Monday, 25 May 2009

Oh George, you were such a genius...

All animals (suspected pedophiles) are equal, but some animals (suspected pedophiles) are more equal than others.


  1. Empurrões feliz pombas entre bolada mentiras mais espesso mingau pode retardar o inquérito sem proclamações fresca e cão merda.

  2. Now you got me there...

    Cyphred message?

  3. I think is not a cyphered message but someone have wish to write Portuguese with the bad Google translation.

    Os intocáveis!
    É verdade e as razões serão sempre ,para nós,obscuras.Por mais que os nossos raciocíonios e imaginação sejam elaborados ,seremos sempre os "inalcansáveis" quanto ao conhecimento desta inatińgibilidade.
    A morte misteriosa de Maddie leva-nos,porque assim o acreditamos,crença baseda em factos,a este animal intocável.

    E,agora,uma gracinha, com a ajuda do google translation,embora não fique tão codificado mas sim cómico e também inatingível para os outros:

    The untouchables!
    It is true and will always be reasons for us to obscuras.Por more than our raciocíonios and imagination are developed, we will always be the "inalcansáveis" on the knowledge of this inatińgibilidade.
    The mysterious death of Maddie takes us, because they believe, belief BASED on the facts in this animal untouchable.

    And now, a baby:

    Bom dia!

  4. Apesar de utilizar auxiliares de visao para ler,tive de aumentar a imagem do perfil porque,pequenina parecia-me 1 coisa....mal cheirosa.

    Fixe! O bom faro de 1 simpático cão.Boa!

  5. Acordar com humor foui muito bom.
    Uf! Os interesse eo livro que lê sao muitissimo bons....RECOMENDO!A special one,You!

  6. One of the men in the photos is a convicted, serial paedophile.
    The other is not.

    What is it about the difference that people like you do not understand??

  7. Hello David.

    How’s going?

    First, “One of the men in the photos is a convicted, serial paedophile.
    The other is not.” Yet.

    Second, we’re talking about Maddie here. Both men pictured are SUSPECT pedophiles that should be investigated.

    One was slandered, the other one not. Don’t think I pity the slandered one. I find ALL pedophiles (by the way that’s the way I learned to spell the word) repulsive.

    Just think that when there is the murder of a child in question, ALL suspects should be ADEQUATELY investigated. Which is not the case here.

    About what people like myself understand… how you WISH we wouldn’t understand what we do, isn’t it?

  8. hello David?

    I wrote that, and I am not David!! But that is about the depth of your 'analysis'. One of those men IS A CONVICTED PAEDOPHILE. A SERIAL OFFENDER! A man who drugged, abducted,!!! He has a record as long as your arm.

    Did it feel good to get name checked by Sargento? Will it feel so good when it comes out what sites your email has been used to sign up for?

    You bloggers are all in some revolving circle of hell, and it's getting smaller every day.

    Tick tock :-)))))

  9. I hope to one day sit down and have a nice chat with Dr. Paulo Sargento. A very honorable man.

    Tick tock :-))))) to you too.

  10. So,since now we have a party; an happening!

    I am one of the Text's bloggers and I am in some revolving circle mcslies, and it's getting greater every day.

    Maria Como Muitas Sem Apelido.

    Hello david,hello wtf!hello!

    Tick tock :-))))) to you too.

  11. "Ness and Stone arrive at Union Station and find Payne guarded by several gangsters. After a fierce shootout (an homage to the famous Odessa Steps scene from The Battleship Potemkin), the two succeed in killing all of the other gangsters and taking Payne alive."

    Synopsis for
    The Untouchables

    hello? Hello!

    Maria Como Muitas Sem Apelido



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