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Pleasuring Posh People

As a reader has so rightfully commented on this blog’s previous post, “sometimes, fortunately, fortune and fate do play their tricks”.

That said, EXACTLY after THAT post in which we said that we wouldn’t any longer publicize here newspapers' agendas, we see ourselves quoting The Guardian.

If that isn’t fate enjoying our sense of humor and we enjoying hers, then we don’t know what is.

In our defense, we did safeguard the fact that we would quote whenever we thought necessary to prove our point, and on Feb 18th, The Guardian decided to give us a hand.

A precious one at that, and the word “precious” here is being used with in its utmost expensive and posh meaning, obviously.

You see, the paper has been running a story on how Pontin's rescuer Alex Langsam plans to bring Disney-style resorts to Britain

You know Pontins so we won’t dwell on it.

What caught our attention was Alex Langsam's interview, which you can read here.

Now the fascinating bit:

Pontins has annual sales of around £40m but Britannia will seek to increase its occupancy during the off-peak months

Quick wins for Britannia will be to boost occupancy by reinstating chalets that are out of use simply because they need repairs. "Number one we will go in and fix whatever we need to fix," he says. "In Scarborough [with the Grand] we started out with a plan to spend £13m, but ended up spending £15m. We have earmarked £25m but invariably will end up spending more on Pontins." 

The camps already cater for all-comers, hosting clairvoyant weekends and the "mardi gras of the north" at Southport.  

Langsam rattles off a list of special events organised by birdwatchers, chess players – and there had even been a swingers event. What? The dancers? "No, the sex bit," he admits. "You've got to get away from the idea that Pontins is for working-class people and [the camps] are downmarket. The reality is that all sorts of different things go on”

Sorry, too much information all at once, so let us break it down in a nice a simple way:  

“…will seek to increase its occupancy during the OFF-PEAK months” 

“…and there had even been a SWINGERS event.” 

“What? The dancers? "No, the SEX bit," he admits.” 

"You've got to get AWAY FROM THE IDEA that Pontins IS FOR WORKING-CLASS PEOPLE and [the camps] are downmarket.” 

“The reality is that all sorts of different things go on”

So, swinging isn't for the underclasses then!

It seems to be organized for upper and upper middle class people, certainly NOT for working-class people, at holiday venues, doesn’t it?

And on off-peak season too…

I suppose it does makes a change from knobbly knee and glamorous granny competitions!

Does it, by mere chance or coincidence, remind you of anything similar?


  1. I want to book up!!!!

    But I want to do watersports!!! I think Ium...I um want to ..err to sail the big...the big know the big thing? Then I want to go down the waterslide wearing all my clothes.

    Then tennis and mini golf?

    We could have dinner races and one night might be able to leave the restaurant the same time we entered! We wouldn't have to put our names down on booking sheets for tennis, we could just turn up when we wanted to as there are 2 courts and we would just play regardless of the other 16 people in 'our tennsi club' who wanted to use them...even those who had booked.

    Perhaps we could take Mum and she would make our lunch every day?

    Are we posh enough though? I should chuck out my old, tatty T-shirt nighties if I want to make a good impression!

    We are not posh enough. Posh people pay for an all inclusive holidas then take separate flights, transfer taxis and restaurant meals where wine had to be paid for when it is free at the Mill. ( I checked reviews of that time and the only drink free was wine, not juice or coffee)

  2. Due to all the descrepancies from OC Staff IMO the OC has been trying to protect its reputation and the revenue generated by these complexes can run into millions.
    They hushed up the comings and goings of team mccann because it suited their agenda to do so - their reputation as a family holiday resort would have been in tatters so they 'covered up'.
    Good on you Tex lets get to the bottom of this!

  3. Yes, that remind me another story and remind me an annoyed person who insulted everyone on the prvious post and strategically avoided touching the swinger issue when asked to gave his/her opinion.

    I strong believe that what was going on in the OC, at least for that particular group, was something related with that activities. One of the main issues the resort have to give to the guests is confidentiallity and privacy. I believe, the flats were not cleaned everyday to avoid disturbing the guests and not all guests are part of the records of the Resort. A trouble for the OC after the crime because in Portugal, when you open a business you need an authorization from the municipality to practice your business. It is called "Alvara" and some inspection could come times to time to check if what is going on is exactely what is in the " Alvara". I don't know, but I have a feeling that the swing is illegal in portugal, then not recording in a list all the guests, leave the Resort in a very bad situation. If after all, a girl died and belong to a group not full recorded, the RESORT WILL RUN QUICKLY TO HELP SOLVING THE SITUATION AND AVOID LEGAL TROUBLES. The Mccann's must know that. They must know that there is no way out for the OC. The Resort has to be part of the cover-up.

  4. What a nice change to be able to smile. I don't know what Fred Pontin would think but it seems a very idea to make a business profitable. Even village halls are used for a variety of events,

    If swingers wan to swing and their children are looked after (or better left with doting grandparents) then it's another use of facilities out of season.

    Not my choice of holiday but neither is climbing Everest. Each to his own.

    But what is it about Mark Warner/Ocean Club that they pretend these holidays don't exist?

    One could guess it's because something unplanned happened on one such holiday and the people there could be exposed. Although I do wonder if it's deeper than that.

  5. Does anyone know if the police actually searched the OC Mark Warner empty aprtments - I cannot find any reference to the whole complex being searched anywhere!!

  6. If the wine was free at the millenium why would they pay for how ever many bottles they said they consumed each night at the Tapas.

  7. Looking at photographs of Kate and Gerry they do not look a particularly happy couple together - perhaps they miss their 'swinging weekends' and now they must stay together forever to keep their secret safe.

    Perhaps they are serving a life sentence afterall.

    Justice for Maddie.

  8. In his book, Mr. Amaral mentions searches in blocks 4 and 5 of the Ocean Club. I do not know about the rest of the resort.

  9. Anon @ 9.50

    Read Stephen Carpenters account of searching apartments. Although from what we were shown yesterday his statement can't be relied on.

    Apart from that I don't know why he would have taken it upon himself to insist on apartment being searched anyway. He seems to have got very involved especially his association with Robert Murat.

  10. I don't believe the body was concealed in any other apartment of the complex until the alarm being raised. Too risky, for all involved. Even if at night the GNR dogs did not search.
    In the book "Porque adoptamos Maddie" written by journalists, a portuguese camara men hired by Sky News reported that on May 4, very very early morning, he was one of the first persons arriving to the OC and when he arrived he noticed the GNR with dogs searching the complex and the surrounds. Amaral on his book admitted that due to the pressure and the burocracy, not all apartments were searched accurated. For a deep search the police need to have strong doubts/ evidences against one propertie to ask an authorization. Only after the authorization gave by the head of PJ or the judge, the search could be done. I had the impression that he was talking about flats around the OC and in suspect places of PDL and not inside the OC.
    Only if the Mccann's were stupid, they will hide the body inside the OC. The time show us that they are not stupid. They had the help of somebody knowing the Resort and properties in Algarve.
    The news regarding the Germain childs, who were kept by Germain Social service under the care of families payed to care and educate those childs, showed how easy is to found a propertie in Algarve and hide whatever you want. Imagine if what you hide is a body with help of a person knowing well the location and the behaviour of the neighbours or the emptiness of neighbours. The body just had to rest there, when the police was busy searching around the crime scene, and weeks later moved in a rented car to different locations.
    I always had the impression that the trips of the Mccann's were to divert the attention of the Media and the police, attracting the attention to them and out of places in Algarve, while the body was being moved by somebody to his final destination.
    What the 2 British guys contracted by Gerry brother were doing in Algarve, pretending to search Madeleine? Why, one become depressed after and died in a very mysterious way? Why was his body cremated? Why the blood tests carried on his body showed overdose of drugs if he had no signs of needles on his body?
    At Mccannfiles there is some information regarding the two british soldiers. Very interesting.
    Why was Kate cousin the second driver entitled to drive the Scenic and not Kate? Why some witnesses reported the Mccann's going to visite people in some places in Algarve, taking the twins with hem in a small car, not the scenic? Why not using the scenic?

  11. Colin Sahlke and Stephen Taylor ( at Mccannfiles) are the soldiers.

  12. @3.12pm

    I would like to know why Robert Murat had to hire a car, saying his was being used by the McCanns. Which of the tapas were using Robert's car and why?

  13. 5:24,
    Good question. Murat story is also full of ???? Why his mum set a stall to check "who knows what?" Why he call Malinka that night and after, his girlfriend? some media reported it on the early days. If his property was searched is because the police had strong doubts about him and he failed to sue the Tapas who bring him to the story.
    And the other Tapas, they had cars or not? The weather was reported not being so good in PDL during their holidays. Then they must had trips to know the Algarve. The Mccann's claimed to went to Sagres with Madeleine (That story also contradict Madeleine being in the Creche all days). How they got there? There is cars missing on the disclosed PJ files. All that vital information must be on what is under secrecy. This is why the police has no doubts, the girl died. They just don't know where is the body or they know but to search it they need the cooperation of the Briish police.

  14. I thought it odd about Murat's behaviour and the hire car, he also stated he was part of the 'biggest f***up on the plant' what did he mean by that, he also lied about not phoning his russian friend when in fact he phoned him just before midnight on 3rd and this supposed Murat/Tanner case that has never materialised... and those two soldiers were driving that giant inflatable maddie about, that seems rather strange because by then every body knew about her so why did they need to drive that around she was on worldwide news 24/7 and apprently they funded it themselves!!

    I also think that all the milage on the scenic was done to cause confusion to make people look further a field perhaps Maddie was in PDL all the time.

  15. Murat did book his flight to PDL in a hurry and he does have the keys to empty properties around PDL due to his estate agents business.

    He is definitely involved in this.

  16. "The parents of Madeleine McCann on claims about their behaviour BBC News video"- That was after their trip to Berlim, 6 June 2007
    Source: Mccannfiles

    "Sabina Mueller : Sabina Mueller, German radio. How do you deal with the fact that more and more people seem to be pointing the finger at you, saying the way you behave is not the way people would normally behave if their child is abducted; and they seem to imply that you might have something to do with it?

    Kate McCann: (inaudible aside to Gerry) To be honest, I don't actually think that is the case. I think that's a very small minority of people that are criticising us. Errm... you know, the facts are out there; we were dining very close to the children and we were checking on them very, very regularly. Errm... you know, we are very responsible parents and we love our children so much and I think it's only a very few people that are actually, errm... criticising us.

    Gerry McCann: I have never heard before that, errr... anyone considers us suspects in this and, errm... the Portuguese police certainly don't. And, errm... without going into too much detail, errr... about the circumstances, we were with a large group of people, errm... and, you know, there is absolutely no way Kate and I are involved in this abduction. I would like to point out that the people who are important to us... (deep breath) I'll go back one step... I can understand why people are amazed at what Kate and I are doing and, if, before this happened to us we would have been amazed and I'm sure everyone in this room has asked yourself how, when your daughter, that we love so much, has been taken can you continue to function. And in the first two or three days, it was... we were almost non-functional and one of the worst feelings - along with the terror, and the anguish and the despair - was helplessness. And when we tried to, errr... influence things and... by raising awareness, which we were advised... and everything we have done has been by taking counsel from experts around us. But we were advised that generally raising awareness of a disappearance will help in the search for that person. It helped Kate and I and we have taken strength, not just from the people who have supported us, but we have taken strength ourselves by being active in the search. And, I think, you know, if we had, for example, stayed in doors, locked ourselves away and just waited and waited and waited for a month, we would be shells of the people we are"

    "without going into too much detail, errr... about the circumstances," WICH CIRCUMSTANCES? THE TAPAS DINNER with all lies or WHAT HAPPENED TO MADELEINE?
    "And when we tried to, errr... influence things and... by raising awareness, which we were advised... from experts around us" IT'S THAT NOT AN ADMISSION OF ANOTHER CRIME?- MANIPULATION PERVERTING THE COURSE OF JUSTICE?

    "And, I think, you know, if we had, for example, stayed in doors, locked ourselves away and just waited and waited and waited for a month, we would be shells of the people we are" BUT THIS IS EXACTELY WHAT KATE HAVE DONE ON THE NIGHT AND DAY(MAY 4), FEW HOURS AFTER REPORTING MADDIE MISSING. Who advised her to do that that night? Certainly was not the police, the same police, British and PJ, who 2 months after made them suspects transforming the words of Gerry into typical jokes. A condition that remains until now, no matter if the case was shelved...WAS NOT SOLVED OR CLOSED.

  17. "And when we tried to, errr... influence things and... by raising awareness, which we were advised... from experts around us"

    Gerry certainly did not take the advise of experts when told not to advertise Madeleine's coloboma.
    That was a good MARKETING ploy.

    He says what he thinks suits the occasion and has done from the start.

  18. Anon 4;59 I agree with your post entirely and with how uncomfortable Kate and Gerry have been in certain earlier interviews and they definitely gave more away with their body language and 'erms' and hesitations, but I have noticed now how 'scripted' their interviews are, they know exactly what they are going to be asked, now they are in complete control of interviews.

    When Lorraine Kelly interviewed them it was all so fake and pre-arranged it is amazing how they have been able to manipulate the media to such an extent as to portray themselves as the 'victims'.

    I believe Clarence has far reaching connections within the media, and without his help Kate and Gerry would have been arrested a long time ago, but his help cannot come 'cheap' he will have been promised a percentage of book sales revenue, but in the long term their money will eventually dry up....then what will they do.

  19. Something I find strange is the Mccanns keeping on about the 'abduction' they both know that people have seen through their lies, and at the least they are accused of child neglect by the public, but still they keep on seeking publicity wanting to be in the media focus. They must realise that eventually the case will be get re-opened because they are keeping it in the media and not just going away quietly.

    The Tapas group have already distanced themselves with their 'pack of silence' but not Kate and Gerry.

    Something else is going on here, there are other individuals concerned much higher up than Kate and Gerry 'pulling the strings'!

  20. Going trough what is available directly from Mccann's mouth or from their trips, make my reading very amazing. Just few examples:
    -On 28 of May, Kate claimed on an interview how she feels worried and uncomfortable by leaving the twins... On May 29 they started their trips around Europe leaving the twins with their relatives using the Creche of the OC( no fear that the so organised ring of Paedos target another child).
    When they went to Fatima (their first catholic trip to the Portuguese santuary) was the day a big truck coming from UK with Madeleine outdoor arrived to PDL. I noticed that little atention was gave to that truck. They have done everything to divert the attention from such advertising( contrary to what happened with other similar events). Just a small analise and voila:' when asked, Gerry said that the inflatable advertising was a offer without naming (as usual) who made the offer. Later, was reported in many foruns that the company who made the inflatables was in bad financial moment, then no way to waste money in such thing without having at least the profite of connecting his name with event. The guys who drove the truck were hired by Gerry brother, the same who was an active member of the Fund'. Then, what is the conclusion? The Fund payed a truck to take to PDL an advertising of Madeleine and on that time the Mccann's divert the attention of everybody to Fatima. Why? And why advertising Madeleine in the town where everybody knows she was missing? Were the drivers the same soldiers about who we know, one give up all his belongs in UK and later die in a miserable way?
    Some more amazing things:
    - They went to Madrid and after to Berlim and Amsterdam. When they were in Berlim a call was made to the police(Spanish police) claiming having information about Madeleine. Because of that his flight to Amsterdam( a private flight) was delayed. Later the call was dismissed saying it comes from a pre-payed mobile from Argentina. On his Blog, Gerry told the public that when he arrived to Amsterdam a friend of him was waiting for him and he was related with Medical issues. Was one of the Tapas(a man- Oldfield?). After that trip a letter arrive to a deutch newspaper claiming Madeleine body in Odiaxere. When contacted by PJ, the Mccann's showed no anguish, according to Amaral book. Strange.
    Then come the trip to Morocco and all the sights including the amazing lady who was reported after, her husband knows Gerry Mccann.
    It is only me, or something around those events have a VERY, VERY BAD SMELL?

  21. Anon@9.55

    I agree with you that they must know that the "abduction thesis" has been exposed for what it is - CM has said so. But as you say the Macs still continue to bang on about it. They have to because as you say there have others much more powerful keeping control of this farce which is stopping them being returned to Portugal to face further questioning.

    How else have they been able to avoid this. It is their connections to influential people. But some of these influential people require payment - which is the reason why they have to "keep going" no matter what - to the point of it being laughable that they continue with the "abduction thesis". What someone should do in these interviews - is laugh at them and state that this thesis has been discredited.

    I expect if this were to happen Gerry would up and stomp off but maybe this is what is needed.

  22. Anon at 1.51 - I agree with you about the inflatable it was not required considering all the media attention especially in Portugal, film crews, news 24 etc and then one of the soldier to die !!! this sounds like very powerful forces at work. How else have the Mccanns remains free and not taken back to Portugal, and the hoax calls made saying they knew where madeleine was. PJ should go back to beginning they have missed something !!

  23. Exactly - just why do the Mccanns continue with this farce they should have 'cut and run' years ago, anybody else would have done, but their continuence with this ridiculous abduction theory will eventually lead to the case being re-opened and they must realise this.
    Someone is putting pressure to keep Mccanns in the media spotlight, why do they keep wasting money on 'toy town' investigators when they all know what happened to Madeleine.

    There are two stories here the one we read about in the media the abduction etc etc.. and the other, as a previous poster mentions the giant inflatable, Gerry's 'odd' trip to UK on 19th June with the wallet stolen etc - the non-existant Jane Tanner v Murat case, there is so much more to this especially how easy it was for K & G to flee Portugal at a time when their guilt was almost proven, the ban on Amarels book, the reluctance of the UK police to intervene, none of this really adds up - just WHO are the Tapas and WHO else is involved?

  24. Did they use that inflatible to bring Madeleines body back to UK and that is why one of the soldiers died he knew too much

  25. Mccann's cannot fade. Since the case was shelved and not closed, they have to keep their lawyers and eventually their spoke-person. They never know if the case will last like it is,forever, or will be reoppened one day. The lawyers have to be in stand by but even in stand by they are espensive. This is why after the donations came the book and after the book, will be the movie and so on.
    I think the detectives were dismissed already. They are now, just a mask to be used some times matching the spin.
    Mccann's don't waste money.

  26. @ 6.21

    That is something many people think but I am not so sure.

    I believe Madeleine is still in PDL which is why Kate & Gerry are still hounding Goncalo, they are frightened of what he will uncover.

  27. 8:07,
    I have the same feeling. Not exactly in PDL ( too risky) but in Algarve. There is a lot of wild properties there and Murat and some other expats know well the place and have good connations. After all, there is nothing that a health Fund cannot buy, specially when hardly they passed trough the media an image of power and of being untouchable. That campaign worked for that purpose.
    I have also the feeling that the truck and the inflatable was a try to move the body to UK, since the borders are openned and the police was searching an abductor. On their minds they had the idea of advertising the inflatable just ennough to distract the police and the public and convince the police that was an offer, then don't deserve attention and don't need to be searched. But, PJ was far from stupid and Mccann's were forced to abandomn the idea( remember Gerry coming to the Media claiming that the police are not telling them what was going on in the investigation. This was him testing the police and pressuring) But, who knows? could be one of the temporary locations where the body have been. Why PJ suspects the body was moved to different locations? The police had his movements controlled by Mccann's, the Media and the pressures coming from the top. Who act free were the people connected with mccann's because when PJ asked an infiltrate police to follow them, the request was refused. After that will be illegal for the police to infiltrate anybody on Mccann's circle.
    Reviewing the case is even bringing a more dark picture of the Mccann's. No way they ask the case to be reoppened.

  28. Maybe there is no body because it was already cremated!!!

    And there is no intention to reopen the police file. A police file reopened means ongoing investigation.

    It was done with a special help from a special friend (if he was caught he would face jail - guarantee!). G said "find the body and prove that we did it" - well the only answer to that is: We will not find it the way it was but I assure that ADN remains there in the new format!

    The time it will be the best natural agent to clear and spoil evidences. That's the main reason for a closed police file.

    The best in law and wright (and works for the best and for the worse) is that you have to prove it even if you know it has happened that way.

    It is a way to guarantee our freedom but it would work in the reverse as well. That's right and they know it, they know it so well. But we do know too what has really happened on May 2007.


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