Thursday, 7 January 2010

McCanns Suing Bloggers

Just read at Joana's that the enlightened duo have the intent expressed on the title.

The idea seems ridiculous at first. The time it takes to create a new blog with the materiel in question, added with the cloth of anonimity and subjective legal jurisdiction issues, one might think that these samples of human waste, were, once again, being what they are best at: stupid.

Like trying to destroy a colony of ants by defying each of its members to a 15 three-minute rounds of boxing (a sport chosen purposefully, as is civilized as the behavior of the aforementioned couple). Just taking the time factor as relevant, an impossible task.

What these jackasses want, is to bring it on. To show the meek how powerful they are through their powerful lawyes. That's how RC make a living. They scare the hell out of any possible opponent, independent of reason, just by having the legal "warfare" that they possess.

In the compared fight above, the first 100, 200, 10000 ants stand no chance. But we all know the end result.
Many a time in history, if not all the time, the might has lost against the will. And, McCanns, I, for one, will not confuse YOUR despair for will.

One last note. I don't know if it's true, but I like to believe it is, that in WW I, the British and German forces called a truce on Christmas Eve. It's said that they celebrated together, and had a soccer match on Christmas Day. On the next day they fought against each other galantly, as only soldiers know how to fight to comply with the absurdities dictated by politicians.

That is called dignity amd to fight such an opponent is an honour.

You, McCanns, have none of it. You're disgusting. You're evil. Your methods and tactics are cowardly.

Gerry and Kate, do me a favour after you've read me (and please convince all your friends to do the same): stand up and walk to the nearest mirror, look attentively to the reflection on the other side, and be ashamed of what you. Be ashamed of that face for the rest of your lives.

Do entertain me.

I know you will, because I know that's EXACTLY how you feel, in the midst of self-convincing hypnotisation you live in. And that will NEVER, EVER go away.


  1. Bom dia!

    Obrigada mais uma vez pelo excelente texto!Palavras dignas de uma Pessoa DIGNA.

    Infelizmente já não se pode dizer o mesmo quanto a eles e companhias.

  2. the fund must be at rock botttom if they are now threatning to sue bloggers who do NOT believe in thier abduction.the mccanns are very sick people.


    Dr.Martin Roberts..'Libel To Become Unstuck'


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