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McCann vs Amaral Libel Trial

Until last week ago we weren't sure the trial the McCann vs Amaral libel in Lisbon would happen.

Almost exactly a year ago, we said in our "Textusa Non-Random Ramblings" post that we thought the Black Hats couldn't allow it to happen:

"I think that the McCanns have much more to fear from it then does Amaral. Sticking to the possible event itself, I repeat what the blog has stated many a time before and is that is that the McCanns cannot afford for facts to be discussed publicly in Court. One just has to go back to the Trial about the book and remember how disastrous it was for the McCanns when facts started to be discussed, to the point of making Isabel Duarte speak of unfollowed leads that were never asked to be followed and the willingness of Gerry McCann in reopening the process that was never formally materialized.

I’m not seeing how libel can be discussed without discussing facts, and if facts are to be discussed then it will be a huge embarrassment for the McCanns."

We did also say, in the same post, that "If the Trial is to take place, which I believe it will one day, the best outcome that the McCanns can hope for is to be publicly questioned and thus openly ridiculed, further damaging their already irreparable reputation and credibility."

During our Summer break we kept hearing dates for hearings but as the sources were far from being reliable and as the slowness of the Portuguese Justice system is almost a touristic attraction, we followed the issue but didn’t give it much attention.

Then about a week ago, we heard it from the grapevine that Mr. Amaral had requested for the trial to be held behind closed doors.

That changed our vision of what was going on.

It made sense. We may be wrong but we believe we know the reason for this request and it made us believe that the time for the trial had arrived.

But we lacked confirmation. We looked for it but found none.

The media, the one that matters, spoke nothing of it, and the fact it was mentioned by the other, it only made us believe that our belief in the occurrence of the trial in September 2013 was baseless.

As you can see by our comments yesterday, the trial was ongoing and we still were finding it hard to believe it was happening... and indeed it was.

First of all, it seems that the Judge didn’t allow Mr Amaral to fight in the ground of his choice, one without media. We think his advantage has enough manoeuvre room to overcome this minor setback.

What surprises us in looking at the opposing team it’s that it’s much, much too weak. Like lambs to the slaughter.

It starts with the absence of Gerry who certainly has more important things to do like picking daffodils and chasing fireflies than have his presence show his indignation and sufferance inflicted upon him by a certainly malevolent Portuguese detective.

After all he did find time to give his face to the Hacked Off but not to show it in Lisbon for the libel trial.

It seems that in Rothley, the important affairs fall under Gerry's area of responsibility while Kate deals with the minor ones, like Maddie.

It continues with Emma Loach who directed the Mockumentary, which we’ve debunked and showed for the monstrosity it really is. We’re sure that with the load of obstructing lies it contained it was a big help to anyone looking for Maddie.

Then we have Susan Hubbard, an active participant of the Mockumentary in her role as TS’ mother, who confesses resorting to the help of a distraught mother whose child had just been supposedly abducted to settle in Praia da Luz, a town which the referred distraught mother was also stranger to: the distraught, helpful and altruistic Kate McCann.

Were there no ex-Pats to assume this role?

You may say that Kate and Susan hit it off so well that they instantly became best friends. They may, but we thought Kate’s best mate in PdL was Fiona Payne. Couldn’t have been her to help Susan settle in?

And we’re sure Mr Bean refused to be part of this team (our apologies Mr Atkinson, we’re referring solely to the hilarious character you created and not yourself, obviously) for that is the only reason we can see why they brought in Dave Edgar, the Mockumentary’s biggest star.

That’s not scraping the bottom of the barrel. That’s giving up on the scraping and heading for the nearest sewer and bringing the first thing one could get a hold of after all the rats dashed for cover.

Lastly but not least, we have Mrs Duarte. The lawyer defeated in the book injunction case.

And what does she have to say?

Entering the court, on SIC Noticias she stated that it’s all about personality rights which are usually defined as the inalienable and non-transferable right that every individual has to control the use of his body, name, image, appearance or any other aspects that constitutes their identity.

As far as we can understand about this sort of thing, it seems to come down to Mr Amaral unauthorized use of the McCanns image and name in his book.

Did Kate McCann obtain from Mr Amaral any sort of authorization to use his name, as well as from all those many others she mentions and mistreats, in her book?

And also got an authorization from Ricardo Paiva who she qualifies as f****** t****** in it?

On the same occasion, this time for Sky News, Duarte stated that although Maddie’s death hasn’t been proved, it has been proved the exact amount Mr. Amaral profited from his book.

We thought the book issue was over when it was finally solved the disrespect shown by the losing party in the return of the ceased books.

But apparently it isn’t.

So it was Mr Amaral’s profit that hindered the search.

In what way? Did they expect Mr. Amaral to give it all to the Fraudulent Fund and because he didn’t they sulked?

See how weak this team is?

This is like seeing Tiny Tim being sent, without crutch, into a boxing ring to be clobbered in a fight for the heavyweight world title.

If it wasn’t for the pure malice and evilness of these people one should feel pity for them.

Your child has gone in tragic circumstances. How can you quantify anguish or apportion it to a book's influence on your reputation?

When you are not prepared to speak up for yourself and just let others do it for you. Not too well, it seems, as the first day hearings showed.

How was the biggest and most expensive search for a child in Portugal affected by this book?

The decision to wind down the search and archive the case was made BEFORE the book was published.

As Kate says herself on page 317 of her book: "In some ways, we were glad the investigation had been closed."

How can they claim the search has been hindered when a Review by Scotland Yard, costing £5 million plus and ongoing for over 2 years, is taking place?

What about the UK's refusals to provide credit card transactions and medical records, Kate's refusal to answer questions, the UK's delay in forwarding 2 statements to the PJ?

And then we have the criminal private investigators, who directed questionable searches to Morocco or the Arade dam.

But here they are. And that is what concerns us.

We can see only two reasons for them to have come.

The first, most obvious and most likely, they were forced to come. A defeat in persona outweighed largely desertion so they were told to proceed and do their best to contain damages.

Comprehensible and likely.

We did say in Ramblings our post that "All the “Establishment” has to do is to remain absolutely and completely motionless when and if the McCann vs Amaral Trial ever occurs.


If this public proof of perjury happens, as it surely will, it may even force the Portuguese to reopen the process immediately and in such conditions that the couple may not be allowed to leave the Country. Thus the very wise decision from the McCanns in exploring yet another flaw in the Portuguese Law, which allows them to be represented in Court and not be present as they should be.

But would the dam just break only in Portugal? What about when news of this is to break up in Britain? Can it be ignored? I don't think so. Then, would the tabloids persist on betting on such a lame losing horse? Or would they, as we expect they would, very quickly realign their editorial options and guidelines and start a blood thirsty mob lynching campaign against the couple "now" "shockingly" "exposed" as manipulative liars to "everyone's" "surprise"?

Notice that the “Establishment” has done nothing for the above to happen so there’s no reason for the McCanns to turn against it in self-defence. This would all have been a disgrace brought on them by themselves when they decided to sue Amaral.

The “Establishment” wouldn't have contributed in anyway for these turns of events, so for the McCanns to wave the abovementioned compromising paper in these circumstances would only make them to be seen as utterly desperate, further confirming their evilness and manipulative traits, two lunatics who’ve ignominiously fooled us all (including poor, poor “Establishment”) about their daughter’s unfortunate fate.

Then maybe, just maybe, the SY Review would just find a conclusion suitable to all except the McCanns and the remainder Ts, all this with the “Establishment" just being an innocent (very motionless) observing bystander."

But that would be in the case the "McCann Team" had come in full-force, like in the last time, namely with its captain, Gerry McCann, which certainly isn't the case. And the most likely reason for him not to have come.

The other reason for this weak team to have come may be that the game is not being played on the board we see the pieces, as it usually has been in anything to do with Maddie.

Lest we forget, Mr Amaral, and all of us, is up against an “octopus” that not only has 8 tentacles but 8 very powerful ones.

It has shown clearly, from time to time how powerful an "animal" it is.

For example, so powerful that allowed the impudence for Rogerio Alves to to say “Notice what happened to the McCanns. For some time it was wanted to convey the idea that they were responsible for the death / disappearance of their daughter. Today this idea is completely anachronistic and almost no one will believe it.

Speaking in the name of general society is easy when one knows that those who can prove our words different are nicely and comfortably under the most shameless strictest of control.

So our fears reside solely outside that Court Room.

No doubt the UK press will give the court evidence the usual spin.

But who knows what Mr Amaral has yet to say.

We are also sure that if anyone is perfectly aware of how powerful and lurking is who he's up against, that person is Mr Amaral. A person whose dignity is noted, his perseverance unquestionable, his resilience envied and his courage admired.

A true Admiral at the helm of our ship right now. We wish him well for the remainder of the hearings.

We don’t want the justice we personally want. That justice is as just as the justice we personally don’t want. We just seek a just Justice.

You know, the one without personal or corporate interests involved.

If that just Justice is applied then the sea will be calm with following winds.

But we’ll have to wait to see for the result to fully understand where this trial is really taking place.

Would fortune have it that the McCann vs Amaral libel trial be on the same day that it was announced that there would not be a public inquiry about the 1998 Omagh bombings in which 29 people lost their lives.

BBC says that "Theresa Villiers said she did not believe there were sufficient grounds to justify a further inquiry beyond those that have already taken place.

Some of the families of those killed still believe the full truth of the events surrounding the bombing has never been revealed."

And also says: "Theresa Villiers told BBC News that, given the "extensive series of investigations", a new public inquiry "wouldn't tell the families more than they already know.""

So let’s hope that the tangible result of the SY Review / Investigation about Madeleine McCann’s disappearance is not just the squandering away of public funds, and thus proving that the circus is simply carrying on even if the clowns do change from time to time.

No taxpayer's money for Omagh, only, and not that little of it, for Maddie, who everyone knows is not alive.

Yesterday, in the beginning of the morning we said that we saw no reason to change our chartered course. By the end of the same morning we took the decision to do exactly that and write this post.

We know you understand and support us.

The blogeditorial line will be reassumed as soon as possible.


  1. Was it ever established if Kates’ mother went to Portugal? Brunt says she has but if so she has kept a low profile.
    It seems Kate took witnesses to testify but NONE of them were there at the time.
    Has she lost all support of T7 or T8 if you include Gerry?
    I’m not sure that Kate chose to go rather than she was required to go.

  2. About Kate's mother. She would be the best person to say how Kate has been affected, and she may be there, but is she a witness. If not, why not?
    Gerry's sisters were always talking about Kate and how she was coping. Where are they now?
    And her friend Jill Renwick, who could speak about what a devoted couple they were?
    Or Justine McGuiness who accompanied Kate in Portugal and visited the press editors with Angus McBride?

  3. Anon Sep 13, 2013, 9:30:00 AM

    She had to go because if you ask friends to testify but don't even attend, how bad does that look.
    What about Gerry? Nobody testifying about the affect on him. Is he therefore not affected?
    It all looks really bad for their image

  4. Textusa

    Such a enormous grand design you have shown us that is behind one missing child.


    As Textusa has said this "octopus" is very powerful. If Gerry was left at home it was because it served a purpose, or even multi purposes. Good opinion of people as he was "at home" looking after the children. Work commitments, bread winner syndrome, not available for PJ, and many, many more I expect. The List must be endless on the Positive/Negative outcome list.

  5. My personal opinion regarding that trial:
    1- there is no way for Mr Amaral to loose it.
    2- The only way for ID to win that batle is with a Pré- agreement with the Judge( ganhar na secretaria), which is not new on that saga because was what happen on the first injuction of the book. That's why on that case, I don't like trials with a single judge.
    3- Being in court that time was the worsest scenary for the Mccann's, no matter all the effort the British media + Lusa do to try to convince the public that were the Mccann's who brought GA to court. In fact was the other way around: Mccann's tried to intimidate Amaral in many ways trough the media, trough silencing other people like TB, convinced that by doing that, the Lion inside Mr Amaral will be transformed into a cat with him seating quite and silent. His courage was a reverse on their plan. The single man decide to battle the monster by refusing an extra- judicial agreement which could be used by the Mccann's as trophy. Then, contrary to what the media is spreading, was GA who brought the Mccann's to court and not the contrary. The Media is going to pay the collateral damages after that saga- almost all the british became no reliable and Lusa has a bunch of idiots who follow instructions instead of giving to the portuguese public independent news
    4- Team Mccann by being forced by GA to attend the trial were left without any other choice then playing the roll they know so well- the victims. For that, a team of experts must have advised them to show up like that- mainly ladies- the poor mother without her husband, supported by the granny( her mother) and a friend, who apparently enter the saga based on a painful solidarity( Hubbard). That friendship has many ingredients/ suspitions that need to be investigated, specially because Kate fooled the world with the idea of being a devoted catholic and that lady is the wife of the anglican priest. What they have shared? The same church, for what the Mccann's had the key. For me the church was the office were many issues were discussed and planned disrespecting both, God and their religions.
    5- the book prevented the search? What a joke.
    - was not published in Uk, then the brain of the british public was not affected by the facts reported by Amaral on his book. How many sights or suspects were reported in UK? None. One, have to wonder why that country was so meticulously kept out of that saga, no matter all the crime as reported by PJ " was in full english".
    - The rest of the world were blessed by Amaral book, translated in many languages. Did the book prevented the search there? No, there was sights of Madeleine in so different countries, as India, NZ, Morroccos or Brazil.
    6- Contrary to the Mccann's propaganda, PJ said neverthless the case been shelved, the investigation never stopped and all new leads that arrived to PJ were investigated in deep to the point of being Maddie case the most expensive investigation Portugal ever had.
    7- SY, with their shameful interviews show the same- the investigation never stopped.
    8- the only team who wants the investigation to remain closed, are the Mccann's and their helpers. They innundate the media with a fake reopenning while never filled the forms which could lead to an official reopen.

    Well done Mr Amaral. I wish you a good luck in name of all portuguese.
    Only a manipulated judge could not see the truth. That has nothing to do with Maddie since the beguinning. It is a business, a way to earn money without having to work.

    1. Very good summary.
      Reinforcing your last words and wishes:

      "Well done Mr Amaral. I wish you a good luck in name of all portuguese.
      Only a manipulated judge could not see the truth. That has nothing to do with Maddie since the beguinning. It is a business, a way to earn money without having to work."

  6. T8 and the helpers who eperienced the day/ night of May 3 2007, never take the risk of appearing in court as witnesses because they cannot control the developments inside the court room and as witnesses they can't lie. If they lie, their status immediately changed to an arguido status and they can end the trial charged with "Guilt".

  7. Just watched in the lunch time news a reporter outside the court, and he said one of this morning witnesses was a child psychologist which testified of how the twins were negatively affected by Mr. Amaral's book (?!).
    Mr. Amaral's defense revealed to the court that this child psychologist made his evaluation based on ONE single visit to the McCanns house and the rest of the contacts were made by phone, not a very solid base for a deep psychological evaluation of the twins.

    How can the book have affected the twins?! Have they read it? Did they learn portuguese (since the book was never published in the UK), or did the search the net for one of the several translations available in blogs?! Are the twins so active in the use of the internet? Why would they be interested in Mr. Amaral's book and in what he has to say about the disappearance of their sister...? Do they not trust their parent's version of events? I thought they were completely convinced Madeleine was abducted by a big scary and swarthy man...Sean even vowed to fight him and rescue Madeleine, didn't he? Is this why Emma Loach testified that the McCanns HAVE TO monitor the twins use of the internet...?
    From Martin Brunt's twitter: "Loach: - McCanns have to monitor internet use of twins Sean and Amelie to stop them finding out about book and portuguese tv documentary"

    If the twins are searching the net for Mr. Amaral's theory...oh dear, dark clouds over Rothley mansion...Mum and Dad's words are no longer as sacred as the Bible...?

  8. This is a losing team.
    They came here to lose and pray their loss doesn't trigger anything as similar as Textusa has described.
    Their game was simple and shows that they were very well advised about all possible Portuguese loopholes.
    They're asking 1,250,000€ because of legal costs (custas judiciais) that have to be paid. In Portugal if I put in a claim against another person, I have to pay beforehand a certain amount to get the legal proceedings started. If I'm not mistaken it's 1% of what is involved. The other side, to contest, has to put up the exact same amount or it's a recognition of not wanting to contest. I think car accident victims are exempt from paying this legal cost so they can ask the amount they see fit as compensation.
    So by putting the price at 1,250,000% they made Amaral pay up 12,500€ just to be able to defend himself in this case. Add all legal expenses spent on the book case.
    They know the man has guts so they tried to strangle him financially and hoping he would give up. Amaral can't get anything out of this as he's not a plaintiff. The best result for him, financially, is not to pay any compensation.
    They expected him to drop out if given the chance. He hasn't so now they are crossing their fingers on what he's going to say next week (I think it's when GA brings his witnesses in).
    My assessment is that they will listen to all, hope that there won't be any big fuss about it and make a quick exit back home as fast as they can and hope the damages aren't that big.
    Next week will be crucial for the McCanns.

  9. Just watched a video where Kate's Mum and Gerry's sister enter the Court today. They were here yesterday and didn't show up?!?
    Everyone knows that the 1st day in Court is the one that calls the most attention so it would be expected that they all showed up yesterday to show their support and determination! No, they stayed in a hotel or only arrived today... I don't know.
    Shouldn't be them that should have been the first witnesses to be heard? I don't know how friendly is Emma with Kay but I think that close family should be the ones who could truly testify distress so should take the stand first!
    What a strange behavior from this lot.

    1. As I've said in a comment on the previous post, maybe they're enjoying the mini-holiday in Lisbon...why not? It's all coming from the "fund" anyway, might as well make the most of it! We're having some glorious late summer days, the sun shines, the temperature is high, who wants to be cooped up inside a stuffy court room?!
      I don't know at which hotel they're staying, but in other visits (Gerry, for example) the choice of hotel has been on the posh side, so, maybe they're enjoying the pool and the sun deck...

  10. The link to the video

  11. They will end up having to pay a huge compensation to GA, to compensate all the real damages they cause to that man.
    The damages claimed by the Mccann's are weak, hypothetical and subjective.
    The damages they caused to Mr. Amaral are real, well known and easy to add:
    - he lost his job
    - he was insulted( not only in the Internet) in many articles written on the British media by journalists , etc.
    - his personal life falled apart affecting the life of his children. Looks like, the Mccann's and ID are ignoring the children of the other side ( something the judge must pay attention)
    - the book of Mr. Amaral was a way to explain how the investigation was done, for him to recover his voice and dignity. On it he did not violate the justice secrecy, like the Mccann's claimed at the beguinning. They are trying all the ways to silence and destroy him. When one drops, they invent a new one.
    - when M3 and MAC came to stage GA was persecuted ( MAC assumed it in front of the TVs). If that is not a serious crime that needs to be punnished in a democratic country, I don't know what else can we see to shame our justice. No surprise the country is burning summer after with total impunity. The criminals base their attitude on that bad examples where justice seems to not work. If you allow a guy like MAC to come to TVs and say what he said without consequences, how can you punnish a later teenager who seriously bully a colleague, or put in prison who burns the forests?


    Maddie libel case suspended in Portugal

    Libel proceedings brought by the parents of missing British girl Madeleine McCann against a former Portuguese detective who wrote a book about the case were abruptly suspended on Friday.

    The Lisbon court had been due to hear evidence from members of the McCann family about the effect that the book by Goncalo Amaral had on them and the search for Madeleine, who was three when she disappeared in 2007 as the family holidayed on the Algarve.

    But proceedings were halted during the afternoon of the second day of the hearing.

    "The judge had a problem. We are going to propose that the witnesses give their testimonies in written form so they do not have to return from Britain again, but it is not certain that this will be accepted by the court," a lawyer for the McCann family told AFP.

    Kate McCann left the court surrounded by family members and climbed into a black car to avoid the cameras outside the building.

    Inside the courtroom, she had avoided the gaze of Amaral, who led the Portuguese police investigation.

    He claims he was fully entitled to write the book under Portuguese law. In it, he advances the theory that Madeleine died accidentally and that her parents were implicated in her death.

    The family is seeking the equivalent of £1 million (1.2 million euros, $1.6 million) in damages.

    David Trickey -- the psychologist who has been helping the McCanns' two other children, twins Sean and Amelie, since 2007 -- told the court he was concerned that they would one day be able to read Amaral's book.

    "Everything that impacts the parents also has an impact on the children," he said.

    "But I'm also concerned about the growing of the children... They will have increasing access to the contents of the book.

    "It's important for them to know that the world is safe and the parents will protect them."

    He added: "I'm worried that the book doesn't suggest a possibility but comes to a conclusion."

    The McCanns have unsuccessfully tried to ban the book. It was taken off sale but is now back on the shelves.

    British police said in August they were opening their own investigation into Madeleine's disappearance. She was just a few days short of her fourth birthday when she vanished.

    Her parents believe she was kidnapped and is still alive.

    1. There was an eerie silence on this second day. Explained.

    2. What a competent psychologist, indeed! The contents of Mr. Amarals book is armful for the twins?! What about their mothers book?! Full of bitterness, rage and explicit sexual contents???!!!
      That isn't armful, that won't have a negative impact on them? To learn how their "snow-white" mother has a foul mouth and a dirty mind?!


  13. The judge with a problem?

    Enough to listen so many lies and false emotions?

    " But proceedings were halted during the afternoon of the second day of the hearing.

    "The judge had a problem

    . We are going to propose that the witnesses give their testimonies in written form so they do not have to return from Britain again, but it is not certain that this will be accepted by the court," a lawyer for the McCann family told AFP.

    1. Of course!
      A written statement doesn't allow it to be cross-interrogated!!
      Shoudn't the defense first propose a hearing via video-conference?

      And what's this about being surrounded by family? Phil McCann and Susan Healy don't exactly surround a person. Where was the rest of the family?!?

    2. Why written statements? Aren't there other sessions scheduled? 19th and 20th if I remember. It was just half a day that was lost. Or is the Judge going to have the same problem all this time?


      "Isabel Duarte referiu que as próximas sessões de julgamento estão marcadas para 19, 20 e 27 de Setembro, prosseguindo a 2 e 8 de Outubro e terminando a 5 de Novembro."

    4. I hope that Mr.Amaral's lawyer won't allow this to happen, NO written testimonies all the way from the UK, no! They must be in court or available via satellite conference, in order to be crossed examined!
      Gosh, I wholeheartedly hope it will not be accepted by the court!

  14. A juiza teve um problema no segundo dia? Porque é que isto cheira tão mal?
    Se a memória não me trai, na Casa Pia eram recorrentes estas estratégias para adiar eternamente o resultado do julgamento.


    Today's proceedings:
    - First a psychologist who testified to the damages caused by Amaral's book on the twins. His arguments were rebated by the fact that he was in the presence of the twins once and in the presence of the parents also only once and the rest of the contacts with the family was done by telephone. Duh!!!
    - Second, a lawyer (I think he's a solicitor) who was with the couple from May07 to Sep07. His arguments were rebated by the fact that all he said occurred before the book was published. Duh!!!!
    Is this, using the character Textusa used in her post, "Mr Bean goes to Court"?!?!?



      "Good afternoon, it ended a few minutes ago the second hearing of this trial that opposes the couple McCann to Gonçalo Amaral, this is a case in which the couple, the parents of the child asks one million 200 thousand euros due to damages caused by the publication of the book "The Truth of the Lie".
      In this morning session, the psychologist David Trickey testified, who explained to the Court the damages that the publication of that book caused in the young twins, however the defense refuted the opinion of this expert which only personally met one time with the twins and one time with the parents of minors, all other contacts with the family were made ​​by telephone.
      Also testified as a witness this morning a lawyer who in the first six months, an English lawyer who between May and September 2007 accompanied the McCanns while in Portugal, however, all the explanations given by this English lawyer were refuted, well, since all the effects he witnessed occurred before the publication of the book.
      This afternoon will be heard 3 other witnesses, friends and family of the couple McCann, who will try to show that the family and the investigation was hampered by Gonçalo Amaral's book .

  16. Not good for the McCanns:
    "though he presented himself as a specialist of criminal defence and management of the media, Mr McBride, this morning, wasn't able to give even vague numbers when asked by GA's lawyer (Victor Santos de Oliveira) to compare the media effects of the disappearance, the arguido status and the book."

  17. I think the McCanns should sue the McCanns for the way the McCanns are defaming the McCanns with the poor show the McCann team is putting on in the libel trial!!!
    If they've estimated the damages done by Amaral with his book in €1250000 I think the McCanns should demand from the McCanns a 100 times that from the McCanns. Minimum.

  18. When books will be written about this case, these 2 days will registered as absolutely ridiculous and hilarious.
    Textusa nailed it. This team just came for some sightseeing in Lisbon. They can't possibly be serious.

  19. Let me see if I have this right:

    Day 1 (12Sep13)

    - Court decision to allow media in against Amaral's request.

    - Susan Hubbard, Anglican Priest's wife, not family of either Kate or Gerry, met both after Maddie disappeared and since Sep 2008 lives in a different country from the McCanns. Has she seen the twins since then?

    - Emma Loach, documentary maker, not family of either Kate or Gerry, possibly friend after April/May 2009, about 8 months after Amaral published his book. She acknowledges Loach only at the end of her book, Madeleine.

    Dave Edgar walked in, not aware he testified.

    Kate McCann was the only person from the McCann family present.

    Day 2 (13Sep13)

    - David Trickey, psychologist, not family of either Kate or Gerry, met personally twins ONCE and the parents ONCE.

    - Angus McBride, solicitor, not family of either Kate or Gerry. Was with them 10 months before Amaral's book was published.

    Trial suspended for the afternoon session.

    Susan Healy, Kate's mother, and Philomena McCann, Gerry's sister, were present and neither testified.

    This is a claim for 1,250,000 Euros in compensation. That's over 2500 Portuguese minimum wages and over 1500 Portuguese average wages.

  20. I don't know what is worse for the twins, if reading GA book or if reading Kate "Madeleine" with her passage about Maddie genitalia. Kate book is far more damage to the twins but they want money and that is the only reason that moves them.
    What are they affraid if they have done a brainwash on the twins with the idea of Maddie being in a huge trip with a bad guy who snatched her during the night?

  21. ""Estou aqui pela Madeleine e pelo mal que causou o documentário e o livro", garantiu hoje Kate McCann à saída da sessão do julgamento no Palácio da Justiça, em Lisboa, que opõe o casal McCann a Gonçalo Amaral, o responsável da PJ que investigou o desaparecimento de Madeleine em 2007.
    O processo, que chegou a ser adiado por duas vezes, estava suspenso a pedido da advogada do casal inglês para tentativa de acordo extrajudicial entre as partes. Algo que nunca aconteceu."
    In DN

    Mulherzinha ridicula. Está aqui pelo dinheiro que tenta roubar ao autor do livro. Pede milhões mas contentava-se com menos, desde que o policia aceitasse pagar uma quantia menor e não ir a tribunal. Sairam-lhe as contas furadas. O policia pode ser pobre na carteira mas é rico na sua dignidade.... Agora há que inventar estratégias para não prosseguir com o julgamento ou ir adiando.

    1. Dear Anon

      Just to clarify things for our non-Portuguese readers, your quote from DN "O processo, que chegou a ser adiado por duas vezes, estava suspenso a pedido da advogada do casal inglês para tentativa de acordo extrajudicial entre as partes. Algo que nunca aconteceu." speaks about the trial suspension of earlier this year, saying it was suspended by request of the English couple's lawyer, and not about what happened yesterday.

      Google translation sometimes plays pranks on people, and in this instance they might get the idea that DN is saying that yesterday's sesion was suspended by Isabel Duarte.

      We only know it was due to a Judge's problem, without any further detailing.

      Thabk you for your comment and hope your understand this clarification.

  22. Trickeys evidence is worthless. It's supposed to be about affect on McCann's now.
    You can't predict how the twins will react when they read the book, which they haven't done yet, by their own admission.
    McBride didn't seem to have any facts to produce.
    A pity the judge went sick instead of saying, I'm adjourning this case to give you an opportunity to assemble some facts, because I will not be able to reach a decision on hearsay and lack of information.

  23. It seemed a’ lawyer’ asked for a longer lunch break and the judge allowed an extra 15 minutes then decided to abandon the hearing. It implied it was Mc side who asked for longer. I can’t find anything that says the judge was ill only ID saying the judge had a personal problem but that could mean anything and just spin.

    1. "Quote from: AnneGuedes on Today at 09:02:14 PM
      The judge wanted to start again at 2pm, the lawyers asked for more time to have lunch. She said 2:15 would be her last word.
      What happened ? Everybody was in the court room, lawyers included, waiting for the judge, then a lady appeared and made this announcement.
      Anyhow the sessions are taped and the clerk might do more or less what I did."

      So it went from lawyers pressuring the Jusdge to delay afternoon session to the Judge declaring suspension. In 15 minutes?

  24. This is EXACTLY what you wrote in current post.
    How do you apportion distress to certain events?
    Why didn't this occur to a high flying lawyer?
    They could only fight on facts. - Mr Amaral, What evidence do you have M fell from a sofa?
    Or what proof of drugging of children?
    But then it brings splatters, dogs, UK Mark Harrison report with suggestion to look for a dead child, the twins not waking. Plus any evidence Amaral hasn't revealed yet. And massive press coverage.
    Amaral probably knew media exclusion would be rejected, but what a good move to show he respected Maddie.

  25. Kate slunk off in a black car. Was it Special Branch again, who took them back from the airport, according to her book?
    No speech from the steps saying how upset she was about adjournment and how they were all prepared to go ahead.

    Special Branch prevented Lancashire Police from prosecuting MP Cyril Smith for sex offences. Because of political interests. This was on TV 2 nights ago and ex Special Branch officer said he handled the file and he was told to hand it to MI5. He said it should not have happened and Smith should have been prosecuted. Instead, like Savile, he became bolder and even assaulted victims in House of Commons.
    If the same has happened with McCanns, it will emerge one day.
    Don't know about Portugal, but this obstruction of police enquiries is common in UK
    Private Eye exposed Smith in 1980s, but no one acted.

  26. Textusa,

    What do make of this video?
    About Amaral's lawyer saying "we don't know if Maddie is dead or alive"?

    1. Dear Anon,

      As far as we know, Maddie hasn't been OFFICIALLY declared dead.

      So, OFFICIALLY, no one knows whether she's dead or alive, that includes you, me, Mr Amaral's lawyer and everyone else.

      We don’t see any incongruence in what Mr Amaral’s lawyer has said.

      Please be aware that he’s speaking, OFFICIALLY, as Mr Amaral’s representative in an OFFICIAL event.

      Yes, he does clearly say “we don’t know if Maddie is dead or alive”.

      The Black Hats will most likely hear him say “We ALSO don’t know if Maddie is dead or alive”.

      We on the other hand hear him say “as we don't know if Maddie is dead or alive, let’s go inside the Court room and discuss it”.

      Two different points of views.

      As always, we let readers make the judgement about which one they think they hear him say.

      Thank you for your comment.

  27. If team Mccann are reading the comments posted around the net they must surely realise that they have had their day, public opinion is against them, they should have been honest in the beginning not lied and made a media circus out of a tragedy. Sr Amaral has waited for his day in court for years he has been verbally abused by the spiteful Mccanns and British gutter press little did they realise back in 2007 that they could keep a good man silent especially when justice is on his side. In Sr Amaral they have a tiger by the tail and must be regretting their actions, they have put themselves back in the media spotlight in their quest for more money their greed knows no bounds. Mccanns case is ridiculous and weak. Good luck Sr Amaral not that you need it because justice will be yours but if you read these comments you know you have a mountain of support. xx

    1. think the truth sets people free. Mr Amarals lawyer came across as very professional.Im sure justice will have to be served in Portugal.its all more confusing now with what witness and that psychologist said, if he even is proper one and Mccanns lawyer seemed angry and said shes still cant find all the money. that seems to be main focus for her to get s.ed

  28. Dear Textusa readers,
    I strongly recommend

    I join my voice to Luis Miranda, the person who wrote the open letter to ID.

    I think is becoming clear why the trial was interrupted. The game was not going well to Mccann's team and they search a strategy to perspond the events with the ID performing again one of her spins acts, blaming the judge?
    In a dmocratic country, the police has the right to defend himself and express his opinion, specially because he was already out of the investigation and some files where officially disclosed by PJ for everyone to read and build an opinion.

    Again ID, was trapped by a portuguese journalist who ask her what the Mccann's want with that trial - not find Madeleine, not the truth that could show a way to discover the girl. They want 250,000 Euros and they are 5. Mean's again, the Mccann's are acting on the behalf of the twins and asking money in their name. What if the development of the investigation shows in the future that they were directly connected with what happen to their daughter and they obstructed the course of justice? What compensation are they going to give to twins for all the damages caused on their feelings/ life?
    To ask any compensation, the Mccann's need to prove the abduction was possible. The only way to prove that is doing a reconstruction which Paulo Sargento already proved impossible trough his animated reconstruction. RATS TRAPPED ON THEIR OWN CHEESE.
    Good luck GA, you are a very inteligent person who knows well how to trap rats, that's why you build a so good reputation inside PJ and were allocated to investigate and solve complicated crimes. Something the Mccann's and their team tried hardly to dismiss using the British "connalists".


    1. "ID (Isabel Duarte) – What impact had the book on their life, on their personal life, health, relationships?

      SH (Susan Hubbard) answers that they were angry in having to spend a lot of energy due to the allegations in the book instead expelling their energies looking for Madeleine. SHE STATED THAT EVERYBODY IN PORTUGAL BELIEVED THE BOOK."

      Here's to you Mr. Rogerio Alves and to your "Today this idea is completely anachronistic and almost no one will believe it.”

    2. "ID – How did they find out about the book ? What did they feel when they saw the book and the documentary?

      SH doesn't know how they found out about the book, but says THE PEOPLE WHO SAW THE DOCUMENTARY BELIEVED A MAN WHO STATED HE SAID THE TRUTH. She says it made the McCanns angry, sad, scared and destroyed their hope."

      Why didn't the same people feel the same way about the Mockumentary and Kate's book?

    3. "TVI – You said that "everybody in Portugal believes the book". What makes you think this?

      SH says that in PDL SOME PEOPLE believe Kate and Gerald, but outside they don't."

      So most of PDL knows it's all a lie. Susan Hubbard LIVES in PDL. She should know what she's saying.

    4. "TVI – Have you seen "Madeleine was here"?
      SH did, as many people.

      TVI – Then why should one believe more a documentary than the other?
      SH argues the Amaral documentary had more audience.

      TVI – Why?
      SH doesn't know. She hasn't watched all the programs.

      TVI – Then why do you think that one is more watched than the other?
      The judge overrules : the issue is "what kind of effect ?""

      Maybe for the same reason Amaral's book has been more read than Kate's? One is filled with true facts and the other filled with obvious lies?

    5. "SO – Do you know if the book hampered the investigation?
      SH says she can't answer."

      Didin't someone tell her that's exactly the reason why she was on the witness box. If she doesn't know that, what was she doing there in the first place?!?

    6. "The judge (Maria Emília de Melo e Castro) is now asking

      MC – Did they feel ashamed, anxious?
      SH doesn't (doesn't want to?) answer.

      MC – Did they feel offended?
      SH sighs then says they were surprised by the book.

      MC – Did the documentary change something?
      SH says it increased the damage. She says that, after the book was published, some people turned their back on them. And some people wanted the tragedy to stop there."

      Everyone how tragic for the McCanns Amaral's book was...

    7. To the question "Have you seen "Madeleine was here"?" the answer should have been... "Not only have seen it as I was part of it. And besides our lawyer, all the present from the accusation side were part of it too."

  30. I've been pondering the absence of Mr McCann. First I thought it was good PR to have the drama queens attend, and a few managed tears it would seem. Particularly as neither McCanns were ever expected to attend, reinforced by a leak in the Express newspaper that they were advised by ''officers'' assumed to be MET not to go.

    But just I was reading your: the daffodils and fireflies - which brought a smile to my cheeks, I had a thought.

    The nhs and probably the BMA is insistent on one facet of practice, and that is NOT TO BRING THE PROFESSION INTO DISREPUTE. IMHO Leveson 'Hacked off' was a bridge too far to cross with Dr McCann's attendance at the Lisbon hearing.

    Of course I might be wrong. But if he continues to want to practice as a doctor for the nhs he probably needs to lower his ''other'' public persona.

    After all the nhs doesn't want to be dragged into this mess and they seem about the only UK public body that hasn't so far!!

  31. Written evidence that can't be cross examined.
    Let's see if court agrees. It will be a travesty of justice if it does.
    3 present (2 witnesses) related to Mockumentary: Loach, Hubbard and Edgar. No coincidence. Maybe no more friends willing to show their faces for this, only "paid hands"?
    Kate speaking from the steps, avoiding the witness box.
    What will their strategy be if witnesses must give evidence in person?

    1. cant understand why all of board of family fund don't have to be there.


    ‘Portugal is key to hunt for Madeleine,‘ says the McCann family's former detective

    KATE and Gerry McCann’s former ­private investigator has told a court the secret of what happened to their missing daughter Madeleine lies in Portugal.

    By: James MurrayPublished: Sun, September 15, 2013

    Retired detective Dave Edgar led the McCanns’ small team of investigators from 2008 until 2011 when Scotland Yard launched its review of the case.

    Last week he spoke as a witness for the couple in their £1million libel action against former Portuguese police inspector Goncalo Amaral over his claims that Madeleine is dead.

    Mr Edgar, 56, who spent 30 years with the Cheshire force and lives in Warrington, said: “My job was to lead the investigation to find Madeleine McCann and find out what happened to her.

    “I discovered evidence and passed it to the British and Portuguese police. The answer to what happened to Madeleine lies in Portugal, so it is important to get information from the Portuguese public.”

    Although the investigation was shelved by the Portuguese authorities in 2008 without the case being solved, Mr Edgar told the court at the Palace of Justice in Lisbon that he continued to work closely with Portuguese officers for several years after the case was closed.

    Soon after the authorities shelved the case, and lifted the arguido – or suspect – status from the McCanns, Mr Amaral published his controversial book, The Truth Of The Lie. He was moved off the investigation in October 2007 after criticising British police officers.

    In the book he alleged Madeleine died in apartment 5a of the Ocean Club complex at the Algarve resort town of Praia da Luz on the evening of May 3, 2007

    He also alleged Kate and Gerry were suspected of hiding her corpse and ­covering up her death with a fake abduction. There were also indications of ­negligence in the way they treated their children, he claimed.

    The couple, 45, of Rothley, Leicestershire, say the claims are deeply damaging to their search to find Madeleine and state there is no evidence to show she is dead. They are suing Mr Amaral for libel over claims made in the book and in a Portuguese TV documentary.

    Earlier film-maker Emma Loach, 40, told the court the book was “a tidal wave of lies” that had devastated the family. She became friends with them after making two films about the case. “If people believed Madeleine was dead they wouldn’t look for her,” she said.

    The hearing ended abruptly on Friday when the judge, Maria Emilia Melo Castro, said she had to deal with a personal matter. It meant Kate’s mother Susan Healey was unable to give evidence. She will return to court this week. The case continues.

    1. I didn't know that Edgar had testified? Was he the first or last to testify if he did? Why hasn't anyone spoken of his testimony before?
      He allegedly says continued to work with Portuguese police, so another own goal to McCanns if he did. How did that hinder the search?

    2. Just noticed: "KATE and Gerry McCann’s former ­private investigator has told a court THE SECRET of what happened to their missing daughter Madeleine lies in Portugal."
      So all has been clarified!!!
      Why hasn't the press reported this explosive revelation?!?
      He doesn't use mystery or answer or another more neutral word... he's very clear. He has told THE SECRET OF WHAT HAPPENED TO MADDIE!!!

    3. Anon Sep 15, 2013, 9:28:00 PM

      Article says Edgar - told the court-

      That's quite clear or a big lie.

      The notetaker who seems to be only person reporting from inside didn't mention any ref to this.

      One would expect, in case he testified, which is very unclear, for her to have written something like, "I wasn't there when Edgar testified", wouuldn't one?

      She says nothing of the sort.


    Madeleine McCann family’s 'utter despair' at disappearance

    Kate McCann weeps at libel hearing over book about missing Madeleine
    LAST UPDATED AT 16:43 ON Fri 13 Sep 2013
    MADELEINE MCCANN’S mother wept in a Portuguese court yesterday as friends described her “utter despair” at the disappearance of her daughter.

    Her grief was compounded, the court heard, by accusations made by the former police chief who lead the hunt for the three-year-old.

    In a book written after he was removed from the investigation, Goncalo Amaral claims that Madeleine died in an accident at the McCann’s holiday apartment in the Algarve. He says the couple staged her disappearance to mask their negligence.

    The McCanns, who deny Amaral’s claims, have sought to block sales of the book, the Daily Mail reports. But it remains on sale in Portugal and it is estimated he may have made as much as £1 million from the book and a documentary distributed on DVD.

    Kate McCann was in Lisbon yesterday for the start of a libel action her family has brought against Amaral. She is not expected to give evidence at the hearing. But Susan Hubbard, the wife of an Anglican minister who counselled the McCanns after their daughter’s disappearance, said the couple were “devastated” by Amaral’s book.

    “The thought that most people in Portugal thought Madeleine was dead was devastating for both Kate and Gerry – and the thought that was added, that they had something to do with it,” she told the court.

    The McCanns’ lawyer, Isabel Duarte, said Amaral’s book – whose English title is The Truth of the Lie - also alleged that the family’s ‘Find Madeleine’ fund could be fraudulent. The fund raised £2 million to continue the search for the toddler after Portuguese police closed the case.

    A private detective employed by the fund said he received “abuse” after the publication of Amaral’s book “soured public opinion against the McCanns.”

    The case continues.

    1. MADELEINE MCCANN’S mother wept in a Portuguese court yesterday - where was this reported?


    Friends tell of McCanns’ pain over ‘devastating’ book by ex-police chief


    A book by the disgraced former detective who led the initial investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann had a “devastating” effect on the search, a court in Lisbon heard Thursday.

    It also heaped extra suffering on Kate and Gerry McCann as they struggled to clear their name and continue the search for their missing daughter, close friends of the couple told a court at the start of a libel trial against Goncalo Amaral.

    “I watched them suffer these untruths and waste a lot of precious energy trying to defend themselves when they could have been spending all that energy looking for Madeleine,” said Susan Hubbard, 46, the wife of the Anglican priest in Praia da Luz. She became close to the McCanns in the months following the disappearance of their daughter in May 2007.

    “The fact that all these people believed she was dead was devastating to the search for her on top of the thought that people could believe her parents had something to do with it,” she said.

    The McCanns are suing Mr Amaral, who led the investigation for six months until he was dismissed from the case, for about $2 million in damages. They are also suing the publishers of the book and the makers of a documentary based on it.

    Called The Truth of the Lie, the book by Mr Amaral suggested the theory that Mr and Mrs McCann had staged an abduction to cover up the fact that Madeleine had accidentally died in the Praia da Luz holiday apartment due to their negligence. The book, which sold more than 140,000 copies before the McCanns won an injunction banning its sale, also served as the basis of a documentary broadcast on Portuguese television.

    “Both the book and the film worked on the basis that every possible abduction theory could be disproved,” said Mrs Hubbard, who flew in from Kingston, Ontario, to give evidence.

    At one point, Mrs Hubbard broke down in tears when she described how Mrs McCann had behaved in the days after Madeleine’s disappearance.

    “Kate and Gerry are strong people and good parents. But when I was alone with Kate she would cry,” she said. Mrs McCann, a former family doctor, who was in court, wiped away tears as she listened.

    Emma Loach, the daughter of film director Ken Loach, also appeared as a witness on the first day of the civil trial after befriending the couple while making a documentary about them. She said that in the months after publication of the book the McCanns were swamped by “a massive tidal wave of lies”.

    “He was giving interviews and launching his book all over Europe. This is a book that was written in a comfortable and easy style that took one on an emotional journey and then gave simple answers that made a reader feel better about the case,” she said.

    The book was published only days after the couple’s status as official suspects was removed for lack of evidence in July 2008. “Kate and Gerry had a renewed vigour believing that although the case was shelved it showed there was no evidence to suggest Madeleine was dead or that they were involved in her disappearance and hoped it would mark a new stage in the search but then the book came out,” said Ms Loach. “Kate described it as an everlasting pit of despair that she was falling into deeper and deeper.” She said the McCanns continued to worry about the book’s effect on their twins Sean and Amelie, eight.

    Asked by judge Maria Emilia Melo e Castro if she thought the McCanns felt ashamed of the conclusions made in the book, Ms Loach replied: “Imagine the public believing that you covered up your child’s death and then sought to make money out of it. They feel shame, humiliation and anguish.” The case continues.

    1. Whta's this about the crying of Hubbard described "At one point, Mrs Hubbard broke down in tears when she..."? There is no record of this in the transcript. I'm sure if she had, it would have been blown out of proportion that same day! Did the press add this detail after court?

    2. Why does Fiona Gavon sign as "The Telegraph" when writing for a local rag and when this article doesn't appear in The Telegraph?
      Are we before a new Lazzeri?

  35. What a pantomine! No wonder they had to call a time-out!

  36. To allow written statements, presume in English. Well I suppose all the statements and alleged facts have to be submitted court and the other persons lawyers. But here we have the situation of the ROGGIES all over again. Manipulation first, the Q were unacceptable, the letters went back and forth for months. Then the TM were allowed to ask questions of all the witnesses.... ammmm?? Then the TM was allowed to submit statements from family and friends. Not forgetting that each could refresh their memories by theirs and each other's statements. The officers from the PJ only allowed to observe. (Note that the MET - observe)

    And here we are again. In a Portuguese court of law. The proceedings should be ran in the normal way. And is it really normal for the judge not to return after the mid-day recess? Without any explanation - that is eventually released, it would seem via Ms Duarte. Should the court have made an official statement, particularly as they were aware that the media were there.

    Perhaps she nipped off to read her legal books on protocol !

    TM could line up as many family, colleagues, friends & professional employees (psychologists, Detective teams etc) and of course they would be in full agreement. That is why they have been lined up!

    But what is lacking is the presence of those that should have felt effected by the alleged negative content of Mr Amaral's book is the T7 who spent the holiday with them, after all they were involved. So where are they? why didn't TM include their 'hurt feelings'

    Sincere thanks for all the hard work in putting together the blog, reponses and information.

  37. Why did Amaral's lawyer answer in English? Isn't the trial in Portugal?
    If the trial was in UK involving Portuguese citizens would Portuguese reporters even dare ask questions in Portuguese to a British lawyer? And would he answer them in Portuguese?
    Then you wonder why the Brits walk all over you...

    1. Well said.
      Enough is enough!
      They have to adapt themselves to our culture and language as we do when in UK.
      That´s not only a duty but, also, a sign of intelligence once put in evidence capabilities such as adaptability, respect towards others and so on.

    2. Yes, but...if one speaks in portuguese to the british journos who knows what they will translate it into! Remember the "fale com os McCann"? On the book hearing, Mr. Amaral was asked by a BBC reporter, outside the court house,
      "if he cared that he had hurt the McCanns, Goncalo Amaral told a BBC reporter: “No, f*** the McCanns."
      whenin fact, what he had said was "fale com os McCann" (ask the McCanns or talk to the McCanns)!

      As usual, the british rags made a field day of the supposed insult, but the correction, not to mention an apology
      were very faint...

      Better to speak to the "churnalists" in broken english than in proper portuguese...

    3. I fully understand your point of view although being hard to accept the entire situation.
      Meanwhile, I can not understand that a substancial part of the british community that lives in Algarve doesn´t make a minimum effort to learn and speak Portuguese, waisting the opportunity of learning a second language with all the benefits that could bring to them
      Just a thought :)

    4. That incident made BBC look as partial as it really is. If they had sent a reporter that spoke Portuguese they wouldn't need to pull any video out of the internet, would they?
      On that occasion the reporter asks the question in English, which he shouldn't, and GA answers him in Portuguese as he should. So Well done Amaral!
      But what matters is that in legal business words are working tools. So the a Brit lawyer has the duty to express himself in the most clear way known to him if he's in Britain, so there everyone should speak the same language. In Portugal, Portuguese, In Germany, German and so on.
      It's a question of clarity.
      A bad translation is the responsiblity of the translator not of the person being translated.

  38. This is a brilliant analysis of what is happening.

  39. A ID disse no primeiro dia que



    A ID FALA EM DEPOIMENTOS ESCRITOS , mas vai adiantando que os mesmos poderão não ter validade.....

    Vejamos que mais tácticas irão aparecer.

  40. Isabel Duarte referiu que as próximas sessões de julgamento estão marcadas para 19, 20 e 27 de setembro, prosseguindo a 02 e 08 de Outubro e terminando a 05 de Novembro.

    No jornal da Região 13 de Setembro Diário Online Algarve.
    Artigo após as indisposições de duas senhoras.

    Que pretende D. Isabel?


    2. Segundo Isabel Duarte, advogada dos McCann, o cancelamento da audiência marcada para o período da tarde ficou a dever-se a um "problema pessoal" da juíza Maria Emília Melo e Castro. O impedimento é contudo de carácter temporário e não compromete o andamento do julgamento.

      , adiantou à agência Lusa que, devido a este imprevisto com a juíza, não foi possível ao tribunal ouvir as restantes três testemunhas, todas elas familiares do casal britânico.

      Isabel Duarte referiu que as próximas sessões de julgamento estão marcadas para 19, 20 e 27 de setembro, prosseguindo a 02 e 08 de Outubro e terminando a 05 de Novembro.


    With thanks to Anne Guedes for report

    Libel Trial > McCann v Gonçalo Amaral - Day 1, Witness No 2

    Emma Loach

    1. "GP - Do you know if the book was published in the UK?
      EL - says she saw it in bookshops."

      The book was never published in English or in the UK! How can she get away with saying this?

    2. Anon 8:35:00 AM
      I can't believe even one copy was in UK .
      Who would sell a book in Portuguese?
      I tried a specialist bookshop but they didn't have it.

    3. I'm Anon 8:49:00 AM

      I didn't mean books in Portuguese aren't sold in England . Of course they are, but this one would only have been sold if translated. The bookshop I tried had foreign language books as a speciality but hadn't even heard of this book.
      The translation on the net appeared later and I downloaded it. It's a complete and bare faced lie.
      GA publishers will know that. They will know where every copy was retailed to.
      The only possible place in UK would be a copy bought abroad and put in second hand bookshop, but anyone going to the trouble of buying it wouldn't part with it like that.
      I remember asking a friend in Portugal if he could get me a copy, but none in Portugal by then.
      I hope publisher's lawyer deals with this

    4. that's all next I assume all the lawyers are going to have field day next.disgraced chief inspector, etc etc.

    5. Anon 20, 2013, 12:26:00 PM

      Could you please clarify your comment? Can't understand what you mean, sorry.

      Thank you

  42. This says it all, Ms Loach hit the nail on the head!
    "Ms Loach replied: “Imagine the public believing that you covered up your child’s death and then sought to make money out of it. They feel shame, humiliation and anguish."

    Yes, that's exactly what we, the public, believe, because that's exactly what they did! And, their "shame, humiliation and anguish" are because they know we know!

    1. Anon Sep 16, 2013, 8:36:00 AM

      Have put your comment on the blog's front page, right below Kate's "Very Precious Words".

      Thank you!

  43. We are receiving requests to bring back the numbering system to the comments.

    As we've confessed before, we're not computer savvy.

    The main reason we changed our "looks" had to do with fact that the old template started to get into conflict with the new version of blogger.

    We haven't been able to figure out how to get the numbering system back on with this new version.

    A "DO NOT PUBLISH" comment teaching us how to do that would be appreciated.

  44. "how can she get away with saying this"

    TM do this so EL tries. She forgets she is in Court and in witness box. They think they can say anything whether it is true or not. Tomorrow she will say something different, even she did not mean it!

    Another example:

    "EL - says the fact they are innocent necessitates they must find Madeleine. They were more ashamed to be arguidos than because of what the book says.

    MC - In which way is it different?
    EL - doesn't answer, she is obviously upset. The judge says she may leave. Previous witness Mrs Susan Hubbard gets up immediately and follows Emma Loach out of the court room."


  45. Amazing! I've just read in Jill Havern's forum that Emma Loach testified in court that she saw Gonçalo Amaral's book on sale in bookshops in the Uk!?
    Is the woman seeing mirages?! Too much sun or too many visits to the pub...?
    Libel trial McCann v Gonçalo Amaral - Day 1, 12 September 2013

    Libel trial McCann v Gonçalo Amaral - Day 1 UK Justice Forum

    "c) Guerra & Paz's lawyer's questions:"

    "GP - Do you know if the book was published in the UK?
    EL - says she saw it in bookshops.

    GP - And on the internet?
    EL - doesn't know. She ignored who introduced this book and if it was legal."

    Yeah, right! She saw it in bookshops, but has no idea if it is on the internet! Is this woman for real? She is on the witness stand and she's lying with every teeth she has in her mouth!!!

    The judge (MC) questions:

    "MC - If some people suspect, from where is their conviction formed?
    EL - says it is mainly through the internet. GA's book is the first thing that appears on internet. The
    people don't know these allegations aren't true according to the criminal investigation.

    MC - People don't know?
    EL - hesitates, she says the majority don't.

    MC - Are the McCanns ashamed of what is said in the book?
    EL - answers yes.

    MC - Why?
    EL - says the public believes they had covered up and then asked for money to search for Madeleine.

    MC - The fact they are innocent didn't suppress this feeling?
    EL - says the fact they are innocent necessitates they must find Madeleine. They were more ashamed to be arguidos than because of what the book says.

    MC - In which way is it different?
    EL - doesn't answer, she is obviously upset. The judge says she may leave. Previous witness Mrs Susan Hubbard gets up immediately and follows Emma Loach out of the court room."

    No wonder Emma Loach left the stand obviously upset! She lied and she must have realized the judge and everyone else in the court room knows she lied! To Guerra e Paz (book publisher) lawyer she answered she did not know if the book was on the net, but to the judge she said that Gonçalo Amarals book is the first thing on the internet!!!

    Liar, liar, pants on fire!

  46. It looks obvious now McCanns never thought this would get to court and expected GA to cave in and take a settlement. They then had to find witnesses to support them but no-one was stupid enough to get involved, they had to scrape to the very bottom of the barrel to find ANYONE who would do it. What amazes me is whatever Isabel Duarte submitted to court to substentiate the accusation before the hearing must have given an indication that these 'witnesses' gave no substance to it. I can’t believe a judge would have allowed this to go ahead in the first place after reading the case if it was based on the statements we've seen. She did give them a chance to make their case but she couldn’t stand more than a few hours of time wasting. I’m staggered by the whole thing.

  47. I don’t understand the McCanns need to supply character witnesses when they really need people who knew them well before and after the event and how the book changed them. It’s so transparent now that the straw they are clutching at is all about rescuing whatever shred of credibility as human beings they had left.

  48. When Susan Hubbard was asked if she had seen the documentary Madeleine was here, she confirmed that she had. What she didn't say was that she had played the role of the mother of a young witness.
    Here is where Textusa has highlighted Susan Hubbard at her best in the Mockumentary:

  49. Copio e colo ( i copy and paste because i have not seen this) is in spanish:

    Indicar que la sesión vespertina fue pospuesta porque una periodista de (TVI) fue, presuntamente, cogida grabando la sesión con su teléfono móvil, el temor, según la jueza, era que esto pudiera interferir en la grabación realizada por el propio Tribunal.

    Parece que aunque el teléfono estaba “activo” no estaba grabando. En cualquier caso, este incidente tenía que ser denunciado y dictado al secretario lo que lleva su tiempo.

    Todo esto pareció ser algo anecdótico ya que había muchos móvil encendidos en la sala.

    - See more at:

  50. googlês:

    de espanhol para inglês:

    "Report afternoon session was postponed because a journalist (TVI) was allegedly caught recording the session with your mobile phone, fear, according to the judge, was that this would interfere with the recording made by the Court.

    It seems that even though the phone was "active" was not recorded.

    In any case, this incident had to be reported and dictation to the secretary that takes time.

    All this seemed to be somewhat anecdotal as there were many in the room turned on mobile. -"

    See more at: # sthash.2Gk0sp0U.dpuf

  51. By Anna Guedes:

    (true english)

    The session was delayed because a journalist (TVI) was caught recording the session on her cell phone, the fear, according to the judge, being that it interferes with the Court's own recording.

    It seems that although the phone was "active" it wasn't recording.

    In any event, this incident had to be reported and dictating to the clerk which all takes time.

    All this appeared to be very much of an aside since many cell phones were on in the court room (switching ones phone off completely seems to equate to an amputation).


    Libel trial > McCann v Gonçalo Amaral - Day 1 Witness No 3


    Libel trial > McCann v Gonçalo Amaral - Day 2 Witness No 1

  54. I would have loved to have been there when Edgar was squirming but I probably would have laughed out loud and got thrown out. He was on the case for 4 years yet only read part of the files! No wonder the judge stomped off, she must have been furious. This whole things screams out the McCanns couldn’t get anyone to make fools and perjure themselves so found 3 idiots. Even Gerry couldn’t bring himself to be made a fool of.

  55. Another own goal! Trickey admits the info in the files is repeated in the book but just easier to read. This is becoming hilarious and McCanns must be way past furious, they must be scared this is coming to an end.

  56. These words should be put in a frame and hung on the wall!

    "VC - What is the difference between the crime files and the book?
    Emma Loach - says the book is easier to read."

    "David Trickey says his concern is that the book is more accessible and easier to read."

  57. What shocks me most about Edgar's testimony is not him but Isabel Duarte. He's a prat but she's a lawyer! Check this:

    (12.09.2013, 5pm) David Edgar (Former RUC detective) hired by the McCanns as a private investigator FROM OCTOBER 2008 to October 2011.

    ID – Did the interest of the public increase or decreased after the publication of the (Amaral) book?
    DE says it's difficult to say. He says there was a lot of information when he started to work on this case.

    How could he know if only started in October 2008 and the book was published in July 2008?
    How could Duarte even ask such a question? Just goes to show how prepared she was or how seriously this witness was called.
    And how could he answer the way he did? His only answer had to be 'I don't know, I wasn't around when the book was published'.
    What a lot...

  58. Edgars words:
    ID – Between 2008 and 2011, was much information relating to the case received by the PJ?
    DE says yes, but not much information originated from Portugal. He THINKS that Madeleine CAN BE in Portugal and therefore the Portuguese information is important. But adds that the Portuguese public believed Madeleine was dead.

    So how does the Brit press spin this?

    ‘Portugal is key to hunt for Madeleine,‘ says the McCann family's former detective

    KATE and Gerry McCann’s former ­private investigator HAS TOLD A COURT THE SECRET OF WHAT HAPPENED to their missing daughter Madeleine lies in Portugal.

    By: James Murray Published: Sun, September 15, 2013

    Can hypocrisy be more clear than this?

  59. oh dear Mr Edgar what have you done on oath? Stated that you were the first professional McCann PI.
    What does that say about the concept of DUE DILIGENCE ?

    The poor judge went home with a migraine probably, after listening to these first witnesses. Saving the best til last? They had better be doing that, because their case against GA will collapse on this showing.

  60. got a terrible feeling that these pair are going to win,I hope I'm wrong but something seems wrong .why didn't go calls lawyer question loach about her statement that she has seen the book being sold in bookshops.

  61. Why didn't go calls lawyer question loach about her statement that she had seen his book on sale in bookshops she's committed perjury,it is not on sale in bookshops.

  62. Isn't this very strange?
    ID questioning E Loach:
    "ID - Why did the McCanns let this book undermine the findings of the AG report? There were elements in the file which clearly indicated that Madeleine could still be alive."

    Isn't this filled with uncertainty and sounding like she's raising the possibility of Maddie being alive as a remote one? Only some elements that could indicate she was alive? All the rest indicates otherwise?

  63. I am not a lawyer, and as a consequence I know nothing of the interrogating strategies used by lawyers in court, but I too cannot understand how Gonçalo Amaral's lawyer (and the Guerra e Paz and TVI ones) did not challenge the obvious inaccuracies(lies) from Loach and Edgar. I feel they lost an excellent opportunity to expose them as fraudsters and liars!


    Libel Trial > McCann v Gonçalo Amaral - Day 2 Witness No 2

    Angus McBride

  65. After all that is on the internet concerning this libel case I really do not see how the Mccanns can continue with their lies, surely now its time for someone to step in and say 'enough is enough'. She has gone for the sympathy vote appearing trying to appear the victim when she is anything but the victim everything that has happened is due to their own making, they courted the media from day 1, told so many mistruths, wasted money on incompetant PI's set up a fund when they knew exactly what had happened to their daughter and still it goes on. Kate Mccann must be really thick to have gone ahead with this case trying to sue Amaral for one million greedy woman even Gerry kept out of it the Tapas friends are nowhere to be seen what a joke the Mccanns have become. Who is paying for this court case send the bill to the Mccanns for wasting everybodies time.
    Sr Amaral should counter sue the Mccanns for the verbal abuse he has had to endure from their PR team and the British media. SY should demand a reconstruction from Tapas friends.

    1. agree. SY said they had no questions for any of them !all that board of family fund should be there surely in Portugal.


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