Friday, 1 October 2010

Mistaken Identities

Maddie’s bed is an entity by itself. Much has been written about being impossible that she slept in it that night as there it appears not have been as unmade as was supposed:

However, I can guarantee you that she did effectively sleep in her bed. Not on May the 3rd but on the night before, or nights before.

What we are here before is just a case mistaken identities.

What we call Maddie’s bed is NOT Maddie’s bed, and never was.

In that room there are 2 twin beds, and, as we all know, it’s quite natural and easy to confuse twins. Yes, the unmade bed is, in my opinion, where Maddie McCann did sleep:

Oh, say you that THAT unmade bed was where Kate slept in that sulking episode where she threw a tantrum out of jealousy, apparently due to a supposed flirting between Gerry McCann and a Najoua, a lady with an unforgettable bosom, and smile, that no one seems to remember either:

Well, first of all, as already been said here in this blog (and I intend to PROVE one of these days, once and for all, exactly that), Najoua never sat anywhere near any McCann anywhere near the Tapas Bar.

There was simply no reason to throw a tantrum, thus, no reason for Kate to sleep in that particular bed for that particular reason.

The fact that the McCann’s do have a VERY selective memory of the events, explains quite clearly why Gerry McCann didn’t realize his wife didn’t sleep next to him that night, and, with in the same line of thought, didn’t realize that they had woke up one morning in different rooms, nor once did he ask himself why one of the beds in his apartment just appeared unmade, like that, out of the blue.

For me this absence of memory is perfectly natural as it results from the inexistence of facts to remembered, so when Gerry McCann says he doesn’t remember this, he’s absolutely stating the truth.

Never expected to ever write such a phrase, but never say never, as said by James Bond, who happened to be one the greatest gentleman in the intelligence’s world. Pity that he’s but fictional.

 But it’s not THAT that proves that Maddie’s bed was the unmade one.

It's even irrelevant if he remembers or not if his wife slept all nights with him, as it is if it wasn't Najuoa that caused the supposed jealous fit.

What I've just said only corroborates the facts, and the facts are there for us to see.

So what are the facts?

Well, only one: the difference in height between an adult (Kate McCann) and a child (Maddie McCann). This means that it is COMPLETELY different an unmade bed by a child than that by an adult.

The difference? If you have a child, around 4 years old, than do the following experiment: tomorrow morning, make a comparison between your own bed, and that of your offspring.

If you don’t have a child that age, just, also tomorrow morning, a comparison between your unmade bed and that of the picture below (already shown above, but that I’ll show again):
Because we don't have the time to wait, let me anticipate the result of your experimentation.

In your bed, you’ll see that it will be completely unmade, while a in the toddler's bed, usually the foot of the bed remains almost untouched. Ruffled, yes, but far from unmade.

And I say “usually”, because a child may go under the sheets all the way down the bed (one of my daughters used to do that to hide from monsters, so that is how I know), so, yes you can have a completely unmade bed done by a child… but what you can’t have is an adult unmaking only partly a bed. As it happens in this case:

Anybody, when getting up, has a tendency to throw the sheets back enough to liberate the legs and feet, so that the movement of rising can be done easily.

Just with that information you can judge the size of the human body that slept in that particular bed: that of a child.

Even if an adult doesn’t move much during the night, it occupies practically the whole length of the bed (enough to unmake it completely), unlike the small body of a child.

And Kate, not being the tallest of women, is not exactly a dwarf. We know, as we’ve seen, that she's much taller than her lawyer Isabel Duarte:

For the bed to present the state of "unmadeness" it presents, after an adult slept in it, it would have to mean that the Kate would have to go to bed in the fetal position, have remained so throughout the whole night, without even turning, then getting up from that exact bended knees position and, then and only then, stretch the legs, after some eight hours of some relaxing contraction of limbs.

 Impossible? It’s not as much as is you flying through a window with closed shutters with a child in your arms, and that is a statement that two countries from the so-called western civilized world still maintain, to this day, as truthful.

As you can see there’s a part of the bed that is not unmade. That proves that a child slept in that bed. Not an adult.

It proves that Kate McCann lies when she says that the reason that that bed is unmade is because she slept there.

That bed is unmade because a child slept there.

The most likely child to have slept there would have been her eldest child, Maddie McCann.

That, my friends, is the last living testimony that Maddie McCann left for us to see.

But then, why lie? I have an idea as to the why, but I won’t reveal it for now, but one thing is certain, and that is that a child’s body laid on what is now the Maddie’s ex-bed, before the GNR arrived.

Below a sequence of this bed, made by me, to determine in the most exact possible manner the mark left on the bed. I first turned the picture into black and white, heightened the contrast and drew the contour:

By the size of the mark, that could only have been made by a child.

Some say it was Maddie.

No, it wasn’t.

By the shape, it appears to have been laid sideways, and you only lay a child like that when she’s sleeping, or sedated, to facilitate the breathing.

A dead child, you lay her on her back, not sideways. Notice also that the child has been laid with the head towards the foot of the bed. Completely illogical, at first.

Whoever was holding this child when she was laid on this bed, had the toddler’s head on his/hers left side, probably shoulder, much like was seen by Mr. Smith, and that, would withdraw any lack of logic in how and why this child was laid this way, wouldn't it?

 Yes, there was a child laid on that bed that night, unconscious, and it wasn’t Maddie.

Post Scriptum:

IRONSIDE’s "retirement" has taught me that life is to be enjoyed. The pleasure of the company of friends and family is to be savored. I have determined to myself that weekends are to be weekends. There’s a world of sights, smells and textures out there waiting for me, and I hate keeping things waiting for me. I know you’ll understand, and comments, as will be usual from now on, will only be published upon my return to the computer, which might be during the weekend, as hard habits are hard to break, and I may come and check the mail. But, as determined that I know I am, that on/off button will soon be out-of-bounds for whole weekends.


  1. Textusa,

    When are going to come up with surprises?!? I now understand why the call you "The Vile One" or similar. You just won't let go of their legs, like one good bulldog. Not bad for a sardine eater. You are Portuguese, aren't you?

  2. Oh, dear pro ! So concerned about fish ?

    you must search wikipedia or something about health and fish . Sardines are fish.

    But with BP disaster... oh, nice and YES !

    You must eat a lot of fish, sardines ......with oil.

    From Pt an ambientalist.


  3. Adorei a " aposentação temporária e saudável".

    I liked the news about a retirement.

    Great post, like always!

    You know how to think and prove.

    The best to You and SweetSide.

  4. Excellent article as always Textusa well done.

  5. Anon 7:26,

    As any native speaker will be able to tell you, I’m not British. However, I wasn’t born in Portugal. Place of birth, just as gender, are two, of many things, that happen to us without our intervention, so it’s ridiculous to bother with each.

    I love my English breakfast, with porridge, beans, toast with marmite, and the deliciously unhealthy bacon and eggs, and do go out of my way to have Codfish Lagareiro’s style.

    Love to eat sardines, on a slice of bread, with hot boiled potatoes and roasted green pepper salad and sangria (preferably a champagne one), followed by an expresso and a soothing brandy. Throw in a hot, sunny afternoon, and it’s not paradise, because angels are not allowed to snore.

    About me being a bulldog, well, yes, I confess that there are some legs I just love to bite. And like a bulldog, you just have to take me to a vet, in this case the proper justice system, that my jaw will simply come off. Until then, those legs just have to shake to see if I let go, don’t they?

    Surprises… many to come. Now, off to bed. The weekend waits me, and I want to welcome it all nice and fresh.

  6. Brilliant Textusa. As far as you go, some legs start shacking, almost out of control, and their owners were not drunk.
    As people said in Portugal, "a verdade incomoda" and "esta verdade comeca a incomodar muita gente".
    The Pro and the Mccann's have to face the truth and the truth is: something without return hapenned to Madeleine before May 3 and her parents know it.
    Foolishing people was their golden days and that time is over. Lies and liars don't survive forever, specially if somewhere there is trillions of people with brain and intelligence, who never give-up.

  7. Madeleine never slept on the bed under the window. PJ said, they don't find any evidences of her there. Means no hair, no fluids, no ADN. On top of that, no any parent, even the most irresponsible and negligent, will let a 4 years old sleep in a bed under the window. Not because an abductor could snatch the child, but because the child by herself could open the window and get an accident. On that case, 3 accidents, because if the twins were awake when Maddie open the window, they will follow her, as a natural reaction and curiosity.
    On the other hand, Maddie ADN was recovered from a pillowcase (PJ files). If PJ said that she never slept on the bed from where her parents claimed she was snatched, then the pillowcase must belong to the other bed. And Madeleine bed must be the other one.

  8. As with many things about this case there can be a grain of truth in what is said. JT's sighting is an 'abductor' carrying a child with the legs over the right arm but if Madeleine had been picked up from the tidy bed then he would have her legs over his left arm.

    If a child was picked up from the messy bed then the 'abductor' would have the legs over his right arm.
    Although saying that I don't believe anyone could carry a child across their arms as JT described. Not only would it be uncomfortable but would slow the person down. Did she have a memory of seeing a child moved from her bed in an apartment? The grain?

  9. The only reason I can think of as to why the Mccanns would lie about which bed Madeleine slept in would be that they did not want forensics examining the bed she really slept in, perhaps she had been abused earlier in that bed and forensic tests would have determined this hence Kate states she slept in that bed, also Paynes earlier visit of 30 minutes later disputed as 30 seconds to consider.

  10. Bless you Textusa another massive amount to sift through. Enjoy your weekend and savour them - but agree the lure of the computer is compelling.


    The pillowcase was brought from Rothley by GM, I believe, simply because they couldn't find any of Madeleine"s DNA in the apartment - now that is odd!


  11. Anon. 11.54pm, I bet others will tell you the same, but I can't help myself:
    If you read the files you'll see that the pillow case came from Madeleine's bed in Rothley(if it indeed was HER pillow). The PJ was unable to find ANY dna from Madeleine in apartm. 5A, NONE(!), hence the need to get a sample from her own bedroom back in the UK. I will never understand nor accept this, that Madeleine lived in that apard still managed to live in that apartm. for 5/6 days and still NO traces of her were to be found in it! Plus, NO toothbrush, NO hairbrush, nothing! I can accept that the children shared the same hairbrush, but would they all use the same teethbrush?! NO WAY!
    There never was an explanation for the absence of those personnel items, at least I never read any. How on earth could the PJ let this go unexplained?!

  12. The maid knew which was Madeleine's bed. Check the archive.

    I found interesting the way you explore the themes Textusa but it is hard to understand where do you want to go...maybe because you know too much... like Kate (she was there..)

    I can't wait to know more...I wish I could have the entire released files by the police... maybe one of you be kind enough and let me know how to get one...please?!

  13. The pillowcase came from Rothley, anon.

  14. Sorry Angelique, the pillowcase was from the 5A. Amaral start his book by saying that any investigation starts with police asking if the Person who was reported missing, really exist and if she was connected with crime scene. They got the answers for that questions even before start looking at Madeleine biologic father. I believe that all pieces from the 5A were checked for forensic evidences and the police found that the crime scene was contaminated. Why a group of high educated ( I talk about school degrees) let the crime scene from where one of their childs disappeared, to be contaminated? Odd, very odd and very suspicious.

  15. Anon. 7.28pm,

    Madeleine might have slept in both beds on different nights, who knows?

  16. Like anon from 07:28,2.10

    I also do not understand how Textusa know as much as Kate.

    Probably this blog is one of regret for the T9.

    Or, Textusa will be Minister of Justice or the Director PJ Maximum

    Or some investigators Team?

    I also can not wait any longer.
    I also want all the files: those that were given by the Police and those who were not given to anyone.

    Dear Minister or the Inspector or element T9:

    I want to get too.

    How do I get?


    Let us see, but most likely will be a Textus extraordinarily intelligent person endowed with scientific reasoning.

    So, my request is without effect.

    Thank you.

    Florinda de la Lys.

  17. Anon 11:54
    It would not matter if Madeleine was "allowed" to sleep in the bed under the window and your comment that it would mean she could possibly open the window if they had. Madeleine was a few days short of FOUR years old and it would have taken nothing for her to hop out of the bed by the wall and climb onto the bed by the window.

    I think this theory of yours is interesting, textUSA, mainly due to the fact that it picks apart Kate's allegation that she slept in the room. Your argument makes sense given Kate's height versus Madeleine's height.

    It is wise to question every single "explanation" made by the McCanns or their friends. Everything said was to cover up the truth and therefore tracing the "explanation" back to its origin is important.

    All the best to you and please continue to send Ironside our love and hope for her complete recovery.

  18. First news item on AOL today was 'Kate mccann to visit Portugal to pray for Madeleine' this received over 200 comments and reading through them the majority of the public do believe the mccanns are guilty, celebrity seeking and money grabbing.Public opinion has turned against team mccann. Well done Textusa on your brilliant blog I always read it everyday. Best wishes to Ironside.

  19. Anon 11:54

    Your comment deserves a specific answer, not to be given on a comment box.

    Anon 7:28

    All I've written, thus far, is basically from the public files. Complimented, here and there, with news on public newspapers. On some more techical issues, I've used the net, and you can't have it mor open than that.

    What I've been able to do, putting modesty aside, is to sift through all the counter-information that was literally dumped on our heads.

    It's like facing hurricane winds and rain, without ruining the hairdresser's work... tough, but rewarding.

    To all, as you know, I'm vain enough to have my ego endlessly massaged... so thank you so much for your compliments.

    Let's work together, as only together can we restore Justice's dignity.

  20. If PJ did not find any forensic evidences related with Madeleine in the flat, why investigating and sealing the flat as a crime scene? The flat will be dismissed and the investigation shift in another direction. Paulo Rebelo, came back to the flat, many months after to find more evidences. That means, for the police that could be the crime scene and this decision is based on forensic evidences they got. Contaminated, and that was the problem, because they dont got the full sequence of genes/ alleles from Madeleine. The pillowcase from Rothley was to give the full sequence. What is also odd, was a pillowcase from the little girl home, to be used as a font of ADN. Even in Rothley she had no other personal items to provide the ADN? Most of the mothers keep on the childs album a sample of their baby hair. No hair of Mdeleine in Rothley.
    If the cuddle cat belongs to her, that was also an important font of forensic evidences. Why Pj left the cuddle cat with Kate? I can see only one reason: because the cuddle cat was never from Madeleine ( there was no forensic evidences related with her on the first examinations done by the police). The cuddle cat, like the green and yellow ribbons was part of the marketing to touch sensitive hearts and fool people. Madeleine went in contact with cuddle cat after being death because her mum took it everywhere, as a joker on her campaing. Like Kate trousers and blouse, the Cuddle cat had been in contact with girls body, not with an alive child.

  21. Anon.11.07

    Agree with most of what you say - except that the samples from the apartment sent to the FSS in UK have mysteriously gone missing, the results changed from day to day and so as a crime scene its possible there may be more samples within the apartment that can be taken. So I would imagine they would want to preserve the apartment.

    I would imagine that video evidence/photographs of the dogs reactions would be used together with the samples plus evidence that has not been disclosed would be used. However, there wasn't enough for a prosecution, they are waiting for more evidence to come to light.

    Everything the McCanns do is for marketing purposes. There is no real searching for Madeleine - none at all.



    Head of online child protection quits
    The Co Down detective who led the centre that polices the internet for paedophiles has quit in a dispute over departmental mergers.

    Monday, 04 October 2010
    The former policeman in charge of combating online child abuse resigned on Sunday after a dispute with the home secretary over moves to subsume the agency he led into a new National Crime Agency.

    Jim Gamble, the chief executive of the £11m-a-year Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (Ceop), sent a letter of resignation to Theresa May, the home secretary, after warning her plans to merge his unit with the Serious and Organised Crime Agency and the UK Border Agency would undermine attempts to keep children safe from paedophiles and other abusers on the internet.

    Since 2006, Ceop claims to have disrupted or dismantled 262 sex-offender networks; inquiries by its online investigators have led to more than 1,000 arrests.

    It has worked on campaigns with the NSPCC and Microsoft to improve awareness of dangers among children and parents and was behind the latest push to find Madeleine McCann. Earlier this year, May described Ceop as "vital" and "a centre of excellence in protecting children online that the UK can be proud of".

    Relations between Gamble and May appear to have soured over the issue of merging Ceop with other crime agencies in a new super-organisation announced as part of a review of policing in July. The National Crime Agency is due to be launched by 2013, but Ceop sources said there were growing fears that child safety would be a low priority alongside organised crime and border policing.

    "Ceop does not feel that it is in the best interests of children and young people for Ceop to be assimilated into the National Crime Agency, as was announced a short while ago," the agency said on Sunday night in a statement expressing solidarity with Gamble. "This direction of travel does not seem to have changed and Jim Gamble has therefore today offered his resignation to the home secretary with a four month notice period."

    Gamble has argued that online child safety is so important it requires its own dedicated force.

    In a statement on Sunday night, May said: "The government recognises the importance of child protection and wants to build upon the work of Ceop, but does not necessarily feel this is best done by creating a new quango." She added: "As chief executive, Jim Gamble has done a great job at Ceop and made a huge contribution to protecting children. I wish him all the best for the future and arrangements for his successor will be outlined in due course."

    Prior to Before joining Ceop, Gamble served as head of Northern Ireland's anti-terrorist unit. He was one of five senior police figures shortlisted to replaced Sir Hugh Orde after he stepped down as the country's chief constable.

    © Guardian



  23. I think you've overlooked what's right under your nose - ID slept in that bed...


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