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Political Courage

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As our regular readers know, we have a policy of publishing new posts on Fridays, unless we find a reason to do otherwise.

Last Friday, we made an exception. We decided to postpone the publishing of the post we had lined up, “Stink Bombs”, and keep the post The Proof that Ocean Club Reads Textusa for an extra week. We explained the reasons why.

But fate would have it, during the night of that same Friday, 14Mar14, we were alerted by a “DO NOT PUBLISH” reader that Mr Amaral was being interviewed in a TV programme. Thank you very much, Anonymous reader.

We, in turn, asked our friend Maria, to keep an eye and see when the video would be posted online, and as soon as it was, she gave us a heads-up. Thank you very much, Maria.

This is a very important video not as much because of its content but of the host and channel. We consider it important enough to have made it an exception to our publishing scheduling.

The channel, Porto Canal, is a regional one, of the second largest city of Portugal: Porto.

This city is very regionally spirited, projected internationally by its prestigious and famous Port wine and it’s very successful soccer club FC Porto.

The host, Luis Filipe Meneses (LFM), is a very important figure within the Partido Social-Democrata (PSD), one of the two rotating parties in power since the April Revolution of 1974. The other being Partido Socialista (PS).

PSD, led by Passos Coelho, is currently in power together with Paulo Porta’s CDS/PP.

LFM was PSD’s leader in 2007/2008.

As of 1997 until 2013 he was the Mayor of Porto’s largest neighbouring city, Vila Nova de Gaia. This city, South of Porto, is where the Port Wine cellars are based.

LFM was PSD’s candidate to be Porto’s Mayor in 2013, an election he lost.

LFM has a weekly show in the Porto Canal called A Opinião de Luís Filipe Menezes (“The Opinion of Luís Filipe Menezes”) in which he’s interviewed by the also very popular TV anchor, Julio Magalhães, who moved from TVI to this regional channel.

The fact that LFM, a very prominent political figure, invited Mr Amaral to speak about Maddie is relevant by itself.

LFM’s questions to Mr Amaral indicate very clearly that he’s not a subscriber of the official abduction thesis.

In terms of content, we would like to point out that Mr Amaral says, publicly, that at the time he was taken off the case, what was established between the PJ and the British police was to take the investigation towards the clarification of death and body occultation and no longer towards abduction.

He states that attached to the process in Portugal there are hair samples, that were returned by the UK to the PJ, that should be checked in terms of DNA but this is still to be done.

When LFM asks Mr Amaral if he thinks if ever the case will ever be solved, Mr Amaral answers saying that when there will be political courage, it will be solved. 

Full Transcript:
(In Portuguese: Maria, in Spanish: Mercedes & Mila)

Julio Magalhães (JM): Now Gonçalo Amaral is here, former Inspector of PJ. Dr. Meneses, it’s your guest, do you wish to introduce him? Make a very brief presentation?

Luís Filipe Meneses (LFM): Gonçalo Amaral needs no introduction but he is the motivation of our invitation.

Well,.. first, because Gonçalo Amaral due to the visibility he achieved with some of the cases he was involved professionally, has also put that in our imaginary confrontational dialectic between a politically correct policeman and a Portuguese “Dirty Harry”.

Let’s then know if he’s a Portuguese “Dirty Harry” or a politically correct policeman.

Besides that, the case, namely the Maddie case, puts into question... raises a number of issues that deserve some reflection.

Seven years have passed and it is a case that is still opening newscasts around the world and provokes us to make a reflection on the qualifications of our PJ, namely in handling crimes with this complexity,  it raises questions if our police, our state are protected from national and international political influences that interfere in the daily professional judgment of the polices and other criminal investigation agents and, on the other hand, the historical memory of what happened, with to some questions that we can put to Gonçalo Amaral, may make viewers individually assume a closer judgment to what happened that night seven years ago in Praia da Luz in the Algarve.

JM: Gonçalo Amaral, good night! It is with great pleasure in having you here. 

Gonçalo Amaral (GA): Good evening and thank you for the invitation

JM: Before the questions, even because Dr. Luís Filipe Meneses will talk a bit with you, I would ask you if you regret everything that has happened in your life, seven years later you have written, have talked about it, lost your family, your job… would do exactly the same today?

GA: I would do exactly the same with a slight difference. I would never leave the PJ, so,.. it could be a problem for the PJ... at the time I thought about it,.. do I leave or do I not leave, if I stay in the police. If I'm a problem for the police or if I leave and have all the other problems. But I wouldn’t leave.

JM: Today you wouldn’t leave the PJ?

GA: No! I have heard of teachers who talk about wanting to return and asking to stop their retirement. I could also stop as I see I still have a place in the PJ. But it seems that is only possible for doctors, isn’t? No disrespect for doctors! [LFM, although a full-time politician is a paediatrician]

JM: Of course, of course.

GA: No, but in fact I don’t regret what I did with conviction, I did it to defend the investigative model, of what should be a criminal investigation.

We here have just spoke of the politically correct or the politically correct policeman and I understand that criminal investigations cannot be politically correct because they don’t have to worry about politics.

And what happened was that.. and it continues to happen, is we have to be politically correct relatively subordinated to the English power. That happens, it happened on 2 October during the Treaty of Lisbon, in the discussions between the Eng. [Engineer, a honorary title similar to Dr.] and Prime Minister at the time, José Sócrates and Gordon Brown, British Prime Minister, in which he came to the newspapers to say he had pressed the Portuguese Prime Minister about the case.

Therefore, it was already a political case and when politics meddles in a criminal investigation nothing comes to a good conclusion, be it relative to a criminal investigation concerning a homicide, be it relative to a theft, be it relative to a disappearance, be it a normal case and corruption is there and will be involved but back to the beginning of the question, I don’t regret it.

I don't regret it because although principles and values don't fill the refrigerator, they enrich me in other ways.

JM: Dr. Meneses…

LFM: I would put a first question Gonçalo Amaral that perhaps should be the last.

I want also to say that I’m never neutral in these matters, I try to be impartial. I have a special liking for Gonçalo Amaral and for the style of policeman he was.

Good, and the first question is precisely the one that perhaps should be the last and not starting with the particular but with the general: the Inspector Goncalo Amaral who led one of the world’s most mediatic investigation in the last years, the citizen Gonçalo Amaral now, with everything that happened and saw and contacted, what is your belief? Was Maddie McCann abducted or died?

GA: Maddie McCann has disappeared and as of then is... died...

She died that night and, by the way these are the conclusions made in the Process itself in September 2007, the PJ concluded,.. and this is a conclusion in the context of an investigation that was not finished but has there a principle, it’s from the sequence of a series of clues that are collected that it’s concluded that she very likely died. And she died that night.

The circumstances of death are still to be clarified, what mechanism, what happened for that death to have occurred are still to be clarified.

And if parents today give the impression that the daughter would be alive or was alive and they have to bet she's alive, they forget that, just after the investigation, they were the first to give those signs of death, they were the first to say that their daughter... that it was necessary, in the case, an individual, one South African Army Colonel with a miraculous machine to find the corpse,.. so those who invited this South African gentleman to come to Portugal were the parents. So as to find a corpse.

Then months later, years later they continue to say, they keep talking that she would be alive. Now Scotland Yard, now in agreement with them too, it seems at least tacitly, it seems that the child is dead.

Obviously, it happens in a lot of these situations, there is much talk... they pushed a lot over these years a circumstance like it happened in other cases where a certain child disappeared and reappeared alive years later and even had children and nearby the abductor, so Madeleine can also be probably alive.

They just forget a small detail. Not forget. They don’t enlighten us because these people have all the information, they have a staff that works with all the information. It's a bit strange and they forget one detail: all those children who have appeared either in Austria or in the United States, when they disappeared they weren’t 3 or 4 years old, they were close to being ten years old, all were girls close to 9 and 10 years of age and there is no girl who has disappeared aged 3 or 4 years. For a abductor that makes someone, a girl, slave, what has been seen is that the age is not the age of 3 or 4 years old but an age near adolescence. They forget that detail.

Now the conviction, I have no doubt about what to me happened to Madeleine McCann. Madeleine McCann died that day, that night in that apartment. And her body disappeared.

LFM: On what do you base this conviction?

GA: On lot of things. In a series of clues, a number of contradictions in the testimonies of those parents, in the testimonies from the friends, traces that were collected with the help of the British special dogs that have never failed in the UK, never have failed this far, working with the FBI...

LFM: That was one of the questions I wanted to know if these dogs in their curriculum have ever any time failed,..?

GA: Never failed, never failed in terms,.. these searches never failed and it was made to our knowledge at the time several cases, several situations, where they worked and never failed. Therefore the hypothesis was that they had failed in Portugal and I, sometimes joking, say it could only be because of the heat.

LFM: Was there human blood in the trunk of the car? 

GA: No doubt about it! In the apartment and in the boot of the car. By the way, this human blood is said by the English Lab, and t’s in a prior report that is in the process, where it’s said it’s the daughter... the daughter of Gerald McCann. It would be from a descendant of.

Then, later, they came up with the hypothesis, they altered those hypothesis, come to say that combination that gives that DNA could be from anyone. By chance there is there a DNA very similar, 90%, of Madeleine McCann’s but could be a DNA built by me, by Julio Magalhaes and by the Dr [referring to LFM] and that would end being that DNA profile.

But the funny thing is that it gives the DNA profile of Madeleine McCann. It does not give the profile of Julio Magalhaes, Gonçalo Amaral nor of Dr. Luis Filipe Menezes or of the doctor that did that test.

We don’t have any doubt and this was discussed at a level in the Portuguese Justice, to the General Prosecutor level, that there was a change in the English laboratory of manipulation of that data.

The FSS, the English Lab has already been questioned about various situations namely in terms of the IRA in Ireland and in terms of bomb attacks, also these traces,.. this way of finding the DNA, to examine the DNA / copy number was questioned about a trace found in an Irish bomb case. And that Laboratory’s credibility was questioned.

But there is one situation here, relative to the Laboratory, which must be taken into account, There are those records that were made by technicians and by scientists who examine and we have to look at those records, to look at what they wrote, in the day-to-day when the evidence was examined, the traces that were remitted there, to what they were writing because after that we see what is the outcome that results in that report they sent here, to Portugal.

And then there is another situation, that it still is possible, to know or to gather clues if in fact that those dogs have failed or not, if indeed ... if that ... in the trunk of that car, I'm referring to the car rented by the McCanns about 15 or 20 days after the disappearance, where traces of blood were found, traces that... that the laboratory says they may be, but there is no absolute certainty that they are from Madeleine McCann and that hair was also found.

Hair, says the laboratory, by the coloring, that’s how the exam was done in the old days, examination, comparing if the hair color was or wasn’t from a person.

Nowadays it is possible to do and, even then it was, do DNA tests to the hair.

There are those who say, and some laboratories say that, that it’s only possible to identify the DNA with the hair root. The English Laboratory says it's not possible because these don’t have the hair root, the root ... and so they won’t do the exam.

These hairs are in Portugal, they were returned to Portugal and are attached to the process. It’s simple. It is the Public Ministry, who has the investigation, to take those hairs and send them to a European or other Laboratory where it’s done this kind of examinations without requiring the hair root.

LFM: But this was never done, is it?

GA: But it was never done. It was never done and what it’s said is that it may have been there a contamination but we will be sure or not if that hair is from Madeleine McCann. Then there will be many a doubt to discuss, to clarify. Now there can’t exist a proof and we’re talking about the man who died from underneath a tractor because he fired himself a month earlier because there were 5 euros missing... that may not have been him...

LFM: There is another piece, there is another interesting piece which is an Irish family, on seeing the McCann couple arriving at London’s airport, says it recognises by posture of the father... a man who was carrying a child that night. Why is it that when this statement is made neither the PJ nor the SY went to hear to this Irish Family?

GA: We were on the day of the Lisbon Treaty, which happens to be on my birthday, the 2nd of October, 2007. It was the Treaty of Lisbon, I celebrate my birthday on 2 October and was fired, in quotes, in Portimão, that 2 October day....

And it was when we are preparing the coming to Portugal of the head of this family, which is of about five people. It was him, the wife, the son, the daughter-in-law and the other daughter, who see that day, that night of 3 May around from 10 o'clock at night, when they come from a restaurant in Praia da Luz and cross with an individual who goes down a certain street in direction to the beach and carrying a child in his arms and her head on his shoulder, here, and is as if she’s sleeping. And later come to say that, from the news, because the next day they returned to Ireland, come to say it can be Madeleine McCann and it could have been the person who carried Madeleine McCann.

They are heard, they are heard in the process immediately in May and June. They came to Portugal, were heard and gave a description of who the person was, his physical appearance, how he walked, the description of the clothes, if he was Portuguese, if he wasn’t, that he would be a tourist because he was sunburned, but wasn’t Latin, they give the age of the person, give also the child’s at least by the size and that was it. Only later when Gerald McCann and Kate McCann leave Portugal for England in September after being heard as arguidos, they fled, literally, fled to England and with them the English police who were cooperating with us but then also disappeared and we came to the conclusion that the English Police were in Portugal only to collaborate in some way to protect that couple But when they arrive in England there’s an image that has already crossed the world, at the time crossed... that is Gerald McCann coming down the steps of the plane, the stairs that access the plane and walking on the runway with one, with one… of the twins like this, in the same way in the arms with the head here.

And what, that family, says is that individual by the posture, the way he walks, the way he carries the child is who they had seen on the day of May 3, the night of May 3. They don’t say anything more, they say that’s where it goes.

And what happens? We started with the efforts to bring them to Portugal, to hear them, the father of this family would have come here, so, the older element was who was available to come to Portugal and we had everything handled: authorization Police for them come to Portugal from PJ’s National Director, ticket emission, if I’m not mistaken tickets were to be  issued, the hotel lacked... so it was just a matter of logistics and it is when, on the 2nd October, after I had been questioned by a newspaper, the Diário de Notícias, about what I thought about the English police saying that Madeleine had been seen in Morocco I said ... I blurted that they should concerned themselves with... knowing really what had happened to Madeleine McCann instead of concerning themselves about other situations ...

Because when the English police left Portugal, what had been established between the Portuguese and the English police was that the police investigation had to proceed in terms of understanding how the death had happened, Madeleine McCann’s death, and what had happened to the corpse.

We were not talking here about abductions or the child being taken to be a sex slave, of nothing of the sort. We were talking about death and occultation of a corpse.

And it's on that 2 October day that I leave. I left the investigation. It’s on that 2 October day that Gordon Brown speaks with Jose Socrates.

It would be good for Sr Eng José Socrates to explain, if he could explain, what happened. I think his posture was, from what I got to understand at the time, a distancing even from the investigation, by not paying much attention, not giving much importance to Gordon Brown’s statements.

It was Gordon Brown who tried to involve the Portuguese Prime Minister in this controversy, so to speak.

But then the one who comes to replace me later considers that, this to respond directly to your question, considers that it isn’t relevant to bring the Irish to Portugal and we stayed like that. So the Irish were never again heard ... they were heard through… 

LFM: Do you think that if at the time, Juca [diminutive of Júlio] Magalhães had abandoned TVI to be Advisor to the McCann couple, would it, would it comprehensible? How is it comprehensible that the spokesman for the English Prime Minister had left, in 24 hours, Tony Blair to be the McCann family’s spokesman? Isn’t that strange?

GA: Yesl, that is almost ... it's another mystery within the mystery, and maybe if we understand that little mystery it can be understood what is behind… not the disappearance ... not the child’s death but what is behind the protection… of the why protect...

JM: ... that couple ...

GA: ... this family, this couple

JM: Did you notice that, Gonçalo Amaral, the power of this couple?

GA: Yes, have I not noticed? I have even noticed in my bank account in what I get at the end of the month. This has happened like this. Now ...

LFM: Is it true ... is it true that one of the elements of the group two years before had been denounced by another companion?

GA: Exactly!

LFM: Of having behaviours near those that could indicate...

GA: ... that is important ....

LFM: .... some extravagant behaviour from the point of view of his tendency to be a paedophile?

GA: It's true ... there is a mystery figure who may even have to do so with the departure of Clarence Mitchell from the British Government to go support the couple. It can be said it is a conspiracy theory but it is not.

There is also a British couple, also doctors, who two years earlier went holidaying with the McCann couple and their children, with Madeleine and with other medical couples, being among them a man who is David Payne.

This David Payne is the last witness, is the witness that on May 3 says he went there to the apartment and that he saw those little children and that they looked heavenly angels, were all very nicely washed, very white, something out of Heaven and is the person who bathed in the holidays, in these holidays he organized, that bathed the girls of 2, 3 years, not only his daughters, his children, but the children of the others.

And it is these circumstances of bathing the children of the others and in comments he makes in a vacation period in which he speaks of, and according to the statements of Dr Katherine Gaspar, who is the name of the person who denounces, statements that are in process that say…

LFM: …denounces extravagant behaviour of the gentleman.

GA: Yes, and this is something that, if we have time, we'll try to explain. She says ... what she says is that he made a gesture and asked questions to Gerald McCann about Madeleine McCann in front of Madeleine McCann herself, who at the time was 2 years old...

LFM: In the investigation, it was never explored the possibility of this man being a paedophile?

GA: Exactly! The question is this: it’s that these statements came to Portugal after I left the investigation, on the 2 .. I left on 2 October and they arrived months later.

They are the statements of Dr Katherine Gaspar and of her husband to the British Police on May 16, 2007, 15 days after the disappearance, statements that the Portuguese police were not informed of and arrive in Portugal via .... by mail, no, by fax, under other documents, these statements come loose and what someone from the British Police does was, here are these statements and now you investigate, question.

And no one from the Portuguese Police, who replaced me, who came next, has yet questioned, nor SY.

No one questions, no one investigates what is going on there. Dr Katherine Gaspar, who denounced David Payne to the British police, was never heard in the Portuguese process and was never included in the rogatory letter which was issued by the Portuguese authorities. This is the truth, and we’re going on with debates, with burglaries...

JM: …Goncalo Amaral ...

GA: ...and things that are in the process are not investigated.

JM: All this makes one think, and just to finish, that it will never be solved ..... it will never be ... it’s a case that will stay in history without being solved?.

GA: I think it will be solved, it will be solved ... and there we come back to politics, when there will political will on both sides.

JM: And when it is proved that Madeleine McCann was really dead, do you intend to be reimbursed?

GA: Well, it seems that if I use the strategy of the couple McCann, it’s already tacitly acknowledged. The SY has already said she’s dead, so... not having proved anything…

LFM: If you had the McCann couple’s financial capability resulting due to the fund that was placed at their disposal, would you have found the culprits?

GA: I have done a lot to try to find the culprits, there is much information that is still unexplored. Now, it’s hard in our country for us to be able to investigate, because a private person cannot investigate...

LFM: and do you think you were removed from your ... from your duties, and marginalized until you leaving the PJ because you were too close to finding ...

GA: No.

LFM: ... the truth about the case?

GA: No, not don’t go that way. I left the investigation and was withdrawn from the investigation because the case had to be dominated politically, only and only because of that.

Because I opposed the archiving, and directly, and with police directors and said that I disagreed with the archiving.

It was suggested and said to me that there are processes, there are investigations that have no end, that never have a result and that I shouldn’t do much to.. That I call it quits and so all was set-up to... I always opposed and so I left the investigation and not for being close.

As such I don’t take it, no, I don’t take my exit with something of they being afraid of… no. The question was ... it’s that the case is political, just and only political. Politics is what is handling this issue and when politics enters the investigations... when investigations are politically correct we won’t go anywhere.

JM: Gonçalo Amaral we are going to have to finish, just half a minute more, you have already said that your belief is that Madeleine McCann is dead. I don’t want you to answer but do you also have some conviction about who is the author of the crime?

GA: Who is? Well.... only in the accident hypothesis, now there are people responsible, those who had the guardianship of the child certainly have some responsibility, to what extent I don’t know.

LFM: Thank you very much. I think in seven years from now maybe we will be here to do a follow-up

GA: ...... a cycle, seven years is always a cycle in people's lives.

JM: Oh yeah?

GA: ...they say yes, some say and there are some theories ...

JM: Gonçalo Amaral it was nice to have you here and very good evening and thank you

GA: Thank you very much.

JM: Dr. Luis Filipe Meneses, congratulations for the guest for tonight and for this comment from Luis Filipe Meneses. Next, the latest news, good night.

And it goes without saying, thank you to the reader who alerted us!!


  1. Poster NickE quotes this post on JH but doesnt credit it to Textusa:

    I think it's shameful.

    1. He's even edited out parts which showed where it originated from and your thanks to Maria.
      How dishonest!

    2. I do hope someone from JH thanks Textusa for interpreting the gist and main comments, as well as setting it in a political context for non Portuguese readers. Many of the posters on there have good manners and acknowledge the source of the material they are using.
      Also, out of context, it makes it seen like a comment from the tv programme

    3. Doug D has set the record straight:

      " Re: Goncalo Amaral "Political Courage"

      Post Doug D Today at 2:53 pm
      Comment on Textusa blog (& rightly so imo) that no credit given for this post, which has been pulled straight off.

      So for the record:


      ‘But fate would have it, during the night of that same Friday, 14Mar14, we were alerted by a “DO NOT PUBLISH” reader that Mr Amaral was being interviewed in a TV programme. Thank you very much, Anonymous reader.

      We, in turn, asked our friend Maria, to keep an eye and see when the video would be posted online, and as soon as it was, she gave us a heads-up. Thank you very much, Maria’.

      I would like to offer my apologies (not sure I can do that on behalf of the forum as such), but would respectfully ask all our members that due credit is given where items such as this are shared, this sharing being an essential part of the whole on-line media discussion/info sharing process.

      I've no doubt you can find examples where I have not added a link or credit, but I do try."

      I would like to accept the apologies from Doug D, not sure I can do that on behalf Textusa but I feel I can as I raised the issue.
      However I cannot help to note that NickE was blatant in censoring the context.

  2. Hi Textusa, I hope you are doing well. I'm surprised that there are hair samples in Portugal. If they ever get around to sending those hair samples to a lab I hope they request that they be analysed for the presence of sleep inducing drugs.

    Mr. Amaral seems to be in better health not looking as gaunt as he was a few months ago. I wish him all the best.

  3. We have now updated the post with 3/4 of the transcript.

    The parts, hair and what was established between the Portuguese and British polices, referred in the post are in what has been published of the transcript.

    We would like to thank Maria for all the work she has done.

  4. I've read on another blog that Crimewatch update tonight will be looking at an attacker of British children between 2004-2010.
    Surely not a Hewlett connection?
    If this is true, it will finally confirm a whitewash in progress. Problem is, it will be inferior paint and will wash off in the first heavy shower of rain.

  5. In 2010 West Yorkshire police were approached by CEOP to request a review of the case. This was obviously related to Raymond Hewlett, as he was being linked to a case in Bradford.
    This tells me that CEOP were trying to influence the direction of the review - the direction being towards Hewlett.
    What connection otherwise does the M case have to West Yorkshire?

  6. We have now updated the post with the full transcript.

    Thank you Maria for all the cooperation and hard work.

    Thank you readers for your patience.

  7. Private Eye 1362
    "Met police ' promise to cooperate '
    By our crime correspondent
    Darren Bent Copper
    The Met Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe has promised to cooperate fully with the McPherson Inquiry into Stephen Lawrence's death.
    " We're giving a cast iron guarantee that all the relevant documents withheld from the McPherson Inquiry, despite cast iron guarantees given at the time that they will be handed over. You have our word on that.
    Also, to save time, we're giving s cast iron guarantee that we'll cooperate with the numerous subsequent inquiries into why we broke the cast iron guarantees given in relation to this inquiry.
    Londoners need to remember how much the Met has changed, HH told reporters as staff shredded hundreds of incriminating documents.
    These days, we're equally as comfortable fitting up white middle-class cabinet ministers as we are destroying the lived of black families.
    He concluded- " Londoners can still trust the Met- we are still the best police force money can buy."
    Yes, it's a spoof piece, but how accurate and it will be said about this case one day.
    Who will AR attempt to point the finger at?

  8. Looks like our new suspect will be Bull's Eye man, judging from photo of red shirt with white circle on it
    It should have" I'm the next target" written on it.

  9. http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2014/mar/19/madeleine-mccann-police-intruder-girls-algarve

    “Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood, in charge of the hunt for Madeleine, accepted there were differences between these cases and that of Madeleine's disappearance but added that there was a POSSIBILITY that Madeleine had NOT LEFT her family's holiday apartment ALIVE when she disappeared in May 2007.”
    “Redwood said the assumption that Madeleine HAD BEEN ALIVE "may NOT follow with all our thinking" on the case.”

    AR saying M may not have been alive when she left the apartment.
    If that's the new line, the dogs were right, it was blood, ergo they were right about the car too.
    So why didn't the Mcs or PJ see any blood that night? No sign of a struggle, no crying. So no burglar. No stranger.

  10. http://www.tvi24.iol.pt/503/sociedade/maddie-menina-desaparecida-homem-abusos-tvi24/1545706-4071.html

    "Caso Maddie: procurado homem que abusou de cinco meninas"
    "Os ataques tiveram lugar entre 2004 e 2007 e as vítimas tinham entre sete e dez anos"

    just a small snippet:

    «Na maior parte dos casos não houve indícios de entrada forçada na propriedade, nada foi levado, e o intruso surgiu ao início da madrugada, entre as 02:00 e as 05:00», escreve a polícia."

    the attacks happened mostly between 2am and 5am...but on the 3rd of May the paedo must have decided he wanted to go home early...maybe tired of the long nights out?!

    Aaah...The latest silliness, until the next one...

  11. Same link:
    "Redwood said if names were put forward, his team would be able to eliminate them from inquiries, SUGGESTING THE POLICE MAY HAVE DNA EVIDENCE."

  12. Break ins: 2 said to have been at holiday rentals at PdL
    Times were between 2 and 5 am in some cases and girls older.
    AR on radio just said now he has an unhealthy interest in young White girls and need to know who he is and IF he is connected.
    Spoke English with foreign accent, unshaven and smelled funny (well, don't all foreigners smell funny?!!)
    None were abductions.

  13. Could it be that "Team SY" is tired of waiting after spanner thrown in engine by Mr. Amaral?

    1. Textusa,

      As the word death has now been mentioned - Prior to being taken, then it points in a certain direction
      Maybe AR warning people to come forward now and be eliminated from a murder/ manslaughter charge?

  14. It seems Mr Amaral was correct in saying there is a tacit agreement between SY and the McCanns that Madeleine is dead. I found that a surprising comment in the TV interview but it makes more sense now.
    I would have expected a statement from them to this effect by now.
    Redwood didn't say he had shared this information with them, but if he really believed in their innocence, it would be a brutal revelation to make to the press, without doing so beforehand.

  15. http://noticias.sapo.pt/internacional/artigo/scotland-yard-informou-pj-antes-de-lancar-novo-apelo-publico-detetive-britanico_17479732.html

    Scotland Yard informou PJ antes de lançar novo apelo público - detetive britânico

    A Scotland Yard informou a Polícia Judiciária antes de lançar hoje um novo apelo nos meios de comunicação social para encontrar o responsável por uma série de ataques sexuais a crianças no Algarve, garantiu hoje o inspetor Andy Redwood.

    "O meu colega, diretor [Luís] Mota Carmo, que está a trabalhar na delegação de Faro, compreende perfeitamente a natureza e amplitude da nossa investigação. Eu estive em Portugal na última quinta-feira, onde discuti as nossas intenções em relação a este apelo através da comunicação social. Tudo o que estamos a fazer é feito em entendimento total e aberto com os nossos colegas portugueses", afirmou o detetive, em entrevista à agência Lusa.

    Redwood, que encabeça desde 2011 a "Operação Grange", a investigação da polícia britânica ao desaparecimento de Madeleine McCann em 2007, disse ter viajado ao todo 26 vezes até Portugal para reuniões de "nível estratégico ou tático".

    Agência Lusa

    1. http://www.met.police.uk/madeleine-mccann-appeal/

      New appeal following the disappearance of Madeleine McCann


      Officers from Operation Grange investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann have today issued a further appeal for information.

      During the course of their enquiries, officers have identified a potential linked series of twelve crimes which occurred between 2004 and 2010, mostly in low season, whereby a male intruder has gained access to mainly holiday villas occupied by UK families on holiday in the Western Algarve.

      In four cases between 2004 and 2006 the man sexually assaulted 5 white girls, aged between 7 and 10 years, whilst in their beds. On one of these occasions, he assaulted two girls in the same villa.

      Whilst not identical, there are many similar aspects to each of the incidents in that in most cases there were no signs of forced entry to the property, nothing was taken, and the intruder appeared in the early hours of the morning between 02.00hrs and 05.00hrs.

      The suspect may have been in the villa or looking round the villa for some time before committing the offences or being disturbed either by a parent, or the child waking up.

      He remained calm, even when disturbed.

      On two occasions the noise of a bin collection lorry could be heard nearby.

      Of the twelve offences, there were four in Carvoeiro, six in the Vale da Parra , Praia da Gale district and two in Praia da Luz.

      Witnesses describe the man as having dark (as in tanned) skin with short dark unkempt hair. He spoke in English with a foreign accent, his voice was described as slow, or possibly slurred.

      He was sometimes bare chested, some describe him as having a pot belly, and three victims said that he had a noticeable odour.

      On two occasions in Vale de Parra and Praia da Gale he was wearing a distinctive burgundy long sleeve top, on one of those occasions it was described as having a white circle on the back.

      DCI Andy Redwood, the senior investigating officer said today,

      “We need to establish the identity of this man.

      “These offences are very serious and no one has been charged in connection with them. We also need to eliminate this man from our enquiries and ascertain whether these offences are linked to Madeleine’s disappearance.

      “If you have been a victim of a similar crime please come forward even if you reported the incident to police in Portugal, or anywhere else, please do not assume we have been made aware of it .

      “While some of these offences have been in the public domain before, following our appeal in October three more were reported to us as a direct result of that appeal. One of those reports we believe is the first in the potential series.

      “Please call us on 0800 0961011 if you are within the UK. The number for non-UK residents is +44 207 1580 126. Alternatively if you do not want to speak to us directly you can contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

      “Our appeal last year was very successful and we had over 5,000 calls which generated new information for us and which we continue to investigate.

      “We still need to establish the identity of a man seen by three witnesses, carrying a child fitting Madeleine's description towards the beach or town areas at about 2200 on the night Madeleine disappeared. The witnesses have described the man in the e-fits as being white, aged in his 30s, with short brown hair, of medium build, medium height and clean shaven.

      "The Metropolitan Police Service continues to offer a reward of up to £20,000 for information leading to the identification, arrest and prosecution of the person(s) responsible for the abduction of Madeleine McCann from Praia da Luz, Portugal on 3 May 2007. "

    2. http://www.met.police.uk/madeleine-mccann-appeal/

      Please check the jersey!!! It circles where there should have been a heart of the people that come up with this campaign!

  16. http://noticias.sapo.pt/internacional/artigo/policia-britanica-vai-usar-redes-sociais-para-tentar-chegar-aos-portugueses-detetive_17479773.html

    Polícia britânica vai usar redes sociais para tentar chegar aos portugueses - detetive

    A Scotland Yard lançou hoje um site traduzido em português e pretende usar as redes sociais para tentar chegar aos portugueses e obter informação relevante sobre o desaparecimento de Madeleine McCann, revelou hoje o detetive chefe Andy Redwood.

    A página de internet diz respeito ao apelo público lançado hoje para identificar um homem alegadamente responsável por ataques sexuais graves a cinco crianças britânicas com idades entre os 07 e dez anos, num total de 12 ocorrências registadas com famílias britânicas entre 2004 e 2006 no Algarve.

    "Estamos a direcionar [a informação] às comunidades que são afetadas e a portuguesa foi claramente afetada no sentido em que estes crimes aconteceram no Algarve. Por exemplo, estamos a usar meios como o Facebook, em que conseguimos promover a nossa informação e os nossos apelos", afirmou à agência Lusa.

    Agência Lusa

    1. m.facebook.com/metpoliceuk?id=260012884055691&refsrc=http%3A%2F%2Ft.co%2F9ZI6HNslSp&_rdr

      Metropolitan Police Service shared a link.
      4 hours ago •
      Madeleine McCann - New Appeal

      The Met have issued a fresh appeal for information today to support the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

      DCI Andy Redwood will appear on BBC Crimewatch tonight to make the appeal. Officers have identified a potential linked series of twelve crimes which occurred between 2004 and 2010, mostly in low season, whereby a male intruder has gained... Continue Reading


      20 • Like • 15 Comments • Share


      Tony Sweet
      I still think the poor child's parents should have been charged with at the very least Neglect .
      Now before the rants come at me for saying this hear me out - No parent in a right mind leaves a child alone and goes out partying especially in a foreign environment .
      I'm still disgusted by this .
      Like • 10 • Reply • 4 hours ago
      2 replies
      Robbie Newton
      I just want to know, will the amount of money and police resources used on Madeleine McCann, be used on all the other kids who have been missing for over a year?
      Like • 10 • Reply • 4 hours ago
      Kyhl James
      And this has only come to light now ? Should have checke all offences like this around the Time
      Like • 4 • Reply • 4 hours ago
      Sarah Kitley
      Cover up, anyone?
      Like • 2 • Reply • 4 hours ago
      Gilly Kirby
      The little girl might have disappeared but surely to reach a positive outcome by finding the person that took her can only be good. They might be out there continuing to harm others! Had she disappeared in the UK things might have been different.
      Like • 1 • Reply • 3 hours ago
      John Marshall
      Ha just lol at the people who moan about this case keep being brought up but yet happily hear about the Stephen lawrence case for the 1000000000000th time!
      Like • 2 • Reply • 3 hours ago
      1 reply
      Jim Bradley
      From what I heard the Church nearby the McCann holiday apartment was being renovated at the time of her disappearance. .........maybe should look in the concrete there.......but that's already known to the Police isn't it?
      Like • Reply • 3 hours ago
      Tony Sweet
      Hate to be syndical but she's gone !
      Like • Reply • 4 hours ago
      Spencer Spurs Davies
      Harsh but she wont ever be found
      Like • Reply • 4 hours ago
      John Marshall
      More significance? Oh do explain! Because he was black perhaps?
      Like • Reply • 3 hours ago

    2. Deve ser por isso que todos os jornais ingleses têm o botão dos comentários bloqueado, sempre que a noticia é relacionada com o caso Maddie.
      É bom que abram o espirito quadradão e corrupto em que mergulharam, porque dos portugueses vão ler o que não gostam - que são corruptos, incompetentes, manipulados, mentirosos, envoltos num crime de branqueamento dos verdadeiros culpados pelo desaparecimento da criança.
      Bora lá, mostrar-lhes em português, que não somos chipados. Somos seres pensantes, que não engolimos porcaria, mesmo quando tentam servi-la em pratos 5 estrelas, devidamente enfeitados pelos canais de TV e Pelos mtos jornalistas sem escrupulos.
      Bora lá, pedir-lhes que mandem de novo os 9 mosqueteiros ao OC, não para " Swingarem", mas para reconstruirem o ultimo dia da criança e " contarem Como Foi"

  17. Well done on this post Textusa and thanks also to Maria, I see the British media are doing a typical mccann and claiming yet another suspicious character around pdl, its an absolute outrage that they expect the British public to still believe this tripe about abductors, the mccanns and their tatty pr team know no shame. They are an example of what is wrong in society today, believing they are above the law and that money will allow them never to face justice for their crimes and hide behind expensive lawyers. Thank you dear Textusa for your tireless work which is followed by many. xx

  18. Taking into account that Oporto PJ was the one selected to work with british review, this interview is very important. It forces the british to act? Is the latest british "act", Operation Grange " rubbish" one of the this actions?
    Well, nothing is innocent on Maddie case. And in fact, I don't know who is more desperate... If the Mccann's, if the BHS or if the British police with their investigation that in practicsl produce nothing credible and keeps going from rubbish into rubbish.
    After hunting gypsies and death guys, now they shift into red t-shirt users ( Benfica Supporters, must be Pleased by that developents) . We can look at that as a desperate joke. Did you imagine a child predator entering the houses of his victims during the night, while the house was occupied, and be able to attack the children, come out and keep attacking day after day, use the bed of the victims, etc, etc. Was too much, too exagerate to be credible. On their attempt, to create a case, the british police exagerated and when you exagerate, the story has no other meaning then an invention, a lie.
    We should note that the victims were all british and the predactor, a tan man speaking english with accent( then, not english) . How convennient- the bad guys are always " not english". No matter all the story was packed with english ingredients. And what to say about the families of the victims? Their children were abused and they did not call the portuguese police to report the incident or get the predator jailed? What a nice picture about that families?!! They waited 7 years to report a so serious crime to the police in charged of Maddie review. Who believes that? Only the tabloid readers, who believe in fantasist stories.
    Operation Grange is being framed by his own whitewash- going ridiculous and ridiculous.

  19. The new jersey is ridiculous. It's so memorable that if there had been these burglaries people would have gone to the police to report it. Didn't everyone see Maddie everywhere? If this had a shred of truth this shirt would have been famous in 2007!
    So sad to see SY as liars. That's what I think they have become and I think I'm not alone in thinking this

  20. Then, now they are hunting guys with a red T-shirt and looking for a red T-shirt with a white circle on the back? Are tyey serious?
    It is a shame to see a country bending under the rules of a group of swingers, and I'm not talking about Portugal. In fact, who is being completely insulted by that group and a corrupted police, is the all Uk. His citizens, who are being paying that circus through Their
    How the red tshirt matches the egg man from Jane T and the e-fits, they produced on their reconstruction? They forgot to dress up the suspects in red. Sorry, forgot that through british police own circus, they already cleared the egg man and Jane T become irrelevant. If so, no alibis for Gerry.
    Back to the red t-shirt. It is really the best color a criminal could choose to get unnoticed and bothered kids at night, while they are on their beds. With a white beard, which will be part of the next chapters, he could have been Santa in May in PDL.
    Well done, Operation Grange. You could not go more low... sinking on the mud.

  21. Segundo o CM, o suspeito fala ingles com sotaque estrangeiro, Andava em tronco nu ou com uma camisola vermelha com um circulo ( alvo) nas costas, tinha uma barriga protuberante e predilecção por crianças brancas. Eh, eh, tudo, adjectivos que permitiam que se confundisse bem e passasse despercebido numa PDL pequena e vazia, onde todo o mundo se conhece, especialmente em época baixa.
    Tinha de ter estes adjectivos não é? Não fosse alguém lembrar-se da parte masculina que constitui os Tapas 9. É que os ultimos retratos robot Deram mau resultado- milhares de chamadas a identificarem Gerry. Por via das dúvidas, agora saia um " com barriga protuberante". Já o imagino a atravessar a janela do 5a com a Maddie às costas.
    Ressalto algo mto importante neste apelo, a oferta de 24000 Euros p/ quem der pistas. Neste caso, o mais correcto é dizermos, para quem estiver disposto a compactuar com a farsa e ajudar a alimentá-la. Em tempo de crise, 25000 Euros já são uma tentação para muitos, sobretudo se não tiverem pachorra para ligar o numero apregoado pelos apresentadores dos daily shows da RTP1 para se habilitarem ao sorteio diário. Para a Scot, a chamada não é de valor acrescentado. Eles até pagam a chamada e no final, conforme o interesse da participação, assim será a recompensa. Se forem 1000 Euros para 24 farsantes, o negócio é bom para todos. Uns ganham mais que o ordenado minimo e os outros têm mais uma lufada para manterem a farsa.
    Enfim... Siga o circo e venham mais palhaços para insultarem o público e o trabalho dos palhaços verdadeiros.
    Só não percebo porque a PJ deixa que o seu nome seja associado a este circo. Está a ver até onde vai a valsa inglesa....

  22. Redwood said they open a Facebook where the portuguese can post. What a rubbish. He is aware that the big majority of the portuguese who use the Facebook have a good knowledge of english, spanish and french? Is not the language, what is going to make any difference. Again, a strategy to fool the british. A message for internal comsuption.
    If the opinion of the public is so important, why the participation of the public is / was prevented on the british media? No comments allowed, if the subject involves the Mccann's.
    Is Redwood reading the comments on portuguese papers? Non, because he don't understand portuguese, but I believe he is being well informed by ID office. Then, he knows the portuguese papers are filled up with very negative comments regarding the Mccann's and the British investigstion. The Public that reads the portuguese papers did not believe on Mccann's innocence and they have the feeling that the investigation should foccus who had spend the last day with the child( the Tapas 9 and the OC, which includes their guests).

  23. Redwood has become the face of the institutionally politicallycorrupt SY. This case proves how corrupt and destroyed our once great British Police force has become.

  24. Just now on SIC news: it's Euclides Monteiro!!!
    According to SIC he was near every site where sexual abuse with little girls happened!
    On the day Maddie disappeared SIC says he was on sick leave (hadn't he fired himself before because of 5 euros?) so they don't know where he was that night.
    So Euclides is not only a druggie as he's also a paedo!!! I hope Cape Verde authorities watched this!
    The report ends "... and Euclides is dead so he can't defend himself and the family insists that he's being used..."
    What kind of journalsh*t is this?!? Slander someone like this just because he's black, poor and dead?!?

    1. But he's not the pot belly smelly slurry speaker.
      He / they weren't black. GA mentioned tractorman in the interview but didn't elaborate, only made a dismissive remark.
      SY can't afford to have a black abductor when the Stephen Lawrence murder - a young black man - currently causing huge problems for SY because of corruption and racism is ongoing. The UK public won't tolerate it. It would cause ructions in the UK to have the killer of Maddie to be a black man. A dead patsy yes. Black ... No no no. It would really have to be him.

    2. What I don't get is the reason for the contradiction in Redwood's updated appeal to teh public. On the one hand he insists that the intruder was 'tanned' (as opposed to black/African), on the other hand he talks about his unhealthy interest in little 'white' (as opposed to blonde/English) girls. The latter comment only makes sense if he wants to suggest that the intruder himself is non-white.
      Now I can understand that political correctness can force officials into weird semantical contortions, but would Redwood go so far as issuing contradictory and misleading appeals to the public? Or is he looking for a non-white non-African perpetrator, i.e. NOT Tractorman? Perhaps swarthy gypsies, again, ....... unless he wants to frame Senhor Amaral himself: after all, the infamous photo of him in the early days of the invetigation fits the decription: tanned, unruly black hair, bare chest, pot-bellied, sardine-munching (which would account for the strange odour (strange for British children, who, at a young age, develop a preference for seebass, or so Gerry informs us...) *only joking* *I hope*

  25. Cameron now saying he would be willing to intervene with Portuguese government if British inquiry held up by delays. Is this going to get nasty?

  26. The Guardian today:
    “But there are aspects to the emerging evidence of a sexual predator being active in the holiday resorts of western Portugal that could be devastating for Madeleine's parents. Research shows that such predators do not leave their victims alive for long – a matter of hours is usual. Detective Chief Inspector ANDY REDWOOD ADMITTED THAT WHAT THEY HAVE UNCOVERED MEANS MADELEINE MIGHT NOT HAVE LEFT THE APARTMENT ALIVE.”

    Guardian insists Maddie dead before leaving apartment. Says this is from AR.
    So sexual predator abused her, killed her and then took her away? Cleaned the DNA from both? And did he do anything similar with any of the cases now reported by SY?


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