Wednesday, 30 December 2009

New Year's Wish - McCanns Wiped OFF the Map (... but whose wish, I wonder ?)

A friend of mine alerted me to a peculiarity that is occuring (don't exactly know for how long it's like that, as I just confirmed it) on the net.
It's usual, and understandable, for military or national security agencies to be "censored" from the digital maps that anybody can access. However, there is, at least one site that, not falling in either category, has had some privacy "privileges".
Here is a photo of Rothley, Leicester, hometown of some friends of ours:
Here is another, from another site:
Spot the differences? Only that some houses have been changed into green shrubbery. Not many... just all the ones below.
I wonder who lives in that area? And why would they like to hide in the woods.
Could it be a New Year's resolution come true, even before this one has ended? You never know with the connections these people have...


  1. de gente assim ,tão "escudada" espera-se tudo.TUDO!

    Medo de quê? De falta de privacidade não é de certeza,pois "propagandearem-se e passearem-se" é o que mais fazem.

    Ou então têm receio dos OVNI/UFO não vá algum raptar "a casinha pequenina"

  2. Hi Tex..well it is certainly a wish of mine..They do trips to the moon now you know ...their friend Branson may be able to oblige..A little technical problem while their up there maybe lol. "Ground control to Major Tom"...

    Before I sign out for the year may I wish you and your readers a very Happy New Year. I would like to see next year a solution to this case, won't hold my breath though.

    Operation Rose another British cock up..

    Take care everyone and enjoy the evening.



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