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UK CW's 2nd Update

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When UK Crimewatch was shown in October last year, everyone was furious.

Everyone except us. We were merely disappointed

The day after it was aired, in our post The Beginning of the End of an Institution (15Oct13) we expressed the reasons as to why: Maddie had unfortunately become a game and the “other side” had not been exactly too picky when picking its visible players, of whom Redwood was the face.

We weren’t as much disappointed with the content as with the way this sick game was being played by the pathetic and obedient puppet, Redwood, jumping from X to X marks on the stage.

But most of all, we were disappointed because it confirmed that SY, an international prestigious police force, when it came to Maddie, was playing games. Not investigating, not doing any police work but playing games.

Then, we told you to calm down. To let information sink in before jumping to conclusions. It was not our, or your, decision to transform this into a game. The best we can do is do our best to understand it and its moves. 

Time proved us right because if one is to recollect UK Crimewatch, its 2 main ideas are those that one does remembers about it: that Tannerman didn’t abduct Maddie and that Gerry was seen by the Smiths with a blonde little girl in his arms in Rua da Escola Primária

Or like we said in the post: We have a missing girl, we have no abduction and we have a Gerry lookalike seen with a child in Rua da Escola Primária, half a mile away from apartment 5A.

Crèche Dad? A mere prop to convey the first idea.

On last Wednesday, 19Mar14, we had a CW update on BBC. An official SY update, we believe the second one, and where in the first one, on 28Nov13, absolutely nothing was updated .

So, to be very clear, UK Crimewatch and its 2 updates are the only information we have directly from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. All the rest that has been printed is the media saying that SY has said and not the Met saying it.

Not surprisingly, CW’s 2nd update came up with a story frailer than pig #1’s hay house in the Three Little Pigs story.

We would even say that SY has rewritten the story by inventing a 4th pig, pig #0, who builds a house out of paper sheets which falls apart with the morning breeze even before the wolf is able to enter scene. That’s how frail it was.

We now have Binman.

CW claimed a breakthrough when it was only recycling old information about Edgar's findings of nearly 5 years ago.

These assaults were all detailed by Dave Edgar back in 2009. Nothing new.

As shown in Jill Havern Forum, it's all in a News of the World article by Dominic Herbert (9/5/09) “We have names of Maddie suspects”.

It was a specious presentation because a couple of leads came from last CW appeal but these leads were linked with old information, to make it appear that ALL of the leads were new.

Redwood says the intruder chose white girls. Are there no blonde Portuguese girls? Don't Portuguese families use holiday rentals? Are Portuguese non-white?

And why all British? A good excuse to allow SY to interview these “witnesses”, which Redwood couldn't if Portuguese?

Old news that are in Kate’s book as we showed in our “Paradise Lost?” post (02Nov11):

Kate’s book contains an extraordinary suggestion; that the British Consul, Bill Henderson knew of paedophile activity in the Albufeira area, in Algarve. In August 2006, British tour operators had apparently discussed their concerns with him, but had wanted this information to be kept confidential.

The incidents were quite specific in detail; where intruders had got into holiday apartments at night and molested children in their beds, locking the door to the parents’ bedroom before assaulting the children. 

In one case, the perpetrator had used the father’s aftershave in an attempt to “soothe or deceive the child.” This had occurred after the perpetrators had watched for routines in the behaviour of the family, to determine security and the location of bedrooms.”

The Guardian online, in an article by James MeikleMadeleine McCann police seek intruder who attacked girls at holiday homes (Wed. 19Mar14 21.03 GMT) says:

“The man, said to be unshaven with unkempt hair, spoke English slowly, with a foreign accent, possibly with slurred speech. Some witnesses suggested he had a pot belly while three victims suggested he had a distinctive smell, one involving aftershave, another tobacco while a third just described "a funny smell".”

Why didn't Redwood say what was quoted in the Guardian on 2nd update? It's usually a reliable paper in terms of not inventing quotes.

One would have expected a description of one pot belly sighting and one man smelling of aftershave. If they were serious about finding him, them or whomever, that is.

So was the 2nd update just a ridiculous exercise by a ridiculous man?

On the contrary. We believe that it was a very relevant exercise done by the puppeteers however pathetic we think the puppet is.

Let’s just rewind a bit. In our “Rats” post (10Jan14), we said we believed that this would be over before the 7th anniversary of Maddie’s disappearance in May.

But when we wrote those words we didn’t realise how big and how hard a spanner was that Mr Amaral had just thrown into the engine of the trial a few days before. We confess it didn’t cross our minds then, and for that matter before, the importance of Maddie’s Ward of Court status.

It might just be important enough to have the whole trial repeated, with one less plaintiff.

This “spanner” threw, once again, all scheduling plans of this sick game out of the window. All has been postponed waiting for that Jan 7th Lisbon Court session that has yet to be rescheduled.

So this UK CW's 2nd update might just be “Team SY” showing that they cannot wait any longer, or at least, they will stop putting their plans aside in waiting for the Lisbon trial’s outcome.

UK elections are in 2015 and that, in terms of Portuguese Justice, is just a blink of an eye away and the British are now fully aware of that.

So what was important about UK CW’s 2nd update?

Two things: death and forensics.

Binman, like Crèche Dad before him, was just the excuse to expose and drive in these 2 ideas.

About Maddie no longer being alive, as one of our readers, quoting Meikle's article, pointed out in our “Political Courage” post (18Mar14):

Anonymous 19 Mar 2014 15:08:00

“Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood, in charge of the hunt for Madeleine, accepted there were differences between these cases and that of Madeleine's disappearance but added that there was a POSSIBILITY that Madeleine had NOT LEFT her family's holiday apartment ALIVE when she disappeared in May 2007.”

“Redwood said the assumption that Madeleine HAD BEEN ALIVE "may NOT follow with all our thinking" on the case.”

AR saying M may not have been alive when she left the apartment.

If that's the new line, the dogs were right, it was blood, ergo they were right about the car too.

So why didn't the Mcs or PJ see any blood that night? No sign of a struggle, no crying. So no burglar. No stranger.”

And about forensics, our reader (we’re supposing to be the same one) says:

Anonymous 19 Mar 2014 15:11:00

Same link:

"Redwood said if names were put forward, his team would be able to eliminate them from inquiries, SUGGESTING THE POLICE MAY HAVE DNA EVIDENCE."

Earlier that day, before Meikle's article, Guardian online had another article speaking also  about Maddie being dead before leaving the apartment and DNA.

It was by Sandra Laville, Madeleine McCann: a breakthrough that could be devastating(Wed. 19Mar14 18.13 GMT).

In terms of Maddie being dead, Laville writes:

“Research shows that such predators do not leave their victims alive for long – a matter of hours is usual. Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood admitted that what they have uncovered means Madeleine might not have left the apartment alive.”

If Maddie didn’t leave the apartment alive, then the “sexual predator” could not have spent “hours” with her, now could he?

In terms of DNA, Laville writes:

“It is also probable that what we are being told about the 12 crimessexual assaults and attempted assaults – in western Portugal, which the police are saying may be connected, is not all that detectives know. If there is a hint of DNA left behind by a suspected perpetrator in any one of these crimes, then the breakthough is more profound. The years that have passed – nearly seven – since Madeleine McCann was abducted from her parents' apartment in Praia de Luz, make it much harder for the police to find the truth about what happened to her, but not impossible.

In the Nickell case, it was the DNA left by a sexual attacker who came to be known as the Green Chain Rapist that helped lead detectives to the right manRobert Napper – 16 years after the murder and after repeated failures and a concerted attempt to fit up an innocent man.”

So if “sexual attacker” left a “hint” of DNA in ANY of the “12 crime scenes” in “western Portugal” (shouldn’t it be all over the Algarve?) then “the breakthough is more profound”. That can only be because that particular “hint” of DNA can be compared with the one found in Maddie’s crime scene.

That, in turn, can only mean that SY have DNA from Maddie’s crime scene that is not from any of the McCanns, the T7 or from any other person who has a reason to have been inside that apartment.

So, let's recap what SY has REALLY said this far:

1 - There’s no abduction (UK CW and 2nd update).

2 - Maddie was dead when she left the apartment, so taken, and there’s forensic evidence to prove that fact (2nd update).

3 - Gerry McCann was seen holding a blonde little girl in his arms in Rua da Escola Primária by the Smiths (UK CW).

To new readers, before jumping to interlink facts #2 and #3, let us clarify that we are absolutely convinced that the girl Gerry had in his arms during the Smith Sighting was very much alive, so not Maddie but, as we think, Jane Tanner’s blonde daughter.

Three simple and three true facts, as we know.

That’s how important this 2nd update is.

Or as HelenMeg has said in the JH Forum:

“It seems that Redwood is taking a gentle step - by step approach, as predicted by some.  He is gradually introducing the idea gently to the UK public that Madeleine dies in the apartment.

This has been predicted by Textusa and subsequently by some in this forum.  Their brief is to gently bring into play that the girl died in the apartment (IMO) . This is a significant move - a cause for cautious optimism.

Once established that she died - they can then get to where they need to be - to the real perpetrators.”

Add to this, Mr Amaral, completely on the offensive, stating publicly that Maddie is dead and that there’s forensic evidence outside the control of British authorities, then you can understand the sense of urgency in getting a closure on this subject once and for all that we believe is being felt, as we speak, in certain quarters of London.

Now SY have mentioned that Maddie may not have been alive when taken, thereby restoring credibility to the dogs and their apartment/clothing/key fob/car findings, the case against Mr Amaral is getting ever thinner.

If he was right, as we are sure he was, about death in the apartment, he was right about her body being hidden. He didn't damage the search for a live child. The parents can't claim damages on behalf of a child who is dead.

He didn't accuse any individual and he did say it may have been an accident. He only said the parents knew what happened that night.

He confirms there may be viable DNA evidence, yet to be analysed. Something we already came across from our research for the DNA posts:

Thanks to Insane for making us delve so deep!

Lastly, also in Laville’s article:

"I am frustrated that the legal process is as slow as it is," said deputy assistant commissioner Martin Hewitt. "It's frustrating because we know what we want to do, but the process is the process."

Glad to know SY knows exactly what it wants to do. Speaking just for us, we’re waiting anxiously to find out what.  And we don't think that it's the legal process that is slowing you down.

UPDATE on 22Mar14 09:25:

The Guardian has made a correction about what it has written:

“An article about police investigations into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann in Portugal in 2007 (Madeleine police hunt serial sex attacker who prowled Algarve, 20 March, page 3) said Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood had said the assumption that Madeleine had been alive when she left the apartment "may not follow with all our thinking" on the case. To clarify: those quoted words actually came after Redwood had referred to the assumption that Madeleine had been abducted. However, Redwood did say during the same press conference that police were considering the possibility that Madeleine was not alive when taken from the apartment as well as the possibility that she was.”

We are reminded of The Times correction, which only reinforced what was said in the first place.

The Guardian confirms QUOTED words. Confirms Maddie being alive is not what SY thinks. It refers after the assumption that she was abducted. So, to simply add 2 and 2, Maddie was abducted dead.

It’s up to SY to explain why and under what circumstances.

By the way, it corrects James Meikle’s article but maintains, as far as we can see, all said in Sandra Laville’s one.


  1. Our binmen are in a group of at least 4 people and my goodness are they noisy!!!! No wonder the sound of this bin lorry was supposed to be heard in Portugal in the quiet of the early hours of the morning. I’m sure our binmen would be very annoyed if one of them wandered off to have a look in apartments to find one with a child and not just any child but ones between the ages of 7 and 10, British, blonde and a non screamer as well as having parents who wouldn’t call the police while they carried on doing the work emptying bins. Is someone seriously implying that bin lorries in Portugal cover such a huge area that smellyman visited????

  2. bonjour Textusa et bonjour tout le monde,

    Je ne comprends toujours pas pourquoi, Scotland Yard doit dépenser autant d'argent pour aller au bout d'une enquête que l'inspecteur Amaral avait pliée en quelques mois !! beaucoup d'argent et surtout beaucoup de temps !!!
    en vous lisant, je comprends bien sûr, que la mort de la petite madeleine a plongé plus que les Mac Cann dans une grande inquiètude, qu'il a fallu protèger des personnes très haut placées, mais tout de même, un peu de bon sens, tout finit par se savoir en politique, on le constate tous les jours en France, était-il nécessaire de déclencher de telles hostilités et d'inventer de si stupides mensonges ???
    Je reste persuadée que les Mac Cann échapperont à tout, sauf à leur conscience, s'ils en ont une !
    Redwood va-t-il continuer encore longtemps à tourner autour du pot ??? je suis sidérée que les anglais croient ce qu'il raconte ! décadence de SY et perversion d'hommes politiques, je suis très admirative de Mr Amaral, c'est lui qui mériterait de diriger le Yard !

    1. Anonymous 21 Mar 2014 11:03:00,

      Comme toujours, nous sommes très reconnaissants pour votre commentaire.

      We will start our reply by correcting and then disagreeing with you. :-)

      The correction is that you’re attributting the McCanns power and decision making which simply they don’t have.

      For example, when you say that you “je reste persuadée que les Mac Cann échapperont à tout”, we hink you should have written “Je reste persuadée que ceux qui protègent les McCann vont s'assurer qu'ils échapperont à tous”. It’s not up to the McCanns to escape or not to escape but up others, those who decide, to ensure, or not, that they escape.

      Another correction. Mr. Amaral didn’t solve anything extraordinary. No, not minimising the man’s work nor what he achieved.

      He was on the path to solving all when he had his work interrupted. He admits that in the Porto Canal interview by saying that the investigation was to take on the death and body concealment.

      So, to put it plainly, the PJ, at the time Mr Amaral was taken off the case, only had discovered what we all intuitively have too “discovered”: Maddie is dead and her body was concealed.

      By taking him off the case, the PJ was stopped from getting the investigation towards proving those facts.

      Where Mr Amaral must be complimented is in the fact that in didn’t heed to pressure.

      To prove that Maddie is dead, seems us, to be a consensual and an easy task. The problem is “proving” the body concealment. To prove would be to involve those that cannot be involved but to “prove” would be to involve a few who won’t be happy to be the “chosen ones” while seeing others as involved as they were getting off the hook.

      Our disagreement? We're convinced that the McCanns won't escape. What we're curious about is who else won't also escape.

      About the hostilities and stupid lies… how we wish we could explain them.

      About the English believing in all this, please don’t forget that no matter how much the nobility and the clergy compliment the Emperor’s new clothes, the children will always see how nude he is.

      The “nobility” and the “clergy” do hold the loudspeakers but the children are the ones loved by truth.

    2. Bonjour chere amie, tout a fait, c'est exactement ce qui se passe en Angleterre (ou nous vivons) et c'est a s'arracher les cheveux. Quand le "gros du peuple" va-t-il se réveiller? Comment peut-on encore croire a ces balivernes? C'est une honte, ils se foutent vraiment de notre gu.... Vous pouvez signer cette pétition et la partager en France, ce serait bien - si au moins ca permettait de semer les graines de conscience chez la justice portugaise envers un proces des McCanns. Car seul un tribunal pourrait les questionner sur les mensonges du début, etc, etc et déterminer + de vérité; merci d'avance (ici les gens ne réalisent pas du tout l'importance de cette pétition!!) Tres bonne journée. Magali . Lien:

  3. If SY and PJ try and pin this on Tractorman there will be an outcry from the black community and Cape Verdeans in Portugal. I wonder which 5 years he was said to be in prison?
    His DNA would surely have to be in one of the Lowe samples. How can that be planted?

  4. Euclides ticks all the boxes for a victim who will fit prejudices- dead, so can't defend himself, black, immigrant, criminal history and poor, so family can't afford top lawyers
    But a black, not tanned man of 6 ft 2 doesn't fit any sighting, YET! I'm sure CW could produce one.

    1. CW new sighting by Redwood: "I forgot, yes I did see a black lurker. No, I didn't see his face in British newspapers last year."

    2. Second verse of My Old Man's a Dustman. Thanks to JH for inspiration.

      He looks a proper nana
      In his great big hobnail boots
      It took so long to fit him up
      They must be in cahoots.

      ( should be he took so long to put them on, they call him daisyroots)

  5. Guardian says Met opened its inquiries last summer and Portuguese authorities FOLLOWED in October.
    I think this chronology needs to be challenged. SY followed Portugal

  6. Very good post, I was writing similar reactions recently on a forum (regarding the selectiveness of "only British children" being affected by that series of sex assaults - and indeed it is sourced out from Kate's book...... which is rather strange once again. I find that event very hard to believe actually and some media, before reversing to claiming "M WAS ABDUCTED" like the Guardian did on 19/3, would better investigate these claims. NSY is clearing blowing in the wind here.... Is this intentional? I suggest ACTION. There are ALL the grounds for a trial because enough is enough. Already the MCs should been tried for Child Neglect but I / we suspect much else, don't we? For Freedom of Speech: -- please share as it closes on the 4th May. Thanks and have a nice day. Justice For Madeleine.

  7. Ma chère Textusa, la barrière de la langue est capitale ici comme au portugal !!! J'ai bien compris que ce ne sont pas les Mac Cann eux-mêmes qui sont protégés, que les T9 faisaient partie d'un groupe beaucoup plus important en nombre et en "notoriété" !!! et que la mort de Maddie a été un gros problème pour ces "high persons". J'ai dû ne pas employer les bons mots, sorry.
    Si je dis que je pense que les Mac Cann s'en sortiront, c'est parce les puissants, les politiciens, les magistrats etc (comme en France) savent très bien comment règler ce genre de problèmes, et protègeront les personnes de poursuites fâcheuses ! Quand je vois comment les affaires fonctionnent en France, c'est à vous dégoûter d'aller voter !!
    J'espère de tout mon coeur que justice sera faite pour cette petite fille, malheureusement, je n'y crois plus beaucoup ! 7 ans !! vous vous rendez compte ??? et travaillistes comme conservateurs se sont mouillé dans tout cela !!
    Le seul espoir qui me reste ??? votre acharnement à chercher et mettre le doigt sur les choses qui fâchent. J'adore votre blog, et tant que vous écrirez, je vous lirai.

    1. Anonymous 21 Mar 2014 13:53:00,

      Nous remercions encore une fois, pour votre commentaire.

      The wound that has been opened by the Maddie affair has become too infected to heal by itself or with the help of “specialised healers”.

      Even those who fight daily to shove the issue through the bottleneck of oblivion are fully aware that there are 2 inescapable milestones before they can retake that path of tiring us out of the subject: SY’s and PJ’s final reports.

      Those are 2 very tangible products. They will have to be public with the knowledge that both will be meticulously scrutinised.

      Until then, they can continue to play games and they can even make the subject dormant. What they can’t do is fool history.

      Then, when each one comes out, we will see what they say and how we'll react. All in due time. We are patient. It’s not us who are in the discomfort zone.

      What the people who are in it have to realise is that every single action they have taken, are taking and will take, was, is and will be registered in this undeletable historic registry that will surface time and time again for generations to come.

      Qu'est-ce que nous cherchons à prouver? Que la plume est plus puissante que l'épée.

  8. Todo este alarido dos UK, é afinal para revisitar velhas capelas e parecer que são novas. O predador sexual do Algarve, não é mais nem menos do que o ladrão de gorjetas do OC. O pobre Euclides, Cabo-Verdiano, negro, que terá suado a vida toda para que lhe fosse dado um emprego com alguma dignidade e nunca conseguiu mais do que biscates temporários e honestos ( ainda não vi ninguém acusá-lo de ser mau trabalhador, incompetente, preguiçoso, desonesto, etc) mas que um dia, sabe Deus por qualquer fatalidade, ficou com uns trocos e foi despedido do OC. Nessa vida, algo errante, não havia de faltar um tractor para lhe tirar a vida e uma policia desesperada para o incriminar depois de morto.
    Depois de Hewlet, é o criminoso perfeito, sobretudo porque está morto e já não pode defender-se. VERGONHOSO


    Posted by portugalpress on March 21, 2014

    Madeleine latest: raising yet more questions

    As news of the Met’s latest Madeleine theories sweeps the world, here in Portugal some very different revelations - equally chilling in their content - received almost zero publicity.

    An interview with ‘infamous’ Madeleine cop, Gonçalo Amaral, described how vital leads in the case appear to have been deliberately dropped.

    Far from expounding on the possibility of a sexual predator stalking the bedrooms of young white girls on holiday from England, Amaral talked of high-level political involvement which left DNA samples untested and key witnesses overlooked.

    It could have been dismissed as another conspiracy-theorists’ stunt apart from the fact that the programme was presented by well-known news anchor Júlio Magalhães - former director of information at TVI and current director-general of Porto Canal - with questions fielded by respected political thinker and one-time PSD leader and mayor, Luís Filipe Menezes.

    Menezes opened the interview saying that after almost seven years of media frenzy, perhaps it was time to ask whether the PJ was qualified to investigate a crime of this complexity. “Doubts arise as to whether our police, our State, is protected against national and international political influences that interfere in the day-to-day professional thinking of police and other criminal investigators,” he said.

    His invitation to Gonçalo Amaral - awaiting the result of a trial for defamation brought by Kate and Gerry McCann, who allege his theories that Madeleine is dead hampered the search for their daughter - was a chance to see whether the former investigator was “a Portuguese version of Dirty Harry, or a politically-correct policeman”.

    Amaral’s answers came thick and fast. The day he left the Madeleine investigation was “the day Gordon Brown (then British prime minister) spoke with José Socrátes (then Portuguese prime minister).”

    At the time, Amaral told Menezes, Portuguese police were keen to interview the Irish family who had identified Gerry McCann as the man they thought they had seen carrying a child down towards the beach on the night Madeleine went missing.
    This plan was quickly scuppered. Amaral’s substitute on the case “was told that it was not relevant to bring the Irish (family) to Portugal,” he told Menezes. “And that was that. The Irish family was never heard.”


  10. (cont.)

    As to DNA evidence that was discovered in the McCanns’ rental car, Amaral was adamant that this could have been more thoroughly tested. While initial findings on blood were deemed inconclusive, Amaral explains hair samples were simply not followed up as British lab technicians claimed it was impossible to test hair samples without roots.

    “It is possible, and even at the time it was possible!” Amaral insisted.

    “These hair samples are in Portugal! They were returned in Portugal and they are in the files. It’s simple! All the public ministry has to do is take the hairs and send them to a European laboratory, or anywhere where these kinds of exams are done without roots.”

    Menezes, who had described himself at the outset as “never neutral in these matters” but seeking to be impartial, quizzed Amaral on one of the myriad “strange twists” in the early stages of the case.

    Referring to the hiring of Clarence Mitchell as the McCanns’ press 'face', he said: “How is it comprehensible that the spokesman for the English Prime Minister had left, in 24 hours, Tony Blair to be the McCann family’s spokesman? Isn’t that strange?”

    “Of course,” replies Amaral. “It is another mystery within the mystery, and maybe if we can understand this little mystery we will be able to understand what lies behind, not the disappearance, not the death of the child, but what lies behind the protection… Why the protection…”

    Full of questions and inconvenient allegations, it was an interview that aimed to illustrated the depth and scope of the “complexities” Luís Filipe Menezes had suggested might just be too much for the PJ - or indeed any police force.

    “Only when there is the political will on both sides” will the case be resolved, said Amaral, concluding, “when investigations are politically correct, they lead nowhere.”

    Meantime in UK, Operation Grange has revealed that it is currently receiving hundreds of calls in response to the latest announcement that a bare-chested sexual predator abused five little white girls - all older than Madeleine – while they were sleeping in their beds in holiday homes along the Algarve between 2004 and 2006.

    The Met described 12 separate crimes leading up to 2010, only four of them involving the sexual abuse of girls aged 7-10.

    Whether the other eight crimes involved another type of sexual abuse has not been divulged.

    According to Correio da Manhã newspaper, it was the evidence of this predator that led Portuguese investigators to ask the public ministry to reopen the Madeleine case in October last year.

    Characteristically tight-lipped about the course of their investigations, the PJ nonetheless have been known to feed information to the Portuguese and foreign press.

    On Wednesday (March 19), a spokesman agreed with the Met’s Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood that the new suspect is considered to be a key to resolving the long-running mystery, just over a month away from reaching its seventh anniversary.


  11. You must know by now that whenever Mr. Amaral speaks about the case publicly, you can expect this type of creative journalism to follow. It is my opinion that the mandate given to Scotland Yard (SY) was not to investigate but to disparage the conclusions of the original investigators. It's not an investigation; It's a project, with goals and with timelines. My guess is that the Portuguese police are partners in this project. The Portuguese police has decided that it's better to lay the blame on Mr. Amaral and company and join those that have been promoting the popular and politically correct notion that the parents are victims.

    What essentially SY is doing is giving alternative explanations to the evidence that casts doubt on the McCann's innocence. Much was made about the McCanns and friends not doing a reconstruction, people rightly believed that the group avoided a reconstruction because their incongruent statements would blow up in their faces. SY addressed this issue by televising what they called a reconstruction. It wasn't much of a reconstruction, but the message they were trying to convey is that they found nothing untoward with their testimonies.

    The Jane Tanner sighting was problematic, obviously not credible, so SY created the story about a man carrying his child back from the nursery, basically to say to the public that Tanner did see someone.

    The Smith sighting, the person who Mr. Smith believed to be Mr. McCann is being tackled by Mr. Redwood. Of Course this sighting will be explained and you can bet the house that he won't announce that it was Mr. McCann.

    I read comments saying why is Redwood ignoring the dogs, well, he isn't. Redwood will eventually tell the public that Madeleine was killed in the apartment and that the perpetrator took body with him, that will explain the behaviour of the dogs. With regard to the McCann's vehicle, if he has to he will give some story about cross contamination, as we've seen he need not bother with the details.

    Someway, somehow they must get that judge to rule in their favour. It doesn't matter if Mr. Amaral wins on appeal later on.

  12. I agree with you Guerra- PJ seems a partner of Redwood on this dirty game and RTP is the active voice to credibilize all because has an International channel that reaches the world. All that was to slowly prepare the public for " british police assumption of Maddie death in the apartment" and slowly pin the crime on Euclides.
    If they presented all that in one go, there will be hungry reactions from black comunnities, families, etc, etc. The strategy is to serve all slowly to give time for the public to absorb their game as reality and their theories as the truth.
    The case will be closed with Madeleine dying in the apartment through the hands of Euclides, with him carrying the body through the main door, for which he had the keys, and maybe using the blue tennis bag to not raise suspictions in case somebody spotted him.
    They just need an excuse for what was found in the scenic. But they are good on excuses, no matter how ridiculous they are.
    PJ become the back puppet on stage. That is my feeling. Ashame for Portugal.

  13. O caso da familia portuguesa, presa e libertada nos UK, acusada de tentar raptar os próprios filhos vai reacender a discussão em torno dos direitos/ deveres parentais e da acçåo legal ou ilegal do estado, quando toma medidas de força. Invariavelmente vai levar o publico a comparar este caso com o dos Mccann em 2007 e invariavelmente vai comparar a cegueira do estado face aos Mccann.
    Os portugueses perderam os 5 filhos nos UK e 2 estão para adopção .Não sei em particular que negligència ou mau trato terão feito, nem se a decisão da Seg Social foi a
    correcta, mas sei que em 2007 o cenário pintado pelos Mccann e todos os que os apoiavam, era de abandono de 3 crianças, noite após noite culminando no desaparecimento de uma. Não vou falar do facto de não acreditar na negligência dos Mccann, já por demais desmontada, interessa apenas comparar atitudes perante cenários semelhantes: uns assumem publicamente ter deixado os filhos à mercê da sorte, havendo consequências graves para um deles e NADA LHES ACONTECE. Pelo contrário, recebem de prémio o Porta voz do PM inglès para os proteger. Os outros são largados num ninho de vespas, onde em desespero planeam o rapto dos próprios filhos. ... Onde é que as sociedades que estamos a construir e os governos que elegemos nos levam?
    Ouvi o Secretário das comunidades dizer que a familia tinha sido Sinalizada em Portugal, mas..... Mais mas.... Para acabar por dizer que tinham de averiguar da legalidade da
    acção Judicial e se preciso for, envolver a União Europeia.
    As autoridades inglesas, são duras quando se trata de punir emigrantes, incluindo portugueses. As portuguesas såo frouxas quando têm matéria mais que evidente para chamar a barra dos tribunais cidadaos ingleses.
    Esta história do casal português, pode ser uma pedra no sapato para Redwwod que está tão empenhado em fecharbo caso Maddie com limpeza integral dos Mccann- BASTA QUE OS MEDIA PORTUGUESES O EXPLOREM TÃO BEM, QUANTO OS INGLESES SOUBERAM EXPLORAR O CASO MADDIE CONTRA PORTUGAL- vamos lá ver quem tem txxxxxx para o fazer.

    1. So that readers can fully understand the comment from Anonymous 22 Mar 2014 05:40:00's, it relates to the Portuguese immigrant couple in UK, Carla and José Pedro:

      We recommend that our readers read the following about this case:

      IF, we repeat, IF there's proof of negligence and/or plot to abduct, then adequate social and criminal actions should be taken by authorities.

      Maddie can never be allowed to serve wrongdoing go unpunished in this case or in any other.

      As always, we remain impartial until we have more information about this case and will not be accepting any more comments on it.

  14. To our readers:

    The Guardian has made a correction about what it has written:

    We have made an update to the post, concerning this.

  15. Yesterdays Guardian Meikle and de Beer
    M suspect died in 2009 and may have abused 5 girls

    I think a very tall black man abusing 5 girls would be very outstanding. So why nothing about this until now?
    The source is said to be close to Portuguese investigation.
    Cases between 2004-2006
    Source careful to say no definitive conclusions about Monteiro.
    SY say this is in VERY EARLY stages.

  16. All this is ridiculous!! If there was ONE, just ONE case of a little Brit girl being sexually assaulted in Algarve it would have been all over the news at the time. Where has a sexually assaulted child EVER gone unreported?!?

  17. Do I detect a sense of panic in UK about this case.? Different suspects being discussed, Monteiro revived as a possible sex offender as well as addict, thief, purveyor of dodgy phones and burglar, confusing statements issued, the PM offering to intervene....
    How can this case become any more surreal than it actually is? Can anyone doubt something needs to be hidden and it affects all main political parties?

    1. 10:06
      About Cameron threatening to intervene if there are any delays on the Portuguese side, I wonder if he defines also as "delay" an investigation at the end of its third year that has produced only 3 (?) rog letters.
      Maybe he should start to intervene at own home before looking over the fence.

  18. I know you’ve said you aren’t accepting comments about the Portuguese couple but I have to get this off my chest.
    Isn’t this just a McCann case reversed?!?
    If they’re guilty of what they are accused then this would be another couple tear-jerking the public to escape responsibility.
    Turning things around this time and using the Portuguese press to influence British authorities? Wasn’t that what happened with the McCanns, using British press to pressure the PJ?
    And by comparing negligence in both cases aren’t they using Maddie to their gain?
    And appealing to the European Parliamnet reminds me of the McCanns going to Fatima and flying all over claiming innocence!!
    I just hope I’m wrong but I smell a rotten fish here the same way I did the day Gerry and Kate gave that first press conference.
    Understand if you don’t publish this. I had to have my say.

    1. To our readers.

      We have opened an exception by publishing comment Anonymous 22 Mar 2014 13:01:00 as we think s/he as a fair point and should be considered.

      As readers know we don’t take sides, except that of the truth. Like Luís Filipe Meneses says, we’re impartial, not neutral.

      We stick to fact and know very little little of this case at this point in time. In fact, and we hink it will help people if they picture this, if we were to make any comparison between this case and Maddie’s, then both in time and knowledge of fact we would say that we're just over the MCann’s 1st press conference mentioned by Anon.

      Too soon to make any sort of judgement. The dust is still blowing in the wind and it will be a while before settling.

      Now, what we cannot do is watch and see Portuguese, who accuse the Brits about running to protect the McCanns, now doing the same but the other way around.

      The couple, because they’re Portuguese are the good guys and the British authorities, the bullies the bad guys. It even may be so, but there’s no way at this point in time to allow anyone to make that sort of assessment.

      People should get the facts, abstain from taking into account nationality or location and only then make own judgement.

      In the blog, we won't ever be for the demonisation of anyone nor will we be for the lack of rightful accountability. For us, Lady Justice remains blindfolded.

      Any comments to be published are going to be seriously considered first.

      All comments should consider BOTH possibilities of the couple being guilty or innocent. Any assuming blatantly one or the other will not be published.

  19. GA says on the interview with LFM that now " SY and the Mccann's " are speaking of Maddie being dead.
    If she is dead and nothing related to her destiny, after May 3, is apparently known by the official police, then such assumption could only be based on evidences recovered from the crime scene. They have to explain why Euclides took the dead girl and left no clear evidences of his presence in the flat? He was one of OC employees and PJ at the time made several press conferences and statements to the press, informing that all employees, ex-employees, polices or people who entered the flat, where tested for DNA evidences, even if their connection with the crime Did not made sense. Euclides was known by PJ. I believe he was part of the people tested for DNA and dismissed.
    On top of that, since the Flat was immaculated clean and tide up, SY has to explain how and when did Euclides cleaned the flat and why the trousers and tshirt of Kate, plus the Cuddle cat were positively signalised for cadaver odor by the dogs. Plus, how long did Euclides have been in the flat with dead Madeleine to allow the body to develop cadaverine and transfer it to the Mccann's wardrobe. Why did he stored the body on the parents room if he was alone with children? Why the twins did not cry? I know, they could come up with sedation. If so, which type of sedation and how a strange manage to sedate 3 children in a small window of time without leaving any trace of of that activity? No signs of needles on the twins, then must have been tea, juice, milk or tissues covered with éther. This will raise another question which is, where did he find the sedation products. A guy that has no fix employment and is facing financial dificulties will waste money in products, just to target a small british girl? If was to feed an uncontrolled sexual derrangement, why targeting a girl on her room, when a school with plenty children was available at the same location? Will be much easier to target school children with rotines, then british girls on their rooms.

    I think Redwood create an Ocean of questions to answer, but since that case is all political, he is what the portuguese call " carne para canhão", the guy choosed to sink with the case, probably with a golden retirement because his carreer as a police, dies with that case.
    Today CM ( portuguese paper) has a special article saying the english PM ( Cameron) is putting pressures on the portuguese PM ( Passos Coelho) related to Madeleine case. If so, it is because is not so easy to pin the crime at any regular burglar or Child predator. It is not easy to convince PJ against the physical/forensic evidences they have.
    I hope, Maddie is not once again, part of the negotiations of the two countries. Now, to support Portugal to get out of Troika cleanned.
    What was going on inside the OC, that completely bend the British government to interfere with a police investigation on the way we are clearly spoting?

    1. Yes, those would be pertinent questions to ask, however what many people fail to realise is that Mr. Redwood doesn't have to prove anything. His project will end when he makes public his story about what happened to Madeleine, you either accept it or you don't.

      The majority of people see the world through glasses fashioned by the mainstream media. Most people will accept Scotland Yard's (SY) final narrative; this is the fabled SY that they came to know through literature and film. It is the very reason SY was assigned to this project, to give it credibility.

      What makes you think that the PJ are actually doing any sort of investigation? Haven't they said that the parent's are not suspects, have they said anything to the contrary? Why do you think that Mr. Amaral stated that if he had not quit the PJ that it would have been a problem for them? I'm convinced that the PJ is part of the project team. What better way to lend credibility to your story than to have the Portuguese police which has been portrayed as being uncooperative finally state that they agree with your final conclusions.

      Imagine if you were the presiding judge in the libel trial and you open your TV or sit down to read your newspaper and you are confronted with stories about serial child molesters who broke into people's homes at the time Madeleine went missing, of which there is no account in the case files; stories of the English prime minister intervening, would that influence your final decision? From my understanding even if it were to be proved that the child had been abducted; it is not proof of libel according to Portuguese law, however the judge is human; she has flaws like all of us.

      What I don't understand are the delays that have occurred in this libel trial. Is the judge still waiting for information from England with regard to Madeleine's ward of court status? Is she personally comparing Mr. Amaral's book with the contents in the case files, something which was already done by 3 appellate court judges? This trial is really strange.

  20. Monteiro, was known by GNR and PJ, since minute one. If he was involved with Madeleine disappearence, he will have been arrested immediately and the case solved. PJ was not a stupid police. While having a plausible key to solve the case, they choose the long and more complicate way- accusing the parents and shelving the case without any conclusion? Who believes that ? That scenario, is not incompetence, is deliberated persecution of the parents, which per si is a crime. Did the british want us to believe that PJ decide to persecute the Mccann's? I know, that is the theory, they so hardly tried to spread through the British Media, while spreading the idea of Portugal being a country of the third world. The problem is ... reality is far away from their fantasy. For Portugal, that was the most expensive investigation they ever had, they will not spend all that money if a shadow, even small, pointed the way in to Monteiro or any other burglar.
    Some assaults to Foreigner villas Were reported in Algarve. The target was always old people living alone and with rotines. The subject- money, gold and small electronic goods easy to sell. The perpetrators- gangs, most associated with Romenia and acting across Europe. A huge campaign was promoted in TV to advise old people for safety, while police setled a big chase to that gangs. GNR was visiting isolated houses to advise people to not open their doors to strangers. How small british girls fit on that story? Burglars runaway from houses with children inside. They know how a child is useless and could seriously ruin their assault for gold and other stuff easy to sale.

  21. What now is the importance of Smithman to SY? The 2 e-fits of maximum importance to he case? If he's Binman then he can't be Monteiro. Has SY ruled out Smithman?

    1. Anon 12.19

      It's like as time goes by these characters loose market value. Pimpleman/Uglyman ignored by CW to give place to Smithman and Creche Dad. Then Smithman ignored to give place to Tractorman. Tractorman to Burglary FC. Burglary FC to Binman.
      Maybe the abductor is Potter's Valdermort. Hes fictional and incarnates into many people.

  22. Now, seriously, can anyone believe that those cases of breaking in and entering the apartments and molesting children in their beds have NEVER been on the news, either when it happened or at the time Madeleine disappeared?! I am portuguese and I cannot recall ever having seen it on the news, and if those cases happened I am sure they would have made the headlines, it would have caused an uproar, a scandall! It would have made the headlines in Correio da Manhã for days in a row! Imagine! Children, BRITISH/foreign children, molested by a paedo inside holiday apartments in the Algarve, while the parents slept! What a sensational news! And I am sure that those events would immediately have been re-ashed when Madeleine disappeared, are we to believe that no one would put 2 and 2 together, and mention the possibility of a connection?!
    Didn't those families make a complaint to the local police?
    This is all so fishy...

  23. If anyone wants to watch the Crimewatch "update", here:

  24. In alll 4 occasions the man sexually assaulted the children in their beds.
    Where were the parents of these children when they were being molested. Didn't they realise anything as it was happening?
    The reason SY say binman is of interest is because paedos follow patterns. He can only be of interest to SY because they think Maddie was sexually assaulted in her bed. Where is there anything to suggest that? In that bed there was no child sleeping much less an adult and a child in any type of sexual activity. Did he make the bed after assaulting and killing her? Where is the DNA? Did he clean that too? How long was he supposed to be in the apartment? Hours?!?


    Scotland Yard and Portuguese police fall out over identity of key Madeleine McCann suspect

    SCOTLAND Yard’s hunt for Madeleine McCann is in jeopardy because of foot-dragging by Portuguese police who think they know who was responsible for her disappearance.

    By: James Murray

    Published: Sun, March 23, 2014

    High-ranking officers in Portugal are convinced African thief Euclides Monteiro took Madeleine and was responsible for sex attacks on five other British girls before being killed in a tractor accident in 2009.

    However, the frustrated Yard team believes there is insufficient evidence. One attack believed to be significant to the Madeleine inquiry took place the year after Monteiro died.

    The clash is threatening to stall the Yard probe at a crucial time, with detectives here having made 287 requests for leads to be pursued in Portugal.

    The Sunday Express understands they have asked for forensic work at holiday apartments where sex attacks took place, in their hunt for a breakthrough clue, a fingerprint or hair.

    Yet delays by Portuguese officials are slowing progress and increasing tensions between the two forces.

    Last week Deputy Assistant Commissioner Martin Hewitt admitted he was “frustrated” with the pace of the investigation.

    The Yard is interested in Monteiro but pointedly declined to name him during a briefing for journalists last week when it made a fresh appeal for help from the public. The ex-junkie was sacked as a waiter at an Ocean Club restaurant in Praia da Luz for stealing a year before Madeleine vanished from a holiday apartment there in May 2007.

    Portuguese police have been interested in the volume of calls on his mobile phone on the night she vanished, which indicate he was near the scene.

    Yard officers want to know if he acted alone as a thief or was part of a wider, more sinister paedophile ring which could still pose a risk to British children holidaying on the Algarve.

    They also want to investigate possible links with burglars operating in Praia da Luz whom he was known to associate with.

    Last week the Yard revealed it was focusing on 12 “potentially” linked break-ins between 2004 and 2010 on the western Algarve. In four cases between 2004 and 2006 a man sexually assaulted five white girls aged between seven and 10 in their beds. Two were assaulted in one villa.

    The man remained calm throughout all the attacks and even when disturbed by waking parents or children he made no attempt to run away, leaving villas slowly, apparently unconcerned about being caught.

    Two break-ins occurred in Praia da Luz in 2006 and 2010 but children were not assaulted in those incidents. As Monteiro died in 2009 he could not have been responsible for the last break-in in 2010.


  26. Cont

    In most of the 12 cases nothing was taken and there was no sign of forced entry, suggesting access to holiday apartment keys. All were within about an hour’s drive.

    The Yard said: “Witnesses describe the man as having dark, as in tanned, skin with short dark unkempt hair. He spoke English with a foreign accent. His voice was described as slow or possibly slurred.”

    Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood said: “We need to establish the identity of this man. These offences are very serious and no one has been charged. We also need to eliminate this man from our inquiries and ascertain whether these offences are linked to Madeleine’s disappearance.”

    Portuguese police later leaked that the person being sought was identified by their officers as Monteiro, although he was never formally charged with any of the offences because of insufficient evidence.

    However, the information offered by the Yard suggests it is far from convinced by the evidence uncovered by Portuguese detectives. They have Monteiro’s DNA as the Cape Verde immigrant had served time for theft.

    British officers have pointed out to the Portuguese that a key sighting of a man holding a child in Luz at 10pm, shortly after Madeleine was taken, was not of a black man. Irishman Martin Smith and family saw him.

    Former Portuguese inspector Goncalo Amaral was about to fly Mr Smith to Portugal when he was removed from the case. DCI Redwood said last week: “We still need to establish the identity of a man seen by three witnesses, carrying a child fitting Madeleine’s description towards the beach or town at about 22.00 on the night Madeleine disappeared.

    “The witnesses have described the man in the e-fits as being white, aged in his 30s, with short brown hair of medium build, medium height and clean shaven.”

    1. Thank you Anonymous 23 Mar 2014 19:38:00,

      Very, very interesting article. Very.

      We hope readers understand the true meaning and relevance of this Express article.

      We'll let all digest this properly before providing our opinion.

      As always, do look beyond the obvious, please.

    2. I am looking forward to your comment on this article. For me, I would have expected it to be the other way around, with PJ emphasising the importance of the man carrying the child towards the beach and SY dismissing it. (understanding that this man is probably G wanting to be witnessed). However, because this the Express who is often fed by CM, then I am totally confused and impatient to be enlightened!

    3. This is what we think about the Express article:

      About this thing of lovers falling out, they to have been lovers in the first place. It’s true they had a very brief relationship, back in May 2007, but platonic and infatuated PJ was scorned by SY when it painfully found out, in September 2007, that her lover’s interest was only in having her not interested in what mattered.

      The hypothetical fall out is not the reason for this article.

      About that, what we now have is that narcissistic SY assuming that PJ, like every other wench, should fall at its feet and beg, if only, for just a drop of its virility only now beginning to comprehend that PJ ’s attitude is far from the anticipated submission but one of not allowing to be fooled twice.

      The intention of this article is twofold. One to win sympathy and the other, the important one.

      Contrary to what may be perceived, the sympathy achievement is not to be obtained at PJ’s expense but by political correctness. By trying to correct its hand about Euclides Monteiro.

      Euclides Monteiro, the man who did absolutely nothing to deserve a place in history and who died completely unaware he would be a part of it.

      Many stereotypes can be used but one that has to be done with extreme care is the black racial one. Nowadays, before even suggesting finger-pointing a black suspect, one must first ascertain that the person is indeed guilty.

      Euclides Monteiro is becoming too hot to handle. Too incorrect politically. Best stay with ugly latins and gypsies.

      So with Euclides Monteiro SY is playing “good cops-bad cops”. PJ, the bad cops, are the ones who are persecuting the man while SY, the good cops, don’t really believe he could be the one. They never did. They just went along to pamper evil PJ.

      If one believes the process was reopened in Portugal based on a lead like Euclides Monteiro then one might as well believe that Maddie was abducted by a trio of burglars. One sexually molesting and then killing her, followed by an unheard of abduction of a corpse, while the other two drank gleefully along with the T9 in the BRT.

      Both SY and PJ know exactly what happened. SY has the slight advantage over PJ in the fact that it knows exactly who killed her.

      Both SY and PJ are playing this sick game run by their respective political masters. That sums all that is going on.

      But what is really important about this article is its 2 last paragraphs: a clear message that the ONLY suspect that matters is Smithman. All the rest mentioned and to be mentioned is clutter. Just stokes to keep the fire alive.

      Smithman who is Gerry.

      Smithman who was seen holding a girl in his arms.

      A girl who SY now says there’s the possibility of not having left the apartment alive.

      If it’s a possibility, then it’s because there are substantiated reasons for it to have been formulated.

      If the whole article is around a Pilate’s washing of hands over Euclides, what really matters is the punchline: it’s you, Gerry. It’s you.

    4. Thanks for the response Textusa

  27. Then, Monteiro dismissed by Redwood and back on stage the Smiths sight "we Still need to establish the identity of a man seen by 3 witnesses....towards the beach....the night Madeleine disappeared. The witnesses described the man in the e-fits.... White.... Aged 30....short brown hair....medium height, clean shaven"

    Did he forgot, they claimed they received thousand calls from the public identifying the guys in the e-fits and I read in several comments on papers, many readers saying they identified Gerry on one of the e-fits.
    What is SY waiting to point the finger to The right guy and request a proper reconstruction? Waiting for the sand to setle and gave them an excuse to eliminate from the suspects, the Smiths guy, like the egg man, who becomes an innocent dad taking her daughter from the creche, no matter he was walking at the opposite Direction. Soon, they will be back to Euclides, not acting alone, but as part of a gang which justifies the 2010 assault, if ever one this assaults existed.
    I love particularly the part he said the perpetrator use to leave the crime scene slowly and did not get bothered by the parents who wake up and could recognise him. I don't know, which one of the parts was more dirty, if the lazy perpetrator, if the no-reactic parents. No one of the parents had the balls to break his face and call the police. That's why, is so easy to catch a lie/ liar.

  28. "The man remained calm throughout all the attacks and even when disturbed by waking parents or children he made no attempt to run away, leaving villas slowly, apparently unconcerned about being caught."

    So we're talking about a white man in his thirties at the time, a man known to the parents, who consented to their children being molested. A man living in the area and having keys to several apartments.

  29. Express article claims police, presumably PJ, have Monteiro's DNA as he had a previous conviction.
    Portugal adopted DNA database in 2008 for offenders who received 3 years or more imprisonment.
    Monteiro got 5 years according to UK press, but I've never seen evidence of that. And that must have predated 2008 as he died in 2009.
    Must be taken AFTER conviction and if ordered by a judge. If Monteiro was just a thief most likely judge didn’t order DNA be taken.
    Even if judge would have ordered it, Monteiro's wife said he spent 5 years in jail as a young man, so his DNA won’t be on database.
    Again, law from 2008, Maddie taken BEFORE law and Monteiro died in 2009.
    Impossible for PJ to have any DNA from Monteiro in a database.

  30. I think the stories have been so many with so many contradicting details that no one knows what they're saying anymore. This has snowballed into a monster.

  31. The idea was to create confusion and convict a death guy or pin the crime into an unknown criminal living outside Portugal and Uk. Probably a Romenian or from the ex -Russian federation.
    Today, some portuguese paper associate Maddie with " Gang da Europa de Leste".

    All that game from Redwood, involving the media ( not clear for me if PJ was not involved as well) , was to feed confusion on the public mind. In fact they are not investigation anyrhing. All time and money, looks like Is being spend on a game involving the media and a ping-pong with PJ. All to dismiss the real suspects, about which I believe there is important/ enough forensic evidences, with the dogs Showing they were reliable and they did not lie.
    It is hard to feed a lie to the public, but if You play well with confusion, misinformation, and always leaving a small shadow of your main objective, the public will get tired, some will start believing and accepting lies as true facts. On the other hand, their partner- PJ, is already tired of their strategy. What they want is to finnish the case and put a stone on it, no matter if with a lie or an honest solving.
    I don't believe PJ is on the review foccus on Honestly solving the case and give the true picture of what happen to the girl and who did it. If so, they will had exposed the british game already. They are consenting the game and just stopping collateral fire.

    1. Murat's associate, Malinka is russian...and had his car burned down on the street, with a painted message written on the pavement: "FALA", meaning SPEAK.

      Maybe this was an attempt to induce/reinforce in the public's mind the idea of a connection with the eastern mafias..."you see, Madeleine was really abducted at the order of the eastern mafias who deal in human traffcking".
      ...planting the seed...

  32. Daniel Morgan's brother says a corrupt firm within a firm at the Met covered up the murders of Daniel Morgan and Stephen Lawrence.
    Surely they can't afford to cover up the real circumstances behind the death of Madeleine? The truth will always come out eventually.

  33. With the latest profiles of Eastern-European suspects who knocked on MANY Ocean Club doors, it ticks another suspect profiling that was missing. There's only 1 left: South-American itinerant singers.

  34. Who were connected with children traffic and high crime, were the Romenians. But they traffic their own children or Romenian children, to be used by other Romenian couples in the streets, acting as poor people and asking money. Sometimes the mans were reported as being organized and involved on assaults to ATM machines and petrol stations.
    I don't think that group will target a british child on her holidays. Children, is what they have most, easily accessed and easily passed to their own market.

  35. Just watched Hogan-Howe being questioned before Parliamentary Select Committtee, doing a fair impersonation of Pontius Pilate
    He was asked about a SY source behind an article in the Times, claiming police documents may have been shredded for human rights/ data protection reasons.
    HH claimed not to know the source
    Paul Flynn MP questioning him remarks. "Is this SY up to its old tricks, giving anonymous information to the press to spin a case?"
    Isn't this just what we have been experiencing with press reports about suspects and relationships between SY and the PJ?


    Novelas: Media McCann e Simplesmente Maria


    O programa ‘Crimewatch', da BBC, dedicou-lhe nova emissão, centrada na tese do rapto.

    27 de Outubro 2013, 01h01
    Nº de votos (0)
    Comentários (4)

    Por:Eduardo Cintra Torres,

    Há milhares de crianças desaparecidas no mundo, mas o caso Maddie McCann originou a maior cobertura mediática de sempre, superando o do filho do herói da aviação Charles Lindbergh, raptado nos EUA em 1932.

    O aproveitamento mediático de uma estória de interesse humano não chega para explicar o caso Maddie, filha de um até então anónimo casal britânico, bem diferente do mundialmente célebre Lindbergh. Logo após o desaparecimento, em 2007, se percebeu a intervenção do governo britânico. Gerry McCann era amigo do então primeiro-ministro. Houve vários episódios por explicar, como a evolução do processo na nossa polícia, o tratamento VIP dos McCann em Portugal e Reino Unido ou o investimento especial português (para não falar no britânico), por comparação com todos os outros de crianças desaparecidas.

    O caso Maddie desenrolou-se, imparável, nos media. Teve e tem todos os ingredientes para se converter numa longa telenovela de realidade. Nisso assemelha-se ao caso Lindbergh: em ambos, os media chegaram em força ao local horas depois do desaparecimento; ambos originaram telenovelas nos media; ambos tiveram peripécias inexplicadas. Com ironia, o comentador H. L. Mencken chamou ao caso Lindbergh "a maior história desde a Ressurreição" — mas isso foi antes do caso Maddie.

    O caso Lindbergh, anterior à TV, durou quatro anos. Agora, já lá vão seis e as imagens de Maddie nunca deixam os ecrãs, são um fantasma vídeo assombrando-nos em novos episódios. O programa ‘Crimewatch’, da BBC, dedicou-lhe nova emissão, centrada na tese do rapto, inclusive reconstituindo com actores as horas fatídicas; um segundo chefe de governo britânico envolveu-se, autorizando a abertura do processo na Grã-Bretanha; e o processo é também reaberto em Portugal.

    SIC e TVI tentaram comprar o programa da BBC; não puderam, por questões legais, mas as TV não deixaram de dar cobertura máxima ao caso, que garante audiência: O ‘Crimewatch’ foi o mais visto em 11 anos. Entretanto, novo caso infantil encheu as TV do mundo, o da criança branca, "anjo loiro" encontrado pela polícia grega numa família cigana.

    Ao contrário de McCann, não nos deram o apelido. Simplesmente Maria. Seria um caso como tantos, mas com preconceitos: família cigana, logo, suspeita de rapto. No fim, era só um caso de miséria e de costumes minoritários.

    Mundo global, este: uma notícia local transforma-se em telenovela de realidade e ganha alcance global, pois está no meio de nós, num ecrã perto de nós.

  37. E mais uma vez, como sempre, a avalanche surgiu nos media e desabou....sem produzir nada.... nem um rasto, uma sombra, uma virgula, que leve ao hipotético raptor....mesmo deduzindo, pela boca de Redwood, que seria um maltrapilho, sem grande instrução, gordo( barriga proeminente), viciado em assaltos a crianças brancas, e largamente conhecido pela policia.
    Apresentaram-nos um trambiqueiro sem escrupulos, que nem se dá ao trabalho de se esconder ou evitar ser reconhecido pelos pais das vitimas e querem que acreditemos que o mesmo trambiqueiro foi capaz de fazer o crime perfeito no caso Maddie- levou-a de noite, limpando os rastos atrás de si e desapareceu, qual lenda de D. sebastião em noite de nevoeiro.
    Venha o cap 3 do Crimewatch " O extraordinário empenho de uns tipos da Scot em tentarem transformar em realidade a sua ficção".


    “Officers working on Operation Grange – a review into the Madeleine case – are in possession of the DNA of the intruder following one of his attacks.”

    DNA from any crime scenes in Portugal would have to be post 2008.
    Any DNA prior to 2008, as is the case, can only be in UK database.
    So DNA SY have is not from apartment.
    If not from 5A, how is it relevant to M case?
    How is SY then in possession of this DNA if sex assaults in Portugal?
    In 2007, David Reid from Belfast was 57. Not the age group of Smithman nor any lurker sightings.

    1. 09:08
      Isn't this just shelving Binman?
      Because he proved to be even more ridiculous than usual?
      Oh, it was only this guy, after all... sorry folks... we'll bring you a new suspect or suspects shortly after this commercial break...

    2. Good quote on a tweet
      A suspect a day keeps charges at bay

    3. Anon 09:29
      You mean putting binman in the bin?
      Only reported in one trash paper.
      After the comment I sent yesterday where the MP said to HH about SY up to old tricks, sending anon spin to the press, this is a good example.

  39. Mail Headline today
    "Police chief who hasn't got a clue"
    About the stuttering performance of Hogan-Howe and the astonishment and exasperation of the MPs interviewing him at the Parliamentary Select Committee yesterday.

  40. Vá lá! Hoje, repito, hoje, o culpado até é inglês mas convenientemente falecido o ano passado. Diz o mirror tabloid. Que crítica seja quem for, ao acrescentar que a família dele nem tinha sido avisada da sua morte. Este Mirror tem cada uma!

  41. Conforme notícias de outras fontes, D.R. não morreu e encontra-se bem de saúde.
    Penso que algum blogger irá mencionar isso.


    Madeleine case in a right old muddle

    News of the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann seems to be going round in circles. ‘Revelations’ turn out to be old stories recycled. ‘Key suspects’ come and go. ‘New leads’ are leading nowhere.

    The Mirror yesterday (March 25) declared: “Mirror investigation reveals that sicko David Reid was hiding in the Algarve at the time Madeleine McCann was taken from Praia da Luz.” The Daily Mail followed with much the same story today.

    Far from this being news, Reid’s criminal record and presence in the Algarve village of Carvoeiro was written about by the News of the World in 2006. Similar reports appeared in newspapers in Portugal in May 2008.

    A popular musician and well-known locally as ‘Irish Dave’, Reid admitted he had served 18 months of a three-year sentence for indecent assault and gross indecency, as a result of complaints from his own children.

    But he insisted he was not a paedophile and told reporters in 2008 he was “glad the skeletons are out of the closet.” He hoped people would let him “live in peace.”

    Of course he was not counting on a ‘revelation’ as a result of a Mirror ‘investigation’ six years on.

    The gist of the latest statement from the Met police in London on their investigation also sounded remarkably similar to what has long been in the public domain, but the so-called ‘quality’ press, along with the tabloids, churned it out as if it were not only a hot new lead, but even “a breakthrough.”

    The Met statement appealed for further information on “a potential linked series of twelve crimes which occurred between 2004 and 2010, mostly in low season, whereby a male intruder has gained access to mainly holiday villas occupied by UK families on holiday in the Western Algarve.”

    In four of the cases, the intruder is alleged to have sexually assaulted five white girls, aged between seven and ten years, in their beds.

    Senior ex-police officers, led by former detective inspector Dave Edgar and hired by parents Kate and Gerry, looked into sexual attacks on at least five English girls between 2004 and 2007. Their findings were described in some detail by the News of the World in May 2009.

    Kate McCann also wrote about the assaults in her book published in May 2012: “One of the most concerning and upsetting pieces of information to emerge quite early was the record of sexual crimes against children in the Algarve. This discovery made me feel physically sick. I read of five cases of British children on holiday being sexually abused in their beds while their parents slept in another room. In three further incidents, children encountered an intruder in their bedrooms, who was presumably disturbed before he had the chance to carry out an assault.”


  43. Cont

    Yet even The Times last week felt moved to report that “A sex attacker who preyed on young British girls holidaying with their families on the Algarve is a key suspect in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann seven years ago, police said today.”

    Other “key” suspects over the past few months have included Gypsies, British cleaners, bogus East European charity workers and two mystery German speaking-men, but according to the latest Met statement, witnesses described the supposedly lone sex attacker as “having dark (as in tanned skin) with short dark unkempt hair.”

    The Met did not identify the latest “key” suspect, but a headline in the Guardian the day after the Met appeal read: “Madeleine McCann suspect died in 2009.”

    It called this a “revelation” gleaned from “a source close to Portuguese investigators.”

    We had read it all before, of course.

    Early last November, the Daily Mail, among many other papers, named and carried a photograph of a 40-year-old black African, saying the Portuguese police believed he may have killed Madeleine two years before he died in a tractor accident.

    This disclosure came soon after all the BBC Crimewatch fuss over new e-fit images that turn out not be new at all, depicting a man who certainly did not look like a black African.


  44. Cont

    The Guardian’s source said the dead man had been at the centre of Portuguese police inquiries since they reopened the case last October, but they had not drawn any definite conclusions about him.

    He “could” have been involved in the five assaults on white girls - and even the disappearance of Madeleine - but it was no more than a “possibility,” the source said.

    The Guardian also ran a story last week headlined: “Madeleine McCann: a breakthrough that could be devastating.”

    It did not mean devastating to the widow of the smeared African, a man with no record of child molestation and no opportunity to defend himself.

    The Guardian explained that by identifying a series of sex attacks, the Met Police had made a breakthrough in its investigation, but that based on similar cases, “it could mean an end to hopes that Madeleine is alive.”

    It is a hope many have long abandoned. Even Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood, the senior British investigating officer, has conceded she may have died in the apartment.

    Portuguese detectives and prosecutors, as well as specialist British investigators and a British police dog handler, came to that conclusion years ago.

    The former lead detective in the original Portugal investigation, Gonçalo Amaral, reiterated in a recent interview his firm belief that Madeleine died in the apartment the same day or night she disappeared.

    As reported in the Algarve Resident, he claimed his investigation was marred by high-level political involvement, which left DNA samples untested and key witnesses overlooked.

    Amaral and his many supporters completely reject the notion that Madeleine was abducted - and, indeed, there is no hard evidence to support this theory.

    In using the term ‘abduction’ or ‘kidnapping’ of Madeleine McCann, the mainstream media rarely qualify this assertion with words such as ‘alleged,’ ‘possible’ or ‘suspected.’

    Nor were such words used when Redwood said last week: “The Metropolitan Police Service continues to offer a reward of up to £20,000 for information leading to the identification, arrest and prosecution of the person(s) responsible for the abduction of Madeleine McCann from Praia da Luz, Portugal on 3 May 2007.”

    Twenty thousand pounds! It’s a far cry from the £2.5 million reward offered within days of Madeleine’s disappearance, and a drop in the ocean compared to the millions Kate and Gerry have since received in donations on top of the amount the Met has spent so far in its fruitless search.


    Some comments which show that the british public is not being fooled anymore...thanks to blogs like Textusa!

    Laidbk, Swindon, 16 hours ago
    Hello hello hello what's all this then? A paedophile in the same country ? Very suspicious sarge
    Reply New 0 15 Click to rate

    Lisa, London, 16 hours ago
    He's dead!
    Reply New 0 15 Click to rate

    wooldra, chelmsford, 16 hours ago
    More pointless speculation with no supporting evidence whatsoever.
    Reply New 2 26 Click to rate

    Neil Waterhouse, Basingstoke, 17 hours ago
    Yawn. No one is fooled.
    Reply New 2 25 Click to rate

    Karbet, seaford, 17 hours ago
    Anyone convicted of being a paedophile must be given a whole life sentence. We have to protect our children.
    Reply New 3 11 Click to rate

    M. Erlin, Hertfordshire, 17 hours ago
    I am convinced this whole saga is some kind of bizarre 'PSY OP'; come on now... how many more 'suspects' are people going to buy into???????
    Reply New 0 22 Click to rate

    Anon, Manchester, UK, 17 hours ago
    Can I ask why this mans name and picture has been released? I thought it was innocent till proven guilty.
    Reply New 2 22 Click to rate

    Arabella, Éire, 18 hours ago
    Bigger cover than the missing Maylasian Aeroplane
    Reply New 1 20 Click to rate

    Pru, Stafford, 18 hours ago
    This case has never made sense from the start, it has become a multi million pound white wash. Only the terminally gullible would believe any of this. Th suspect list alone to date is like a telephone directory. We have heard so much that turned out to be nonsense, from forced windows and jemmied shutters, locked then unlocked doors to gypsies and swarthy Moroccans. Now this.
    Reply New 1 26 Click to rate

    Steve, Notts UK, 18 hours ago
    This means very little - a man who streaked at a football game was put on the sex offenders register and is considered a peadophile under Britains ridiculous jobsworth laws. So is he a real peado or a made up one?

  46. I'm just relieved that I'm still alive. It seems as if anyone dead is fair game to be named as a suspect by Officer Dibble of the Yard.

    1. That made me chuckle! But, then again, we shouldn't be so easily amused. None of the evidence points towards you, or me, or Textusa. All the evidence points to the McCann couple. But it seems at this rate that the ptb would more happily pin it on one of us, alive or dead, than on where the guilt lies!


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