Sunday, 4 July 2010

Robert - A Cause Worth Helping

This is a Blog to find the truth about what happened to Madeleine Beth McCann, and will remain so.

This phrase is just a rewording of one written by Powersteph65 in her blog. As I subscribe every single word she’s written, let me just transcribe here what she’s written there:  

“I am however spitting nails with the ‘red tape’ used to try once more and waste time. A young boy needs our help, Robert ,and we bloggers are doing everything in our power to help him. Which is why I was stunned with the latest outrage. Had Andrew read Roberts blog and looked at his photograph he would see Robert is in a wheelchair and this means Robert cannot walk. I have taken this from Roberts blog. Update: Red Tape on Roberts case It seems Andrew Turner MP is unable to take action until they have Roberts consent or better still if Robert himself asks for help. If Robert can fill in details ,sign and return a form they will take action straight away. I am astounded, the photographs of Robert are clear to see, Roberts condition posted on his blog.
Does it look like Robert can up and jump and post his details? Robert can say a few words but is unable to ask for help himself. Robert cannot write therefore unable to sign his name. Roberts thumb print IS his signature. This has all now been explained to Mr.Turners secretary by Roberts father who has given his permission for Mr.Turner to investigate Roberts case. But is it enough? Time will tell , updates here and on Roberts blog . Let us see if we really have voted for change and how important IS a childs life to this Goverment who promised so much.”


Update, Jul 9th, 2010: It seems that Robert is to be operated. To Robert, if wishful goodness were to heal, you’d be one healthy boy! 

To Steph, Bren and Maria, well done. To all, my thank you. To the politicians (Mr. Andrew Turner & Staff) who were involved, please don’t think you yielded. 

You chose the future. You chose to listen to the voices of those who elected you, that, due to the internet, have now become nearer and more audible. 

Thank you for your enlightenment. Thank you for choosing, wisely, the only win-win course of action. Robert, who is the important one here, would thank you if he could speak. Humanity has become a little more humane today.


  1. Thank you Textusa for posting this, it is a disgrace. Let's hope that Red Tape does not hold this up any longer. Robert needs his operation now. It is not about the quantity of life it is about the quality, and this operation will give Robert a better quality of life.

  2. A million thanks Textusa, Roberts family and Andrew Turner MP have been sent the link to your blog. Also being twittered.

  3. The last time I looked 18 years was 'the age of consent'. Seems like the Goverment decide when and where to move the goal post.

  4. The fact that Roberts parents have refused donations should show the dignity of this family.

    I am writing NOW to my MP

  5. Google 'Please help Robert' and he is first on the page SCRIBD. Well bloody done.

  6. I have just read Roberts blog and my heart goes out to him. It is obvious Andrew has not done his homework for had he read Roberts plight and taken a few moments to think he would not have made such a stupid remark. Robert is 17 not 18.

    Well done Tex.

  7. How different things would be if Roberts parents had the McCanns contacts.

  8. Great shame Roberts not related to the McCanns.

  9. Have written to my MP and will post when I get a reply.

  10. Have brought this over from Stephs blog...

    BIBA says:
    July 4, 2010 at 4:21 pm
    Once again, a typical politician’s reaction to a situation concerning his constituancy…
    I am not affiliated to Andrew Turner MP’s constituancy, but I am saddened to hear that an MP after promising the care of his constituents before election, and them plainly ignore a plea of help from a member in his care. The irony of it is that he has not even read Robert’s case, for him to come up with a typical political “brush-off”

    Having read the full details of the case, I noticed that copies were sent to David Cameron, Andrew Lansley, The Health Service Ombudsman, and the general public.

    We the public should follow this case closely and voice our concern if we need to save Robert’s life. “” Robert… We are all behind you “”"


    Correspondence from Roberts Aunt.

  12. Anon 8:19,

    The reply was: "I do not have permission from Roberts mother to discuss his case with you"

    So NOW it's required Robert's mother to authorise, whilst for the operation neither the mother's nor the father's authorisation is good enough, it had to be Robert himself...


    The further you stall, the worser will be what will be said later. Don't you people know what damage control is? Don't let things get out of control. Operate now!

  13. Here's to you, sidekick. Do have a safe trip! And break a leg!


  14. I guess you have all heard the good news. Robert is scheduled for surgery Monday 2nd August.

    Many thanks Textusa for your support and to all bloggers who held hands to help Robert.


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