Monday, 12 March 2018


It seems that being “obsessed” with swinging is apparently off-putting but being OBSESSED with paedophilia is socially acceptable.


We refer readers to the comments section of our post “The paedo offensive” as of our comment made at 8 Mar 2018, 20:53:00.

About the “make-up” photo the debate was quite enlightening but we are still waiting to know from K9 the answers to some questions:

- Why did the Portuguese REQUEST the Gaspar statements? Who tipped them off and when? Why did the British police send them?  (“The Brit snitch”)

- Why did the Gaspars keep in touch and visit the McCanns after that holiday in Majorca in which Mrs Gaspar allegedly witnessed the conversation between David Payne and Gerry McCann? (here and here)

- Why was Mrs Gaspar unable to say to David Payne, thanks for the offer, but we bathe our own kids?

- Why would she be afraid to offend anybody by saying that?

We recommend that our post “TRUTH” be revisited.


  1. Hi Textusa - this just proves how right you are in saying that if the truth came out the MSM and Social Media would continue to push the paedophile story which the public would find more believable than the swinging one. It's already happening. I completely agree with you. Kind regards.

    1. Wistle,

      Thank you, we would say you have read the situation correctly.

      However, few noticed how Insane, on witnessing the very interesting debate between ourselves and K9 on the make-up photo, jumped at the chance to introduce something to give credibility to the death by “powerful unknown and protected British paedo”.

      In one of the comments of our post “The paedo offensive” we said this: at 5 Mar 2018, 22:23:00:

      “The first conclusion to take is simple. If Walkercan1000 has been shut down and Not Textusa continues to be allowed to blog, that means the other side’s reaction to Insane’s rebellion was to turn all their guns on us on social media and abandon that repugnant Walkercan1000 character on the eyes of the “outside” Maddie world.

      The reason has to do with the dogs as Not Textusa’s supposed belief in the dogs may come in handy in the future while Walkercan1000’s dissing of them is now a liability.”


      Until the truth is outed, Not Textusa will continue to defend the reliability of the cadaver dog with that caveat that it is cadaver odour but it does not determine that it’s from the apartment and will continue silent about Keela.

      After the truth is outed, Insane will start to defend that he has always maintained that the BOTH dogs were reliable, so even though the cadaver dog doesn’t determine the body was in the apartment, Keela is the one – because he always maintained that the dogs are reliable – proving that the body had been indeed there.

      Remember this is to happen only after truth has been outed. The media will be reporting that Maddie did indeed die in that apartment so Insane will just be confirming it but boasting that he had always said it.

      However, until truth outed he best remain silent about Keela because truth may never emerge. The moment he recognises Keela the dam has burst.”

      Fascinatingly, in a post in his blog about our mental sanity because we said “We will again try to be very clear, using only a few words: the make-up picture was to tell government to lay-off Maddie. Hope that is now clear”, so nothing to do with blood, cadaver scent, dogs, time of death, or anything forensic related a VERY CONVENIENT anonymous decides to put in the following comment:
      “Anonymous 11 March 2018 at 10:06
      No matter what she says there was no blood or cadaver scent found in that apartment.”

      Please note that Insane’s blog is set for Pacific Daylight Time/Western Standard Time, which is 8 hours behind GMT. So this comment was made 11/03/2018 18:06. Just 01H08 minutes Walkercan1000’s 28 tweet splurge for 4H40 (the first 21 tweets were sent in the first 1H11).

      And a VERY CONVENIENT anonymous who really, really, really sound like Insane. No intro, no context, just blurts something unrelated out of the blue.

      To this comment, Insane replies:

      “Not Textusa 11 March 2018 at 10:12
      Well, the specialist dogs gave multiple alerts. Unless you can show that each was a false alert, we have to regard them as ''unconfirmed'' which is very different to ''incorrect''”

      He’s fighting a dog denier.

      Showing how reliable he thinks the dogs were: “you can show that each was a false alert” don’t you diss the dogs, please!

      So, again, Insane, what was it that Keela signalled?

    2. And for some strange reason (NOT) Insane is holding back on his crude insulting. Hmmmm… why?

      Hopefully, soon, we will FINALLY be able to see him put out a theory that can be subject to scrutiny of what he believes happened to Maddie.

      If he NOW again says something like "I don't have a specific theory, I'm open to all options" then soon he won't be able to say that he ALWAYS defended that he ALWAYS thought that it was an “unknown powerful but protected British paedo”.

      He is preparing the ground to do just that though: “One theory is that Madeleine was taken by a paedophile. As that is hardly a unique set of circumstances, I cannot see what you deem unacceptable in considering that as an outcome.” (see how polite he is now??)

      K9 thinks Insane/Walkercan1000/Not Textusa are brother-in-arms. And Not Textusa is stepping forward and confirming it.

    3. Have people noticed the coincidence of K9 writing Textusa as TextUSA or TextUsa with these words from Insane?

      “So let's see if Textusa, aka US citizen Maria Santos, will remove her lies.”

      As per our post “The reliability of the cadaver dogs”:

      “And he must have spent Christmas mulling over this because on Jan 5 2018 he insisted on the issue in another post:

      “I have posted this comment to her site, but I suspect she will fail to publish it. So here it is

      "As already stated, I am not the twitter user you identify and I have no twitter presence.
      Remove your comments, Maria"

      So let's see if Textusa, aka US citizen Maria Santos, will remove her lies.”

      This is true, he did submit this comment but he lies when he says it wasn’t published.

      It was submitted at Jan 5 2018 20:17 and was published at Jan 5 2018 20:36:”

    4. One person who apparently who doesn’t see the coincidence is… K9. He gets asked:
      SadeElisha‏ @SadeElisha86
      Replying to @K9Truth
      Why the random capitals for Textusa if you don't mind me asking?
      11:37 am - 12 Mar 2018

      And replies:

      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth
      Replying to @SadeElisha86
      No reason, sorry for the lack of consistency. I have never really thought about it, but will stick to "Textusa" if I ever refer to her again. #McCann
      11:49 am - 12 Mar 2018

      As if someone who writes TextUSA multiple times just happens to press by accident caps lock at the exact same time whenever he writes that word.

      Why the difficulty to acknowledge such an evident fact?

      And then get to be humiliated, when trying to hide the obvious, getting it pointed out by someone:
      InEz ShOoTa!‏ @CaroleShooter
      Replying to @K9Truth @SadeElisha86
      American....Text USA.
      11:50 am - 12 Mar 2018

  2. Identified reader at 13 Mar 2018, 01:43:00,

    We are not publishing your comment because we want to give first the honour of answering those questions to K9.

    We are certain K9 would be offended if he wasn't given first the opportunity to answer them.

    We will wait patiently. If K9 shows clearly that he has no intent whatsoever in answering them, then we will publish your comment.

    Hope you understand.

    1. Identified reader at 13 Mar 2018, 01:43:00,

      We're afraid that until we have a reply from K9 to the questions above (which he's already declared unwilling to do), we won't be publishing your comment.

      We don't want him taking notes from it, now do we?

  3. Hello Textusa,
    I am currently writing a response to your question about the Gaspar Statements, but confirm that I would not be at all offended by your publication of anyone's comments, however abusive, critical or impolite they may be. I'm well used to that sort of invective from both sides by now.

    I'm sorry for the delay, but my time is limited, as I have two children that I have to cook for, two businesses that I have to run and assorted sporting and social engagements that I have to participate in or observe.

    You are, of course, free to interpret my inconsistent capitalization of your blog's name however you want. My only defence is carelessness and a lack of attention, but it was certainly not intended to offend you.

    All the best.


    1. K9,

      Oh, no, we INSIST. We want to hear it from YOU, FIRST (intentional use of caps).

      However, we must say we are surprised. For someone SO FAMILIAR (again, intentional) with the eventual death of Maddie McCann by a protected powerful British paedo you would promptly reply, especially about the Gaspar statements, which you have shown to be SO FAMILIAR (yes, you guessed it it was intentional again) with.

      Do take your time. We hope you are able to organise it and not get distracted with other things, outside those you mentioned above and those are not distractions.

      We will be waiting.

    2. K9,

      About your carelessness.

      You have tweeted the word “Textusa” 37 times. 2 of which were after you were given a heads-up:

      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth Mar 12: Textusa's
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth Mar 12, which was the reply to the question about caps:
      No reason, sorry for the lack of consistency. I have never really thought about it, but will stick to "Textusa" if I ever refer to her again. #McCann
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth Mar 12: Not TextUsa and TextUsa's
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth Mar 12: Not TextUsa and TextUsa's
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth Mar 11: TextUSA's
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth Mar 11: TextUSA's and TextUSA
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth Mar 11: TextUSA
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth Mar 11: TextUSA
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth Mar 11: TextUSA
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth Mar 9: TextUSA
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth Mar 9: TextUSA
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth Mar 8: TextUsa's
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth Mar 8: TextUSA
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth Mar 2: TextUSA
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth Mar 2: Textusa and TextUSA's
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth 1 Dec 2017: TextUSA
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth 1 Jul 2017: TextUSA
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth 31 Mar 2017: TextUSA
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth 20 Jan 2017: TextUsa
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth 13 Jan 2017: TextUsa
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth 13 Jan 2017: TextUsa
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth 30 Sep 2016: TextUsa
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth 3 Mar 2016: TextUsa's
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth 3 Mar 2016: TextUsa
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth 15 Jan 2016: Textusa
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth 19 Dec 2015: TextUSA
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth 20 Jun 2015: TextUsa
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth 11 Jun 2015: TextUsa
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth 25 Apr 2015: TextUsa's
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth 5 Apr 2015: TextUsa
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth 19 Mar 2015: Textusa
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth 5 Aug 2014: Textusa
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth 2 Jul 2014: Textusa

      Before getting a heads-up, you tweeted “Textusa” 35 times.

      TextUsa, 15 times
      TextUSA, 15 times
      Textusa, 5 times, of which 3 were the first time you tweeted the word.

      No other Caps misspelling.

      We would say that you suffer from a consistent carelessness.


    Attorney General receives “new theory” in disappearance of Madeleine McCann

    A team of independent investigators working over the last decade has come up with what it believes happened to Madeleine McCann.

    Just as the British Home Office is reported to be considering a new request by Metropolitan Police for the funding of its long-running Operation Grange investigation, the theory has landed on the desk of Portugal’s Attorney General.

    It is explosive, it does not work to the accepted timeline, and it does not involve Portuguese gypsies or Eastern European child smugglers.

    The objective of the 20-page letter, translated into Portuguese, is to prompt judicial authorities towards a reinvestigation.

    Explains one the group’s principal spokespeople - a retired Nottinghamshire police superintendent - “it is important that people follow this logically, and without preconceptions, however shocking the conclusion may seem”.

    “There is strong evidence, for example, that the famous Pool Photo was not taken on Thursday 3rd as was claimed.

    “Weather reports, personal diaries, and many hundreds of photos on sites such as Flickr show that Thursday lunchtime was overcast and there was a cold Force 4 wind”.

    The retired police officer is convinced that the mystery is “a very simple sad story” that for reasons unclear has been hopelessly muddled up.

    As to why this may be the case, his response was a prememptory: “No Comment”.

    “Any answers I give at this point would be personal opinions not based on facts or knowledge and therefore best avoided”, he said.

    “It might be, after all, that the findings have "got through" and that a final answer is just around the corner.

    “The last FOI (Freedom of Information) report from Grange stated there had been flights to Portugal in 2017:

    “To date there have been 2 return flights to Portugal this year.

    “In March three officers flew to Portugal at a total cost of £750 - whilst in May 2 officers flew to Portugal, costs being £500.

    “To do WHAT ?

    “How many of these had we heard about ?

    “And don't forget that the CPS lawyers visited Portugal to speak to counterparts a couple of years ago . . .”

    Thus for now, the team that calls itself the Madeleine McCann Research group waits.

    The letter was sent on March 6 and has been tracked as having reached its destination.

    Said one of the group’s members: “We can only hope the authorities take notice. If our findings get published in the Portuguese media, the authorities might be obliged to make an official statement and it might get reported in the UK.

    “And then things finally might be able to move forwards…”

    1. Page now returning this:

      The page you requested does not exist. For your convenience, a search was performed using the query node 52071.

      Oppsss! Sorry! The exact page you are looking for was moved or doesn't exist anymore! We have selected some suggestions related with your search, alternatively you can go to our Home page ! Thank You!

      David Best at the HiDeHo CONTROVERSY of Madeleine McCann FB groups has received the following msg from Natasha Donn:

      “I jumped the gun of a much bigger paper which was (is) apparently ready to run with a much more comprehensive article... so i quickly removed mine... if the paper does not run its story (there is still the possibility that it won't) I will repost. Apologies for the confusion!”

    3. Weird concept of what journalism should be, to say the least.
      Also weird concept of what apologising should be, to say the most.

    4. "If our findings get published in the Portuguese media, the authorities might be obliged to make an official statement.."
      Does this explain why ND suppressed her article ? She, better late than never, found illogical to publish her article in English in an English media ?

  5. Hello Textusa,

    I'm not quite sure what the point of your messages is.

    Yes, I have been careless and erratic with my capitalizations, although I believe that I have spelt your name correctly since @SadeElisha86 pointed out the error of my ways at 11:37am on March 12th.

    And so?

    Maybe you want to weave some theory about my identity around my inconsistent use of caps? Go ahead, I'm sure you have the time to do so if you want to. However, trust me, it would not be very dignified and sensible to descend into the sort of paranoia that seems to beset so many disbelievers of the McCann jackanory. I can assure you that not only Not Textusa but also the "antis" who know my identity would find it more than amusing.

    Am I trying to save you from ridicule? Yes. There is a lot of common ground, and maybe even a shared friend or two, beween us.

    I have signaled my willingness to enter into a civilized discussion with you and would be happy to repeat here my Twitter apology for any intemperate language that I may have used.

    However, my time and patience are limited, so I would be disinclined to continue this discusssion if I feel that my good faith and good will are not being reciprocated.

    All the best


    1. Why aren't we surprised?

      Teddy‏ @TeddyShepherd
      @K9Truth Re Textusa
      Don't lower yourself, you're knocking on the door of hubris at best, but in reality you're knocking and there is nobody at home. #McCann
      1:28 pm - 13 Mar 2018

      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth
      Replying to @TeddyShepherd
      Don't worry, I've learnt my lesson. You can't beat Twitter for freedom of expression (Textusa has inexplicably failed to publish my response to her "Why aren't we surprised?" comment). #McCann
      3:00 pm - 13 Mar 2018
      We inform that up to this moment, and have just checked, including spam box, we have not received any comment from K9 or anyone else on this subject.

    4. Nope, still no comment from K9 (including spam box).

      Pity, we thought we were going to receive praise from him like we did back in Sept 2016, when he then praised our post “The Brit snitch”, which details the relevance of the PJ having REQUESTED the Gaspar statements, one of the questions that unfortunately, it seems, we won’t see K9 answer:
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth
      A big shout-out to the girls at TextUsa for their detailed + thorough replies to my earlier tweets. … #McCann
      9:31 AM - 30 Sep 2016

    5. Amnesia has a way of making one recall (or should that be 'recoil')

      mariaccnr‏ @mariaccnr
      Replying to @K9Truth @veniviedivici
      Be calm please. You are @K9Truth a good Person and in comments I have found this: “ We inform that up to this moment, and have just checked, including spam box, we have not received any comment from K9 or anyone else on this subject.” I believe Textusa team are also reliable.
      11:15 pm - 13 Mar 2018
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth
      Replying to @mariaccnr @veniviedivici
      Thanks for pointing that out. I'm not quite sure what happened to that post, but will see whether I've kept a backup copy + will resubmit it if I find it. #McCann
      12:52 am - 14 Mar 2018
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth
      Replying to @K9Truth @mariaccnr @veniviedivici
      I'm afraid that didn't keep a backup. IIRC, it was basically a message saying that I didn't see any reciprocation in her terse + sarcastic reply, but still hope at a later stage to turn my reply-in-progress into a full examination of the evidence of paedophilia in >>> #McCann
      2:14 am - 14 Mar 2018
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth
      Replying to @K9Truth @mariaccnr @veniviedivici
      >>> the case and of the significance of the way that it has been handled and presented by the British police + media. I would still be open to considering any evidence of swinging in the PJ files aside from high staff/guest ratios, rumours + Amy Tierney's alleged tweet. #McCann
      2:19 am - 14 Mar 2018

    7. Implied question from K9:

      “I would still be open to considering any evidence of swinging in the PJ files aside from high staff/guest ratios, rumours + Amy Tierney's alleged tweet.”

      Our answer:
      Which we screengrabbed and have put in our post “The game continues”

      We could say a lot of things about what K9 says in that implied question with “aside from high staff/guest ratios”, rumours + Amy Tierney's alleged tweet”. We won’t.

      We will gladly do so AFTER he answers the questions about the Gaspar statements. Diverting from a topic shows that one is trying to run away from it.

      This means that outside what we have asked, until we get a clear and straightforward answer from K9 as to what he has been asked, we will not accept any other challenges or questions off-topic. Our lack of response to them does not mean avoiding them but keeping the pressure on what he was asked to answer.

      To be very clear, we want to know what his opinion is as to why did the PJ request the Gaspar statements and why he thinks were the reasons for the Gaspars to continue to interact with the McCanns after the alleged creepy conversation reeking with paedophilia between Gerry and David and why he thinks were the reasons for Mrs Gaspar to allow David Payne to bathe her kids after that conversation reeking with paedophilia.

      We want the answers to the very objective questions above, we don’t want “a full examination of the evidence of paedophilia in the case and of the significance of the way that it has been handled and presented by the British police + media”.

      He can do that separately (apparently he’s not that short of time) and publish that wherever he wants.

      About the PJ requesting, we remind readers that on Sept 30 2016 he agreed fully with our conclusions of our post “The Brit snitch”:
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth
      A big shout-out to the girls at TextUsa for their detailed + thorough replies to my earlier tweets. … #McCann
      9:31 AM - 30 Sep 2016

      We are curious to know what has since made him change his mind.

      Note, we did not originate this “debate”, it started out of his initiative, so it’s rather strange to see him making every effort to wiggle his way out of it.

      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth
      Replying to @TeddyShepherd
      She's unfathomable. In retrospect I'm happy that my reply didn't go thru, as I'm not sure that she really deserved a reply. Lessons learnt + time to move on etc. #McCann
      6:16 am - 14 Mar 2018

      Marykate‏ @mcstravick_mac
      Replying to @K9Truth
      Textusa can answer fairly quickly when asked a question because her research is so good. Why the delay in your answer
      12:28 am - 14 Mar 2018
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth
      FollowFollow @K9Truth
      1. I wanted to write a long + considered reply, but don't have the amount of free time that Textusa has.
      2. I had started on my reply, but decided that it wasn't worth my time + effort after seeing her comments yesterday.
      I hope to turn it into a full article later. #McCann
      1:01 am - 14 Mar 2018
      Marykate‏ @mcstravick_mac
      Replying to @K9Truth
      But you said you did reply and Textusa wouldn’t publish......pair yourself with the truth
      2:50 am - 14 Mar 2018
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth
      Replying to @mcstravick_mac
      Oh dear, I've really had enough of people doubting my sincerity. All I can say is that I did write a reply, preview and press Publish. Maybe there was some glitch, but there's no need to over-analyze it.
      2:56 am - 14 Mar 2018

      “There's no need to over-analyze it” but one can cast suspicion over another for being scared of publishing what one has said by saying “You can't beat Twitter for freedom of expression (Textusa has inexplicably failed to publish my response to her "Why aren't we surprised?" comment)”?

    10. It seems K9 is still unable to find time to answer the Gaspar statement questions:
      Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth
      Canine Truth Retweeted
      Here's the evidence of the swinging that the government, FCO and the Home Office covered up. Throw in a semen stain in the children's bedroom (a sure sign of swinging!) + a tweet from someone called Penny who was chatted up on a Mark Warner holiday and it's a slam dunk. #McCann …
      Canine Truth added,
      This Tweet is unavailable.
      4:06 pm - 14 Mar 2018

    11. And K9, if people from "government, FCO and the Home Office" were there swinging (and we are not saying there were these people there nor saying they were not, just raising the possibility) we are certain that "government, FCO and the Home Office" would do all they could to cover-up that fact, including using paedo-pushing minions like you.

    Mari Welzel‏ @umweltbuerger
    Jane Tanner :"..we’re not a bunch of swingers that went out there for a swinging holiday, I can’t think of anything to be worse to be honest.." Bridget O'Donnell "There were NO drug fuelled swingers on this holiday’" #mccann
    8:01 am - 14 Mar 2018

    1. Now WHERE did they get those strange ideas from? Surely not from reading Textusa alone? From somewhere else, perhaps? Why does one protest so loudly when no accusations have been made?

    2. BRIDGET O DONNELL in 2007!!

  7. The hoax becomes all the more obvious, nice to have your blog to check back on their stories, Textusa :) thank you !

    Sunday, 11 July 2010
    The HOAX

    By IRONSIDE Quoting "Wilkins later had a knock on his door not to ask for help but to inform him McCanns child had been abducted.
    "(Rogatory)..around 01H30) Wilkins said : "I did not take part in any searches. I offered my help but it was not necessary."

  8. To our readers,

    We are perfectly aware that the “debate” between us and K9 may be quite off-putting.

    And it may even seem unimportant. It’s not. It’s very important that it takes place (although we should say took, as it seems that t is over but what has been written has been very helpful and informative).

    K9, a person who has on the banner of his Twitter handle the phrase “Why does the UK media never mention the Gaspar Statements in the McCann case?” is unable to answer promptly questions that we supposed he should have asked himself before he decided to “believe” that paedophilia was THE secret being defended in the Maddie case.

    As we have said, we believe he knows the answers to the many questions as to who is being protected and why.

    Even though we have put our focus on him, we are aware that we are not talking to him alone. Others are (were) helping him and many others on his side of the fence are (were) reading what is being (was) said.

    It was not by coincidence that Walkercan1000 resurfaced after having been in silence for 12 days and 15 hours to briefly tweet about nothing that would appear to the common eye as important for 4H40 minutes and submerged again and has been holding his breath now for 2 days and 22 hours.

    These are critical times. Very critical times indeed.

    Not only because of the hostility the blog has been receiving lately, reminding us of those 2008/2009 days but because we feel there are winds brewing and gathering up for a storm.

    K9 alleges he doesn’t have time but is able to find it to continue to spread paedophilia on the Maddie case, which serves the agenda of some, like this one:
    Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth
    The McCanns' Abuse of Power: Dr David Payne, Woodland Hospital, Kettering, didn't want to tell the Police what he knew about Madeleine McCann's death - and still hasn't to this day #McCann … …
    4:35 pm - 13 Mar 2018

    Unless we are talking about a different Payne, we believe that this “Dr David Payne, Woodland Hospital, Kettering” was heard by both the Portuguese and the British police. So what police force is there which he didn’t want to speak to? If he didn’t want to tell them the truth, that just means he has a guilty conscience and not that he has a conscience filled with paedophilia related guilt.

    We would like to point out that 3 of the T9 are practising consultants in the U.K.

    Are those like K9, who believe paedophilia was involved suggesting that the government are covering up and allowing them unfettered access to patients?

    Please note that the blog does NOT condemn the exposure ( we fully support it) of any crime of paedophilia.

    Our blog is well aware of child abuse and exploitation in the U.K. One of the team has had professional involvement in the past and would never minimise such serious crimes and why we are very careful when speaking about Yvonne Martin and her participation in the case.

    Who we do condemn are the people who point to paedophilia as a possible reason for Maddie’s death when they know full well that was not the case.

    We condemn people who deceiving alert to an apple problem in the bottom of the ocean instead of an orchard, with the intent of seeing people dive looking for them and because they can’t be found, create a new Atlantis.

    In other words, mystify Maddie away from the truth.

    1. Did we say that this post was important?

      We were wrong. It's VERY, VERY IMPORTANT.

      Really entertaining to watch.

      All being registered and kept.

  9. What Mr Carpenter, looking for little girl who had got lost, heard GMC tell on the phone about those paedophiles etc. is even more a red flag than the jemmied shutters.

    1. They first introduced the word. They displayed a deep ambition to stress the word paedophile, repeated again and again in their interviews; her sad entry in her book on pg 129 imo may have been a pure cunning trait to fix the idea once more. Since the british government is falling over their feet to please them at every turn, so that they keep their mouths shut and the knowledge they harbour secret, they feel safe. They were absent when the PJ investigated, those deeply involved who wouldn't even consider being present for a modelling of their own words of that so called abduction on that evening is in itself, an obstruction of the police's work and an indication they knew the child is dead. May the demands on this group to speak up continue until....

    2. Anne Guedes,

      We must correct you, it was Graham McKenzie who did that.

      We agree totally with you that it’s a red flag.

      Why would Gerry be outside, talking loudly about paedophiles?

      Note that McKenzie only comes forward when he learns G’s phone records are being checked.

      If he had important info, why wait?

    3. Thank you for correcting me, Textusa. Of course it was Mr McKenzie who was stupefied by the matter and perhaps even more by the manner in such a dramatic situation.
      I see here evidence that not everybody is obsessed with paedophilia those days (which actually is weird, freudian reference or not), which makes you feel you're not alone !

    4. Anne Guedes,

      We know that we are far from being alone.

      On Twitter one can literally circle around 4 names who matter.

      There’s a fifth element, who up to now we have no reason to believe s/he is on the game.

      Our evaluation about that fifth element is that s/he is what we call a paedo-nutter. The people who can only find reasonable for the entire UK establishment to allow itself getting caught up in such a monstrous and enormous lie has to be paedophilia.

      Not all those who disagree with us are minions from the other side.

      These people will have it no other way. Maddie has to have been killed by a paedo. Nothing shown to them will alter their opinion.

      On the swinging theory they will put a “but” whenever the word but is used in it but when shown a thousand buts on the paedophilia theory they will overlook ALL of them. Find the anything remotely plausible for some, the most far-fetched reasons for others and just tell themselves “there has to be a reason that is not known but I’m certain is there”.

      Usually it’s infamous “unpublished PJ files” that don’t exist that take the blame.

      For them, when they say that swinging does it do it for them, they do mean it and we know they do (and the other side minions jump on the chance and exploit it fully). But it’s in a sense of if and when they realise that it has all been about swinging they will react with a “What????? You mean you %&$&#$ put the entire UK through this level of embarrassment because of your &#%$&# reputations???? Are you kidding me????? You selfish arrogant %$#/&%$#!!!”

      To the 4 names that we have placed in “in-the-know” circle, we seem to be having another person peeping in way above the parapet. Too early to come to any conclusion about that person for now, will continue to observe.

      So, 4 to 5 people, some of which show little activity, are not that many.

      Just fierce fighters in disarray.

  10. Is K9 making excuses to his/her paymaster because s/he didn’t really post a reply? Blaming Textusa for not posting it and so publicly? If it was a genuine comment it would have been submitted after typing a fairly short comment into the comments box so would have been with reference to available notes OR if longer cut and pasted from notes, either was easy to repeat the comment. All the excuses of lack of time and list of family duties is pathetic as the time spent doing that takes just as much time.

    1. Weird, isn't it. Side-stepping at it's best. Well done, Textusa. Separating the colouring-in from the black and white :)

  11. We would like to apologise to K9.

    When we he implicitly put us a question with ““I would still be open to considering any evidence of swinging in the PJ files aside from high staff/guest ratios, rumours + Amy Tierney's alleged tweet.”

    We answered with:

    Which we screengrabbed and have put in our post “The game continues””

    We have to apologise to K9 for an incomplete reply. We have just realised that, we forgot to add this link:

    We sincerely hope he can find in his heart to forgive us and add that to the above.

    1. Oh, dear, oh dear, oh, dear...

      Our memory is just not what it used to be...

      Add this one also, please, which contains info predating the release of the PJ Files:

      So, so sorry.

    InEz ShOoTa!‏ @CaroleShooter
    I suppose I could easily assume that those who push the swinging theory so hard are trying to get #mccann off the hook.
    3:18 AM - 15 Mar 2018

    To answer to this tweeter VERY CLEARLY, we do NOT wish to take the McCanns off any hook.

    What we want is to ensure that other people who are on this hook, should not be taken off it.

    The McCanns should be accountable for ALL their responsibilities in this affair but so should ALL those who are also involved.

    1. It’s quite hard to understand how can anybody say we’re trying to get McCanns off the hook when we point finger at either Kate McCann or David Payne causing the accident that cost Maddie her life?

      We say Maddie died in the apartment, the dogs were accurate, the T9 lied in their statements and the McCanns were implicated in her disposal. Even if not directly. How is that letting them off the hook?

      Whereas setting the scene for an archival with no result, with the scream - it’s a paedophile cover -up would suit those who were part of the swinging scene on that holiday, whilst leaving the stain of suspicion hanging over only the T9.

      And 3 consultants let loose on the public.

      Those who keep repeating the obvious – that swinging is legal – appear to be living in a parallel universe in which, for example, a judge could sit, sentencing people, with all of those in the court aware of his/her legal sexual habits.

      Or, using another example, a universe where a headteacher wouldn’t have any problems facing the tittering pupils and outraged parents.

      The minority wouldn’t care. The majority we have no doubt would.

    2. Its plain to see the “ugly seed” was sown right at the start. It has been growing since, with plenty of “evidence” following it closely. It’s what is hidden or denied and that which is kept from growing, this is where the answers lie, always hidden. Is it any wonder it’s shot down if it ever appears! Yet the ugly seed is fed and is allowed to grow and grow.
      Textuas, keep watering and nurturing the seed of truth, you are the only one doing so.

  13. This is another interesting thing that the pro-paedo theory like to highlight:
    InEz ShOoTa!‏ @CaroleShooter
    Replying to @2for1Tickets @K9Truth @hereandnowthen
    Well I suppose he could have been there to see k but he did remember more detail about the children. #mccann
    6:11 am - 15 Mar 2018

    Basically, to say that when Payne says that Maddie looked like an angel, he is such a paedo that he has a full-grown woman wrapped only with a towel after coming out of the shower, that he ignores her completely as his sick lust is focused solely on those infants.

    So, we are to believe that Payne-the-paedo-whose-secret-has-to-be-hidden-at-all-cost, just decides to incriminate himself and show off that he is a paedo?

    Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth
    Replying to @CaroleShooter
    I'm not convinced by it, but there's no harm looking at it. The main problem is that swinging is perfectly legal + consensual and doesn't really threaten national security. #McCann
    1:10 am - 15 Mar 2018
    InEz ShOoTa!‏ @CaroleShooter
    Replying to @K9Truth
    Maybe there are parts of the USA that see swinging as the devil's work but here it's just a thing to giggle/snigger at in a Carry On sort of way. #mccann
    1:14 am - 15 Mar 2018


    But then K9 not only receives but put a like on this tweet:
    The auld battle axe‏ @Bridgiew
    Replying to @K9Truth
    in the Cotswold village I lived in, we had a 2 GPS who were married to each other. There were huge rumours doing the rounds, that they were heavily involved in the swinging scene, they denied this via the parish magazine and this was picked up by the national press (sceptical emoticon)
    1:22 am - 15 Mar 2018

    So the national press picks up something from a parish magazine that not only was “perfectly legal + consensual and doesn't really threaten national security” but also was ONLY “a thing to giggle/snigger at in a Carry On sort of way”?

    1. I've already written a post regarding this but it disappeared off my phone. Those doctors were horrified that those rumours were going around a small community, it damaged their professional reputations. How it got into the nationals, I can only speculate however there was 1 person who was a prominent tv journalist living in the village and this is perhaps how it tuned into a national story. When I write 'Cotswold village' please bear in mind some of the types who live in the Cotswolds: Rebecca Brooks, David Cameron to name but a few!
      The Auld Battle Axe

  15. Regarding you Best Answer post can the “a very high up city senior executive with connections to an influential MP” be the fat -faced man in greyscale photos, shown on a balcony and what may be from the beach restaurant, looking out across the beach?
    Photos 01 19 35 138

  16. Will somebody, somewhere, sometime at least attempt an answer to the Gaspar question?

    1. Anonymous 15 Mar 2018, 16:51:00,

      We have said that we have a comment submitted by an identified reader that we haven’t published because we insist that we get a response from K9, which we have repeatedly pointed out he has failed to deliver.

      It seems his extremely tight schedule which was the major impediment he presented for not responding, has since allowed him to tweet frequently.

      But we have had someone answering to our Gaspar questions elsewhere. Insane in his padded-up cell in which he locked his Not Textusa character in and where he’s frenetically jumping up at the window desperate for someone to notice him.

      This is what he had to say:
      “Let's have a little reminder of the questions you INSIST K9 answers
      [quoting us] - Why did the Portuguese REQUEST the Gaspar statements? Who tipped them off and when? Why did the British police send them? (“The Brit snitch”)
      - Why did the Gaspars keep in touch and visit the McCanns after that holiday in Majorca in which Mrs Gaspar allegedly witnessed the conversation between David Payne and Gerry McCann? (here and here)
      - Why was Mrs Gaspar unable to say to David Payne, thanks for the offer, but we bathe our own kids?
      - Why would she be afraid to offend anybody by saying that? [end of quoting us]
      In order to answer these questions, K9 would require:
      1. Information on the PJ investigation which is not in the public arena
      2. Information on the UK police investigation which is not in the public arena
      3. Information from Mrs Gaspar on her thoughts and decision-making process which is not in the public arena
      What you REALLY want is K9's opinions and outright speculation, so you can see if they fall into line with yours.
      I would never presume to advise K9 on what to reply, but my response would be to tell you to fuck off. If you are so keen on getting answers, answer the fucking questions yourself. The necessity of invention has never slowed you down before.”

      First, we note that he’s back to swearing. Really back. That tells us he’s given up putting on a more respectable figure for this particular persona.
      We are not certain if it’s loss of hope or just uncontrolled rage but our friends who peep through the little window of the door of his cell, say it is indeed well padded and they cannot read which way he’s shrieking.

      Then, it’s interesting to note that a pro-McCann defender when watching 2 alleged antis “fighting” or fighting, instead of sitting back and enjoying the show, takes the side of one of the participants.

      We are not surprised.

      Basically, one tells Insane “swinging” and he goes… insane and gets into a raging fit. One tells him “paedophilia” and he puts hand under chin and surprise, considers it a valid possibility.

      This is Insane (leaving out the swearing):

      Swinging – What??? Ludicrous!! Disgraceful even to think of it! Absurd! Laughable, you’re out of your rocker!! So nonsensical I can’t stop laughing!!! What utter rubbish, the garbage man wouldn’t touch it for a million pounds! You are sick, disgusting and deranged!!!

      Paedophilia – Hmmmm… you know, it could well be…

    Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth
    For the sake of clarity, I'm not wedded to the theory that Maddie was murdered by 1 or more paedophiles. Like the PJ, I believe the death was accidental. If paedophilia is so irrelevant, why haven't the Gaspars been sued or exposed as liars/fools? Not a squeak from Payne. #McCann
    10:00 am - 15 Mar 2018
    For the sake of clarity, the Gaspar-statements-all-knowing-tweeter K9 deceives again.

    David Payne couldn’t sue for evidence given to the police as witnesses.

    It was made public against all expectation. The Gaspars didn’t make it public.

    In fact, we are certain that if many of those who gave statements to the PJ even dreamed that the PJ Files would be made public would never, ever gone to the PJ and said what they did.

    By the way, the Gaspar-statements-all-knowing-tweeter K9, who refuses to answer our questions about those same Gaspar statements.

    As the Portuguese say, “you sing well but you don’t bring me joy” (cantas bem mas não me alegras).

    1. Textusa I don't want to go off topic as you are doing an excellent job of showing how ridiculous those that defend that the government would cover up the death of a young child by paedophiles. Not to mention that the health service who have the real powers when it comes to child protection would also cover it up by letting paedophiles work with patients. However I wanted to comment on what you said about had those who gave statements even dreamt that they would have been made public they would never have said what they said. Isn't that so true, sometimes reading through some of the statements I cringe for these people. They really were sold a pup, they knew what they were doing was wrong, most of their statements give indication of real embarrassment almost to the point of sounding like people with limited education. Yet they done it thinking once it was said it would be left in a file somewhere never to see the light of day when the case was closed. How powerful must the people be who provided this assurance to them.

    Teddy‏ @TeddyShepherd
    @K9Truth I do wish everybody would put this swinging nonsense to bed. The only way I would even consider it , that it was a holiday en famille, and I have absolutely no desire to go there. That's not to say I haven't dismissed something akin in the background. #McCann
    12:09 pm - 15 Mar 2018

    1. No desire to 'go there' - but quite happy to go headlong into 'paedo peddling' without any shame?

    2. There's more evidence of abduction, sorry, paedophilia than of anything else!

    Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth
    Replying to @TeddyShepherd
    I would not write off the possibility of some sort of organized or spontaneous swinging in either the Ocean Club, PDL or the Algarve (in fact, that almost certainly exists), >>> #McCann
    12:46 pm - 15 Mar 2018
    Canine Truth‏ @K9Truth
    Replying to @K9Truth @TeddyShepherd
    >>> but believe that darker forces are behind the cover-up. If that makes me a "paedo-nutter", as per the peerless Anne Guedes, so be it. #McCann
    12:47 pm - 15 Mar 2018

    It wasn’t Anne Guedes who used the term “paedo-nutter”, it was us. See comment at 15 Mar 2018, 15:39:00.

    K9, to be very clear, when we used that term, we were not talking about you.

  20. What is so infuriating is the attitude that there would not be a cover-up of the swinging activities of a small group of people who were nobody special.
    That’s very true- IF it was confined within that group. But what you are saying it’s precisely because the activities in PdL were not confined to that small group and that people of higher prestige were also involved.
    As Natalie Rowe described, participants were initiated and blackballed if they failed to maintain the absolute discretion required from them.

    1. Textusa, I'm @22.54
      Need to make clear Natalie was talking about the swingers’ groups she was familiar with and not the PdL set up

    2. There's a point I tried but can't understand. Swinging, as far as mentally fit adults are concerned, is not a crime, not even an infraction. It's nobody's business in a free society. If the practice is revealed, the right to privacy is at stake and contemption deserves sanction.
      So what need to cover it up and risk misdemeanor concerning MMC's death ?
      Paedophilia is a totally different issue and can only be appreciated case by case, imo.

    3. Anne Guedes,

      It's not a question of what you think, or I think or even those who thought what they thought would think again if considering the consequences of their thoughts at that moment.

      What matters is what those present perceived as an imminent danger to their reputations being shattered.

      As you know Portugal, we'll give you one example: Tomás Taveira.

  21. Tex you really have rattled someone's cage over the swinging and let's face it why would they care if you were obsessed or not unless it was true.The attacks and insults just prove someone is worried about the truth which must be shut down at all costs. Tptb have done a great job pushing the predator theory some forums just go round and round talking about a high level paedophile ring that's being protected. They talk about wanting and searching for the truth yet they stick in the same rut repeating the same theories over and over again. I openly admit I get annoyed and frustrated that like the McCann's they cannot deviate from the story, it reminds me of the Borg collective from star trek one says it then the rest repeat. Just keep up the good work keeping them on their toes as there's no rest for the wicked and don't let the b--ta--s grind you down we are rooting for you.

  22. Firstly, where are you getting this idea paedophiles are not allowed to work in the NHS? Couldn't be further from the truth, as a quick Google will reveal. Here is one example, there are many more

    Secondly, why the insistence on paedophilia OR swinging? One needn't necessarily preclude the other.

    1. Marsha.

      Swinging clearly and absolutely excludes paedophilia. All you have to do is go online and you can see that swinging has very strict ruling.

      Swinging is about exploring the pleasure of having multiple ADULT sexual partners, which between consensual partners we see as personal option.

      Nepiophilia is about exploring the pleasure of inflicting pain on an infant, which is a disgusting crime.

      Swingers are interested in other adults. We have no knowledge of any cases where known swingers were prosecuted for sexual offences against children.

      About doctors and paedophilia, we are aware of these types of cases and think it’s deplorable that they are allowed to continue working, but none of these cases involve the death of a child.

      We are saying that the Gaspar statements are no basis for assuming paedophilia was at the heart of the circumstances surrounding Madeleine’s death.

      What we are questioning is whether those involved in the cover -up would allow a doctor who was involved in the death of a child to continue working, and those who supported him to do so , if all 3 were also involved in active paedophilia?

  23. Where did I say swinging involved paedophilia?
    I didn't. Both could have happened, none the less.

    You said "We would like to point out that 3 of the T9 are practising consultants in the U.K. Are those like K9, who believe paedophilia was involved suggesting that the government are covering up and allowing them unfettered access to patients?" I pointed out that doctors who are paedophiles can and do work in the NHS. You then moved the goalposts by inserting the dead child.

    1. Marsha,

      We believe Maddie is dead.

      We made the assumption and maybe we shouldn’t have done. that by linking the case to paedophilia, you also believe she is dead.

      We believe those covering up know she is dead.

      So we haven’t moved the goalposts by adding death, just pointing out that the examples you sent us, deplorable as they are, do not involve death.

      Because of these deplorable cases of doctors being allowed to continue working in their profession, it adds credibility to those who claim paedophilia is at the heart of the Maddie case.

      We should all work to oppose this happening where we can. One of the team has raised just such an objection to the employment of a particular doctor, who is no longer working for the hospital who employed him.

  24. Are we assuming that GP's committed paedophilic crimes in 2007 with prior knowledge they would still be practising medicine 10 years later; that their status meant they could do what they liked with impunity; that fellow GPs etc would turn a blind eye? What passes for present-day law in the UK is surely a different matter to the mind-set in PDL at the time. The Maddie case IS about the death of a child. It is not inserted into the narrative. It's the main narrative. Why and under what circumstances it happened and why the cover up.

  25. There are ex-murderers working in the community that have done their time also...

  26. Do you have evidence, apart from the cover up, that "those present perceived (MMC's death) as an imminent danger to their reputations" ?

    Tomás Taveira ! An old story that illustrates how revelations on private life disperse in a few days. The only thing I remember is what my neighbour told me (and she would never have told before the "scandal" emerged), because that shocked me. TT had a special video room for porno stuff and encouraged his son and my neighbour's son to watch with him.

    1. Anne Guedes,

      “Do you have evidence, apart from the cover up, that "those present perceived (MMC's death) as an imminent danger to their reputations" ?”

      We think the cover-up is sufficient evidence. For some reason the T9, the Ocean Club and on that night some of the resident British immigrants of Luz, decided to embark on a lie.

      “Tomás Taveira ! An old story that illustrates how revelations on private life disperse in a few days. “

      No, it didn’t. And you are the proof of it. I just mentioned the name and your memory picked his name up and not because he was Amoreira’s architect.

      You immediately made the connection between his name and the sexual scandal in which he was involved.

      Yes, he disappeared and that is exactly the point. To how many high society events has he and his wife been invited to since the scandal (which was in the 80s)?

      How many articles have they appeared in the Portuguese “Pink magazines”?

      His reputation was disgraced. He went from one day to the next from being a prominent member of the cream of society to be a pariah.

      You may not care but those who matter in their lives, do and act on it.

    2. Textusa, you made me remember, through the context, not the TT scandal but that there was one. What I and likely others were told was the hideous kick of the donkey to the fallen lion, as we say in French.
      In another context I would have remembered a friend of mine who was well paid to have (interesting) conversations in French with TT.
      Finally, every time I pass the Amoreiras I remember them being built and who was the main architect.
      So I don't think I proved that TT was marked for life. But I reckon that the Lisbon "good" society might have rejected him.

    3. Anne Guedes,

      Agree that I disregarded context in my reply. That would indeed be enough to trigger your memory the way it did.

      However, without having any proof other than a personal perception, if the name Taveira is mentioned to a Portuguese person, it's more likely that the person will remember him because of the video and not because of Amoreiras.


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