Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Gamble is Gone - The Beginning of the End

Now, here’s something nice to wake up one morning to:

Head of online child protection quits  

“Relations between Gamble and May appear to have soured over the issue of merging Ceop with other crime agencies in a new super-organisation announced as part of a review of policing in July.

The National Crime Agency is due to be launched by 2013, but Ceop sources said there were growing fears that child safety would be a low priority alongside organised crime and border policing. 

"Ceop does not feel that it is in the best interests of children and young people for Ceop to be assimilated into the National Crime Agency, as was announced a short while ago," the agency said on Sunday night in a statement expressing solidarity with Gamble. 

"This direction of travel does not seem to have changed and Jim Gamble has therefore today offered his resignation to the home secretary with a four month notice period." 

Gamble has argued that online child safety is so important it requires its own dedicated force.”

Yes, we know how much you would like to act all by yourself and be accountable to none.

But you shouldn’t have taken such a hasty decision… there are people out there that really, REALLY need you. And they aren’t children.

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Thanks Maria.  

Post Scriptum: For future reference, I've put the above posts in my trunk in the loft: Gamble's Contamination


  1. A nice day to all. to all nice People!

    What a news(new?) BUT this ...... uffffffff what i can say about this THIS! A thing! Yes, this thing!

    This thing " helped" "many things" to had Children from anothers Families.

    So evil what the thing have done.

    Evil and Families without Children because the thing send them to " forced adoption".

    Too late BUT at least, now. So evil, the thing.....

    So many Mothers , so many Children out from true Family!


    writing in notenglish.

  2. Yes!!!!!!!

    " Now, here’s something nice to wake up one morning to:"

    YES!!!!!!!!!! BUT TO LATE!

    I hope the stolen children by the thing can return to them Families!


    Oh, My SweetSide if You can know that!

  3. Maria,

    Thank you for such great news.

    I was expecting this, as at the Court Hearings about Operation Ore, Gamble's side was running out of excuses...

    I bet now the tabloids are looking up all the vicious, mean words to describe doctors, swingers and liars, because as we know, they've been "fooled" all this time. I'm just eager to read their articles, not on this... but the following ones.

    Some people have woken up to a nightmare today.

    Justice is coming. I got to write fast the remainder bombastic posts, before they spill the beans for me.

    Better yet, maybe I'll just sit back and enjoy the show, because a show is coming!

  4. "£11m-a-year Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre.

    Since 2006, Ceop claims to have disrupted or dismantled 262 sex-offender networks; inquiries by its online investigators have led to more than 1,000 arrests".

    It wasn't very good value for money over the 4 years was it? If you work out how much each of those 1000 arrests costs out of £44m.

  5. In this particular moment in time, I would like honor my friend IRONSIDE who so much fought for this day.

    It was she who brought the Operation Ore issue to my knowledge, and it was through understanding Jim Gamble's incomprehensible power and independence that I finally understood what had happened in PdL on May 3rd.

    A word of recognition and praise to TotallyConfused, for her tenacity, courage and pain bearing. TC, your day is coming.

    To all those that offline have helped me, thank you.

    But, beware, do not pop the corks off the bottles yet. This is just the beginning, the whole road is up ahead, and they'll fight, as much is to be lost, every inch of the way. Now, is not a time to celebrate, but ti regain new strength, and reinforce resolution.

    Bless you all

  6. Yes,yes,yes Textusa i agree with all words Oct 5, 2010 9:03:00 AM

    With Iron! With T.C.

    I hope T.C. can rescue Her Children!


    very nice comment,Text! Thank You!

  7. Textusa,

    Today, I'm particularly proud in being one of your faithful readers.

  8. Awesome the amount of work you guys have put into this. Congratulations. The fall of this man could just be to contain damage, a deal, so that all he was protecting remain protected, so please, as you said, there's still a lot of powerful people involved. But I agree, that the path is much easier now. Right now, there must be a lot anxiety out there. You have been a major contributor for maintaining the public opinion aware of the danger this man represented. I wouldn't set aside that someone up in Downing Street, has been reading this blog and has been made aware of all this cr*p!

    A man like Jim Gamble, does not resign. That's the diplomatic way of saying "You're fired!"

  9. Gamble's operation just became too scandalous in the inner circle of government. He just had to go.

  10. Many of the entourage at the OC, as I refer to them, were in the computer business as well as property and pharmaceuticals

  11. Perhaps Gamble wanted a panic button for CEOP with the proposed merger with National Crime Agency.
    Is Mr Gamble's work going to be found wanting?

  12. another vestige of Blairs corrupt NWO bites the dust, we suffered many distractions to divert public attention from the illegal Iraq war and Gamble was just a dumb stooge given power to convince the public that there was a vast network of pedos out there salivating over kids and endangering public wellbeing, I believe when Maddie died her parents were given the getout clause of allowing her to become a pawn in the great Iraq war smokescreen game with the promise of immunity for compliance,
    Sounds too imausible?

  13. JG has allowed a pause of 4 months, in which he will no doubt abuse public funds and bully vulnerable administrators into getting the Home Secretary to reverse. Between now and then is an important time to remind others of how much harm he has done, including to kids and families.

  14. TotallyConfused5 Oct 2010, 14:35:00

    Upon hearing this news last night, I reached a level of happiness that can only be classed as of orgasmic standard (and at my age, I have had plenty to compare it to).

    Jimbo had no choice but to jump. What with his testimony to the House of Lords being brought into question, the chance of cross examination in the High Court next month, his disasterous sticking of his ore (sic intentional) into the McFraud fiasco and his really creepy prsentation of himself in the media, were just the start of his fall from grace.

    One last question for you Jimbo: you are obsessed with people 'preying'on children- are you a case of he doth protest too much? That's my theory about you anyway.

    You aren't going away fast enough for my liking Jimbo. But this is ok with me- gives me the chance to still challenge you, your methods and psychology. (Which twit in your office put together the Operation Ore briefing packs for social services?)

    I rarely bring my other half- Silent_Me into this but he posted this on Sky News:
    OMG!!! This is the best news i have heard in years...
    At last the biggest threat to children has been moved, oh joy.
    For those bleeding hearts on here that clearly no nothing apart from what the press tell them, you have no idea as to the damage that this person has done to this country in the supposed guise of Child Protection, this includes the prosecution of over 8,000 men under the landslide database (Op Ore), which included (amungst other things) the infamous banner of 'Click here for CP', which has subsequently been proved beyond any shadow of doubt to have NEVER existed. The number of families totally destroyed by this man is frightening.
    At last the truth about the Landslide Database and the 'D' list may now be published, you would not believe the names on there that have never been touched…

    Finally Jimbo, hopefully my wish for you will come true. When you die, I hope your sorry ass spends all of eternity in pergatory facing all the men, women and children you destroyed in your ministry as the as saviour of the child protection INDUSTRY (money making)


  15. TotallyConfused, I am convinced you are right. This man is way beyond creepy, he has destroyed so many lives and allowed his Masonic paedo mates to slip out of the net that trapped so many innocent men whose only crime was to have their credit card details stolen.

  16. EH,EH,EH,...

    I'm here reading this and dancing to Queen's "Another one bites the dust"


    Excellent news! Just hope that Mrs. May wil not have her harm twisted into reversing her decisions...

  17. Anon 7:05

    Linking Free Masonry (FM) with paedophilia is abusive and not tolerated in this blog. Not saying that there aren't paedos in the FM because there certainly are. But making such statements "pushes" this issue into "conspiracy theories" which is not the intent or the objective of this blog.

    We base ourselves in fact. And the fact is that the McCanns, should have been prosecuted to the full extent of the law by the CEOP as it has done in so many other cases, mostly, we know, completely in unjust, and unfair manner (to prove me wrong the System only has to conduct the Operation Ore proceedings in the most transparent manner possible, which, we so well know, it hasn't).

    I personally DO NOT believe in any neglect, but that was the message pushed through by the McCanns themselves, so the LACK OF ACTION by the CEOP, under the responsability of Mr. Jim Gamble, is a FACT, not a supposition.

    There's no proof, at this point in time, of any linkage between the events of May 3rd and the FM. If, and when, these arise, this blog, out of coeherence, will obviuosly denounce it. Be it the FM, or any medical, political or otherwise economical group.

  18. Was that(Gamble being fired) what made Kate run alone and quickly to PDL? She has a businness there which never ends, some mouths have to remain quite and closed. Their strange friends, the Hubbards, know too much.

  19. Whenever i see a picture of Gamble my intuition starts playing up,i find him quite creepy really,maybe he was deliberately given the ceop top job to cover up for people in high places,if so hopefully the house of cards will start falling.

  20. It is really the "beginning of the end". Watch out Mccann's.
    Marcos Aragao Correia accused of defamation against G. Amaral on Cipriano's issue( see Joana Morais blog).
    Is that October, the month of the 'rollover' for Mccann's and Madeleine? Are them going to be looked now trough the true windows? Are the Mccann's going to be fully and really investigated, forced to do reconstructions and answer difficult and crucial questions? And is Madeleine going to be classified a victim and given in full her basic children rights? I hope so...
    I'm portuguese but was with great happiness that I heard today in the news that the European Community did not accept a team of 3 portuguese judges proposed by Portugal to run some issues related with justice in Europe. Wonder why they were not accepted? Who take serious 3 judges proposed by a government who let runaway from their country( with VIP service) two main suspects in a crime against their own child? Portugal lost all the credibility and aragao was just another clown allowed to shine in a dirty arena with power going blind in many ways.

  21. Sorry, a bit off-topic, but important as it regards the Leicester police:


  22. Could you give us the names of the 3 judges please? I wonder if any linked to the young judge who ruled against Mr Amaral?

  23. "Ceop does not feel that it is in the best interests of children and young people for Ceop to be assimilated into the National Crime Agency."


    Lets take the UK Plymouth nursery/Facebook paedophile ring involving Colin Blanchard, Vanessa George & Angela Allen for example which involved the sexual abuse, photography and online trading of sexual images of very young children. Was it CEOP & Jim Gamble who was responsible for detected & smashing this UK online paedophile ring?

    NO! It was a business colleague of Colin Blanchard that reported him for possession of child pornography to Greater Manchester Police NOT CEOP.

    The man who smashed the child porn triangle (Not Jim Gamble)


    It was only when the initial Greater Manchester Police investigation into Colin Blanchard's Internet activities began did CEOP decide to make its presence known in its 'assistance' capacity.

    As a keen supporter of CEOP's work in the fight against online child sexual exploitation myself I do have to question why did CEOP fail to detect this UK online paedophile ring in the first place.

    CEOP may be able to justify its existence in the field of online child protection in the UK but as the UK nursery/Facebook paedophile ring has proven CEOP cannot detect & investigate the online sexual exploitation of children on its own without the resources & criminal intelligence of other agencies/police forces which is why Jim Gamble's quest for an independently run CEOP is certainly NOT in the best interests of child protection in my opinion.

    My real fear is that if CEOP were to gain independence under the leadership of Jim Gamble from other agencies such as the new National Crime Agency how many more online paedophiles rings like in the UK would fall under the CEOP detection radar and go uninvestigated?

  24. ''At last the biggest threat to children has been moved, oh joy.''

    What a stupid, venal thing to say. Are you are really so uninformed? How many of you actually live in the UK? Are you at all familiar with the work of CEP? Some of us are, and find attacks like this repellent. What are you, peados yourselves to post such stuff?
    And Gamble has NOTHING to do with adoptions, what planet are you inhabiting?

  25. Anon. 12:52

    Obviously in a much better and decent planet than yours.

  26. Anon @12.52

    I think a lot of us here ARE from the UK and yes we are familiar with the 'work' of CEOP probably more you you are. You are in the small minority of people who find the comments about Gamble leaving repellent.

    Your comments accusing people who post here being paedophiles really is repellent.

    Such is Gamble's dedication to the CEOP role he has been applying for posts in Northern Ireland for quite some time. He didn't want to stay, he made that clear.

    Apart from that, £44 million over the 4 years to get 1000 arrests was very poor value for money even id all those arrested were charged.

    Oh by the way....have you ever heard of credit card fraud?

  27. One of the judges is Anabela Rodrigues. Gabriela Cunha Rodrigues was the one who judged Amaral book. The surname could be only a coincidence, but both are from Coimbra.
    Related or not with Mccann's issue, what is a fact is that Madeleine case, Freeport, Casa Pia and Face Oculta are some of the judicial cases baddly handed by the portuguese justice. Examples which reach day light internationnaly and exposed the poor skills and the manipulation in portuguese justice. Then anything proposed by the actual government will be looked with double eyes in Europe.

  28. We do not need CEOP org - we need a civil and responsible society that do not drink 14 bottles of wine when their small babies are home alone. A man do not represent a entire organization, it's the collective work of people that reaches the goal.

    Who cares about Jim Gamble? Ho many "Gins" do you know?

    What we need to know is where did they kept the little girl ----, who helped them, why is the mother keeps returning to PDL, who are these so closed friends they got there, I thought police has been told they do not know anyone in PDL, and WHERE is the place to RIP: in the top of a hill, like the dream the mother had or a crematory? I would like to pick the first one but something keeps remembering me the challenge made to the police: "find the body and prove that we did it"...somebody knows that ---- won't see daylight again...not in this world...

  29. anon 12:52,
    send a e-mail to Gamble showing your great support to a corrupt organization who used public money to achieve poor and doubtful results, instead of posting here against people who recieve any money to fight childs abusers, protect vulnerable childs and look for a world where 'childs rights' are really 'RIGHTS' and not a decoration in a penal code.
    You remember me a special couple who jumped in the Media to show their concern and how they feel disapointed by loosing a friend in a high CEOP position ( even if his work was very poor and did not justify the amount of money he use every year) and don't feel any concern or sorry about the injust accusations made against the police who spent days and nights looking for their child. We know how convennient was the accusation of torture of Mr. Amaral for their world campaign against the police and in favour of the criminals. It is all about themselves, their agenda and their dirty game. If Amaral appears today in many TVs saying that he revise his mind, Madeleine was abducted by a caucasian Paedo and the dogs went crazy in PDL with what they find ( totally dismissing them), in less then an hour, the Mccann's will show up in a press conference, direct to the world, saying that Amaral was the best Cop in the world, a hero who deserves a statue and a place in an european organization which defend childs.
    Hypocrisy is their world.

  30. let's focus ourselves in the issue here: where is it? You know what I mean...

  31. A long time ago a newspaper has published the most extravagant story I have ever heard about someone that had a serious accident that would cause him severe judicial troubles unless other someone would help him cover it up.

    After calling for help, someone pointed a person in the right position to help him hiding a corpse. Was someone that was able to offer more than that. Has offered the chance to get rid of the corpse for ever.

    Having full access to the crematory area nearby; this person had a charismatic profile among the community.

    Who could be that person?. A doctor? A respected business man? A priest? The journalist never told us, he just drop this and that..I guess he wanted us (readers) to solve the puzzle...

    I found the story extravagant and surrealist: how easy is it - or not - to get into a place where a cadaver is waiting his way to the crematory, open it and introduce a new element inside; leaving no stone unturned?

    Tell me Textusa which is the level of credibility of such a story?

    How can the truth be more complex than fiction?

    1. Fascinating for me to read back old posts and comments, this one really hit me, mr amaral said something like this quite recently !

  32. Anon 10:47

    Your comment sent chills down my spine... and I believe that many spines froze reading it.

    I sense some lack of innocence in your question, so if you could get a hold of that piece of paper, if it exists... would be mighty grateful.

    About fact and fiction, I would almost say, if it wasn't so sad, that J.K. Rowlings public support to the McCanns was only due to her deep understanding of the limitless possibilities of fiction.

    But, as you know, all and any fiction, even the most extraordinary one, is based on fact, otherwise it would be just nonsense. No, not comical nonsense, but incomprehensible nonsense.

    As I've tried to explain in this blog, all these events have only one thing that's apparently incomprehensible: the submissive and subservient attitude that two civilized countries took when faced with a mishap.

    My granny always told me that the easiest path ALWAYS becomes the hardest one, so that attitude from those two sovereign states made a simple mishap becomeone of the biggest, most ignominious of crimes that will have it's merited place in history.

    Your comment is to be bookmarked.

    Thank you

  33. The truth can be more complex then fiction. Just look at the story of the ' King of the Gnomos'. After getting ride of the victims he still able to fool their families and grabb money from them to spend in the foolishment. A border line between an intelligent criminal or a crazzy and disturbed personnality.
    Joana Cipriano falls on a similar pattern. If you read the book ' A estrela de Joana', based in facts from the investigation and written by one of the investigators, you have to be prepared for reallity which can be a tremendous terror movie.

  34. If stories like this is what people get from CEOP and Gamble's work, then all I can say is...GOOD RIDDANCE, MR. GAMBLE!


    "Great" Britain is gone mad! The Honourable Mr. Churchill must be turning in his grave!


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