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The Proof Ocean Club Reads Textusa

UPDATE on 14 MAR 2014 09:01:00:

There are two ways to sing fado, Portugal’s typical most traditional music: the Lisbon way or the Coimbra one.

The fado from Coimbra has a very peculiar way of being applauded. No clapping.

The spectator, if pleased, has to simply produce the sound of clearing the throat. The idea is to have the spectator pretend not to have paid much attention and having him acknowledging, very discreetly, the artistic performance.

And it can be one of the most fascinating sounds ever produced collectively.

This, just to say that volume of noise is not the only way to quantify applause or approval.

In our case we have 3 ways of judging the success and importance of a post: pageviews, silence and noise.

The pageviews number is the most obvious and direct way to judge approval.

The silence in certain quarters is an indication of a job well done. Watching people squirm around irrelevant subjects while embarrassingly pretending to ignore the elephant in the room only means that we have made our point quite clearly. We quite enjoy watching people turn over completely charred meat on the grill and discussing between themselves if it’s rare or medium-rare.

The noise, is only from very specific and really dark holes in the internet. Some posts make dogs bark more and louder than in other. The barking, as you might imagine, is music to our ears.

This post has achieved all in all 3 counts.

Due to that, we chose to postpone our next post “Stink Bombs” for next Friday and leave this post another week.

Let it be here so it further shows the evidence that not a single reporter has filmed the BRT. That not a single reconstruction has reconstructed the Tapas that night, more specifically the BRT, with minimum veracity or realism.

Every single time, gravity seems to take the best of all cameramen, forcing them to point their cameras downwards whenever they approach the area where the BRT was supposed to be.

Compare every footage about where the T9 were supposed to have that meal with the MW promotional video that we have placed in the update (courtesy of anon).

See how in the promotional video the camera is always held high. How the camera pans the open spaces and tables with no particular tendency to film low or just the floor. No fear of showing anything whatsoever. The intent is to show, to promote and not to mistify.

Apparently, when it comes to showing where the T9 had dinner, there’s always, and we mean always, a sudden urge to be artistic. To shoot low… or shoot the ground. Or as can be seen in this post, to film, like CNN did, a totally different esplanade from Tapas to show… Tapas.

To not film BRT is as relevant as not filming Apartment 5A. Imagine that every reporter, by “coincidence” would avoid picturing Apartment 5A, or the window of the kids room. Imagine that in every news report about Maddie when it came to speak about from where she was taken, the image would go up to the limit of the Tapas wall, and suddenly turn to the floor to film the tarmac on the street. Wouldn’t that be strange?

Yet, besides us, no one questions why no one has filmed openly the BRT. It’s as an important piece of the puzzle as is the Apartment 5A.

The post "The Proof Ocean Club Reads Textusa" for another week:

Here I am Baby - UB40

To our new readers, we have created the acronym BRT and it stands for Big Round Table.

Not just any BRT but the one and only that, allegedly, the T9 sat around to have dinner from Sunday 29Apr07 to the fateful Thursday 03May07.

The BRT at Tapas Bar esplanade where , allegedly, 9 adults dined 5 evenings in a row.

The BRT that the Ocean Club was kind enough to reserve for this group of 9 people for those 5 nights when, allegedly, all other guests had to sacrifice their morning activities to queue up if they wanted to get a reservation at such a sought after restaurant that offered only 20 covers a night.

In those 5 days, with the T9 booking only 11 covers were left to be reserved by those who queued. This group reservation cut in a staggering 45% the available covers for that period.

We did say in our The Devil's Finger is in the Detail post (11Jun2011) that Kate's book page 52 contradicts the 20 covers and says Tapas only had 15 diners in the evening, Meaning both staff ratio to diners was absolutely fantastic as well as vacancies for queued-up covers were reduced to... a mere 6. As Kate says in her book “our party of nine occupied most of the available places and I, for one, felt rather guilty about that.”

The BRT that was apparently numbered #211 in the various Tapas Reservation Sheets.

The BRT that was big enough to sit 10 people as allegedly in one of the evenings the Quiz Mistress, Ms Najoua, also sat there, briefly.

That’s the BRT we refer to when we say BRT in a nutshell. The BRT.

The BRT we say never existed.

We first started to question the existence of the BRT when we invited our readers to look with a different set of eyes at the Paraíso Pictures is our Holiday Time!!! post (30Nov2010) we broke for Christmas that year.

That invitation apparently sent people on an intense chase scrutinising those pictures into the minutest details.

Everyone seemed to want to know what Textusa saw in those pictures that others hadn't yet. In hindsight, it was a huge compliment paid by our readers which went unacknowledged. 3 years and 3 months later, our apologies.

But we didn't want readers to go and look for details but to look at each picture as a whole. We first interrupted our Christmas Break with an update and then with a reactive post.

In the update we said: “First I wanted you to see, for yourselves, that the space of the Paraiso is very similar, if not larger (at least has many more eating places) to the Tapas, and AS THE PICTURES show, NINE adults would be much more noticeable than said by the TAPAS employees.”

But it was in the reactive post, In an Emergency call 112, when in a HOAX call 211 (05Dec2010), that we presented our arguments questioning BRT’s existence.

The Black Hats (BH) reacted, trying to shrug it off with their usual offensive humour, and this led to our Textusa Meltdown post (13Dec2010) which we advise readers to revisit.

Textusa Meltdown had a follow-up in our Textusa Meltdown - "The Day After" post (10Mar2010) when we found out that the BHs tried to rewrite history in the best Orwellian style, whereby Sidmouth's precious comment about the Tapas round tables and pergolas had been wiped off the internet.

Quite an eventful 2010 Christmas Break

We continued with our BRT debunking with our Tapas Sheet debunking posts. If they wish to do so, readers can read them under the heading “The Tapas Quiz posts” on the right column of the blog’s front page.

The inexistence of the BRT meant there were no Tapas dinners, so the Tapas Reservation Sheets could only be fake and these posts proved that they were easily proven false by themselves.

We parodied these queued-up reservations  in our Tapas Dining - Fawlty Towers Style post (12Apr2011)

As we had done with the “really-very-fast-food” service provided by Tapas bar in our Nights of the Round Table post (16Feb2011).

We pointed out how strange it was that such an efficient and sought after dining facility seemed to have escaped any mention of relevance by tourists staying in the resort in our Reviewing the Reviews post (08Apr2011). 

A dining facility reserved only to Ocean Club guests so, supposedly, regularly used by guests. Go figure why they go and suggest local restaurants to avoid going to the far-off Millenium instead of Tapas.  

After all guests did queue up just to be able to dine there, outdoors, in those chilly, fleece-wearing evenings of early May. In the reviews, no one speaks of the “Tapas queues”. Go figure.

In our Will Kate's Book Definitely Prove Textusa Wrong? post (15Apr2011), we even went as far as defying Kate McCann, 1 month before publishing her book, to prove us wrong by asking her to publish Dianne Websters’ pictures of the BRT.

Dianne is very clear in her rogatory:

DC 4078: "Okay, so you've been back to the Tapas and you've collected bits and pieces that people have left lying around. You mentioned a camera, or cameras, had there been many photos taken that evening?"

DW: "There hadn't, I don't think there'd been any taken that evening and I think I can't remember who, it was either, it was either Kate or err Rachael, it might have been Kate, who'd brought their camera because they hadn't taken any photographs at all in the evening. I think I was the only one that ever took any photographs in the evening and that was about the second night we were there, I just took pictures of everybody sitting round the table but I didn't get any of he surrounding areas but because we hadn't been really sat there that long no pictures were taken." (…)"

So all they had to do was to publish Dianne’s photographs of “everybody sitting round the table” in Kate’s book and we would all get to see that elusive BRT,

 Unfortunately, the request went unanswered as you all know.

The fascinating thing was that although we proved beyond any reasonable doubt that there were no Tapas T9 dinners, our voice has been very lonesome.

The BRT has been an “off-bounds” issue in other sites, together with the swinging thesis and the fact there was no T9 negligence whatsoever.

The reason is very simple, not having a BRT means that Ocean Club and guests have openly lied in this case and that is something “White Hats” (“WH”) will do almost anything to avoid being openly discussed.

So no one talked about it and everyone pretended not to have read us. And we wrote a lot about as can be seen.

On August 23, 2011, our reader, Guerra, placed in a comment to our post Tapas Quiz Question #5 post (15Aug2011) a link to a video in which Sky News' Martin Brunt appears, according to his own words, sitting at the BRT.

Mind you, we only get a partial view of it. Allegedly, that is.

This led, more than a year later, to our Bluntly Bruntling Things Up post (20Sept2012) where we showed that the images of the video had been manipulated.

This was followed by our “Textusa Correcting Textusa post (03Nov2012) whereby we corrected our correction of saying Mr Amaral had been wrong when pointing out the BRT out in his book. It was us who were wrong, so we corrected ourselves.

Lastly, our Swan Lake - Act 3 post (10Nov2012) showed the extent of image manipulation in Mr Brunts’ Sky News video.

As you can see it has been quite a quest to find BRT.

The elusive and camera shy BRT.

Until, allegedly, November 16, 2013.

The BRT finally appeared and it came from a rather surprising source.

It was when CMTV aired its special on Maddie with Gonçalo Amaral and Francisco Moita Flores in studio.

After this documentary aired we said that we wouldn’t comment about its content until a decision from the Portuguese Justice System on the ongoing damage trial McCann v Amaral in Lisbon.

Our decision was made so as not to hinder in any way whatever tactic Mr Amaral chose to undertake with the CMTV documentary.

But there’s a detail in it that is not from Mr. Amaral, but from the Ocean Club itself.

A “rub-it-in-your-face” moment that no one, to our surprise we must confess, didn’t use to… rub it in our face: the historic moment when the BRT was finally photographed!

After Yeti and the Lochness Monster, only the BRT had remained to be photographed, until that precise moment.

In the CMTV video, part 1, at 29:00, when dealing with the Smith Sighting, to illustrate where, allegedly, Gerry McCann was at the time:

Here she is!!! The BRT !!!!

Completely out of the blue and there she is! Hidden in the back but right before our eyes...

But it's been almost 4 months now and no one has told us “Hey Textusa, you (censored), Amaral has just rubbed in your face that there IS a BRT!!!

No one, why? Not a BH, not a “WH” and not even WH, these being obviously more polite. Why?

We even have had a response prepared since that day “Yes, we noticed it and it will be subject of a future post”.

We think we have waited long enough, so here is that post.

First thing one notices is that it appears to be much smaller than we said it would be.

That’s easy to debunk. Wouldn’t it be more natural for a picture focusing on the Tapas dinners (where Gerry, allegedly, was supposed to have been) that the BRT would appear in the foreground and not in the background?

By placing it back in the background one can play with dimensions. Make a smaller table appear to allow 8/9 chairs around it simply by increasing the distance between these and the table.

But even the size of the table filmed by CMTV is sufficiently big and noticeable. Different from the other tables. Just imagine how big it would appear if it was in the foreground.

Second thing, talking about different tables... where are all the square small ones?

Noticed how the table in the front right has 6 seats? We thought table #211 (BRT) was the exception as all others only had 4 places at most.

Third thing noticed are the tablecloths. What a neat and posh little restaurant that the Tapas was. Mr Amaral in his book apparently did it no justice.

Not the resort’s main restaurant but certainly its finest. “Regular” guests please hike up to the Millenium, only premium ones for Tapas. Mill, cattle class dining, Tapas, decent human guests.

No wonder there were queues.

The only surprise was the fact there were empty seats every night like we showed in our Tapas Quiz Night, Question #6/? post (23Aug2011). Incomprehensible.

Look at Mr Amarals’ pictures and ask yourself if these flimsy and wobbly tables would be able to hold the weight of not only of a tablecloth but also all that is alleged to have been put on their tabletops.


Look at Mr Amarals’ picture above and see if the table is the same as the one that appears in the background of the CMTV documentary with so many chairs around it.

It's not.

Please realise what the CMTV BRT picture REALLY implies.

It means that anyone, and we mean ANYONE, who henceforth says or implies that the BRT did exist is in effect insulting Mr Amaral.

Because if the CMTV table is THE BRT, then it must be said he was pretty stupid in not capturing it when he took the pictures illustrating where the T9 were allegedly dining at Tapas with respect to where the apartment 5A was.

Deny the fact that BRT did NOT exist and you’re insulting Mr Amaral. Very, very simple.

But if, as we said, the BRT’s image came from a surprising source, the confirmation that the CMTV BRT is not THE BRT comes from an unexpected one: the CNN.

On October 8, 2007 CNN aired on Nancy Grace the video above, Gary Tuchman’s Mystery of Madeleine McCann Disappearance Still Unsolved .

Twice it ventures into Tapas esplanade.

The first one is at 1:02:

A superimposed picture of the couple over one of the Tapas esplanade. Conveniently superimposed on where the BRT would be.

Now forget the couple and concentrate on the surroundings. What in the image that is not about the couple is about the esplanade.

The little square tables missing from the CMTV BRT picture are clearly visible on the left and right

But where is the BRT? Shouldn't it be near that beam? It seems that it is NOT. It ran away and left a chair...

The second moment, and very unfortunate for “BRT Existentialists”, happens at 2:34:

Camera carefully directed downwards… Notice how the furniture is the same flimsy, wobbly and fragile type that appears in Mr. Amaral’s book. 

 No tablecloths. Just like in Mr Amaral’s book.

But there’s a slight problem...  where’s the BRT?!?

Yes, please look again. Where has it gone?

That table may be many things, including indeed a table. But is not the table the T9, the Ocean Club, the Quiz Mistress and guests have said existed at Tapas in those 5 evenings.

That table was put there to pass as the BRT but is as fake as the Tapas reservations and the Tapas Reservation Sheets.

Taking into account that the rest of the internet has always been silent about the BRT, this only PROVES that, like Kate McCann, the Ocean Club reads Textusa.

What did we say back in December 2010 in our In an Emergency call 112, when in a HOAX call 211” post?

“Sure, I know you can provide one tomorrow. Or even today. But that will be today, won’t it?

You haven’t provided one up to now.

So don't do it, it's too late.

And what did the Ocean Club go ahead and do? It did it.

The problem for the Ocean Club is that from now on THAT has to be the BRT. No other table, as far as the OC is concerned, will do.

The Ocean Club has brought BRT to life, no going back. From now on “BRT Existentialists” are stuck with this:

Say you that at 1:16 and 1:37 CNN clearly shows a Tapas esplanade in which tables with tablecloths clearly appear, meaning, contrary to what we say, Tapas tables had them:

An esplanade very similar to Tapas is indeed shown... only it's not Tapas.

Nowhere does it say it is, but then again it doesn't say where it is. But it's not Tapas. Tapas has that very distinctive white plastic and it doesn't have the tree on the right or the palm tree on the left, as is shown at 1:29 of the same video:

Why CNN chose to show this esplanade that is not Tapas, we can only guess. And for whatever reason it was we would say that it wasn't for independent and truthful journalism.

We are very curious as to where the esplanade shown was.

The chairs are identical to those used at Tapas. Unquestionably, misleading images.

UPDATE (8 Mar 2014 23:31:00):

We received a “DO NOT PUBLISH” comment from an Anonymous at 8 Mar 2014 09:38:00.

We will never publish a “DO NOT PUBLISH” comment under any circumstances but we think we can say, without breaching any confidentiality (taking into account the spirit of the comment), that in it was, among other things, a link for our analysis.

This is the link:

It's a promotional page regarding Praia da Luz Ocean Club.

In it there are 27 pictures

As it’s a promotional page we suppose that all 27 pictures in it were either submitted or approved by Ocean Club. Promotional photos for commercial purposes.

Pictures #11 and #17 are about Tapas Bar:

In both pictures we can see that the chairs are different from the ones we have seen at Tapas up to now. However the tables are identical to those we can see in Mr. Amaral's book and in the CNN video.

Chairs suffer much more from wear and tear and are much cheaper to replace than tables, however wobbly and flimsy.

One can note that there are no tablecloths. In pic #17 we can see some placemats are used.

Both pictures just show a snack-bar/tapas kind of esplanade, not one from a grill-house.

In pic #11, we can see some tables in the background behind the tree:

As can be seen, the chairs are side by side indicating that it’s either a long table or, most likely, the joining up of 2 sets of 2 small square tables, just like the sets in the foreground.

No sign of the BRT.

In pic #17 above, we can see 2 tables between the tree and entrance to the esplanade.

Neither is the BRT.

And it’s very clear that BRT, a table for 9/10 adults, cannot be seen anywhere:

We would like to note that we are pleasantly surprised by the readership of this particular post, taking into account the awkward, even embarrassing silence, about it, from certain corners of the internet.

When we were writing this update our wonderful readership surprised us with 2 comments which we presume came from the same reader.

First comment:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "The Proof Ocean Club Reads Textusa":

Here the link for OC PDL today :$ja=cgid:11141944983%7Ctsid:55667%7Ccid:152523063%7Clid:13966582561%7Cnw:g%7Ccrid:45231580263%7Crnd:67952352497424989%7Cdvc:m%7Cadp:1t1&gclid=CK3u07Lygr0CFekBwwodcRcAcA

The video shows the Tapas bar esplanade. Looks, it had some improvement but the tables are the same type( fragille) as pictured by GA. No shadows of BRT and see how they organize tables for big groups ( square or rectangular tables ). No way, a group of 9/10 people fit on their round tables. And even on their promotional video, round tables have the chairs away from the table, while the rectangular are well organized ( noticed).

I found also interesting the information on their blackboard ( Monday - a social evening ). What means a social evening? Was that to introduce guests to each other? Why guests need to be introduced? This is something that should happen normally and following everyone wishes. Why the resort organize evenings to socialize guests if they are there for a short time?

Posted by Anonymous to Textusa at 8 Mar 2014 19:51:00

Second comment:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "The Proof Ocean Club Reads Textusa":

From the OC site, if you open the adults facilities, at certain point comes that information:

....."That's why in some of our beach resorts there are certain areas that are exclusively for the use of adults, including separate family and adult beaches and swimming pools".

Now see ( on the video) the age of the guests they targeted - middle age active single or couple, to who they organize activities to socialize.

Intersting, never saw such offer on any other hotels, even in 5 stars.

Posted by Anonymous to Textusa at 8 Mar 2014 20:10:00

The link is to a MW page.

In its promotional video it shows very clearly a family of 5 being served pizza at Tapas:

It clearly shows NO BRT:

It also shows how large groups would be catered for:

By joining up square tables. Not in one enormous BRT.

It didn’t come as a surprise that the MW video advertises tennis:

What surprised us is it also advertises two unspoken activities by the T9, sardine munching and golf:

Strangely, no mention of Quiz Nights or initial tennis lectures (and they do advertise everything):

Hopefully the bi-weekly Quiz Nights were more popular than the singers:

Thank you so much to our readers!


  1. An important comment arrived interfering with our blog's publishing timelines. It was published this morning in our previous post, "Swinging Evidence".

    We repute the issue as very important as is such a shocker.

    As such we will republish here the comment and our reply:


    "Anonymous 7 Mar 2014 08:40:00

    "You can't trust police"
    All other major papers covering this story
    Former Met boss Sir John Stevens asked what he knew about pulping papers in the Lawrence case
    Jack Straw former Home Secretary says venality in the upper ranks of police.
    If SY attempt a whitewash in this climate, in the future, members of the team could face a criminal offence of police corruption."

    Our reply:

    "Textusa 7 Mar 2014 09:09:00

    The Ellison Report into the murder of Stephen Lawrence and police corruption also mentions the Daniel Morgan murder and that officer under suspicion of corruption in the Lawrence case were also involved in the Morgan case."


      In the summary, Page 15 of 43 refers to Daniel Morgan.


      1485 "Next number is a, I think it's a London number, it's o, two, o, seven, and it ends its **.'
      Reply "**' Can we just ring it' (Laughs).'

      01:29:09 1485 "(Laughs).'
      Reply "No. What time was that sorry that that was''

      1485 "It's about, it's quarter past eleven or twenty three thirteen on the fourth on the Friday night.'
      Reply "At night''

      1485 "Yeah. So my, my recollection of ** is a London number if that helps.'
      Reply "Yeah, I'll just have a little look. I, I can't remember, I've got friends that are down in London which I haven't got her number in here, whether she saw it and rang it I don't know. Was it a long, long call or''

      1485 "Err, yeah it was quite a long call.'
      Reply "Right, okay.'

      1485 "But you actually called the number.'
      Reply "Yeah, okay.'


      1485 "Do you recall me telling you about the London number, which you couldn't find in your phone''
      Reply "Yes.'

      00:24:00 1485 "That number actually transcribes back to the Crime Specialist Director in London.'
      Reply "Mm.'

      1485 "Did you contact them''
      Reply "Err I did yes. My, err you know my sister err had been in contact with them and she was trying to do everything that she could knowing the, err, the difficulties that we were having out there so you know I did approach them just asking for advice but err I can't remember, I don't think I actually spoke to anyone there, but for some reason that wasn't carried forward.'

      1485 "Yeah.'
      Reply "But I mean, you know, just into the context of the conversation you know we're in a strange country, we've got no representeers we don't know what's going on, all hell's broken loose and you know to see whether you can do anything to help Madeleine come back, you know and that was the lines that we were taking.'

      1485 "Do you remember who you spoke to''
      Reply "I don't know.'

      1485 "The call was made on the following day at twenty three thirteen, so that's late at night.'
      Reply "Mm.'

      1485 "You don't recollect anything else about the conversation that you had with that, was it you that made the call''
      Reply "Err I, yeah I know that I got phone numbers from my sister which I did you know ring them but I can't remember making one late at night.'

    3. 1485 "Err, yeah it was quite a long call.'
      Reply "Right, okay.'


      1485 "Do you remember who you spoke to''
      Reply "I don't know.'

      That is some serious amnesia!!...

  2. What was the role of Phillip Allen, Thames Valley police, seconded to SY and guest of Eveleighs? He gave some advice to Robert Murat. His PJ statement is very interesting.

    1. Anonymous 7 Mar 2014 10:07:00

  3. Textusa,
    You ask in the post why that esplanade pic used. It shows Pampas grass, associated symbol of swinging, perhaps mythical - but maybe hinting at something?

  4. Ocean Club trying to make Tapas more refined than the snack-bar it was. Maybe GA included this picture to use one day? He has the pictures he took and I'm sure he didn't just take the 2 or 3 in his book. He must have pictures that show that this nothing but a make-over.

  5. I can only guess, but CNN esplanade could might be in another OC. It was commented in 2007 that the Resort had other branches in Greece, Spain, etc. Even nannies where sent there. CNN esplanade looks similar to me, to the one where Crimewatch made the latest fake reconstruction to show the efits of the suspects. Murdoch, must have his hands also on that cover up, by using the media from UK and US to cover tge back of who had been in the OC on May 2007.

    1. Anonymous 7 Mar 2014 16:26:00

      All “background” images in this CNN documentary are from Praia da Luz. There are 2 exceptions. The images of the inside of the room and that of the deceiving esplanade.

      When showing the room, the reporter says “in a room laid out like this one”, clearly explaining that it it’s a facsimile and not the actual room.

      However when showing the esplanade at 1:16, immediately after Kate explains how close the distance was, the reporter says “the restaurant is located within the resort”.

      What restaurant and what resort? Within context it can ONLY be Tapas and Praia da Luz Ocean Club.

      At 1:39, the deceiving esplanade is shown with the reporter saying “a waiter that served THE table THAT night told CNN…”

      What table and what night? Within context it can ONLY be the BRT and May 3rd.

      So the deceiving esplanade is meant to be have been seen by viewers as THE Tapas esplanade. Not any other esplanade.

      Why use images from Greece or wherever if they were in Luz?

      Is the Tapas esplanade THE beholder of the “Big Secret” that justifies the Very High-Level Cover-Up?

      We know that Tapas esplanade’s secret is not what it can be photographed but what it can’t because it doesn’t exist: the BRT.

      All very carefully constructed to be deceptive.

      About UK Crimewatch we think it was said that was filmed in Spain.

  6. Guardian today - Paul Lewis
    Peter Francis, former undercover officer who blew the whistle on police activities to the Guardian.

    " Francis received threatening calls, warning him of the consequences...the most threatening message came from the man tasked with running the police's official inquiry.. Operation Herne, Mick Creedon, chief constable of Derbyshire....Francis was facing a possible prosecution under the Official Secrets Act.
    At the time Francis was refusing to cooperate with Creedon, believing an investigation led by a chief constable could never be fully impartial.
    A cursory look at Creedon's interim report is enough to confirm Francis was correct. Creedon had a staff of 30 and s budget of at least £2.8m and only managed to produce a report that was in effect discredited by the home secretary. It was a whitewash, another historical exhibit explaining why the police cannot investigate themselves ."

    Creedon must envy the SY budget of £7m to produce another potential whitewash! Policing in the UK is broken. It needs a complete overhaul.
    Maybe a commissioner from outside the UK is not such a bad idea after all.
    Someone familiar with rooting out the Mafiosi.

  7. If Hapless Hogan-Howe resigns, I might have some hope that justice might prevail. If he manages to hang on, then it's a different prognosis.

  8. OC will try by all the ways to show the BRT. Not at open eyes. With some shadows to create a "doubious possibility". If not with fake esplanades, coming from other places with strategical movies, with rennovations inside the OC.
    I read somewhere that the Tapas bar had a rennovation after May 7 and become a Pizza restaurant. Why rennovating the bar if they were complaining about low costums and many waiters were dispensed based on that excuse?
    Were other facilities rennovated aswell or was only the Tapas? I think was only the Tapas. Why? Because is a master piece of Maddie case evidences( or the lack of it) and since they based all their alibis on that bar, they need to create the environment that make their version possible. Not with a strong evidence, but with shadows, which could confuse the distracted public.
    As Textusa said, is too late, because many individuals ( from police to journalists) has pictures from the real Tapas at 2007, including Correio da Manhã.
    Will be interessing to know, when the Tapas bar was rennovated. I believe, not immediately after the events. Will be not a surprise for me, if the rennovation hapenned after Textusa raised the issue of the BRT ( the Tapas fake dinner) and a huge discussion start on many places in the Internet.
    You Textusa, become a hard bone for all of them. No wonder, the Mccann's never tried to silence you, as they have done with Joana Morais, at least at the major public knowledge. They are affraid of you and your meticulous work. They don't know exactely what you know. But one thing they know already- The accuracy of your investigation, and your intelligence. This could not be battle with money from the Fund or letters from Carter Ruck.
    Keep the good work. I believe PJ also reads you and SY aswell. One, with great interest and thousands of claps, the other...bitting their nails, kicking walls and calling you names with all get used with " Insane posts".
    Thanks. It is really amazing to see all your greatest work during all this years, to help a little child and the man who investigate her mysterious disapearance, to get justice.

  9. DO NOT PUBLISH Anonymous at 8 Mar 2014 09:38:00

    Thank you for the link. Very informative.

  10. Unpublished Anon at 8 Mar 2014 19:51:00.

    You wouldn't believe but we're preparing at the moment an update based on info submitted by "DO NOT PUBLISH Anonymous at 8 Mar 2014 09:38:00" which is the same as the one you're referring to!

    What readers we have!!

    We will publish your comment fully once we publish the update.

    Hope you understand.

    1. Unpublished Anon at 8 Mar 2014 20:10:00

      Now you're complicating our life... now we have to include both your comments in the update!!

      Please allow us some time to write it!

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    We have now published the update that includes the comments from both of you.

    Thank you so much for your contributions!

  12. Well, the blackboard also shows for Tuesday " Dine out evening, ask the reception where". Means the guests activities at night happen frequently as a group to socialize. One have to wonder why that guests need to socialize so much and have their socialization so well organized. I also noticed that the day activities ( biking, tennis, etc) which were suposed to be organized and advertised on the board, even because most I believe were dependent of buses or other transportation and need a pre- booking, were left at guests ands and did not follow the same organization as the night activities. They look more like a fachade to distract who could question the activities inside the resort, and to fool the children of the guests. It is also amazing to see a teenagers club in a resolt advertised for Summer holidays in Algarve. Who take teenagers in the summer to Algarve, to drop them at the teenagers club? What are the activities of that teenagers club? Which kind of activities they offer? This raises even more suspicions.

  13. Noticed that the OC knows already by Sunday morning that the guests will be droping their kids at the creche, that's why they advertise a "childcare meeting" for early Sunday. For guests, who arrived the night before. This just reinforces the idea of a week holiday planned for something that did not includes the children. Any other idea then Swing ?

  14. After discovering that video ( update) on my curious search due to the latest post of Textusa, I was curious to see what guests said on TripAdvisor.
    From the comments, it looks like the Resort plays trick things with guests and some feel very disappointed and foolished by the Resort- Some elderly and some people with babies, traveling as a group with family, were placed in apartments far from the main apartments which are close to the facilities. And this ones were left on their own, even if they complaint, their complaints were not adressed and solved. A huge contrast with what the resort advertises and what we can see on the videos, is their mainly " client target".
    From that, I imply, there is two types of guests and two types of services. Guests, who come for adult activities were placed on the main apartments, close to the facilities and with an environmental friendly and closest control. Those, have a premium stay.
    Who comes to enjoy the Algarve, the beach and the portuguese hospitality, is placed far from the main resort and have to debunk themselves to have an enjoyable holiday.
    The Tapas, look like become a Pizza restaurant with good pizzas ( we can see them on the video). Did change the name for " Mirage Pizzaria"?
    I wonder also, why the promotional video, gives a good enphasis to the Tapas esplanade and his tables, while not a single view from the Millennium....Only Tapas had an
    improvement or was that video made also with a singular message? To highlight the existence of round tables, no matter none was the BRT.
    Wonder also, why the BH never adressed us to that video to rubber at our face the existence of round tables. They don't want the BRT to be discussed.
    The promotional video was left aside for targeted guests and curious people like us, who soon will be called " bitches".

  15. From when are those promotional pictures of the Tapas and OceanClub? Are those recent, after the events of 2007? It would be good to know...and even better, how does the Tapas look like today? Anyone out there lives near Luz, could anyone "check out" the Tapas and tell us?
    If these pictures are fairly recent, then the Tapas has not been re-vamped at all ! No fancy table cloths and the chairs also took some steps down the ladder...those are folding chairs, like camp-site chairs, maybe to make storage easier, but not comfortable or stylish at all !
    And most certainly the same square tables, not table-clothed round ones...that's why I wish I could fly like a bird and go today to the Tapas, and see how it is today...have they filled it up with round tables after Textusa exposed the BRT myth, and for CNN to film...?

  16. I've been looking at that site and in the pictures slideshow, in picture #18 there's a round table, one tiny round table, under a round wooden canopy (is this still in the Tapas?).
    In pictures #19 and #21, I think it is the Millenium restaurant, and there is where the round tables are, but not BRT, those seen in the pictures only sit 6 ! And look at picture #24, described as "outdoor meals", little square tables, I bet it's the Tapas!

  17. In that hotel review/booking site mentioned above and where the pictures are from, the Ocean Club is described as having 3 meal facilities:


    The Mill: com um menu de pequenos-almoços, almoços, jantares e refeições ligeiras, este restaurante é especialista em cozinha internacional. Descontraia-se com uma bebida no bar local e aproveite, também, para desfrutar de refeições ao ar livre (sempre que o tempo o permita). Está disponível um menu infantil para os mais pequenos. É necessário efectuar reservas.
    Pizzeria da Luz: com vistas para o jardim, este restaurante propõe-lhe uma ementa inspirada na cozinha de estilo italiano (pizzas) e serve almoços e jantares. Aproveite para tomar uma bebida no bar local.
    The Garden Bar: este bar junto à piscina serve almoços e refeições ligeiras."

    3 restaurants:
    The Mill (Millenium?) - NOTE it informs that RESERVATIONS are needed!

    Pizzeria da Luz - is this the "new" Tapas? Italian style meals (Pizzas), serves lunch/dinner, bar service, NO mention of early morning queues to secure a table for dinner...


    The Garden Bar - by the pool, serves LIGHT meals (this sounds more like the "defunct" Tapas)

    Also noted that on the list of entertainment/external activities there is NO mention to the SLIDE&SPLASH park, which seemed to be an important destination in 2007...worth of having a bookings notepad in the OC reception. Out of curiosity I went to Google maps to see where the water park is situated and was quite surprised to see how far away it is from Luz ! Not really a "in the vicinity" entertainment option...

    1. Anonymous 9 Mar 2014 10:44:00

      Thank you for noting that Slide & Splash, for which OC had a small fleet of vans dedicated to it, is not advertised also in the video.

  18. Textusa,
    Searching for an image for a personal project came across this:
    "The only people who are mad at you for speaking the truth are those people who are living a lie, keep speaking the truth"

  19. I think the promotional video is recent ( after May 2007) because was the one which appears when we search now. On top of that, for many time after May 3, people searched images of the OC in the Internet and not many was available. There was a blackout. If the video was available, will be discovered before.
    OC is trying to reborn. After all, they are a business, but I believe that promotional video has 2 main objectives- attracting the lients they always attracted and create a shadow of round tables at the Tapas. They read you Textusa. SURE.

  20. Why tablecloths right down to the floor? They aren't very practical. Even in very posh restaurants they are usually half way so that's comfortable for guests to put their legs below. Tablecloths to the floor are only used for decorative purposes. They put these tablecloths to hide the table legs so we couldn't see they were different from the fold-way type that the Tapas tables have!

    1. It does look like it's set up for a wedding, doesn't it?

  21. An early questioning of tapas dining
    Martin Walkerdine Websleuths

    "I believe the McCanns used the meal with 7 other people as a decoy in a plan already in the works as the child was already dead after an incident in the apartment."

    He also says according to his sources, the McCanns used Thompson Travel from Coventry Airport for their outward journey.
    So it may be a good idea for SY to check this out, as it seems to contradict what the McCanns said.

  22. Martin Brunt-Sky, Lisbon 12/9/13
    "Their own private investigation has been suspended whilst Scotland Yard does its investigation, but they believe at some stage they may have to re-start their own private investigation, so this is where the money, if they win it during this libel trial, will be used."

    So it seems the McCanns don't expect SY to find out what happened to Madeleine.

  23. Would Clement Freud have disapproved of swinging?
    Consider this crude and demeaning remark made by Freud, host to the McCanns in Praia da Luz.

    Mail 4.3.14
    Chamber of Horrors. By Jerry Hayes MP.
    He relates a story when he and Freud were guests on a TV programme and Freud asked the young woman researcher if she' d like to go to bed with him.
    " I f....d your mother and your father. I was hoping for the full set."

    What a charming man. The woman was hardly in a position to say, I'd rather gouge my eyeballs out. What a vile bully.

    1. Poor Grand Dad Sigmund!

      If S. Freud was alive what could he think about all His Family and relationships in UK !

      More the family imperium tabloids. The World is very small indeed.

      Since Australia, UK , NoW, so much many lobby, mcLobby .


      Sir Clement Freud: some of his best lines - Telegraph

      "If you resolve to give up smoking, drinking and loving, you don't actually live longer; it just seems longer"

      "I used to ask women to come upstairs and have sex, but now it has to be one or the other."

      "I think our police are excellent, probably because I have not done anything that has occasioned being beaten up by these good men."

      "In moments of considerable strain, I tend to take to bread-and-butter pudding. There is something about the blandness of soggy bread, the crispness of the golden outer crust and the unadulterated pleasure of a lightly set custard that makes the world seem a better place to live."

      "Congealed fat is pretty much the same, irrespective of the delicacy around which it is concealed."

      "Breakfast is a notoriously difficult meal to serve with a flourish."

      "Politically, I was an anti-Conservative unable to join a Labour party hell-bent on nationalising everything that moved, so when a by-election occurred in East Anglia, where I lived and live, I stood as a Liberal and was fortunate in getting in. Ladbrokes quoted me at 33-1 in this three-horse contest, so Ladbrokes paid for me to have rather more secretarial and research staff than other MPs, which helped to keep me in for five parliaments."

      "In Vegas everything is done to make you gamble and forget all else. There is food and drink and music and women – who all play their part in eliminating Methodist principles from your mind."

      "The Inland Revenue decide to audit Cyril, summon him to their office for an appointment with their most thorough auditor, who is not surprised when Cyril arrives with his solicitor. The auditor says: 'Sir, you cannot deny that you have an extravagant lifestyle, no full-time employment, and pay no taxes on the grounds of your contention that you win money gambling. I have to tell you that Her Majesty's Customs and Excise finds that explanation difficult to believe.'

      "'I am a great gambler and can prove it,' says Cyril. 'Would you like a demonstration?'

      "The auditor considers this for a moment and agrees. Cyril says: 'I bet you a thousand pounds I can bite my own eye.' The auditor thinks for a while, finally says: 'It's a bet.'

      "Cyril removes his glass eye and bites it. The auditor looks sick.

      "'I'll bet you two thousand pounds that I can bite my other eye,' says Cyril. The auditor can tell Cyril isn't blind, so he accepts the bet. Cyril removes his false teeth and bites the good eye.

      "The stunned auditor now realises he has bet and lost £3,000, with Cyril's solicitor as a witness; he gets very nervous. 'Double or nothing?' Cyril says. 'I'll bet you six thousand pounds that I can stand on the righthand side of your desk and piss into the bin on the far side without getting one drop anywhere between.'

      "The auditor, twice burned, is cautious now but examines the proposal carefully. Cyril is not a tall man, the desk is eight foot wide; he decides there is simply no way Cyril could do that, so he agrees again.

      "Cyril stands at the side of the desk, unzips his trousers, strains for all he is worth but cannot make the stream reach the bin on the far side, and finishes up having urinated pretty well all over the auditor's desk. The auditor leaps with joy, realising that he has just turned a major loss into a sizeable win, then notices that Cyril's solicitor is moaning, with his head in his hands. 'Are you okay?' asks the auditor.

      "'Not really,' says the solicitor. 'This morning, when Cyril told me he had been summoned to this audit, he bet me £20,000 that he could come in here, piss all over your desk and you would be happy about it . . . and I took the bet.'"

  24. Very unfortunate thing for the Ocean Club to do. If they tried to make Tapas look like what it wasn't it's because they thought they had to. Please keep up the good work. God bless.

  25. The quiz nights fascinate me. Were the T9 allowed to sit at the BRT as competitors? That means other teams must be large too, to make it fair.
    I'm in a pub quiz team and we never have teams that big. If there were only 15 people, as Kate says, who were the other competitors? Why was there no mention of people saying they were the team who beat the T9 team, as Fiona says they lost?
    People talked to the press about seeing the McCanns at the pool or tennis, but NOBODY mentions taking part in the quiz.

    1. 18:57
      I agree! If the MW video advertises all (including kid's club organising cricket on the beach for the children!) why no mention of Quiz Nights? Wasn't the OC owner who said that business wasn't hurt much due to Maddie? He said they lost only costumers in May with small children but in 2008 were recovering. So why stop Quiz Nights? It's very popular, it's very British and attracts Brit clients! That's why downtown restaurants and pubs have them!


  26. This post proves another thing: Insane keeps his Mark Warner contact informed!!!

  27. We have just published a very interesting censored comment from Anonymous to Textusa at 12 Mar 2014 11:20:00 to our post "Chasing Cars & Doctors".

  28. Your work is brilliant Textusa it is all such a cover up but why has it been allowed to go on for so many years its so obvious to everyone but still they continue with fake abductor stories and why are the mccanns allowed to say that madeleine is still alive all these years later is it just so they can keep the fund running? Love reading your blog each day we will find the truth in the end xx

  29. DO NOT PUBLISH reader at 14 Mar 2014 14:15:00.

    Thank you for the information. We are supposing that we may use it when we think opportune. If that is not so, do please warn us.

    We wish to maintain the absolute confidentiality of our DO NOT PUBLISH comments.

  30. Good reading:

    Part 1
    Twizzle and the Towel

    (the tales of Dr. David "Twizzle" Payne)

  31. All very thought provoking, as usual.
    Thought provoking and depressing.
    As in, the way so many people will go along with the manipulation of truth and those who should make it cease, step in to collude with the distortion.

  32. Oldfield's statement on May 4th - interpreter Angela FM
    Having read Kate's book, this must surely be the Vice Consul, Angela Morado, who accompanied them to the police station?
    Oldfield, the hysterical one, seems to be the only person with Angela as the interpreter.Pretty good service from the Consulate!
    I think K's book is a reminder to certain people of the roles they played. The mysterious Hugh from CRG - (I can make a good guess as to his identity) Clement Freud, relative of Matthew, who employed Clarence.... It's littered with clues.

    1. If Angela Morado assisted anyone, wouldn't she offer her services to the parents? Was Oldfield the weakest link?

  33. All things related to Maddie have been photographed closely: the window, the front and back door, the back gate, the sliding doors. Even inside the apartment reporters have gone in and photographed all. When it comes to showing where the group had dinner we're only shown an arrow to a Tapas bar filmed from a distance. Why?

  34. Opinião de Luís Filipe Menezes - 14 de Março: 2ª parte. Com Gonçalo Amaral

    Many thanks to Textusa Blog Team

    e à TV Porto Canal

    Vídeos - programas - Opinião de Luís Filipe Menezes - 14 de Março: 2ª parte

    1. MariaC Pois,

      Thank you for finding this for us.

      This is a very important video not as much because of its content but of the host and channel.

      The channel, Porto Canal, is a regional one, of the second largest city of Portugal: Porto. That city is very regionally spirited, projected internationally through its Port wine and it’s soccer club FC Porto.

      The host, Luis Filipe Meneses, is a very important figure within the PSD, one of the two rotating parties in power since the April Revolution of 1974. The other being PS.

      PSD, led by Passos Coelho, is currently in power together with Paulo Porta’s CDS/PP.

      LFM was PSD’s leader in 2007/2008.

      As of 1997 until 2013 he was the Mayor of Porto’s largest neighbouring city, Vila Nova de Gaia.

      He was PSD’s candidate to be Porto’s mayor in 2013, election which he lost.
      LFM has a weekly show in the Porto Canal called “The Opinion of Luis Filipe Menezes” in which he’s interviewed by the also very popular TV anchor, Julio Magalhães, who moved from TVI to this regional channel.

      The fact that LFM, a very prominent political figure, invited Mr Amaral to speak about Maddie is relevant by itself.

      LFM’s questions to Mr Amaral indicate very clearly that he’s not a subscriber of the official abduction thesis.

      In terms of content, we would like to point out that Mr Amaral says, publicly, that when he was taken off the case, there was an agreement between the PJ and the British police to take the investigation towards death and body occultation and no longer towards abduction.

      When LFM asks Mr Amaral if he thinks if ever the case will ever be solved, Mr Amaral answers saying that when there will be political courage, it will be solved.

  35. Met shredded lorry-load of papers
    BBC news.
    Operation Othona was a top secret investigation into police corruption, begun in 1993. A hard drive was found recently with some information relating to this inquiry.
    The Ellison report on the murder of Stephen Lawrence has uncovered this information.
    Can SY now afford another cover-up?
    The barrel of rotten apples has to be cleansed.


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