Thursday, 15 July 2010

Rua da Escola Primária - Elementary Information

The McCann case is full of self-evident facts that are simply screaming to deaf ears. And they are so many that if they were fleas we’d be scratching the skin off our body.

Take the photo above for example. I no longer remember where I found it, so I do apologise for not giving it the adequate credit.

The photo was taken at the top of the Rua da Escola Primária:

What does it tell us? First of all, when entering that particular street, coming from the Ocean Club, you’re unable to see its crossing with the Rua 25 de Abril, the general area where the Smith Sighting happened, in blue below:

Photo #1, depicts the area not seen from the top of the Rua da Escola Primária.  

Photo #2, has 3 areas, green, yellow and red.

When standing in the green area, you’re unable to see the Smiths, in the yellow, you might be able to see them, and in the red you certainly see them.

The inverse is not applicable, because they’re not paying any particular attention to who’s on the street at that time, whilst, you, on the other hand, have all you senses heightened, as you are supposedly carrying an abducted child.

No, not a dead one as I already have proved.

Photo #3, is just a representation of these 3 areas, without any other distracting information.

As I said, the supposed fact that you’re an abductor in full abduction mode, carrying the abductee on foot, you’re certainly paying attention to EVERYTHING.

When you know you doing something that you shouldn’t be doing, not only you pay FULL attention to all, as well as you exaggerate ALL you hear and see.

For example, some people that same night heard sirens that apparently nobody else heard. That doesn’t mean that the mentioned sirens didn’t exist, it means only that THESE people were paying particular attention to EVERYTHING they heard that night, while the remainder of the people in PDL that night simply didn’t pay any attention, so don't remember hearing anything.

This exceptional perception capability is commonly known as a guilty conscience.

So when you enter Rua da Escola Primária, with a guilty conscience and a child in your arms, you might not see the Smiths, but, I have no doubt WHATSOEVER about it, you hear them.

We’re talking about a group of 9 people, including teenagers. Lead by a woman that was feeling sick, walking slowly, with her caring husband by her side, so it’s hardly likely that the teenagers behind were being silent.

Oh, and they were Irish. Not wanting to stereotype any nationality, it’s a common agreed quality of the Irish to be talkative. So, when STILL in the green area, YOU KNOW that there are people ahead.

You don’t see them, but YOU KNOW that they are there.

FORTUNATELY you don’t see them; because that means that they can’t see you. So logic and common sense dictates that you take your guilty conscience and abducted child and backtrack your steps, before anyone sees you:
But no, against logic or common sense, you just gleefully proceed.

Past the green (1) area.

Past the yellow (2) area.

Past the red (3) area right INTO Smiths's "arms" as if transporting and abducted child was as natural to you as drinking orange juice in the morning.

What? Say you that the Rua da Escola Primária was the ONLY way you knew to get to the beach, where your boat/yacht was waiting for you? You and the abducted child. And your guilty conscience.

You understand that that would mean that you didn’t plan the whole thing adequately, don't you? That you, just on the whim of a moment, decided to abduct a child, and knew ONE and ONLY way from a random room you entered to your waiting boat/yacht. Or was it a hidroplane? Pretty absurd, right?

No, not talking just about the plane, but about the whole thing (sorry readers, but, as you know, these people are incapable of following the simplest logic, so EVERYTHING has to be explained to them, over and over...).

Ridiculous, but I’ll pamper you, once again. What is the second thing that the photo simply screams? This:

And this would mean this and please do see the Mockumentary to understand exactly what I mean:

Need I say more?

I don’t think so.

Our friend “The Stroller” walked voluntarily and deliberately towards the Smiths.

Why? I’m tired of saying it and you of reading it.

Good night.


  1. Of course grabbing independent witnesses to state in favour of an abduction. This is why Kate imediately said she knows that Madeleine was abducted and did not wonder of by herself. She claimed that she and God know it because she was there ( there where? In the Tapas, waiting for her husband and his friend Matt to accomplish the plan). And when GNR asked her an unplanned question " How she know her girl was abducted?" she gave that singular and unchecked answer: " because she find the Cuddle cat in a high shelf, where Madeleine did not reach". But GNR find the Cuddle cat in the bed. then two thinks failed in the brain of that special mum, who claim to have high instruction and be very inteligent: first, if she found the Cuddle cat in the shelf and GNR in the bed, then she or somebody moved it contaminating one of the most important font of evidences ( if the Cuddle cat ever belong to Madeleine and was her sleeping teddy on that holidays, which I doubt). Second, only on Mccann's brain fit that idea of an abductor taking a live child leaving her friendly toy behind. Any abductor will take madeleine with her Cuddle cat, first to calm her and second because the little girl will grab her belongs in a very stressful and panic situation. Unless she was dead or sedated. Death madeleine was useless for any abductor- a huge problem and not a solution to sale to any ring. A sedated Madeleine will oblige her abductor to a extra-work ( injection or syrup will take time to be done, special because had to be done to 3 childs and will leave evidences behind). 4 minutes is a small window for so much work.
    What hapenned to Madeleine leave the responsibles of the crime with ennough time to think about concealing the body, clean or contaminate evidences, and little time to write and agree with a plan known and memorized by all the members of the group. They plan well the main story but failed the details. But somebody sale them the idea of an incompetent police which they can fool with their nationnality, their status and their strategic lies. An error, which they soon realise with the questions GNR pose to them. Because of that, the independent witnesses of the abduction, very well grabbed by Gerry had to be ommited to the PJ. Just in case, they can recognise the abductor, due to the street lights or to any other condition. THE USEFUL SMITHS BECOME A STONE ON MCCANN'S SHOES.
    There is no perfect crimes and a cover-up cannot survive, perfect for many years.

  2. With google translator:( ih it is bad, i do not know correct)

    The Thy excellent reasonings are very helpful since the MCs and company prevented the investigation. They did everything to silence the Team PJ. They did everything, always helped to prevent the movement of a simple book, which compiled all the data that gave the press.
    Besides the errors of detail and thinking be superior beings, considering eugenically perfect, the idiots were wrong. Both the small errors as the huge mistake of coming to my country was terribly dark.

    They came in low season for a resort that shows not in any way by the photos of the interior, a comfortable place. Even equipped with blinds of old tape. Who came here to do so many elements of this group? What kind of business?

    What business is it?

    They came in low season for a project poorly for what?

    Family holiday was not because the children were locked up in daycare Mcs and abandoned at night.

    What is the purpose of this horrible group coming to a country that disregarded, whereas the inhabitants and professionals GN R. and P.J. were invalid? Without knowledge and practice of the same?

    I want to add: twins, watch your well being and safety.

  3. By the facts presented, in this post and the preceding ones,I AM convinced! United Kingdom SHOULD be ashamed (I, as citizen, AM) to have let this farse remain A FARSE. Thank you for your efforts, Textusa and Ironside.

  4. mc,

    You've hit spot on another self-evident fact that nobody seems to take notice of its significance and importance.

    Will hopefully deal with it later. But I have to finish this Smith Sighting saga. In my ever changing agenda, two posts to go: The McCann's Point of View, and the "The McStroller".

  5. In a forum, where this post was completely copied to, I read that someone is raising the possibility that Gerry McStroller acted the way he did because he panicked. I completely disagree, as panic makes you turn away from the possible threat and not towards it. The distance would have allowed him to turn back, turn away and hide as is clearly shown by Tex.
    But I would like to say something else. Sorry Tex and Iron, to butt in your territory like this but I must get this off my chest. It infuriates me, and I feel it’s just unjust on you two what’s happening. I find it totally disrespectful for any forum or any other blogs to copy your posts entirely. That makes people not to visit the original place where it was created and posted. It’s pure and simple nicking of what you two have done. It shows poverty of spirit on their side and lack of consideration for the work produced. It’s not a question of author’s rights, for neither you, as far as I know, have profited from anything you’ve written (I think you should and when this thing is over I think you deserve to make some real cash in a book deal, as I’m certain they will be coming after you then).
    It’s a question of respect. This blog IS important in clarifying the truth, as everyone who comes here, and all those that pretend not to have been here, knows. It’s respectful; it bases itself on fact, and is not delusional with conspiracy theories involving secret and mysterious organizations. It keeps its argumentation on a sane, sensible level, completely understandable and presents logical and absolutely irrefutable evidence.
    So lets us all who care for it help and contribute for it to be known. If you find a post interesting, copy a paragraph, or two, and then place a link, making people come here, and read not only the article you thought important as well all others they may discover.
    Had my say. Thank you

  6. Anon. 10:55,

    Thank you for your concern. Let me tell you a little story, and I hope I’m not breeching confidentiality here, about how my and Ironside’s paths crossed with one another.

    Ironside did exactly what you’re criticizing, and copied a post on to the 3A’s. A poster/blogger/commentator that I do miss a lot and sincerely hope all is well with her, Speak Your Mind (SYM) sent Iron a PM basically stating what you said above. Ironside then came here, started to comment, and accepted my invitation to stay.

    Destiny does what destiny does. If Ironside hadn’t shown “poverty of spirit and lack of consideration” I wouldn’t have the privilege to have such brilliant Sidekick.

    So, don’t worry. Whoever has to find this, will find it. The important thing is that the information is getting out there.

    And making the McCanns sweat a little. Notice that in their dark corners of evil all my writings about the Smith Sighting are completely inexistent. So your complaint is not extensible to that part of the internet. There, I’m only known as the “Vile One”. Which is quite pleasing.

    About the book deal, well, if it guarantees me to have my feet massaged every single morning by a young Adonis, it’s something to be considered. From the ankles up… that’s Fred’s territory.

    Thank you for your support and if many had your conviction in having the truth out there, the McCanns wouldn’t have gone anywhere near this far.

  7. Text. and Iron.:

    I will wait for!

    Thank You both and all who comments here also!

  8. Anyone who knows SYm, to be sure she has a North and South.

    Anyone who knows Iron will agree he is a Tea Leaf.

    I also have no idea where you found this photo of the Frog and Toad.

    But I am sure Madeleine is Brown Bread.

  9. Lad,

    I thought I saw a gooseberry puddin’ familiar drum and bass when I read your words…

    Sherman tank my down the drains I'm sure I'm right!!!

  10. Well Tex I'm off for a Vera Lynn

    Taking along the Trouble and Strife

    Don't think too much of this Horse and Carriage

    I drink too much then need a Gypsys Kiss

    Then its home, up the Apples and Pears

    GAWD how they hurt me Plates of Meat

  11. Hello hello hello...whats going on here then?

    Nice to see a serious blog has a sense of humour.

    Good week-end everyone.

  12. Anon 6:31,

    Humour is the cleanser of the soul! And an infallible friend. in many a hot spot, it has come to the rescue!

    Just a good old-friend testing my cockney rhyming slang:

    Ironside is going to have a fit, or better yet a good laugh & gin, when he finds out what cockney lad has just called him....

  13. Anon: a good wekk end to You also!

    Nice so much humour.It is very good!


    Coppers in the 'KNOW' to lose their jobs maybe?

    The Winfrey show ratings have fallen to an all time low.

    Brown is gone.

    Jaqui Smith has lost her seat.

    Mitchell looks mad and demented.

    Macmillan cancer research is now tainted.

    Staff at OC, one worked there as long as 16 years fired.

    Anyone care to add to the McCann jinx?

  15. Lad,

    You forgot the first and the foremost jinx:

    Madeleine Beth McCann lost her life.

  16. No Textusa, I did not forget, she is the reason I am here.

  17. Hi Textusa, I love your blog-posts with these photos and graphics, red, yellow, green, very neat and informative, you're an online teacher! ;-}
    Mmh how could you be sure that Gerry was carrying a live child? He could have pretended that she was alive just by carrying her this way on purpose, in case he's seen, this was a plan B or C so this is where he messed up.

    These 2 vids of tv interviews, the one where Gerry says "the night WE FOUND HER"
    the one with Jane TANNER SAYING "I was carrying the child",

    can be added together if taken at face value. I think that I can take this at face value. It provides excellent facts, more than clues since both are slip-ups. If you wanna make a blog about it, feel free.
    Take Care and Thanks, xxMag

  18. Hi All, since you are interested in Justice & Truth for Madeleine, feel free to join our group on Face Book :!/group.php?gid=169458190613

    click on: justice4maddie

    Tc. Please leave a comment if you join and respect the T&Cs, thank you.

  19. Mag,

    Thank you for your comment. I think I have analyzed, with an adequate depth the question of the girl being alive or not:

    However, I see that some people persist (in other fora) to believe that it was a dead body being carried down Rua da Escola Primária. I still have two further posts that will deal with the subject. After that, I’m afraid that I’ve run out of argumentation, and when stubbornness settles in, there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

    Please don’t take as disrespect the fact that I’m not joining the Facebook group. I hate the thing. The ONLY thing in it that interests me is the interest Jim Gamble has in it. But that, I will talk about later.


  20. Why are CEOP contradicting this? with Why are CEOP now in charge of missing children?

    Has TC seen this?

  21. Many have said IF McCann was carrying a dead child his clothes would have had cadaver..of course he could have thrown his clothes away...but there is something about a certain jacket...Tex, will explain at a later date.


    Daily Express article removed moments after going online...WHY?

  23. A friend is someone who will help you move. A real friend is someone who will help you move a body. -Unknown #quote

  24. Hi textUSA
    I just wonted to say congrats on what a great job you are doing. I am currently due to go for my exam in microbiology in one hour and in stead of studYing I am on your site reading everything you got to say. Everything that I wanted to say is basically here. I don't usually get involved in cases such as this , however there is something so wrong about this case something beyond our knowledge . It feels somewhat sinister. I have been studying med and microbiology for years now and I can say I am intuitive ( without sounding narcissistic). One area of the case that is very peculiar to me is Dr G travels to the triangle ( Sagres -reposeira-budens) is there more data on this and if there is none maybe ...hmm...
    Thank you again for putting effort and promoting awareness .


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