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We have exposed and explained one of the most important and recurrent phenomenon that afflicts all related to Maddie: CLUTTER. 

How and why CLUTTER was and is implanted and how very effective it is. This was done in our post Clutter - From Here to TIMBUCKTOO (08Nov2010). 

All we have to do is to think how great and popularly ingrained is the relationship between the words “McCann” and “negligence” to get the idea.
But almost from the start, together with the CLUTTER, we have had another phenomenon that we are continuously bombarded with and which is easily mistaken for CLUTTER: STINK BOMBS.
STINK BOMBS or So Truth Is Not Known - Bring On More Barmy Stories.
An example of one of these STINK BOMBS: Gerry, in May 2007, went back to Rothley to get Maddie’s DNA so that he could plant evidence in the Scenic so he could blame Kate.
They are easily recognisable but, as we said, are and have been easily mistaken for CLUTTER.
What is the difference between CLUTTER and STINK BOMBS? Your logic.
Nothing to do with the way you think or with the way you align your ideas but the way your logic is treated.
CLUTTER pampers your logic. It takes it to a candlelight dinner, pulls the chair and woos it with a nice wine and some romantic background music.
STINK BOMBS are violent with your logic. They grab by the collar and slap logic's face once or twice. They are rude and aggressive to it. They insult it. They demean it.
CLUTTER wants to pass information as truthful.
STINK BOMBS are intended to clear a room and in this case, blogs or forums in order to show how Internet sites were set up by deranged people.
CLUTTER needs to fool you, STINK BOMBS just want to drive you away.
CLUTTER has to be logical, STINK BOMBS couldn’t care less. CLUTTER may be nonsensical, STINK BOMBS are just ridiculous.
CLUTTER needs investigation for its falsity to be discovered while STINK BOMBS need to be investigated so any truth can be seen in them.
CLUTTER , once revealed always produces the same “oh” reaction like in “Oh, I see now”, “Oh, now I get it”, “Oh, so that’s why…”
STINK BOMBS once said always produce the same “pff” reaction, like in “yeah, right… pff”.
If they could be measured CLUTTER would be in “Ohs” and STINK BOMBS in “Pffs”, for example, Maddie’s crying episode would be a 100 Oh CLUTTER while Birch’s thesis of having Maddie under Murat’s driveway would be one of those STINK BOMBS with a minimum 1,500 Pff magnitude.
Both CLUTTER and STINK BOMBS share one common thing: they both STINK, as in So Truth Is Not Known.
Don’t confuse reactions with content

A “Pff” reaction doesn’t always necessarily mean that one is presented with STINK BOMBS. It may well be CLUTTER.

Black Hats (BH) and “White Hats” (“WH”) will always react with a “pff” whenever CLUTTER is unveiled.
Why? Because once CLUTTER is revealed they will want immediately that you mistake it for STINK BOMBS.

CLUTTER simply cannot be revealed as what really is: CLUTTER .   

It was put in place to fool you so if revealed it will also reveal the reasons for its existence. If it’s there, then the next logical question is why is it there? 

The only way to make something very real to be taken as unreal is to ridicule it. All has to be done to transform what are not STINK BOMBS into one.
Take the BRT. The fact that there is no BRT begs the question, why is there a BRT? Why was it invented? Why was this invention confirmed by Ocean Club and guests?
The only way to stop short this logical sequencing of questions is to bully the questioning of existence. Make it a dogma that the BRT exists and bully into ridiculousness anyone who dares doubt that.

And how is that done? Either by not discussing it or by offensive jesting. Once again we recommend revisiting the “Textusa Meltdown” post to see the last technique for yourself.

There was no BRT? Now that is absolutely ridiculous… didn’t all the waiters testify they served the T9? And what about the Tapas reservation sheets… are you going to be beyond stupid and start saying they’re forged? Are you being absurd to the point of saying that ALL Tapas staff would lie to help a couple they didn’t know from anywhere? You need you head examined. To believe that there was no BRT is to believe that every single cockroach, every single lizard, every single ladybug and every single bird species in the Algarve such as all the Muscovy Ducks, all the Whooper Swans, all the Northern Shovelers, all the Ring-necked Ducks, all the Marbled Teals and all the Red-crested Pochards had to be “in on it”. Don’t be ridiculouspff.

CLUTTER cannot be detected. It’s there not to be detected. Once detected it HAS to be ridiculous. That’s why it provokes an immediate adamant “pff”. Not exactly adamant, more as in desperate.

The not discussing technique, is obviously harder to see but it is there to be seen. It reels you back into your geeky high school days by setting you aside. By “ignoring” your ideas then you're not part of the “popular group”.

Do not underestimate the damage caused by these “self-appointed-and-anointed-truth-representatives”. They hold truth hostage for now. Fortunately, the three of us are a well balanced mixture of geeky and nerdy bookworms who find “high-school popularity” highly overrated. 

Do note that all “pffs” from uncluttered CLUTTER come only from BH and “WH”.
But there are instances in which CLUTTER will merit a “pff” from a genuine WH

Things that are absolutely ridiculous but are not STINK BOMBS but CLUTTER.
That happens when the ridiculousness is not intentional. 
As we said, STINK BOMBS are always intentionally ridiculous. Intention is fundamental when it comes to STINK BOMBS.

CLUTTER may be ridiculous but that's because it has resulted from a poor choice of options, words and/or intervening people.
Let us give you some examples.
Mrs Fenn’s crying episode is ridiculous in terms of having a little girl of 4 yrs, who was supposed to have been checked upon every 15 minutes, crying for 75 minutes and, by sheer miracle, to stop doing it just as her parents were arriving home but is CLUTTER to reinforce the idea of the McCanns being negligent.
The jemmied window is ridiculous in any way one looks at it but was CLUTTER to pass the idea that Maddie was abducted and thus didn’t die inside the apartment.
TS’s sightings of Pimpleman are ridiculous in what she does and what she says she's able to see but is CLUTTER to convey the idea that there was a stranger lurking over the McCanns.
Derek Flack is ridiculous in everything he says but is CLUTTER to confirm that there was a Pimpleman and that he probably was Guitarman, a CLUTTER-character brought up by Gerry McCann in his phoney McCann trip to the beach based on a real life character.
The Tapas Reservation Sheets are ridiculous as one cannot even understand what were they for (except to deceive, of course) but are CLUTTER to confirm the Tapas dinners.
The crèche records are ridiculous but are CLUTTER just to prove that only those children used the service that week.
As can be seen, all of the above is ridiculous, all of the above is CLUTTER and none are STINK BOMBS.
They all had a logical and understandable purpose. Their ridiculousness wasn’t intentional.
Back to STINK BOMBS. The Maddie case is filled with them.
Many STINK BOMBS have been thrown at us by the media: the many, many sightings, the many “ugly-mug” lurkers, the gypsies, the “Barcelona-Victoria”, the Brazilian family, the Birch BS (as in Best Shot), the Tractorman, the “10 Km from PdL Lair”, the burglar trio and lately the Busy Binman.
Some are said to be coming from SY, namely tractorman and the burglar trio, but up to now it has only been the media saying that SY said so.
Besides Binman, who ranks high among STINK BOMBS, the only other real palpable piece of ridiculousness coming from SY is Crèche Dad, and we’re still waiting to see if it’s CLUTTER or STINK BOMBS. Up to now we only know it stinks.
But what worries us are the STINK BOMBS from the “inside”. People who say they only want to find the truth but throw STINK BOMBS about. People who say they just came to smell the roses while throwing all around manure.
We have come with a list of STINK BOMBS. Not in any particular order, just the one that came to our mind:

STINK BOMBS #1 – The Big Secret
STINK BOMBS #2 – The Sub-Girl
STINK BOMBS #3 – Maddie, the Clone
STINK BOMBS #4 – Death Before the 3rd
STINK BOMBS #5 – Plastered McCanns
STINK BOMBS #6 – The Sick Maddie
STINK BOMBS #7 – The Chipping
STINK BOMBS #8 – The Sold/Given Maddie
STINK BOMBS #9 – The Paedo Ring
STINK BOMBS #10 – The Devaluation
STINK BOMBS #11 – Planting DNA
STINK BOMBS #12 – The Secret Societies
STINK BOMBS #13 – Maddie Never Existed

We have listed 13 STINK BOMBS. If we have overlooked any, we apologise.

We won't detail each in the current post, we intend to do so later.

All ridiculous. None invented by us as you know but out there. And we have noticed old chestnuts being recycled recently.

Now add to these the ones we have disregarded in this post, those coming from the media. Now you have an approximate idea of the disinformation aggregated in this case.

But that's only the STINK BOMBS. Pile on them the misinformation from the whole CLUTTER that this case has and you have an idea of what we, fighting the counter-information frontline, are up against.

The cherry on top of this gigantic cake of deceit are the Eco-friendly Newbies.  

“New” posters presenting old newspaper articles as if they were current news, then responding , oops, sorry, I'm new and didn't realise! - when caught out.

If STINK BOMBS are always ridiculous, stink-bombers certainly aren’t. On the contrary. Believe us, no matter how much they may appear to be ridiculous, they are not.
STINK BOMBS, like all bombs, come in different sizes and effects. Some are blatantly gross and illogical because their intent is to cause immediate repulsion. Their purpose: to keep newcomers away.
Spectacular STINK BOMBS are meant to be noticed, aimed to discredit all those interested in the truth about Maddie... To fatally wound the cause of searching for the truth as to what happened on that night
Their use has been very effective. How many of us have openly stated in our circle of friends that we’re Maddie truth-fighters?  Why haven’t we? Because we fear with anticipation a coveted “yeah, right… pff” reaction

Not because we’re ashamed of ourselves, which we aren’t, but because we are fully aware that Maddie has become a STINK BOMBS issue” to the general public.
But there are STINK BOMBS intended to cause long lasting effects. They avoid being spectacular.
These are launched by expert stink-bombers (ESB). The ESB’s STINK BOMBS are placed and timed very carefully.
An ESB works very hard to create a “credibility” aura around him or herself. This takes time and effort. And seriousness.
Once s/he is taken for a credible poster, it’s time to act. To drop here and there a small and almost imperceptible STINK BOMBS. Always ever so subtly.
For example, s/he makes a list of two dozen things which in his/her opinion, points to Maddie’s death.
Of the list, two thirds will be not only absolutely correct but are absolutely consensual among those familiar with the case. Things that are proved. A qualified majority of two thirds, 18, of rightfulness.
Then of the remainder 6, s/he states 5 things are not proved but taken as certain. The 6th, one of those STINK BOMBS. Something ridiculous but that doesn’t overdo it. Nothing relevant, yet absurd. Nothing too controversial, just wrong. The idea is to have it surrounded by other 23 very consensual facts.
What happens is the unaware reader, absorbing all “credible” information from a “credible source” then notices that one thing that will seem odd.
The reader will find it strange how a “credible source” does believe in this particular nonsense.
The intended reaction is to spark in the reader series of questions all around “credibility”.
If this one premise is absurd, as it indeed is, the reader will begin to doubt the credibility of the other 23 things listed. If such a credible poster believes in it how can then the reader trust if the other 23 are indeed credible and not just absurd as that one thing?
If the reader stops trusting the credibility of this poster, anything else this poster has subscribed to is questioned.
And if this credible poster can no longer be trusted, what other credible posters out there can be trusted then?
And if one cannot know who is credible then how can one trust what one reads about the subject? One can't.
So simple and so effective. They do it slowly and be silly while doing it. And by being silly they make us all look silly.
Our blog is has been often victim of various ESB.
People who set themselves up as full supporters of the blog. Link themselves solidly with the blog. Once that is achieved then, subtly twist information.
Not only by misquoting us but mainly by implanting error with their own words. They are linked, by their own doing, with the blog so what does the reader think? If this person, a firm believer of Textusa, takes this absurdity for real then it’s because Textusa has sometime said it. If one cannot believe this person how can one believe in Textusa

A way of undermining our credibility by having our name falsely linked to STINK BOMBS.
Again, very simple and very effective.
More dangerous than a wolf in sheep’s skin is one in owl’s feathers.
That’s why through time we have become wary of some overenthusiastic supporters. We've seen before how some try to use our information and twist it.
Only the 3 of us represent Textusa. And we represent it here and here only.

Do we reject supporters? Of course not and, obviously, nor are ESB all our enthusiastic supporters.

Unfortunately experience has shown that being a friend of the blog doesn't necessarily mean to be a friend of the truth but fortunately it has also shown us that friends of the truth are always friends of the blog.


  1. I´m still wondering myself why all people involved in this case are staying quiet - for almost 7 years now??? What is the big secret they´re hiding?? What´s it all about and what´s the reason behind it????

    1. Anonymous 28 Mar 2014 09:40:00

      We have exposed thouroughly the reasons as to why. It's in our "MESSAGE to NEWCOMERS" on the blogs front page.

      We reommend reading:

      By persisting on calling it "the big secret" is simply to persist with STINK BOMBS #1 - The Big Secret.

    2. Hi Textusa
      I am an enthusiastic supporter of your blog and indeed the truth. I am a little concerned as to whether I, in my enthusiasm, have somehow come across as ESB. I hope not. In the forum where I often post, I do notice that there are a number of posters who throw in stink bombs or insist of mentioning 'negligence' or throwing in comments such as 'why didn't the Mc Canns consider their friends to be possible suspects... how unbelievable' . However, I often post quite enthusiastically and with impatience so I hope I have not, in error, slipped up in linking this blog with any stink bomb. I do notice that I have started to feel wary about mentioning 'swinging' . I still do put this forward quite frequently but I meet with silence more often than not! Thanks again for highlighting Clutter and Stink Bombs - its good to keep this in mind. I hope you can tell who I am .

    3. Anon, or non-Anon 28 Mar 2014 10:57:00

      We obviously love our enthusiastic readers. It is through their support the blog grows and is continuously growing.

      It’s also for them that we write, but we must first write for ourselves.

      We have a firm belief as to what truth was. There are still some minor loose ends but none relevant to understand all about what happened.

      That truth we will defend here against all possible foes.

      If there are things we cannot state with certainty if they are true or false, there are others, many others which we are certain are false. To mull over them is to waste time and most importantly, waste the will of those interested in finding the truth.

      Let’s put our analytical mind to use about when it comes to an enthusiastic reader (ER). S/he can either be a true enthusiastic reader (TER) or a fake one (FER).

      A TER seeks not to fool, so understands our caution and our wariness, in fact, as experience has shown, a TER will join us in both.

      A FER will be aware that no matter in which way s/he may butter our toast, we will respond the minute we smell the burning.

      As you say you have experienced yourself, Textusa is a non-grata name in many places of the internet.

      We are used to being the lone voice. Fortunately, History has shown that lone voices are the ones most listened to in the future.

      It takes courage to support us publicly and it’s something that we appreciate very much.

      As we say in the post, we are absolutely confident that anyone that is friend of the truth, is friend of the blog.

    4. OK well just to be on the safe side, I'm Helenmeg, an open supporter and currently aware and frustrated at the number of Stink Bombs and amount of Clutter.
      I guess the more you become aware of these phenomenons the more of them you notice..

    5. Thank you HelenMeg,

      The ideia is exactly that. Make people aware of them and make those using them aware that we're aware.

  2. A medical conference is one theory, but none of the T7 were experts in their fields, one was subject to some medical negligence allegation and other doctors I've identified on that holiday seem to be from different fields of medicine.
    One female outside the group was also subject to an inquiry.
    Other guests were involved in real estate, entertainment, recruitment....
    2 were linked to a government defence agency.
    Edmonds was Stemcor steel.
    The OC didn't seem to have large conference facilities, so where was the mythical conference held?
    And don't say it was about cloning, given the very different medical fields represented. That would involve very high powered experts, not this group. And cloning had been discussed quite openly in the media, so no need for secrecy.
    No doubt some stinkbomb about cloning a chimera will be claimed by some conspiracy theorist!
    Names for you to check so this isn't more clutter, but not for publication.

  3. Textusa, I think you have over-looked one: pharmaceutical convention. To push some sort of expensive drug into the market. It's being discussed at JH

    1. Anonymous 28 Mar 2014 12:55:00

      Thank you for the head-up. That one isn’t in fact listed, we will add it to the list of STINK BOMBS.

      When we will detail each, you will see the reasons why we think all are STINK BOMBS.

    2. A secret pharmaceutical conference, open to low ranking doctors?!
      There's nothing illegal about a pharmaceutical conference, so what could involve illegality yet be open to this lot, who can't even string coherent sentences together?
      And what interest would it have for the non-medical OC guests?
      Jensens weren't pharmaceutical, Carpenter wasn't, Jez and wife were media, to name just these three.

      All of these conference suggestions portray the OC guests as a wicked lot, conspiring against victims of their secret drugs/microchips/cloning/paedophile links.
      So why is it that swinging causes more controversy? Not illegal and not betraying partners, as many do every day, from all walks of life.

  4. I've seen clutter and stinks bombs, they're real. It's like you explained. But you know when something is right or wrong and just because it rings a bell inside you, you know?... Such is the case with the million posts in blogs. Sometimes truth finds it's way through the words of people but 90% is rubbish. But, step by step truth gathers, surfaces, one post at a time. I don't believe you got it. Some yes, but not the key. You're half up the road, the mccanns are on top of the hill, they see you but you can see only a distorted reflection of their gestures. They know where you started and you've pointed them where you're heading with your blog... Like showing the hand before showdown. And the same applies to any blogger, who's making conclusions without regarding facts, instead of following the facts to catch up on the mcs. You're making a huge stink bomb if you think you hold the truth and don't allow room for any conclusion other then yours.

    1. mrb,

      If you know we're wrong and you know the right way then we, not only us in the blog but the whole public interested in finding the truth, wait for you to tell us.

      Please, by all means, show the world exactly where we're wrong. Truth stands before personal pride or interest.

      You sound like you’re saying you KNOW the full story and you also know what the McCanns think.

      Standing on top of the hill and simply saying you know what we don't and not saying what it is, is as useful as you saying that you're much more intelligent than us and then flunking all tests.

      You know where we're heading? Do we even know that ourselves?

      Why are, according to you, the McCanns so interested in the blog?

      About us giving them the upper hand in showing where we're heading means, at least in your opinion, that we're heading the right way.

      We're just wrong in showing it?

      If we are wrong, we have nothing to show.


    Daniel Morgan murder.
    His brother was at Select Committee when HH spoke. He had to leave the room because it was such an embarrassing performance, he had to go out and compose himself.

    1. It makes shocking reading, but no surprise. How the BHs can call the PJ bungling after all this is beyond me. Let's hope they don't succumb to pressure from the UK this time.

    2. Anonymous 29 Mar 2014 10:59:00

      It's not PJ. Or SY. It's a political game.

      Agree SY is putting on a very poor show besides the Maddie case.

      Unlike in Portugal, where people feel that PJ was pressured to archive, Britain has really come to terms with SY. It's simply too many cases.

    Piers Morgan says good-bye
    Good riddance!

  7. This is what a poster in JH had to say about you and your blog:
    “Textusa hit home to me that swinging is the only way (without any proof) and that anything else discussed as a theory is a diversion. Talk about introducing paranoia.”
    I think he or she nailed it.

    1. Anonymous 30 Mar 2014 12:13:00,

      Black Hats love inter blog disputes as well as internal arguments.

      We have no reason to attack JH as a forum.

      We have the right to defend ourselves against direct attacks from some of its posters and we have the duty, before ourselves and our readers, to denounce where we see truth distorted.

      Be it at JH or anywhere else.

      Yes, most of the STINK BOMBS we have read are in JH, but one thing is the forum and another are some of its posters. From what we have been able to see, it seems that it’s the forums policy to allow the most diverse and controversial points of view to be discussed there.

      We not only respect that as we compliment both the courage and the patience.

      We have always given credit to JH when we have used info there and they do great and detailed research.

      The poster you quote is missing the point. For two reasons.

      Firstly, our blog is not a discussion hub. We do try to debate everything and answer all question, but, obviously, cannot and will not ever lose sight for the reasons the blog was created.

      For example, if said poster believed in a version of facts like we believe in ours and set up a blog just like we did, s/he would dedicate most of its space in showing his/her point of view and not waste energy and focus on what s/he doesn’t believe in.

      We get criticised for posts being too long and detailed, but if we don't do that, we get criticised for not providing the facts behind our opinions. But, let us make it clear, we will detail our reasons as to why we think each of the STINK BOMBS is one.

      And in the reasons to be presented none will be “it’s a load of tosh” as we have seen said about our opinions. We, unlike those who criticise us, make it a principle to put our money where our mouth is.

      Secondly, it’s not about what we accept to discuss but what about posters in JH (and other forums) won’t discuss.

      We have presented facts here we think are worth discussing much more than many STINK BOMBS that have been debated to exhaustion and they have met a wall of silence or pretended ignorance. Forums are discussion hubs by definition.

      It’s a fact of life that one cannot please all. So we accept that some will never like us, much the same way we cherish those who do.

      All in all, albeit some harsh, unjustified and baseless criticism that we get from some of its posters, we think JH is doing a great job and recommend the forum to all those seeking to find the truth.

  8. The media circus is about to descend on PdL., turning it into the Portuguese equivalent of Royston Vasey. For non UK readers, check out League of Gentlemen.


    ‘Please Help Luz’ plea as Madeleine “circus” descends on village again

    As British television networks once again descend on Praia da Luz in the run-up to the seventh anniversary since Madeleine McCann went missing, a local resident has come out fighting.

    “It’s time to turn things round,” she told us. “Every year it is the same … British journalists arrive and dredge up more nonsense about Luz. We are meant to be overrun with child molesters, burglars, homosexuals, Eastern European child-snatchers ... Whatever next? Will it be the Taliban?

    “They are back again now and this time they have interviewed a homeless person and a ‘prophet’,” the long-term resident told us on Saturday. “They have paid for these interviews. Now, they are apparently looking for a well-known gay man.

    “These are the stories the British newspapers are looking for! They are not interested in the views of the real people of Luz - all of whom are fed up to the back teeth with the village being shown in such a bad light.”
    The "homeless person" - a "perfectly pleasant man, but never sober" - is not a representational figure of local residents, explained the woman, and the “prophet” is someone who wears a turban and “walks around with a pole with a light on the top of it”.

    "Neither can be considered typical Luz residents, but nor are they in any way threats to the community," she added.
    The expat woman, who asked not to be named as she has “no wish to be a hero”, said: "It is time Luz had a voice."

    “Last year, when the news people were asking questions as they do every year, I went up to the interviewer and said I would like to say a word or two.
    “I said I wanted to know why they weren’t interviewing the McCanns for gross negligence that had led to a fatal result. He just dropped me because they don’t want to hear anything like that. They only want to report about people they can label as "weirdos".

    “Quite honestly, I feel it is time Luz turned round and sued the McCanns for slander.

    “I would like to stand as a voice for Luz. Who will want to come here after all the negative publicity? The British newspapers paint the village as one full of terrible people. This is grotesquely unfair. It has got to stop!”
    As is so often the case, concern over speaking out has left this voice of Luz for now unnamed. She told us “everyone feels the same” - and behind the scenes few would disagree.

    A high-ranking staff member at Luz Ocean Club told the Resident earlier this year: “Luz has taken such a battering over the last seven years. It really is time to do something for this community - help it rally round.” But, like the anonymous "voice of Luz", the man asked not to be identified.

    Meantime, the Ocean Club is one of the prime movers behind a community triathlon event planned later this month precisely to promote the picturesque village “before the holiday season gets underway”.

    For more information see


  10. About the media circus about to descend on PdL we recommend the reading of our post:

    1. I don't know if I should make this comment here on the lastest post or on the Serial Journalism itself so I'll submit in both. Textusa please decide:
      Those who maintain the NEGLECT story are assisting SY in a cover- up.
      Smithman becomes the abductor, if they can find a dead suspect who fits the required criteria. They have over 500 to check out, so it may take a while. Tractorman was their best option, but being black ruled him out.
      Without neglect/dining/checking, death in the apartment points in one direction only. So, if you want to assist SY, keep promoting the neglect story.
      The checking discrepancies waste all our time debating something which never happened.


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