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Jim Gamble, The Top Child Protector Cop

Were yesterday the authors of this blog getting ready to celebrate the overpassing of the 26.000 hits threshold, when we received a comment from our reader totallyconfused about Jim Gamble.

Both of us were completely dumbfounded.

The enormity of this hidden reality is simply too brutal. Too repulsive. Too shocking. All we could do was to express our utmost support and whatever possible understanding. Which seem, and are, so very little.  

“I am an Operation Ore wife. 

I have been threatened, abused, made homeless, lost my job, everything because of Ore. Ore was so full of lies... 

I have appeared on national TV to expose Ore. Gamble and his mate Turner found me and are now threatening me again. 

I was forcibly sterilized by the government after Ore to keep my baby. I lost my job due to guilt by association. I have done FOI's on NSPCC and John Carr. 

Carr has admitted he only says what Gamble tells him to say. I got into a LIVE fight with Carr on Radio 5 about Ore- I was disconnected as soon as Carr realise who I was and said I could prove the D Notice and that the 'click here banner' didn't exist. 

My husband and I were arrested while on holiday in Aug 2009. As no known adult to the family was available at 11 pm to take him, he was 'put in care'.

The police have had now had to admit they falsely arrested us...but won't return my son... unless I want to 'change my tune' and admit that Jim Gamble is the 'children's saviour of the internet'. 

Sorry, I will not be blackmailed. 

Even the Nazi's admit my child is suffering harm in the care of the government- including him saying he suffered sexual harm by a 'friend' of the foster carer”

This morning we woke up with the following words: “Our top child protection cop Jim Gamble”. It seemed almost copied from our reader’s “Jim Gamble is the 'children's saviour of the internet'”.

They take on a WHOLE new meaning, don’t they?

 Operation Ore - a story Lying under OATH  

Post Scriptum: 

This is far too important for you, or anybody, to remain passive. Please comment. If not here, please do it at Joana’s Blog, or anywhere you may find this issue posted.

This is about getting the word out there.

Exposing an injustice.

YES, YOU CAN help.

Thank you


  1. Bom dia!

    Sendo o J.G. o "top" , muito mal entregues estão as Crianças!



    Jim Gamble LIED under OATH:


    Operation Ore ..A Victims Story

  4. I have just noticed the date the programme was aired and a lot of this information would have been headline news.

    The date was Thursday May 4th 2007...All TV stations ONLY covered the Madeleine McCann story.

    Operation Ore and its victims once again swallowed up and their story was never told.

  5. Thank you Sandy.

    Put up your links, people now may up their own judgement.

  6. Should we start referring to him as The Witchfinder Gamble?



    Gamble targets 5 year olds...

  8. Tris Hi, I certainly think we should expose him for what he is...He was first in PDL and tried to frame an innocent man Robert Murat just because a reporter (Lori Campbell)said he reminded her of Ian Huntley... he had Gerry McCann speak at one of his conferences about sexually abused children?????. Remember Gerry Mccann has not been CLEARED...the case has been SHELVED until further evidence.

    Trying to frighten little children on the Internet with cartoon videos telling them there is a monster out there. I will be the one who decides what my children will do and what time they are allowed on the Internet. Not some crooked cop with revenge in his heart. This man does not want to protect our children he wants to control the Internet by using our children.


    ISPS Slam CEOP to rewrite RIPA


    OPERATION ORE , Innocent Men , and the SCAR left on British Justice

  11. Quote Phoebe.

    "Trying to frighten little children on the Internet with cartoon videos telling them there is a monster out there. I will be the one who decides what my children will do and what time they are allowed on the Internet. Not some crooked cop with revenge in his heart. This man does not want to protect our children he wants to control the Internet by using our children."

    Maybe a Dutch comfort, but I totally agree with you.
    Good luck to you all.

    Maren NL


    39 are known to have commited suicide the number may be much higher.

    Commander David White among them who drowned himself because he could not face the shame of being accused.


    2 Hours long and well worth watching.

    Fall of The Republic HQ ...full length version


    Operation Ore Flawed by FRAUD


    Death,Pain,Misery as the Goverment covers up another scandal and leaves Jim Gamble in control of our children.


    Try this above link not working..


    Operation Ore. Why are we here?

  18. A certain Newspaper had the list and were about to publish when Tony Blair placed a D Notice. It is alleged two of his top men are on that list.Both Labour.

    What about the two LABOUR MPs on the list? There will be no further investigation concerning them.?????

  19. I have spent sometime today reading up on CEOP and their aims. Their aims are to stop child abuse on the Internet. CEOP say that everytime you look at a photograph of an abused child ,the child is abused all over again. Maybe CEOP can then explain to me why they have in their Head Office photographs of abused children displayed on their wall for any member of the public to walk in and see. There is something very wrong here and while Jim gamble heads CEOP I shall be keeping my distance and my child from any Panic Buttons suggested by Jim Gamble.


    Jim Gamble is a JOKE. He allowed this photograph to be released with what looks like an Asian child about 14 years of age. How is this supposed to help find Madeleine? Answer, it cannot, but it is a damn good way of muddying the waters.

  21. Quote from Carole Howlett 2003

    'Every person on the LIST has COMMITED a crime and every CRIME will be investigated.'

    Later ....

    Last Updated: Saturday, 30 December 2006, 16:42 GMT

    Police chiefs probed over conduct
    A chief constable and several senior officers from a police force are being investigated over allegations about their conduct.
    An independent inquiry is under way into allegations about the behaviour of Carole Howlett, who retired as Norfolk's chief constable at Christmas.

    Also under scrutiny are the force's deputy chief constable, assistant chief constable and other officers.

    Two former officers raised concerns in letters to Norfolk Police Authority.

    The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) is overseeing the inquiry being carried out by Lincolnshire Police and a report into the allegations is expected to be completed by April 2007.

    Chris Harding, chief executive and clerk of the Norfolk Police Authority, said: "Our concern is that, whatever the merits of the allegations, it is necessary to assure ourselves, the public and the Constabulary that a comprehensive investigation has been undertaken.

    "In this instance, it was felt appropriate for an independent investigating officer from an external force to be

  22. Carole Howlett before her 'Resignation'


    Operation Ore ...Credit card Fraud.

    The Police took pleasure along with Gamble in ignoring Credit card Fraud.

  24. Thank you I have read and seen enough. I want this man removed from the head of CEOP. I am writing to my MP this very minute. It is election time I think they should listen if they want my vote.

    The man is a DISGRACE.


    DNA Profiles added each year 1/3 found to be innocent.


    INNOCENT DNA profiles used as an excuse in Sally Annes murder.


    12 Comments on Operation ore

  28. Hi is the Transcript of another victim from your link....Simon Bunce...

    We had two victims that night...Madeleine Mccann and Simon Bunce...

    As you rightly say this programme was aired May 4th 2007...No one remembers Simon because air time was spent on the MCcanns.

    Transcript ...Operation Ore......(This programme aired May 4th 2007)

    Credit card fraud cannot only threaten your finances , but at worst, threaten your reputation.

    Operation Ore, was kicked off by these raids in the U.S. two years ago.

    When an American on line site offering explicit images of children was closed down by the American authorities,the credit card details of their customers were made available to Police in the UK,to track down potential paedophiles.

    This resulted in almost fifteen hundred convictions over here. But, its since been revealed that up to fifty five thousand fraudulent ,or cloned cards may have been caught up in the 'Sting.'

    In March 2004, Simon Bunce was arrested after his credit card details turned up in the Operation Ore Investigation.


    How did they explain what they were arresting you for?


    They arrested me because they were accusing me of down loading,storing and incitement to distribute images of child pornography in May 1999.


    And, when they told you that,what was your reaction?


    I was devastated, I could'nt believe it I,I thought for a moment it was a set up.


    What happened after you were arrested?


    Well, I was held in custody for almost nine hours while they went off to my house and um exercised a warrant. They took my computers, all my work computers , all my personal computers , all my memory stick ,my cards all the floppy disks and Cds and DVDs and they forensicly examined every single one and found not ONE single image. They call it IIOC Indecent Images of Children and the whole report from the Hi tech Crime Unit said NIL IIOCs found.


    But it took six months before the charges were dropped.


    What were those six months like, for you and your family.


    Shakes head and closes eyes .....Terrible, I, did'nt sleep, could'nt eat properly. I, was so conscious of any contact with anybody under the age of about twenty five. I suppose, really what I felt was, rage, anger, that they were wasting their time on someone like me, when it was patently obvious that these transactions were fraudulent.


    Simon hired a computer expert who had pin pointed the moment when his card details were stolen back in 1999. The card was then used to make a purchase on the American pornography site, the transaction went unoticed on Simons credit card statement at the time.


    Because I was travelling so much, my wife would routinly open my credit card statements and pay the bills um she knew I had been in America,she saw an American transaction for 29.95 dollars, did'nt think anything of it and paid the bill and I missed it as well.


    How careful are you now about checking your statements?


    Smiles...I check them with a microscope the moment they come in, forensically, because I'm not going to let this happen again.

  29. Moments in Time....Simon Bunce was nearly destroyed by Operation Ore.


    Simon Bunce branded a paedophile.


    Facebook refuse to buckle under pressure from Jim Gamble.

  32. Look, Simon Bunce was never charged. They eaxmined his computer and at length admitted there was nothing on him.
    What is it, exactly, that you people want? You want the paedos to be free to run around the internet? You think they are nice people? Innocent folks were hurt by Ore because the police didnt fully consider the possibility of credit card fraud before they leapt on people, but you are fools if you think all of the Ore people are innocent! THINK what you are doing before you decide that Gamble is some kind of monster and that CEOP isn't doing a useful job. That's what they want you to believe. And yes, I remember all the links a certain poster used to give to a site run by a convicted paedophile, a site used by those who claim they were 'framed' by Ore but who nontheless write articles on the eroticism of are being used, the lot of you, and cannot see it!!

  33. Anon.

    There's no blinder man than the one who refuses to see.

    This blog, obviuosly doesn't support anything related to pedophilia.

    We consider it inhumane, vile and repulsive.

    Sex is a beautiful gift from God. I would say His masterpiece. But when done by 2 consentual people.

    Children do not have the capability to judge. So anyway you look at it, pedophilia is abject.

    However, it's not them that is the issue here. It's the innocent that you recognize to have been.

    Where is the list os exemption of these people that should have been published by Mr. Gamble as soon as he realized that innocents were being prosecuted?

    Why doesn't he do so now?

    Because that list gives him power, and he won't let go of that easily.

    About being used, dear Anon, let me tell you that your nose has been up Mr. Gambles arse for so long that you're starting to think that his farts smell like roses.

    They don't.

  34. Anon, Ouch hit a nerve maybe?

    Simon Bunce was not charged this is true. BUT, he had to wait six long months to know that he would not be charged.

    Jim Gamble asked for photographs from tourists who were in PDL around the time of the 'ALLEGED' abduction to be sent to him. NOTHING from Gamble was passed on to PJ.

    McCann had in his possession CEOP Manuals that ARE NOT for public use. There is ONLY one way he could have come by them.

    Jim Gamble LIED under OATH this is a known FACT.

    Paedophiles repulse me and yes there are many who were guilty. Raymond Hewlett also a known paedophile but innocent of any involvement in the Madeleine Mccann case.

    We are adults here on this blog and we think for ourselves. No one can put thoughts into our heads or use us.

    Jim Gamble likes to be in control. Jim Gamble under the guise of CEOP invited Dr.Gerald Mccann as a guest speaker to talk about sexually abused children. What knowledge does Gerry Mccann have about this subject,? only what he has read in books given to him by his friend Jimbo.

    Jim gamble is LIVID he has not got his way with Facebook. I hope they continue to refuse him. Gamble is using a child who went of her own free will to meet her killer. A Panic Button would not have saved her.

    Head Office at CEOP have photographs of abused children pasted on a wall for any member of the public to enter and view. CEOP Logo, 'Everytime you look at a photograph of an abused child that child is abused all over again'.

    There are many, many missing and abused children..but go to CEOP Web page and you only see the face of Madeleine Mccann. Jim gamble like Gerry Mccann uses the innocence of children for their own agenda.

    If people wish to think of Jim Gamble as a monster ,then Jim Gamble only has himself to blame.

    AND, as long as Gamble and the CEOP support a suspect in the disappearance of his daughter ,CEOP are tainted with the same brush.

  35. I doubt very much Jim Gamble has met a paedophile in his life and if he had he would be at a loss what to do with him.

  36. Quote Jim bates

    Jim Bates says it could be the biggest police scandal this country has ever seen

    Bates: "The evidence I have collected over the six years since I first became involved in Operation ORE is extremely sensitive and undoubtedly includes information that the police (particularly CEOP) would prefer not to see revealed. It is likely that this evidence will eventually lead to exposure of the biggest police scandal that this country has ever seen."

  37. You haven't hit any nerves, all you've done is run up the wrong tree. Gamble is no saint, and I never suggested he was, but the trouble with you conspiracy-minded people is that you put two and two together and come out with 22. If Gamble had been gunning for the Mccanns I'm willing to bet he would have been your hero. Because he believes them, along with others like the NCMEC guy, you have him down as part of an evil plan to simultaneously blacken the names of innocent people while allowing hordes of real paedos to go free. Whereas he is really just another self-promoting copper who believes utterly in what he is doing and who was less than honest about some of the failings of Ore.

    The comment you quoted by an 'Ore widow' or whatever is just bunkum. That you give such stuff credence is pathetic.

  38. Anon., let me upfront thank you.

    You see, while I was reading your stupid non-sensical dribble, which reached the pinnacle with your particularly repulsive “he is really just another self-promoting copper who believes utterly in what he is doing” vomit, my brain was working really hard to find a minimally adequate adjective to your comment. And you offered it to me: pathetic.

  39. Quote

    ....less than honest about some of the failings of Ore.

    You mean he is a LIAR?

  40. The posters name is TC.I do not believe she has mentioned being a widow. And, if she is, a little bit of respect woiuld not go amiss. Free speech is great but ignorance is not. 'Ore Widow' leaves a bitter taste.

  41. No Anon you are wrong. I would not be happy to see Gamble gunning for the Mccanns. I would be happy to see this case re opened and NOT REVIEWED and for the PJ to be allowed to do their job. Their job, is to find out what happened to Madeleine Mccann. This involves the Mccanns answering questions and returning for a reconstruction.

  42. Anon,

    It just goes to see what these people expect from those they've wronged: kill yourself, shut the f*ck up and leave Gamble alone.


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