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DNA is... DNA

As we said in our last post, Super-Kid, we’ve always been curious about the stains found on the East and North walls, on the floor near these walls and on the couch.

Not that we’re really curious. We aren’t.

We know what they are and why they are where they were found. The difficulty resides in explaining why we think they are what they are and why they are where they are.

You, by now, know our methodology: step by step, brick by brick. Being tirelessly thorough and patient.

A thousand mile journey does not only start with one step, as the Chinese so wisely say, but, most importantly and using the same reasoning, is in fact made up by millions of such small steps from beginning to end, patient and tirelessly walked.

So we’ll say for now, and for argument's sake, that we’re curious about those stains.

The only consensual thing about them, officially and unofficially, is that they are… stains.

Stains that were found after a dog specialized in finding minuscule traces of blood signaled the location. No dog, no stains.

Let’s now see what the FSS has to say about these stains in PJ FILES FSS's Final Report (FFR) (1).

As it’s quite a tiresome and complex reading, we’ve decided to break it down into three major parts: "DNA Results", "Probably Originating From" and "FSS’ Final Opinion".

Today we’ll focus only on the first, what FFR states to have been the DNA Results obtained from those stains.

Stains on FLOOR:

# 1 - incomplete
# 2 - mixed
# 3 - weak and incomplete (before LCN), mixed, low-level (after LCN)

Stains on EAST wall:

# 4 - incomplete
# 5 - mixed
# 6 - too meagre to permit a meaningful comparison
# 13 - unfruitful, given that no profile was obtained, possibly due to the absence of sufficient good quality DNA.

Stains on NORTH wall:

# 7 - mixed
# 8 - too meagre to permit a meaningful comparison
# 9 - incomplete
# 10 - mixed
# 11 - unfruitful, given that no profile was obtained, possibly due to the absence of sufficient good quality DNA.
# 12 - mixed

Stains on COUCH:

# 14 - weak and incomplete (before LCN), mixed, low-level (after LCN)
# 15 - weak and incomplete (before LCN), mixed, low-level (after LCN)

We can then group them by the "strength" of DNA Results:

Stains clearly with DNA (11 out of 15):
- Incomplete (3 out of 15): stains 1, 4 and 9
- Mixed (5 out of 15): stains 2, 5, 7, 10 and 12
- Weak and incomplete, then mixed, low-level (3 out of 15): stains 3, 14 and 15

Stains with vestiges of DNA (2 out of 15)
- Too meagre (2 out of 15): stains 6 and 8

Stains with no vestiges of DNA (2 out of 15)
- Unfruitful (2 out of 15): stains 11 and 13

Let us state the very obvious: DNA was found in the swabbed stains.

Only 13% of the stains, or 2 out of 15, returned fruitless results in FSS’ quest in finding DNA in them.

It means that according to FSS, DNA was found in 73% of the stains. Or in 87% of them if one is to consider that “vestiges” of DNA, as one should, is DNA.

For example, as said on May 22, 2008 in PJ Files Cartas Rogatorias Vol 8 Pages 5 - 7, 4 samples, 1, 4, 9 and 16, were sent by FSS to be tested against the UK National database - this contains DNA samples of anyone arrested for a recordable offence.

One of which we know is said to have had enough DNA found present to be testable and that it could be linked to crime stain 1: CG's stain 9.

Our good and helpful friend Insane was absolutely adamant: “There were no ''blood splatters'' recovered from apartment 5a”

And we’ve given Insane some reason. Let us remind you what we did say in our Super-Kid post:

"To start with, Insane is somewhat right when s/he says “there were no ''blood splatters'' recovered from apartment 5a” but that is if you want to be a hard purist bordering some sort of radical, or convenient, fundamentalism about conclusions.

In fact, nowhere in the PJ Files' FSS' Final Report, does it explicitly say that it was “blood” that was what was collected with the various swabs taken by PJ’s LPC from the referred walls. And floor. And couch.


The FSS' Final Report was supposed to wrap up and conclude about all forensic data within the PJ Files.

So although in the PJ Files the word "blood" does appear directly related with the DNA vestiges found in Apartment 5A, its conclusive forensic document doesn't mention it.

But the FSS' Final Report also doesn’t say the stains found aren’t blood.

It simply doesn’t say what the stains are made of."

Attentive as always, Insane immediately replied with an assertive "The reason why the FSS don't mention the so-called blood splatter swabs is because they didn't analyse them - that was your lot, the Portuguese forensic equivalent."

It seems like we're before a case of a fly repeatedly banging against a glass pane window, Insane being the fly and the PJ Files the window, as in its pages 3212 - 3213 it, once again contradicts Insane when it says the following about the diligence envolving the swab collection that took place in Apartment 5A (2):

"On 4 August 2007, at 15h00, a team from Sector de Local de Crime [SLC Sector of Crime Scene] of the Laboratório de Polícia Centífica [LPC - Scientific Police Laboratory] made up by the signatories, went, at the request of PJ’s Departamento de Investigação Criminal [DIC – Criminal Investigation Department] of Portimao, to a residence at Apartment 5A, Bloco A, of the touristic resort “Ocean Club” – Praia da Luz in Lagos with the purpose to proceed in collecting vestiges at the location.

According with the request of PJ’s DIC of Portimao criminal investigation elements (3) present at the location, the signatories should proceed to the visualization, by naked eye and by the use of a source of alternate light source with appropriate wavelengths appropriate to the effect, and to the collection of all stains (4) existing on the floor and on the wall of the living room near the location from where there were previously lifted and collected four floor tiles, and on the back of a blue fabric couch that was near that wall.
We were informed by them that the referred collections should be done through swabs usually used the English Police (which were given to us by the referred elements) and that it should not be used any of the indication tests that permit the identification of what type of vestiges that the referred stains could contain 

According to the abovesaid it was also requested that the signatories were to contact a scientific advisor of English nationality, named Jonathan Smith, so that he would indicate the manner in which to proceed with the collection of the referred stains.
In that contact the signatories were told that they should use in the collection of each stain two (2) swabs: being one applied directly on top of the stain, and the other previously moistened with distilled water and afterwards applied on top of the referred stain."

So we have Portuguese forensic crime scene experts, collecting vestiges from stains with British swabs, according to British collection techniques and under direct British mentoring and supervision so that the swabs were to be analyzed in a Portuguese lab?

LCN was the brainchild of the FSS. Insane doesn't seem to realise the role of Jonathan Smith from FSS and even if the Portuguese could carry out LCN at that time (2007) it was decided by the Deciders to use UK's FSS.

LPC collected the swabs and sent them off.

Besides, John Lowe signed and dated reports. He couldn't do that and make comments about giving evidence unless it was FSS work. One can't sign for the work of another country

It is a fact that it is Lowe who says he found enough DNA on stain 9 to compare with the bedcover and didn't find a mixed result.

So it seems the reason for the FSS not to mention the word "blood" in their Final Report  lies not with the fact that they didn't do the scientific analytical work on the swabs

Insane remains coherent with "no blood splatters" by now using the doubt implying "so-called" when referring to blood splatter swabs.

For us, it seems that the initial "there were no ''blood splatters'' recovered from apartment 5a" is a definitive statement of a non-existence of something that now seems to exist with the statement "so-called blood splatter swabs is because they didn't analyse them"

But although Insane is a BH, s/he is just an individual. S/he's certainly not the Black Hat spokesperson. Not even Clarence Mitchell is that.

Our quest for truth is not a quarrel against individuals.

Fact is fact and we like, as you know, to stick to fact, and the fact is that the FFR doesn't mention blood.

But it's also a fact, as we've shown in this post, that DNA was found in the vast majority of the stains.

This begs the question: what kind of DNA was then sampled in these stains?

If not blood, then what DNA are they made up of?

LCN DNA could be any body fluid, including blood, or skin cells.

Not seeing skin cells being literally glued to a wall without the help of some sort of body fluid, so logic dictates that the DNA found on the vertical surfaces, such as the East and North walls, came, definitely, from some sort of human body fluid.

There are only so many body fluids that a human being can leave sprinkled on a wall.

Wikipedia says that there we have 31 body fluids. Honestly, never imagined there were so many.

To those certainly questioning why Cadaverine doesn’t appear on the list, let us clarify that it is not a body fluid but “a foul-smelling diamine compound produced by protein hydrolysis during putrefaction of animal tissue”

Of the 31 mentioned body fluids, 13 have to be ruled out as it would be impossible for them to be found on those walls.

You be the judge:  Amniotic fluid, Aqueous humour and vitreous humour (eye), Bile (produced in liver, stored in gallbladder), Chyle (small intestine), Chyme (expelled by the stomach into the duodenum), Endolymph and perilymph (inner ear), Gastric acid, Gastric juice, Lymph (lymphatic system), Pericardial fluid (heart), Peritoneal fluid (covers most of the organs in the abdomen), Pleural fluid (lungs) and Synovial (synovial joint, most common and most movable type of joint in the body of a mammal)

Of the remainder 18, 13 can also be taken off the list as either by circumstance (very bizarre if they had been found), or by their consistency and means of diffusion (both not consistent with the amount, the patterns and the location of the various stains swabbed in Apartment 5A – please take into account that, in theory, the apartment wasn’t meticulously cleaned so the DNA found on those walls was all that was there to be found):
- Breast milk
- Female ejaculate
- Vaginal secretion
- Cerumen (earwax)
- Feces
- Sebum (skin oil)
- Pus (formed at the site of inflammation during infection)
- Rheum (eyes, nose or mouth during sleep)
- Semen
- Sputum (mucus that is coughed up from the lower airways)
- Vomit
- Tears
- Urine

We’re left with 5.
- Nasal drainage (sneezing)
- Saliva (spitting)
- Sweat
- Blood serum
- Cerebrospinal fluid

Of these, the last two would only be present if an injury had occurred and the last only if there was a severe and exposed injury to the back of head or neck.

So basically we have the following 2 scenarios:

One, if the samples can be explained to be coming from saliva, sweat or nasal drainage, then all is explainable;

The other, if such an explanation cannot be found, then, by exclusion of all remainder possibilities, the only explanation for DNA to be found on those walls is that it could only have come from blood or cerebrospinal fluid and that means there's a lot of explaning to be done.

And because BHs cannot explain the presence of blood or cerebrospinal fluid in those stains, they simply cannot be either.

Let’s look at the stains and ask ourselves if it’s possible, plausible, logical, reasonable, rational or realistic for them to be from saliva, sweat or nasal drainage.

Let’s start to look at the NORTH wall where stains from 7 to 12 were found.

This particular corner of the living room was seen as so insignificant that on the night of the events it went almost unnoticed.

On the photo portraying the panoramic view or the living room and it doesn’t even appear on the right.

For the photographer what was, in our opinion, the most important area of the apartment, s/he thought not relevant enough to photograph.

Before you cast any stone, remember that at that moment s/he is photographing an abduction from that apartment and not a possible death in it

On the drawing up of the apartment layout it’s completely disregarded, as you can see above.

This is the only photo we have of the NORTH wall taken that night. One that is supposed to capture the sliding doors.

Now use your common sense and see under what circumstances (possible, plausible, logical, reasonable, rational or realistic) would there be a spray of such minuscule amounts of saliva, sweat or nasal discharge, or a combination of them, as shown.

Don’t forget that, as we showed on our last post, there’s a space of at least 70 cm between the couch and the North wall.

Now let’s look at the stains on the EAST wall: stains 4, 5, 6 and 13.

Do take into account that you’re not looking at stains found on the couch that is aligned with the wall.

The stains are behind the couch, and behind the blue curtains, and behind the white undercurtains.

They’re on the wall where they were found.

The only possibility for any of those stains to have resulted on that wall where they were found, would be for the couch and curtains that are seen in the pictures not to have been where they are.

Would that make it possible for the stains to be from saliva, sweat or nasal discharge?

No. Under what possible, plausible, logical, reasonable, rational or realistic circumstances would a human being deposit a minuscule amount of DNA from saliva, sweat or nasal drainage on stain 5’s location?

Did one get one get on one’s fours and spit or sneeze only a tiny amount a foot high from the ground?

And even so, why push away the couch and set aside the curtains and undercurtains?

We haven't mentioned sweat because we can't envision any scenario to justify sweat there. If you have one, we’ll be glad to hear it.

To reinforce this idea we have the couch to confirm the impossibility of the stains to be from saliva, sweat or nasal discharge.

Not even on all fours can one hit the location of stain 14.

One has to be literally lying down on the floor. See any possible scenario for that to be? We don’t.

So, out of the 31 body fluids possible, we’re left with 2: Blood serum and Cerebrospinal fluid.

Both involve physical injury and that will be a theme for a future post

But it’s not only by the exclusion of fluids, ruling out those impossible to be present, that we can conclude that those stains are from blood.

We can start with the BHs saying so themselves.

Danny Collins in his Vanished book, published in May 2008 (at the exact same time FSS was writing their final report) speaks about tiny amounts of blood being found in the apartment:

On pg 38: "An early result was the four minuscule drops of blood found on a mosaic tile in the apartment and located by the application of luminal and hydrogen peroxide and exposure to ultraviolet light. As explained elsewhere, the blood was eventually found to be that of a male and of such small quantity that it was hardly an indication of a crime having been committed."

On pg 89: "In early August 2007, the dramatically leaked news that traces of blood had been found in Madeleine's bedroom by British sniffer dogs flown in from the UK gave everyone pause for thought and coincided with a police plot fostered by Detective Chief Inspector Amaral to put pressure on the McCanns through the press.
What was not made clear to the press was that the minuscule specks of blood found in the apartment were too degraded for intelligent analysis; the only result published from the Forensic Science Service in Birmingham was that the blood was from a male. In truth, this important forensic report of degradation and its relationship to Madeleine, when questioned by the more ethical members of the UK press, was denied. But blood was found in the missing child's bedroom and that was good enough from Portimao."

We could say that Mr Collins got his info from the press at the time.

The Guardian, on 7th August 2007 in Sandra Laville's article "UK lab to test blood found in Madeleine room" says:

"The first task for scientists will be to try to get a DNA sample from the blood, reported to have been found on a wall of the villa in Praia de la Luz where the McCann family was staying.

If the scientists are successful, the profile will be checked against the DNA of the missing four-year-old and against the national DNA database, set up by the FSS.


Leicestershire police refused to comment yesterday on whether it was their officers who discovered the blood smears. But reports from Portugal suggested officers from the Leicestershire force used specialised equipment and their own sniffer dogs to re-examine the two-bedroom apartment on the Mark Warner holiday complex"

Also on The Telegraph, on 8th August 2007, by Richard Edwards article "Madeleine McCann: Blood found in bedroom" says:

"Police investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann are carrying out tests on blood traces found inside her apartment bedroom, it has emerged. The dramatic discovery was made by British detectives brought in to launch a review of evidence, and led to renewed criticism of an "inept" Portuguese investigation.

The British team used specially-trained sniffer dogs and ultra-violet technology to scan for specks of blood inside the holiday apartment in Praia da Luz where Madeleine disappeared 96 days ago. Tests will now establish whether the traces are those of the four-year-old.


A Portuguese police source said: "If the results are positive, this will open up a completely new line of inquiry". The tiny traces of blood - invisible to the naked eye - were found at a low height on the wall in the bedroom of the McCann holiday apartment at the Ocean Club.

Specially trained cocker spaniel sniffer dogs, which are able to detect blood up to seven years old, located an area of the bedroom in which to search. The windows were blacked out using a tarpaulin and a specialist ultraviolet torch pinpointed the specks of blood."

The main difference between the media and Mr Collins' is that by his own written words, yet to be denied or targeted in any legal action, Clarence Mitchell was duly informed of the contents of the book before its publication: "As a courtesy during the book's preparation, I informed Clarence Mitchell of its content and conclusions and he promised me to pass them on to the McCanns for comment".

So Mr Collins didn't just send the manuscript to Mr Mitchell. He got from him the PROMISE that it would be passed on to the McCanns. A rather intimate interaction between them, one would say.

Mr. Collins, as shown, speaks clearly, very clearly of blood. No other body fluid.

And he does also speak of an "only result published from the Forensic Science Service in Birmingham".

One has to wonder where "this important forensic report" that Mr Collins mentions was published and where did he obtain his copy, as the FSS' Final Report was written in June 2008, AFTER his book's publication.

Another clear indication that the stains are blood is, as we all know, the dog trained to signal blood. And the blood detecting dog did signal that particular corner of the living room.

Then we have the “butcher-and-the-meat” principle.

Don't google it, we've just made it up. Before you think we’re going into anything complex, let us just say that this principle simply states that a butcher knows his meat, as the fishmonger knows his fish and the carpenter his wood.

At the Butcher I can, as I imagine you can too, differentiate, just by looking at the various pieces in front of me, the different types of meat. You know, to tell chicken from beef, beef from pork and pork from lamb.

But when it comes to differentiating between different types of beef, say rump from sirloin, I trust the butcher. He’s the professional. I just ask, he provides and I trust him as he’s the subject matter expert.

I don’t need him to show me the whole cow to appease my mind that when I’ve asked for sirloin, I do get sirloin and not rump.

As we’ve shown, the LPC personnel were explicitly ordered "e que não deveriam ser utilizados quaisquer dos testes indicadores que permitem identificar que tipo de vestígios as referidas manchas poderiam conter" (which translates into: and that it should not be used any of the indication tests that permit the identification of what type of vestiges that the referred stains could contain) but, even so, they were able to slip in, even if not intentionally, that they were looking for traces of blood when LPC says: “procederam à recolha dos mosaicos onde os cães utilizados na diligência assinalaram a eventual existência de vestígios hemáticos" (which translates into: proceeded in the collection of the tiles where the dogs used in the diligence marked the eventual existence of haematic vestiges). 

Haematic or  hematic - "of pertaining to, resembling , containing or acting on blood".

The question remains: if not blood, what type of DNA was swabbed?

As always, we keep an open mind to any other possible, plausible, logical, reasonable, rational or realistic suggestions of what these stains can be other than blood.

No, saying "it's not blood because it's not blood and that's it!" is simply not good enough.

If it was blood, as we're sure it was, to whom did it belong to and what was it doing on the wall, floor and couch?

Apparently, we had back in September 2007 an explanation for the blood from the media:


Police told Gerry McCann they found a trace of Madeleine’s blood on the floor under the sofa in the apartment.

Sinister explanation:

Her body was hidden under the sofa and later moved.

Innocent explanation:

After accidentally cutting herself, Madeleine crawled under the sofa while playing.

Alternatively, perhaps she took off a piece of clothing with blood on it and stuffed it out of the way under the furniture."

We simply couldn't make this up.

Post Scriptum: Insane, our "lot" has no nationality. Your xenophobic remarks are like a flies hitting a window glass pane while we're sipping our tea out in the porch. Where else did we use the fly/window analogy?


(1)  This is what FSS has to say about stains 1 to 15:

286A/2007-CRL 1A & B Swabs collected from the floor of the apartment
An incomplete DNA result, apparently originating from a male individual but not matching any other profile obtained in this case, was obtained through LCN from the cellular material present in the combined swabs.

286A/2007-CRL 2A & B Swabs collected from the floor of the apartment
A mixed DNA result, apparently originating from at least two people, was obtained through LCN from the cellular material present in the combined swabs. In my opinion, there are no indications that justify [confirm/prove] the theory that any member of the McCann family had contributed DNA to this result.

286A/2007-CRL 3A& B Swabs collected from the floor of the apartment
An incomplete and weak DNA result comprising only some unconfirmed DNA components was obtained from the cellular material present in the dry swab (3A). The attempt to obtain a result from any cellular material that may have been in the same area and present in the wet swab (3B) was unfruitful, given that no profile was obtained. These samples were submitted for LCN tests.

An incomplete DNA result was obtained through LCN from cellular material present in the swab (286A/2007 CRL 3A). The low-level DNA result showed very meagre information indicating more than one person. Departing from the principle that all confirmed DNA components within the scope of this result originated from a single source, then these pointed to corresponding components in the profile of Madeleine McCann; however, if the DNA within the scope of this result originated from more than one person then the result could be explained as being DNA originating from [a mixture of DNA from both] Kate Healy and Gerald McCann, for example. DNA profiles established through LCN are extremely sensitive; it is not possible to attribute this DNA profile to a particular body fluid. nor to determine how or when that DNA was transferred to that area.

A low-level DNA result was obtained through LCN from the cellular material present in the swab (286A/2007 CRL 3B). In my opinion, there are no indications that justify [confirm/prove] the theory that any member of the McCann family had contributed DNA to this result.

286A/2007-CRL 4A & B Swabs collected from the wall of the apartment
An incomplete DNA result, apparently originating from a female individual, was obtained through LCN from the cellular material present in the combined swabs. In my opinion, there are no indications that justify [confirm/prove] the theory that any member of the McCann family had contributed DNA to this result.

286A/2007-CRL 5A & B Swabs collected from the wall of the apartment
A mixed DNA result, apparently originating from at least two persons, was obtained through LCN from the cellular material present in the combined swabs. In my opinion, there are no indications that justify [confirm/prove] the theory that any member of the McCann family had contributed DNA to this result. In my opinion, Fernando Viegas could have contributed DNA to this result.

286A/2007-CRL 6A & B Swabs collected from the wall of the apartment
The DNA results obtained through LCN from cellular material present in these combined swabs contained information too meagre to permit a meaningful comparison.

286A/2007-CRL 7A & B Swabs collected from the wall of the apartment
A mixed DNA result, apparently originating from at least two persons, was obtained through LCN from the cellular material present in the combined swabs. In my opinion, there are no indications that justify [confirm/prove] the theory that any member of the McCann family had contributed DNA to this result.

286A/2007-CRL 8A & B Swabs collected from the wall of the apartment
The DNA results obtained through LCN from cellular material present in these combined swabs contained information too meagre to permit a meaningful comparison.

286A/2007-CRL 9A & B Swabs collected from the wall of the apartment
An incomplete DNA result, apparently originating from a male individual, was obtained through LCN from the cellular material present in the combined swabs. In my opinion, there are no indications that justify [confirm/prove] the theory that any member of the McCann family had contributed DNA to this result. Also, this result did not match in any way the profile obtained from swabs 286A/2007 CRL 1A & B.

286A/2007-CRL 10A & B Swabs collected from the wall of the apartment
A mixed DNA result, apparently originating from at least two persons, was obtained through LCN from the cellular material present in the combined swabs. In my opinion, there are no indications that justify [confirm/prove] the theory that any member of the McCann family had contributed DNA to this result.

286A/2007-CRL 11A & B Swabs collected from the wall of the apartment
The attempt to obtain a DNA result through LCN from all and any cellular material recovered from these combined swabs was unfruitful, given that no profile was obtained, possibly due to the absence of sufficient good quality DNA.

286A/2007-CRL 12A & B Swabs collected from the wall of the apartment
A mixed DNA result, apparently originating from at least two persons, was obtained through LCN from the cellular material present in the combined swabs. In my opinion, there is no evidence that supports the theory that any member of the McCann family had contributed DNA to this result.

286A/2007-CRL 13A & B Swabs collected from the wall of the apartment
The attempt to obtain a DNA result through LCN from all and any cellular material recovered from these combined swabs was unfruitful, given that no profile was obtained, possibly due to the absence of sufficient good quality DNA.

286A/2007-CRL 14A & B Swabs collected from the rear of the sofa
Weak and incomplete DNA results consisting only of some unconfirmed DNA components were obtained from the cellular material present in these wet and dry swabs. In my opinion the results are not adequate for comparison purposes. These samples were submitted for LCN analysis. / A mixed, low-level DNA result was obtained through LCN from the cellular material present in each of the swabs. In my opinion, there are no conclusive indications that justify [confirm/prove] the theory that any member of the McCann family had contributed DNA to these results.

286A/2007-CRL 15A & B Swabs collected from the rear of the sofa
A weak and incomplete DNA result showing indications as having come from more than one person was obtained from the cellular material present in dry swab (15A) effected on the rear of the sofa. In my opinion the result is not adequate for comparison purposes. These samples were submitted for LCN analysis. 

(2)  In Portuguese, LPC's SLC's report from vestige collection diligence: 

No dia 04 de Agosto de 2007, pelas 15h00m, uma equipa do Sector de Local de Crime do Laboratório de Polícia Científica, composta pelos signatários, deslocou-se, a pedido do Departamento de Investigação Criminal de Portimão da Polícia Judiciária, a uma habitação, sita no Apartamento 5ª, do bloco A, do empreendimento turístico “Ocean Club” – Praia da Luz, em Lagos, a fim de efectuar recolha de vestígios no local.-

De acordo com o solicitado pelos elementos da investigação criminal do Departamento de Investigação Criminal de Portimão presentes no local os signatários deveriam proceder à visualização, a olho nu e através de utilização de uma fonte de luz alternada com comprimentos de onda apropriados para o efeito, e à recolha de todas as manchas existentes no chão e na parede da sala de estar junto ao local de onde foram levantados e recolhidos anteriormente quatro mosaicos e nas costas de um sofá em tecido de cor azul, que se encontrava junto a essa parede.-
Pelos mesmos foi-nos informado que as referidas recolhas deveriam ser efectuadas através de zaragatoas normalmente utilizadas pela Polícia Inglesa (a quais nos foram entregues pelos referidos elementos) e que não deveriam ser utilizados quaisquer dos testes indicadores que permitem identificar que tipo de vestígios as referidas manchas poderiam conter.-

Face ao exposto foi também solicitado aos signatários que entrassem em contacto com um conselheiro científico de nacionalidade inglesa, de nome Jonathan Smith, para que o mesmo indica-se a forma para se proceder à recolha das referidas manchas.-
Nesse contacto os signatários foram informados que deveriam utilizar na reclha de cada mancha duas (2) zaragatoas, sendo um aplicada em cima da mancha de forma directa e a outra previamente humedecida com água destilada aplicada em cima da referida mancha.- 

(3)  The word "elementos" has been, in our opinion, wrongly translates into "officers" (elementos do DIC into DIC officers).

The Portuguese equivalent for "officer" is "oficial". When linked to people, it has but two meanings, very specific. The first, is a reference to highest ranking of the military or military-like organizations, The second is linked to to the Judicial System, the Oficial de Justica, a low-ranking person usually responsible to notify people about Court decisions.

In Portugal, when one is referring to a policeman, one says "agente da polícia" which translates to Police Agent.

The reference to "elementos" in this report means that the signatory met some PJ Agents at 5A who he doen't identify any further than being from PJ's DIC of Portimao.  

(4)  The word "mancha" is translated into stains and not spots or specks.


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    The issues' complexity merits that only little steps are taken at a time for two reasons: consolidation and confrotantion.

    The first to allow our readers full comprehension of each step taken and the latter to allow us to defend our positions with solid arguments.

    I'm sure you don't intend to speed us further along faster than the speed we think best to "travel" so we're asking for your patience and understanding.

    As we said in a comment in our "Blog Break" post, "Super-Kid", this one, and others that will follow are part of a series which we call "How did Maddie die".

    Hopefully, in due time, we will answer your current questions and others that may arise.

  6. Interesting comment (#35) on Super-Kid post.

  7. Anon @3

    Putting the seriousness of the subject they're dealing with aside, reading Textusa and the Sisters is like reading a suspense novel from a boook that we don't know how thick it is that we don't know how many pages or chapters it has and we keep jumping with interest from subject to subject for years now!

  8. Steve Jobs ‘The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do’.
    Textusa you are one crazy woman in my book! :-)

  9. Seams that we can only talk about blood serum or cerebrospinal fluid.

    The great effort that has been made in UK in order to keep media busy and printing news here and then about McCanns search, SY search, it's only to prevent PJ Files FSS's final report come to daylight.

    A very basic example to understand why some strategies have to be followed: coca cola is a word wide top 1 drink. Why this brand build new campaigns so often if it is a sales leader? Because if it doesn't the new generation will drink pepsi.

    Keeping the search Agenda is not a curse it is a inevitable strategy. They can delay the bad news to the UK public (they've been more or less succeed so far) but they cannot hold evidence to be known forever.

    I think that the possibility of Madeleine had suffered a severe injury done by one member of the family has not being deeply investigated. In an older post of your's you gave Payne the bad role play but one has to wander if this was not a sudden domestic violent act done by one the parents or if an injury had occurred as a result of an unfortunate accident.

    People tend to show compassion for the parents when they lost a child. It is almost an sacrilege thinking that a mother or a father may have done it in a moment of a rage. But as time went on when we look to this case in perspective you can find serious character flaws in McCanns attitudes. They're tough! And ruthless (McCanns versus Amaral trial is a very good example to see how far they can go...)

    Assuming that an accident has occurred... this theory is a questionable dead end every time I think about it. Why would someone rather choose to hide a dead body with all the risks that this dangerous operation implies instead of assuming that a unfortunate accident had occurred and restrain the news about the accident "indoors" (as private as possible) using the diplomatic corridor and BH and WH help?

    Finally the most pertinent doubt of all: when one decide concealing the body raises serious doubts regarding the circumstances in which the death had occurred.

    In other hand assumed that an accident had occurred would be the best thing to be done for everyone specially for those that were involved in swinging adult activities that summer. Nobody would be questioned about what was doing when the accident happened because the issue would be kept "between UK walls".

    Here the conclusions stop making sense to me ... excluding the possibility that the truth might be even nastier than one can imagine ... abduction would be the the last occurrence to choose wouldn't it? How can you explain the stains and all the findings in the apartment, with the supervision of the English police, expert english dogs etc etc...?

    Anyone with 20 grams of honesty knows that the McCanns are hiding a big secret. Let us wait and see what the Portuguese Judges that sworn to defend the Constitution and the Law think about all of this. If the trial continues...

  10. Anon #9,

    Accidents happen and so do fits of rage in a spur of a moment.

    It literally only takes a moment for one to bring disaster upon oneself.

    We have found absolutely nothing that could consubstentiate murder as the reason for her death and have, on the other hand, many reasons to believe, as we do and have clearly stated so many times, that it happened as a result of an unfortunate and momentaneous accident.

    Why it was covered-up?

    If the body presented, as we think it did, injuries not compatible with any possible household accident, then accountability for what had just happened would follow.

    That accountability, even if the one responsible was ready to assume the act, could risk question raising as to under what circumstances it had happened and the answers to these could lead to other questions being asked and the result could be that what had happened only inside Apartment 5A could trickle to the circumstances outside the said apartment which was something that some present in the resort certainly weren't willing to take a risk of being known.

    Yes, agree with you if the accident could be explained as an household one, then it would have been the best solution for all, including swingers.

    The problem was that it couldn't.

    These people outside Apartment 5A, or Guests, had nothing to do with the child's demise and so demanded not to be hindered in any way because of it.

    We stronlgly advise the reading of our "Priorities" post.

    To be very clear once again, we don't think Maddie was murdered but died in result of an accident.

  11. Textusa

    If Maddie died in a result of an accident like in your theory "... David Payne must have slapped her hard enough to throw her off the couch and have her bang her head against the wall, dying instantly, or shortly thereafter..." it is MURDER (intentionally or not). At least was involuntary manslaughter because of the absence of intention. But it is criminally negligent manslaughter! And what makes you believe that was Payne and not the mother?

    I become very sad every time we tend to minimize the attitudes of brutality against children, considering that a violent slap given to a child was a momentaneous lapse of reason, and that consequently her death was an accident. There we go again putting the rights of adults over the priorities and security of the children.

    The rights of the children must always come ahead.

    There was negligence because if a man and an woman were engaged in sexual activity in the apartment the children were safer and protected in the creche - an available service in the resort. A 3 years old child needs to be supervised. How is this possible if the mother is playing doctors?

    Did not fail to notice that the man chosen to play during the afternoon was the only one among the group that was pointed by a witness as a man with suspicious behavior with the children (previous holidays...)

    There is not a single innocent person here only persons of interest with different levels of responsibilities !!!

    I agree with you when you say that "only takes a moment for one to bring disaster upon oneself" but one can always choose to do the RIGHT thing. What would happen to them? Nothing I tell you. Was an accident.

    That's why I'm telling you there's more here than meets the eye...

    Other pertinent fact is the short period of time 6:30 pm till 10 pm to compose the scene where the crime occurred.

    Cleaning the apartment, rearrange the furniture, washing walls, washing the sofa, washing the curtains and get them dry till 10 pm. Not to mention to find a vehicle (sport bag or a golf bag) to carry the corpse out of the apartment, find supporters to the sordid mission, get a secure place to hide her, call England, sit down and establish a timeline for the evening events, call the media, call a lawyer, call home, call a priest... you know what I mean?

    I will read "priorities" post.

    P.S. Why the swinging holidays were never mention by GA or PJ?

  12. Anon #11

    I cannot point exactly where in the blog, but if you search it, you will see that we've defined the accident as manslaghter more than once.

    It's a crime, and we're talking about semntic differences and certainly not about children's rights vs adult's rights.

    For me, murder and manslaughter, although both punished by law, are 2 different things. One implies premeditation, the other doesn't.

    Should the perpetrator of the slap be punished to the full extent of the law? Certainly, and whoever says that we support the contrary is intentionally trying to descredit us.

    But what you have to understand is that for a rational analylis in the quest for truth, the difference between manslaughter and murder, at least as we understand both terms, is fundamental.

    The first is made up actions and the latter of reactions.

    About the supervision of the children during the engagement of sexual activities, you make it sound like married couples with children cannot have a sex life without the presence of a third party!

    Many, many couples have been surprised by their children in intimate activities.

    Sexual urges happen, it was late afternoon, so I don't see why would they have to resort to taking the children to any sort of supervision.

    What they should have done and didn't do, and we're in speculative territory here, is to have locked the door adequately, thus stopping curious eyes from barging in.

    About who and why we think is the perpetrator of said slap we will hopefully answer it in future posts.

    About why PJ and GA never mention swinging don't forget that the whole investigation was literally smothered by heavy duty first class premium clutter from square 1.

    Thank you for your comment. We welcome for our ideas to be challenged.

  13. Swinging, part 1:

    Why the PJ and G. Amaral never came up with the hypothesis of the presence of swinging activities inside the O. one knows if they didn't, I'm pretty sure they did, they suspected/knew of thst practice, but, as Textusa answered, the investigation was swiftly smothered/indered/limited by heavy political and diplomatic pressure. However, what I do know, is that an ex-PJ inspector, a Mr. Barra da Costa, dared to mention it point-blank on a tv news (he has done some commenting on tv shows, namelly in TVI)and to a newspaper, Diário de Notícias, and got himself in big trouble. He made his allegation on RTP (portuguese public tv) and was forced to apologize live on the same tv channel, but note that he DID NOT retract the swinging allegations, he only apologized to the McCanns for offending them with his suggestion.
    There were, "once upon a time" videos available on Youtube with the RTP Telejornal of the 15th May 2007, when B.da Costa first came up with the swinging thing, but have been whooshed at some point...surprise, surprise!

    This is what Barra da Costa said:

    "Uma relação de swing é, por natureza, promíscua e atípica, e pode haver um envolvimento e cruzamento de relações, e daí levar a uma vingança que se poderia substanciar no próprio desaparecimento da criança”.

    ( a swinging relationship is by nature promiscuous and attipical, and there can be an envolvement and crossing of relationships, which could lead to vengeance in the form of the disappearance of the child)

    Há quem discuta ainda porque é que, às 19 horas, as crianças já estão a dormir, quando o sol ainda raia e há muito tempo para brincar com os filhos

    (some argue why, at 7pm the children were already asleep, when the sun still shines and there's still plenty of time to play with one's children)

    Poderiam as crianças, porque são filhas de médicos, estar sob o efeito de alguma substância que poderia reforçar o sono?"

    (could the children, because they're doctors' children, be under the effect of some substance which could facilitate/reinforce sleep?)
    McCanns’ parents were seething last night after a top criminologist called for a probe into claims they were swingers.
    Former police inspector Jose Barra da Costa urged detectives to investigate rumours that the couple indulged in wife-swapping."

  14. Swinging, part 2:

    A reply to the controversy from Mr. Barra da Costa himself in Facebook:
    September 20, 2012 at 1:15pm'

    Meu Caro João Manuel e companheiros, esta questão está completamente explicada no meu livro «Maddie, Joana e Investigação Criminal», editado pela Leya, Dom Quixote, já lá vão uns tempos. Por isso vou falar ao de leve sobre ela, o que não significa com menos cuidado.
    A questão causou celeuma depois de eu ter sido abordado enquanto comentador, numa telejornal da RTP1, nos dias seguintes ao desaparecimento da menina inglesa.
    Umas horas antes tinha recebido informação, que reputei de segura, de Inglaterra, que dava conta dessa possibilidade. Mas, mais importante ainda, o mesmo assunto tinha-me sido garantido de uma forma que achei muito credível, por um funcionário da investigação criminal, então a trabalhar no caso no Algarve.
    Até hoje nunca referi esta «origem nacional» da questão de swing e mantive-me à espera que o seu autor, então meu amigo, viesse dar a cara pela sua autoria. Ele não o fez e eu não tenho essa «arte» de me livrar dos amigos, muito menos enforcá-los profissionalmente, na praça pública. As posições ficam com quem as toma e essa coisa chama-se carácter.
    Trata-se de alguém que já o podia ter feito, é verdade, até porque não lhe faltaram «amigos» que se aproveitaram dele e o atiraram para certos canais televisivos, para se aproveitarem dele, concedendo-lhe alguma visibilidade em programas de entretenimento da parte da manhã e da parte da tarde. E não foi caso único.
    Tal aparecimento fez-lhe mal, como depois se veio a verificar quando o mesmo não foi capaz de ultrapassar a velha questão do «provou, gostou» e transformou esse problema num caso «caso de psiquiatria», que, como sabem, quase o levou à cadeia.
    Vamos ser directos: há escutas telefónicas onde essa conversa aparece, e embora sejam ilegais, essas escutas podem aparecer se se justificar tal.
    Quanto ao meu pedido de desculpas na RTP1, ele foi quase tratado em directo com o muito humano jornalista que continuou a tratar dessa matéria no Telejornal. Ele foi, aliás, contra esse pedido de desculpas. Mas eu acabei por fazê-lo, de uma forma que depois foi desvirtuada pelos «invejosos» inimigos de estimação que fui cultivando. O que eu disse foi mais ou menos isto (também há vídeos sobre este assunto): “parece que atirei aqui um murro ao estômago de algumas pessoas quando falei sobre a hipótese de swing; ora, não me caem os parentes na lama se aqui deixar um pedido de desculpas que ajudar a repor o estado de normalidade entre os intervenientes atingidos”. Não disse que era mentira, nem que era verdade.

  15. Swinging, part 3:

    Mais tarde, um jornal onde tive uma página durante dois anos, o 24horas, escreveu uma pequena notícia através da qual quiseram voltar a ganhar dinheiro à minha custa, pois para além de sensacionalista era mentirosa, em especial no título, que é o que, no máximo, a maior parte das pessoas lêem. Como é meu timbre, não mandei dizer por ninguém e interpelei ainda nesse dia um dos autores da notícia de uma maneira que ele nunca mais teve vontade de se aproximar de mim a menos de 10 quilómetros.
    Cheguei também mais tarde a encontrar-me em local secreto com a mãe da menina, aquando de uma sua re-visita a Portugal, e tudo se esclareceu, porque concordamos que não se confunde comentário televisivo com invenção, ainda por cima grave. Fui também convidado diversas vezes para ir às TVs falar sobre este assunto, mas como teria de «queimar» o tal verdadeiro autor da insinuação, optei sempre por o preservar. Não se trata mais do que uma posição de princípio. Teria sido mais fácil sacudir a água do capote. Mas não é o meu jeito de fazer as coisas..
    Depois disso nunca ninguém me ouviu dizer mais nada, como outros desbocados que garantiram que os pais mataram a menina, ou que ela foi morta naquele quarto do aldeamento. Também nunca defendi que o abanar do rabo de um cão é mais esclarecedor que a ciência criminológica., etc, etc. Ou que foi bom arregimentar um intérprete quando havia e há dezenas desses profissionais na Polícia e até no consulado inglês em Portimão, intérprete esse que depois, vejam bem, foi o primeiro suspeito; o mesmo que agora até é suspeito de ter enterrado a menina no jardim da vivenda…, depois de ter recebido um grossa indemnização de vários jornais ingleses que o difamaram.
    E ficaria aqui a falar de um chorrilho de asneiras em termos de investigação criminal que já fora ensaiado no «caso Joana» e depois se prolongou pelo «caso Casa Pia», até chegar ao Rei Gob e outros mais. Porque é que isso sucedeu a partir de certa altura?! Era mais um livro. Continuamos um dia destes. Boa noite. Barra da Costa
    See Translation"

    (sorry for not translating this, it's too long and I do not have the time to do it, but it seems that if you're registered with Facebook, which I'm not, you have access to a translation)

  16. The stains were found due to the dogs and the dogs were trained to found "vestiges" of "human blood" and "cadaverine", ONLY. Mr. Amaral made this fact very clear in all his interviews.
    The dogs were announced at the time they arrived, as TOP CSI DOGS, trained under a SPECIAL PROGRAM, EVEN THEIR FOOD WAS SPECIAL TO HELP THEM ACHIEVE 100% of SUCCESS ON THE WORK THEY WERE TRAINED TO. The previuos achievements were impressive and in total sintony with the training program- they helped different polices to solve complicate cases because of their accurate and so well trained nose. Amazing the value of the dogs: millions of Pounds+ 5 stars insurance + first class flights+ top police to take care of them.
    TOO MUCH TO BE REDUCED OR IGNORED, AFTER MADELEINE. Only a very serious and very embarassing crime could force a country( UK) to behave so ridiculous after the action of that very special dogs.

    From your brilliant work Textusa, i just can conclude " the FSS final Report was made , 'pret a porter', ignoring the samples and taking in attention that some stamps must be used: "mixed", "weak", "incomplete" to not dismiss the work of the dogs but make it inconclusive.
    Biology is a science, almost exact under it's evolution. The results of it's aplication are impressive and imprevisible. The FSS report, is a pile showing previsibility. Only a pre- made report can achieve that results. OR the crime scene was so manipulated that went into a deep cleaning before calling the police, to the point of damaging all evidences. That manipulation, if so, was not accidental and not related with the fluxe of people going in and out from the flat. Must have been done with some chemicals. Easy to find vestiges of that products, but the report says nothing about that. Then we must assume there was no chemicals interfering with stains.
    Statistic is another science and it tells me that the probability of analysing so many samples and get in all a non conclusive result, is so small that we can considere it ZERO.
    Another shame to UK.... Their top lab, fabricated a report to hide the real reasons behind a crime involving one british child. That' why was so suddenly, closed? The scandal could not be worse, if revealed.
    SY will jump to the moon to create several new 185 leads of investigation, to blind the public until we
    forgot the dog activities and the amazing FSS report. Up to now, it looks an almost impossible mission, since the public still passionate following all non official develops on Maddie case. Mccann's and their helpers were desperate to fade and erase from Internet, without explaining what was going on in PDL on Apri/ May and where went all the millions the public transfer to their account to search Madeleine. What a Karma......

  17. I read somewhere that steam cleaning can remove almost anything. No need for chemicals if that is the case.
    Homeowners might have one, anyone else would need to hire one or hire a cleaner/s who used one for his/her/ their cleaning business.

  18. The blog's tranlation of the posted by Anon at Sep 9, 2013, 3:48:00 PM (Swinging, part 2 and Swinging, part 3):

    "My Dear Joao Manuel and companions, this issue is fully explained in my book "Maddie, Joana and Criminal Investigation», edited by Leya, Don Quixote, for some time now. So I won’t get too deep into the subject about her, which does not with mean less care.
    The issue caused a stir after I was approached as a commentator on a RTP1 Newscast (Telejornal), in the days that followed the disappearance of the English girl.
    A few hours before I had received information, which I judged as secure, from England, which spoke of that possibility. But more importantly, the same subject had been assured to me in a way that I found very credible, by an element of the criminal investigation, then working on the case in the Algarve.
    Until today I have never mentioned this "national origin" to the swinging question and kept myself waiting that the author, then my friend, would give his face to the authorship. He did not and I do not have that «art» of getting rid of friends, much less hang them professionally, in the public square. The attitudes remain with those who take them and that thing is called character.
    This is someone who could have done it already, it is true, because there was no lack of «friends» who took advantage of him and threw him into certain TV channels, to take advantage of him, giving him some visibility in morning and afternoon entertainment programs. And he wasn’t the only case.
    This appearance harmed him, as it turned out later when he wasn’t able to overcome the old question of «proved, liked» and transformed this problem into a 'psychiatric case', which, as you know, almost led him to jail.
    Let's be direct: there are phone-tapping recordings where this conversation is, and although they are illegal, these recordings may appear if such is justified.
    As for my apology on BBC1, it was treated almost live by the very human journalist who continued to address this issue in the Newscast. He was, moreover, against this apology. But I ended up doing it in a way that was distorted by «jealous» pet enemies that I cultivated. What I said was something like this (there are videos on this subject): "it seems that I threw here a punch into some people’s stomach when I spoke about the possibility of swing; now, it brings me no shame if I leave here an apology to help restore the state of normality among the affected participants". I didn’t say it was a lie, nor that it was true.


  19. (cont.)

    Later, a newspaper in which I had a page for two years, the 24Horas, wrote a snippet through which it again wanted to earn money at my expense, as besides being sensationalistic it was a lie, especially the title, which is what, at most, most people read. As is usual in me, I didn’t send a message by anyone and approached on that same day one of the authors of the piece of news in such a way that he never again wants to get closer to me than less than 10 kilometres.
    I also met later in a secret location with the girl's mother, during one of her re-visits to Portugal, and everything was clarified, because we agreed that television commentary is not to be confused with invention, moreover serious one. I have also been invited various times to go on TV to talk about this, but as I would have to «burn» the real author of this insinuation, I opted always to preserve him. It is not more than a position of principle. It would have been easier to shake it off away. But that is not my way of doing things…
    After that no one has ever heard me say anything more, like other big-mouths that have assured that the parents killed the girl, or that she was killed in that room of the resort. I have also never advocated that the wagging tail of a dog is more clarifying than criminal science, etc., etc... Or that it was good to enlist an interpreter when there were and are dozens of these professionals in the Police and even in the British Consulate in Portimão, interpreter who then, do notice this, was the first suspect; the same one that is suspect of having buried the girl in the Villa’s garden ... after having received a big compensation from several British newspapers that defamed him.
    And I would be here talking about lot of nonsense in terms of criminal investigation that had already been rehearsed in the «Joana case» and then prolonged in the «Casa Pia case», up until Rei Gob [Francisco Leitao or Rei Ghob (King Ghob) a convicted Potuguese criminal sentenced for killing 3 teenagers in his house which he built to look like a small castle] and others more. Why did this happen after a certain point in time?! That would be one more book. We will continue one of these days. Good night. Barra da Costa"
    September 20, 2012 at 1:15pm

  20. 2009

    ou 2013.............

    To Speak the Truth by Gonçalo Amaral
    Posted: 13 Dec 2009 10:10 AM PST

    Two years ago a company of private detectives hired by the parents of the child who mysteriously disappeared in the Algarve, announced that the end of the drama was at hand. The child was about to be found and spend Christmas with her family. The desire of all those who wanted a happy ending was defrauded.

    Today we discuss the opposition to an injunction that withdrew the fullness of freedom of expression fundamented on multiple stampedes on the truth. It is said in the injunction that a book written by me was to blame for the failure of the search for the missing child.

    To Speak the truth would be to question the work of private detective firms, hired since the early days of the investigation, that could be considered disastrous.

    To Speak the Truth mean to say that at the date of publication of the book, July 2008, the private detectives companies were already working on the case for many months.

    To Speak the Truth would mean to say that at Christmas 2007 I was a policeman in service, calumniated and smeared by the support staff of the parents of missing child.

    To Speak the Truth is to make clear that to restore the fullness of my freedom of expression I had to retire from the Judiciary Police, because only in that way I could defend myself.

    in Correio da Manhã, Opinion column 'Matéria de Facto', 12 December 2009

  21. Falar Verdade por Gonçalo Amaral

    Posted: 13 Dec 2009 10:11 AM PST

    Há dois anos, em época natalícia, uma empresa de detectives privados, contratada pelos pais da criança misteriosamente desaparecida no Algarve, anunciava ao Mundo que o fim do drama estava próximo. A criança estaria prestes a ser encontrada e seguramente passaria o Natal com a família.

    A esperança aumentou, mas os anseios e expectativas de todos aqueles que desejavam um desfecho feliz daquele drama foi defraudado.

    Hoje discute-se a oposição a uma providência cautelar que nos retirou a plenitude da liberdade de expressão, fundamentada em vários atropelos da verdade. Dizem os requerentes de tal providência que um livro escrito por mim foi o culpado pelo insucesso das buscas pela criança desaparecida.

    Falar verdade seria questionar o trabalho das diversas empresas de detectives privados, contratados desde os primeiros dias da investigação e que, no mínimo, se pode considerar desastroso.

    Falar verdade seria dizer que à data da publicação de tal livro, em Julho de 2008, já as tais empresas de detectives trabalhavam no caso há largos meses.

    Falar verdade seria dizer que no Natal de 2007, o signatário desta coluna, era um polícia no activo, enxovalhado e difamado pelo staff de apoio dos pais da criança desaparecida.

    Falar verdade é esclarecer que para readquirir a plenitude da minha liberdade de expressão tive de me aposentar da Polícia Judiciária, porque só assim me poderia defender.

    in Correio da Manhã, Coluna de Opinião, 'Matéria de Facto', 12 December 2009

  22. Nota De Agradecimento
    4 Dec 2011
    Caros amigos,

    O meu nome é Gonçalo Amaral. Fui coordenador de Investigação Criminal e sou o autor do livro “Maddie, A Verdade da Mentira”, escrito com o intuito de contribuir para a descoberta da verdade material e a realização da justiça, e na perspectiva de repor o meu bom nome aviltado na praça pública.

    Este livro foi escrito no uso da plenitude dos meus direitos, tratando-se de uma opinião técnica e fundamentada em factos, indícios e acontecimentos constantes no processo de suporte à investigação do misterioso desaparecimento de Madeleine McCann.

    Em Setembro do corrente ano foi interposta uma providência cautelar, sem audiência prévia do interessado, fundamentada em mentiras e interpretações abusivas das intenções que estiveram por detrás da criação daquela obra.

    De forma a dificultar a defesa dos meus direitos foi igualmente interposto um pedido de indemnização no valor de 1.200.000 Euros, seguido do arresto de direitos e bens.

    A estratégia daqueles que nos continuam a enxovalhar foi simples: cala-se o homem e fica o caminho aberto para influenciar atitudes e comportamentos, através da manipulação da opinião pública, a seu belo prazer. Está em curso uma campanha de descredibilização e de desinformação, ao mesmo tempo que nos tentam asfixiar financeiramente, de forma a ganharem na secretaria.

    Não nos conformamos com a limitação dos nossos direitos fundamentais por decisões judiciais inconstitucionais que põem em causa o exercício da liberdade de expressão responsável.

    Agradeço a todos aqueles que ao longo dos últimos anos me têm apoiado e que nos últimos dias assinaram as petições públicas, bem como aos que através de um esforço financeiro para o fundo de apoio recém criado e através de uma demonstração de solidariedade reforçaram a minha crença na defesa de valores que devem enformar as sociedades modernas e democráticas, a liberdade de expressão, a descoberta da verdade e a realização da justiça.

    Da minha parte comprometo-me a dar corpo aos anseios de todos vós e a não desistir, apesar de estar em causa a sobrevivência da minha própria família; mas a defesa daqueles valores e princípios é essencial.

    A todos, um sentido obrigado.

    Portimão, 2009-12-03

    Gonçalo Amaral


  23. mc, with her comment at Sep 10, 2013, 6:18:00 PM has provided an English translation for her comment in Portuguese at Sep 10, 2013, 6:19:00 PM

    This is the blog's tranlation of the comment posted by mc at Sep 10, 2013, 6:21:00 PM:

    "Thank you note
    4 Dec 2011
    Dear friends,

    My name is Gonçalo Amaral. I was a Criminal Investigation coordinator and am the author of the book "Maddie, The Truth of the Lie", written with the intention of contributing to the discovery of the material truth and the achievement of justice, and with prospect of restoring my good name vilified in the public square .

    This book was written in the full use of my rights, being a technical opinion and based on facts, clues and events contained in the process that supported the investigation of Madeleine McCann’s mysterious disappearance.

    In September this year an injunction was filed, without prior hearing of the interested party, based on lies and abusive interpretations of intentions that were behind the creation of that work.

    In order to hinder the defense of my rights it has also been brought an indemnization claim in the amount of 1.2 million Euros, followed by the arrest of rights and property.

    The strategy of those who continue to tarnish us was simple: shut the man up man and the path will be open to influence attitudes and behaviors, through the manipulation of public opinion, at their own leisure. There is an ongoing campaign of discreditation and of misinformation, while at the same time strangle financially in order to win by bureaucracy (1).

    We won’t conform to the limitation of our fundamental rights by unconstitutional court decisions that undermine the exercise of responsible freedom of speech.

    I thank all those who over the past few years and have supported me and that is these last days have signed public petitions, as well as to those who through a financial effort to support the newly created fund through and through a show of solidarity reinforced my belief in defense of the values that should shape modern and democratic societies, freedom of speech, the discovery of the truth and the achievement of justice.

    On my part I commit myself to embody the aspirations of all of you and to not give up, despite being at stake the survival of my own family; but the defense of those values and principles is essential.

    To all, a heartfelt thanks.

    Portimao, 2009-12-03

    Gonçalo Amaral"


    (1) The Portuguese expression “ganhar na secretaria” comes from “ganhar na secretaria o que não se consegue ganhar no campo” which translates literally into “to win in the office what one can't win on the field” and alludes to winning a game through the use of legal technicalities instead of on the field where it should be played and honestly won.

  24. Barra da Costa- o ex- PJ que causa urticaria e envergonha todos os portugueses sempre que vem à TV falar do caso Maddie. Podia ser mais discreto no ódio/ inveja que demonstra por Gonçalo Amaral. Fica-lhe mal achar-se sempre o melhor e achar que os investigadores dos casos Joana e Maddie fizeram tudo mal.
    Todos os portugueses se lembram dos seus comentários nos ecrans da RTP, a propósito do swing no OC naquelas fatidicas férias. Aos comandos das perguntas, estava um jornalista de qualidade e inteligência inquestionáveis, JRS. A fonte para tantas certezas, estava em Inglaterra, blogs e gente que sabia da coisa... Fontes inquestionaveis para o comentador, à data. Depois entrou a máquina dos Mccann bem oleada pelos dinheiros do publico português incauto e solidário que transferiu para o Fundo Madeleine milhòes de Euros em poucos dias, e o que era certeza passou a ser dubio. Desdisse aos microfones do mesmo jornalista o que havia afirmado antes. O que é que mudou? " God knows"....
    Segundo um comentário anterior, terà revelado no Facebook que uma das fontes para tantas certezas foi alguém de dentro da investigação. Pela insinuação e pelo ódio visceral nào é dificil imaginar a que fonte tentou atribuir tal informação. Porque é que se diz tão corajoso ao ponto de intimidar um jornalista obrigando-o a manter-se a 10Kms de distância e não teve coragem de revelar aos microfones da RTP a tal fonte, mais fidedigna que qualquer outra, uma vez que estava ligada à investigação? Terá sido o mesmo pudor e respeito que o fez caminhar lado a lado com Marcos Aragão Correia na limpeza do rio Arade e da Leonor Cipriano, e na tentativa de crucifixaçào de GA? " Well...again, God knows". "We, the common mortals, only could imagine".
    Afinal teve um encontro secreto com a mãe da menina. Aquela que " veio das estrelas" ou será que desde Maio de 2007, que cintila eternamente no céu? Porquê um encontro em segredo? Havia algum prejuizo, violação de um segredo de Estado, se o encontro fosse às claras? Se era só para pedir desculpas e clarificar a leviandade de um comentário em " dia não", não vejo porque não podia ter sido tudo feito aos olhos dos jornalistas. Mais um para ser chamado a tribunal no dia em que Portugal resolver pôr um ponto final nesta farsa e revelar quais foram os papéis desempenhados por algumas personagens no crime que aconteceu na PDL. Inacreditavel o campo magnético criado no OC no dia 3 de Maio de 2007.... Aglutinou muitos e continua....

  25. Dear Textusa,
    thank you for translating "swinging, part 2 and 3".

    I am no fan of Barra da Costa, I too never liked his interventions on tv shows, he's the kind of person that talks a lot but says very little, he can go and on about a subject but never makes his point clear for everyone to understand, always quite enigmatic and vague, well, at least is what he sounds like to me, I can never make much sense out of what he says. He always comes through as someone who has a big axe to grind when it comes to the PJ...maybe something to do with his professional years inside the institution or the reasons / circumstances why he left it.
    The reason that made me mention Barra da Costa here is only the swinging subject, the fact that he came up with it, sort of an example that the possibility of a swinging event inside the Ocean Club was on some
    people's minds already back in May 2007, not just a figment of Textusa's mind, a wild and crazy theory, as many would like us to believe!
    Barra da Costa's source of information seemed to come from the UK (a blogger, I think, a "font Arial 12") and from someone inside the PJ.
    In Portugal we have a folks saying, "onde há fumo, há fogo" (where there's smoke there's a fire), if the subject of swinging come out, and precisely from someone in the UK, well, maybe there was a "fire" burning somewhere indeed...


    Textusa, could you please translate this?


    Barra da Costa pede desculpa em directo na RTP

    Hugo Soares e Tiago Silva Ferreira

    “A minha intenção não era dar um soco no estômago, embora aceite que possa ter produzido um eco errado. A PJ já tinha afirmado que se tratava de um crime sexual e essa era também uma hipótese que teria que ser levantada, como todas as outras”. Foi assim que o criminologista Barra da Costa justificou o seu comentário à RTP e ao DN, referindo que o casal McCann praticava swing (casais que trocam de parceiro sexual entre si).
    As declarações de Barra da Costa, antigo inspector da PJ, caíram como uma bomba junto da família McCann, que, segundo o jornal “Público”, equaciona apresentar queixa-crime contra a RTP e o criminologista, correndo este o risco de paga ruma indemnização aos pais de Maddie.
    Barra da Costa esclareceu ontem ao 24horas que nada o “move contra o casal”. O criminologista justificou que teve “informações em Inglaterra e Portugal” e que, ao falar-se de um crime sexual, “teriam de se levantar todas as hipóteses no sentido de se desmontar o que está em jogo, mesmo correndo esse risco”. Ontem à noite, na RTP, o criminalista lamentou, mas não desmentiu, as suas afirmações sobre as “relações sexuais atípicas” do casal. “Não me caem os parentes na lama estar aqui, no ‘Telejornal’, a pedir desculpas publicamente ao casal, se isso salva a situação”.

    “Swingers? Isso é ridículo”

    Face às declarações de Barra da Costa, Jill Renwick, uma das melhores amigas dos McCann, saltou em defesa do casal. “Swingers? Isso é ridí-culo”, afirmou Jill, entre gargalhadas,ao 24horas. “De certeza absoluta que não”, garantiu, ainda incrédula com a informação relativa a casal amigo de praticarem sexo com troca de casais.
    “É uma ideia ridícula. Eles são muito ligados um ao outro, e o amor que eles sentem é apenas um pelo outro”, explicou Jill Renwick. “Nós [Jille o marido Andrew] somos muito amigos deles, e se isso acontecesse de certeza absoluta que nós o saberíamos”.

    (Wednesday, 16 May 2007)

  27. Blog's tranlation of requested by Anon at Sep 11, 2013, 11:44:00 AM:

    Ex-Inspector lowers temperature but doesn’t withdraw allegation that the couple is swinger

    Barra da Costa apologises live on RTP

    Hugo Soares and Tiago Silva Ferreira

    "My intent was not to bring a punch to the stomach, while I accept that it may have produced a wrong echo. The PJ had already stated that it was a sex crime and that was also a hypothesis that would have to be raised, as all others." It was like this that criminologist Barra da Costa justified his comment to RTP [‘Radio-Televisao Portuguesa’, Portuguese state TV station, Portugal's equivalent to BBC] and DN [newspaper ‘Diário de Notícias’], stating that the McCanns practiced swinging (couples who swap sexual partners among themselves).
    The declarations of Barra da Costa, a former PJ inspector, fell like a bomb within the McCann family, which, according to newspaper "Público" equates presenting a criminal complaint against RTP and the criminologist, him running the risk of paying a compensation to Maddie's parents.
    Barra da Costa explained yesterday to 24horas that nothing "moves him against the couple." The criminologist explained that he had "information in England and Portugal" and that by a sex crime being spoken of, "all hypothesis should be raised in order to dismantle what is at stake, even with that risk." Last night, in RTP, the criminologist lamented, but not denied, his statements about the couple’s "atypical sex". "I won’t be ashamed in being here, in ‘Telejornal’, to publicly apologise to the couple if that saves the situation."

    “Swingers? That’s ridiculous”

    In light of Barra da Costa’s statements, Jill Renwick, one of McCanns’ best friends, jumped in defense of the couple. "Swingers? That's ridiculous," said Jill, laughing it out, to 24horas. "With absolute certainty, no," she guranteed, still incredulous with the information relative to the couple, her friends, about them practicing couple-swapping sex.
    "It’s a ridiculous idea. They are very attached to each other, and the love they feel is just for each other, "said Jill Renwick." We [Jill and her husband Andrew] are very good friends of them, and if that happened we’re absolutely sure that we would know."
    (Wednesday, 16 May 2007)

  28. Our apologies to our readers.

    I've just realized that I mistook RTP1 with BBC1 (don't know where that came from... it must be old age catching up faster than thought and desired...)
    in the blo's translation of (Swinging parts 2 and 3).

    So where it reads:

    "As for my apology on BBC1, it was treated almost live by the very human journalist who continued to address this issue in the Newscast. He was, moreover, against this apology. But I ended up doing it in a way that was distorted by «jealous» pet enemies that I cultivated. What I said was something like this (there are videos on this subject): "it seems that I threw here a punch into some people’s stomach when I spoke about the possibility of swing; now, it brings me no shame if I leave here an apology to help restore the state of normality among the affected participants". I didn’t say it was a lie, nor that it was true."

    It should obviously read.

    "As for my apology on RTP1, it was treated almost live by the very human journalist who continued to address this issue in 'Telejornal'. He was, moreover, against this apology. But I ended up doing it in a way that was distorted by «jealous» pet enemies that I cultivated. What I said was something like this (there are videos on this subject): "it seems that I threw here a punch into some people’s stomach when I spoke about the possibility of swing; now, it brings me no shame if I leave here an apology to help restore the state of normality among the affected participants". I didn’t say it was a lie, nor that it was true."

    So to make it perfectly clear, Barra da Costa DOESN'T SPEAK OF ANY APOLOGY ON BBC1. The apology was on RTP1.

    On BBC, Barra da Costa appears, apparently as a side piece, on a BBC's Panorama program:

    The Mystery of Madeleine McCann
    Reporter: Richard Bilton
    DATE: 19:11:07

    This is where Barra da Costa appears in this particular BBC program:

    "MAY 13th

    Former Policia Judiciaria
    There are people who guarantee that this is a couple who practice 'swinging' - i.e. sexual relationships between couples and then changing partners, and that this practice would allow in this type of...

    BILTON: When you say: "there are people who say..." I'm assuming you are quoting....

    DA COSTA: People who know obviously. I cannot reveal the source here because I would lose it.

    BILTON: The Portuguese police publicly disowned the allegation, also denied by the McCanns. But such stories are damaging. Then within weeks at a press conference in Germany, this question to the McCanns?"

    BBC does warn upfront of the following:


    Once again, our deepest apologies.

  29. How does Jill know what they do? I'm sure swinging couples can love each other deeply. I don't think Kate and Gerry do these days. I also think their relationship wore thin pretty quickly. 2 narcissists together won't work for long

  30. Internet article by Linda Martinez Lewi PhD
    Toxic Narcissistic Couples
    She refers to high level narcissists

    " Many narcissistic power couples hate one another's guts. Behind closed doors they battle and bruise one another. When it's show time, they put on the elaborate make-up and costumes of their irresistible personas. They are masterful at interacting with people who are highly likely to be impressed with them, to the point of becoming followers and members of their many social/ business circles."

    Doesn't that just sum it up!

  31. Apenas aqui deixo algumas palavras escolhidas por GA :

    "…Quando o homem compreende a sua realidade, pode levantar hipóteses sobre o desafio dessa realidade e procurar soluções. Assim, pode transformá-la e o seu trabalho pode criar um mundo próprio, seu Eu e as suas circunstâncias. ”

    “…Não nego a competência de certos arrogantes, mas lamento neles a ausência de simplicidade que, não diminuindo em nada seu saber, os faria gente melhor. Gente mais gente. "

    ( Paulo Freire)

  32. We’re fully aware that a certain libel trial is supposed to start today in Lisbon.

    From the serious media we have the following:

    You know how serious we consider Sky News to be on this issue.

    No information about this on Portuguese media.

    No information about it in Portuguese Court Agendas:

    The whole things is odd.

    Even if the hearing was in private what would be wrong with saying so and nothing else?

    Could it be that it’s not a real court hearing but a meeting of both parties and their lawyers to try to settle out of court as the last attempt failed?

    We’re not saying that the trial is happening or that it isn’t.

    We know that Mr Amaral knows best on how to manage the way to proceed with his fight.

    Many a ship in battle have used mist to their advantage.

    Until we have more solid information, we see no reason to alter in any way our chartered course.

    Interesting to note the first paragraph from The Telegraph:

    “Mrs McCann's attendance in court is understood to be against the advice of Scotland Yard detectives who are attempting to launch their own investigation in the Algarve to try to solve the six-year mystery.”

  33. Textusa,
    Just saw on Sky News Brubnt speaking in front of the Court Building in Lisbon, so I'm supposing things are happening.
    He said the trial hasn't started because lawyers are arguing before the Judge Amaral's defense's request not to have media present in the hearings so to preserve the memory of Maddie.
    Then it showed Kate arriving with Susan Hubbard, Dave Edgar and a woman I didn't recognize.
    After that Duarte appeared to say that it wasn't proved that Maddie was dead but it was proved how much Amaral earned with his book.
    When asked how much, she tried to say the amount but had some linguistics problem and then adviced the media to watch the trial.


  35. The PT Público is only a copy and pasted from UK tabloids.

  36. Textusa

    Ouvi,há pouco,a notícia na SIC Notícias.
    Parece que os Mccann estão a pedir cerca de 250.000 € por cada um dos elementos da família cuja imagem consideram ter sido afectada pela publicação do livro.



    Here you can see a video of Kate arriving at the court house.

    Isabel Duarte has aged a lot! "The McCann curse"...

    No mention of how the McCanns tried an out of court settlement which Mr. Amaral refused...

  38. Brunt has confirmed that Amaral has lost his petition for a private hearing. Media allowed in Court. First witness is Susan Hubbard.

  39. Okay
    Dave Edgar said to be appearing in court. Now that should be hilarious! The man who set up a PI business in the Welsh hills and never left there, who had a clear desk and an almost blank whiteboard and didn’t do any searching. Did he he harm the search by NOT searching? This is like an April Fools’ Day joke.

  40. I think ID is better than me. she is only with white hair. her face is well. ( mine not)

    Maria do Carmo

    i write with no capital letters because i don´t like id and more company,

  41. I think the other woman with Kate and the Hubbard woman is Emma Loach, she's on the witnesses list.

  42. Strange that it is being reported that Kate is in Lisbon with her mother Susan Healy, who is a witness, but she was no where to be seen today! Even if she is not scheduled to testify today shouldn't she be there along her daughter to support her...? Isn't that what a dotting mother would do...? It is not like she's at the hotel babysitting the twins, Gerry's is minding them in "Rothley manor"! Maybe she didn't feel like getting up early...enjoying the mini-holiday in Lisbon, courtesy of the "Fund"...

  43. Sofia de Landerset "Their lawyer Isabel Duarte is expected to set out the case - on behalf of Mrs McCann, her husband Gerry and their twins Sean and Amelie, now eight - at Lisbon's civil court." There is a name missing. Madeleine McCann is the 5th plaintiff.
    há 14 horas

  44. interrupção para almoço.

    Sem comentários à saída.

    Agora decorre a porta aberta.

    É uma Juíza.

    os...... pedem a GA, Editora e TVI

    Entraram vários jornalistas depois.

    ID arrolou 20 testemunhas pois há um limite.

    Os advogados ainda não saíram todos.

    Este caso já esteve em tribunal, diz a repórter.

  45. This court has the opportunity to restore our fauth in the justice system. Sr Amaral has a right to his opinions and he can express them in his book or however else he wishes we live in a democratic society. Kate has presented the world with her literary piece of fairytale rubbish that was a crime in inself. The court should throw this case out its an utter disgrace that the Mccanns are allowed to silence the media, have no comments allowed on their online news articles, silenced Tont Bennett and now attempt to ruin Amaral. The judge needs to stand up to the Mccann PR machine enough is enough, I'm fed up with their lies and their manipulation they have never searched for their daughter only ever searched for more money, greedy vile pair should have been brought to justice years ago.Please dear God let this case be the unravelling of the Mccanns and we finally see this pair in court.Justice for Madeleine.

    Duarte says that it's all about McCann's "personality rights" and other issues around the book....
    See the comments

  47. Sky news online
    Hubbard said they were forced to use all their energy defending themselves instead of searching for their daughter
    ... Oops Susan, not a helpful comment!!

    Comments on article are all anti McCann. Some are acid, most accuse them of neglect and money grabbing,
    Ha ha. Not a good bit of publicity

  48. Favourite Sky comments
    "They both seem to make 3 year old fish smell fragrant"

    "I think it's time that the McCanns told us all what they did with their daughter"

  49. Emma Loach... não foi Ela quem fez o MockMentary? E a criança era que chorava de Medo e de frio não era a sua Filha?

  50. So we have two suspects attempting to sue the police for £million claiming the book the chief investigative officer wrote about the case that he was very familiar with harmed the search for their daughter, when in fact the mother refused to answer 48 questions to help the police with the search. What a mad world we live in the Mccanns have spent the millions they took from the public for a search that never was now that money has gone they want more. Why does Kate need witnesses to speak on her behalf in court why can she not speak for herself and why is her husband not with her if this is so important for them. About time the truth came out and the Mccanns stopped hiding behind expensive lawyers that they can no longer afford. If the judge finds in Mccanns favour there is no justice and the system is corrupt because they are guilty, they know a great deal more than they claim and so do their friends they should all be fully investigated there are too many suspicious circumstances surrounding the parents and to hand them £million because they have complained about one individual is criminal. Amaral states what we all feel, the parents are involved are guilty they know exactly what happened to Madeleine and so do some of their tapas friends. Where comments are allowed they are all anti Mccann the public was taken in by them once but not again, and I hope the Judge sees common sense and is not taken in by them and their slick (expensive) PR team.

  51. 20 witnesses requested by ID.

    It seems that parents of K8 are not here, nor Tapas Friends.

    If is UK pay the hotel is not bad.... and

    martinbrunt ‏@skymartinbrunt 12m

    #madeleine Kate McCann about to make statement at end of first day of Lisbon libel action against ex-cop and TV documentary makers.

  52. (NET)

    a sample only but we can see the brilliant Dave more 3 women : Emma; Susan and K8.

    More GA and HIs Lawyer.

    I have only 4 channels


    "Today, Susan Hubbard, a friend of the McCanns and the wife of the family's priest, told Lisbon's civil court that Mrs McCann had been 'devastated' by the book."

    Rev. Hubbard, the FAMILY PRIEST!!!???

    Has he been ordained as a CATHOLIC priest (he will have to ditch mother Hubbard...) or have the "devote catholics" turned anglicans...?
    Or is it a case of "coming out of the closet"...?

  54. Anonymous Sep 12, 2013, 5:00:00 PM,

    ...pior ainda...era a filha da Susan Hubbard (mulher do reverendo Hubbard)!

    Estes recém-chegados à Luz, por mero acaso do destino (tosse, tosse, como se eu acreditásse em coincidências), e que logo criaram uma amizade tão profunda com o casalinho maravilha, ao ponto de sujeitarem a sua própria filha a um trauma e tormento semelhante...a Madeleine e os irmãos iam para a cama às 7 da tarde...é esse o costume british...mas a pobre menina Hubbard ficou acordada até altas horas, forçada a representar Madeleine, escassamente vestida e descalça, no frio da noite!

    "Amizade" a quanto obrigas!

  55. Anon Sep 12, 2013, 7:32:00 PM

    I also would be devasted if I, like them, would find out that I wouldn't get away with the hoax!!!
    Absolutely and totally devasted!!!! And I would blame the book too!

  56. Há 11 horas Martin Brunt write:

    martinbrunt ‏@skymartinbrunt 11h

    #madeleine Other McCann witnesses will include their private investigator Dave Edgar, solicitor Angus McBride

    Tomorrow will see or next week.

    Next week? And the 27 September?

    20 witness here ? How much time? So many!

    and Kate's mum Susan Healy.

  57. Juíza de Direito Drª Maria Emília. Guerreiro de Avillez Melo e Castro

    Sempre nomes sonantes. Porquê?


  58. She was devasted by the book....
    The book prevented the search of her daughter.....
    What a laugh that lady.... On the night her daughter disappear there was no book and she did not search her daughter. She choose the comfort of the flat instead of the darkness and the coldness of the night.
    Searching her daughter was/still a police duty. At my knowledge, no any police in the world was affected or prevented to do his job because of the book. Police searched all the corners, looked at every sight, even if it was ridiculous and impossible to be true.

    What that bunch of parasites, including their lawyers want, it is only money. Dirty money coming from innocent people who had the unfortunate fate of crossing their lives with them one day. GA, like Maddie, are the victims. Kate has no shame of living under the umbrella of a dirty money. Easy, if the court has an idiot as a judge, who keeps that saga alive.
    Where are the witnesses of the day the girl disappeared? To prove that the police was wrong, they have to prove that their story was true and the abduction possible. Many experts from around the world, conclude the abduction was impossible. End of the game, Mrs Judge- they lie. Go back to May 3, 2007 and force them to do the reconstruction. 20 witnesses are enough to play the main role of the events, even if they don't experienced them live.

  59. "Brave mum Kate McCann faces new ordeal in Portuguese courtroom over Madeleine"

    "(...)The brave mother will face fresh agony in the Portuguese capital Lisbon, where she is launching a court bid to silence her tormentor Goncalo Amaral over allegations he made about the fate of the youngster.

    Former GP Kate and husband Gerry, both 45, are seeking £1million in damages from the former detective they say made their lives hell..."

    "(...)They refuse to give up hope and have said a payout if they win the case will help fund the global search for Madeleine..."

    So disgusting

  60. Am I the only one feeling a massive wave of empathy right now.
    Kate will take the fall.
    No husband, no spokesperson, no Fiona Payne, no diplomat just a motley crew giving non evidence.

    Good to see you again Text and sisters - p.s. the post numbers have gone again.

  61. Why are the Tapas friends not in court supporting Kate is it because they know its a well worn out lie and now she is playing the sympathy card taking the Priest's wife along with her using religion again,playing with emotions, trying to look the hard done by victim how disgusting these truly evil people are, they will go to all lengths to get more money, its been such easy money for them in the past. The judge should tell her if she so desperately wants £million then she should earn it, do the reconstruction, prove to us beyond doubt that there was an abductor make her and her husband and friends return to Portugal. Kate is so scared of entering the witness box she gets her friends (who were not there when Maddie disappeared)so speak on her behalf she does cowardly interviews outside court for maximum press coverage. This is all about money always has been. Amarals book did not stop Cameron giving millions to SY for a fruitless investigation. What about all the money the public gave in good faith. What about the internet tacking shop they set up. Or their social net working sites. Maddie has had more money and more people searching for her and more publicity that any other missing child in the world. The truth is Maddie is no more after all these years if she was still alive she would have been found. Now we want the truth from the money grabbing Mccanns about what really happened on that night. No more lies. If the judge feels like the rest of the world he should end this saga and request the case be reopened and dealt with properly no more media circus, let the police do there job and no more sob stories from the Mccanns, Madeleine is dead but we want to know how she died and who was involved and more importantly ...why. Stop throwing money at the Mccanns.

  62. Sr Amaral's book was banned in UK the public have made their opinions of the Mccanns not based on his book but on how we perceive the parents, their arrogance, quest for donations and newspaper inches. Amarals book has not harmed the search his book was written years after Madeleine disappeared and was banned for another year. It's not a book I could walk into WH Smith and buy because no bookshop stocks it thanks to the Mccanns. Kate is so focused on litigation cases.The effort she has put into going to Portugal to sue Amaral and with her entourage of hangers-on, she never searched for Madeleine outside their apartment the night she disappeared because it was 'too dark' or answered the police questions but where there is money to be made you will find Kate and Gerry - greedy ruthless pair.

  63. Public opinion of the Mccanns is toxic they have hit rock bottom and it is nothing to do with Amarals book. He is entitled to write a book he did it in his defence against the barrage of abuse he was receiving from camp mccann. Kates book was a no 1 best seller but still nobody believes her story. She should accept that we no longer believe her or her husband and they should be made to tell the truth.

  64. Kate Mccann should have been called as a witness. Why are the Mccanns allowed such freedom they and their friends refused to take part in a reconstruction so no reconstruction took place. They would appear to pick and choose who they sue. This is all about revenge and money nothing to do with Madeleine. I just pray this judge is not taken in by the Mccanns like so many others have been. The Mccanns have made fools of so many high ranking people including Cameron and Theresa May in their search for money and publicity. Do they expect us to believe that by throwing more money at the Mccanns this search is going to find an alive Madeleine, of course it is not. Put money into investigating those involved and getting to the bottom of it. What about the DNA that never gets mentioned, or the sniffer dogs. They were made suspects long before Amarals book was released,and people had already formed their opinions of the Mcscammers.


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