Thursday, 31 December 2009

May You Have an Eventful 2010, McCanns


  1. Estou de acordo com eles: cá se fazem,cá se pagam.É mesmo o que desejam a eles próprios.

    Que a justiça aqui em Portugal não seja de todo cega para quem eles perseguem.

    Destruíram a família deles sacrificando uma vida inocente devido à incúria.
    Foi muito mau para a Pequenina.***

    Agora,realmente e em consequência de todos os seus actos devem receber mesmo o que merecem por tudo o que praticaram e,ainda, praticam.

  2. nada a propósito do que está em cima, mas desejo-te um feliz ano novo, beijinhos com carinho

  3. Joana,

    Os meus mais sinceros agradecimentos.

    Só importa o que resiste à erosão do tempo, o que está presente quando ausente, o que depois das aparências se esvaírem afinal não só era o que parecia, como era, afinal, muito mais.

    O resto, é só ruído.

    Um ganda 2010 patitambém.


    Good morning Textusa

    I have been looking at the 'Shrine' on the Mccanns mantlepiece in their home..Scroll down to the bottom of Niges work.

    My mother passed away last June and her wish was to be cremated. My mother, sister and I always had an open conversation about death and it was something not to be feared.

    Her other wish was to be placed in an urn on my sisters window sill so that she may always look at my sisters garden. My sister has done just that..there are cards candles and photographs...My sister has made a shrine for my mother.

    If the Mccanns have had Madeleine cremated this would account for their arrogance and knowledge that she will never be found. If the Mccanns have had Madeleine cremated who and how?

  5. Iron,

    Once again, thank you.

    Yes, they may have had her cremated, or not. For me the shrine only indicates a guilt-redden conscience, as if their present actions will wipe out what they have done. A very common self-convincing process. Nothing new.

    Their arrogance comes from their certainty that their case is not affordable to be released to the public by some. But this is changing. No matter how important or loved some things are, its unavoidable to let them go, some time or another.


    Norman Scarth, a brave man. Tells of the British Goverment .

  7. Will certainly add him to my favs!

  8. Good morning Textusa have a good weekend. It is freezing here.

    A little fun from -Himself-


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