tapas. Um unico dia contem os ingredientes para escrever um magnifico livro. Kate nao lhe dedicou uma linha(imagino). Amaral tera dedicado pelo menos um capitulo (espero).

  6. Anon

    Apr 6, 2011 10:03:00 AM

    Thank you for your comment. We here only don't publish insulting and spam comments, as you can see for yourself in the Trashcan.

    We consider spam comments those that are repetitive and seek to make this an "abusive" blog.

    From what you describe, your comments fit in neither category so I see no reason not to have them published. We do not jugde other people's intelligence, because that would be stupidly arrogant on our part.

    We publish many comments with opinions with which we don’t agree. The fact that we publish them doesn’t mean we endorse the opinions they contain, but simply that e respect differences of opinions and, above all, freedom of expression, as long as it’s in the boundaries of respect.

    The fact that in a comment you could "spoil" a surprise, I think it happened once, but I was careful to respond, without publishing the comment, explaining to the reader why his/her comment was not published.

    And insightful comments like yours, are warmly welcomed in this blog

  7. So T9 would have attended 2 quiz nights if they were held at the Tapas bar. 2 quiz nights so close together as well. One would think they would be well prepared for QN 2.

    What is not on the sheet that should be are the teams so drinks could be billed to the right groups but I suppose as so few people 'attended' QN it wouldn't have been difficult to remember who drank what.

    Also not on the sheet is who was supposed to attend the tennis dinner. Even if it the meal was paid for by MW tennis department drinks would not be free so it would be necessary to know who was going to be there. But why was it going to be so poorly attended? 12 people including the coaches? Rather exclusive don't you think that it was only for one group of people.

  8. A lot of drinks were recorded on the Friday sheet. As only the Kynd party of 3 dined that night they must have got through a LOT of booze.

  9. As quiz night is all about asking questions, why has no-one asked the Irwins for a statement? They were there the night Maddie went 'missing'. I would have thought they would be falling over themselves in their rush to volunteer information even if by some strange reason no-one asked them.

    Why have they been 'woosh clunked'?

  10. Anon. @1:06:00pm,

    Remember that there are still some undisclosed files. Many documents have been kept under secrecy of justice, maybe the Irwins statements are amongst those. Some of the Tapas were asked by the police in their interviews if they were acquainted with anyone named Irwin, which they denied. The police knew that the Irwins had a reservation for the Tapas at the same hour of the McCann group on the 3rd. If they indeed were there, then they were "witnesses" to what went on during the dinner of the 3rd, the "alarm raise", the panic and all, so I'm sure they must have been interviewed. Maybe they had some "interesting" things to tell about what really went on that night, and it is not for the public knowledge, maybe crucial for a possible future court action.

  11. Hi Tex
    I feel that these sheets have been tippexed before being photocopied, they probably had old info on them.Looking at the scans they have dark lines I know that this happens, it was a thought.
    Did the Tapas have 2 sittings as reservations show 7pm-9pm some holiday places do, but I cant see the Tapas bar had enough clients for that.

  12. I still not believing on the Tapas openned in April with such amount of employees, when the Chaplins offered a better program( Quiz Nights at 10 pm, after dinner) and was runned by the owner.

  13. Only British Mark Warner diners at Tapas for the 3 days but after Maddie went missing other nationalities dine there? The later sheets there is no mention of which holiday company guests travelled with apart from 2 'possible' guests from T Cook.

  14. Tex,
    Your chart states Maddy disappeared 3rd May Thursday, I thought it was Friday 4th May when she disappeared?

  15. Anon
    Apr 8, 2011 4:50:00 PM

    The day the alarm was given, that was on May 3rd. The day she disappeared after that.. the McCanns may be the ones to ask...


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