Saturday, 9 January 2010

1 Picture, 1.000 Words (...or More)


  1. Bem observado.O poder desta imagem até é assustador e retrata sem dúvida do que eles têm sido capazes.

    Até o leão(uk) se envergonha destes venenos e doutros que por lá acontecem à descarada através da prepotência e das ameaças.

    Text: vou tentar copiar a imagem de cima,pelo menos,para 1 blogue meu mas,a ligação fica dirigida sempre para o blogue "copiado".

    Mas,graças a Si,é por uma boa causa .Quem não gosta de ler ou tem dificuldades em o fazer,chega lá à mensagem que aqui deixou.




    Why do I get the feeling that a deal has been already dealt?.This is beginning to look no more like a tragic accident in an apartment .What ever is behind this would be a scandal for the Goverment.

  3. Ironside,
    I urge you to venture to a blogger by the name of aangirfan.
    He talks a lot about child abuse at government level.
    What on earth else can it be?
    Ritualistic abuse in the name of power.
    Not so far fetched against what we have been witness to so far.

  4. Thanks Su, I will take a look now..For so many players it has to be a paedophile ring in the Goverment...Mccanns brother 'We called in a few favours' still ringing in my ears.

    It is certainly not Irish ladies having toyboys is it? Mrs Robinson is more in trouble for creaming off money. No pun intended.


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