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Guerra, Amaral, Confessions from a Deathbed and other stuff - a reply to a request from a comment

I got the following comment/request:  

Tirei do Blogue de Joana este comentário pois gosto sempre de ler o que ele pensa: " On May 23, guerra said... Não há ninguém em Portugal que tem coragem para defender o Sr. Amaral. Parece-me que estão a fazer tudo possível para destruir este homem. Uma pessoa já não sabe o que há de pensar. Não ficam surpreendidos se o casal obtêm uma confissão assinada do novo suspeito antes dele morrer. Com essa confissão vai ser fácil processar o Sr.Amaral, e os livros, e documentários dele nunca mais vão ser vistos." 


Já agora,poderá contra comentar ou analisar estes pensamentos? 

My translation of the above:  

I took this comment from Joana’s blog as I always like to read what he thinks: “On May 23, guerra said... There isn’t anyone in Portugal who has the courage to defend Mr. Amaral. Seems to me that they are doing everything possible to destroy this man. One no longer knows what is to think. Are you not surprised if the couple obtains a signed confession from the new suspect before he dies. With that confession it will be easy to process Mr. Amaral, and the books, and his documentaries will never again be seen” 


As it happens, could you counter comment or analyze these thoughts?

First, my deepest respect for Guerra. I am deeply saddened by the anguish that can be felt in the comment.

A few words about Guerra. Don’t know him or her, but I do think that this person is intelligent and passionate. He’s passionate about Justice and is about Portugal. But passionate people unwillingly fail to see the flaws of their beloved objects.

Not a shortfall, rather a quality. He usually expresses himself in English. For me, to have done so in Portuguese is quite relevant.

Yes, there are a lot of people willing, and with the courage, to defend Mr. Amaral. I’ll name Paulo Sargento as an example of someone who has given his face in the most polite of manners. I’ll name also Hernâni Carvalho, who exposed the McCanns, right from the beginning, in the most harshest way possible.

And would take quite a while to name all the bloggers, with real names or nicks, that have given so much of their time and effort to help Mr. Amaral.

No, Guerra, there is no lack of courage in Portugal.

There are two things: lack of courage of those that have power to make a difference, and fear from the remainder society.

Don’t confuse fear with lack of courage, because the latter only exists when the first is present, felt and conquered.

I don’t want to comment on the lack of courage of those who can make a difference. Their reasons are known and shameful.

About the fear vs courage of the remainder, let me say that the lack of action is symptomatic of the materialization of the enormous support that Mr. Amaral has within the Portuguese society. This support is so immense and intense that it’s assumed by each that it requires no further help.

This was one very important reason in the prevention of further condemnation of Mr. Amaral. Yes, they are trying to destroy the man. He bothers.

I hope now that you understand on the why we disagreed on the incompetence of the Portuguese police on this affair. You saw this force is confined to Mr. Amaral and his team, and, yes, these were, unfortunately for the McCanns but fortunately for the rest of the world, totally competent within the adverse circumstances.

But the Portuguese police also encompasses the GNR who, let’s be honest, were blinded by the foreignness of the participants, and did a very poor, sloppy job; as well as Mr. Amaral’s supervisors and chiefs, who’ve ashamed the Country to this day.

As a whole, the Portuguese police was incompetent.

About the British police, incompetence doesn’t even begin to qualify them.

Portugal is a Country where democracy rules with an Iron Fist. Imposing a state of fear that would make some fascists states blush with candor.

On the other hand, it’s a small Country, where within international relationships the Iron Fist rules but where the bigger the fist, the bigger the power to rule. So Portugal does as it's told to do. Much like the British media. It’s the survival of the fittest, both intrastate and interstate.

It was this setting that made the Portuguese police, the Portuguese judicial system, the Portuguese politicians and the Portuguese society to shameful succumb to, what should have never been tolerated, totally intolerable pressure. Y

es, they are trying to destroy this man. But can’t.

George Orwell was, fortunately once more, wrong about the erasure of a man’s existence.

Believe me, in a “1984” world with the current Governments, the simple pronunciation of Gonçalo Amaral’s name would have you immediately “erased” and re-educated. But how much they wish they had that kind power, they don’t. The best they can do is attempted brainwashing.

But when they have poor materiel to work with, their task is impossible. Their greatest adversary is not Mr. Amaral, but that set of idiots that they are so hard trying to protect.

It’s like trying to hide a flatulent elephant in a fridge when hosting to Royalty in the house. Impossible, unpleasant, and exhausting.

After coming up with a seemingly plausible explanation for the smell and noise coming from the kitchen, the stupid animal let’s out another one, and you have to rattle your brain to come up with yet another explanation. Over and over again. Tiresome.

Believe me, if you find the McCanns repulsive, their puppeteers find them much more, if you hate them, you can’t imagine how much they do and if you wish you’d never met them, well, join the most unanimous club in this whole wide world.

About the confession of the dying man. Yes, it’s coming. Dramatically from the deathbed. We all know that. It's being prepared meticulously.

Let me just say this to the McCanners: STUPID, STUPID move.

Once again. Like Guerra states, if he confesses then there will be nothing to stop you suing Mr. Amaral.

Especially if all the serious media picks up on the issue. Without Mr Amaral’s book to contradict, the WHOLE of UK will be convinced that the Maddie’s mystery HAS BEEN SOLVED. Case closed. Finito.

But, now you have, on one side, THE TRUTH, someone having confessed to killing Maddie (I’m not foreseeing any scenario where he’ll present Maddie alive), corroborating your WHOLE story, and on the other, THE LIE, an ignominious disgraced ex-cop who has devoted his whole life to disgracing you.

What is the ONLY path you have left? You have to sue the bloke. You HAVE to, no other choice.

After all, he’s lying isn’t he? ISN’T HE?

The excuse that you might forfeit Maddie’s life, is no longer valid, is it? All you have to do is go to Court and prove, with the said confession in your hand, that he’s a liar and sue the living daylights out of the bloke.

See the catch, you morons? See yourselves in Court proving that he's lying? See where the funds of the Fraudulent Fund have to go, also? Quite an interesting scenario.

The same twit who came up with the idea for the “Cutting Edge”, must have been the same one who had the bright idea of this “Scapegoat”.

Just one piece of advice, do pay the man as agreed, but do tell him not to say anything. And FINALLY realize that you have ONLY ONE WAY out: make the McCanns & friends walk the plank.

But first be sure that the sharks are really, really hungry, so that they won’t have time to say anything once they hit the water.

There will be a lot of blood for a while, but the floods will wash it way pretty quick and the sea will become a peaceful blue again.

About not seeing Amaral’s work ever again. Don’t worry, they know how desirable a forbidden fruit is. Make it illegal, and procurement soars.

Guerra, this is like chess. The closest game to a war. Knight takes Bishop, Rook takes Knight, etc. No need to "cry" for every piece lost. And, whilst we’ve been sacrificing no pieces until now, they’ve been losing valuable pieces endlessly.

They thought they were able to take a Bishop, or said that they wanted to take the Bishop but were only able get a pawn and one who knew he was to be sacrificed right from the beginning at that.

A totally harmless, totally expected move. Just look how little importance the “serious” British media made out of the issue.

Do refrain to include Sky News in the serious media. They’ve opted not to be considered as such, so do please their will.

They are now left only with a King surrounded by cardboard pieces, because the real ones are starting to feel ashamed to show up for the game.

Guerra, don’t despair. There’s simply no reason.

They've just played another card.

Less one they have on their hand.


  1. O meu coração acelerou ao ver a resposta a 1 pedido meu,a Si,quanto a outro comentário de outra Pessoa , que leio sempre com muita atenção e prezo igualmente.
    Acelerou de agradecimento mas isto para mim, não era o mais importante.
    O que vem a seguir,no Seu texto sempre,sempre com tanta delicadeza,mas já esperado ,com verdades pesadas.

    O texto é muito forte,muito lúcido.Diz imenso.Dirá tudo.
    O meu coração ainda bate,por nervosismo e angústia. É de reler agora e sempre.

    Text: sempre agradecida.

  2. Sim,uma tremenda angústia.Angústia é o estado certo para que o meu coração bata mais rápido por tudo isto,desde Maio de 2007.
    Com a dicotomia mais simples:
    os BONS e os maus.
    Os BONS,por razões sociológicas para indução de bons comportamentos e de valores morais,nos filmes e nos romances ganham sempre.O bem prevalece.
    Na vida real os Maus,os criminosos,os amorais escapam e ainda perseguem e gozam,tal a perversidade deles.
    Claro que os nossos corações apenas podem ficar taquicardicos,de revolta e de angústia.

  3. Hola Textusa. Comentario solo para mostrarle mis respetos.


  4. reflects what i think of the situation, is good :)

  5. Óptimo.Estou bem.Gosto.

  6. Dear people of Portugal

    I would like to convey my respect to you all and was especially touched by the comment by guerra. Please do not think that we in Britain all think that Dr Amaral is a dishonest man. Far from it, there are many people here who in fact hero-worship him for the stance he has taken. We hate what our media is saying, so we do not buy newspapers anymore. When the McCanns are finally brought to Justice I intend to travel to Portugal to shake hands with every one who has stood by Dr Amaral and hopefully meet all the bloggers that give us hope that Justice can never be bought.

  7. Anon. thank you for your support.

    I know the great majority of Britain is with the truth and backing it. I know, like in Portugal, they have very limited action to express themselves.

    If you include me in the bloggers you wish to meet, it would be a pleasure!


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