Sunday, 11 July 2010


The stage was set for the play to begin; everyone knew their part and settled comfortably into their role. There was no time for a dry run, it was ‘ACTION’ when suddenly, onto the set strolled an extra not cast in the play.

In the movies, the director would shout ‘CUT’ and the actors would be able to do another take.

Shortly after 9 pm May 3rd, Jez Wilkins, the famous TV Director for his hoax show... had become a major player in the abduction of Madeleine McCann.

Later, newspaper headlines would scream ‘Madeleine and the Silent Witness’ the man who would clear the McCanns. When we look at the police statements, no one has come forward to say they saw any of the group walking around or near any apartments on any other night.  

Wilkins, did see Tanner May 3rd, but much earlier in the evening, he remembers she wore a purple dress and was standing outside her apartment. If Tanner saw Wilkins she has never said so. Tanner I believe did see Wilkins earlier; this would be the reason why she explained her mode of dress... cut off trousers and flip flops...  

Gerry McCann was ONLY seen the evening of May 3rd leaving OR returning to his apartment by someone who knew him. The young Irish girl also saw McCann and Wilkins talking together... no one has denied that this meeting did take place.

The problem for McCann is that this messed up his well thought out plan. The timing of Tanner seeing Wilkins, McCann and the abductor all at around 9.15 or 9.20 pm means if, as McCann claims, he had just checked his children and all was well the abduction took all of four minutes and while he and Jez were standing outside the apartment.

This of course is impossible, but McCann needed to explain why he was there to Jez, checking his children and telling him if he had not been with a group they would not have left the children alone, the seed was planted, the children alone left a window of opportunity for an abduction.  

Wilkins later had a knock on his door not to ask for help but to inform him McCanns child had been abducted.  

Tanner gave McCann an alibi by saying she saw him and the abductor at the same time. The Smith Sighting, if anyone later would think they recognized McCann, was now covered.

Now, let’s go back and re-set the stage. Removed from the play Wilkins, the extra, where does this leave us and what do we have? Nothing. Absolutely nothing, a night like any other, no one saw anything because there was nothing to see.

The plan would have been so simple, the McCanns would have returned to the apartment after dinner and drinks, (drinks paid for by credit cards that they claim not to have had.).... at a much later time, their usual 11.30 or 12.00 pm.

The simulated abduction planned to take place at just before 10.00 pm would leave more than ample time to play on “Neglect”.

Instead, we only have a window of four minutes at the most for the abductor to have entered, jemmied shutters, grabbed a sleeping Madeleine without disturbing the twins in their blanketless cots and make his get away.

Had things gone to plan, I believe we would not be sitting here at our keyboards trying to discover what really happened to Maddie. There would have been evidence of a forced entry and anger from the public at the amount of hours the children were left alone BUT leaving a huge opportunity for an ‘abductor’ to have taken a child.  

Wilkins foiled the plan and a new idea was whipped up, the tearing of a child's book to write on and fit a timeline, children checking, to match the meet with Wilkins.  

Bridget O’Donnell (BOD), the partner of Jez, what is her role in all of this ?
Paul Gordon, a witness, told police he was harassed by the newspapers and in turn Brian Kennedy and the McCanns about the Donation caller.  

BOD also talks of harassment by the media. The PR guru behind this pressure, none other than Clarence Mitchell.

If the Gordons were harassed by the McCanns I would imagine so were Jez and BOD.

December 14th 2007, BOD wrote an article for the Guardian. BOD either has a very bad memory, or she said things to mislead.

Tennis coach Georgina Jackson said Madeleine had a tennis lesson on Tuesday May 1st... BOD admits Madeleine and her daughter were in the same group as they had both practiced for a dance to be shown the following Friday... why then did Bridget say the tennis lesson was on Thursday morning, the day after Madeleine vanished?  

Bridget also claims they sat in the afternoon sun and laughed as Gerry practiced his tennis swing. Again Georgina in her witness statement said she had seen Jez and McCann talking but very few words... there does not appear to be this friendship Bridget would like us to believe.  

Bridget also tried to make the PJ look foolish by claiming they did not recognize a photograph of Madeleine, she was also very unpleasant about Robert Murat.

Bridget I believe was afraid and she says so herself, afraid Jez might be next in line for some imagined blame or accusation.  

Bridget also wanted to make it very clear ‘There were NO drug fuelled swingers on this holiday’.

I will leave the last words to Bridget. "So, my heart goes out to them, Gerry and Kate, the couple we remember from our Portuguese holiday. They had a beautiful daughter Madeleine who played and danced with ours at the Kiddie club."

Just a small footnote: Madeleine was in the Kiddie club with their daughter but their other child was much younger and with another group so highly unlikely that Maddie danced with both of Bridget’s children.


  1. Totally agree. The wilkins know what hapenned to Madeleine and where she was concealed. They are part of the gang and the cover-up. Bridget prove it when she claimed that the portuguese police show a wrong picture of Madeleine to her. By saying that she show us how stupid she is and how baddly informed about Portugal and the portuguese police she was. Few hours after Madeleine was reported missing, Madeleine picture crossed the world trough all portuguese on-line newspapers and trough the RTP international TV channels. In Portugal, the disapearence went into all the houses trough all the TV channels and attract the attention of all the portuguese. No way for the police involved in the search of the girl to be not informed or to mistake the pictures. Bridget had an agenda when she tried to pass an image of a fool police and of-course the Mccann's gang were behind that agenda.
    This means, whatever hapenned to Madeleine was not an accident and will shock the society if was in the aknowledgement of the public.
    Will be interesting to see, if available, what the wilkins have done and who they meet in PDL during their holidays. Have they meet the Mccann's before or be part of their night partys? I believe yes and this is why they need to be part of the cover-up- They are affraid of being involved in the saga, then, they must state in favour of an abduction. BUT IT IS EASY TO CATCH A LIAR.

  2. It seems that the OC guests have cooperated slightly more than expected with the Tapas version of events.

    BOD is quite clear that "There were NO drug fuelled swingers on this holiday" but is not as clear about if there were, or not, "normal" swingers there.

    From that point of view, would you like your family, back in the UK, to know what REALLY you were doing in PDL in early May?

    Not saying, at this point, that ALL guests at the OC were swingers, but it's a possibility to be considered.

    Thanks Iron!


    Panorama...ex PJ tells of his contact in Scotland Yard and the McCanns are swingers.

  4. It is worth looking back to see what was happening with the Leicester plod before Madeleines alleged abduction...A reporter went in under cover and shall we say things of a sexual nature were going on. I will search for the link later and post.

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    O' Brian lived in Leicestershire for a time...very near to the Mccanns in fact.

    GOOGLE: Leicestershire swingers...and this is what you will find.

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  5. Anon 7:21,

    Oh Gosh... Oh my, Oh my, Oh my... Just to think how many times I've been called a pervert and a disgust...

    Not that I think swinging is disgustful, because I don't... the IMPORTANT thing is that there's many a prude who thinks it is (OR at least voices the disgust independent of inner feelings). That idiotic prudeness might make some people to lie, just to protect themselves...

  6. Quote BOD (Guardian)
    "The translator had a squint and sweated slightly. He was breathless, perhaps a little excited. We later found out he was Robert Murat. He reminded me of a boy in my class at school who was bullied."

    May be true, but what is the use of writing this subjective judgement for a newspaper, in an article about a serious matter namely the disappearance of a little girl. Who is benefited by the memories of Bridget O'Donnell?
    I understand she is a writer, a director and a benefactor; not deserving belief imo.

    'Bridget O'Donnell is a writer and director. The fee from this article will be donated to the Find Madeleine fund.' (Guardian)

  7. Good Morning,People. Nice People!

    1+1+1= 3 good things.


  8. Many have said Bridget is a light weight and a Mccann supporter. I think not, read again, this is a frightened woman who also states...Jez carried our child home wrapped in a blanket.

    It is possible someone may have come forward confusing the night and say they saw a man with a child wrapped in a blanket...and saying it was Jez...I think this was her fear...When Bridget wrote this , seven months had passed, not a stupid woman I would say...she must have put two and two together by then.

    I think this was a message to the Mccanns, a public message...we support you..we do not want to be involved....please leave us alone.

  9. Anon 8:18

    For me ANYONE who has lied to protect the Tapas is a McCann supporter. It was a conscious decision to lie, it is natural consequence to be accountable for the act. Quite simple, and quite clear. And easy to correct. They just have come foward and confess they've lied, explaining all the whys.

    About the blanket, I've looked at the files, and the only ref I found seemed to be a mistranslation of one Tanner's statement. If wrong, would be pleased to be corrected.

  10. The metaphor is good about the movies, and all the rest followed just like in the movies too... All was very holliwoodian, and now the film is... finished!! It's curious not to see parents who are convinced that their child is missing, abducted, carry on with the appeals, the poster campaign and all... after all that fuss!
    Why are the mcCanns silent now? Why don't they yell for the case to be re-opened????

    To remind some authorities that we haven't forgotten, we can send the RE OPEN THE CASE petition material using the available templates on there:

    Please copy and save the material as the site will end on 20th July as no longer free.

    -note, the petition is long closed, the 'caring' site took the initiative to close it and never replied to give any explanation. We still care for the truth so we can save, share this material and re-use it.
    Hi to All from Mag

  11. Anon 8.18
    I think you're right, they don't want to be involved, but why is Bridget O'Donnell supporting the McCanns if she and Wilkins are not involved, have nothing to hide, and don't have any evidence for an abduction?
    By writing an article in the Guardian, telling nothing relevant, she keeps her and her partner involved.

    Quote (Guardian)
    "Throughout all this, I have always believed that Gerry and Kate McCann are innocent. When they were made suspects, when they were booed at, when one woman told me she was "glad" they had "done it" because it meant that her child was safe, I began to write this article - because I was there, and I believe that woman is wrong."

    "because I was there"? Where? She was in her own apartment, wasn't she?

    "I believe that woman is wrong."

    'That woman' is anxious about her own child, understandable and just a harmless opinion.

    For the most part Bridgets article is an opinion too, but less harmless, considering her position.

  12. Barra da Costa ( an ex-portuguese inspector and a Criminologist, who I particularly don't like because of his later support to Aragao stories) was invited by RTP to comment Maddie case. Early May 2007, he was the first one suggesting the swing inside the group. His words made an ecco on all the papers and news and he become very uncomfortable for the Mccann's. He seems very confident about what he was saying and I think he was the first target of the first Mccann's lawyers. On May 5, Mccann's already had British lawyers. For what? to close some mouths and avoid very embarassing stories to come out. Several guests in OC, the nannies and several employers know that stories, know what was going on inside some groups and this is why they were framed and sent away to avoid contact with journalists. The guests and Mark Warnner, were easy to be involved in the cover-up. Who want his holidays or his resort connected with swinger behaviours and in extreme situation with swing/Paedos? Of course they will feed the abduction and close their mouths. And they will feed a scapegoat- Murat. Many mouths hold the clues to solve this case. Reopen it and let the investigation go deep inside Mccann's life. They will do everything they can to avoid the case to be reopenned.

  13. Everything designed to confuse...Tanner and her purple dress...but making sure WITHOUT being asked she was not wearing a purple dress but cut off pants and flip flops.

    The pink blanket...raised its head at some point for Bridget to worry enough to mention Jez carrying his child home wrapped in a blanket.

    Anon 8.18....I agree with you the misprint in the Mail about the pink blanket...BUT Mitchell was controlling the media and any misprint may have been deliberate to confuse.

  14. Cont...on the Pink Blanket

    This from Joanna...

    Wilkins, told cops he could not recall anyone walking past him. Furthermore in all the time he was there he saw no man carrying a child. The TV producer is convinced he would have seen Jane Tanner pass by. He said: "It was a very narrow path and I think it would have been almost impossible for anyone to walk by without me noticing”.
    Gerry and Tanner returned to the restaurant separately shortly afterwards and it was 10 p.m. when Kate decided to check on her children in the apartment.

    There is a presence of a third witness which confirms the fact that Gerry McCann was talking to Wilkins, an Irish teenager confirmed she saw the two men talking, for a few minutes, near the McCann’s apartment: “There was only the father of the little girl talking to another man.” She didn’t see Jane Tanner or any man carrying a child either.
    The girl wasn't in the list of guests, as their presence at Ocean Club wasn't registered with the management. Father and daughter have been in Portugal, to help the Portuguese Police in the reconstruction of what happened in the night of May 3 and to give a formal statement to Police.

  15. cont...

    Jane Tanner claimed she saw the two men but that was a later addition to her first statement and continued to guarantee that, at the top of the street, she saw a man with a child in his arms. The entire abduction theory depends on her and yet she left a vomiting child alone in her apartment while she sat drinking with friends at the Tapas Bar (and according to the waiters statements never left the table all night).

    Jane’s Tanner statements have changed until now, two times, first account was: The man, looking Caucasian, was wearing beige trousers, black shoes and was covered in a thick jacket. He was slim, his height was 5'7" and with dark short straight hair. According to her words, he was carrying "a child or an object that could have been taken as a child wrapped in a blanket" or “bundle of clothes”. He was going towards the church.

    In her second report in BBC Panorama’s documentary she morphed the description of the abductor, from a white man to a 5'8'' tall swarthy Mediterranean looking man with “quite a lot of dark, reasonably-long-to-the-neck hair”; the vagueness description of the bundle was changed to the certainty of a girl in pink pyjamas .

    Jane, who socialized with the girl on a daily basis, did not recognize her though she could memorize the details of the alleged kidnapper. He was around 35 - 40 years, brown skinned, wearing beige trousers, a dark coat and black formal shoes (though JT didn’t see his face she was able to get the “abductor’s” age?). The “abductor” this time was heading towards Murat's home.

    According to her statement, the child was wearing pink pyjamas, seemed to be asleep and was barefoot. This was the detail that she found the strangest “…and I can remember thinking oh that parent is not a particularly good parent, they've not wrapped them up”.

    That night, after Kate discovered the disappearance of her daughter (and after Jane supposedly confirmed with another friend that Maddie was wearing a pyjamas of that colour), Jane Tanner made no mention of it to anyone. “I did not want to worry Kate even further”, she later said.

    However as proven here, the lights that illuminate that street are made of sodium, Praia da Luz uses sodium vapour street lamps, which give light only under an orange spectrum as explained more scientifically here.

    Street lights are a very special kind of yellow light in that they only produce a very narrow set of colours. So rather than giving out a bit of every colour of the rainbow (as with white light), only yellow-orange wavelengths are given off. The overall outcome if there are no wavelengths of light to reflect back is essentially monochrome. In that orangey tone light, at that distance, she could not have discerned either the pattern or the colour of the pyjamas the child was wearing.

    In addition, the pyjama bottoms are white with a tiny pink floral pattern, have 3/4 length, that is almost knee length (as shown in the picture). Therefore if Madeleine was being carried the way Jane Tanner declared the pyjamas would probably go even higher than the knee's line thus making it impossible for Jane Tanner to see the colour of those tiny flowers.

    *Note: The Forensic Sketch of Madeleine's probable abductor was commissioned by the McCanns.


    Leicester cops...watching Porno...playing hide and seek and fetching take-aways while on duty...Not much time spent looking for Maddie then.

  17. The Irish teenager story is a made up P.O.S by Levy. Joana should remove all that rubbish from her blog, all it does is mislead people.
    As for the allegations here about Wilkins, I honestly hope someone gets sued. It's the only thing that can stop this wild, brainless spceculation by those who ENJOY it.

  18. If it hadn't been for Jez inconveniently popping up at the wrong time they'd have got away with this cock and bull story.

  19. To be clear, someone seems to have trouble grasping this article. No one is accusing Jez or Bridget of aything and certainly not being involved in the death and cover up of Madeleine Mccann. Paul Gordon has made it VERY clear he was pressured by the Mccann Machine...Jez and Bridget seem to be saying the same thing.

    I have said Bridget either had a bad memory or she has told an untruth...her child and Madeleine played tennis May 1st and NOT May 3rd.

    Bridget claims she admired the Mccanns for leaving their children alone...I doubt this very much...otherwise she would have done the same.

    Bridget was afraid for Jez and maybe with good reason...the Mccanns have used anyone and anything to protect their backsides..still continue to do so.

    Critics are more than welcome,,,but come out of the shadows where I can see you and explain yourself in an adult manner rather than throwing insults and suggesting law suits.

    Freedom of speech lives and breathes on this blog and will continue to do so.

    Ta very much.


    Have not read this but it is about bloggers. My personal opinion of Eyes for Lies... he or she has not got a clue...

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  22. McCann made Tanner cry when he changed her statement for his 'Mockumentary'...proving once again she is a liar...So, why did he change it..maybe because he knew Jez would be watching and had to place them where they were really standing..AND NOT WHERE tANNER HAD SAID...Jez by now would know Mccann is a lair.


    A comment explaining SWingers and how the children are in NO WAY involved.

  24. Seems that some Pro- Mccann's/ swingers are trying to assault that blog and use the tragedy of a little girl to promote their affairs. It is Madeleine Karma to attract people who use and abuse her and "when somebody get close to the truth" again come that idea of "sueing somebody".
    Here, when we post, we don't accuse anybody. Whe doubt Mccann's stories and ask normal questions, which came out from the most fantastic and fantasist story of a missing child. We are intelligent people and informed people, who don't believe on abductions without evidences and this is why we become very uncomfortable for Mccann's gang. For them, there is only two words- Sue and Money. For us, there is also two words- Justice and truth. If they want to silence us, re-open the case. Let a full and deep investigation show us that an abduction hapenned and Madeleine still alive. Show us, that we are wrong. Sueing did not prove Mccann's innocence, per contrary, is a huge step showing their guilt.
    They silence Amaral but did not change any portuguese mind, this is why they lost all respect in Portugal and Madeleine become a joke in many portuguese TV or radio programes. And Mccann's did not sue any of that programes. It is too danger. Sueing in Portugal is not synonim of money and could be synonim of "reopen the case".
    When are this Pros going to open their eyes and realise that the Mccann's are not angelic parents and have many answers to give to the police and to the society, since they decide to invade our screen TVs with xenophobe claims and very fool stories about responsible and honest people from many countries?
    Mccann's were allowed to feed the media with nonsense abductors, using real people to connect with an evil crime, without been sued and we are not allowed to question them?
    Congratulations Textusa and Iron, for your great work, looking for justice and for the truth, for a little girl who was mocked by her own family. This is what is shocking, not our doubts.

  25. Hello Ironside, my old mate.

    I am so pleased that you continue to expose the obvious discrepancies and lies. Much to the annoyance of some of your other old 'mates', I might add. The ones with their probosci so far up the creeks. Excellent.

  26. DOcmac,,,what a wonderful surprise. How the hell are you. I hope this is a sign of good things to come and we see your face araound her much more often,

    DOCMAC by any chance do you still have the forensic report I sent you read about by Steve Kingston it has disappeared from everywhere we posted it.

    Once again great to see you.

  27. Anon 3:23 Thank you for your excellent post, totally agree.
    Textusa and Ironside many thanks and keep up the good work.

  28. Ironside

    No, I no longer have it, sorry. Got deleted, just like Maddie. I don't post much nowadays, but it is great to read you, my friend. I'm just peeved that I had to wade through a whole lot of sychophantic drivel on a pro site to find you. Will continue to read, if not post.

    How weird is the 'word verification' I must type in now. 'Deathes'. Spooky.


    The knives are out...lots of discussion Blair, Mandelson and Brown were at one time lovers..

    Mandelson has now written a book about his hatred for Brown...Mandelson once screamed at BROWN ? I love you. but I CAN destroy you...looks like destruction has begun.

  30. I agree with the above post re anon 3:23, btw. Regarding the 'angelic parents' part, I must paste here a rather snide remark I posted earlier this morning on another site.

    HSDPA/HSUPA? What's up with that? My connection is usually faster than a criminal trying to find somewhere to hide a body.

    It's so slow right now it brings to mind the way I felt soon after a cardiology exam in 4th year. We were at the pub, if memory serves, and I could not recall whether I'd left my old Volksie's lights on. Or if I'd locked the doors. However, despite the fact that my squeeze at the time had noticed a number of crims hanging about, I'd 'had a few', and I was into the crowd. And I do remember thinking she was replacable in the unlikely event...

    As it turns out, she was not. And I learned something very useful. Always park your car inside the pub (if that's where I was).

  31. Justice has become a mockery of itself. In Modern Society, the infantile "I'm going to tell mommy!" has now become "I'm going to tell so that they can sue you!"

    How some just refuse to grow up...

  32. Textusa, are you implying that those who threaten to sue you are children? That is a serious accusation that might get you sued! I’m trying to be friendly here, so please don’t sue me for saying that you’ll be sued by others you accuse to be infantile. If you do that, I can only warn you that I’ll sue you for accusing me of saying that you’ll be sued by others you accuse to be infantile and wait for you to sue me for threatening to sue you for accusing me of saying that you’ll be sued by others you accuse to be infantile.

  33. Anon 9:19,

    Thank you for such clarity and eloquence, and, yes, I think you described quite correctly the nonsense involved.

    On a serious note, before a threat there can only be one of two options:

    If you've wronged, just have to apologise and fold;

    But if you feel you’re being righteous and threatened just to feel scared, than conscience, as clear as it is, dictates that one is to proceed.

    Thank you all, for your support to myself and Ironside.

  34. O'Brian was allowed to read TANNERS statement before making his own...

    Police officers from Leicestershire asked Jeremy Wilkins to read his original statement, made in Algarve, to PJ, to refresh his memory, before questioning him a second time, in UK, in April 2008, following the letter rogatory sent from Portugal.

  35. The casual tennis partner of Gerry McCann believes he left home between 8:15/8:30 pm, on May 3, to walk his son, in a buggy, according to his statements to police. He turned right and, as he looked to the building next to the one where the McCann were staying, he saw a woman in a purple dress.

    Jeremy Wilkins went down the street and went to the toilet near the swimming pool, close to the Tapas Bar, through the Ocean Club reception. He met a couple, the man with “rasta” hair and, after going out from the toilet, kept walking down the streets, around the backside of the tennis court.

    He walked through several streets, as his soon was having difficulty in sleeping. He met another couple, a tourist named Curtis with his girlfriend. After walking around a lot, he found himself going out from a street to the road that goes to Batista Supermarket, between the McCann apartment and the Tapas Bar.

    He saw Gerry McCann on the other side of the road (between 8:45 and 9:15 pm), not far from the gate that gave access to the stairs of the ground floor apartment and crossed the street to talk with him, in the sidewalk. As far as he can remember, they talked for 3 to 5 minutes. His soon was already asleep and, when the talk finished, Gerry went down, in the direction of Tapas Bar, and Jeremy Wilkins went up the street, turned to the left and returned to his apartment.

    While talking to Gerry, he said that he couldn't guarantee that he didn't saw somebody, on the top of the street, because he was either looking to Gerry or to his baby, in the buggy, and probably was in a position with his back to the top of the street.

    Questioned about Jane Tanner, who said, in her statements to police, that she saw both of them, talking, while she walked the same street to check her daughter, around 9:15 pm, Jeremy Wilkins said that he doesn't remember to see her, during his conversation with Gerry McCann.

    But he believes he saw her, when he left home between 8:15/8:30 pm, May3, 2007 – she was standing in the street, just in front of the apartment of one of the McCann friends, doesn't know if it was her own apartment. He remembers that she was using a purple colour dress. At the time, he knew that she was one of McCann friends, but didn't knew her name.

  36. Jane Tanner is a kind of Nanny Mc phee, inverted. She got uggly over the time, victim of her lies and her bad behaviour. A purple dress to go to the Tapas... or was she planning to go somewhere for a quiz night and was caught by the situation and forced to go into a more closest place?
    The special lady who went to PDL without jeans, who even wearing flip-flops managed to pass unnoticed for two mans in a narrow street and saw a bright pyjama under a yellowish street light. The same lady, also manage to leave the table without been noticed because for the Tapas workers, she spent the night at the table and just leave it after Kate raised the alarm. IS SHE FROM THAT WORLD or an ET?

    And the Leicester police.... the BEST police Jokes I ever heard about, fit them with cheers.

  37. The truth is painful and Kate, who don't work and did not read the available files or checked the shock information suposedly grabbed by I Duarte from police office at Portimao, spend her time surfing in the net, checking what is going on on some blogs.
    Why don't she get a life and put her childs in a first plan by telling the truth, since she answer a portuguese journalist with such amazing sentence: " I know it, I was there" and later stated that she and God know it. What she knows cannot be told by a cuddle cat left in a shelf by any abductor ( like she claimed in a first time). Cuddle cats don't speak and don't lie.

  38. I may be away for a few days, no, I have not been arrested as some would wish.

    I have also never spoken of my feelings and what I feel about ANYONE who harms a child or stays silent knowing they could help the police in solving this crime.

    Madeleine, and the cause of her death, domestic, as I believe.

    I have never heard in my life of witnessess allowed to refresh their memories...this sounds more so they can get their second story straight.

    The only decent person out of this sorry mess is Paul Gordon who has told the truth and refused to play the Mccanns game.

    The rest for what ever reason have lied, yes and I say sue me.

    I also do not take kindly to being threatened by posters who I obviously know but because they are cowards change their poster name so I do not know who they are.

    To me this kind of poster is the same scum as I class ALL those who have spat on the memory of a small child. A child who did not ask to be born but was FORCED to be born.

    I, yes I, send all my newspapers , reporters here and in the States .

    I want the truth to be known and if anything I write , even if it is one small sentence tugs at the minds who have done a dreadful thing...and when a child is involved it is the most dreadful thing of all...makes them speak up and clear their mind...better for them...but for the memory of Madeleine.

    I also believe their is corruption of the highest level going on at Leicester Police...I have already written and told them this myself so need no help from certain corners in assisting me.

    Thank-you very much.

    This is from ME and nothing to do with TEXTUSA or her blog.

  39. Well done Iron.

    The truth and people who look for the truth and try to expose it, were always very uncomfortable for Mccann's gang. If they spent the same effort they do by trying to target and threatened people like you, Textusa or Joana, LOOKING FOR THEIR CHILDS AND RESPECTING THE RIGHTS OF THEIR CHILDS, they will never face that hostility and we were not here comenting and questioning their stories (THEIR LIES). Only people who don't know the Algarve and don't know what is the quite Algarve in May, can believe on Mccann's tales.
    Mccann's were in PDL, enjoying a cheap holiday in one of the cheapest and most quite week of the year. They went to PDL, as ordinary and irresponsible parents and came out rich and knowed in the all world, by the worse and most condemnable reasons. The dead of little Madeleine was the metamorphose they use to achieve money ( millions) and fame and they never lost any oportunnity to use it in a very insultuous way. They insult everybody they manage to fool. They insult all the people in Portugal, special people living in Algarve. They insult and disgrace the Tapas workers. They insult Sean and Amelie and the memory of little Madeleine. They insult the police who spent nights and days trying to search their girl and fit theyrlies in a very competent investigation.
    If justice really works, Portugal had to SUE the Mccann's, PJ had to SUE the Mccann's and THEIR SEAN AND AMELIE had to SUE their own parents for raising them inside a fake life, inside a LIE.
    JUSTICE WILL COME ONE DAY, when they think they got away with what they have done.

  40. Well done Iron , I have read a lot of your posts.

    I wish I was wrong about the Mccanns but the evidence seems overwhelming
    unless you are one of the Mccann zealots on the sky news discussions.


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